Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

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Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 20 Apr 2017 15:22

Edit (Frank): This thread is about messages, which are often attached to websites in energetic chests. We also have an own chest connected to our sites.

We started decoding messages about a month ago, but we preferred to keep them in our private (members only) area at first. Those messages are really hard stuff and show clearly how self-named-"lightworker"-darks are. Now they can't cheat on you, dear sheep out there, they started showing their true face and talk nonsense non-stop. :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

Maybe this reading will help a few of you out there to finally understand AND ACCEPT that you have been badly conned by those bloggers you have been following all those years.

All relevant names changed by me. Doesn't make any difference though, since the operating way of darks is similar throughout all "lightworker" trash sites and blogs. You also see reactions of real light ones that got scammed but those "oh-so-benevolent" bastards.

Yesterday's messages:
[19.04.2017 23:05:47] Á: ---
still significant numbers of messages, and a bunch "swirling around" in a pattern above, but the structure of messages seems damaged, somehow. There's gaps in the pattern. There's something not right with the chests.. they appear a bit battered, and maybe a bit too "visible". Maybe their encryption methods are damaged?

One tiny small message spinning extremely rapidly on a pole above, let's check that one first

>HELP US! PLEASE.... SAVE US! PLEASE....... Please.... please..... please..... (fades away into the distance)

Scan all, tell me the messages of importance:
>Help us! Please, "the (self-named) king" has given up on you guys. He wants to give you one last chance, before he boards the Pleiadian spaceship and leaves you all to die and be doomed alone.. without him, you are nothing.. you have no chance in a billion without his help.. he is really the master of things here, he tried everything to save you, gave his life, all his wealth, you think he did this for a profit? Please.. he spent every last dime trying to save you guys, the conferences were really important portal activations, and in the dark world, transport is not free you know, so he needed really to collect as much money as possible, and to build up the teams, to gather the light forces, to make them stronger... he needed all of that, and all of you .. and now, you've all deserted him, the money's stopped coming, you think he can do this alone?? You think you deserve help after deserting him? Fucking arrogant ignorant swine bastards.. Go fuck yourselves. Go die. You don't deserve the Master's help.. Go fuck yourselves. See ya later. This ship is taking off. None of you deserve to be saved anyway. Goodbye. And fuck yourself.

Scan all, tell me messages of significance:
{already included in above}

Scan all, tell me funny messages:
>Haha, fuck you man. I don't know why I bother checking this blog, still. Nothing has changed and nothing ever will. Each time I check it, force of habit I guess, it just reaffirms your insane greed and your insanity. You were just a money-grubbing swine bastard yourself from the beginning. Every move you did was to generate more funds for you and your buddies. Even when you started the blog, way back when, one of your first posts was seeking money. Fucking moneygrubbing cocksucking bastard. Go fuck yourself!

{That's it, but more are coming. Let's wait}

>Yeah, go die yourself, fucking arrogant bastard. None of us will save YOU... you and your fucking ignorant space-alien invisible wannabes..

{that's it, got all funny messages; but I think more are still coming}

>Yeah, go fuck yourself. I can't believe I wasted so much of my time and my life and some of my money, believing in you and your lies.. and your friends. You can all die for all I care. Goodbye, and good fucking riddance.. Get the fuck out of here. Earth doesn't need people like you bastards, anymore!!

{No more funny messages, more are still coming though}

>You and your "Pleiadian" evil alien friends can go die in a fire. Go fuck yourselves.

{That's it, and no more are coming, I think}

Any other messages of importance?

>Help me, please, somebody, I've slaved my life away, I dedicated everything, I lost friends, I posted on facebook about the portal meditations, I did everything, I tried to push people to do it, I thought it was the way, the right way.. fuck me, I lost everything, nearly everything.. there's still a tiny bit of hope in me.. I don't know if I can get up today.. but I will finally get up soon.. and I will keep searching, for another way.. the real truth.. not this lying cocksucker and his idiot friends.. Fuck me, what a waste... at least, I found out the truth about him.. in the end.. finally....

>Me too man, me too.. Same story, I spent thousands on this guy, I went to several conferences, I did what he told me, the whole silver and gold meditations and all that crap.. I did the dances with him and his wife.. I should've known it was a scam, fucking how many conferences are there a year?? And so expensive.. and ... ?? Really? So only the "paying customers" get access to the information.. come the fuck on.. what is this, a moneygrubbing company, or a "help the people" organic operation.. why was I so blind... (facepalm)

{There appear to be more messages similar to the last 2, above; not shown}
[19.04.2017 23:13:04] F: :D
[19.04.2017 23:13:18] Z: so nothing new :D
[19.04.2017 23:13:30] Z: why don´t they leave finally and always tell they do :D
[19.04.2017 23:15:49] F: they can not leave. only option is prison...(chuckle)

Today's messages
[15:23:33] Á: Here is what I got from the last message-box..
Theres a bunch of messages, but they seem to be heavy as rocks. There seems to be a lot less energy here. Things are a lot more "static and heavy"..

The main billboard message up top, the spinning one, is spinning much slower. It's like a "KFC bucket" (but smaller), but one that's broken. It spins, stops. Spins a bit more, stops. There's something wrong with it (giggle)

Let's see what it says, anyway:

>"Last chance for salvation for the human race! Trust "the (self-named) king" with your remaining funds. He is giving you one last chance. Once and for all, human race, come one, come all.."

That's all it says, but this message appears to be repeated by similar "billboards" or message-distributors, thousands of times, repeated in a vertical line going down below..

Any messages of significance?
>"Help us, please. I am "the (self-named) king", I am the Master of Earth and all the Resistance that is hiding under the Earth. They are very displeased with you. You know, I thought you all abandoned me, and I thought, well, if they abandoned me, I guess I'd better go, because there's nothing left to save/nothing left to do here, I thought you all turned Dark. But I guess, maybe there's a tiny shred/spark of hope left in you all. So in my infinite heart and kindness and wisdom, I'll give you all, those who deserve it, one final, FINAL last chance. The Pleiadian spaceship is here, I'm ready to go home. But as a final push, for those who deserve the Ascension process, to advance to the highest levels of spirituality that you can handle safely, I'm talking 6th, 9th, 12 dimensions, for those who can, for those who are ready, to leave the Earth behind, like me, let's do it. It'll only be, $5000 each for your ticket on the ship. I didn't tell you before because I knew I would be mocked and the blog would be brought down under a wave of hate and manipulative comments, from the Dark side. So I have to tell you, it isn't cheap. But how much is your freedom worth? Freedom from the dark side, freedom to spread the Light and be the Light. Your portal activations, while they have mostly been lackluster, have finally created the necessary energies to bring your and mine Star brothers and sisters here, finally, they are here to rescue us. They are here to ascend us to their dimensional plane and finally to take us home. Come with me, if you deserve it. You only have 7 days to make your decision. Send the money via paypal... to my paypal. I will take care of the rest. Do not worry about providing information, I/we know where you are, and your names, and we know the ones who really care, who really deserve this. This is your final chance, your FINAL EVER opportunity, human race. Don't waste it. Don't piss it up the wall... I'm giving you this final second chance out of the goodness and kindness out of my heart.. that's what Light/Light forces would do.

{No more messages of significance}

Any funny messages?
>(spits in his face)

>(spits in his face also)

>"Fuck off!"

{that's it, thousands more like it..}

{some of them appear to agree with him and start nodding, but then they spit on him and throw water on him}

Any other important messages?
>"Help me, please. "The (self-named) king" is over there, again, going to steal from you guys. I just need, five dollars, to rebuild my life. To get some food, and get something on the table to feed me and my family. Please, help. I'll never trust him again. I want to find some real Light, some real honesty, not some more moneygrubbing bullshit. Please.. every dollar helps."

