29 June - First battles in the semimatter war

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29 June - First battles in the semimatter war

Unread postby Grayfox » 29 Jun 2017 20:47

Frank: First semimatter battles started

Grayfox: some discs attacked first. a group of discs in a line, with some semimatter string inside it

Frank: this was lsa2 attacks

Grayfox: soon after came a big rocket attack

Frank: lsa3 from Russia

Grayfox: this was much more powerful but absorbed by our shield
now we're getting bombarded with rockets and discs all around
now they try to focus fire
some laser-fire from very far away
our attacks (e-matter) go to the source of the lasers and the source of the rockets and spread out....
now they try heat-spreader weapons
it seems our weapons goes to them and douses their flames and extinguishes them all completely
seems they attack now with some water-cannon from below
our attacks wreak havoc on their systems. seems we have totally wrecked that water-cannon system
it seems like our attacks are spreading the e-matter throughout the globe, and wherever it gets deployed, it keeps spreading and spreading and spreading endlessly
a different kind of fire, yellow discs now attacking from below. doesn't seem too effective
seems there are many hiding spots where guys come out to use semimatter weapons on us
they were afraid the e-matter would spread to them and destroy them so they are attacking first before that happens
our attacks seem to be wrecking systems around the planet, destroying mainframes and servers
whole globe is getting filled with e-matter: first the perimeter then now the inside

Frank: It's a shield, now filling the globe with e-matter. like burning out the rats

Grayfox: some guys are drowning now in e-matter, they're terrified of the stuff
its frying some of them alive -- beings made of semimatter?
its frying their circuits and their technology
seems some guys have semimatter circuits in their body that is getting totally fried and destroyed
In one case, I see just an exoskeleton left, probably still frying
systematic frying and zapping now going on, the e-matter activates into a different mode of shooting now, with horizontal zapping lines
hardly a skeleton left of that guy, pretty much just an outline

Frank: some robot

Grayfox: zapping and destroying of more circuits and boards and servers and systems, now vertical zapping lines
now diagonal lines
weapon-systems are getting damaged and destroyed

Frank: Remember the frigate story, trying to lock onto a russian jet, disabled the ship immediately. The russian jet had semimatter technology.
The same ship both times: USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea (April 2016) and years earlier in the Black Sea (April 2014).


Frank: Also the syrian airbase attacked by the US where many tomahawks got disabled and went missing, and the remaining ones did hardly any damage.
Airbase was protected by russian semimatter technology.


Grayfox: it seems that when the tomahawks launched; small semimatter rockets fired against them, penetrating through the tomahawks and frying their circuits.

seems the e-matter is tearing/rippling the "fabric of reality" and tons of shit is pouring out of it, like making holes in the wall

Frank: there's a real wall, someone built a fake wall on both sides out of semimatter, and hid all the shit inbetween

Grayfox: very loud explosions
I see a very large spiky grid covering nearly everything, and it's exploding now......
it seems when this grid explodes, tons of knives/daggers fire everywhere, but it seems we already have shields in place to protect from this
seems the ambient is filled with small semimatter bombs that are now getting exploded and taken care of.
seems that nearly every person has some semimatter layer stuck to them (attached, not inside them) and this is getting cleaned now, getting pulled/peeled off like a cloak
it seems like those "semimatter cloaks" that got removed and collected are now being used to "unlock something" .... switching off some kind of pain-grids for the individuals. each individual connected had their own pain-grid?
then finally, the pain-grid can be removed from their body. this takes some time..
pain-grids still being removed, takes quite a while

Frank: must be decrypted, and a solution found. but we don't remove it from darks

Grayfox: seems like last bit is getting removed...... getting pulled straight out. last few parts are left attached to head and such
now that the pain grid is out, other pain-structures are getting pulled out of people (such as me)
looks like a wall of spikes getting pulled out from each side: left, right, bottom. I felt effects in 3D when I saw this, too

Frank: 2 more global systems that need to be done

Grayfox: looks like me and tons of others shook off some "hoops" like "snake-coils" that were tightly wrapped around us, and these were only just removed
these were "alive" with semimatter technology and could be triggered to suffocate us

now that that's gone, some lightning clouds are flying over us and attacking us. e-matter shield starts to chase the lightning cloud
e-matter weapons start to attack all the lightning clouds at once and disable them
seems theres a massive grid of these lightning clouds like an electric grid and the whole thing is getting attacked now and disabled
it appears as though those clouds were constantly projecting and firing damaging/harmful frequencies into our brains
attacking of the grid halted, some things need to be decrypted in our brains before this can continue
bit-by-bit, this takes place. Like a "1-2" system. decrypt a bit in the brain, destroy a bit in the grid. decrypt a bit, destroy a bit. and so on..
different parts of the brain getting decrypted (the sides)
different parts of the grid getting attacked (the sides now, rather than from bottom-to-top)
the grid seems to map to different parts of the brain. its a MASSIVE "fucked-up-model" of the brain designed to cause pains and harm and shit

