Cleanings on 18th/19th March - main cities - Antarctica

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Cleanings on 18th/19th March - main cities - Antarctica

Unread postby Frank » 19 Mar 2017 15:11

[20:55:33] Frank: job 1 - taurus - bryon+2 host - 3 functions
[20:55:38] Frank: ok, so let's start...
[20:56:06] KHG: Guys, u with me? Don't see any of you
[20:56:23] Oni: I believe so
[20:56:25] Oni: What do you see
[20:56:34] Lockmatish: I am on a rotating disc platform
[20:56:40] Lockmatish: its high in the air
[20:57:01] Lockmatish: Something is causing me pressure on my heart I think
[20:57:15] Oni: Yes I'm here Lockmatish
[20:57:17] Frank: below platform
[20:57:18] Oni: KHG join us
[20:57:30] Lockmatish: ok
[20:57:40] Oni: Red orb ?
[20:57:46] Oni: Powering station
[20:57:59] Lockmatish: there seems to be a electrical trap here and someone is trapped inside
[20:58:03] Lockmatish: below the platform
[20:58:25] Frank: yes, bryon
[20:58:32] Lockmatish: ok
[20:58:51] Frank: but we need to unlock somethng to reach him
[20:59:14] Lockmatish: okay
[20:59:19] Lockmatish: will focus on that
[20:59:35] Oni: Frank can you get a check on my vision ?
[20:59:41] Oni: Coming through in bits
[21:00:01] Lockmatish: I think I can see a tiny "wire connection" going from bryon's trap to my heart ?
[21:00:07] Lockmatish: And theres about 3 other connections going elsewhere
[21:00:09] Frank: @Oni: on it
[21:00:16] KHG: was just getting our pizzas. back again
[21:00:19] Oni: Thanks
[21:00:20] KHG: with you Lockmatish
[21:00:33] Lockmatish: okay
[21:00:34] Lockmatish: (y)
[21:00:59] Lockmatish: seems like someone just defused my one
[21:01:07] Oni: Lockmatish looks like one goes down ?
[21:01:11] Lockmatish: I'll investigate further the unlocking topic now
[21:01:16] Oni: Is that a planet down there ?
[21:01:16] Lockmatish: not sure
[21:01:25] Frank: no
[21:01:44] Lockmatish: yes one goes down
[21:01:45] KHG: another hell. looks like it
[21:01:48] Frank: unlocking is somehow connected to the wires
[21:01:49] Lockmatish: maybe connects to another prisoner?
[21:01:53] Lockmatish: who is also trapped?
[21:02:02] Frank: 3 of us.. no clue
[21:02:13] Oni: One goes up as well
[21:02:13] Lockmatish: ok, will keep investigating
[21:02:16] Oni: Connects into control panel
[21:02:19] Frank: 4th is a dark, not our problem...
[21:02:21] Oni: On platform
[21:02:23] Lockmatish: ok
[21:02:49] Lockmatish: I think the one below is a dark one
[21:02:53] Frank: yes, we need to be able to get to the control panet. it's somehow blocked...
[21:03:03] Lockmatish: okay
[21:03:25] Oni: There's almost a cone over it Lockmatish
[21:03:31] Oni: Becoming visible now
[21:03:37] Oni: Hard translucent
[21:03:58] Lockmatish: hm
[21:04:02] Lockmatish: one connection maybe goes to KHG
[21:04:04] Lockmatish: but it seems already cut
[21:04:15] Lockmatish: another connection goes to another prisoner far on the left
[21:04:16] Frank: not KHG
[21:04:20] Lockmatish: ok
[21:04:39] Frank: ok, i have access to panel and 3 hostages...
[21:04:43] Oni: Control panel seems active now
[21:04:46] Oni: Yes
[21:04:47] Frank: search for target now pls
[21:04:50] Lockmatish: ok
[21:05:05] Lockmatish: target seems WAY WAY up
[21:05:05] KHG: huge red column in front of me
[21:05:08] Oni: Yep
[21:05:10] Oni: Way up
[21:05:14] Oni: There's a bubble on top
[21:05:17] Oni: Like a dome
[21:05:32] Oni: Some control panel here too
[21:05:34] Frank: over the bubble
[21:05:46] KHG: I am up there I suppose
[21:05:56] Lockmatish: some kind of machinery at top
[21:06:01] Oni: I see a staff ?
[21:06:13] KHG: Looks like a giant flamethrower
[21:06:15] KHG: no staff
[21:06:19] Frank: ok, got all
[21:06:46] Oni: It's like the secret weapon in halo 2 hidden outside the map
[21:06:50] Oni: The scarab blaster lol
[21:06:50] Frank: disconnecting and shooting - 1 min
[21:06:59] Oni: (Bomb)
[21:07:01] Lockmatish: seen that once but don't recall rn Oni
[21:07:05] Lockmatish: searching for functions
[21:07:07] Lockmatish: 3 functions
[21:07:47] Lockmatish: I see a whirlwind inside the body
[21:07:51] Oni: Covers body in sludge
[21:07:54] Lockmatish: getting real fast speeds and intense
[21:08:02] Lockmatish: that the body's fluids get to such high .. pressure or whatever
[21:08:08] Lockmatish: that they start to escape from various pores
[21:08:53] Frank: ok i think we are done already, pls check
[21:09:01] Lockmatish: I see now a sort of pole that passes through the body horizontally, vibrating around and producing similar type of whirlwind
[21:09:02] Lockmatish: checking
[21:09:11] Lockmatish: exploded, only debris left
[21:09:15] Lockmatish: jumping to safe distance
[21:09:21] Frank: safe distance...
[21:09:35] Frank: shooting
[21:10:00] Oni: Dust + fragments
[21:10:09] KHG: yep, can confirm
[21:10:13] Lockmatish: that horizontal pole's effects produce strong nausea
[21:10:22] Lockmatish: I think I've definitely experienced it before
[21:10:43] KHG: I am feeling it like some kinda dizzyness
[21:10:44] Frank: ok, upgraded weapons work really fine...(rofl)
[21:10:51] Oni: They seem okay frank
[21:10:54] Oni: (Chuckle)
[21:11:23] Frank: job 2 - orion - 4 host - 1 tar - 5 func
[21:11:43] KHG: There's a huge beach
[21:11:53] KHG: Looks quite North German to me
[21:12:01] Lockmatish: last function for job 1 - some kind of lightning on left and right, producing extreme pain
[21:12:03] Lockmatish: >> job 2
[21:12:17] Lockmatish: I see plenty of lightning everywhere
[21:12:39] Lockmatish: I'm descending down an open-type elevator platform
[21:12:45] Frank: just to remember, at first we are always searching our people, that the taget(s)
[21:12:53] Lockmatish: down onto the roof
[21:12:53] KHG: rainy here
[21:12:55] Lockmatish: (y) understood
[21:13:12] Frank: down inside
[21:13:17] Lockmatish: 4 targets seem to be below inside
[21:13:18] Lockmatish: yes
[21:13:46] Lockmatish: target closest to me seems stuck inside a thick-layered wall cube
[21:13:47] Frank: 4 hostages?
[21:13:53] Oni: Yes 4 here
[21:13:59] Lockmatish: yes hostages
[21:14:05] KHG: beamed to them. yep 4 hostages
[21:14:14] Frank: no access atm...
[21:14:24] Oni: Seems more wires
[21:14:26] Oni: Lockmatish
[21:14:29] Oni: Connecting in middle
[21:14:29] Lockmatish: yes?
[21:14:31] Lockmatish: ok
[21:14:37] Lockmatish: yes I see it
[21:14:41] Oni: To this box
[21:14:41] Lockmatish: wires above each of their cages
[21:14:43] Oni: On ceiling
[21:14:44] Lockmatish: connecting in the middle
[21:14:47] Lockmatish: yes
[21:14:49] Lockmatish: to a central box
[21:15:02] Oni: Frank how about now ?
[21:15:17] Lockmatish: looks like a bomb
[21:15:28] Oni: Interesting
[21:15:31] Oni: Underneath panel yes
[21:15:33] Frank: (y)
[21:15:40] Frank: target now
[21:15:44] Lockmatish: ok
[21:15:45] Oni: Cool
[21:15:54] Oni: Far away in tower
[21:15:55] Lockmatish: target above again
[21:16:25] Lockmatish: looks like a radar control tower
[21:16:28] Lockmatish: theres some defenses
[21:16:32] KHG: yep, it does
[21:16:45] Frank: inside tower
[21:16:51] Lockmatish: strafe fire takes care of it
[21:16:54] Lockmatish: the target seems to be moving ... ?
[21:16:58] Lockmatish: ok
[21:17:05] KHG: Some kind of robot
[21:17:11] KHG: white and blue
[21:17:17] Frank: no, target don't move
[21:17:20] Lockmatish: I'm in a room and theres a small control panel or something on the wall
[21:17:20] Lockmatish: ok
[21:17:20] KHG: Like an evil r2d2
[21:17:21] KHG: ok
[21:17:37] Oni: Frank I found a rifle type weapon
[21:17:38] Frank: open the panel
[21:17:56] KHG: There's something shiny in the panel
[21:18:07] KHG: Like diamond shiny
[21:18:21] Lockmatish: I'm having difficulty getting a lock on the target .. there's a hidden room to the left with some kind of "cheese-grater-machinery"
[21:18:33] KHG: Little too bright to identify what that is
[21:18:39] Frank: diamond is the key
[21:18:42] Lockmatish: ok will check your control panel
[21:19:22] Lockmatish: the key seems to need to go in the 'cheese-grater'
[21:19:33] KHG: Yep, I see it
[21:19:42] KHG: Looks like some sick tortures
[21:20:14] Lockmatish: is this target? a very small, sort of "broom" with a short handle
[21:20:27] Lockmatish: key seemed to unlock access to this room
[21:20:55] Oni: Brb
[21:20:57] Oni: Following
[21:21:20] Lockmatish: wait, no, maybe target is far down below this room
[21:21:28] Frank: i have all
[21:21:33] Lockmatish: ok
[21:21:41] Frank: shooting ~2 min
[21:21:46] Lockmatish: searching 5 functions
[21:22:04] Lockmatish: 1. drilling the brain.. blood comes out
[21:22:08] Frank: > [Samstag, 18. März 2017 21:21:20 Lockmatish] wait, no, maybe target is far down below this room
<<< yes, but the protection was here...
[21:22:24] Lockmatish: understood
[21:22:37] KHG: 2. Needle to exchange blood with another liquid made by those dark guys
[21:22:49] Lockmatish: multiple drills passing through the body, some diagonal. seems some blood or something comes out
[21:23:19] Lockmatish: another drill, this time horizontal
[21:23:34] Lockmatish: produces a big hole
[21:23:39] Lockmatish: big entry or exit point for liquid
[21:24:03] Lockmatish: next, a drill coming into the body vertically down from above
[21:24:04] Lockmatish: through the head
[21:24:12] Lockmatish: seems to inject some liquid and spin it around as it drills
[21:24:38] Frank: i think we are done, pls check
[21:24:41] Lockmatish: checking
[21:24:51] Lockmatish: a massive explosion down below
[21:24:54] Oni: Back
[21:24:55] Lockmatish: lots of debris though
[21:25:10] KHG: And some kind of respirator tube to fill the lungs with toxic gas
[21:25:29] Lockmatish: another function is diagonal drills that pass through in an X configuration. First the one on the right; top-right to bottom left, and then the one on the left; top-left to bottom-right, both of these seem to inject liquid as they pass through
[21:25:36] Lockmatish: jumping safe distance
[21:25:45] Frank: distance
[21:25:51] Frank: shooting
[21:26:03] Oni: Firing ...
[21:26:11] Oni: Rubble
[21:26:26] Oni: It's gone
[21:26:35] Frank: seems so
[21:26:42] Lockmatish: 2 drills ; one thorugh the brain, some kind of liquid exchange, in and out
[21:26:49] Oni: Nice upgrades frank
[21:26:49] Lockmatish: another through uppermost part of body, some kind of liquid exchange
[21:26:57] Frank: job 3 - lsa2 - 5 host - 1 tar - 2 func
[21:27:27] Frank: jump
[21:27:31] Lockmatish: i'm in a small canister thing
[21:27:41] Oni: It's a pipe yes ?
[21:27:42] Lockmatish: like a dryer
[21:27:46] Lockmatish: yeah like a pipe
[21:27:57] Oni: I see a room at the end
[21:28:00] Lockmatish: search for hostages
[21:28:18] KHG: 20 hostages
[21:28:29] Lockmatish: I found one, seems to be stuck in a dryer
[21:28:34] KHG: divide by four. sorry my bad (wasntme)
[21:28:38] Lockmatish: access is by water pipe (filled with water), but I can't reach right now
[21:28:39] Lockmatish: it's blocked off
[21:29:02] Lockmatish: seems to be getting electrocuted while stuck in a canister filled with water
[21:29:08] Lockmatish: will investigate unlocking
[21:29:13] Frank: > [Samstag, 18. März 2017 21:28:29 Lockmatish] stuck in a dryer
yes 1
[21:29:17] Lockmatish: ok
[21:29:40] Frank: below
[21:29:46] Frank: are the 4
[21:30:05] Lockmatish: I think I rescued the one?
[21:30:06] Oni: I see 4 in chambers
[21:30:14] Oni: One in each corner
[21:30:30] Oni: I marked
[21:30:31] Lockmatish: no, my one is out, but still connected to the trap
[21:30:37] Frank: got the 4
[21:30:42] Oni: Great
[21:31:07] Frank: so target
[21:31:29] KHG: there's a huge blue box in front of me
[21:31:34] Lockmatish: ok
[21:31:40] KHG: spraying dark energies and bs
[21:31:44] Frank: inside
[21:31:51] KHG: opened the box
[21:31:52] Lockmatish: like a sprinkler, yes
[21:32:06] Lockmatish: another sprinkler inside
[21:32:08] KHG: Something like a small engine
[21:32:09] Lockmatish: green maybe
[21:32:20] Lockmatish: yes a whirring engine below
[21:32:29] Frank: it's a key
[21:32:33] Lockmatish: ok
[21:32:41] Frank: use
[21:32:57] Lockmatish: seems to be a nonworking generator below that needs the key
[21:33:18] Oni: Okay it's on now
[21:33:18] Frank: no
[21:33:21] Lockmatish: ok
[21:33:27] Oni: I see a key hole in the ceiling
[21:33:31] Oni: Of top room
[21:33:52] Frank: some room opened. inside
[21:33:56] Oni: Yep
[21:33:59] Oni: Above
[21:34:01] KHG: yep, in there
[21:34:13] Frank: in the walls
[21:34:17] KHG: A huge monitor in the wall
[21:34:29] Frank: no
[21:34:35] KHG: behind it?
[21:34:42] Frank: inside all walls
[21:34:46] Lockmatish: careful
[21:34:52] Lockmatish: theres a panel that opens the walls but it electrocutes you
[21:35:07] Frank: just do...(chuckle)
[21:35:11] Lockmatish: safely did it
[21:35:13] Lockmatish: walls should be open
[21:35:21] KHG: yes they are
[21:35:26] KHG: huge pipe system
[21:35:33] KHG: couple of kms long
[21:35:45] Lockmatish: massive pipes
[21:35:52] Lockmatish: and lots of them
[21:36:07] Frank: shooting ~3 min
[21:36:38] Lockmatish: functions:
I see a pipe passing through many people's heads at the same time
[21:37:10] Lockmatish: I see a couple of vertical pipes passing through the body (I think 2, on right and left sides) and draining out all liquids
[21:37:45] Frank: all people connected to this, but lsa2
[21:37:58] Lockmatish: more pipes, diagonal this time, crossing in an X around heart area. some kind of liquid manipulation, maybe one does draining
[21:38:26] Lockmatish: another pipe, horizontal, passing through brain
[21:38:29] Lockmatish: draining out all fluids
[21:39:19] Frank: i think we are done, pls check
[21:39:24] Lockmatish: im seeing a prison/cage made of pipes
[21:39:26] KHG: yep
[21:39:29] KHG: done
[21:39:39] Lockmatish: pipework crashed and in rubble
[21:39:47] Lockmatish: >safe dist
[21:39:48] Frank: ok, distance
[21:40:11] Frank: shooting ~ 1 min
[21:41:13] Frank: i think done
[21:41:31] Frank: pls check
[21:41:44] Lockmatish: vapor
[21:41:52] Frank: job 4 - lsa1 - 6 host - 2 tar - 8 func
[21:42:14] Lockmatish: I came out of a pothole in the ground
[21:42:18] Lockmatish: and nearly got run over by a car above
[21:42:27] Lockmatish: some kind of highway
[21:42:30] Lockmatish: theres a pothole
[21:42:34] Lockmatish: I mean, manhole
[21:42:47] KHG: There's a ladder
[21:42:53] Lockmatish: some hostages above
[21:42:54] Lockmatish: some below
[21:43:07] Frank: yes
[21:43:49] Lockmatish: I think I see 3-4 hostages stuck in a big glass sphere
[21:43:57] Lockmatish: theres a "ball" that zips around it continuously
[21:44:01] Lockmatish: seems to be providing the security
[21:44:14] Frank: no torture
[21:44:26] Lockmatish: ok
[21:44:27] Frank: you need to open it
[21:44:36] KHG: The sphere seems to be filled with some kind of gas.
[21:44:48] KHG: At least it's connected to a huge gas bottle
[21:45:01] Lockmatish: massive army of bots defended it
[21:45:03] KHG: Like the 10l o2 bottles we have on our ambu
[21:45:07] Lockmatish: but they're down now
[21:45:32] Lockmatish: yes gas
[21:45:37] Frank: destroy bottles
[21:45:59] Lockmatish: gas dissipating
[21:46:35] Frank: 3 hostages there?
[21:46:45] KHG: Die Nachricht wurde entfernt.
[21:46:52] Lockmatish: 3
[21:47:01] Frank: ok, got them
[21:47:07] Frank: the other 3
[21:47:14] Lockmatish: heading to other 3
[21:47:36] Lockmatish: the other 3 seem to be separate
[21:48:01] Lockmatish: it seems to be a trap
[21:48:07] Lockmatish: but a risky one
[21:48:12] Lockmatish: (the hostage closest to me)
[21:48:13] Frank: no trap
[21:48:15] Lockmatish: ok
[21:48:54] Lockmatish: hostage had some kind of apparatus connected to mouth
[21:48:56] Frank: you need to open something for each one
[21:48:59] Lockmatish: disconnected, they seem to be free now
[21:49:01] Lockmatish: okay
[21:49:12] Frank: (y)
[21:49:17] Frank: 1 done
[21:50:20] Lockmatish: I think 2 done now
[21:50:38] Frank: yes, find two targets now
[21:50:45] Lockmatish: ok
[21:51:12] Lockmatish: first I had markers directly above, close to each other
[21:51:21] Lockmatish: this changed to markers, one is at the right-most extreme
[21:51:24] Lockmatish: one is at the left-most extreme
[21:51:26] Lockmatish: very far from each other
[21:51:56] Frank: yes, 2 targets
[21:52:08] Lockmatish: okay
[21:52:18] Lockmatish: I found a sort of hatch
[21:52:22] Lockmatish: it's connected to gigantic wheel in the sky
[21:52:35] Lockmatish: open the hatch and a powerful gun comes out firing
[21:52:52] Lockmatish: this seems to be a massive gun placement that rotates
[21:52:55] Lockmatish: is this a target?
[21:53:15] Frank: wheel is target, but access still blocked
[21:53:21] Lockmatish: ok
[21:53:27] Lockmatish: I think the unblocking is at the far extremes
[21:54:08] Frank: yes
[21:54:18] Lockmatish: is 1 target unlocked now?
[21:54:25] Frank: (y)
[21:54:29] Lockmatish: ok searching 2nd
[21:54:59] Lockmatish: theres a corridor
[21:55:07] Lockmatish: theres a kind of laser-vaporising screen which passes vertically through it
[21:55:09] Lockmatish: on a cycle
[21:55:15] Lockmatish: matter disintegrator field or something
[21:55:20] KHG: At the end of the corridor there's a small door
[21:55:34] Lockmatish: I think we need to shut off the security screen
[21:55:55] Frank: yes
[21:56:46] Lockmatish: I think corridor is secured/open now
[21:57:08] Lockmatish: the 2nd target appears to be
[21:57:13] Lockmatish: a giant centrifuge machine behind the door
[21:57:17] Frank: shooting ~3 minutes
[21:57:31] Lockmatish: functions
[21:58:33] Lockmatish: some kind of dangerous spinning wheel which enters from diagonal top-right of the body
[21:58:39] Lockmatish: passes to the matching diagonal
[21:59:10] Lockmatish: next, passing vertically and spinning downwards
[21:59:32] Lockmatish: next, passing horizontally through center and going left>right>left>right> over and over
[22:00:10] Lockmatish: next, passing through from left side into body, 2 spinning wheels
[22:00:13] Lockmatish: and getting embedded/stuck
[22:00:17] Lockmatish: still spinning in place
[22:00:27] Frank: i think it's done, pls check
[22:00:46] Lockmatish: exploded, in pieces
[22:00:55] Dynamite Δύναμις: (chuckle)
[22:00:57] Frank: distance
[22:00:57] Lockmatish: >safe dist
[22:01:13] Frank: shooting ~2 min
[22:02:16] Lockmatish: (more functions)
something about getting strapped down
[22:02:19] Lockmatish: by pipes on left and right
[22:02:27] Lockmatish: and something spinning approaches head area from the right
[22:03:02] Lockmatish: next, a gigantic spinning wheel
[22:03:08] Lockmatish: creating a massive hole in the middle of the body
[22:03:17] Frank: i think it's done, pls check
[22:04:02] Lockmatish: ashes now but theres a couple of "floating dots" which I think were part of it. ninjas ..
[22:04:18] Frank: :D
[22:04:28] Lockmatish: :D
[22:04:30] Lockmatish: I mean, ninjas are on it (giggle)
[22:04:41] Frank: i thought so
[22:04:56] Lockmatish: seems clear now
[22:05:01] Frank: job 5 - taurus - 4 host - 2 tar - 5 func
[22:05:14] Lockmatish: massive sinkhole in the ground
[22:05:22] Lockmatish: some kind of stuff slowing going into it
[22:05:40] Lockmatish: cement or some kind of similar mixture
[22:05:59] Lockmatish: 3 hostages seem to be at the bottom of the sinkhole
[22:06:06] Lockmatish: or is it 4
[22:06:25] Lockmatish: they are spinning around rapidly
[22:06:54] Frank: need to slow down
[22:06:54] Lockmatish: hostages are stuck in a tube system
[22:06:57] Lockmatish: seems locked
[22:06:58] Lockmatish: ok
[22:07:24] Oni: Tracing to 4 generators
[22:07:26] Oni: One for each
[22:07:27] Lockmatish: slowed down, now need to unlock
[22:07:43] Frank: yes, got all 4
[22:07:47] Lockmatish: ok
[22:07:49] Lockmatish: searching targets
[22:07:54] Frank: two targets
[22:08:00] Oni: One balloon in air ?
[22:08:11] Lockmatish: I see it
[22:08:13] Frank: yes got 1st
[22:08:16] Lockmatish: ok
[22:08:25] Oni: Big tower over here I
[22:08:27] Lockmatish: a brick wall at the end of a very long road on the left
[22:08:32] Lockmatish: I see it
[22:08:37] Lockmatish: seems connected to this wall
[22:08:39] X: I am here
[22:08:40] Lockmatish: or behind it
[22:08:42] Lockmatish: hi (wave)
[22:08:42] Frank: end of raod
[22:08:46] X: hi
[22:08:48] Oni: Hi
[22:08:59] Lockmatish: tower seemed to have a control panel that opened the wall
[22:09:03] X: just read all the above
[22:09:11] Lockmatish: nice
[22:09:21] Lockmatish: a massive circular type vehicle
[22:09:23] Lockmatish: hard to describe this
[22:09:26] Oni: Yeah future
[22:09:29] Oni: Like
[22:09:29] Lockmatish: this seems to be the target
[22:09:31] Lockmatish: yeah
[22:09:39] Lockmatish: its whirring
[22:09:39] Oni: Good find Lockmatish
[22:09:41] Lockmatish: (y)
[22:09:47] Frank: > [Samstag, 18. März 2017 22:09:21 Lockmatish] a massive circular type vehicle