{that's it}
[15:28:27] Z: 5 dollar to save his life?
[15:28:28] Z: what
[15:28:29] Z: (rofl)
[15:28:47] Z: ever tried to feed a family with 5 dollar
[15:28:48 ] F: The real funny thing in here is: If he leaves soon, why the fuck does he need 5k from everyone for a ticket...? ? (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)(rofl)
[15:28:57] Z: yeah that too
[15:29:05] Á: (cwl)
[15:29:36] Á: Clearly he has "more plans on Earth" !!! (rofl)(rofl)
[15:30:03] Z: guess he´s in debt badly and they set him up a final 7 days to pay back
[15:31:16] K: Sanity left them long time ago, greedy till the effing last breath.. maybe someone thinks he will buy his way out if he has enough money when the time comes :-)

Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Effy » 20 Apr 2017 18:56

Do you guys take opportunity like these to guide the misled lights who want "the real truth not bullshit" with a link to this forum?Or do you let them be? :think:
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 20 Apr 2017 20:57

Another today's decoded message from another site for you to "enjoy".
The people described there are light, except their "ego-driven-boss" who is classified G3 and therefore somewhere in the middle between "light and dark" - he may have to make up his mind in the near future. :happy-smileyflower:
He is against weapons, which is fine, but he is for keeping secrets as well, which is definitely wrong! Everyone that lives here and is affected by the physics changes has the right to know all about it. It doesn't matter if they understand it or not, but the info itself should be available to them at any time. This is a big difference between light and dark: dark mystifies, light clarifies. There is no need for secrets and mystification if you act according the rules.

[21:06:53] Á: Quite interesting.. seems to be quite a departure from the "usual" message-box findings. ::
[21:07:35 | Bearbeitet 21:05:34] Á: ===
I see a massive, massive communication tower. It appears to be active! Pulsing..
There's a whole bunch of very fast spinning messages near it's peak.

On the ground level, there appears to be some activity. There's a number of buildings around. In one of them, a man works on a "computer", and files away information in filing cabinets. In another, some extensive research is performed. In another, some experiments are being carried out. In the fourth building, there appears to be a large mainframe server that is partly located above ground, but also goes deep underground.

Most of the "message chests" are actually located underground, hidden away.

Let's see what those fast spinning messages at the top have to say:

>"Hey! Welcome there. Help us learn the latest about technology and our life on Earth! We are currently engaged in some fascinating research to find out why things are "not working the way they used to work". You can join us in many ways, depending on your skillset and experience. Please apply below.. our research lab has the most openings at the moment."

{that's it}

Search for messages of significance:

>"Hey! Welcome to our humble abode. As a classified and new member of the "Interstellar research team", you will work together with us to uncover the Earth's secrets, to uncover the mysteries of 3D physics, and to find out why things are no longer working the way previous models predicted. As a top-secret member of our team, you will work on some secret projects which could have extensive, wide-reaching impacts on our physical 3D universe. You will find the most secret projects, far down below, in our underground bunkers. Please find in your welcome pack, your password and access key. You will need this for your research, and to access the lab, far down below underground. Thank you, and have a nice stay with us at "Interstellar research labs"!"

{that's it, but there are other messages, see below}

Other important messages:

{far, far down below, in the underground bunker}

>"Welcome to "Interstellar research labs"! I am Interstellar, and I will be guiding you on this pioneer journey as we explore new frontiers in 3D physics research! The previous predictory models of the past, including as recently as 2007/08/09, have all fallen apart - their models are no longer an accurate predictor of 3D physics, as we experience them today. We need new models, urgently, if we wish to keep on the cutting-line of 3D technologies and help the human race make it through these troubling times!

My latest and greatest project, the one I am the most proud of, and the best-kept secret here at "Interstellar research labs", is this: the particle-decelerator. While those idiots at CERN like to accelerate particles, I had the opposite idea: How can I understand something, if it's moving too fast for me to be able to look at it and study it? So I attempt here, to slow things down, to measurable speeds, so that we can simply study and analyse 3D matter particles, and all other kinds of measurable particles, and find out, how they work, and how we can manipulate them. We are not attempting to create weapons here. We are only trying to find out how our universe works. How matter works. Because truthfully, we have no fucking clue.. Especially water. I have no clue, and no scientist in the world, that I know of, fucking knows all there is to know about water. Maybe if you put all the greatest scientists together, you will have 50%-30% of the information, I don't know. But me, I know maybe 0.005%, maybe half of that. Maybe less. I know nothing about water. Water, is my greatest fascination. I attempt here, to deconstruct water molecules, and find out, really exactly, how does it work, one infinetestimal part at a time.. As you can see, there is plenty to do here.... Find yourself a spot where you are interested, and spend as long or as little as you like - as long as you maintain absolute secrecy, you are most welcome to spend whatever amount of time that you are comfortable working here.

Weapons and violent people will not be tolerated - if you are found to conceal any weapons on your person, or you have a violent history or express any violent tendencies, while you are here, you will be immediately removed, your access and passwords revoked, and you will never be allowed to return. Or any of your associates. So please.. no violence. Thanks. That is all, and have a nice stay with us.. See you soon."

>"Mister Interstellar sir, I have found something... one fraction of the water molecule, it's behaving strangely. Can you help me analyse it? I've never seen anything like this before.. It's nothing like my college textbooks. Water is so magical and fascinating.. I have been lied to!!!"
>>"Yes you have, my dear, and this is a terrible fact and a terrible shame about the modern day 3D education system, especially in matters of physics: It's all a fucking big joke. It's all a lie, about 96% of it, and the rest is hardly anything to go on.. So really, none of you have any suitable background for this work. I should really focus my efforts on providing some kind of background course, because otherwise, most of you will be utterly useless, sorry to say, in helping my work...Thanks for bringing this to my attention.. See you soon."

{that's it; there's many similar ones}

Any funny messages?

>>"Unless you are specifically studying the properties of "scare/scary" particles and their effects, I don't want you pulling silly pranks around here! What do you think this is, high school?

{nothing else of significance here}
[21:23:47] F: This is the most interesting for me:

The previous predictory models of the past, including as recently as 2007/08/09, have all fallen apart - their models are no longer an accurate predictor of 3D physics, as we experience them today.

The funny part here is, 1. that these is cause of our rules and physics changes, and 2. that we just executed xx% of the changes until now...(rofl)
[21:24:01] F: but over all a very nice confirmation...
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 21 Apr 2017 18:58

Here today's "beauty". For a change I added a few comments in color (=were not part of the report) and underlined some quite ridiculous points. :happy-smileyflower: Enjoy!

results from checking message-box of .."πύλη":
Something isn't right here. Instead of the usual tons of messages, maybe their message functions are disabled or damaged or something; because in their places, is many, many, white "ghostly ethereal figures", they are a bit unsettling, a little bit creepy. They are very tall, white, ghostly shapes.. just kind of leering about, and moving slowly.. there's hardly any solid messages to speak of, at all.

Maybe some very damaged ones / ones that are nearly invisible.
Checking for messages of significance:

>"Help us . . . . . P l e a s e . . . . . . T h i s i s t h e E a r t h s p e a a a k i n g . . . . . . . "

{instead of recorded messages as before, those ghostly apparations are speaking these messages.. it's quite creepy.}

>(greatly slowed down) "We need.. your help! Send your donations.. to "the (self-named) king".. We are.. the Masters of the Earth.. brothers and sisters of the Pleiadians! We are here to save you! Help us.. We are the Earth! Why the hell do you ask for help if you are "the masters of earth"?The guardians and custodians that have been living in peace for thousands of millennia! You stupid bastards! Leave people suffer and give a few bastards of your own kind wealth and power is your understanding of "peace for thousands of millenia". Can you can any stupid than that?!?! I am sure you can! Darks always can!We have been disturbed by Dark Forces calling themselves the Protoi! You confuse the 4 Protoi with the OIC dark "Protoi Command" created by darks to mislead people. We have emerged, from our long-undisturbed hiding places, Why should "the masters of earth" hide? Only the ones that do mischief hide. Thanks for the confirmation, idiot!to call them bastards out and to save you from their deceptions! Do not be fooled! Especially by their charismatic leader, Frank! Only a charismatic person like him is able to put you and your sick brood in prison and free the planet and the universes from idiots of your kind. Be careful! Save your money, and save your souls! The Earth needs you to come together and fight against their lies! They are spreading rumours and vicious lies about "the (self-named) king" and about us, and we need your help to take a stand against them and defend us !!! We need your help!!! We cannot defend the Earth without you... please.. help us.. it's the Earth's only chance... "the (self-named) king" needs your help too.. we are partnered with him, and his Pleiadian brothers and sisters.. they are worthy ones.. far above you in knowledge and wisdom .. trust them.. 100%, they will never ever lead you wrong or astray.. believe me .. I have seen the past, present and future..Sure you have seen the miserable past and the devastating present that you created, but can't see the future. Not even in your dreams. I know what evil lies ahead for you if you trust the Protoi..The evil lies of the past when they trusted you are more than obvious by now. Protoi never ever lied and will never do. Only dark bastards like yourself use lies to cheat on people. they have done already countless and irreparable damage to us and our homes..Thanks once more for the confirmation! RIGHT! To you and your homes, to all dark bastards/"masters" and self-named kings. we need you to stop them! Hurry, for they march ever-closer to our hearts.. they seek to destroy us and enslave us Right once more! YOU, only you! You stupid dark idiots that have squeezed humanity forever now. We'll stop you once for good! No worries! for all eternity! HU-RRY!"