Frank: this is the real brain-fuck machine ... directly located in the brain, can directly modify synapses, neurons, electrons .... made of semi-matter; and this is the main "forgetting-machine", you have a thought and poof, it's gone ......

Grayfox: seems there are certain parts of the brain specially monitored and when a thought arises in one of these sections, it gets instantly pushed out, and the persons wonders, what happened? and the thought is gone ...
seems that brain-machine will take a long time to remove..
seems that it has a big database attached behind it, and this is used to pump in thoughts of shit into the brain that could not be removed! (remember it operates by semimatter)
this big database will take some time to remove...
seems that in every individual getting cleaned, there's millions of thoughts that need to get individually decrypted
layers upon layers of shit are getting extracted from the brain

seems some "ambient-grids" (like spheres) are getting unlocked and removed from all this cleaning. different ambients have different "grids"
e.g. one country has its own "ambient-sphere-grid" and the next country has its own one too, separate from the first one.

Frank: they don't shield against other countries, they don't work "outer", they work "inner". they are attacking the people on the inside

Grayfox: seems that all the smaller sphere-grids connected to a bigger sphere that covers the planet; looks quite colourful with different coloured shit

Frank: the big shield regulates the smaller ones, and there's deals between the darks about this
the big one is making shit on the whole planet
the big one making for example weather manipulation; the smaller ones not
the weather manipulation is also from deals between the dark groups
climate change is forced by this shield. it's a semimatter shield
it's older, from the 70s, ~1975
~3.5% matches the rules. the country ones are better

Grayfox: I wonder why they didn't upgrade the big one

Frank: No wonder, they couldn't make a deal. It's darks!
They built the national shields, and when one nation belongs to one particular group, they upgraded the shield all the time
The Russian shield had 33%.
Russia had some semimatter shield against nuclear weapons and similar

Grayfox: It appears that russia was totally surrounded by a hemisphere shield of semimatter, really glowing and sparkling and moving, very very active with semimatter. and if anything tried to attack this shield, such as nuclear weapons or whatever, a near-infinite supply of semimatter rockets (small) would fire out of somewhere, and neutralise/fry the circuits of any attacking weapons, including nukes.

seems North Korea has some kind of special semimatter layer along the ground

Frank: lsa3 too. They have a protection too but working different from the Russian one

There are machines from 3 groups which create earthquakes, and 2 are specialised in creating tsunamis, like in Japan. This was created. Fukushima -- the tsunami that made Fukushima. And it was lsa3 who created it, the North Korean faction. This was semimatter technology.

Grayfox: Seems the North Korean shield would not destroy the nukes, but would redirect them...
and the shield does some very harsh things to the brain of people who enter

Frank: uninvited foreigners. If you're a tourist and have money, no problem. But if you have a gun, it does big shit to you.
North Korean semimatter technology is more advanced than Russian
Russian is bigger and they have more of it, but 1-2% behind
North Korea is such a small country, why would anyone bother about it?
Other countries make so much fuss -- it's because of the semimatter technology
USA has some nuclear shield but it's totally crap. any russian nuke would pass straight through -- and they know it!!
North Korea did some small rocket test into the waters of Japan, and this passed totally through the taurus Japan rocket shield, which did nothing!

Grayfox: It appears the Vatican had a special semimatter shield around it too

Frank: 3 earthquake machines -- one is North Korea, one is Vatican, one is Iran
they are active, and working in some kind against each other in some kind of balance
so we must bring them down all at the same time or else they will immediately make some earthquakes

Grayfox: Looks like some kind of "triangle" arrangement: it seems the Vatican one is above the Vatican; the Iranian one is below Iran; the North Korean one is near to the ground.

looks like some soldiers have "semimatter guns" which are needed to fire upon "semimatter shields" (but probably a weaker version than in the guns); normal guns would do nothing to the semimatter shields; and inversely, the target being fired upon (with the weaker semimatter technology) would hardly damage the soldiers, who have their own personal semimatter shielding system. Looks like USA soldiers.