[22:09:57] Frank: no access
[22:10:04] Oni: Control panel
[22:10:06] Lockmatish: wait, theres something not right
[22:10:14] Lockmatish: something far deep into the cave
[22:10:26] Lockmatish: I think the one that I saw is an illusion
[22:10:29] Lockmatish: the real target is further deep in
[22:10:31] Oni: Lake down here ?
[22:10:36] Oni: With Island in middle ?
[22:10:38] Lockmatish: I see the lake
[22:10:48] Frank: i get it was right
[22:10:52] Lockmatish: ok
[22:11:00] Oni: Can you access now ?
[22:11:05] Frank: it is not target, it's key
[22:11:08] Lockmatish: target blocked by circular forcefield
[22:11:09] Lockmatish: ahh okay
[22:11:28] Oni: Force field is under
[22:11:30] Oni: Disabling
[22:11:36] Lockmatish: (y)
[22:11:38] Oni: Try now
[22:11:45] Lockmatish: got key
[22:11:47] Oni: Okay
[22:11:50] Oni: To lake ?
[22:11:59] Lockmatish: 1 key but 2 doors
[22:12:01] Lockmatish: below lake
[22:12:10] Oni: I think it's this one
[22:12:13] Oni: Marked
[22:12:20] Lockmatish: the one on the right
[22:12:42] Lockmatish: using key
[22:12:46] Oni: Yep
[22:12:48] Lockmatish: target seems to be here but room is very dark
[22:12:52] Lockmatish: cant see it properly
[22:12:56] Oni: I see rainbow
[22:13:02] Oni: Many colors
[22:13:07] Lockmatish: some kind of light security system
[22:13:14] Oni: Unicorn horn ?
[22:13:15] Lockmatish: as in, you try to light the place up, and it activates
[22:13:23] Frank: no problem, got it
[22:13:25] Lockmatish: ok
[22:13:39] Frank: shooting ~2 min
[22:13:41] Lockmatish: 5 functions
[22:14:05] Lockmatish: I see a drill or tube or something
[22:14:11] Lockmatish: enters body top-left head
[22:14:13] Lockmatish: makes a Z shape
[22:14:14] Lockmatish: exits
[22:14:42] Lockmatish: next, some kind of drills that get shoved in top and bottom by trampolines .. ? or springs
[22:15:09] X: [05:14:14 PM] Lockmatish: makes a Z shape

<<< this is a first, normally makes an X (cwl)
[22:15:19] Lockmatish: next, some kind of beam and a ton of debris that gets pummelled into the body, like shards of glass
[22:15:20] Lockmatish: (rofl) true
[22:15:55] Lockmatish: next, a circular beam aimed at the center of torso
[22:16:02] Frank: i think it's done, pls check
[22:16:04] Lockmatish: seems to boil the body's liquids locally in that area
[22:16:05] Lockmatish: checking
[22:16:21] Lockmatish: both destroyed, in piecse
[22:16:24] Lockmatish: >safe dist
[22:16:28] Frank: yes
[22:16:41] Frank: shooting ~2 min
[22:16:56] Lockmatish: nothing left in schema
[22:19:02] Frank: seems done
[22:19:06] Lockmatish: checking
[22:19:28] Lockmatish: only vaporised dust
[22:19:30] Frank: job 6 - lsa1 - me +7 host - 3 tar - 9 func
[22:19:33] Lockmatish: seems like theres not even dust anymore
[22:19:42] Lockmatish: >>going
[22:19:47] Oni: Going
[22:20:05] Lockmatish: I'm underneath a plastic tube that goes upwards
[22:20:08] Lockmatish: theres many of them around
[22:20:12] Lockmatish: they connect to some bigger structure
[22:20:26] Lockmatish: I seem to be very close to the hostages
[22:20:32] Lockmatish: but I cant access right now
[22:20:37] Oni: They seem to be in the tubes
[22:20:39] Oni: Behind doors
[22:20:50] Oni: Control panel
[22:20:53] Lockmatish: Its a donut shaped prison
[22:21:01] Oni: Doors should be open
[22:21:18] Oni: They're in some electrical head wraps
[22:21:38] Frank: in the tubes, yes
[22:21:40] Frank: no access
[22:21:54] Oni: Okay
[22:22:22] Lockmatish: are some of them safe now?
[22:22:35] Frank: 3
[22:22:46] Lockmatish: ok
[22:23:14] Lockmatish: another one
[22:23:25] Oni: I think I got one too
[22:23:26] Frank: (y)
[22:23:31] Frank: yes
[22:23:59] Frank: one here is D.. again..
[22:24:14] Frank: 3 to go
[22:24:41] Oni: Got one more
[22:24:49] Frank: (y)
[22:25:01] Oni: One underneath main room
[22:25:04] Oni: Larger cell
[22:25:07] Lockmatish: yes 1 left I think
[22:25:12] Oni: Maybe you F
[22:25:46] Oni: There's some central mechanism here linking that cell to above
[22:25:56] Oni: Okay I think disabled
[22:26:10] Frank: i always last to save...:D
[22:26:17] Oni: (Chuckle)
[22:26:27] Oni: Good now ?
[22:26:28] Frank: have all 8
[22:26:33] Oni: Great
[22:26:33] Frank: 3 targets now
[22:26:37] Oni: Welcome home
[22:26:49] Lockmatish: phew
[22:26:53] Lockmatish: complicated traps on that last one
[22:26:54] Frank: (chuckle)
[22:26:59] Oni: There's a bright sun like orb above
[22:27:03] Oni: Quite large
[22:27:09] Oni: Energy supplies maybe
[22:27:24] Oni: I tagged Lockmatish can you see ?
[22:27:31] Frank: no target
[22:27:34] Oni: Okay
[22:27:54] Oni: Box underground
[22:28:07] Lockmatish: I see a tiny ball
[22:28:09] Lockmatish: like a small hard ball
[22:28:19] Lockmatish: it was protected by a security locked layer but I got it out
[22:28:20] Frank: yes ball
[22:28:23] Lockmatish: ok
[22:28:42] Oni: I found saber / sword in this box
[22:29:03] Frank: key
[22:29:07] Oni: Okay
[22:29:21] Oni: Spaceship ?
[22:29:24] Oni: Found hole
[22:29:26] Lockmatish: I unlocked another multi-part lock and theres a strange voodoo doll-like thing inside
[22:29:27] Frank: got ball
[22:29:36] Lockmatish: ok
[22:29:55] Oni: Lockmatish I put the sword in this top chamber
[22:29:58] Oni: Can you come here
[22:30:01] Oni: What do you see
[22:30:19] Frank: i get it's somehting lese, not target
[22:30:24] Oni: Okay
[22:30:29] Lockmatish: sec, I found a gigantic spinning fan, that spreads daggers and glass
[22:30:39] Oni: Oh yeah I see that
[22:30:42] Lockmatish: seems quite dangerous
[22:30:46] Frank: yes, 2nd target, got it
[22:30:49] Lockmatish: ok
[22:30:49] Oni: Nice
[22:30:51] Lockmatish: 3rd target left
[22:30:54] Oni: Take the sword
[22:30:57] Oni: It's key
[22:31:08] Lockmatish: thanks
[22:31:11] Frank: but not for the 3rd target
[22:31:17] Oni: Okay
[22:31:29] Oni: There's a machine under Franks's cell
[22:31:39] Oni: Like garbage compactor
[22:31:45] Frank: yes, no access
[22:31:46] Lockmatish: a second voodoo doll fell out of this lock
[22:31:51] Lockmatish: maybe its another key like the previous one was
[22:32:01] Lockmatish: ah
[22:32:06] Frank: no
[22:32:08] Lockmatish: ok
[22:32:22] Frank: the machine
[22:32:33] Oni: I think I disabled security frank
[22:32:37] Oni: There were wires
[22:32:59] Lockmatish: the machine looks like a giant hunk of scrap metal
[22:33:03] Lockmatish: its spinning around wildly
[22:33:22] Lockmatish: maybe its free now
[22:33:22] Frank: shooting ~3 min
[22:33:25] Lockmatish: ok
[22:33:28] Lockmatish: 9 functions
[22:33:48] Lockmatish: I see a drill
[22:33:55] Lockmatish: drilling you into the ground
[22:34:03] Lockmatish: and keeps you stuck while keep drilling, your head I think
[22:34:09] Lockmatish: not you in particular
[22:34:20] Frank: ok, don't the lightworkers love grounding? (chuckle)
[22:34:56] Lockmatish: (facepalm) (headbang)
[22:35:09] Lockmatish: next, another drill that comes from the left, holds you in place to a wall on the right
[22:35:30] Lockmatish: next, similar, but a wall on the left
[22:35:55] Frank: i think done, pls check
[22:35:58] Lockmatish: checking
[22:36:21] Oni: It's gone
[22:36:35] Lockmatish: all 3?
[22:36:47] Oni: Whole facility seems gone
[22:37:01] Lockmatish: all 3 targets seem debris
[22:37:04] Lockmatish: ok
[22:37:09] Frank: safe distanc
[22:37:32] Lockmatish: (y)
[22:37:32] Frank: shooting ~2 min
[22:37:41] Oni: The fun part
[22:37:51] Oni: Actually the puzzles are quite fun
[22:37:59] Oni: Seems like you had some good ones that time Lockmatish (chuckle)
[22:38:19] Lockmatish: more functions, another stuckness thing, but with 2 drills. that "shear the body". one is on the top-left side, one is on the bottom-right side. Its shearing because they stick you at the same time
[22:38:22] Frank: yes today, with again increased protection...:D
[22:38:24] Lockmatish: in 2 different diagonal directions
[22:38:32] Lockmatish: yes, the puzzles are quite interesting
[22:38:34] Lockmatish: :)
[22:38:39] Lockmatish: awesome :D
[22:38:43] Oni: Good stuff frank (y)
[22:39:08] Oni: Let's hope drack doesn't return without his battle gear (chuckle)
[22:39:08] Lockmatish: more functions, this one's hard to describe
[22:39:15] Lockmatish: as though most of the body is stuck on the floor lying down
[22:39:20] Lockmatish: but there are some limbs on the right and left
[22:39:25] Lockmatish: and drills going up and down into them or something
[22:39:43] Frank: i think all done
[22:40:00] Lockmatish: next, same as the diagonal shearing, but this one is more violent. seems the body has separated and blood on both walls
[22:40:02] Lockmatish: checking if done
[22:40:34] Oni: I am above, it appears gone
[22:40:40] Lockmatish: everything is either steam
[22:40:42] Lockmatish: or ashes or vapor
[22:41:12] Frank: job 7 - lsa1 - X +2 host - 1 tar - 2 func - main lsa1 city - vatican
huge city, layer 2) - 3D connected, 3,2 billion dark here...
[22:41:35] Oni: Okay
[22:41:45] Lockmatish: [another function for job 6 : same as before, death by shear drilling, but this time, it's extracting liquid from the dead body]
[22:41:49] Lockmatish: going job 7
[22:42:02] Oni: I'm in large dome building
[22:42:19] Lockmatish: I am stealth nearby
[22:42:21] Lockmatish: in a river
[22:42:26] Lockmatish: looking at the dome building from afar
[22:42:29] Oni: Okay
[22:42:39] Oni: Looks a lot like the Vatican
[22:42:42] Lockmatish: seems 2 hostages are inside
[22:42:43] Oni: The main building
[22:42:52] Lockmatish: 1 is outside to my left
[22:42:58] Oni: Going down for hostages
[22:43:00] Oni: They are in cells
[22:43:15] Oni: Tagged f can you check ?
[22:44:04] Lockmatish: this hostage is guarded by a MASSIVE energetical forcefield that pulses in and out
[22:44:10] Lockmatish: looks like a sun
[22:44:14] Oni: Probably X
[22:44:27] Lockmatish: probably..
[22:44:27] Frank: yes all 3 hostages, but no access
[22:44:43] Oni: I think I got the 2 now
[22:44:52] Frank: (y)
[22:44:59] Oni: Great
[22:45:04] Oni: Let's work on X Lockmatish
[22:45:31] Oni: I used emp
[22:45:35] Oni: Seemed effective
[22:45:57] Oni: Still electric fence
[22:46:21] Oni: Okay I opened
[22:46:25] Oni: Try now ?
[22:46:31] Frank: (y)
[22:46:33] Lockmatish: some more connections from X
[22:46:38] Lockmatish: ok maybe done
[22:46:47] Frank: target now
[22:46:50] Oni: Note for future: use more emps
[22:46:51] Frank: got all 3
[22:47:00] Lockmatish: ok 1 target
[22:47:00] Frank: :D
[22:47:07] Oni: Top of building
[22:47:15] Oni: Some bird statue
[22:47:19] Lockmatish: target seems to be protected by a triangle of locks/security
[22:47:23] Frank: yes
[22:47:40] Oni: Statue yes ?
[22:47:42] Frank: yes
[22:47:45] Oni: Okay
[22:48:04] Oni: Seems connected to weather
[22:48:07] Oni: From looks of it
[22:48:22] Oni: Do we need to disable security or can you shoot ?
[22:48:22] Frank: yes
[22:48:33] Frank: disable
[22:48:42] Oni: 1 down
[22:48:45] Oni: Lockmatish where are you
[22:48:57] Lockmatish: unlocking target
[22:49:03] Lockmatish: nah, theres another lock
[22:49:07] Oni: I think 2nd was from X's cage
[22:49:10] Lockmatish: no idea
[22:49:32] Oni: Okay I disabled all 3
[22:49:37] Frank: somewhere is a key
[22:49:39] Lockmatish: there's "something" lying in a big cylinder of liquid
[22:49:43] Lockmatish: ok
[22:49:48] Oni: Maybe that's the key ?
[22:49:50] Frank: need the key
[22:49:51] Oni: Careful
[22:49:53] Lockmatish: or maybe thats the target
[22:49:55] Lockmatish: ok
[22:50:09] Frank: yes
[22:50:14] Frank: key
[22:50:22] Oni: Got it
[22:50:25] Oni: Opening
[22:50:29] Lockmatish: target free?
[22:50:34] Oni: Seems so
[22:50:35] Lockmatish: key was burned up but I managed to restore it (giggle)
[22:50:37] Frank: no
[22:50:39] Lockmatish: ok
[22:50:44] Oni: Use it Lockmatish
[22:50:45] Lockmatish: still another layer
[22:50:47] Lockmatish: I did
[22:50:50] Oni: Okay
[22:50:59] Lockmatish: its a kind of body lying on the ground
[22:51:00] Frank: destroy
[22:51:03] Lockmatish: protected by an energetic barrier
[22:51:13] Oni: Okay should be down
[22:51:16] Oni: I overloaded
[22:51:21] Lockmatish: nice work...
[22:51:29] Lockmatish: target should be free now
[22:51:29] Frank: no access
[22:51:30] Lockmatish: I think
[22:51:31] Lockmatish: damn
[22:51:36] Oni: Hm
[22:51:39] Lockmatish: still another layer appeared
[22:51:43] Frank: 2 layers
[22:51:45] Lockmatish: like a barrel
[22:51:46] Lockmatish: okay
[22:51:57] Frank: needs key
[22:52:07] Oni: Down below
[22:52:13] Oni: Sword thing again
[22:52:19] Frank: yes
[22:52:33] Oni: Okay barrel open
[22:52:37] Oni: One more layer I
[22:52:44] Lockmatish: target free now ?
[22:52:46] Frank: yes
[22:52:48] Lockmatish: ok good
[22:52:51] Oni: Great
[22:52:52] Frank: no
[22:52:54] Lockmatish: damn
[22:52:59] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[22:53:03] Frank: still one layer
[22:53:07] Oni: I see one layer
[22:53:08] Lockmatish: ok
[22:53:10] Oni: Orb*
[22:53:20] Oni: Like magnet
[22:53:21] Frank: destroy orb
[22:53:32] Oni: Okay done
[22:53:38] Oni: Target looks like little bird statue
[22:53:46] Oni: Wooden almost
[22:53:49] Frank: shooting ~3 min
[22:53:50] Lockmatish: yeah I see it
[22:53:56] Lockmatish: body was an illusion or decoy
[22:53:57] Oni: (Dance)
[22:53:58] Lockmatish: okay
[22:54:02] Lockmatish: 2 functions only
[22:54:22] Lockmatish: something like
[22:54:29] Lockmatish: perforating the body with guns from the right
[22:54:30] Lockmatish: many holes
[22:54:31] Lockmatish: from bullets
[22:54:36] Lockmatish: and then filling the holes with liquid
[22:54:57] Frank: 1.400 billion fighting outside...
[22:55:08] Lockmatish: next, similar to above, but theres a layer of guns above; and then below, and then sides
[22:55:11] Lockmatish: firing in a pattern
[22:55:12] Oni: Bring it on
[22:55:13] Lockmatish: perforating from all sides
[22:55:30] Lockmatish: seems we got all the info out of the schema
[22:56:50] Frank: seems done here, pls check
[22:56:57] Oni: It's gone
[22:56:57] Lockmatish: checking
[22:57:11] Lockmatish: wooden dust
[22:57:22] Lockmatish: >safe dist
[22:57:25] Frank: yes
[22:57:33] Oni: Firing
[22:57:50] Frank: shooting ~6 min
[22:57:59] Lockmatish: strong wooden dust..
[22:58:00] Oni: (Yawn)
[22:58:07] Oni: Important wooden dust ...
[22:58:10] Oni: So it seems
[22:58:33] Dynamite Δύναμις: that bored??! (chuckle) too easy today
[22:58:43] Oni: I do enjoy the puzzles
[22:58:47] Lockmatish: too easy? are you kidding
[22:58:54] Lockmatish: do you know how hard it is to get all the functions before frank is done shooting (rofl)
[22:59:03] Oni: Lol
[22:59:04] Dynamite Δύναμις: he is yawning not me
[22:59:08] Frank: they needed 2,4 million "years" to build the city...
those years, that we had in the past. 1 day of 3D = 900 years...
[22:59:10] Lockmatish: oh (giggle)
[22:59:19] Oni: Wow.
[22:59:24] Lockmatish: wow
[22:59:30] Lockmatish: makes sense that it had stronger protections
[22:59:39] Oni: Not strong enough
[22:59:43] Lockmatish: of course not
[23:02:29] Dynamite Δύναμις: stupid arrogant bastards! Now they get paid back with their own coins and double interest (rofl)
[23:03:28] Dynamite Δύναμις: The "Tin soldiers" became Steel soldiers ;)
[23:03:34] Frank: (rofl)
[23:04:10] Frank: i think done here
[23:04:17] Lockmatish: checking
[23:05:01] Lockmatish: clear
[23:05:13] Frank: job 8 - orion - X, bryon +1 host - 1 tar - 3 func
[23:05:34] Lockmatish: I see a racetrack
[23:05:40] Lockmatish: car going back and forth very fast very loud
[23:06:02] Lockmatish: 3 hostages seem above the track in the air
[23:06:04] Lockmatish: in balloons
[23:06:10] Lockmatish: maybe connected to that car
[23:06:42] Frank: yes balloons, no access
[23:06:53] Lockmatish: yes, multiple layers of protection
[23:07:20] Frank: 3 layers
[23:07:25] Lockmatish: ok
[23:07:52] Oni: One is disabled
[23:08:04] Oni: Two is disabled
[23:08:06] Lockmatish: some kind of stringy cheese thing
[23:08:29] Oni: Third is something in balloon
[23:08:36] Frank: yes
[23:08:40] Lockmatish: I think 2 are free
[23:08:41] Lockmatish: one is not
[23:08:47] Frank: yes
[23:08:52] Lockmatish: ok
[23:09:14] Lockmatish: I get pains in chest, attacks
[23:09:24] Oni: There is metallic orb in balloon
[23:09:26] Oni: Was hidden
[23:09:28] Oni: Seems very nasty
[23:09:37] Oni: Causing much static electricity
[23:09:45] Oni: Disabled now
[23:09:50] Lockmatish: 3rd hostage seems free
[23:09:55] Frank: yes
[23:09:58] Lockmatish: great
[23:09:59] Oni: Great
[23:10:01] Lockmatish: 1 target
[23:10:10] Oni: Is that the target ?
[23:10:12] Lockmatish: a giant ring above ?
[23:10:23] Frank: yes
[23:10:32] Lockmatish: wait, theres duplicates above and below
[23:10:34] Frank: inside
[23:10:36] Lockmatish: maybe some kind of security system
[23:10:40] Lockmatish: ok
[23:11:00] Lockmatish: I think most rings are fakes?
[23:11:10] Oni: Yeah many illusions here
[23:11:11] Frank: yes
[23:11:15] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:11:27] Oni: Something in the middle of ring
[23:11:32] Lockmatish: yes
[23:11:37] Lockmatish: but the ring is locked many times
[23:11:39] Lockmatish: I got one of them
[23:11:44] Lockmatish: only opened it a small bit
[23:11:50] Oni: I found large crystal shard
[23:11:58] Oni: Is this it ?
[23:12:33] Frank: yes shooting ~3 min
[23:12:39] Oni: Okay
[23:12:45] Lockmatish: great
[23:12:51] Lockmatish: 3 functions
[23:13:09] Lockmatish: something like
[23:13:17] Lockmatish: the body is pulled or stuck to a panel above
[23:13:22] Lockmatish: maybe a fan is pulling it upwards
[23:13:28] Lockmatish: anyway, its getting sliced into many horizontal pieces
[23:13:32] Lockmatish: by a fan or something
[23:13:59] Lockmatish: next, it's again stuck above (head is stuck, so suspended in midair)
[23:14:03] Lockmatish: another fan is slicing it
[23:14:07] Lockmatish: this time into diagonal pieces
[23:14:23] Lockmatish: the diagonal direction is top-right to bottom-left
[23:14:43] Lockmatish: next, same thing but the other diagonal
[23:14:46] Lockmatish: top-left to bottom-right
[23:15:14] Lockmatish: got it all
[23:15:17] Lockmatish: no more info from schema
[23:16:57] Frank: these functions work on molecule groups. max size, ~330 molecules. but think, what this makes at the right positions inphysical body...
[23:17:08] Frank: i think we are done
[23:17:15] Lockmatish: checking if we're done
[23:17:38] Lockmatish: debris
[23:17:47] Lockmatish: yeah, for sure 330 molecules can do tons of damage
[23:17:52] Lockmatish: in the right places
[23:17:55] Frank: distance
[23:18:03] Lockmatish: done
[23:18:09] Frank: ~1 minute
[23:18:12] Oni: Here
[23:18:14] Oni: (Clap)
[23:18:27] Lockmatish: yesterday it took frank longer to shoot
[23:18:33] Frank: much longer
[23:18:38] Lockmatish: :D
[23:18:41] Lockmatish: true
[23:19:19] Frank: done i think
[23:19:24] Lockmatish: checking
[23:20:02] Lockmatish: inert
[23:20:05] Frank: ?
[23:20:10] Lockmatish: seems the dust is gone mostly
[23:20:11] Lockmatish: inert dust
[23:20:21] Lockmatish: means its unreactive
[23:20:33] Frank: dust is dust...:D
[23:20:37] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[23:20:55] Frank: job 9 - taurus - X+ me host - 3 tar - 2 func - main taurus city - riad
layer 2) - 8,4 billion darks in city