{no more messages of significance}

Funny messages:

>"Ha ha ha ha... (explodes into uncontrollable laughter). What a riot. What a fucking joke. Fucking idiots, resorting to every guilt-tripping, thug-like tactic in the book to beat us down and keep stealing from us. Get FUCKED!" (leaves)

>"I'm with him.." (leaves)

Any other important messages?

>"Help me, please.. I trusted these guys for so long.. I thought, Mother Earth/Gaia was speaking to me, through these guys.. to think that they betrayed me and led me astray, I mean, just look at this joke of a message today.. what kind of shit is that.. It hurts me badly to think that my brothers and sisters led me astray.. but I know.. they are not really my brothers or my sisters. They can go get FUCKED. I'm badly hurt.. But I will stand soon.. and leave this place. Leave them, for good. They don't deserve my support or energy, anymore. As for that "the (self-named) king" bastard, he can go get fucked too. Pleiadians my ass.."

{no more important messages, but I think there's very many others who feel the same way as the last one} They are all welcome here. Their decision to join or stay away from. Non darks will be helped as much as possible. Our own people (or the most needy ones) first and then all the others.

{appears to be nothing else of significance here}

{Those ghosts don't look happy, though.}
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 24 Apr 2017 09:15

Here some more updates from the last 2 days.

Okay, having a look now at the previous link. Things appear a little damaged, but not as badly damaged as they are in the most recent link.

Things are still functioning at "low power".. the billboard above, while sparking a little, is still functioning. The chests appear damaged, but still closed.

Something changed here fairly rapidly..

Let's check the "billboard"..
>"Help us! Please! The "self-named king" is giving you all a last offer! How noble of his :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: Take it while you still can!"

{I think the "message repeaters" below the billboard are not functioning correctly. Seems to just be emitting "white noise"}

Messages of significance:
>"Help us! Am I coming in clear? Getting a little bit of interference from somewhere, not sure why.. So yes, you may be wondering, why am I, the great "self-named king", asking YOU guys for help, can't I simply wish my Pleiadian friends to give me money and resources that I need, to give me everything I need? No, as I've explained to you all countless times in the past, and yes I still get harassing emails about it, NO I cannot do this. We still live in a dark planet and there are very evil and dark forces out there who aim to keep it that way. For the time being, for the forseeable future, and really, I don't know when that will ever change, so we need a backup plan. We need to use the current state of the situation, of the planet, which is, we need your money, we need your help, to get out of here. We need to get the fuck out of here. I don't care if your head is too far up your ass to notice what's going on outside, but there's a fucking warzone out there. We need to LEAVE. I don't have TIME to discuss with you all the finer nuances of the mission. Besides, that info is classified to conference attendees, if you wanted a little more of it. You should have paid up and visited my conferences. Get the fuck out. Leave my inbox alone. I wish I could filter you guys out, automatically.. So really, just leave me alone. I'm trying to get out of this shithole, and I need your help, if you want me to save some of you guys too. I don't have time to discuss the finer details. $5,000, to my paypal, make it quick. Only good for a few more days.. Goodbye." {transmitter shuts off}

Other important messages:
>"Huh? What the fuck? How is he still broadcasting. I thought he was shitting himself, on the Pleiadian ship, trying to get the fuck out of here. If he's so desperate, he would have left by now. Unless, there's some reason he can't leave.. hmm.. But maybe we should do something about his comms. I don't want any more of my REAL brothers and sisters falling for any more of his crap, anymore.. I will try to see if I can disable it. Stand by.. I need to do some analysis of his equipment.."

>"Huddle together everyone, things are going to get real rocky, real soon around here.."

>"Make sure we have enough supplies to ride it out."

>"I don't know, but I damn well sure hope so.."

Funny messages:
>"Hahahaha! Hahahahaha! Oh, I can't fucking believe it. HAHAHA!" {There's a guy here, literally laughing and rolling around on the floor. He is laughing so hard, he can't do much else}


lots of chests floating all around in the sky
they look quite badly damaged and partially open, as though their messages are too easily readable

some damaged structures strewn about all over the floor
maybe some more damaged structures underground
the place does not look too good.

the "billboard" banner thing up top, seems totally broken. Let's see if it has a message anyway:

>"He......<zzt.>Help us<sssssssssss...................hissing>." {Doesn't seem to be much else}

Okay, search for messages of significance:
>"Help us. Okay, check one. This is a backup frequency, using old traditional radio technology. Our comms are down. I can barely talk to you guys. My offer still stands for a few more days. Get me the money and you can get out of here. Look, the Pleiadians can't take everyone, okay? <zzt, crackling/interference>..... I .... can only take those who deserve it. And who are you to decide who deserves and who doesn't?If you don't have the money, then you didn't really care about the mission, did you?Is this your only criteria? Probably yes, since only darks could pay the amount you ask for! You should've put money aside like I told you to, years ago.. not my fault if you didn't take my advice/didn't listen to me .. it's your own. Fuck off, I don't have long to speak, anyway.. Come with me if you want to survive. The Pleiadians are our friends.. my brothers. They've helped me throughout the years,Oh, did the? Why are you asking for donations then? countless times. And naturally, I've shared their help with you all through the blog updates. What if you got no updates?? Stop harassing me about it, I was the only one who could do this mission.Squeeze lights? No, there are many more of you kind out there!So yes I needed the money. Jeez.."

>"Yeah, right, man, our people here, MY people here, not yours, have grown tired of your shit. So we fucked up your communications a bit, we didn't want you spreading your shit any more. I didn't know you had a backup radio, damn.. But really, seriously, stop spreading your LIES! I don't want to hear it! About any more damn extra-terrestrials! Pleiadians, your friends, your idiot friends, whatever, take them and leave! Just fucking leave! If you want money, then begone! You'll get no more cents from us. Not one, ever again. Good fucking luck out there. Seems like quite a warzone. See ya!!~"

>"I....<<zzzzzzzzt, massive interference..........buzzing.................................static, dead air. Seems someone tried to reply but it didn't work...>>"

Other important messages:
>"Ok guys, I think we got it. I think I took his backup radio down.. He'll no longer spread his shit.. at least for a few hours.. good work, everybody.."

>"Hooray! (cheers all around)"

Funny messages:
>"Things are way too serious right now, all around, for anyone to be cracking jokes, buddy. Cut that shit out, we have serious work to do here.."

>"You're right boss, I'm sorry, it won't happen again. Not until the job is done.."

Aside from the message-box, I see some "ships" approaching this location, and starting to fire! Seems this 'base' is under attack..


And now something refreshing :happy-sunshine:

Things are humming immensely/intensely here. There's WAY more activity and energy than the other blog.
Stuff is getting processed, information?

There's plenty of people underground, but also a lot of activity above the surface, as well.

Guys are frantically sorting out piles and piles of information.. looks like countless sheets of paper. They're trying to categorise and sort it all, but there's so many, and only a couple of guys doing it, it will take them forever..

There's excited hubbub and just a lot of loud murmurs of excited conversation. I'll see if I can get close enough to hear some of them:

>"Hey! Have you checked out this info about the Protoi! Fucking fascinating stuff! There's info about physics changes in here, I can't believe it.. our physics are fucking changing, man! Our research, it's old, it's gone, it's trash! It's worthless! Years of my life "wasted", but I don't fucking care, man! I'm here, where it's at! We are gonna find out the new changes! It's so freaking exciting!! Aren't you excited, man?!"
>"Yeah...sure. I haven't had my coffee, it's kinda hard for me to be excited at 6 in the morning, you know...{ZZZ.....}"

There's excitedly spinning billboards up above, let's try to read them:
>"Hey there! Welcome! You've come to the right place! Are you aware that our natural 3D physics are actually totally and completely changed?? We have no idea how many more changes are to come, but some guys called 'The Protoi', have done this, and we're trying to figure out how and why.. come join us as we study this fascinating evidence! We have proof of the physics changes! Come inside and we will show you! It's all free of charge! No admission fees!