Frank: Russian soldiers have this too

Grayfox: It appears that Russian soldiers have much stronger shielding than the USA one.

Seems some stealth fighters have semimatter shields that prevents radar from detecting them

Frank: USA
I think the Russians have some semimatter radar
I think the Russians dont have this shielding on their stealth planes, they have instead entire planes made of semimatter, they had 12 of them. But they are destroyed now.

Grayfox: It appears that nearly all the money in the world is protected by a programmed semimatter layer

Frank: It seems in 2003, this layer was put on the money. And of course its lsa2
What does the layer do? If people have too much cash, it's attracting shit. That's the main function of this layer
The money is now cleaned of this layer

Grayfox: There are big buildings (say in a town), protected by individual semimatter shieldings

Frank: Only one country have these shields -- the USA. The banking buildings, not the government buildings. And the weapon industry.
In the weapon industry, its also was on the factories and these things

Grayfox: It seems that certain weapons sold from the USA to other countries have some kind of programmed semimatter layer. This prevents the weapon being turned against the USA (where it came from). If this happens, the semimatter shield fries the circuits of the weapon.

Frank: Just a few kinds of weapons have this, and only US weapons.
Bombs. Just bombs. Tomahawks, rockets..
They don't sell this to China, but they sell in big numbers to Saudi Arabia (taurus)... who are not really friends of USA, they just make a deal.
They cannot turn the weapon on USA, and they cannot turn it on Israel. Everywhere else, they can shoot.

Grayfox: And they know this.

It seems those cell-phone towers have semimatter shields (or some of them), and this enables them to fire protected attacks (with semimatter shields) into the brains of people.

Frank: A kind of HAARP technology, not only the HAARP machine, but other systems too.
After we took the brain machine out, we can take this HAARP shit out. They all work with semimatter.

Grayfox: It seems some religions produce some infection of a semimatter layer just inside the body, and this produces a kind of protected religious shit which cannot be removed.

Frank: Just the taurus religion (islam). This does not work on foreigners, it works on muslims, keeps them coming back over and over, even when they want to go out.

Grayfox: I experienced this shit personally many, many times.. it makes very big internal attacks on you, constantly.

Frank: yes

Grayfox: It seems that some oil (e.g. Saudi Arabian oil) is programmed with semimatter, and can only be used for certain purposes.

Frank: Not Saudi Arabian. Russian. They sell it, but it will destroy weapons; because they sell much of it to the enemy.
All Russian gas is programmed with semimatter, but for a different purpose (not military).

Grayfox: It seems that some people, they're happy, they have some "happy-shield", but they get targeted for some reason by a semimatter weapon, this instantly destroys their happy-shield and replaces it with a semimatter layer-shield that causes you big-time depression.

Frank: 32 people. some leaders, leader monks. Orions have the shield:
Orion faction in Peking, China -- some monks, these are the ones who have the happy-shield;
Orion Indian faction -- have the weapons, and are jealous of their own people.

Grayfox: some children are born with a "semimatter shield" and this negatively affects them

Frank: orion children of high-leaders. lsa3 make this, by this the orions dont get their high-people online.
this must be when they are young, and they get the shields
They found this a few weeks ago, and this is why orions turned against lsa3, and made some alliance with lsa2.
We found in the middle of a battle they turned, and we never found the reason. This is the reason.

Quote from battle chat: "13 jobs leading to unexpected battlefields" (April 2017):
Frank: hmm, seems now lsa3 are shooting on the orions... weird, they have an ally...

Link to battle chat: http://forum.presbeia-protoi.org/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=3008

Grayfox: Seems the water supply is programmed with semimatter layer to do shit in the human bodies

Frank: Special water supply. 3 water supplies in Africa, but I have no clue what and for what reason..

Grayfox: Seems it causes illnesses in the people, and it erodes away anything it was used for.

Frank: Somalia, Ethiopia, and 2 more. Somehow destroying these countries, the water kind of makes the people mad/insane..
Not much semimatter used on food, they have energetic attachments, not semimatter. Semimatter too expensive for this.

brain machine is now out. now we are hitting on the real big machines, because they were all connected and protected by this brain machine

Grayfox: some kind of sexuality-affecting machine, connected to the sex organs. very complex, many deals going on
in some people it boosts, in others it harms

Frank: Many much shit connected to this brain machine, using it as a hostage situation

Grayfox: some kind of semimatter shield around hearts

Frank: dark leaders, orions. for protection

Grayfox: seems theres some kind of semimatter protected connections between people's hearts.
in some kind its an artificial bond that should not be there; and between other people its an artificial block, preventing a connection

Frank: only darks have it, all five groups
some deal things. not a marriage thing, something else
not all darks, only low darks. to make them good slaves
these bonds are typical between more than one person, groups of people. 40-43 is average. typical of soldiers, units of soldiers.