[23:21:11] Lockmatish: here
[23:21:18] Lockmatish: very tall pillars
[23:21:47] Oni: Here too
[23:21:53] Lockmatish: remind me of the ones around medina or such
[23:21:59] Oni: Some statue in middle
[23:22:07] Lockmatish: hostages seem deep inside
[23:22:10] Oni: Person with globe on back
[23:22:12] Oni: How fun
[23:22:22] Lockmatish: I think the hostages are rotating around, but I cant get a closer look right now
[23:22:41] Oni: I think you're right
[23:22:41] Frank: yes
[23:22:45] Oni: Big circular loop
[23:22:50] Oni: In separate containers
[23:22:59] Lockmatish: entire city is guarded by a massive energetical forcefield
[23:23:03] Oni: Main control panel in middle
[23:23:04] Lockmatish: think we need to take it down before we can approach
[23:23:24] Oni: I did something here
[23:23:27] Oni: Is it down now ?
[23:23:46] Lockmatish: its blowing up
[23:23:50] Frank: 8 layers
[23:23:52] Lockmatish: theres a kind of rip or tear
[23:23:57] Lockmatish: ok
[23:24:16] Oni: I'm getting some attacks
[23:24:28] Oni: This is important place
[23:24:41] Frank: sure
[23:24:43] Frank: i care
[23:24:55] Oni: Okay it says 4 layers are down
[23:25:00] Oni: Rest are throughout city
[23:25:11] Lockmatish: some layers down ....
[23:25:12] Frank: 4 layers down
[23:25:17] Oni: Okay
[23:25:25] Lockmatish: yes, seems we can enter the city now
[23:25:48] Oni: Found a Box with some gray mist in it
[23:25:55] Oni: I think that was 5
[23:26:07] Oni: 6
[23:26:09] Lockmatish: careful, seems theres a massive explosive trap
[23:26:11] Frank: one target, i got it
[23:26:16] Oni: Okay
[23:26:24] Frank: still 4 layers
[23:27:11] Oni: Many illusions again Lockmatish
[23:27:25] Lockmatish: one layer should be down
[23:27:31] Lockmatish: ah ok
[23:27:37] Frank: shooting down illusions now
[23:27:41] Oni: Okay
[23:27:50] Frank: 3 to go
[23:27:56] Oni: Nice
[23:28:01] Lockmatish: haha, see many shots... can't really see their source
[23:28:03] Lockmatish: is this the new battle avatars
[23:28:10] Lockmatish: anyway, focusing on layers
[23:28:13] Oni: I found green crystal in water
[23:28:13] Frank: yes (rofl)
[23:28:16] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[23:28:38] Oni: Lockmatish go to cars I think layers on them
[23:28:49] Oni: Spinning containers with hostages
[23:28:56] Oni: Frank check that crystal I tagged
[23:29:03] Frank: green crystal = key
[23:29:07] Oni: Okay
[23:29:09] Oni: I have
[23:29:21] Oni: Should be another layer down then
[23:29:25] Lockmatish: yeah
[23:29:26] Lockmatish: should be
[23:29:30] Frank: 2 to go
[23:29:31] Lockmatish: at least 1-2 left
[23:29:45] Oni: The cars are connected
[23:29:48] Oni: With a layer
[23:29:58] Oni: Overloading
[23:29:59] Frank: yes
[23:30:07] Frank: emp
[23:30:09] Oni: Should be down
[23:30:21] Lockmatish: 1 left I think
[23:30:29] Oni: Something on the cars themselves
[23:30:36] Frank: my emp did it..(chuckle)
[23:30:38] Oni: A lock maybe
[23:30:38] Frank: 1 to go
[23:30:51] Oni: There's intricate mechanics
[23:30:51] Frank: no on cars
[23:30:56] Oni: Okay
[23:31:02] Oni: Down further I think
[23:31:10] Oni: Generator
[23:31:21] Oni: Try now
[23:31:25] Frank: > [Samstag, 18. März 2017 23:30:51 Oni] There's intricate mechanics
target, got it
[23:31:32] Oni: (Y)
[23:31:38] Oni: Cars seemed to have stopped spinning
[23:31:44] Frank: got both
[23:31:47] Lockmatish: the hostage seems to have duplicated
[23:31:47] Frank: last target now
[23:31:49] Lockmatish: oh okay, hostage done
[23:31:50] Oni: (celebrate)
[23:31:51] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:31:57] Oni: (Dance)
[23:32:08] Oni: Eye on top of pyramid ?
[23:32:15] Lockmatish: a black sun far in the sky?
[23:32:20] Frank: yes eye
[23:32:23] Lockmatish: ok
[23:32:24] Oni: Okay
[23:32:26] Frank: no access
[23:32:29] Lockmatish: I think its connected to sun
[23:32:36] Oni: Disable the sun Lockmatish
[23:32:43] Frank: key is in sun
[23:32:47] Oni: Okay
[23:33:02] Lockmatish: froze the sun (giggle)
[23:33:05] Lockmatish: looking for key
[23:33:10] Oni: Very dark
[23:33:12] Oni: Maybe illusions
[23:33:39] Oni: Yeah I think this is more like space ship
[23:33:42] Oni: Key in middle
[23:33:46] Oni: Red crystal
[23:33:51] Frank: yes
[23:34:09] Oni: Can't grab
[23:34:33] Frank: destroy protection generator
[23:34:36] Lockmatish: target seems to be protected by energetical barrier
[23:34:37] Oni: Okay
[23:34:38] Oni: Done
[23:34:39] Lockmatish: this is blocking the key hole too
[23:34:41] Oni: Grabbing
[23:34:58] Oni: Eye should be open
[23:35:05] Lockmatish: you got it
[23:35:15] Lockmatish: more barriers I think, inside
[23:35:18] Oni: Okay
[23:35:20] Lockmatish: at least 1
[23:35:25] Frank: shooting ~4 min
[23:35:31] Oni: Cool
[23:35:31] Lockmatish: ok
[23:35:34] Lockmatish: 2 functions
[23:35:34] Oni: (Phew)
[23:36:02] Lockmatish: the eye is powerful
[23:36:07] Lockmatish: it hyponotises you or something
[23:36:08] Frank: i get the name of the eye is "heart of islam"...
[23:36:11] Lockmatish: does damage to your eye or third eye area
[23:36:42] Frank: religious brainwashing
[23:36:47] Lockmatish: ah
[23:36:48] Frank: islam brainfuck...
[23:36:58] Oni: They're pretty good at that
[23:37:01] Oni: Not anymore bastards
[23:37:51] Lockmatish: okay this one is not a surprise
[23:37:57] Lockmatish: next function, the eye targets directly your sexual organs
[23:38:18] Lockmatish: there is also some kind of lesser-strong beam which is coming from the other side of the body [eye on left, top-left diagonal, this one is coming from the top-right diagonal]
[23:38:44] Lockmatish: thats all the info from the schema...
[23:38:53] Oni: (Y)
[23:41:33] Frank: done, pls check
[23:41:35] Lockmatish: wait a minute, there's 3 targets here
[23:41:38] Lockmatish: we got them all?
[23:41:41] Frank: yes
[23:41:43] Lockmatish: ok
[23:41:44] Lockmatish: checking
[23:41:57] Lockmatish: all blown up, just confetti now
[23:42:00] Lockmatish: > safe dist
[23:42:02] Frank: yes
[23:42:32] Frank: ~5 min shooting
[23:42:54] Lockmatish: bathroom break in meanwhile, brb
[23:45:40] Lockmatish: bk
[23:47:10] Frank: seems done, pls check
[23:47:16] Lockmatish: checking
[23:48:05] Lockmatish: done
[23:48:12] Oni: (Y)
[23:48:19] Frank: job 10 - lsa3 - X, bryon +2 host - 1 tar - 4 func -
[23:48:36] Lockmatish: I'm above a layer of sand
[23:48:39] Lockmatish: theres a drilling going really deep down
[23:48:46] Oni: Isn't that snow ?
[23:48:47] Lockmatish: it seems to be the way in
[23:48:56] Lockmatish: actually it might be (giggle)
[23:48:57] Lockmatish: not sure
[23:49:01] Lockmatish: sand/snow mix
[23:49:04] Oni: (Chuckle)
[23:49:09] Oni: Let's do it
[23:49:18] Oni: Very large long cavern
[23:49:21] Oni: With many floors
[23:49:21] Lockmatish: hostages seem deep down
[23:49:33] Oni: Yes they are marked
[23:49:33] Lockmatish: a long way to reach them
[23:49:40] Oni: Agreed very deep
[23:49:44] Frank: yes down
[23:49:48] Oni: Seems some security cause can't jump
[23:49:51] Oni: Frank can you fire
[23:49:57] Lockmatish: we just went invisible
[23:50:07] Lockmatish: to defeat the last part of the elevator ... nonsense
[23:50:18] Frank: i gat you can jump
[23:50:29] Lockmatish: hostages seem to be in this
[23:50:30] Lockmatish: very thick vault
[23:50:36] Lockmatish: I mean the walls are very thick
[23:50:46] Frank: yes, 3 layer
[23:50:48] Lockmatish: we're on top of it
[23:50:49] Lockmatish: ok
[23:50:54] Oni: Yep I see
[23:51:01] Oni: One layer down
[23:51:30] Oni: There's a grid between them all
[23:51:35] Oni: It's like cryogenic down here
[23:51:42] Lockmatish: careful 2nd layer looks like a bomb
[23:51:47] Oni: Okay
[23:51:48] Oni: I marked
[23:51:52] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:51:52] Oni: Emp
[23:52:04] Oni: Layer 3 is under
[23:52:09] Oni: Spinning machine
[23:52:16] Oni: Down
[23:52:17] Frank: 2 layers to go
[23:52:33] Lockmatish: a metal hatch underneath them
[23:52:37] Lockmatish: its locked
[23:52:41] Lockmatish: with many bolts / rivets
[23:52:51] Oni: Blasted
[23:52:53] Oni: It's water
[23:52:56] Oni: Underneath
[23:53:08] Lockmatish: wait, the water is a trap. sec
[23:53:13] Oni: Oops lol
[23:53:16] Frank: yes
[23:53:22] Oni: I'm
[23:53:26] Oni: In the water
[23:53:35] Lockmatish: okay.. are they free ? or maybe 1 layer to go
[23:53:46] Oni: Yep seem free thanks
[23:53:51] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:53:59] Frank: 2 to go
[23:54:06] Lockmatish: ah
[23:54:11] Lockmatish: some energetical barrier around the hostages themselves
[23:54:19] Frank: hatch somehow
[23:54:25] Lockmatish: okay..checking hatch again
[23:54:28] Oni: Yeah Harch
[23:54:32] Oni: I found something else
[23:54:37] Oni: A staff
[23:54:39] Lockmatish: hatch connected to hostages
[23:54:45] Oni: Skinny with structure on top
[23:54:55] Frank: need key to dsiable hatch
[23:55:03] Oni: This is Key
[23:55:04] Oni: I think
[23:55:12] Frank: no
[23:55:15] Oni: Hm
[23:55:33] Lockmatish: theres an anchor below them
[23:55:52] Frank: it's layer 1
[23:55:59] Lockmatish: they're attached to it..but its weird. the anchor cable shimmers.. part of it keeps disappearing
[23:56:02] Lockmatish: okay
[23:56:19] Frank: key is above you
[23:56:38] Lockmatish: okay
[23:56:41] Oni: This saber sword ?
[23:56:52] Frank: yes
[23:56:56] Oni: Okay
[23:57:05] Oni: Used it in hatch
[23:57:10] Lockmatish: 1 layer should be down
[23:57:14] Oni: Hostages seem free
[23:57:18] Frank: 1 to go
[23:57:22] Lockmatish: ok
[23:57:24] Oni: Okay
[23:57:32] Frank: no, free got them
[23:57:38] Oni: Good
[23:57:41] Lockmatish: okay
[23:57:43] Oni: I was thinking I went crazy
[23:57:47] Oni: (Chuckle)
[23:57:52] Oni: They didn't look so nice ...
[23:57:53] Lockmatish: they can seem free at first (giggle)
[23:58:08] Lockmatish: right
[23:58:09] Oni: Long time in storage there
[23:58:11] Frank: target now
[23:58:12] Lockmatish: ah
[23:58:17] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:58:24] Oni: I see big machine
[23:58:29] Oni: Long and cylinder
[23:58:30] Lockmatish: uhh...its a massive sphere
[23:58:32] Lockmatish: and we're inside it already ?
[23:58:39] Frank: no access 2 layers
[23:58:41] Lockmatish: or maybe thats just the shield
[23:58:42] Lockmatish: okay
[23:58:48] Oni: Disable it
[23:58:48] Frank: 1 to go
[23:58:52] Lockmatish: you're fast.
[23:58:53] Drack: ok forget that readin .. 1200 messages
[23:58:54] Drack: here.
[23:58:56] Drack: hey. (wave)
[23:58:59] Oni: Hi
[23:59:05] Drack: quickest sumup?
[23:59:06] Drack: (rofl)
[23:59:10] Lockmatish: LOL. one thing you need to know drack, the targets and hostages are now usually protected by multi-layered shields
[23:59:13] Oni: Nothing too crazy yet
[23:59:15] Lockmatish: be careful and try to disable the shields one at a time
[23:59:17] Drack: wow ok
[23:59:22] Drack: alright
[23:59:25] Drack: noted.
[23:59:25] Frank: shooting ~3 min
[23:59:28] Drack: job?
[23:59:30] Oni: Good
[23:59:31] Lockmatish: okay, 4 functions
[23:59:31] Lockmatish: job 10
[23:59:32] Oni: Done
[23:59:33] Drack: alright coming
[23:59:44] Oni: We are in Siberia I believe
[23:59:55] Drack: nah not so really
[23:59:59] Drack: a bit below

Sonntag, 19. März 2017
[00:00:04] Oni: Way below lol
[00:00:06] Drack: :D
[00:00:08] Drack: actually
[00:00:09] Oni: But generally speaking
[00:00:19] Lockmatish: functions:
this is nasty..... you get drowned in some kind of cage underwater or whatever
[00:00:23] Lockmatish: and then only your head is free
[00:00:28] Lockmatish: and then a flamethrower engulfs you ...
[00:00:31] Lockmatish: sucking all the oxygen away
[00:00:35] Lockmatish: you can't breathe the fire ....
[00:00:50] Drack: [18.03.2017 23:56:46] Drack: btw i have a full clean starsky here. i´ve seen some crazy shit going on
like huge amounts of energies crashing on each other

<<< [18.03.2017 23:57:16] Drack: and i had so much attacks
but no one of them came near enough


whatever you were doing
[00:00:52] Drack: it works out
[00:00:58] Drack: just to add that here.
[00:01:07] Lockmatish: next functions: this is the opposite ......
[00:01:13] Lockmatish: you're "spit-roasted" with flames on either side
[00:01:16] Lockmatish: and held upside down
[00:01:18] Lockmatish: head under water...
[00:01:20] Lockmatish: drowning you
[00:01:28] Frank: @d: nice
[00:01:31] Lockmatish: (y)
[00:01:34] Drack: (like)
[00:01:58] Lockmatish: more functions: again, another X
[00:02:04] Oni: Yeah we did some work on a billion year old LSA1 site
[00:02:05] Lockmatish: this time, it's made by a combination of flamethrower and water cannon
[00:02:12] Lockmatish: flamethrower is bottom-left diagonal position
[00:02:15] Lockmatish: water cannon is bottom-right
[00:02:15] Drack: oh cool Oni
[00:02:24] Oni: Many puzzles to unlock that one
[00:02:41] Drack: so you had at least as much fun as i had
[00:02:41] Drack: :D
[00:02:49] Lockmatish: more functions: there's like an enclosure
[00:02:52] Oni: Many times saved X + F hostage S
[00:02:53] Lockmatish: and its filled with water halfway I think
[00:03:02] Lockmatish: and theres many "turrets" half of them are flames half of them are water
[00:03:16] Lockmatish: and its just a combination of weapons
[00:03:19] Frank: i think done here. pls check
[00:03:22] Lockmatish: on you
[00:03:25] Lockmatish: checking
[00:03:46] Lockmatish: target mostly destroyed, some kind of small base remaining
[00:04:04] Lockmatish: in like a "vert ramp shape"
[00:04:04] Frank: grays in there...
[00:04:18] Frank: drack you like to talk (chuckle)
[00:06:44] Drack: oh yeah
[00:06:45] Lockmatish: you talking drack?
[00:06:46] Drack: i had some visit
[00:06:47] Lockmatish: okay here you are
[00:06:48] Drack: wait
[00:06:49] Lockmatish: oh nice
[00:06:49] Drack: i take some
[00:06:50] Drack: :D
[00:07:10] Drack: had some "quiet conversation " with some while outside
[00:07:17] Drack: quiet in form of shooting them down in masses
[00:07:18] Drack: (rofl)
[00:07:42] Drack: ok got all
[00:07:47] Lockmatish: checking
[00:07:59] Frank: so did you talk with the grays?
[00:07:59] Drack: anything special or just videos
[00:08:05] Drack: i just gathered all
[00:08:18] Oni: They look funny
[00:08:20] Drack: :D
[00:08:27] Oni: Ask why they're here
[00:08:30] Drack: yeah
[00:08:33] Frank: videos...infos
[00:08:36] Drack: ok
[00:08:37] Frank: the program
[00:08:44] Drack: ..which exactly
[00:08:55] Frank: what you always did...
[00:09:06] Drack: ah .. yeah nvm
[00:09:09] Lockmatish: the "base" is clear and empty now
[00:09:10] Drack: i thought about something else
[00:09:13] Lockmatish: someone kept trying to stay there
[00:09:18] Oni: This guy just vomited purple on me
[00:09:22] Oni: Gross
[00:09:27] Lockmatish: :D
[00:09:27] Drack: "we´re helping our masters"
[00:09:29] Oni: They aren't so nice
[00:09:32] Drack: is the answer on why they´re here
[00:09:40] Oni: Who are masters
[00:09:42] Frank: slaves
[00:09:44] Drack: yeah
[00:09:52] Frank: ok, let them
[00:09:58] Frank: we go distance
[00:10:05] Lockmatish: ok
[00:10:12] Oni: Ready
[00:10:17] Drack: meltdown.
[00:10:19] Drack: as always
[00:10:30] Drack: a few threw up
[00:10:32] Drack: lol
[00:10:32] Frank: shooting ~2 min
[00:11:08] Drack: anything else? i´m done with them
[00:11:11] Drack: could let them go now
[00:11:25] Frank: yes
[00:11:35] Drack: ok
[00:12:52] Frank: seems we are done here, pls check
[00:12:57] Lockmatish: checking
[00:13:04] Drack: last remains burn down
[00:13:05] Drack: done.
[00:13:17] Lockmatish: I see a small little ramp
[00:13:24] Lockmatish: is this connected to the target?
[00:13:42] Frank: get no
[00:13:44] Lockmatish: I mean.. there's no target left.. (giggle)
[00:13:44] Lockmatish: ok
[00:13:47] Drack: :D
[00:13:54] Frank: (rofl)
[00:14:16] Frank: job 11 - taurus - 1 host - 1 tar - 2 func -
[00:14:33] Lockmatish: going
[00:14:37] Oni: Now it's desert Lockmatish
[00:14:42] Oni: Lol
[00:14:46] Lockmatish: yep
[00:14:48] Lockmatish: big desert
[00:14:50] Oni: Some underground base
[00:14:52] Oni: In the dune
[00:14:53] Drack: looking for illusions
[00:14:53] Lockmatish: few palm trees around
[00:15:05] Drack: seems there is one bigger
[00:15:07] Lockmatish: hostage seems deep underground
[00:15:19] Oni: Ouch
[00:15:23] Drack: ?
[00:15:26] Oni: Hostage
[00:15:30] Lockmatish: deep maze and complicated to get to the hostage
[00:15:32] Oni: Hooked up to electrocute machine
[00:15:35] Lockmatish: hostage is in a cage which is protected by a barrier
[00:15:35] Drack: ouch
[00:15:45] Drack: yeah
[00:15:49] Frank: 4 layers
[00:15:55] Lockmatish: barrier has many connections
[00:15:57] Drack: you decrypt or we do
[00:15:59] Lockmatish: one of them goes up (or 2 of them)
[00:16:00] Lockmatish: we do
[00:16:02] Drack: ok
[00:16:05] Lockmatish: but carefully
[00:16:07] Lockmatish: watch for traps, etc
[00:16:10] Drack: yeah
[00:16:11] Drack: on it
[00:16:18] Drack: disabled all
[00:16:23] Lockmatish: ?
[00:16:24] Lockmatish: checking
[00:16:25] Drack: 4 on each
[00:16:30] Drack: site of the room
[00:16:38] Drack: and like 8 on the ceiling
[00:16:39] Frank: 3 layer to go
[00:16:43] Lockmatish: I dont think all are disabled
[00:16:44] Lockmatish: ok
[00:16:52] Drack: well , could they harm F
[00:17:07] Frank: traps? no
[00:17:09] Drack: ok good
[00:17:16] Drack: you tell us when they can ok
[00:17:17] Drack: (rofl)
[00:17:31] Lockmatish: I think another one down
[00:17:34] Oni: Yep
[00:17:36] Oni: Generator
[00:17:41] Drack: super interesting shieldings
[00:17:42] Lockmatish: (y)
[00:17:47] Drack: super complex
[00:18:09] Lockmatish: I think another one down
[00:18:16] Lockmatish: multiple complex defusal required for last one
[00:18:19] Drack: 1 left i get
[00:18:43] Frank: 1 to go
[00:18:49] Drack: oh ok
[00:18:59] Lockmatish: this last one might be a two-parter
[00:19:02] Lockmatish: maybe we need a key here
[00:19:06] Lockmatish: as well as a sonic unlock
[00:19:06] Frank: 1 to go
[00:19:10] Lockmatish: ok
[00:19:20] Drack: what about target
[00:19:22] Drack: Oni?
[00:19:24] Lockmatish: target after hostages
[00:19:26] Drack: ok
[00:19:27] Lockmatish: in this case only one hostage
[00:19:28] Oni: Um I think I got it ?
[00:19:35] Oni: Cage seems open
[00:19:36] Lockmatish: well sure sometimes we find the target on the way (giggle)
[00:19:38] Drack: thought like splitting up would be faster
[00:19:42] Drack: :D
[00:19:48] Lockmatish: we can find it, sure, but only focus after hostage, I think
[00:19:48] Drack: 2 on hostage 1 searching
[00:19:53] Lockmatish: I dont know
[00:20:07] Oni: I think frank likes to go step by step
[00:20:07] Drack: surely after it´s found he comes back to decrypt
[00:20:08] Lockmatish: I'm more comfortable the first way
[00:20:10] Frank: got hostage
[00:20:12] Drack: yeah.
[00:20:14] Lockmatish: yeah
[00:20:15] Oni: Good
[00:20:17] Drack: (y)
[00:20:19] Lockmatish: okay find target
[00:20:21] Lockmatish: only 1
[00:20:28] Oni: You guys were over complicating (chuckle)
[00:20:32] Lockmatish: big generator
[00:20:34] Lockmatish: how so? :P
[00:20:34] Drack: there
[00:20:36] Drack: a skull
[00:20:37] Drack: ?
[00:20:38] Lockmatish: anyway its got many many layers of shields
[00:20:40] Drack: golden skull
[00:20:57] Frank: skull is target
[00:21:00] Drack: (y)
[00:21:08] Oni: Any layers ?
[00:21:08] Frank: 5 layers
[00:21:11] Drack: ok
[00:21:13] Drack: starting
[00:21:13] Oni: Might have to do with generator
[00:21:16] Oni: Yeah disable Lockmatish
[00:21:19] Drack: mh.
[00:21:21] Drack: let´s try
[00:21:22] Drack: :D
[00:21:25] Lockmatish: some walls are down
[00:21:26] Lockmatish: but not all
[00:21:27] Frank: generator = layer 3
[00:21:33] Drack: ok i decrypt
[00:21:39] X: wow lots of hostages tied to me and here I thought no one wanted me as a hostage before (cwl) (cwl) (cwl)
[00:21:41] Frank: 4 to go
[00:21:43] Oni: Something in maze
[00:21:50] Drack: (rofl)
[00:22:07] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[00:22:10] Frank: yes
[00:22:17] Drack: Oni and Lockmatish marked the last targets for layers
[00:22:22] Drack: and did mapping
[00:22:27] Drack: you should maybe see it
[00:23:39] Lockmatish: seems like that was a tiny "nano-creation" or just some illusion
[00:23:43] Lockmatish: hiding a key to the last layer
[00:23:46] Lockmatish: or hopefully the last layer
[00:23:57] Drack: (y)
[00:24:11] Frank: i get 3 to go
[00:24:23] Drack: on decrypting
[00:24:29] Drack: if there is nothing else needed anymore
[00:24:36] Lockmatish: ok
[00:24:41] Lockmatish: there's a complex wall here
[00:24:44] Lockmatish: needs multiple steps to open
[00:24:58] Frank: two keys needed
[00:25:02] Lockmatish: okay
[00:25:11] Oni: I found a white orb
[00:25:11] Frank: keys are above
[00:25:22] Lockmatish: I see many many keys above
[00:25:24] Lockmatish: probably many fakes..
[00:25:30] Drack: shoot for fakes
[00:25:32] Frank: ord = no
[00:25:35] Drack: until the last 2 remain
[00:25:38] Oni: Yeah illusions
[00:25:50] Oni: Bear and key ?
[00:25:51] Oni: Lol
[00:25:53] Drack: marked 2
[00:25:57] Drack: going to them
[00:26:03] Drack: shielded key
[00:26:14] Lockmatish: opened that wall
[00:26:17] Lockmatish: another box.. glass cube or such around the target
[00:26:41] Drack: am i right here F
[00:26:49] Drack: at least no illusion it seems.
[00:26:56] Frank: 1 to go
[00:27:00] Drack: (y)
[00:27:03] Drack: i marked the other one
[00:27:06] Drack: try to go there
[00:27:07] Lockmatish: I think we're in.. I see a massive hole, target is way down below
[00:27:10] Drack: taking that key
[00:27:22] Drack: ok
[00:27:23] Lockmatish: ah, anti-matter forcefield blocking the way into the hole
[00:27:24] Drack: you´re on it
[00:27:29] Drack: :D
[00:27:35] Drack: teleport.?
[00:27:35] Drack: :D
[00:27:40] Lockmatish: wont work I think
[00:27:49] Frank: shooting ~4 min to go
[00:27:53] Lockmatish: ok
[00:27:55] Lockmatish: 2 functions
[00:27:56] Lockmatish: searching
[00:28:34] Lockmatish: this looks nasty
[00:28:38] Lockmatish: 2 drills, simultaneously working
[00:28:44] Lockmatish: one is into your head from top-right side, horizontal
[00:28:50] Lockmatish: the other is into your feet from bottom-left side, horizontal
[00:29:01] Lockmatish: leaves a hole in your head
[00:29:30] Lockmatish: next function, many many drills passing through a hole in your head
[00:29:32] Lockmatish: from left to right
[00:29:35] Lockmatish: just non stop drills
[00:29:47] Lockmatish: and I think similar in your feet, left to right
[00:30:11] Lockmatish: thats all from the schema
[00:31:59] Frank: i think it's done
[00:32:03] Lockmatish: checking
[00:32:18] Lockmatish: big mushroom cloud
[00:32:21] Lockmatish: > safe dist
[00:32:24] Frank: go
[00:32:37] Lockmatish: firing
[00:32:39] Frank: shooting ~1 min
[00:34:05] Frank: done, pls check
[00:34:10] Lockmatish: checking
[00:35:02] Lockmatish: there was a tiny bit more
[00:35:05] Lockmatish: but its all vaporised now
[00:35:09] Lockmatish: clear for next
[00:35:09] Frank: job 12 - lsa3 - Alex, me +5 host - 4 tar - 6 func - main lsa3 city - st petersburg
layer 2) - 10,3 billions darks in the city