{more billboard messages, but very similar to the above}

Scan all for messages of significance:
{this seems to be down below underground, the first one:}
>"Hey, this is going wonderfully. I mean, it's a big shock to the system, making our research labs fairly public, and opening up to the public in all kinds of ways, for no admission fees.. it's scary, I'll admit. Heck of a "business model". But sure, it's worth it, it's necessary, people need to know this information.. it still frightens me and I shake a little bit, when I think about releasing all of our most secret projects to the public. But heck, I sit there and I shake for five, ten minutes, or as long as I need to, and then I push that button. Cos who the hell cares.. in a couple months, if the Protoi were right, and physics keeps changing.. our most secret shit won't even work, anyway.. May as well make it public while it still has some "knowledge-value" ... Fuck it man, life is nothing what I thought it was.. I'm exasperated, I can hardly sit down; can hardly stand up, I'm too excited to commit to either one.. but these are... very exciting times..{he can hardly breathe properly, he's too excited}"

>"Hey! This stuff is amazing! {this seems to be from a member of the public, above, who is checking out the freely accessible information} I knew it! I just knew it! {seems to be a young school student} When I got taught this kind of stuff in class, I just KNEW something was wrong about it. I mean, physics can't be that simple as they taught us, right? And I just felt it, I just felt it in my bones, things were changing in the air. But I could never put it to words, you know? I could never write it down in some kind of fancy mathematical theoretical physics way that people could understand. So I kept it to myself. But I KNOW this is true. Let's check out the evidence!" {rushes over to the "evidence area"}

Other important messages:
>"Hey, so this is, you know, and then you adjust this variable here, and then ... Oh hello!! (gives an excited wave), so this must be, you guys must be, the first members of the public we are opening up our research labs to.... well, have a wonderful time, I hope you learn something, enjoy yourselves, pick up a flyer, it explains our most commonly used terms.. and if you want to know something in particular, just press that button, it'll let us know you have a question, and one of our scientists will attend to you as soon as they have time... if they have time.. to answer your question! Please make your questions as specific as possible..thank you! And have a wonderful visit, at Interstellar Research Labs...(waves as they move past him, in some kind of "travelling contraption")

Funny messages:
>"Doh! I knew inviting those people down here was a bad idea. Now we can't much around and get paid for it.. we have to pretend to work all the time!"

>"Yeah, yeah, keep your mouth shut.. here come some of them now, just look real busy and absorbed in whatever you're doing.."

>"That's the problem, I'm not doing anything much!"

>"Well look like it!"
Far down below, underground, there is a massive metal cage suspended by many chains. It is slowly being raised, and will eventually reach the surface, at this rate.
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Dee » 24 Apr 2017 19:35

Δύναμις wrote:Funny messages:
>"Doh! I knew inviting those people down here was a bad idea. Now we can't much around and get paid for it.. we have to pretend to work all the time!"

Huh!? For some reason I suppose I always assumed we here in 3D were the only ones fortunate enough to be slaves to energy sucking money and it's manipulations and systems. Sounds like those on the 'other side' also have to deal with it too.

All the more reason to look forward to it's end.
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 24 Apr 2017 19:58

And the next one from another site than the previous ones.

the place looks very artificially colourful, like it was recently painted with bright colours.

There's a few people around, but it looks like the capacity is much larger than what it is currently holding.

Some kind of "hotel" in the middle where people can stay?

Lots of spinning things up above, let's check them first:
>"Hello and welcome to Prepare For the BIG SCAM (once more)! Here we apply spirituality to metaphysics and apply our methods to make the biggest changes in reality in the fastest possible time. We need YOU to make a difference! Please join us and contribute below, you can contribute by money/donations, skills, time, sharing the word, inviting your friends, and so on... thanks, all help is muchly appreciated."

Search for messages of significance:
{This appears to be very deep underground, in a secret chamber}
>"This is Devious, the captain of Prepare For the BIG SCAM. I have been discussing with the "self-named king", and he has big problems right now. Also, we have big problems. We can hardly pay for our current projects, our recruitment numbers are down, donations are drying up.. we need to plan/do something BIG to kick-start things again. Maybe a fake Event. We need to do something.. We need people to come to us again. Depend on us. Need us. We need people to need us.. then we can help them, and they'll love us for it ... damn it, why can't I think of anything clearly.. damn it!"

>"This is Devious, calling you, my secret friend, from the PFC headquarters. Listen, I need an investment from you. No, it's not a loan, it's an investment, I promise you a 25-50% return.. I promise you I'll get your money back, and more.. I have big plans.. we need to "stir/shake up the people", a little bit, put a little bit of the 'fear of god' back into them, we need them to start respecting us and what we do a little more, make them think they need us.. trust me, the donations and support will be flooding in before you know it.. I have just the plan.. a 'fake Event'.. what do you say? Oh? You have other ideas? Tell me more..."

>"A planned military training exercise? To make people believe in a 'positive military'? What a fucking great idea. Do you have any military contacts? Mine have all but dried up.. We'll need some big contacts to make something like that happen. Oh boy.. (rubs hands in glee), I can't wait for the reaction from "the people" ... they'll flock to us like no tomorrow. They'll think the Event is imminent.. any second, any day now.. and we'll get signups like crazy.. oh boy! Hahaha! (laughs maniacally)"

Search for any other important messages:
{This also appears to be deep below underground, in some chambers below}
>"Help us! Save us! Devious has taken us hostage.. We can't get free. Our skills and our energies are trapped here, I don't know why or how he did it, but I can't move.. I can't see a way out.. maybe i'm blind, or it's just too dark in here! I don't know! (panicking) Please help us!"

>"Help us, please! There are several of us, buried in cages deep down below underground, people will never ever find us or hear us.. Please! If anyone can hear this, please help!"

{there's other similar messages to the above}

Funny messages:
>"Hahaha. HAHAHAHA...." (maniacal laughter, far down below, in some kind of chamber)
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 26 Apr 2017 20:49

Today's "jewels" :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:
In the first one they call us darks, but at the same time they describe how they cheat on people to get their energies and to supply them with weapons. Right, this is the real "love-and-light-faction"! Go on sheep! Buy some cheap "love-and-light-weapon" to help the darks suck you even better!

Πύλη message-box:
Lots of "activity" here, there appears to be some "evil angel guardian statues" which are firing on me with lasers, when I approach..

They're increasing their firepower now, as I am quite well shielded. They're drawing energy for their weapons from a cavern deep down below, filled with some kind of red liquid. As they fire on me more and more strongly, the red liquid is getting used up.. no worries.

Most of the liquid is gone now.. let's absorb as much incoming fire as we can to drain their energies..

Done. The first cavern seems to be empty, and now the guardian statues are only firing "rubber bullets". But there may be more caverns below the first one, filled with different coloured liquids..

Yes, I think there's a green one below the red one, and now that the statues have finally "refilled/reloaded" their weapons, they are firing some kind of acid weapons.

Anyway, let's look beyond them, to the spinning billboard stuff above, and see what it says.

>"Help us! We have now upgraded our defenses! None from the dark forces shall ever dare enter our tombs/realms ever again! We have infinite energies! When one runs out, we shall draw from the next! Thank you, dear followers and members, for providing your energies for our weapons! Our Love and Light shall drive back any attackers for good!!! Keep it up!"

Messages of significance:
{Around the guardian statues:}
>"DEFEND! DEFEND! Our job is to defend this place, by any and all means necessary. As our members give us money and energies and prayers and light, this enables our weapons to work more strongly and for longer time periods. KEEP UP YOUR FIRE! Drive back the dark bastards!"

{deep down below, in the caverns full of liquid}
>"Drive back the bastards! Drain energy at full power/speed! We MUST have enough energy to keep our new weapons online. They're pretty good, they're pretty powerful and advanced, we got them at a good price, but fuck, they drain so much energy so fast.. we're going to struggle to keep them topped up.. we need to find new followers/new energy sources, pronto..!"

Other important messages:
{Far to the right side of the caverns down below}
>"Get your weapons here! Free weapons to those under 25 years of age! The first one's free, and then we will work out some kind of "payment plan".. if you can't afford it, don't worry, we can use your own energy supplies as payment.. I only want 1% of your energies for a year.. that will get you something really nice.."
"(in a whisper) I left out the part where the weapon itself will drain 2% of your energy every 5 days.. soon there won't be much left of you, if you're too "trigger-happy".. haha (softly chuckles to himself)."
>"So come one, come all, get your latest and greatest weapons here.. fight off the Protoi bastards! They can't stand this emotional manipulator weapon, it'll drive them crazy. Just 50 million credits, or 5% of your total energies for 5 years. Just 5%, it's not much to ask for, you know.. just gotta keep a guy going, you know; I can't do this stuff for free, you know..

