Sunday 7th May 2017

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Sunday 7th May 2017

Unread postby Δύναμις » 09 May 2017 20:02

Layer 0) only:
I see many tubes, and guys pushing huge piles of shit through the tubes, to get them out. I think, they were well buried, deep down inside the tube-networks, and its difficult to get them out, so they're being removed in the most optimal way, which seems to be pushing them through the tubes to an exit. Some guys are flamethrowering their piles of shit, to try and break it down more. But I think every pile needs to eventually "find its way" to an exit.

Layer I) only:
I see guys patrolling the "city streets". They discover some well-hidden underground hiding places (like manholes) and also "aboveground" hiding places (like maybe a cave hidden above). They are firing into these newly discovered places, and extracting all the shit out of them. They are also using flamethrowers..

Layer II) only:
I see guys in the sky, firing at "dead/hollow blimps". But these blimp-structures seem to contain (in a hidden way) some shit, like some hidden bugs or critters. Not as much as observed previously, but small, hidden pockets of bugs or critters or shit. Like maybe some hidden "pocket hiding place" inside the 'abandoned' blimps. I also see, underground I think, some "computers" they were also hiding inside them, in some hidden way, some pockets of bugs/critters/shit. Again, not that much, but they were hidden. They've been discovered now, and are getting torched and cleaned up.

It seems that this kind of hiding technology was pretty prevalent, not occupying every inch of available space, but occupying a large quantity of space (in the air/ambient, for example), but with sizable gaps in between. So maybe there were not as many of this kind (there's a lot, but still not as many as there "could have been"), to make these "pockets" more difficult to detect. They're all being identified (of this kind), and simultaneously being cleaned up..some of the shit inside seems quite surprised to have been found. Found beings are being taken to prison. And then their "homes" get further cleaned.

Layer III) only:
It seems as though previously-invisible tubes, a massive network of tubes, has been revealed; by way of "slime" dripping out onto some of our guys. They thus begin a vicious firing strategy upwards, to clean out all the slime that is falling out and destroy it. Seems this pipe/tube network of slime was located all throughout the city, but invisible, right "above our noses". Seems there is a MASSIVE "slime factory" above all the now-visible pipes, and this was also previously invisible too. Guys are beginning a siege on this factory, they have begun to infiltrate, and also firing heavily on its outside to disrupt and help destroy it. As has become a common "pattern", it seems there were also many other similar slime factories, some above this one, and some around it, and they're all being discovered and attacks are commencing on all other found factories/structures too..

Layer III.0) only:
The ambient looks nearly completely clear, but the air is FILLED with tiny, nearly clear droplets of "vapour". I think if you inhale any of these, it will produce violent coughing fits. There is not currently much activity here, I think cleaning has started far to my left, and as I watch, cleaning forces presence increases, as more guys arrive and start to surround all the shit particles I the air.

Layer IV) only:
I see, again, a thick black cloud. I think it's quite toxic and poisonous. Some guys are coughing in it, meanwhile a big cleanup process begins. It takes some time, the cloud is so thick that it takes a while to "vacuum it up" and clean it up, and it has to be done in several different processes, with multiple passes, to completely clean everything up, but it's well in progress now..

Above the smoke/toxic cloud, seems to be a large factory, that is producing all this shit-cloud below. This factory is starting to get attacked now, too.. I think there are a couple more of them, also, located around.

{there doesn't seem to be much going on in the remaining layers, but let's check them anyway}

Layer V) only:
Seems to be some of factory or warehouse here. There may be a little activity here and there, but overall, not much is going on. I think some cleaning activity already happened here in the past..

layer VI) only:
There are some kind of "wavy particles" in the air, all around. There's plenty of them, at varying heights. I'm not sure what they are. Apart from that, not much activity here.. maybe a little activity beyond..

I think some cleanings already happened here, too..

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