[00:35:34] Lockmatish: im in a horizontal tube
[00:35:38] Lockmatish: spinning violently
[00:35:44] Lockmatish: gettnig out
[00:35:58] Oni: Lockmatish why you always teleport inside of things (rofl)
[00:36:05] Lockmatish: I dont always (giggle)
[00:36:07] Lockmatish: but yeah, it happens alot
[00:36:11] Oni: :p
[00:36:13] Lockmatish: X is rubbing off..
[00:36:14] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:36:37] X: (cwl)
[00:37:05] Drack: going for hostages.
[00:37:30] Drack: mapping and marking hostages
[00:37:33] Drack: check it
[00:37:48] Lockmatish: hostages are all over the place
[00:37:51] Drack: yep
[00:38:12] Drack: sudden nausea hit me
[00:38:13] Drack: great.
[00:38:24] Frank: i care
[00:38:26] Lockmatish: (hug)
[00:38:30] Drack: all fine
[00:38:32] Lockmatish: F this looks like a trap
[00:38:35] Drack: they can´t get me in a bad mood today.
[00:38:37] Drack: (rofl)
[00:38:49] Frank: what?
[00:38:56] Lockmatish: the hostage
[00:39:00] Drack: mh
[00:39:09] Drack: there is a trap yeah
[00:39:10] Drack: in front
[00:39:15] Drack: lol
[00:39:15] Lockmatish: anyway, safely disabling
[00:39:21] Drack: "skib can we get harm here"
[00:39:23] Drack: "maaybbee.."
[00:39:24] Frank: no, just a dark one...(chuckle)
[00:39:24] Drack: (rofl)
[00:39:26] Frank: 5 are there...
[00:39:37] Drack: got skib a upgrade for sense of humor (rofl)
[00:39:47] Lockmatish: oh ... ><
[00:39:55] Frank: all traps no problem...
[00:40:00] Lockmatish: ok (y)
[00:41:03] Lockmatish: I think 1 out
[00:41:20] Drack: can see 4 hostage
[00:41:23] Drack: 1 seems hidden
[00:41:24] Frank: 6 to go
[00:41:29] Drack: oh
[00:41:32] Drack: 2 hidden then
[00:41:47] Lockmatish: big trap with this hostage
[00:41:53] Drack: traps can´t harm
[00:41:54] Lockmatish: the hostage is connected badly to .. whatever
[00:41:58] Lockmatish: ok
[00:42:07] Lockmatish: well have to break the connection anyway
[00:42:08] Oni: I freed one
[00:42:08] Frank: a dark one again
[00:42:15] Lockmatish: as in, the hostage is a dark one?
[00:42:18] Drack: mh.
[00:42:22] Drack: Oni you freed a dark?
[00:42:27] Oni: Oh I dunno
[00:42:30] X: :D
[00:42:30] Oni: I hope not
[00:42:30] Drack: check
[00:42:30] Drack: :D
[00:42:32] Frank: 5 to go
[00:42:36] Lockmatish: damn. Ill check for masks
[00:42:37] Drack: mh ok
[00:42:37] Frank: no Oni ok
[00:42:38] Oni: Nope :)
[00:42:42] Drack: ok
[00:42:43] Oni: (Party)
[00:42:55] X: I see a wooden door, huge one
[00:42:56] Drack: ok freeing the hostage here
[00:42:57] Oni: There's big boy underneath
[00:43:03] Frank: i mark the darks
[00:43:07] Lockmatish: okay (y)
[00:43:13] Oni: X dark behind there I think
[00:43:16] Oni: Monster type
[00:43:18] Drack: ok hostage done
[00:43:22] Drack: correct?
[00:43:29] Lockmatish: I see I think 4 hostages left, all below
[00:43:31] X: oh
[00:43:31] Frank: focus on the hostages
[00:43:32] Lockmatish: 1 to the left, 3 to the right, together
[00:43:39] Drack: F got one free , confirm?
[00:44:16] Frank: (y) 4 to go
[00:44:20] Drack: ok
[00:44:20] Drack: on it
[00:44:32] Oni: These 3 are locked Lockmatish
[00:44:35] Oni: Similar as last time
[00:44:39] Drack: freeing next
[00:44:53] Lockmatish: yeah strongly locked
[00:44:54] Lockmatish: many locks
[00:44:58] Lockmatish: many layers
[00:45:00] Drack: yeah
[00:45:07] Drack: 5 i get
[00:45:09] Drack: layers
[00:45:17] Oni: Think I might have gotten ?
[00:45:19] Oni: Or illusion
[00:45:42] Drack: got one free confirm?
[00:46:11] Lockmatish: another layer or half-layer down
[00:46:22] Frank: 2 to go
[00:46:24] Drack: (y)
[00:46:28] Drack: are there actually half-layers..
[00:46:29] Drack: :D
[00:46:32] Drack: i really don´t know
[00:46:36] Lockmatish: if you do half a layer
[00:46:39] Lockmatish: then yes (giggle)
[00:46:45] Drack: :D lol
[00:46:46] Drack: ok
[00:46:53] Drack: shield on that hostage
[00:47:08] Drack: shield around room and layered on the hostage itself
[00:47:35] Frank: 3 layers
[00:47:38] Drack: on it
[00:48:11] Drack: is it faster to decrypt one hostage at a time
[00:48:24] Lockmatish: depends on situation I guess
[00:48:27] Drack: mh.. ok
[00:48:45] Frank: no, decryping all is fine
[00:48:48] Drack: ok
[00:48:56] Oni: There's a layer right around them
[00:48:59] Oni: Emp'ing
[00:49:02] Drack: hostage seems free
[00:49:08] Drack: oh wait. no
[00:49:16] Drack: was just the other shield
[00:49:21] Frank: got all
[00:49:22] Lockmatish: okay cool
[00:49:25] Drack: mh
[00:49:25] Oni: Good
[00:49:28] Drack: (y)
[00:49:29] Drack: :D
[00:49:33] Lockmatish: 4 targets
[00:49:37] Drack: alright
[00:49:41] Oni: See a spear
[00:49:44] Lockmatish: okay very complex
[00:49:45] Oni: With blade on end
[00:49:46] Lockmatish: I see many many marks
[00:49:48] Drack: going for illusions first
[00:49:53] Lockmatish: good idea
[00:50:07] Lockmatish: much fewer marks now
[00:50:08] Lockmatish: 2 above, 2 below
[00:50:10] Drack: (y)
[00:50:14] Oni: I got one above
[00:50:20] Drack: going below right
[00:50:22] Oni: And then this mask thing
[00:50:23] Lockmatish: okay
[00:50:25] Lockmatish: ill go below left
[00:50:28] Oni: Golden large round mask
[00:50:40] Drack: yeah a spear here
[00:50:42] Drack: golden
[00:50:53] Oni: They love gold
[00:50:55] Frank: > [Sonntag, 19. März 2017 00:50:28 Oni] Golden large round mask
<<< yes, 3 layers
[00:51:02] Oni: Okay
[00:51:05] Oni: I'll work on this
[00:51:19] Lockmatish: I see a small green button
[00:51:24] Lockmatish: is this the target or is there more layers to go here
[00:51:26] Frank: golden spear, target, got it, 3 to go
[00:51:29] Drack: (y)
[00:51:38] Oni: Frank check mask
[00:51:41] Oni: Layers should be down
[00:51:43] Drack: i´m on that green button
[00:51:46] Frank: behind button
[00:51:46] Drack: or rather stonetable
[00:51:48] Lockmatish: ok
[00:51:53] Drack: smaragd table
[00:52:01] Drack: has layers.
[00:52:02] Frank: gotm mask, 2 to go
[00:52:07] Oni: (Dance)
[00:52:09] Lockmatish: nice work Oni!
[00:52:11] Lockmatish: :D
[00:52:12] Oni: (Monkey)
[00:52:14] Drack: (like)
[00:52:14] Oni: Haha
[00:52:15] Lockmatish: now you can help us below (giggle)
[00:52:17] Oni: Thanks Lockmatish !!
[00:52:20] Lockmatish: :)
[00:52:23] Oni: All those puzzle games finally working out
[00:52:25] Oni: (Rofl)
[00:52:26] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:52:30] Lockmatish: fractal evolution..(giggle)
[00:52:31] Oni: Thanks Zelda !
[00:52:33] Lockmatish: :D
[00:52:34] Drack: [00:51:53] Drack: smaragd table
has layers.

[00:52:34] Drack: lol
[00:52:35] Drack: (rofl)
[00:52:41] Frank: just these are no games...
[00:52:45] Drack: true.
[00:52:53] Lockmatish: true....
[00:52:55] Oni: Very much not games
[00:52:58] Lockmatish: definitely not
[00:53:01] Lockmatish: but the skills do help
[00:53:02] Lockmatish: I think
[00:53:09] Oni: Okay what we looking at
[00:53:10] Frank: skib do much
[00:53:15] Lockmatish: awesome
[00:53:17] Oni: A table ?
[00:53:25] Lockmatish: target seems under the table
[00:53:27] Lockmatish: but protected
[00:53:31] Frank: yes, under
[00:53:40] Oni: I see a cube box
[00:53:48] Frank: inside
[00:53:52] Drack: mh.
[00:53:53] Oni: Okay
[00:53:58] Drack: what is about that smaragd thingy now..?
[00:54:07] Frank: no target
[00:54:10] Drack: ok
[00:54:22] Lockmatish: I think I broke one layer
[00:54:24] Oni: Okay diamond Inside cube
[00:54:29] Oni: Crystal diamond
[00:54:33] Oni: Yellow
[00:54:35] Drack: room gives me headaches
[00:54:36] Oni: Small
[00:54:37] Frank: got it, 1 to go
[00:54:45] Oni: Great
[00:54:51] Lockmatish: okay great
[00:54:51] Drack: big golden box
[00:54:55] Drack: chest rather
[00:55:00] Drack: a cube
[00:55:00] Frank: inside
[00:55:06] Oni: Snake staff
[00:55:07] Drack: a hollow cube
[00:55:18] Drack: borg cube
[00:55:19] Drack: (chuckle)
[00:55:31] Lockmatish: one layer done
[00:55:32] Oni: I see golden coins and a snake dagger
[00:55:33] Lockmatish: another box inside
[00:55:46] Frank: shooting ~ 5 minutes
[00:55:52] Oni: Cool
[00:55:55] Lockmatish: nice
[00:55:58] Lockmatish: 6 functions
[00:56:31] Drack: ouch
[00:56:36] Drack: function 1 stabbing into..
[00:56:38] Drack: the crotch area
[00:56:39] Oni: Brb
[00:56:51] Lockmatish: functions: see lots of tiny vertical tubes, entering the body
[00:56:53] Lockmatish: very tall though
[00:56:58] Lockmatish: has something to do with "time" ?
[00:57:22] Drack: yeah that too
[00:57:23] Drack: into the back
[00:57:24] Lockmatish: next, again, tubes, very thin, but horizontal
[00:57:27] Lockmatish: something to do with "time" ....
[00:57:41] Drack: there is a bit more tiny things on function 1
[00:57:46] Drack: stabbing head for example
[00:57:50] Lockmatish: sure
[00:57:57] Lockmatish: I'm only listing macro description (giggle)
[00:58:00] Lockmatish: but feel free to give more details if you wish
[00:58:01] Lockmatish: (y)
[00:58:07] Drack: sure
[00:58:24] Lockmatish: next, a bigger tube, only one this time, from bottom-left to top-right diagonal
[00:58:28] Lockmatish: something to do with "time" ...
[00:58:30] Drack: stabbing into head right half of brain , stabbing crotch
[00:59:02] Drack: function 2 from crotch slicing upwards the whole body
[00:59:12] Drack: opening like the whole body aswell with it
[00:59:20] Drack: more stabs into brain
[00:59:29] Lockmatish: next, a couple of tubes at once. one enters head from top-left side, horizontal; the other comes from horizontal, down below, comes from the right side, goes all the way through; but at some point it stops and reverses direction
[00:59:32] Drack: all sides now, placing strings inside brain
[01:00:02] Lockmatish: seems thats all from the schema for me
[01:00:15] Drack: function 3 seems body is "done" for them, open
[01:00:26] Drack: head gets like pulled apart
[01:00:29] Drack: brain*
[01:00:37] Frank: outside attacks 12.340 billions darks... all prison...
[01:00:40] Drack: lol
[01:00:41] Drack: nice.
[01:00:42] Lockmatish: wow
[01:00:46] Drack: good..
[01:00:47] Lockmatish: brb
[01:00:58] Drack: ok so that machine is full fucked machine again
[01:01:06] Drack: besides that whole tubing shit happening
[01:01:28] Drack: that´s all what i got too
[01:01:29] Frank: i think done here, pls check
[01:01:42] Drack: yeah done
[01:02:00] Frank: ok, jump on distance...
[01:02:03] Drack: ok
[01:02:20] Drack: you have to drag Oni and Lockmatish out of there
[01:02:23] Drack: if they didn´t auto follow
[01:02:31] Frank: shooting ~6 min
[01:02:33] Oni: I followed
[01:02:34] Drack: ok
[01:02:35] Frank: did already
[01:02:36] Drack: (y)
[01:02:45] Oni: Also, back
[01:02:49] Drack: wb mate.
[01:02:52] Oni hat einen Anruf gestartet.
[01:02:57] Drack: lo..
[01:02:57] Oni: :D
[01:03:01] Drack: uhm
[01:03:04] Oni: Lol
[01:03:13] Drack: thanks for that not-loud-at-all call
[01:03:13] Drack: (rofl)
[01:03:17] Oni: Haha
[01:03:21] Oni: Oops ...
[01:03:32] Gruppen-Anruf, Dauer 00:38.
[01:03:58] X: you guys calling?
[01:04:00] Drack: nope
[01:04:03] Drack: he just missclicked
[01:04:05] Frank: :D
[01:04:08] Oni: Mis click sorry
[01:04:18] Oni: Tends to happen quite often
[01:04:20] Drack: so you´re on mobile
[01:04:21] Drack: (rofl)
[01:04:24] Drack: i know that.
[01:04:25] Oni: Always
[01:04:28] Drack: ah ok
[01:04:46] X: ok
[01:04:59] Drack: i actually feel so good.. F can you check if there is not something odd on it
[01:05:00] Drack: (rofl)
[01:05:07] Frank: if i would write here on mobile, you would only get: kqah7jhjhwst
[01:05:10] Lockmatish: LOL
[01:05:13] Oni: Haha.
[01:05:13] Drack: lol yeah
[01:05:14] Lockmatish: damn, I heard that call from the bathroom
[01:05:17] Oni: I'm quite skilled no ?
[01:05:19] Drack: (rofl)
[01:05:20] Lockmatish: thought, shit, someone needs me back fast
[01:05:22] X: yeah I was eating
[01:05:25] Oni: Fastest fingers in the west
[01:05:26] Lockmatish: I was the only one who answered btw (giggle)
[01:05:29] Frank: (rofl)
[01:05:34] Drack: aww Lockmatish
[01:05:35] Drack: lol
[01:05:36] X: no I answered
[01:05:36] Drack: (rofl)
[01:05:37] Lockmatish: we can call later if you guys are up for it
[01:05:39] Lockmatish: oh ,nice
[01:05:43] X: no one said anything
[01:05:45] Lockmatish: anyway, back to the mission
[01:05:48] Drack: no one was there
[01:05:49] Drack: lol
[01:05:50] Drack: (rofl)
[01:05:52] Lockmatish: nobody seemed to have connected when I answered X
[01:05:53] Lockmatish: yeah
[01:05:55] Oni: Haha
[01:06:03] Oni: X just waiting ....
[01:06:05] Oni: Hello?
[01:06:07] Oni: Hello?
[01:06:08] Lockmatish: :D
[01:06:09] X: yes
[01:06:10] Drack: :D
[01:06:11] X: hahahaa
[01:06:16] Drack: ah man..
[01:06:22] X: back to my chicken
[01:06:24] Lockmatish: enjoy
[01:06:28] Lockmatish: I think we answered at diff times
[01:06:28] Drack: (hungrycat)
[01:06:37] Oni: Oh nice I'll do that for dinner as well
[01:06:43] X: the cat?
[01:06:46] Drack: lol
[01:06:53] Drack: suddenly we´re in china
[01:06:53] Drack: (rofl)
[01:06:55] Oni: Lol
[01:06:59] X: :D
[01:07:15] Lockmatish: Suddenly in China
[01:07:16] Lockmatish: not a bad title
[01:07:25] Drack: lol.
[01:07:34] Lockmatish: :D
[01:07:35] Drack: but awful context
[01:07:47] Lockmatish: you mean, while firing on the targets' remains
[01:07:51] Lockmatish: we suddenly ended up in "china" ?
[01:08:05] Lockmatish: cos that is weird
[01:08:07] Drack: uhm. yeah and talking about eating cats
[01:08:28] Drack: nvm
[01:08:28] Drack: :D
[01:08:46] Drack: [01:05:00] Drack: i actually feel so good.. F can you check if there is not something odd on it