Funny messages:
{far above the last message, above the surface now}
>"Hahahaha! The Protoi will never withstand our new weapons! But why do I feel so tired and drained all the time since we started using them... ZzzzzZZZ.......phew, I'm not sure why I keep falling asleep.. must keep awake.. must destroy the Protoi.. Zzzzzzz.." [color=#008040]sweet dreams, idiots! :text-lol: :text-lol: :text-lol:
{elsewhere, above the surface}
>"Something isn't right with this place. Why are they defending so hard? One day, it's freely accessible, welcome and open to the public, the next, it's fortified like a strong fortress. What the hell is going on over here.."
Incidentally, the layout of this entire place is quite interesting. It looks like a massive phallic-shaped weapon, the entire structure of this place seems to be a massive weapon (mostly located above the surface, but partly underground), and there's lots of activity around, both at the base and at the top of it. It seems to be "powering up" for an attack..


Nr. 2 message from a new blog that shows once more what the ass-ended masters really want from you = "love-and-light-sheep". When are you going to face reality?

assended master message-box:
This place looks very strange. It looks like an "artificial city", like a "toy city", made to look nice and shiny (it's quite orange coloured), but it looks quite hollow, and there's hardly anybody here. There's very little activity above the surface. However, below the surface, there's a lot of activity. There's some "dark energies" here, it's like below is the true "face" of the city, and it's much darker and colder than it would appear above (because of course, it's only artificial up above).

Something is definitely happening down below.

Many spinning messages up above, let's check them out first.
>"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome ...
{While I am checking out this "billboard", some "sucking pipes" from down below appeared, a number of them, and attached to me, trying to suck my energy while I was reading the billboard messages.. quite dastardly. I chopped them all..}
{Now, like the hydra, many more "sucking pipes" are appearing and "sprouting up" from down below, trying to reach me and still attempting to drain me/suck my energy}
{So I'm just chop-chop-chopping away... finally, I seem to have done some damage, and they stop trying to reach me. They seem to be "bleeding out energy" .....}
Back to the billboard:
>"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the Ass-ended-Masters Portal! Here you will find the latest and greatest recorded communications from our Ascended Brothers and Sisters of all kinds. They are close to you! Stay close and listen, you may hear them for yourselves! Find our latest messages here...." {while this is going on, more "sucking hoses" from other parts of the underground have appeared, larger ones, and again trying to get to me. I suspect the whole aim of the billboard is to keep people in place, so they can get sucked to the maximum..}

{Firing on the entire generator-structure which houses all the sucking-hoses.. the whole thing is bleeding quite profusely, now..}

Messages of significance:
>"Damn! Our energy generators are quite badly damaged! We will need to temporarily cease operations for a few days to repair them, there's no use displayed "messages" and offering "services" without being able to drain those who read them/try to use them!"
>"You'd better fucking hurry up, I don't like going long without food.. I fear that I won't survive much longer without a steady, healthy diet of regular "energies" from our "sources".. hahaha (laughs weakly)"
>"Yes, mister boss sir, of course, sir, we are working at our best to restore your energies, sir. We are doing everything we can.. you can drain me if you want, ..."
>"I won't ask, you fool, I will simply take it from you when I feel like it.. your energies were forfeit the moment you started working here.. within MY domain. Your life belongs to ME! (coughs profusely)"
>(thinking to himself) "Fuck me, what did I get myself into. I gotta get myself the fuck outta here.."

Funny messages:
{no funny messages}

Other important messages:
It seems that this "blog"'s only aim is to act as an energy source for a big dark bastard down below. In fact, he seems to "own" many blogs, all of which are his energy sources. There are a number of big bastards similar to him, all connected to many blogs; there are fewer of them then there are total blogs. All of which are attached to them, as energy sources.. They're hiding down below, quite pathetically.. just stealing energy. This seems to make up the majority of their activities.


I have been asked how it is possible to decode those messages and to whom they are directed.
This is a very gut question indeed.
The messages are sent by Cores and can only be decoded and read by Cores = not in the visible part of our 3d world. Most people use "higher self" for Core, but it is not quite right in our terms. The messages are decoded because they are directed to people of the own groups. By becoming a member of something, you accept all sorts of "unwritten" terms and conditions without you know it. Your Core knows it and acts accordingly. Messages are transmitted to you as "intuition" or as some sudden urge to do something that you normally wouldn't do. This is how you become their puppet :wink:.Time to wake up!
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Allison » 26 Apr 2017 22:31

Do you think we could tell our core or Skib to ignore/end any deals that benefit darks in any way?
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Dee » 26 Apr 2017 22:53

Allison wrote:Do you think we could tell our core or Skib to ignore/end any deals that benefit darks in any way?

I don't see why this would not be a possible command as is. There is also the "Remove Hidden Ordered" command. viewtopic.php?f=127&t=2697 Which specifically removes those things that are hidden and attached to documents and deals and agreement we are forced to take here in 3D.
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 03 May 2017 10:48

One more message found earlier today

Appears to be kind of a desolate place, there isn't much left standing around, but in the center, is approximately 5 very large statues.. they are firing on me, immediately.

It's some kind of "vertical structure". There are levels above, accessible by a small (in diameter) cylindrical tube (within which all the statues are located). But I think that it's invisible from the outside.. it's like a cylindrical elevator.

It's like offices above.. there's paperwork, there's a secretary..

seems to be many, many more floors above.

Scan all for messages of significance:

{A phone call, made on one of the upper floors}
>"This is me, Christopher, I need urgent help. Our structures are coming down, we cannot rebuild them fast enough. We can hardly rebuild them at all. Years, thousands of years of work, are being undone in seconds.. we need urgent help. Please, send all your reinforcements. Send everything you have. We need to stop this invasive cancer before it wipes us all out, permanently.. HURRY!!"

{another location}
>"I read you loud and clear, Chris. Unfortunately, all available units are destroyed or are too busy fighting here, at our offices.. While it is deeply regrettable, I am unable to send anyone to help you out. You're on your own, for now.. Good luck." (line clicks)

Any other important messages:


Funny messages:

{there's one, deep down below - underground}
>(in a squeaky voice) "Help us, please.." zzz... (electrical noises) "We are your brothers and sisters, from outer space.. we desperately need your help..." (electrical zapping)

It seems that there are some guys here working on a kind of "AI" to speak to people and try to fool them.. they are trying to modify it for the maximum effectiveness..

Nothing else of importance here.

This "cylindrical tube station" which is comprised of many offices, seems to be just one of many. There seem to be a number of these "tube stations" located around the "city", and they are all connected, they can communicate with each other and share information..

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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 10 May 2017 12:41

The newest messages


This place looks in a shambles. There's a twisted strange metal structure that's very prominently located, it looks smouldering and in ruins. There seems to be a lot of smoke rising out of this place.

Overall, the energy is very "dead" here. I hear a squawking of some birds above, but it seems that they are soon brought to the ground.

When I look for the "billboard", all I see is an electrical "box" sparking wildly on a metal pole. It looks very dangerous to touch, let's see if it has any readable messages:

>"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........help us save us.... we are under attack........bzzzzzzzzzzz.........." zzt {seems like it short-circuits a bit}

There is a thick ambient layer here, it doesn't rise all the way up, but for some metres above the ground. It's very strange, I think it's somehow electrically conductive.
There's "things" and little "strings" travelling through it.. somehow flowing through this layer. It looks fairly nasty.

The ground looks in very bad shape. It looks beaten, and polluted heavily. It looks "energetically polluted". I imagine that there is still plenty of leftover shit underground contributing to the sickly-looking earth here.

Some pretty pathetic and badly-damaged drones rise up out of somewhere and fly in my direction. I take them out quickly.

It does appear as though the air itself is filled with "messages" ..
And no doubt, some guys underground are frantically trying to send communications..

