Thursday 4th May 2017

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Thursday 4th May 2017

Unread postby Δύναμις » 09 May 2017 17:46

As seen/perceived by Grayfox (chat quotes)



Seems the tube-networks finally go down vertically (before, was only horizontal pipes)

guys drilling down, there's like layers of asphalt and concrete and such .. black tar, tons of shit, tons of it.. but they're drilling down strongly and powerfully.. all the shit gets kinda mashed together.. and sent into a "mini-incinerator" .. I think every drill has one connected.

So overall, there's tons of drilling-down going on, all around ... in every pipe.

[Layer by layer]
layer 0) only:

I only see pipe networks..
Tons of pipes: horizontal, vertical .. they're all over the place.

Not much activity here.. Maybe a few guys crawling through the pipes..

Maybe a few pipes getting broken off from the network ..

layer I) only:

I see countless, countless numbers of thin, vertical pipes. They're EVERYWHERE.. and there seems to be millions and billions of bugs crawling in them.. wow. They're pretty much hidden, because you can't see directly into the pipes, but guys have arrived with flamethrowers.. and are torching the place.. they'll get all these bugs..

But it is a slow process, as the bugs are kind of protected by the pipes. It will take some time to burn/clean them all.

Not only that, but all these pipes that I saw, connect upwards to a central pipe, which goes downwards, and there is a massive underground tunnel network for these bugs.. they look like cockroaches..

When the guys are done "upstairs", they will come down here and trace and clean the entire tunnel network of bugs... they will find them all.

layer II) only:

this is kinda strange, there's "ethereal vines", they are similar to the vertical pipes before, but they are just vines, and a bit "translucent", they look weird.. and green, I think. Nearly invisible translucent bugs climb on these vines.. they go quite high into the sky/clouds .. and there's TONS of vines, they are difficult to see.. so again, MANY of these "sky bugs" ..

but the torching/flaming has already begun at the bottom .. guys are flaming the vines from below.. they will bring down this entire structure.. and flame everything.. and then proceed up into "the clouds" ...

Incidentally, those "clouds" all connect upwards to a "central command cloud" which seems to give them orders.. and has a lot of energy.. guys will eventually get there and shut it all down ..

I think those bugs are trying to get energy from the central command cloud ..

layer III) only:

this is disgusting. the entire air is FILLED, and I mean FILLED, with these tiny, millions of horizontal thin pipes. through each of them, flow/crawl COUNTLESS numbers of bugs/mosquitoes. It's absolutely disgusting. They are EVERYWHERE. You cannot be anywhere, without touching many of them .......

Guys are on both sides of this, beginning to deconstruct the whole network/neural grid with acids and such.. they will flush it out completely.. and clean it all up ... soon..

There also seems to be vertical thin pipe networks.

layer III.0) only:

The air here is FILLED, again FILLED with a "matrix" or "grid" of these tiny "star-shaped crystals". They are quite small, but they are EVERYWHERE. Like "nodes" of a cube, but the cube is enormous, covering nearly every available space; but there is gaps between the nodes. They may be directly connected to each other, but the connections would be nearly invisible .. It is kind of described as an ambient "minefield" .. tiny mines, covering nearly every available space (but with small gaps in between all of them). They are "electrical" and harmful, if you touch them, they hurt you and shock you..

Guys are starting to deconstruct this "matrix/node-mesh" in chunks at a time.. breaking them off from the grid, and then destroying them safely.. there is quite a ways to go .. this needs to be done carefully and methodically, it seems.

layer IV) only:

The ambient here is so thick, it's like a dark, thick cloud of poison. I can't look anywhere without my eyes smarting and the air is very bad to breathe. I think guys are around or in the cloud, starting to clean it up .. this will take a while, as it's so extremely thick ..

layer V) only:

This place looks extremely peaceful. The air is filled with these nearly invisible translucent "balls". They are like "food/water", they are kind of "refreshments". But they are actually deadly poison. They look totally harmless, and the place looks totally peaceful, there's basically NO activity here. But I think if you eat/consume one of these balls, you will instantly die ..

I see guys spread around the place (it's quite a big place), and they are starting to clean it up. Flaming some of the balls.. others are spraying them with "water" ..

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