<<< that was actually meant seriously
[01:08:53] Drack: i can´t imagine feeling that good ..
[01:08:54] Lockmatish: i'll have a quick look drack
[01:08:57] Drack: which is quite sad somewhere
[01:09:00] Lockmatish: yes it is
[01:09:04] Lockmatish: but anyway, one step at a time
[01:09:13] Drack: mh ok
[01:09:41] Lockmatish: I think there is some dark shit connected to it unfortunately
[01:09:42] Lockmatish: tracing..
[01:09:48] Drack: ok
[01:10:12] Frank: i think we are done here, pls check
[01:10:17] Lockmatish: checking
[01:10:31] Drack: a few little houses seem to be remaining
[01:10:33] Drack: but done
[01:10:34] Drack: crater.
[01:11:04] Lockmatish: I just flamethrowered all 4 targets once more to be safe
[01:11:21] Lockmatish: but all seems totally clear now
[01:11:23] Drack: we were on the whole base already
[01:11:43] Lockmatish: ps Drack the source of that dark shit seems to be a big connection box
[01:11:49] Drack: mh..
[01:11:56] Lockmatish: and there's other things I think connected to it as well
[01:12:03] Drack: you can unplug me?
[01:12:09] Lockmatish: I'll try..
[01:12:12] Drack: even though it might mean i get in a bad mood
[01:12:24] Drack: too bad i can´t be in a good mood on myself it seems
[01:12:30] Lockmatish: that doesn't mean that
[01:12:33] Drack: oh ok
[01:12:33] Lockmatish: it just means that this one was manipulated
[01:12:35] Lockmatish: thats all it means
[01:12:49] Drack: oh ok i thought it´s all because of it
[01:12:55] Lockmatish: I have no idea
[01:12:58] Lockmatish: but I wouldnt assume it so fast
[01:13:05] Frank: this shit did not make good mood
[01:13:15] Lockmatish: ok
[01:13:16] Drack: ok i´m glad.
[01:13:20] Drack: and not glad at the same time
[01:13:22] Drack: :D
[01:14:32] Lockmatish: painful tingling in my fingertip, attacks. gone now
[01:14:38] Drack: oh :/
[01:14:43] Frank: ok 2 things
1) we are on 21 jobs now....
2) we make a break for a protection upgrade, drack's thing...
before we continue
all jump home and stay pls
[01:14:53] Drack: ok
[01:15:00] Drack: good i asked to check i think
[01:15:08] Oni: Yeah good
[01:15:12] Drack: it was just really odd somewhere
[01:15:16] Lockmatish: okay
[01:15:16] Oni: How long we need frank ?
[01:15:20] Lockmatish: we just did job 12
[01:15:25] Drack: phew
[01:16:08] Lockmatish: and that took .... ~4:30 mins
[01:16:17] Drack: pretty fast actually
[01:16:18] Frank: look how fast we have been compared to yesterday
[01:16:19] Drack: don´t you think
[01:16:21] Lockmatish: yeah
[01:16:27] Lockmatish: frank's firing much faster
[01:16:29] Lockmatish: overall its much faster
[01:16:30] Drack: and we could be faster even
[01:16:33] Lockmatish: probably
[01:16:35] Drack: with tactic
[01:16:36] Drack: mapping
[01:16:39] Drack: illusions
[01:16:39] Drack: all that
[01:16:42] Lockmatish: hmm
[01:16:42] Drack: we need to prepare
[01:16:46] Lockmatish: maybe...
[01:16:48] Oni: I'm curious how long break because I will be out for dinner in an hour
[01:16:49] Drack: and then go for it directly
[01:17:00] Drack: like illusions checking, replicators checking
[01:17:06] Drack: mapping , getting the right amount of targets
[01:17:11] Drack: getting rid of fake targets
[01:17:21] Lockmatish: 9 jobs left, at current rate, estimate is ~3:30 for those .. but that could be totally wrong
[01:17:21] Drack: and then that whole will be much faster
[01:17:33] Oni: I mean this break now :)
[01:17:37] Oni: Before next job
[01:17:43] Lockmatish: understood
[01:17:44] Lockmatish: and no clue
[01:17:45] Drack: mh. we´ll see.
[01:17:45] Drack: :D
[01:17:56] Oni: Yes no rush
[01:18:04] Frank: we had 3 huge
[01:18:15] Drack: so what you all think of my idea
[01:18:17] Drack: of optimizing
[01:18:21] Frank: no one this size
[01:18:22] Lockmatish: I think we could be a little more systematic
[01:18:25] Frank: to go
[01:18:28] Drack: nice
[01:18:30] Oni: Okay
[01:18:31] Drack: will be a race
[01:18:31] Lockmatish: checking for darks, shooting on illusions, etc
[01:18:35] Drack: yeah.
[01:18:40] Lockmatish: no race
[01:18:44] Lockmatish: take it steady
[01:18:44] Oni: But I think best to go one by one still
[01:18:50] Lockmatish: yeah, we can do one by one still
[01:19:02] Drack: was not meant like rush and make mistakes at all
[01:19:03] Lockmatish: but we can be more systematic about common things
[01:19:10] Drack: still a good optimizing and such
[01:19:13] Lockmatish: then what else does "race" mean (giggle)
[01:19:17] Drack: ok let´s plan the optimizion
[01:19:24] Lockmatish: ok
[01:19:29] Lockmatish: jump to job
[01:19:31] Oni: But I like
1. Blast illusions
2. Mark all hostages
3. Download layer info
4. Remove all layers
[01:19:31] Drack: maybe even create a macro for it
[01:19:42] Lockmatish: : are you in danger? (is this possible?) if so, get to safer vantage point
[01:19:46] Oni: Starting at 3 we can be separate
[01:19:58] Drack: yeah something like that ,
marking targets
checking targets if too much targets there
getting rid of fake targets
[01:20:04] Drack: then pinpoint the targets and investigate
[01:20:10] Oni: Individually ?
[01:20:13] Oni: That's the choice
[01:20:15] Lockmatish: @Oni: #2, check for masks in case of masked darks
[01:20:16] Drack: mh
[01:20:19] Drack: yeah masks
[01:20:32] Oni: It's hard for me on mobile can you update the list
[01:20:36] Lockmatish: apart from that it seems fine
[01:20:36] Oni: And then repost
[01:20:37] Drack: yeah sure
[01:20:38] Lockmatish: sure
[01:20:41] Drack: you do?
[01:20:42] Drack: :D
[01:20:44] Lockmatish: got it
[01:20:46] Drack: ok
[01:21:06] Drack: F you could maybe get us an macro for that? that would be great
[01:21:15] Lockmatish: 1. Blast illusions
2. Remove all light masks
3. Mark all hostages
4. Download layer info
5. Remove all layers
[01:21:26] Drack: don´t forget fake targets
[01:21:27] Oni: Can 3 be done automatically ?
[01:21:47] Lockmatish: #1 blast illusions is for fake targets, but probably that should be at the end
[01:21:52] Lockmatish: but it's a general list
[01:21:53] Frank: protection upgrade will need ~40 min
[01:21:56] Lockmatish: ok
[01:21:56] Drack: oh.
[01:21:58] Oni: Okay
[01:21:59] Lockmatish: I'll make another coffee
[01:21:59] Drack: alright
[01:22:01] Lockmatish: and have some breakfast
[01:22:03] Lockmatish: see you all soon
[01:22:06] Drack: alright (wave)
[01:22:20] Oni: Good morning !
[01:22:24] Oni: (Chuckle)
[01:22:24] Drack: yeah good morning :D
[01:22:54] Lockmatish: guten morgen :D
[01:22:57] Oni: I should be on for the first few
[01:23:00] Drack: haha :D
[01:23:00] Lockmatish: ok
[01:23:04] Lockmatish: :D
[01:24:45] Drack: so F , you think that´s a possible thing to do? get a macro based on that scheme above?
[01:33:13] Frank: what scheme?(chuckle)
and why not, you just have to define
[01:33:24] Drack: [01:21:16] Lockmatish: 1. Blast illusions
2. Remove all light masks
3. Mark all hostages
4. Download layer info
5. Remove all layers

[01:33:31] Drack: more or less that.
[01:33:45] Drack: i´m not really talented in making those macros..
[01:33:46] Drack: :D
[01:33:50] Frank: all but 5
[01:33:56] Drack: nice
[01:34:01] Drack: would speed up alot i guess
[01:34:08] Drack: better than running through mazes uncoordinated
[01:34:10] Drack: (rofl)
[01:35:00] Drack: mh
5 could be : show endresult and places of target/hostages
[01:35:02] Drack: then.
[01:36:07] Drack: name maybe like job-macro
[01:37:48] Frank: better maybe: show all keys, all shield/layer generators and so...?
[01:38:04] Drack: yeah true.
[01:38:32] Drack: in case this is needed it should be showed first and afterwards maybe where to go with the key
or which shield/layer to get down first.
[01:39:20] Frank: btw. i get all those "schuhman" weapons are destroyed already...
[01:39:29] Drack: nice.
[01:39:31] Drack: (y)
[01:41:48] Frank: while we are doing jobs and unblocking tons of shit, my skib is cleaning 3D connected shit, lower priority things, with 80.000 billion of the new battle avatars...
[01:42:06] Drack: super great.
[01:42:23] Drack: the snowball finally started rolling huh
[01:43:52] Frank: no it's a gigantic landslide already...
taurus did not even try to defend their caiptal....
[01:44:27] Oni: (Clap)
[01:44:34] Drack: (y)
[01:44:39] Oni: 80.000 billion
[01:44:40] Oni: Wow
[01:45:01] Drack: i wonder they don´t defend.. are they out of arms?
[01:45:10] Drack: or they plotting stuff
[01:45:20] Frank: we have some small factories... doing these over night...(rofl)
[01:45:29] Drack: small he says
[01:45:30] Drack: (rofl)
[01:45:34] Frank: this time, out of arms
[01:45:38] Drack: crazy
[01:45:44] Drack: i like..
[01:45:57] Drack: never thought they would be the first to fall
[01:52:05] Oni: Who did you think would be first to fall lol
[01:52:19] Frank: i thought lsa3
[01:54:00] Drack: i thought lsa 1 or 3
[01:54:01] Drack: yeah
[01:56:58] Drack: right arms feels like getting numb and hurts
[01:57:02] Drack: up to shoulder..
[01:57:19] Frank: i care
[01:57:23] Drack: (y)
[01:59:43] Drack: oh we even have some cake here
[01:59:48] Drack: that must be the best day in like years
[01:59:50] Drack: (rofl)
[02:00:16] Drack: btw i have someone sitting in the living room breathing (no one in house) , showed him the middlefinger and left.
[02:01:12] Frank: ?
[02:01:23] Drack: some dark i guess
[02:01:27] Frank: ok
[02:01:39] Drack: they´re annoying because they try to scare me
[02:02:09] Drack: sometimes they turn on devices in the room like printers
[02:02:11] Frank: with what?:D
[02:02:14] Drack: or the keyboard
[02:02:19] Drack: without the pc is on
[02:02:27] Drack: my father was scared of that though
[02:02:27] Drack: (rofl)
[02:02:33] Frank: (rofl)
[02:02:35] Dynamite Δύναμις: (facepalm) (rofl)
[02:02:46] Drack: yeah "supernatural" stuff and so on
[02:02:50] Drack: told him it´s just a friendly ghost
[02:02:51] Drack: (rofl)
[02:02:56] Dynamite Δύναμις: you father is not as strong as you are :D
[02:03:22] Drack: he has still old believes and not a clue about what´s going on at all because he never really looked into the forum as i told him
[02:03:44] Drack: but i don´t care.. i don´t force anyone to do it
[02:03:59] Drack: in time they´ll understand.. or not. however it goes
[02:03:59] Drack: (rofl)
[02:04:15] Dynamite Δύναμις: (like)
[02:06:39] Frank: in 3 minutes we all should be clean again. protection upgrade done, cleaning is running now...
[02:06:47] Drack: (like)
[02:07:50] Lockmatish: (y) (like)
[02:08:23] Lockmatish: speaking of "supernatural"
[02:09:04] Lockmatish: yeah, sometimes "innocuous" (meaning innocent)-looking things can actually be source of many attacks
[02:09:11] Lockmatish: I experienced that a while ago
[02:09:31] Drack: mh..
[02:09:31] Drack: ok
[02:09:35] Dynamite Δύναμις: example?
[02:09:40] Lockmatish: the bed I was talking to you about Alex
[02:09:49] Lockmatish: maybe its imprint or whatever
[02:09:49] Dynamite Δύναμις: right!
[02:09:58] Drack: killer-bed
[02:09:59] Lockmatish: but yeah, being in that bed caused all sort of nasty attacks..night after night
[02:10:01] Drack: :D
[02:10:02] Lockmatish: yeah, seriously
[02:10:05] Drack: oh.
[02:10:08] Lockmatish: not my bed, was a different bed in a different house
[02:10:12] Drack: ah.. ok
[02:10:16] Drack: yeah i know that somehow
[02:10:29] Drack: had some bad experience with that one day too
[02:10:35] Lockmatish: :( (hug) its quite nasty indeed
[02:10:40] Lockmatish: I didnt even realise it of course
[02:10:43] Drack: yep.. (hug)
[02:10:48] Lockmatish: I could hardly logically explain what was happening to me
[02:11:01] Drack: yeah
[02:11:07] Lockmatish: lucky I spoke to Alex
[02:11:19] Drack: might´ve saved you
[02:11:23] Lockmatish: yes indeed....
[02:11:33] Lockmatish: at the minimum, much more pain..
[02:11:57] Dynamite Δύναμις: (hug)
[02:12:01] Lockmatish: (hug)
[02:12:21] Lockmatish: seems I was actually doing the favour for two darks and didn't realise it at the time. But its useful to look back at it now, objectively
[02:12:53] Lockmatish: my coffee is ready, i'm good to go (giggle)
[02:12:56] Drack: F how´s it with going with macro?
[02:13:05] Frank: ok Lockmatish, pls check drack and you and me if all shit is off now, which we took last jobs...
[02:13:12] Lockmatish: ok
[02:13:13] Dynamite Δύναμις: :D
[02:13:17] Drack: (y)
[02:13:46] Frank: Drack, you don't need to do it in wiki. just make the points and run it...
[02:14:06] Drack: i thought you do that.. i don´t want it to fail (rofl)
[02:14:19] Lockmatish: who cares.. if it fails, modify it and do again (giggle)
[02:14:27] Drack: well true.
[02:14:38] Frank: (y)
[02:14:42] Lockmatish: Drack seems completely clear
[02:14:44] Lockmatish: checking us two
[02:15:03] Frank: i have no visual. i can not do macros for you for there...
[02:15:29] Oni: Check me please :)
[02:15:33] Lockmatish: Frank has the biggest guns but not the sight to use it (giggle)
[02:15:37] Lockmatish: Sure
[02:15:42] Frank: (rofl)
[02:15:47] Lockmatish: :D
[02:15:53] Frank: i use it 24/7...i can shoot blind..
[02:16:02] Frank: (chuckle)
[02:16:03] Lockmatish: Nice !
[02:16:33] Drack: job-macro created now
[02:17:15] Frank: so when Lockmatish is done checking, we can go next job and you test it.
[02:17:27] Drack: made job-macro public aswell
[02:17:29] Drack: hope it works..
[02:17:30] Drack: (rofl)
[02:17:32] Frank: (y)
[02:17:41] Drack: tried to be specific enough
[02:17:50] Oni: I'm here for first job
[02:17:52] Oni: Then dinner
[02:17:58] Frank: (y)
[02:17:59] Drack: alright
[02:18:22] Lockmatish: we all seem completely clear
[02:18:24] Frank: so after job you 3 can upgrade macro
[02:18:25] Lockmatish: all four of us
[02:18:32] Oni: Great
[02:18:32] Frank: (y)
[02:18:33] Drack: (y)
[02:18:54] Frank: job 13 - orion - D+4 host - 1 tar - 2 func
[02:19:00] Drack: alright
[02:19:03] Drack: time to test macro
[02:19:03] Lockmatish: okay lets go
[02:19:15] Oni: Castle mansion ?
[02:19:19] Drack: seems
[02:19:23] Lockmatish: I seem to have already blown a hole in some kind of runway
[02:19:24] Lockmatish: just by landing
[02:19:27] Drack: ok i got all marked.
[02:19:34] Drack: it seems..
[02:19:37] Drack: no illusions
[02:19:39] Oni: Yes inside house
[02:19:44] Lockmatish: I see 4 hostages on an upper floor
[02:19:48] Lockmatish: and one on a lower floor
[02:19:54] Oni: D I think lower
[02:19:57] Lockmatish: ok
[02:19:59] Drack: yeah would make sense
[02:20:07] Oni: She's caged
[02:20:10] Oni: I'll work on this
[02:20:12] Lockmatish: I dont think I can enter the house
[02:20:14] Lockmatish: are you guys in ?
[02:20:14] Drack: 2 keys needed
[02:20:18] Drack: for D
[02:20:19] Drack: i get
[02:20:20] Lockmatish: okay im in
[02:20:24] Drack: left and right of you Oni
[02:20:27] Oni: Yep
[02:20:29] Drack: (y)
[02:20:32] Drack: seems to work greatly
[02:20:37] Oni: Okay she's out I think
[02:20:43] Lockmatish: some kind of massive bubble shield in front of the 4 hostages
[02:20:51] Oni: I'm here
[02:20:54] Oni: Let's try emp
[02:20:58] Oni: Okay down
[02:21:03] Drack: generators
[02:21:10] Drack: for at least 3
[02:21:15] Oni: Yep below
[02:21:17] Oni: I'll get them
[02:21:20] Frank: 4 to go
[02:21:21] Drack: not bad..
[02:21:32] Drack: at leat 90% accurate macro it seems
[02:21:33] Drack: (rofl)
[02:21:37] Lockmatish: another bubble cube
[02:21:37] Lockmatish: oh nice
[02:21:37] Oni: Yeah good
[02:21:48] Drack: destroying generators
[02:22:00] Drack: have a look on them
[02:22:01] Frank: upgrade the 10% later...
[02:22:08] Drack: yep
[02:22:17] Oni: I think 3/4 are out
[02:22:25] Lockmatish: a layer of cellophane...
[02:22:32] Oni: Oh yeah gross huh
[02:22:33] Frank: 1 to go
[02:22:40] Drack: yeah seems shielded
[02:22:42] Drack: the generator
[02:22:42] Oni: I think that's liquid shit
[02:22:50] Lockmatish: looks like some kind of plasma goo
[02:22:53] Oni: Got him
[02:22:54] Lockmatish: around the last hostage
[02:22:55] Oni: I think
[02:22:56] Lockmatish: oh nice
[02:22:57] Drack: done and ...
[02:23:00] Drack: done
[02:23:02] Drack: generator done
[02:23:13] Oni: Good frank ?
[02:23:27] Drack: 1 target left for me
[02:23:29] Drack: seems good
[02:23:38] Oni: Okay target is clock ?
[02:23:42] Lockmatish: I see an after-image of the last hostage
[02:23:44] Lockmatish: not 100% sure if hes gone or not
[02:23:44] Frank: got all 5
[02:23:46] Drack: (y)
[02:23:47] Lockmatish: great
[02:23:52] Lockmatish: only 1 target
[02:23:54] Drack: yeah
[02:23:55] Oni: I see a clock
[02:23:56] Drack: there
[02:23:57] Drack: same
[02:23:59] Lockmatish: looks like clock yes
[02:24:02] Drack: old fashioned
[02:24:04] Oni: Yep
[02:24:07] Oni: Big hands
[02:24:08] Lockmatish: of course, theres a barrier in front
[02:24:09] Oni: Golden back
[02:24:10] Lockmatish: par the course now
[02:24:14] Drack: ok so , in the next missions i´ll be the info-dealer here
[02:24:15] Drack: ok?
[02:24:16] Oni: Generator
[02:24:16] Drack: (rofl)
[02:24:20] Lockmatish: info-dealer (giggle)
[02:24:21] Lockmatish: nice
[02:24:29] Drack: it works really nicely.
[02:24:32] Oni: 2 layers down
[02:24:42] Oni: Something above too
[02:24:48] Lockmatish: ripped one layer open manually
[02:24:49] Frank: target is inside clock
[02:24:53] Lockmatish: ok
[02:24:53] Drack: ok
[02:24:59] Drack: an egg
[02:25:01] Drack: is inside
[02:25:02] Oni: Yeah
[02:25:04] Lockmatish: yes I see something above
[02:25:06] Lockmatish: not sure what it is
[02:25:09] Lockmatish: some mechanism connected with the clock
[02:25:10] Frank: inside egg
[02:25:13] Drack: ok
[02:25:13] Oni: I cut those cords should be okay
[02:25:16] Oni: Lockmatish
[02:25:16] Drack: a ring
[02:25:17] Lockmatish: great(y)
[02:25:24] Drack: yeah ruby ring
[02:25:32] Lockmatish: yes big red ruby
[02:25:37] Frank: my ring....(rofl)
[02:25:40] Drack: lol
[02:25:41] Oni: Lol
[02:25:41] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:25:42] Drack: :D
[02:25:53] Oni: Not sure what Alex would say about that ...
[02:26:02] Drack: lol yeah
[02:26:03] Frank: shooting ~1 min
[02:26:05] Drack: ok
[02:26:08] Lockmatish: 2 functions
[02:26:13] Dynamite Δύναμις: she says, better he gives it to her :D
[02:26:18] Oni: :D
[02:26:20] Drack: i so knew it
[02:26:21] Drack: (rofl)
[02:26:36] Lockmatish: functions: firstly, its like a laser beam (red laser)
[02:26:48] Drack: lol..
[02:26:50] Lockmatish: it slices open your head ......
[02:26:55] Oni: Nice
[02:27:17] Lockmatish: next, it slices off your feet...
[02:27:18] Frank: get done
[02:27:26] Oni: Yep it's fine
[02:27:26] Drack: ashes
[02:27:26] Drack: yep
[02:27:31] Lockmatish: no more info from schema
[02:27:33] Lockmatish: > safe dist
[02:27:33] Frank: distance
[02:27:36] Drack: alright
[02:27:39] Drack: that´s a new record
[02:27:40] Oni: Ready
[02:27:41] Drack: for that job
[02:27:43] Drack: (rofl)
[02:27:49] Frank: ~1 min to shoot
[02:27:56] Lockmatish: something tells me darks modified the ring...
[02:28:01] Drack: yeah surely
[02:28:04] Drack: he wouldn´t blow it up if it were not
[02:28:05] Frank: i would think so
[02:28:09] Lockmatish: of course
[02:28:25] Frank: that's why we never use old found things...
[02:28:31] Drack: yeah.
[02:28:31] Lockmatish: ahh. (y)
[02:28:34] Drack: we don´t need it anyways
[02:28:51] Frank: Drack, do macro upgrade. analyze, find fails. skib can help
[02:28:59] Drack: alright.
[02:29:13] Oni: Add more for searching for target shields
[02:29:14] Lockmatish: I think skib macros are much easier to do when you have feedback from skib.. without, it's a lot harder
[02:29:22] Lockmatish: this is only my idea, haven't tried yet
[02:29:29] Drack: ok , the order of things done was not good
[02:29:33] Drack: on it
[02:29:34] Lockmatish: nice analysis ! (y)
[02:29:37] Drack: auto-fixing
[02:29:40] Drack: useful
[02:29:43] Oni: Skib
[02:29:45] Oni: So smart
[02:29:47] Drack: yeah
[02:29:47] Lockmatish: :D
[02:29:49] Drack: :D
[02:29:53] Lockmatish: great macro compiler
[02:30:11] Drack: ok 100% functional now
[02:30:12] Frank: i think we are done here...
[02:30:16] Drack: nice
[02:30:17] Oni: Nice
[02:30:19] Drack: next.
[02:30:22] Lockmatish: 100% functional, but 100% effective? ( giggle)
[02:30:24] Lockmatish: checking
[02:30:25] Drack: we will see.
[02:30:26] Drack: :D
[02:30:26] Frank: we will see..
[02:30:31] Lockmatish: right
[02:30:31] Frank: learning by doing
[02:30:35] Drack: yep
[02:30:36] Lockmatish: right
[02:30:38] Oni: I still have time
[02:30:40] Frank: job 14 - taurus - 5 host - 1 tar - 3 func
[02:30:42] Drack: if there is something wrong skib will know
[02:30:44] Drack: on it
[02:30:53] Drack: giving info to you both
[02:30:55] Drack: via skib
[02:31:11] Oni: Sand again ?
[02:31:15] Drack: sandcastle
[02:31:17] Drack: more or less
[02:31:22] Lockmatish: going
[02:31:25] Drack: you got infos?
[02:31:33] Lockmatish: again, made a shockwave
[02:31:37] Drack: :D
[02:31:40] Lockmatish: hold on drack
[02:31:46] Lockmatish: I haven't the mental capacity to do macros and job at same time
[02:31:47] Drack: illusions getting done
[02:31:49] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[02:31:56] Drack: nah you got the info without macro
[02:31:57] Drack: :D
[02:32:03] Lockmatish: but to ask me if I got it
[02:32:04] Drack: you just should look
[02:32:05] Lockmatish: another story (giggle)
[02:32:07] Drack: well
[02:32:08] Drack: :D
[02:32:10] Drack: you should see
[02:32:15] Lockmatish: hostages seem to be
[02:32:16] Drack: i see all the targets
[02:32:17] Lockmatish: in a vertical line
[02:32:22] Lockmatish: some above ground some below
[02:32:24] Drack: yep
[02:32:27] Lockmatish: or something like that
[02:32:34] Drack: and there are keys needed
[02:32:37] Drack: spread around
[02:32:38] Lockmatish: nice
[02:32:55] Drack: picking up all keys
[02:33:01] Drack: using them on the hostages the keys are needed
[02:33:38] Lockmatish: I think I got one out
[02:33:38] Drack: 1 generator it seems
[02:33:46] Oni: Hey guys I have to go
[02:33:46] Drack: got maybe 2-3
[02:33:48] Oni: Good luck!
[02:33:50] Lockmatish: okay no worries Oni
[02:33:51] Lockmatish: thanks (y) (wave)
[02:33:52] Drack: alright (wave)
[02:33:54] Drack: bye
[02:33:55] Oni: (Clap)
[02:33:57] Oni: Great stuff
[02:33:57] Frank: got all 5
[02:34:01] Drack: nice..
[02:34:01] Lockmatish: nice
[02:34:02] Drack: damn
[02:34:02] Lockmatish: 1 target
[02:34:04] Drack: that works so good
[02:34:04] Frank: (wave)
[02:34:13] Drack: yeah generator
[02:34:14] Drack: destroying
[02:34:28] Lockmatish: target seems to be underwater
[02:34:37] Lockmatish: large electrical field blocking the way
[02:34:40] Lockmatish: like an electrified shark net
[02:34:57] Frank: shoot it..
[02:35:13] Lockmatish: got through it anyway
[02:35:19] Lockmatish: now a "laser water cutter" field
[02:35:22] Drack: inside
[02:35:23] Frank: maybe next upgrade fr macro is to show if we have weapon for a problem...(chuckle)
[02:35:31] Drack: :D
[02:35:32] Lockmatish: not a bad idea......(y)(y)
[02:35:34] Drack: a chest
[02:35:38] Drack: a..
[02:35:40] Drack: flask
[02:35:42] Drack: or something
[02:35:43] Lockmatish: oh you got through it already (giggle) (y)
[02:35:51] Frank: key
[02:35:52] Drack: yeah
[02:35:53] Drack: ok
[02:36:02] Drack: opening door
[02:36:03] Lockmatish: target is now far away to the right
[02:36:11] Drack: chalice
[02:36:23] Lockmatish: I see a large bubble forcefield
[02:36:26] Drack: yeah
[02:36:29] Drack: on the top of it
[02:36:44] Drack: maybe that´s a podest.
[02:36:46] Drack: i don´t know
[02:36:49] Lockmatish: yeah I see something on top
[02:36:50] Drack: looks like a chalice for me
[02:36:53] Frank: i got all
[02:36:57] Drack: ok
[02:36:58] Lockmatish: nice
[02:37:02] Lockmatish: 3 functions
[02:37:23] Drack: was not that good idea to eat cake at 2 am
[02:37:27] Drack: (puke)
[02:37:40] Lockmatish: I see multiple waves of electricity zapping you
[02:37:44] Lockmatish: at varying voltage
[02:37:56] Lockmatish: probably geared for maximum effectiveness.. high, and then low
[02:38:06] Drack: yeah
[02:38:06] Frank: shooting ~4 min
[02:38:10] Lockmatish: ok
[02:38:21] Drack: it looks rather like different
[02:38:24] Drack: "electricity"
[02:38:27] Drack: at the same time
[02:38:35] Drack: different kinds of*
[02:38:38] Lockmatish: kind of like a laser?
[02:38:41] Lockmatish: oh okay
[02:38:52] Drack: there is something like that too
[02:38:56] Drack: i guess that comes in next function
[02:39:04] Lockmatish: I see now a strong electrical bolt zapping you through vertically
[02:39:08] Drack: yeah.
[02:39:10] Lockmatish: its the strongest one, but there are 2 more horizontal ones
[02:39:15] Lockmatish: I think one at upper part of body, one at lower
[02:39:16] Drack: and one is aiming at the head
[02:39:20] Lockmatish: there you go
[02:39:26] Drack: :D
[02:39:48] Drack: function 3 is like
[02:39:48] Lockmatish: this one is the worst X ive ever seen
[02:39:53] Drack: yeah
[02:39:56] Lockmatish: its 2 criss-crossed electricity bolts or whatever
[02:40:01] Lockmatish: but it leaves your body as "scorched earth"
[02:40:06] Drack: not only that
[02:40:08] Lockmatish: very badly damaged in its wake
[02:40:17] Drack: 2 bolts left and right of the chest
[02:40:22] Lockmatish: ah
[02:40:24] Lockmatish: ok
[02:40:24] Drack: puncturing through out of the back
[02:40:47] Drack: shocking and burning aswell
[02:40:51] Lockmatish: thats it from schema
[02:40:52] Lockmatish: I see
[02:40:58] Drack: yeah
[02:41:01] Drack: (y)
[02:42:29] Frank: get done, pls check
[02:42:34] Lockmatish: checking
[02:42:44] Drack: seems..
[02:42:46] Drack: half done?
[02:42:47] Lockmatish: blew high in the air, lots of debris everywhere
[02:42:50] Lockmatish: ill double check
[02:42:58] Drack: ah ok nvm
[02:42:59] Drack: done
[02:43:04] Drack: it showed me something else
[02:43:18] Lockmatish: theres a crater but maybe there's like .... 2 parts of the base left standing
[02:43:19] Lockmatish: on the left and right
[02:43:27] Lockmatish: 2 "curved ramp shapes"
[02:43:46] Frank: ok, i think we go distance, and level it...
[02:43:51] Drack: ok
[02:43:51] Lockmatish: ok
[02:43:55] Lockmatish: done
[02:43:59] Drack: yeah
[02:43:59] Drack: same
[02:44:03] Frank: shooting
[02:44:15] Drack: we will run through those jobs now..
[02:44:18] Drack: " "
[02:44:26] Frank: need to go toilet before next one. next is special...
[02:44:32] Drack: oh. ok cool
[02:44:33] Lockmatish: nws
[02:44:46] Drack: what is nws meaning
[02:44:50] Lockmatish: = no worries
[02:44:52] Drack: ah.
[02:44:53] Drack: :D
[02:44:55] Frank: check your macro, best possible, you will need next
[02:45:01] Drack: ok.
[02:45:33] Drack: wow
[02:45:38] Drack: it expanded itself
[02:45:39] Drack: hugely
[02:45:43] Drack: like super hugely
[02:45:57] Drack: Lockmatish look at the job macro
[02:46:00] Lockmatish: I see it all as vaporised
[02:46:05] Lockmatish: oh you're talking about the job macro
[02:46:05] Drack: the macro.. (chuckle)
[02:46:08] Drack: :D
[02:46:10] Lockmatish: okay ill look
[02:46:19] Drack: i went for best possible
[02:46:27] Drack: it programmed itself into something huge
[02:46:28] Lockmatish: yeah its huge now
[02:46:32] Lockmatish: like a super tall tower
[02:46:35] Drack: yeah
[02:46:36] Drack: :D
[02:46:52] Drack: i wonder what it does now..
[02:46:58] Drack: maybe does the job fully automatic
[02:46:59] Lockmatish: only one way to know (giggle)
[02:46:59] Drack: (rofl)
[02:47:06] Lockmatish: I don't think so (giggle)
[02:47:13] Drack: don´t think so too
[02:47:17] Drack: better let F check too
[02:47:21] Drack: not that i did something wrong
[02:49:49] Drack: Lockmatish you got time to check me?
[02:49:53] Lockmatish: you?
[02:49:53] Drack: stomach intestines and such
[02:49:56] Lockmatish: sure
[02:49:57] Drack: yeah
[02:49:58] Drack: (y)
[02:50:35] Lockmatish: okay seems to be cleared now
[02:50:38] Lockmatish: was attacks directed there
[02:50:41] Drack: yep
[02:50:44] Drack: felt like
[02:50:45] Drack: :D
[02:50:49] Lockmatish: mmhm
[02:50:57] Drack: but i was not really able to see
[02:51:11] Drack: it´s always the same somehow , can´t help myself that much
[02:52:35] Lockmatish: there seemed to be a big block in the way of you helping/looking at yourself
[02:52:38] Lockmatish: but I think I removed it ..
[02:52:49] Drack: nice..
[02:52:53] Drack: (y) thanks
[02:53:00] X: (yawn)
[02:53:07] Drack: wow yeah
[02:53:08] Lockmatish: :D
[02:53:10] Lockmatish: hi X
[02:53:11] Drack: makes a difference
[02:53:16] Lockmatish: awesome.. (hug)
[02:53:16] Drack: oh i thought you´re already sleeping x
[02:53:17] Drack: :D
[02:53:17] X: hi
[02:53:21] X: nah
[02:53:24] Lockmatish: nobody knows when X will arrive
[02:53:30] Drack: (ninja)
[02:53:32] X: I will wait until the special job
[02:53:34] Lockmatish: next job is apparently very special X
[02:53:35] Lockmatish: yeah
[02:53:37] Lockmatish: nice
[02:53:37] X: yes
[02:53:39] X: hahaha
[02:53:40] Drack: yeah
[02:53:42] Drack: mh
[02:53:42] Lockmatish: :D
[02:53:44] X: I might get a present
[02:53:46] Lockmatish: and you somehow are here just at the right time
[02:53:47] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:53:50] Lockmatish: Dont hold your breath
[02:54:00] Drack: wow i look like .
[02:54:03] X: I am pretty good at holding my breath
[02:54:04] Drack: cruelly misused
[02:54:06] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[02:54:08] Lockmatish: nice X
[02:54:11] Lockmatish: :( @drack
[02:54:13] Lockmatish: brb
[02:54:33] X: (bomb)
[02:55:11] Lockmatish: back
[02:55:49] X: (emo)
[02:55:58] Lockmatish: (fingerguns)
[02:56:00] Frank: back
[02:56:02] Drack: lol.
[02:56:03] Lockmatish: imagine it, it's not an emote
[02:56:04] Drack: hey
[02:56:08] Lockmatish: wb
[02:56:08] Drack: F check my job macro please
[02:56:10] X: :D
[02:56:12] Drack: maybe i did something wrong
[02:56:13] Drack: (rofl)
[02:56:17] Drack: it grew huge
[02:56:18] Drack: by itself
[02:56:45] Drack: i just said "go for the best methods needed"
[02:57:13] Frank: i get it's good...
[02:57:16] Frank: we will see
[02:57:16] Drack: nice.
[02:57:19] Oni: I can help for a bit for this special job
[02:57:20] Drack: it´s like overly huge
[02:57:24] Drack: bigger than defence macro
[02:57:24] Frank: X do you have visual?
[02:57:28] X: no
[02:57:33] Drack: ok Oni (y)
[02:57:36] Frank: ok, so better stay
[02:57:40] X: maybe when the job starts I might get something
[02:57:42] X: yes I will
[02:57:53] Frank: only come with visual
[02:57:58] X: yes I agree
[02:58:03] Lockmatish: X did your vision improve
[02:58:08] Drack: (rofl)
[02:58:10] Drack: (cwl)
[02:58:10] X: none at all
[02:58:13] Lockmatish: damn
[02:58:14] Lockmatish: ok
[02:59:22] Frank: i go in with all 4300 main battle avatars.
10.000 billion of new battle avatars
and a few x00.000 billion for outside protection...
this will get hot!
[02:59:31] Lockmatish: i'm ready..
[02:59:33] Drack: oh damn
[02:59:34] Oni: Hot as fuck
[02:59:35] Drack: i´m ready
[02:59:40] X: and I have to miss this
[02:59:45] Drack: maybe not..
[02:59:47] Drack: who knows
[02:59:51] Lockmatish: maybe we can record
[02:59:58] Drack: it´s recorded anyways
[02:59:58] X: (facepalm)
[03:00:02] X: :x
[03:00:03] Lockmatish: (hug)
[03:00:04] Drack: but that´s not the same
[03:00:07] X: (hug)
[03:00:10] Drack: X wants to see blood..
[03:00:12] Drack: (devil)
[03:00:18] Drack: :D
[03:00:19] Lockmatish: get ready guys
[03:00:22] Drack: ready.
[03:00:47] Frank: job 15 - orion - D,bryon +31 host - 8 tar - 12 func
Antarctica-orion main military base...