All messages of significance:
>"Help us, please. This is the assistant captain, Gregory. Our space station has come under heavy fire. We know you are probably not in any better shape than us, but we urgently need food and supplies. There are a few travelling merchants left that still visit, but we hardly have anything left to barter with. Any scrap metal, slaves, gold or jewellery.. information is no longer a valuable commodity for trade. Fat lot of good it did us, they say. I guess we never had all the pieces. So now I urge you, those of you who are beaten and battered, we are not beaten yet. They have not finished us off yet. So let us rise up, and work together. If we work for thousands of years, we may be to rebuild something somewhat respectable. Curse those bastards in the palaces that still stand, for now. I hope the Protoi destroy them quickly,Gladly :happy-smileyflower: they don't deserve to live. Fucking miserable bastards.. wouldn't even acknowledge our existence when the drinks and the "money" stopped flowing. It was a good exchange, at least while it lasted, we would share our "gained" energies with them, from the people doing the meditations and such, or buying our products, or otherwise assisting us/giving their energies, and they would help us with protection, armies when we needed it, status upgrades, throw us parties, and treat us like kings.. Dark friendships only last as long as you can pay. They kick you as soon as they are done with you. Still many sheep around that fall for their promises. I think it went to 'his' head.. He was only ever a pawn in their games, their grand master plans, grandiose and lavish as they were.
Mind you, he was a very public figure, as "non-public" as he was, and I kind of miss him, now. He really had charm.. he could convince even a staunch skeptic to give his ideas/products a try, for help in bettering their lives.. and to the real dire-hard believers, he could make them do 'almost' anything.. ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" (he remembers some of the things that were done)

"I guess the party is over for now, although I will never stop trying to rebuild this place, and I will keep spreading his messages, as best I can.. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha!" (maniacal laughter)

"Mind you, if he ever returns, there will ALWAYS be a place for him. Tough crowd, these days.. they're a hard bunch to sell to. And he was the master salesman..." <end message>

<no more messages of significance>

Other messages of relevance:

{appears to be far down below}
>(in despair) "Ohhhh my good fortune, all my riches, all my earnings, vanished in an instant..*sobs*; how could they be so cruel to me.. the Protoi, they took everything from me, my life's savings, my life's earnings, my life's work.. so what if I ripped a few people off and ran the 'energy generator machines' that drained those "oh-so-helpful" people when they participated in our group meditations or portal openings.. so what if I made a couple of bucks extra on the side, selling unused or scrap energy containers to the highest bidders.. a guy has to make a living somehow, doesn't he?" <end message> NO! Making a living betraying others is not the light way to make a living and therefore no justification for being a bastard. There is no excuse for cheating purposely on gullible people! Glad our team took everything from you. It will now be given back to their legitimate owners. Protoi never take from others to accumulate wealth for themselves. Protoi put things back to right.

{I think there were many other "helpers" like this guy, and they all seem to have now suffered the same fate.}

<no more messages in this category>

Funny messages:
{appears to be quite a ways above, passers-by in some kind of space craft}
>"Hahaha! It seems those bastards down below finally got what they deserve!! For too long they've been cheating and stealing and thieving from poor innocent bastards, some of whom didn't know any better, and some who were too tired to care. It's all come to an end now, clearly. Their suffering and draining at "the self-names kings' " hands is no more! Mind you, there is attempts to keep the blog running, "keep the show on the road", so to speak, but this will utterly prove to be useless, in my opinion. Without "the self-names kings", the energetic backing for the messages is gone, and the blog's biggest "supporters/contributors", the real big guys, have mostly abandoned them. So people should no longer be fooled in droves as they were before, and all sales should dry up, for the most part. At least, I hope so... We shall see what happens... I think, though, that this place should count their lucky stars they haven't yet been completely obliterated off the face of the earth..who knows, maybe they will be, soon enough..." <end message>

<No more funny messages>
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 10 May 2017 12:56

And one more from Interstellar:

I see a large (communication, I think) tower, extremely tall, in the center of the landscape. It's humming wildly and pulsing strongly. I guess lots of communications are being sent and received..

Around it, some distance away, are other, smaller communication towers. They are also very active..

There's lots of activity here, some of it is a little ways underground (but close to the surface), and there's some "hustle and bustle" in some classrooms, nearby. Lots of people in there, in some kind of class.

A fair number of "flying craft", which at first looked like birds, but on second glance looks like flying machines, are passing by the area with regularity.
Some of them, it seems, fire on the communication tower and do some damage to it. Not a whole lot, but it does cause some minor damages.

The ground here looks a whole lot healthier than it did over at "the self-named kings' " blog.
The ground itself is "pulsing" with some regular frequency. It's literally "moving" on a regular time-interval. Interesting..

Let's find someone to talk to about the Interstellar-situation..

I found a guy, alone in his "classroom/office". Let's talk to him.

"Hey, what's up with Interstellar? He's still believing and peddling that spiritual BS and nonsense, while we already demonstrated to you guys, that it's out-and-out BS. I mean, even the science behind it, if any of it was based on any real science, is all out the window now, you know that, and I thought he knew that, what's the real deal here? Is he making money off this, or what?!"

>"Hey man, I don't want any trouble. I don't know what's up with him. He's gone and locked himself in his private "cave"/office downstairs {down below}, and we can't talk to him. I thought he was interested in this new Protoi-information too, he was studying it with the rest of us, he was talking about making real progress for the future of humanity. He was frankly, surprised and shocked, maybe even a little outraged that all his work had been for nothing, and he had to start from zero, but I think he's gone into denial. I don't know.. Like I said, I can't contact him. He isn't taking my calls, we're still running the classes on telling people about the new physics changes, I mean, we're passionate about that here, we want to make a real change, we don't want to be more useless scientists used as pawns for industry and politicians, there's thousands, or millions of those already, there's enough of those!! So we continue in our ways, I mean, he wanted us to, this is our/his shared place, and he was on board. So I don't know what's changed.. there have been some visitors, I think, some very secret visitors, I couldn't really see them clearly, and I think they were using nearly-invisible spacecraft, but I think they visited with him (Interstellar) recently.. I'm not sure what it was about. There's rumours that these are big guys, really scary guys, that were "running the show" until recently, when they faced real big attacks on many of their associates and their supply factories/bases, very recently. Still, they have some degree of power and influence. Maybe they cut some sort of deal with Interstellar? I have no idea, really.. That's all I know."

"Thanks, you've been fairly helpful.."
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 10 May 2017 16:28

LSA2 weekly message encoded. In short: DARKS GO CRAZY as they run out of resources :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:


There's many guardian statues around here, it's like a museum of statues (but it's outdoors). Some of them try to fire on me, but it's very weak fire, it's pathetic.. I hardly need to bother dealing with it .. may as well, though.. OK, that statue is now broken in half..

Many of the statues are broken. It's like a "graveyard/dumpyard" for old statues. Reminds me of a film..
Throughout the rubble and junk everywhere, I can hear a loud "whispering" noise coming from beneath the base of a particular large statue. I shove it aside, and discover some beings whispering below. They are very frightened and startled to see me.

"Hello, guys. What are you up to??"

And then, they immediately open fire on me.. and many of the others run away, deep into their cave networks.. no problem, I have a trace on them..I can follow them..

While following them and firing after them.. let's search for any messages of relevance/significance..

All messages of significance:
>"Run! Help! We are being chased by a crazy bastard, I don't know how he found us down here!! Fire, you idiots, fire!!!"

{further deep down underground}
>"As I was saying, boys, the plans continue, they do, at full throttle, now that we have repaired our main generators to 50-5%, it's fluctuating, you see, sometimes we get 50%, sometimes we get 5%, but this is good enough, it's the best we got, I can't make any proper repairs, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with it!! Damn foreign supplies.. and they won't even support us, anymore.. we're left out in the cold, so much for a "lifetime guarantee" and "endless lifetime support contract" on their products.. Grrr...." (he's mad..)

>"Anyway, as I was saying to you fine folks, gentlemen.. the plans continue.. kind of half-on, half-off, but it's the best we can do, you see.. I promise you, I'm doing the best I can.. The Alliance needs men like me, men who do the best they can, and don't fall short on their promises.. I'm an upstanding guy, you see.. I'm the best of the best. And that's no guarantee, no guarantee, that you'll ever get from those "nonsense" guys, no sirree, I'm the best you'll ever damn see..."

{another being}
>"Yes, yes, we don't have all day to listen to you blather on, Michael, get on with it, for damn sake..we don't have all day. Every second that passes, we lose another thousand-million men.. don't fucking bring me/us down here to waste our fucking time!!! Our survival is at stake, you know.. I can hardly breathe, some days.. my energy supply gets real short, I can nearly see my own end approaching. So DON'T FUCK WITH ME." (this guy is real pissed..)