Grayfox: artificial bond to keep soldiers together

Frank: the other side to keep them away is not for soldiers. with the enemy, have deals
taurus have non-bond pushing against all other 4 groups. and all other 4 groups have non-bond pushing against taurus
by this they organise that down here, the groups dont mix
but they want light partners to take them down.

about one third of all darks have semimatter shields around the brains. not only high ranks, also medium and medium-low.

All kind of HAARP-kind of systems are now down. It's stupid to call HAARP a weather manipulation system. It's a weapon, it's a real fucking weapon system.
one example: people have a 'harmony'. If the darks have this harmony, no matter where the people are in a special area, they can match the HAARP to this harmony, they can bring the body down and kill them

Grayfox: some kind of control system, very strong, around the entire body, maybe the mind too. but only if they have the harmony

Frank: all the dark leaders and big guys have harmony-shields from semimatter

Grayfox: it seems that lights have the harmony stored in a special harmony layer above the body
but it has only a very easy basic encryption, and is very easily decrypted and stolen by darks (the info)

Frank: this is part of the avatar-connector

Grayfox: it seems this HAARP weapon can also turn your environment hostile, eg. "haunted house", or a place that makes you feel really uncomfortable

Frank: seems so

Grayfox: also it can create an additional layer on the brain and prevent certain thoughts from entering the brain

Frank: seems so too
all the earthquake things are now gone, destroyed.

Grayfox: seems there is some kind of semimatter communication network. if a dark wants to bring down a particular light one, he activates the network and this causes info about the person to be sent and causes shit against the person

Frank: 3 groups used something like this. 3 groups, 3 networks: lsa2, lsa3, taurus.

Grayfox: some kind of semimatter fog above the person, in their protected "thought space". permanently polluting the thought space

Frank: also related to avatar-connector

Grayfox: some kind of semimatter "life plan" written for you, it's not in you, but its imposed on you, by external forces.
In other words its not 100% forced on you, but its strongly forced on you by others and other systems

Frank: destroyed now. used by one dark group

Grayfox: taurus

Frank: yes, used by taurus
other different kind of life-plan systems. they use this on all others but darks
so they had for every non-dark one (light & grey) some shit-plan
Life-plans what we know and in the common spiritual understanding is what you do yourself and what you set for yourself before incarnation
This is more shit-plan because its done for you by taurus without you knowing.
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Re: 29 June - First battles in the semimatter war

Unread postby Light Rider » 29 Jun 2017 21:27

:handgestures-thumbup: :happy-cheerleaderkid:

:violence-rocket: :violence-pistoldouble: :violence-glob: :violence-smack: :violence-sniperprone:

Great work you guys. Great work! Amazing, work.
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Re: 29 June - First battles in the semimatter war

Unread postby juu » 29 Jun 2017 22:05

wow .. incredible how far darks went... kinda understand in some way, the sick feeling and satisfaction they can feel, fighting against each other... competing in this very low layer .. and being able to "see" all the results or "symptons" of all they do in this layers right here in 3d... :angry-screaming:

keep it up guys... keep kicking some asses! and keep us informed.. haha

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Re: 29 June - First battles in the semimatter war

Unread postby gZo » 29 Jun 2017 22:41

They disgust me.... Can't believe how sick and manipulative they are. :angry-screaming:
Things get clearer and clearer now. Thanks for the efforts and thanks for sharing!

What is e-matter then?
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Re: 29 June - First battles in the semimatter war

Unread postby Evo » 25 Jun 2019 02:50

gZo wrote:They disgust me.... Can't believe how sick and manipulative they are. :angry-screaming:
Things get clearer and clearer now. Thanks for the efforts and thanks for sharing!

What is e-matter then?

You may already know by now, but if not, for you or anybody else. E-matter is apparently our counter-invention to dark semi matter. If you were wondering I found this in War-News thread and specifically viewtopic.php?f=102&t=2150&start=1280]
Although it doesn't mention much more than what I posted in terms of e(thereal)-matter. I will add another link to semi-matter if we happen to have such a thread.

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