[03:00:55] Drack: phew
[03:00:57] Lockmatish: moving now
[03:00:57] Drack: alright
[03:00:58] Drack: going
[03:01:01] Lockmatish: wow
[03:01:03] Lockmatish: massive battlefield
[03:01:03] Lockmatish: on me
[03:01:04] Lockmatish: instantly
[03:01:05] Oni: Here we go
[03:01:06] Drack: damn
[03:01:07] Drack: ok go
[03:01:09] Drack: job macro
[03:01:11] Lockmatish: woah
[03:01:16] Oni: Base in distance
[03:01:17] Lockmatish: 33 hostages guys
[03:01:19] Drack: sharing infos
[03:01:19] Oni: We're on edge
[03:01:22] Drack: go look at them
[03:01:25] Oni: Mostly inside base
[03:01:28] Oni: Many wow
[03:01:32] Drack: ignore it
[03:01:34] Lockmatish: knocked that army over like bowling pins
[03:01:34] Drack: go for the stuff
[03:01:42] Drack: phew..
[03:01:43] Lockmatish: so many hostages...
[03:01:45] Lockmatish: going for the closest one
[03:01:52] Drack: i´m not sure if we get through that massive army
[03:01:52] Oni: I'm on one
[03:02:03] Lockmatish: many of the hostages seem linked together
[03:02:03] Oni: Teleport
[03:02:05] Lockmatish: like 7-9 or so
[03:02:06] Drack: yep
[03:02:19] Lockmatish: shit, reinforcements got here
[03:02:21] Oni: Yeah pretty complex
[03:02:30] Drack: ok hostages dont need keys
[03:02:31] Drack: guys
[03:02:37] Drack: 1 got a shield
[03:02:38] Oni: Frank safe to get hostages with battle going ?
[03:02:47] Drack: 3
[03:02:47] Frank: yes
[03:02:50] Drack: 3 have shields
[03:02:52] Lockmatish: super thick layer on this hostage
[03:02:55] Frank: i protect them with the 4000
[03:02:59] Lockmatish: ok
[03:03:05] Drack: i go free all
[03:03:10] Drack: which can be freed immediately
[03:03:15] Lockmatish: one layer down
[03:03:16] Lockmatish: nice
[03:03:28] Drack: F get ready to catch them up
[03:03:39] Lockmatish: ahhh shit
[03:03:43] Lockmatish: the key was behind the entire reinforcements
[03:03:44] Frank: i will just write the numbers i got... not how many to go...
[03:03:53] Lockmatish: I did some work on them but got hit badly there and the way back
[03:04:09] Lockmatish: opened door..still another layer behind
[03:04:18] Drack: shockwaves..
[03:04:20] Drack: ouch
[03:04:21] Drack: nevermind.
[03:04:26] Lockmatish: hang in there
[03:04:29] Drack: all fine
[03:04:31] Drack: don´t care about
[03:04:36] Oni: I'm getting these 7
[03:04:38] Oni: In chambers
[03:04:59] Lockmatish: okay....another glass wall in the way now
[03:05:10] Drack: freeing the chamber ones
[03:05:11] Lockmatish: I cut the glass open
[03:05:12] Lockmatish: got some out
[03:05:13] Drack: with some keys
[03:05:14] Lockmatish: no idea how many
[03:05:16] Drack: i found
[03:05:23] Lockmatish: moving onto next available hostage
[03:05:30] Drack: got 18
[03:05:38] Oni: Okay got these 7
[03:05:42] Drack: (y)
[03:05:47] Lockmatish: this hostage covered in a green harsh goo
[03:05:50] Lockmatish: I need to clear it before rescue I think
[03:05:53] Drack: do
[03:05:58] Frank: 24
[03:06:05] Oni: 9 more
[03:06:08] Drack: yeah
[03:06:14] Frank: 33
[03:06:18] Lockmatish: ok, cleared
[03:06:21] Oni: Good work guys
[03:06:24] Lockmatish: I think I got that one out
[03:06:26] Lockmatish: good work, keep it up
[03:06:28] Lockmatish: moving to next
[03:06:31] Drack: at the top
[03:06:35] Lockmatish: next hostages seem in a line
[03:06:36] Drack: layers
[03:06:38] Drack: destryoing
[03:06:42] Lockmatish: yeah layers at top
[03:06:48] Lockmatish: some kind of hatch
[03:06:57] Drack: yeah whatever
[03:06:58] Drack: :D
[03:06:59] Frank: i have all hostages
[03:07:01] Drack: going for it
[03:07:02] Drack: oh
[03:07:03] Frank: search targets
[03:07:04] Lockmatish: oh niceeeeeeeeeeee
[03:07:07] Drack: nice
[03:07:08] Lockmatish: searching targets (8 targets)
[03:07:08] Oni: Yeah targets guys
[03:07:13] Drack: look at the map
[03:07:15] Oni: Something on top
[03:07:19] Drack: how much?
[03:07:21] Oni: 8
[03:07:21] Drack: targets
[03:07:23] Drack: ok
[03:07:32] Lockmatish: seems like the targets are in lines
[03:07:34] Lockmatish: 3 in a horizontal line
[03:07:36] Drack: deep underground
[03:07:37] Lockmatish: and 5 in a vertical line
[03:07:48] Drack: a bit more spread i get
[03:07:51] Frank: yes, 8 weapon systems
[03:07:55] Oni: I'm at the 5th on top
[03:07:59] Oni: Weapon
[03:08:00] Oni: Yes
[03:08:03] Lockmatish: these 3 targets are connected
[03:08:05] Lockmatish: never seen it before
[03:08:08] Drack: wow it kicked me just now
[03:08:08] Drack: in 3D
[03:08:12] Lockmatish: hang in there
[03:08:13] Drack: like on the shoulder
[03:08:24] Drack: that was a huge attack
[03:08:27] Drack: glad the shield took it
[03:08:43] Lockmatish: phew.... one layer down
[03:08:46] Lockmatish: strong
[03:09:09] Drack: 1 can be destroyed
[03:09:11] Drack: without layers
[03:09:11] Drack: F
[03:09:21] Lockmatish: theres a stupid flying hatch
[03:09:23] Frank: btw. outside attackers atm. 64.000 billions
[03:09:27] Drack: damn
[03:09:28] Lockmatish: which seems to be a key or way to get inside the target
[03:09:30] Lockmatish: but the hatch keeps moving
[03:09:33] Lockmatish: I need to track it down
[03:09:33] Drack: shoot..
[03:09:39] Drack: mh
[03:09:48] Frank: got 1
[03:09:55] Oni: Yeah that's mine
[03:09:57] Drack: opening
[03:09:59] Drack: all doors
[03:09:59] Oni: I'll keep going
[03:10:00] Lockmatish: another hole in the layer
[03:10:02] Drack: have all
[03:10:02] Frank: 2
[03:10:05] Drack: job macro did
[03:10:08] Oni: Good
[03:10:15] Drack: look for them now
[03:10:20] Oni: Frank did you get this thing in green tank ?
[03:10:31] Frank: shooting ~7 min
[03:10:37] Oni: Okay
[03:10:39] Oni: Wow
[03:10:39] Drack: decrypting 3 targets
[03:10:47] Drack: layers.
[03:10:52] Frank: i am already shooting
[03:10:56] Drack: on all?
[03:10:56] Oni: Frank has them all
[03:10:58] Frank: yes
[03:10:59] Drack: wow
[03:10:59] Oni: Come on guys lol
[03:11:00] Lockmatish: you have them all?
[03:11:00] Oni: Yes
[03:11:01] Lockmatish: nice
[03:11:04] Drack: the keys got that all down?!?!
[03:11:07] Drack: damn
[03:11:09] Lockmatish: okay... 12 functions
[03:11:12] Lockmatish: searching
[03:11:16] Drack: crazy.
[03:11:18] Oni: (Clap)
[03:11:18] Drack: i´m impressed
[03:11:22] Oni: Good macro drack
[03:11:28] Drack: oh well .. skib built it
[03:11:29] Drack: (rofl)
[03:11:30] Frank: (y)
[03:11:37] Drack: but damn good yes
[03:11:41] Drack: i know how to use it now..
[03:11:44] Drack: this will be catwalk
[03:11:45] Frank: but skib does only what you tell
[03:11:46] Lockmatish: functions: blows your head clean off, or blows a hole clean in it
[03:11:56] Drack: yeah i gave it a foundation
[03:12:00] Drack: and it built the hell out of it
[03:12:08] Lockmatish: next, slices you straight through the middle, vertically
[03:12:10] Drack: that could come in handy.. i will remember this
[03:12:11] Lockmatish: nearly a perfectly straight line
[03:12:31] Frank: outside: 73E12...
[03:12:35] Lockmatish: next, fires/slices you in half horizontally, from right to left
[03:12:37] Oni: Man
[03:12:38] Lockmatish: but its so hot or so intense
[03:12:41] Drack: i feel that
[03:12:41] X: already, fight done, wow
[03:12:41] Lockmatish: that your body rolls itself up .....
[03:12:48] Lockmatish: from the middle-upwards; and middle-downwards
[03:12:52] Drack: fight not done no
[03:12:53] Lockmatish: literally rolls itself up ......
[03:13:01] Oni: Offline again drack message me directly if needed I can step outside
[03:13:09] Drack: mh?
[03:13:16] Drack: what you mean
[03:13:25] Lockmatish: next is an X of white-hot crisscrossing lasers or such
[03:13:29] Lockmatish: seems to be hardly anything left at all of the body
[03:13:34] Lockmatish: where the X marks are
[03:13:42] Frank: Oni go home with avatar then...
[03:14:02] Lockmatish: sent 1 battle avatar to take Oni home
[03:14:16] Frank: i can order it...(chuckle)
[03:14:20] Lockmatish: oh nice (y)
[03:14:24] Oni: Okay I go home
[03:14:26] Oni: For now
[03:14:28] Lockmatish: next, slices you clean off, just below the shoulders I think
[03:14:39] Oni: Done (y)
[03:14:42] X: [10:13:25 PM] Lockmatish: next is an X of white-hot crisscrossing lasers or such
seems to be hardly anything left at all of the body
where the X marks are