>"O-okay, yes sir. As I was saying.. cough, we are still draining energy at the maximum of our capabilities, but the generator's partial failures, there are times where people get some portion of their energy back, due to "back-flow" currents, we can't stop them, there's nothing I do, it's like an unstoppable virus, it gets worse and worse.. I fear if I try hard to stop it or reverse it, it'll infect me directly.. if it hasn't already!" (he's in a panic)
"But I am doing my best, to find other and all available energy supply sources, I'm leaving no stone unturned, even our old "friends" who have taken more of a beaten than us, we're consolidating all available resources.. hijacking their 'life-support systems', and channeling/funneling all their reserve energies to our pipelines... they'll die very soon, without their reserves, ha ha ha.. but they deserve it, for being so piss-weak.. You see, we don't need the best shielding that 'money can buy', or 'that you can get' (by any means necessary); we simply need a better shield than the 'next guy'.. hahaha. Sorry, Edison, we were good, old buddies once.. but I need my life, and my friends too, more than you do.. Hahaha.. Hahahaha!!" (he descends into hysterical laughter)

>"Yes, yes, very good.. we must find any and every way to survive.. you have no more friends. Suck the energies from your family too, if you have to.. our bloodlines need US to survive.. we are the most important ones.. I just damn hope that some other bastard who is a little stronger than us, doesn't just come after us and do to us what we are doing to other weaker guys.. Shit, shit, shit.. fuck fuck fuck. Our shields will never stop yet another intruder.. Fucking dammit.." (he's mad, and scared, he doesn't have a solution to his "problem"..)

<No more messages of significance>

Funny messages:
{singing and cheerful dancing, down below, are they delirious?}
>"Hey, ho, cheery ho! We're alive, we survived, to live another day, hey, hey!~" (they party and dance around like drunken idiots.. I'm sure it will be short-lived..)

<no more funny messages>
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 19 May 2017 00:57

There is still plenty of rubble and signs of destruction here, not much rebuilding has occurred.. there is still a silver object jutting out of the ground in the center, here. It looks like part of a spaceship.

There seems to be plenty of "ants" scurrying around below, trying to do something.. it seems they are carrying grains of sand or similar, and are attempting to rebuild some kind of base platform around the destroyed spaceship, one grain at a time.. they have made some progress in this.. but it is far from being operational.

Several other ants or whatever kind of insects they are, are climbing into the sky and drawing an outline of a tower that they are trying to recreate. It's like a white outline of a tower model that they will follow.. but they have a long way to go in this. I start to laser the base-platform (as it stands) and disintegrate their "glue"; and the entire (small) structure falls apart to the ground in pieces. I think they are cursing at me for setting them back, now.. I also cut up their 'tower model outline', and melted the silver structure in half.

All around me, in the distance, are similar 'tower model outlines' for rebuilding efforts. I marked them all, and cut them all in half.. then began firing on it all to add to the collection of the already rubble-filled area.. most of the rebuilding efforts are now in a shambles.
There are efforts to rebuild something else, too, some kind of "sky-located pipeline", through which data or information flows, or similar.. I cracked that, too.
A small army (quite small in number) of flying dark drones or bots appear and begin to fire at me.. I destroy them all. It seems the efforts of the remaining beings here has been diverted from rebuilding, to constructing stationary weapon-systems to fire on me.. I count several of them, at multiple locations; they begin to fire 'energy balls' at me. I think I felt one of them in 3D. I mark all, power up my weapons, and then level all of them to the ground.

There is now a kind of circular "belt" of bird-like creatures above, flying round and round in a circle .. it is a kind of "photon-belt" or similar energy-carrying belt, with balls of energy in it. The belt itself, or rather the bits inside it, begin to fire on me.. the belt seems to be connected to multiple beings down below .. it is not an immediately simple matter to destroy it directly. Let's now check for messages..

Messages of relevance:
Seems far down below, along the ground, on the level of the "ants"..:
>"Help us! We are getting destroyed and chased by a madman! He is vanquishing our efforts to reconstruct the once-glorious station we had here! We can hardly contact anybody for help, our communications are mostly fucking trashed, and even when they were operational, nobody came to our aid anyway.. {he spits in disgust}, we're on our own.. to live "the self-named king's " message, and to carry it on.. even if he is gone, we will act as though he is not!! We will keep things going, as long as we can, even if this means putting up many, many illusory-structures that are more "show" than substance, we will do this. We are the masters of illusion, after all, and we can all learn a couple of things, or more, out of "the self-named king's" old "playbook". We will attempt to garner and seduce the old crowd of followers..they are kind of dwindling, as we speak, but we must keep the act up, we must pretend as though everything is alright, for we will need their support to survive. The attacks on our rebuilding-efforts were greatly fucking annoying, but we can move on. We will never give up, we must follow our new commander, Gregory, till the end.. He will lead us to an (eventual) victory.. even if it should take, thousands and thousands of years.. we will never, ever surrender.. our strength is in our trepidation and our tenacity, our caution to expose ourselves to dangerous attacks will keep us safe for years to come, and by this we will slowly start to once again, increase in numbers and build our strength. The Alliance SHALL NOT FALL! I guarantee it." :text-lol:Keep dreaming! That's all you have left by now :teasing-neener: {makes a mark in the sand for emphasis}

There seems to be some cheering in response to that last speech.. no more messages of relevance.

Funny messages:
These seem to be scattered high above, "in the aether"; let's read them..:
>"{Laughing} I can't believe those old fools are still at their old tricks.. they will never learn to finally let this place die.. let an old, dead thing lay to rest.. let it die!!! It needs to die, will they ever learn? I don't fucking think so... still trying to bring in customers, trying to scrounge as much energy as they can, to keep their miserable selves alive, as long as possible.. while of course, still trying to cheat on the "honest lightworkers" that remain, the ones that are sincere & genuine, the ones that don't care for cheating on their fellow human-being to get ahead.. those are the ones, that they are especially trying to target.. those are the ones, whose energy they crave the most.. they must know, that if any of those genuine ones, ever discovered the truth about them & their activities, that they would immediately abandon them, maybe abandon "lightworking" entirely, and join the forces fighting against them.. they know this, and yet they continue, in their evil, money-grubbing, snivelling, manipulating ways; and it seems, that they will never, ever stop in this..."

No more funny messages.

The only thing left of relevance in this place, is that a few more rebuilding efforts have begun, by some groups of "ants"..
I mark these efforts, and give them a few "goodbye" shots.. :handgestures-thumbup: I don't think they will like me very much, after this.. all those efforts are now in tatters..
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 23 May 2017 14:03

Darks at its finest once more, steal info from Orions (or rather other darks) and explaining how they intend to build up their new empire using the stupid "lightworkers" once more. :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: Hard luck for the message-writers: first of all they don't have decent knowledge in hand and second all info will be available for free to anyone. Quite ridiculous and extremely stupid to believe you can take advantage of others by offering them common knowledge and much BS. Well, I must admit, this strategy worked quite well down here, but things are changing. Even the stupidest ones will be finally understand, latest when everything is provided for them as it should be. If they still won't want to understand, they'll have to follow their dark friends and share their stasis with them. As simple as that! :happy-smileyflower:


Latest article on "πύλη".

There's a lot of pillars here. They look like the pillars from Stonehenge, but without the horizontal support blocks. They are placed periodically around the place, they look like objects used in rituals. I can hear a humming and see a pulsing of light, further on. I can also see flames in the distance. I don't think it's destruction, I think it's probably "ritual flames".

I approach closer to the source of activity, I can smell and hear the burning in the air. There appears to be a fire pit, fairly large, around which a large number of members of this group are gathered. They are having hushed discussions, and are quite excited about something.

What are they talking about?

>"When we get control of the 3D physics changes, nothing will be able to stop us! We will be the forerunners of the "lightworker" universe. We will be the only trusted source of information! We will control people's minds, because when you are their only source of information, you can sell, trade, barter, borrow, anything you want with them; you own them!! And their minds... you own the whole lot of them. That's what we need to do.. figure out the coming changes, Erdl posted some of them; we need to get the rest. We need to hijack his operation, and find out all we can about the coming changes.. NOBODY else can be allowed to spread this information.. ONLY US!!! This is our lifetime opportunity to get really rich, we don't have to sell the information, make it public so people will flock to us, but as to what it means for them, how to benefit from it?? They can sell us their minds and energy, in exchange for the information.. all they will get is "dead" information in exchange for what's really valuable, THEMSELVES.. their energy and their essences.. they'll be the dead ones, without it...
And when the time is right, we find out how to develop weapons under the new physics changes.. where there's a will, there's a way.. and if we find out how to develop working weapons, since all of the old, fancy shit will stop working... if we can find a way to do this, then we can REALLY sell those.. and the information, to the highest bidders!!! Weapons are ALWAYS in high demand, my brothers and sisters, and he who has control of weapons production, in time of warfare, like we are in right now, he who has that control, controls a VAST EMPIRE.. and it shall all be ours!!! Muahahaha..."
(evil laughter)

Any more messages of significance?

>"My dear brother, Master Ebrahim, when does this plan begin, when does it go into action??"

>"My dear brother, this has already begun... I only speak of what I have already begun to set into motion... this gives me protection, and insurance.. against.. unwanted possibilities... Indeed, as you and I speak, our/my minions are already hard at work, Are you, dear non-member-reader, one of them? cracking the secret files of Erdl and his associates, to uncover any more secrets they have, that they haven't published yet.. every good journalist or reporter knows that some things, you "hold back".. you wait for the "right time", or for the right moment to "sell"... this is the way of business, and the way I also do business; but we shall use this against them, we must find out all that they know... and we must do it quickly, for these changes are hurrying along at breakneck speed... what I mean by that is, there will soon be MASSIVE changes in 3D, visible to everyone-EVERYONE, and we need to really work quickly, if we are to stay "on top of the game".....Mate, when are you going to understand that this "game" IS NO LONGER YOURS??? You played your last moves, now it is the Protoi turn and you may only get one more chance to make a move if Protoi happen to lose. Even if you spread fairy tales to catch people I know that you don't believe them yourself. That the Protoi could fail after surviving all that sh... you did to them for thousands of earthy years is just one more dark fairy tale. Therefore it should be clear enough to you that YOU HAVE NO CHANCE of ever getting again "on top of the game" not to mention stay on top of it. Your days are counted. Sweet dreams!
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 24 May 2017 12:59

Another encoded message from "the self-named king's" love-and-light-brothers :text-lol: :text-lol: :text-lol: Nothing to add there, the full thing is so ridiculous like themselves.


Amongst the ruins, there is a fair amount of activity here. I'm seeing pillars, they look similar to the previously-observed pillars, and they have lights on them. They look colorful. There is a distinct humming sound around. It appears as though someone built these pillars, or brought them in from somewhere else, in a hurry..

There's some kind of 'electrical connection' between the pillars.. and far above, and off to the side, in the sky, is a small little "connection box", this is connected to the pillars by a long, thin connection line; and other small connection-boxes exist, elsewhere in the sky..

These connection-boxes seem to have little antennae, and wirelessly transmit information to somewhere else.. It seems someone is using this place as a proxy, for some purpose..

Let's intercept the messages going to the connection-box closest to me ..
>"zzzzzzt. This is Station One, coming in loud and clear, do you read me, Command Headquarters?"
>>"We read you loud and clear, Station One, over."
>>(interjecting) "Station One, why are you late with your report? We have a deadline to meet, you know..."
>"Yes sir, of course sir, I know sir. This is very important, there were some delays, but you'll really want to hear this..."
>>"Well, go on then, don't make me wait!"
>"Yes sir. The minions have infiltrated the old "Headquarters" for "the self-named kind & "the clown's Movement"; we found some very interesting things, buried deep in the rubble..."
>>"Such as?"
>"Evidence he was trafficking with multiple different groups, while "keeping up appearances" with all of them, all 3 of them, and making them each believe he was primarily "on their side", so to speak..."
>>"Yeah, so?"
>"So; in exchange for his stupendous efforts in masking his true identity for so long, until he was exposed, he managed to acquire and stockpile a great deal of resources.. technologies, gold and silver.. and buried it all underground. Most of it, anyway. Some of it, we still haven't found yet.."
>>"Terrific news! We shall use these to rebuild in his stead, but in our image, not his. But we will use his 'blog' as a homeground for our efforts; the people are familiar with it already, it's familiar territory. We shall use this, and brainsap the people who return to it.. they will never suspect a thing... they shall never be able to detect us.. we have after all, "The Man Behind the Curtain", technology.. it shall obscure us, nobody shall ever know that we even exist.. the true puppetmasters; and always have been...and always will be..."
>"Yes sir, but there's a problem, sir..."
>>(angrily) "What problem?!"
>"Sir, we can not actually extract the wealth and riches that we found, buried underground.. it just slips through our fingers.. as if it's "not really there"...I can hardly explain it, let alone understand it..."
>>"What do you mean, as if it's "not really there" ??? If it's there, go grab it!! If it's not there, then what the fuck are you talking about?! Is his riches buried there, underground, or aren't they??!"
>"That's just it sir, to our sensors, they're real, they appear, all the properties are correct.. But we just... can't grasp them. At the last possible instant before we secure the items, they fall through.. as though they are "no longer physical".. as though we don't "have permission" to get them.. it's hard to understand, it's doing a number on my head..."
>>(very angry) "Shut the fuck up and get me those riches! Don't you want to get paid?! Or are you just as fucking useless as I always thought you were, Alderaan.. I knew it, I fucking knew it. Get out of my fucking way, I'll come there myself..."
>(visibly upset) "But sir, it's not safe for you here, sir.. you'll never make it, there's detectors everywhere.. I don't know what's happening; there's less and less safe-places for us to hide... everywhere is becoming exposed, revealed, open and shone brightly upon... I am beginning to *fear for my life!!!*"
>>"...." (radio silence)

Other messages of relevance:
Far down below, beneath the surface, where it appears some "worker-bees" are working..
>"Hurry up, move along, move it! If we don't keep working non-stop for the next 48-96 hours, we'll never get the job completed on time.."
>>"What job is that, sir?"
>"Fucking imbecile.. the Radio Station, of course.. broadcasting intermittent waves to all the remaining groups.. let them know, we are still "alive and well", even if it isn't really true.. and that we have good offers to make them, reasonable offers, in order to secure ourselves a "seat at their table".. I'd always wanted to make it big with them.. become one of the "really big guys".. and this is my chance, fucking finally..."
>>"Gregory, I mean, Captain Gregory.. but, what about the rest of us?? Will we become rich and famous too?"
>"Sure, kid, sure.. but just let me 'scope the place out', first.. I need to make sure it's "safe" for all of us, you know.. it won't be just me there, all of you who had a hand in rebuilding this place will get your share of the "cheese".. (whispers/self-dialogue: but first, it's all for me.. the only deserving one of all of you idiots...) (coughs) ... yes, of course, kiddo.. just follow me, and you can't go wrong... trust me on this one.. now get the fuck BACK TO WORK!!!"

Other messages of a different category:
In some underground caverns, of varying heights... it seems some workers are singing "a song"...
>"Work, glorious work! We shall work, until we drop!"
>"Food, good as you like! Fresh, and oh-so tasty!"
>"Hide, we shall just hide! They, will never find us!"
>"Safety, we shall find! Safe and peace, for our minds!"
>"Freedom, we shall have! Free, by working for 'the man'!"
>"Gregory, he's our guy! The best man, a friend could have!"

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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby kollegatto » 08 Dec 2017 16:48

Δύναμις wrote:Edit (Frank): This thread is about messages, which are often attached to websites in energetic chests. We also have an own chest connected to our sites.

So every website got this "energetic chest"? How do you catch those messages?
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby Δύναμις » 08 Dec 2017 18:30

kollegatto wrote:
So every website got this "energetic chest"? How do you catch those messages?

No, not sure about every website, but many and you can only catch them if you have cognitions. In normal case people have no idea what goes on, but feel "pushed" to buy certain things or help. They are kind of hypnotized to do that because they perceive the "help message" sent out to them. And of course they don't realize that they are helping the wrong ones.
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Re: Encoded messages found in masked dark "lightworker" blogs

Unread postby kollegatto » 08 Dec 2017 19:09

Δύναμις wrote: In normal case people have no idea what goes on, but feel "pushed" to buy certain things or help. They are kind of hypnotized to do that because they perceive the "help message" sent out to them. And of course they don't realize that they are helping the wrong ones.

Alex you're describing exactly what happened to me when I bought a cushion online with the print of a painting of someone on a 'spiritual' new age website, I bought because i liked her message and her painting but at some point I had like the doubt of the 'cleaningness' of this person, but I dismissed it because I liked the paintung and kept the cushion, should I ged rid of those 'new age' stuff in my house? could they still be harmful? what about religious items?

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