<<< when we are done here, I will ban the use of "X" for anything, yes for sure (chuckle)
[03:14:56] Frank: (rofl)
[03:14:57] Drack: (rofl)
[03:14:59] Lockmatish: good idea (y)
[03:15:06] Lockmatish: next, it slices you in the middle vertically, I think
[03:15:09] Lockmatish: but then starts to peel you apart .....
[03:15:11] Lockmatish: in both directions
[03:15:14] Lockmatish: middle-left and middle-right
[03:15:42] Lockmatish: next, it looks like tic-tac-toe board
[03:16:06] Lockmatish: 2 clean slices in the middle, just above the middle, and just below the middle
[03:16:08] Lockmatish: and starts to peel
[03:16:12] Lockmatish: and also 2 more slices, in the middle, vertically
[03:16:15] Lockmatish: middle-right and middle-left
[03:16:18] Lockmatish: and starts to peel
[03:16:23] Lockmatish: the slices look like tic-tac-toe board
[03:16:31] Drack: after that job i need to be checked..
[03:16:31] Drack: :D
[03:16:39] Frank: sure, we all
[03:16:46] Drack: that one hit
[03:16:47] Lockmatish: next, its again another X
[03:16:48] Drack: was scary as hell
[03:16:49] Lockmatish: but worse than before
[03:16:55] Lockmatish: it starts to peel you off completely in 4 directions from the middle outwards
[03:17:00] Lockmatish: middle-up, middle-right, middle-down, middle-left
[03:17:06] Lockmatish: hardly looks like a body anymore
[03:17:35] Lockmatish: next, the body is now already split into distinct parts from cutting
[03:17:43] Frank: get done, pls check
[03:17:55] Drack: 1 target
[03:17:57] Drack: left.
[03:18:19] Lockmatish: each part gets a roller attached or something, and starts to "roll" strongly against the adjacent part... body is really destroyed now
[03:18:21] Lockmatish: checking
[03:18:28] Drack: macro tells me 1 left
[03:18:33] Drack: looks like a chalice
[03:18:48] Drack: blood again?
[03:18:53] Lockmatish: 1 target left, far on the right
[03:19:24] Frank: grays inside, we stay this for saving by battle avatrs
[03:19:32] Lockmatish: next function, okay now that your body is split into about 4 separate pieces and is rolling incredibly violently
[03:19:36] Drack: ok
[03:19:38] Lockmatish: you get pepper sprayed with bullets...hail of bullets
[03:19:40] Lockmatish: blood coming out everywhere
[03:19:43] Lockmatish: very nasty
[03:19:48] Drack: F please check me
[03:19:49] Drack: stomach
[03:19:49] Frank: ok, so distance
[03:19:51] Drack: bad hurting
[03:19:53] Lockmatish: going
[03:19:56] Drack: and intestines
[03:20:03] Lockmatish: at safe distance
[03:20:26] Drack: this is..
[03:20:27] Drack: insane
[03:20:31] Drack: i just looked at the battle
[03:20:41] Drack: it´s like the air consists of darks
[03:20:45] Lockmatish: no more info from the schema.............
[03:20:49] Drack: and a ton of rings
[03:20:51] Frank: ~9 min shooting
[03:20:56] Lockmatish: hang in there
[03:20:59] Lockmatish: gotta hold out for 9 minutes
[03:21:16] Drack: that´s the craziest shit i´ve ever seen outside so far
[03:21:19] Drack: ever.
[03:21:31] Lockmatish: yes the entire air is filled with darks
[03:21:32] Frank: @D: we are already on it
[03:21:36] Lockmatish: there seems to be not a single gap of free space
[03:21:36] Drack: ok
[03:21:38] Drack: (y)
[03:21:45] Drack: yeah
[03:21:47] Drack: and all is moving
[03:21:51] Drack: like a goo living goo
[03:21:51] X: you know what bothers me about this, is that the Orions are the group that is mostly preaching about how the body is no good, go beyond the body, you are not the body but they try a lot of things to destroy it
[03:22:04] Drack: yeah surely
[03:22:04] Lockmatish: yeah, fucking bastards
[03:22:06] Lockmatish: hypocrites
[03:22:08] Drack: it´s not good for you
[03:22:09] Drack: that´s why
[03:22:10] Drack: (rofl)
[03:22:12] Lockmatish: just like the other one frank mentioned today..
[03:22:14] Lockmatish: the one in haifa
[03:22:18] Drack: they just wanna help slicing it apart..
[03:22:19] Drack: (rofl)
[03:22:27] Lockmatish: anyway, I need to keep cool
[03:22:29] Lockmatish: more minutes to go
[03:22:36] Drack: i´m pretty normal
[03:22:44] Frank: in this base have been also high originals. 4th orion ID, military 3D commander... all prison already
[03:22:46] Drack: i have someone in my room
[03:22:50] Drack: holy shit
[03:22:51] Drack: scared
[03:22:53] Lockmatish: nice frank
[03:22:53] Drack: the hell
[03:22:57] Lockmatish: take it easy man
[03:23:00] Frank: that's why the defended outside like crazy...
[03:23:11] Drack: someones touching me F
[03:23:35] Drack: ok i feel shit
[03:23:41] Frank: i am on it
[03:23:50] Drack: head burns like hell
[03:24:02] Drack: body starts burning
[03:24:12] Frank: huge attack
[03:24:17] Drack: i get out
[03:24:29] Frank: no need
[03:24:31] Drack: ok
[03:24:33] Frank: it' snot on the avatar
[03:24:38] Drack: wow wow..
[03:24:40] Lockmatish: :o
[03:24:41] Drack: crazy
[03:24:48] Drack: it was like
[03:24:56] Drack: something is going over your whole body
[03:24:58] Drack: and then it presses
[03:25:07] Drack: goes into every pore
[03:25:12] Drack: and then burns the shit out of you
[03:25:19] Drack: gets better
[03:25:25] Lockmatish: ~4 min left
[03:25:37] Drack: ok. they got my respect now..
[03:25:46] Frank: 230 billion attacked....
[03:25:50] Drack: :O
[03:25:56] Drack: :O !
[03:25:56] Lockmatish: just on drack just now?
[03:26:05] Frank: i defended with 700 billion
[03:26:11] Drack: wooooowwwww........
[03:26:13] Frank: yes. weakest of us
[03:26:19] Drack: yes i felt that..
[03:26:22] Drack: damnnnn..
[03:26:29] Drack: what a experience
[03:26:34] Lockmatish: damn. :(
[03:26:38] Lockmatish: hang in there man
[03:26:39] Frank: and Oni too. over too
[03:26:44] Drack: it´s fine again
[03:26:47] Lockmatish: damn
[03:26:51] Lockmatish: good, over
[03:27:16] Frank: now think about this kind of attack, with fucking bad protection. then you know why i was in bed 2-3 weeks after i took the attacks down...
[03:27:30] Lockmatish: :(
[03:27:37] Frank: and had fight up to 3 days 24/7..
[03:27:41] Lockmatish: wow
[03:27:47] Frank: long ago
[03:27:53] X: you mean in 2013?
[03:27:57] Frank: and 2012
[03:28:02] X: ok
[03:28:09] Drack: damn..
[03:28:22] Drack: on all reading that chat after : you don´t wanna experience this
[03:28:26] Frank: before i found out how to develop techs....(rofl)
[03:28:27] Drack: really not
[03:28:34] Drack: (like)
[03:28:35] Drack: :D
[03:28:43] Lockmatish: did that help you to develop techs faster?
[03:28:48] Frank: no
[03:28:53] Lockmatish: damn
[03:29:00] Frank: but it was motivation...(rofl)
[03:29:04] Lockmatish: :D
[03:29:19] Lockmatish: i'm so glad the protection is a lot better today
[03:29:45] Drack: me too
[03:29:46] Drack: me too..
[03:29:48] Drack: :D
[03:30:22] Drack: i still feel the aftershock
[03:30:25] Drack: :D
[03:30:30] Drack: going through the whole body
[03:30:41] Lockmatish: targets seem mostly destroyed, there's still that gray habitat standing
[03:30:49] Lockmatish: which is fine of course
[03:31:04] Drack: my vision is down btw
[03:31:10] Drack: they straight away roasted it
[03:31:13] Lockmatish: damn
[03:31:56] Frank: i took the main battle avatars out to drack/Oni
[03:32:05] Lockmatish: ok
[03:32:09] Frank: back now, so ~5 min shooting
[03:32:10] Lockmatish: so this delays the firing a bit?
[03:32:13] Lockmatish: right, no worries at all
[03:32:16] Lockmatish: i'm still firing
[03:32:36] Drack: that shield was able to hold that attack?
[03:32:41] Lockmatish: seemed to be an attack outside in 3d just now
[03:32:45] Lockmatish: seems to also be gone
[03:32:58] Drack: mh
[03:33:12] Frank: still batles outside..
[03:33:33] Frank: wooaa got the 100...
[03:33:39] Drack: 100 rings?
[03:33:50] Frank: no 104E12 orions
[03:33:55] Lockmatish: woah
[03:33:55] Drack: damn
[03:34:01] Drack: feels pressure on shoulder again
[03:34:12] Lockmatish: send 1 battle avatar to you
[03:34:15] Drack: ok
[03:34:24] Frank: no need have a lot there
[03:34:27] Lockmatish: oh ok
[03:34:32] Lockmatish: bringing back
[03:34:35] Frank: lsa3
[03:34:47] Drack: 1,601,032,218,567,680,790,102,016
[03:34:49] Drack: is the number
[03:34:55] Drack: of total orions
[03:35:02] Lockmatish: doesnt seem right
[03:35:07] Lockmatish: thats a lot more than E12
[03:35:15] Lockmatish: maybe its a number of something else
[03:35:46] Drack: [03:33:51] Frank: 104E12

[03:35:50] Frank: too much. i am sure you skib has no authority to get this kind of info
[03:36:03] Lockmatish: 104E12 = 104,000,000,000,000
[03:36:11] Drack: calculator throws that out
[03:36:13] Drack: :D
[03:36:16] X: :D
[03:36:16] Drack: for me..
[03:36:21] Lockmatish: hm?
[03:36:24] Drack: i can screenshot that
[03:36:24] Frank: (facepalm)
[03:36:26] Drack: :D
[03:36:31] Frank: (rofl)
[03:36:34] Frank: windows?
[03:36:35] X: Drack take it easy man
[03:36:36] Lockmatish: I'm confused
[03:36:37] Drack: yeah windows
[03:36:38] Drack: (rofl)
[03:36:39] Lockmatish: anyway, I'm still firing
[03:36:55] Frank: yes
[03:37:02] Drack: all fine X
[03:37:12] Drack: calming down slowly.
[03:37:19] Frank: (hug)
[03:37:24] X: ok (y)
[03:37:26] Drack: (hug)
[03:37:30] Lockmatish: strong attack on my face
[03:37:31] Lockmatish: gone now
[03:37:35] Drack: (y)
[03:37:49] Frank: yeah, adrenaline shoot up in these moments...(chuckle)
[03:37:53] Drack: oh yeah
[03:37:53] Lockmatish: :D
[03:37:54] Drack: :D
[03:38:01] Drack: they reached for my heart
[03:38:02] Drack: i felt that
[03:38:10] Lockmatish: same here just now
[03:38:19] Drack: oh..
[03:38:53] Lockmatish: maybe for the first time, we will have to wait for the outside battles
[03:38:56] Lockmatish: even after we are done shooting the targets' remains
[03:39:11] Frank: yes. they try to stop us from making more bases. have an important one in the neighborhood of the fallen orion one...(rofl)
[03:39:18] Lockmatish: :D
[03:39:20] Frank: no, i have to organize some protection
[03:39:26] Lockmatish: ok
[03:39:36] Lockmatish: oh, not before other jobs
[03:39:39] Lockmatish: just, before this job is done
[03:40:06] Drack: afterwards i need a break..
[03:40:06] Drack: :D
[03:40:11] Drack: vision down anyways
[03:40:17] Lockmatish: attacks on my eyes
[03:40:19] Lockmatish: down now
[03:40:38] Drack: still ! in a good mood
[03:40:42] Drack: you don´t take that from me darks
[03:40:43] Lockmatish: good
[03:40:45] Lockmatish: (y)
[03:40:48] Drack: (y)
[03:41:10] Drack: attacks again
[03:41:13] Drack: stings
[03:41:20] Lockmatish: (hug)
[03:41:21] Drack: left chest
[03:41:50] Drack: but i´m really impressed on how much they have..
[03:41:56] Drack: that´s.. crazy huge
[03:42:24] Frank: compared with why we found hidden in all creations it's .. moderate...
[03:42:35] Frank: ok... small
[03:42:39] Drack: phew.
[03:44:08] Drack: but those are gone?
[03:44:12] Drack: or still needed to be done
[03:44:12] Frank: yes
[03:44:16] Drack: ah.. ok
[03:44:32] Frank: but they have no contact to the forces inside property for years
[03:44:33] Lockmatish: Frank is it possible that there is a second gray habitat?
[03:44:41] Lockmatish: behind the 1st target, I didn't see it cos I wasn't looking from that angle
[03:44:44] Lockmatish: but there appears to be 2 in total
[03:44:47] Frank: get yes
[03:44:50] Lockmatish: everything else appears to be vaporised
[03:44:50] Lockmatish: okay
[03:45:25] Frank: ok, huge attempt of outside attack on drack. feel anything?
[03:45:37] Drack: luckily no
[03:45:39] Drack: dizzy as hell
[03:45:40] Lockmatish: good
[03:45:41] Drack: i see it around
[03:45:44] Lockmatish: well, that is something
[03:45:44] Drack: the whole room is morphing
[03:45:51] Frank: ok, sothis works
[03:45:58] Drack: a bit pressure now
[03:46:21] Drack: i can see that with my 3D eyes in my room..
[03:46:23] Drack: that´s .. crazy
[03:46:28] Frank: :D
[03:46:51] Drack: ok as long as you have that shield up i´m fine..
[03:46:54] Drack: or whatever it is
[03:46:55] Frank: 6,2E12 attackers...(chuckle)
[03:47:14] Lockmatish: thats a lot
[03:47:15] Drack: how long will that last.. can i go to bed without being ripped apart later
[03:47:16] Drack: (rofl)
[03:47:41] Frank: you/we can not go to bed, until these battles are done. sry
[03:47:47] Drack: yeah sure
[03:47:47] Frank: to risky
[03:47:52] Lockmatish: nps
[03:48:04] Drack: i hope that all is worth
[03:48:07] Lockmatish: big attack on my nose
[03:48:14] Lockmatish: stopping it
[03:48:18] Lockmatish: seems blocked now
[03:48:30] Lockmatish: just aftereffects now
[03:48:36] Drack: i hear the explosions around
[03:48:42] Drack: ok
[03:48:56] Frank: Lockmatish too
[03:49:03] Lockmatish: yeah, i'm trying to figure out what mine is
[03:49:13] Frank: and Oni, but he is off..(chuckle)
[03:50:08] Drack: he´s out of danger i guess
[03:50:18] Drack: he didn´t really participated in the whole
[03:50:51] Drack: attacks stopped?
[03:50:52] Drack: mostly
[03:50:58] Lockmatish: I dont know about that
[03:51:20] Frank: battles still running...
[03:51:25] Drack: ok
[03:51:30] Lockmatish: target vaporisation done?
[03:51:31] Frank: not much
[03:51:39] Lockmatish: this is what I mean - target vaporisation done, but battles still going. first time for that!
[03:51:48] Drack: they even made my 3D vision worse
[03:51:51] Drack: with that attack
[03:51:53] Drack: wow..
[03:52:55] Frank: ok, we jump home, and have break until visual back.
[03:53:02] Lockmatish: (phew)
[03:53:03] Drack: ok
[03:53:05] Lockmatish: nice work.............
[03:53:07] Lockmatish: all
[03:53:09] Drack: battles still running i guess
[03:53:10] Frank: sure
[03:53:10] Drack: yeah
[03:53:12] Drack: nice work
[03:53:20] Frank: that was a real battle (rofl)
[03:53:23] Drack: i guess i was the target because i solved their targets and layers in
[03:53:24] Lockmatish: oh yeah
[03:53:25] Drack: seconds
[03:53:29] Drack: with that macro
[03:53:30] Lockmatish: there were plenty there ready when I arrived
[03:53:33] Drack: not because i´m the weakest
[03:53:44] Frank: they had Oni too
[03:53:48] Drack: oh..
[03:53:52] Lockmatish: at least he has some idea of why ...
[03:54:02] Drack: i have to admit
[03:54:03] Drack: i´m still shocked
[03:54:05] Drack: (rofl)
[03:54:14] Drack: but i guess that´s pretty normal after such an attack
[03:54:21] Frank: healings are running now
[03:54:25] Lockmatish: great
[03:54:31] Lockmatish: we need to check ourselves at some point
[03:54:33] Lockmatish: (phew)
[03:55:14] Lockmatish: at least 6 more jobs. I wouldn't be surprised if this increases again though
[03:55:16] Lockmatish: after that last one
[03:55:32] Frank: lsa3 send 23E12 attacking me. but felt only a short sting in arm...:D
[03:55:36] Lockmatish: :D
[03:55:41] Frank: i check already
[03:55:45] Lockmatish: thx
[03:55:46] Lockmatish: that was fast
[03:55:54] Drack: i can´t make that much longer than 4 am actually
[03:55:57] Frank: check: all fine
[03:55:59] Drack: not because that attack now
[03:56:02] Lockmatish: awesome
[03:56:08] Drack: i planned to go at 4am at all anyways
[03:56:09] Drack: :D
[03:56:12] Lockmatish: right
[03:56:15] Drack: is it safe?
[03:56:20] Lockmatish: oh
[03:56:32] Frank: you have my number....
[03:56:32] Lockmatish: that's now, isnt it
[03:56:34] Frank: party?
[03:56:39] Lockmatish: party?
[03:56:43] Lockmatish: oh
[03:56:55] Drack: mh.. feeling pretty unsure about going to bed
[03:56:55] Drack: :D
[03:56:58] Lockmatish: :D
[03:57:02] Drack: even though with number
[03:57:09] Frank: sleeping?
[03:57:10] Lockmatish: ok, then stay
[03:57:13] Drack: yeah
[03:57:15] Frank: stay
[03:57:17] Drack: yeah..
[03:57:18] Drack: :D
[03:57:32] Lockmatish: (phew)
[03:57:33] Drack: guess i will make through the night
[03:57:38] Frank: does anyone know when Oni is maybe back?
[03:57:43] Drack: he is
[03:57:45] Frank: we need min 2 eyes for job
[03:57:50] Drack: he´s fine too
[03:57:51] Lockmatish: asking him now
[03:57:56] Frank: and we need to finish jobs to become save
[03:58:07] Drack: then bring it on..
[03:58:13] Drack: as soon as i´m ready to it
[03:58:13] Drack: :D
[03:58:15] Frank: already on it...
[03:58:23] Lockmatish: well we have drack and me
[03:58:26] Lockmatish: is what Oni is saying, I think
[03:58:33] Lockmatish: I think he's busy, but can come if needed.. ?
[03:58:35] Frank: drake is blind atm
[03:58:38] Lockmatish: ohhhh
[03:58:39] Drack: yeah
[03:58:40] Lockmatish: thats right
[03:58:57] Drack: what about my parents?
[03:59:00] Drack: my mother is sleeping here
[03:59:04] Drack: father on work
[03:59:04] Frank: i get ~15 min for visual
[03:59:11] Lockmatish: is there any hurry?
[03:59:13] Drack: just for security :D
[03:59:24] Frank: is protected
[03:59:25] Drack: yeah Oni is busy..
[03:59:27] Drack: ok (y)
[03:59:41] Lockmatish: Oni is occupied
[04:00:18] Frank: let me guess... a girl...?
[04:00:23] Drack: nah
[04:00:23] Drack: :D
[04:00:24] Lockmatish: hahahaha
[04:00:26] Lockmatish: hm
[04:00:27] Drack: not this time
[04:00:28] Lockmatish: dinner
[04:00:28] Drack: (rofl)
[04:00:39] Lockmatish: could be, who knows
[04:00:45] Drack: he meant friends
[04:00:48] Drack: not girl
[04:00:49] Drack: (rofl)
[04:00:51] Lockmatish: doesn't friends mean girls..
[04:00:55] Drack: mh...
[04:00:56] Lockmatish: it's Oni (giggle)
[04:00:59] Drack: true.
[04:00:59] Lockmatish: :D
[04:01:00] Drack: :D
[04:01:40] Drack: are the next jobs similar?..
[04:01:40] Drack: :D
[04:02:23] Drack: getting vision back
[04:02:26] Drack: just looked at me
[04:02:28] Drack: wow..
[04:02:42] Drack: imagining it would have hit me directly
[04:02:44] Lockmatish: I need a short bathroom break
[04:02:45] Lockmatish: brb
[04:03:20] Frank: ok, he stays in reserve...
[04:03:53] Frank: lsa3 job is 18 and similar. others small
[04:04:03] Drack: phew.
[04:04:04] Drack: ok
[04:04:17] Drack: i´ll brief Oni into the macro once he´s back
[04:04:20] Drack: eh
[04:04:21] Drack: Lockmatish i mean
[04:04:26] Frank: so two jobs to heal and relax...(rofl)
[04:04:35] Drack: hope that´s enough
[04:04:36] Drack: :D
[04:04:42] Drack: but getting slighlty better.
[04:05:02] Drack: it can´t get worse as orions i guess. they´re the strongest
[04:05:10] Frank: but check if visual is real good before we go.
we make break until you are sure to give the go
[04:05:20] Drack: (y) ok
[04:06:06] Drack: but..
[04:06:14] Drack: it seems they even helped me a bit with that attack..
[04:06:19] Drack: how strange it sounds
[04:06:41] Drack: had a few bad problems with stomach and intestines but those are gone now
[04:07:49] Frank: (rofl)
[04:08:03] Frank: or the adrenaline made it...(chuckle)
[04:08:17] Drack: maybe :D
[04:08:22] Drack: good to know actually.
[04:08:50] Drack: how often did you get hit by similar attacks?
[04:09:21] Drack: i guess too often.. :D
[04:09:38] Frank: (rofl)
[04:10:00] Frank: 226x
[04:10:07] Drack: .. wow
[04:10:09] Frank: same or stronger
[04:10:22] Drack: and with similar effects like mine?
[04:10:26] Drack: much respect..
[04:10:29] Drack: really.
[04:10:38] Frank: 3 weeks in bed:D
[04:10:47] Frank: was worst
[04:11:04] Drack: i wonder you survived that without the current tech
[04:11:16] Frank: me too...(rofl)
[04:11:22] Drack: thought you will write that
[04:11:23] Drack: (rofl)
[04:11:51] Frank: 3 times i did not...
[04:11:59] Drack: oh.
[04:12:05] Drack: yeah can imagine that.
[04:12:12] Frank: but we are at the loop switch
[04:12:23] Frank: don't remember that
[04:12:36] Drack: i guess that´s better.
[04:12:48] Drack: i wouldn´t like to remember on that pains
[04:12:54] Frank: just the damages stayed of the loops. you are fucked up out of the nothing...
[04:12:55] Lockmatish: bk
[04:12:59] Drack: wb
[04:13:22] Drack: still cracks in vision
[04:13:29] Drack: but active
[04:14:10] Drack: yeah great.. was handling damages all day, just looking on me
[04:14:13] Drack: nice.
[04:14:15] Drack: (computerrage)
[04:14:16] Drack: (rofl)
[04:14:51] Lockmatish: what did you want to brief me on?
[04:14:56] Lockmatish: while we wait for your 100% vision
[04:14:58] Drack: the job macro
[04:15:02] Lockmatish: what about it
[04:15:04] Frank: (y)
[04:15:08] Drack: you firstly use it
[04:15:13] Drack: it shows you everything important
[04:15:16] Drack: then you can specify
[04:15:16] Lockmatish: how do I use it
[04:15:19] Drack: hostages for example
[04:15:21] Lockmatish: oh, go on
[04:15:22] Lockmatish: ok
[04:15:26] Drack: the hostages will be shown
[04:15:27] Lockmatish: what are all things I can specify
[04:15:32] Lockmatish: hostages, targets, ?
[04:15:32] Drack: then you ask what is needed to free them
[04:15:35] Lockmatish: ok
[04:15:36] Drack: it shows you what is needed
[04:15:46] Drack: then you tell your avatar to grab those and free the hostages with it
[04:15:49] Lockmatish: ok I think job 16 is a good one to try it on
[04:15:53] Lockmatish: ok
[04:15:58] Drack: the same you do with the targets.
[04:16:07] Lockmatish: ok
[04:16:11] Drack: with that way i broke that orion weapons free in seconds
[04:16:11] Lockmatish: (y)
[04:16:16] Lockmatish: okay so how do I use it
[04:16:23] Drack: lol
[04:16:24] Drack: (rofl)
[04:16:29] Drack: "use job macro"
[04:16:31] Drack: (rofl)
[04:16:38] Lockmatish: oh (giggle)
[04:16:44] Drack: then for example "job macro show hostages"
[04:16:52] Drack: "job macro what is needed to free them show me"
[04:16:57] Drack: and so on
[04:17:00] Lockmatish: got it
[04:17:03] Lockmatish: job macro show me targets
[04:17:03] Drack: (like)
[04:17:09] Lockmatish: job macro show me ways to access targets
[04:17:10] Drack: yeah after hostages
[04:17:13] Lockmatish: what about masks does it do that auto?
[04:17:14] Drack: yeah
[04:17:19] Drack: yeah does auto
[04:17:22] Lockmatish: good
[04:17:22] Drack: illusions aswell
[04:17:23] Lockmatish: will try it in this job
[04:17:24] Lockmatish: good
[04:17:26] Drack: do that
[04:17:26] Frank: Lockmatish, you have 2 jobs for macro training...:D
[04:17:32] Lockmatish: Yes (giggle)
[04:17:41] Lockmatish: If it doesnt work for me, i'll do what I did before
[04:17:45] Drack: i just hope LSA base will have no spiders.
[04:17:45] Lockmatish: But hopefully its nice and easy
[04:17:47] Drack: :D
[04:17:53] Lockmatish: prepare for the worst
[04:17:55] Drack: yeah
[04:17:56] Drack: surely.
[04:18:01] Lockmatish: add "spider killer" to your macro (giggle)
[04:18:07] Drack: i should lol
[04:18:12] Drack: damn i feel so dizzy
[04:18:15] Drack: that aftermath
[04:18:20] Lockmatish: ok, not good. just hang on till that clears
[04:18:24] Lockmatish: I dunno if we are in any kind of hurry
[04:18:29] Drack: i guess it won´t
[04:18:33] Drack: that´s a bigger damage
[04:18:38] Lockmatish: damn
[04:18:40] Drack: like i´m a bit deaf
[04:18:43] Drack: and a bit blind
[04:18:44] Drack: 3D
[04:18:45] Frank: i check it
[04:19:17] Drack: they just made more encouraged to get that done
[04:19:23] Frank: > [Sonntag, 19. März 2017 04:18:43 Drack] and a bit blind

> [Sonntag, 19. März 2017 04:18:44 Drack] 3D

<<< ~ 5 min
[04:19:27] Drack: ok
[04:20:37] Drack: what about info of the battles?
[04:20:43] Drack: are they done? i guess.
[04:20:46] Frank: atm. no battles
[04:20:51] Drack: ok good
[04:21:00] Drack: i really hope that was a huge loss for them...
[04:21:21] Lockmatish: there appears to be only one function schema thus far till now (jobs 1-15) that I didnt get all info out of, that is job 6. doing so now, while we waiting.
[04:21:22] Frank: sure
[04:21:46] Drack: ok
[04:22:03] Frank: no problem Lockmatish. we don't need it. if someone reads, and want more, can ask
[04:22:10] Lockmatish: oh okay
[04:22:16] Lockmatish: no worries then
[04:22:25] Lockmatish: it's kind of a jumble of info as it stands (giggle)
[04:22:29] Frank: @: dizzy ~5 min maybe healing
[04:22:31] Lockmatish: but its somewhere in there, most of it (giggle)
[04:22:33] Drack: ok
[04:22:50] Drack: i wanna watch that replay now..
[04:22:52] Drack: of the attack..
[04:22:54] Lockmatish: no way
[04:22:56] Lockmatish: too soon
[04:22:57] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[04:22:58] Drack: nah
[04:23:00] Lockmatish: wait till we done with all jobs
[04:23:01] Lockmatish: :D
[04:23:01] Drack: i want to see that.
[04:23:07] Drack: the worst is done
[04:23:07] Lockmatish: yeah but we need you back
[04:23:08] Drack: :D
[04:23:12] Drack: all fine..
[04:23:13] Lockmatish: it could trigger or something I dunno
[04:23:14] Lockmatish: maybe not
[04:23:17] Drack: i´m alive so it´s fine
[04:23:18] Lockmatish: but :p
[04:23:21] Lockmatish: alive is great
[04:23:23] Lockmatish: but we need you great
[04:23:23] Drack: yeah
[04:23:25] Drack: think so too
[04:23:31] Drack: gives a whole new perspective about life
[04:23:32] Drack: (rofl)
[04:23:35] Lockmatish: right
[04:23:39] Lockmatish: alive is good
[04:23:41] Lockmatish: we need you great (giggle)
[04:23:42] Drack: (like)
[04:23:45] Drack: well
[04:23:48] Drack: the mood is there
[04:23:49] Drack: so
[04:23:52] Lockmatish: good
[04:24:11] Drack: wow..
[04:24:15] Drack: it hit me directly
[04:24:18] Drack: not for long but it did
[04:24:40] Frank: > [Sonntag, 19. März 2017 04:23:31 Drack] gives a whole new perspective about life

yes, that's the moments when you realize, "let all those 7 billion stupid idiots on the planet talk and think what they want..."
[04:24:51] Drack: oh yes.
[04:25:03] Drack: i wait for my father to come home asking why i´m still sitting here.
[04:25:05] Drack: :D
[04:25:44] Frank: people never understood, why i was always to 100% sure about things, even if i am blind all the time.... i don't need eyes to see and know....
[04:25:48] Frank: not any more
[04:25:55] Drack: yes.
[04:26:11] Lockmatish: you always exuded confidence
[04:26:17] Lockmatish: even in your earlier blog comments
[04:26:19] Drack: i was sure about the job before aswell, i knew what i was "applying" for.
[04:26:24] Drack: but now i´m even more
[04:26:46] Lockmatish: what's funny is, your confidence directly contradicted the confidence of certain others (giggle)
[04:26:53] Lockmatish: which is what made me curious about the forum, I guess
[04:26:55] Lockmatish: this is years ago
[04:26:59] Lockmatish: it took me awhile to join
[04:27:07] Drack: :D
[04:27:17] Lockmatish: or at least.. it was a different perspective
[04:27:20] Lockmatish: hazy on the details right now
[04:27:26] Drack: it actually took me none time at all to join because i had super stupid questions to ask
[04:27:27] Drack: (rofl)
[04:27:30] Lockmatish: :D
[04:27:33] Drack: left arm a bit deaf
[04:27:35] Drack: i just realised
[04:27:41] Lockmatish: well how can your left arm be deaf (giggle)
[04:27:47] Drack: a bit!
[04:27:48] Drack: (rofl)
[04:27:52] Drack: like heavy.
[04:27:54] Lockmatish: what does it normally hear (giggle)
[04:27:56] Lockmatish: oh okay
[04:27:58] Drack: ah..
[04:28:00] Drack: oh.
[04:28:01] Drack: (rofl)
[04:28:02] Lockmatish: :D
[04:28:02] Drack: wow.
[04:28:11] Drack: that came in pretty flat
[04:28:14] Lockmatish: all good
[04:28:16] Drack: :D
[04:28:18] Lockmatish: it's late for you :p
[04:28:21] Drack: yeah
[04:28:56] Drack: my vision is like a cracked screen
[04:29:02] Drack: but way better than before
[04:29:29] Lockmatish: it should improve a bit more
[04:29:30] Lockmatish: hopefully
[04:29:39] Drack: it would be enough now too
[04:29:49] Frank: 15 min for the cracked...
[04:29:51] Drack: ok
[04:29:55] Lockmatish: np
[04:30:00] Drack: (y)
[04:32:02] Frank: ok, so whenver you give go, we are good to go now...
[04:32:08] Drack: ok
[04:32:10] Lockmatish: (y)
[04:32:44] Drack: getting pyrosis and such
[04:32:47] Drack: meh.
[04:32:50] Drack: (unamused)
[04:33:21] Drack: crack is closing in vision slowly
[04:33:21] Frank: normal eneregtic side effect. natron?
[04:33:28] Frank: take
[04:33:33] Drack: don´t have here
[04:33:35] Drack: is fine
[04:33:40] Drack: have that almost daily
[04:33:59] Frank: now you know why...(rofl)
[04:34:02] Drack: :D
[04:34:04] Drack: yeah
[04:34:15] Drack: skib can work on that too
[04:34:17] Drack: not a problem
[04:34:19] Frank: by cheap Kaiser-Natron pills. i take every day
[04:34:39] Drack: yeah i´ll take that on a note
[04:35:02] Lockmatish: Is it baking soda ?
[04:35:09] Drack: nah
[04:35:11] Drack: not so really
[04:35:13] Drack: :D
[04:35:19] Lockmatish: hm
[04:35:25] Lockmatish: looks as such
[04:35:39] Drack: yeah is used as baking soda too
[04:35:42] Drack: but it´s kind of not..
[04:35:44] Lockmatish: ok
[04:35:52] Lockmatish: oh, its pills
[04:35:54] Lockmatish: not a powder
[04:36:02] Drack: can be powder only too
[04:36:02] Frank: both
[04:36:07] Lockmatish: ah the pills is baking soda tablets
[04:36:09] Lockmatish: right
[04:36:38] Drack: 1minute ~ i get for crack to close
[04:36:47] Frank: ok
[04:37:01] Drack: is that heat ever going out of me again?
[04:37:02] Drack: :D
[04:37:12] Drack: i´m calm and such normal pulse but i´m overheated
[04:37:53] Frank: :D
[04:37:59] Frank: normal too...
[04:39:12] Frank: in the beginning, when i was still dump one, i did shoot through hands. desperated to survive. had no clue what i did, but shot like hell. i cooled down my palms with ice...(chuckle)
[04:39:24] Lockmatish: :D
[04:39:28] Drack: oh..
[04:39:36] Drack: i better don´t tell you something about that.
[04:39:37] Drack: (rofl)
[04:39:55] Frank: you better not...(rofl)
[04:40:11] Drack: my vision has changed again
[04:40:17] Frank: how?
[04:40:18] Drack: more detailed.
[04:40:27] Drack: a little slit still remaining
[04:41:01] Frank: yes, i get you got an upgrade with the healings
[04:41:06] Lockmatish: sweet
[04:41:08] Drack: nice.
[04:41:14] Drack: worth nearly getting killed for it
[04:41:15] Drack: (rofl)
[04:41:23] Frank: (rofl)
[04:41:25] Drack: looks.. really nice
[04:41:31] Drack: but i need to get used to it
[04:41:45] Frank: try a bit around
[04:42:23] Drack: i can see Lockmatish how he looks in 3D
[04:42:23] Drack: that´s
[04:42:24] Drack: insane
[04:42:31] Drack: or illusion
[04:42:33] Drack: either or
[04:42:35] Drack: (rofl)
[04:42:41] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[04:42:45] Lockmatish: tell me something about me in 3d then
[04:42:47] Lockmatish: what colour is my shirt
[04:43:13] Drack: black with something graved on it and green on the shoulders?
[04:43:53] Lockmatish: not black, but dark coloured. one shoulder is sort of blue-green, other shoulders light blue. yes, it does have something engraved on it..
[04:43:55] Lockmatish: not bad
[04:44:03] Drack: :O
[04:44:06] Lockmatish: :)
[04:44:24] Drack: not bad..
[04:44:27] Lockmatish: indeed
[04:44:29] Frank: :O
[04:44:32] Lockmatish: maybe we can practice this later :)
[04:44:35] Drack: yeah
[04:44:44] Drack: i´m fairly impressed
[04:44:47] Lockmatish: same
[04:44:52] Drack: you can imagine how my vision is outside now..
[04:45:13] Lockmatish: now you can probably see the mosquitoes. but I wonder, can you see frank's new battle avatars (giggle)
[04:45:23] Lockmatish: waiting on your go, if you're 100% ready
[04:45:24] Drack: yeah around in a circle above me
[04:45:26] Drack: :D
[04:45:33] Drack: i would say i´m ready..
[04:45:35] Lockmatish: nice!
[04:45:36] Drack: the slit isn´t really closing
[04:45:37] Frank: btw. job 15 block the upgrade earlier....isn't that funny...:D
[04:45:45] Drack: lol.
[04:45:48] Drack: timing
[04:45:53] Lockmatish: lol, blocked it.. and got upgraded after
[04:45:55] Lockmatish: nice
[04:46:01] Lockmatish: thats a good order..
[04:46:03] Drack: raising out of ashes
[04:46:05] Frank: not blocked for him. for all!
[04:46:06] Drack: ready to kick butts
[04:46:07] Drack: (rofl)
[04:46:10] Lockmatish: oh.....
[04:46:11] Frank: so later i will upgrade all
[04:46:17] Lockmatish: awesome
[04:46:20] Drack: yeah do that
[04:46:22] Drack: super nice.
[04:46:36] Frank: job 16 - lsa3 - 5 host - 2 tar - 4 func
[04:46:44] Lockmatish: going
[04:46:49] Drack: oh is my battleavatar actually ok?
[04:46:51] Drack: i guess yes
[04:46:51] Lockmatish: I see like a beach
[04:46:55] Lockmatish: and like super long bridges
[04:46:57] Lockmatish: across the water
[04:46:57] Frank: yes
[04:46:58] Lockmatish: like 3
[04:47:00] Lockmatish: super super long bridges
[04:47:00] Drack: wow..
[04:47:03] Lockmatish: using job macro
[04:47:06] Drack: that looks heavy
[04:47:13] Lockmatish: I see 5 hostages FAR in the distance
[04:47:14] Drack: i´m speechless.
[04:47:15] Lockmatish: yes, frank said 5 hostages
[04:47:17] Lockmatish: not bad job macro
[04:47:24] Drack: best macro ever for that
[04:47:44] Drack: hostages done
[04:47:45] Drack: i get
[04:48:03] Drack: 1 left..
[04:48:08] Lockmatish: I think I got 1 hostage
[04:48:11] Drack: ah ok
[04:48:17] Lockmatish: I see 2 left I think ?
[04:48:22] Drack: target.
[04:48:28] Drack: the 2
[04:48:30] Drack: 1 hostage
[04:48:35] Drack: but is free now
[04:48:36] Lockmatish: oh
[04:48:37] Lockmatish: hm
[04:48:43] Drack: going to target
[04:48:47] Frank: got all 5
[04:48:48] Lockmatish: yeah, I think youre right !
[04:48:53] Drack: i know
[04:48:54] Drack: (chuckle)
[04:48:57] Drack: i saw you beaming them
[04:49:30] Drack: a flask again
[04:49:33] Lockmatish: :D
[04:49:35] Drack: nicely engraved
[04:49:36] Lockmatish: I see a big hard ball
[04:49:41] Lockmatish: probably a layer covering the actual target
[04:49:42] Drack: you sure.
[04:49:46] Drack: it was a key i guess
[04:49:50] Drack: i needed to open a chest
[04:49:52] Lockmatish: no idea
[04:50:04] Drack: it looks rather than a teapot
[04:50:05] Drack: come to me
[04:50:12] Lockmatish: I see a little chicken/bird in a half-open egg
[04:50:14] Lockmatish: is this the target?
[04:50:15] Drack: super golden pretty detailed teapot
[04:50:29] Lockmatish: it looks like 2 targets look the same
[04:50:36] Drack: mh.
[04:50:36] Lockmatish: both is like a little chicken or bird inside an egg thats open
[04:50:38] Frank: chicken=key
[04:50:41] Lockmatish: ah
[04:50:46] Drack: and the teapot?
[04:50:54] Frank: key
[04:50:55] Drack: i actually used a key already
[04:50:57] Drack: mh
[04:50:58] Drack: ok
[04:51:14] Lockmatish: there was weapon system defense
[04:51:19] Lockmatish: cleared it, heading down a long tunnel downwards
[04:51:23] Lockmatish: 1 target seems to be down here
[04:51:43] Drack: a big.
[04:51:45] Drack: whatever it is
[04:51:51] Frank: yes
[04:51:54] Drack: looks like a golden pillar
[04:51:54] Lockmatish: now its a golden egg
[04:51:59] Drack: oh
[04:52:01] Drack: i´m super small
[04:52:01] Frank: 4 layer
[04:52:02] Drack: lol
[04:52:06] Lockmatish: :D
[04:52:07] Lockmatish: ok
[04:52:29] Drack: opened the layerrs
[04:52:30] Lockmatish: strong attack in chest
[04:52:31] Lockmatish: cleared now
[04:52:32] Drack: with another key
[04:52:40] Drack: mh
[04:52:42] Drack: or not?
[04:52:47] Drack: the macro isn´t that working it seems
[04:52:50] Drack: or i´m doing it wrong
[04:52:55] Drack: better the old method
[04:53:08] Lockmatish: now a red egg
[04:53:10] Lockmatish: maybe 2 layers left
[04:53:21] Frank: try "macro show solution"
[04:53:26] Drack: ok
[04:53:34] Lockmatish: now an omelette
[04:53:42] Drack: lol.
[04:53:42] Frank: 3 layers left
[04:53:48] Drack: used something again
[04:53:59] Lockmatish: its a green leaf
[04:54:03] Lockmatish: came out of the omelette :^)
[04:54:07] Frank: 1 layer
[04:54:10] Lockmatish: ok
[04:54:11] Drack: makes.. perfect sense for me
[04:54:14] Drack: idk what you have
[04:54:15] Lockmatish: :D
[04:54:15] Drack: (rofl)
[04:54:26] Frank: :D
[04:54:41] Drack: ok so .. there is not always a solution
[04:54:41] Drack: or
[04:54:43] Drack: oh wait..
[04:54:48] Lockmatish: pink flower
[04:54:48] Drack: it was something to destroy not a key
[04:54:53] Lockmatish: came off a tree that grew from the leaf
[04:54:54] Drack: (computerrage)
[04:54:59] Drack: the solution was there all the time.. :D
[04:55:09] Drack: next time..
[04:55:36] Drack: something tries to block sight
[04:55:37] Frank: got it
[04:55:40] Frank: 2nd target
[04:55:41] Lockmatish: great
[04:55:43] Lockmatish: 1 target left
[04:55:44] Drack: "grabs" me on the sight
[04:55:56] Frank: on it
[04:56:25] Drack: a..
[04:56:27] Drack: i don´t know
[04:56:35] Drack: vase and on top is a ..
[04:56:37] Drack: how is it called
[04:56:43] Drack: where the djinns come out in movies
[04:56:49] Drack: maybe in real life too
[04:56:50] Drack: (rofl)
[04:57:01] Frank: it's key
[04:57:05] Drack: ok
[04:57:06] Frank: :D
[04:57:19] Drack: ok
[04:57:23] Drack: something opening
[04:57:31] Drack: a plate with something on it
[04:57:46] Lockmatish: a hazy sky
[04:57:48] Lockmatish: seems like another layer
[04:57:59] Frank: "somthing" is target...(chuckle)
[04:58:01] Frank: 1 layer
[04:58:05] Drack: nice.
[04:58:08] Drack: i would say it´s a steak
[04:58:10] Drack: (rofl)
[04:58:16] Frank: :D
[04:58:46] Lockmatish: energy barrier around target
[04:58:48] Lockmatish: whatever it is
[04:58:53] Drack: i look for solution
[04:59:06] Frank: key
[04:59:15] Frank: above
[04:59:26] Lockmatish: a coffin
[04:59:28] Drack: should be open
[04:59:28] Lockmatish: in the ground
[04:59:30] Lockmatish: or something like that
[05:00:06] Frank: shooting ~4 minutes
[05:00:11] Drack: (y)
[05:00:14] Lockmatish: great
[05:00:19] Drack: how´s it going outside
[05:00:28] Frank: no attack...
[05:00:31] Drack: mh..
[05:00:47] Drack: then you can check my left arm+ shoulder / left chest
[05:00:49] Drack: :D
[05:00:54] Lockmatish: they will be waiting at job 18 though..
[05:00:58] Frank: they are busy elsewhere...:D
[05:01:00] Drack: yeah i´m sure
[05:01:01] Lockmatish: hey drack your macro seems really good (y)
[05:01:08] Drack: yes it´s crazily good
[05:01:10] Lockmatish: I dont rely on it 100%
[05:01:13] Frank: i found one problem with the macro
[05:01:15] Drack: if you know how
[05:01:16] Lockmatish: just use it to augment my operation
[05:01:19] Drack: ok
[05:01:20] Lockmatish: whats the problem?
[05:02:11] Frank: all 3D connected objects are not allowed to be shown signs, hints etc...
[05:02:15] Frank: i have to think
[05:02:23] Lockmatish: ahhh
[05:02:24] Lockmatish: interesting
[05:02:26] Drack: mhh
[05:02:37] Lockmatish: so if you get stuck for no reason
[05:02:39] Lockmatish: gotta try something else
[05:02:55] Lockmatish: maybe try searching manually
[05:02:57] Lockmatish: will overcome that issue
[05:03:01] Lockmatish: if it arises
[05:03:01] Drack: yeah
[05:03:07] Lockmatish: since we have 3d rights, I think
[05:03:16] Drack: looked like
[05:03:17] Drack: i would say
[05:03:19] Drack: (chuckle)
[05:03:22] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[05:03:24] Drack: literally
[05:03:29] Lockmatish: its a bit late for me too (giggle)
[05:03:30] Drack: but they hate me for it
[05:03:32] Drack: i feel it
[05:03:33] Lockmatish: (but no problem at all)
[05:03:39] Drack: they´re after that vision badly
[05:03:57] Lockmatish: brb quick bathroom break. following drack
[05:04:00] Drack: ok
[05:05:03] Frank: btw. lsa3 collected all forces in job18 their main military base. 150E12 inside the base...
now we are attacking the base (from in - and outside) with 640E12 atm. to take them out.
no clue how it will look when we arrive...(chuckle)
[05:05:20] Drack: goood..
[05:05:25] Drack: wipe them out
[05:05:40] Drack: that´s pretty huge again
[05:05:45] Drack: :D
[05:05:59] Drack: maybe we´re lucky and arrive when it´s done
[05:07:33] Frank: ok, maybe i found a way, we will see next job...
[05:07:40] Drack: ok
[05:08:07] Frank: will have to wait until it's done... 130 now
[05:08:21] Drack: ok
[05:08:26] Drack: at least shrinking quite fast
[05:08:33] Drack: 18 is the only "special" job left?
[05:08:36] Frank: i think we are done here, pls check
[05:08:47] Lockmatish: checking
[05:08:58] Drack: dust.
[05:09:29] Frank: ok, so distance
[05:09:41] Lockmatish: done
[05:09:43] Drack: oh i wanna see that firework now
[05:09:44] Drack: :D
[05:09:47] Drack: (fireworks)
[05:09:58] Frank: shooting ~2 min
[05:10:24] Drack: damn
[05:10:27] Drack: looks so smooth
[05:10:28] Drack: :D
[05:10:33] Drack: but .. my vision got worse
[05:10:47] Frank: i care
[05:10:50] Drack: ok
[05:11:06] Frank: healig running
[05:11:10] Drack: ok
[05:11:10] Frank: but useable?
[05:11:16] Drack: yeah useable for sure
[05:12:12] Drack: guess i´ll delay sleeping until next night
[05:12:15] Drack: i just decided
[05:12:26] Drack: i can´t sleep at day in that house..
[05:13:19] Frank: i think done. pls check
[05:13:25] Lockmatish: checking
[05:14:07] Lockmatish: done
[05:14:18] Lockmatish: oops, forgot functions
[05:14:23] Frank: nvm
[05:14:24] Lockmatish: nvm
[05:14:47] Drack: ok..
[05:14:48] Drack: :D
[05:14:54] Drack: seems done
[05:15:01] Drack: the "island" itself still there
[05:15:04] Drack: but the buildings on it erased
[05:15:23] Frank: job 17 - all5 - Alex,X,me,D+6 host - 7 tar - 0 func
Antarctica-Andorra - the neutral territory for darks.
of course not for us...
[05:15:29] Drack: ok
[05:15:37] Drack: let´s do it
[05:15:43] Drack: i expect some bigger resistance actually
[05:15:53] Lockmatish: I see a flat landscape
[05:16:03] Lockmatish: looks fairly barren like a flat plane of ice and snow
[05:16:08] Lockmatish: or just ice
[05:16:14] Drack: freeing hostages
[05:16:15] Frank: i don't expect. they think we are busy in job 18...
[05:16:24] Lockmatish: some hostages ahead of me, some behind
[05:16:32] Drack: some are going out already
[05:17:03] Drack: "find optimal solution to free hostages and free them"
[05:17:06] Drack: i used now
[05:17:08] Drack: how is it going
[05:17:14] Lockmatish: i'm down in a tunnel
[05:17:17] Lockmatish: hostage down here
[05:17:23] Drack: it´s going down really much
[05:17:32] Frank: 4 to go
[05:18:09] Drack: all but 1 out
[05:18:13] Drack: last out
[05:18:34] Drack: or not..
[05:18:35] Drack: wait
[05:18:35] Lockmatish: none left it seems
[05:18:41] Drack: mh
[05:18:44] Drack: strange
[05:18:50] Frank: got all
[05:18:53] Drack: ok
[05:18:54] Lockmatish: ok
[05:19:05] Drack: i get "Lockmatish" for that hostage i´m right now
[05:19:07] Lockmatish: I see 7 targets
[05:19:08] Lockmatish: 3 above
[05:19:09] Lockmatish: 3 right
[05:19:11] Lockmatish: 1 behind/below
[05:19:13] Drack: F please check
[05:19:26] Frank: seems so(chuckle)
[05:19:38] Drack: itnersting
[05:19:41] Drack: he was not listed
[05:19:48] Drack: but for job macro he was
[05:20:00] Drack: what to do
[05:20:16] Frank: i did not check this. did not expect him as hostage...(chuckle)
[05:20:30] Drack: oh
[05:20:31] Drack: :D
[05:20:34] Frank: got all
[05:20:39] Frank: go targets
[05:20:49] Drack: ok
[05:21:11] Drack: solving targets
[05:21:20] Drack: opening , disabling layers etc
[05:21:51] Lockmatish: I found a tiny green rubber duck
[05:22:00] Drack: cute..
[05:22:03] Drack: :D
[05:22:08] Lockmatish: not so, it's a target(giggle)
[05:22:11] Lockmatish: or maybe
[05:22:11] Frank: got 3 targets
[05:22:14] Frank: 4 to go
[05:22:14] Drack: ok
[05:22:15] Lockmatish: ok
[05:22:38] Drack: you got all
[05:22:47] Drack: job macro meant
[05:23:04] Frank: shooting ~4 min
[05:23:11] Drack: (rofl)
[05:23:13] Drack: that macro is great..
[05:23:23] Frank: did it show more this time?
[05:23:28] Drack: yeah
[05:23:31] Frank: GOOD
[05:23:35] Lockmatish: I thought it did at first
[05:23:36] Drack: and it showed as you got them
[05:23:39] Lockmatish: hm
[05:23:44] Drack: like lights going out
[05:23:54] Frank: (rofl)
[05:23:56] Frank: best
[05:24:14] Lockmatish: nothing here for function schema.
[05:24:17] Lockmatish: as expected, 0 functions reported
[05:24:27] Frank: (rofl)
[05:24:32] Lockmatish: :)
[05:24:39] Frank: there are 3 councils...
[05:24:57] Frank: if you like fun...(chuckle)
[05:25:07] Frank: oh, not there..
[05:25:38] Lockmatish: I think I see them
[05:25:40] Lockmatish: all next to each other
[05:25:44] Lockmatish: but it seems they are empty
[05:25:47] Drack: mh.
[05:25:48] Frank: yes
[05:25:55] Frank: prison already (rofl)
[05:26:01] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[05:27:02] Drack: :D (y)
[05:27:46] Frank: i think done, pls check
[05:27:51] Lockmatish: checking
[05:28:01] Lockmatish: all exploded
[05:28:04] Lockmatish: just debris now
[05:28:07] Lockmatish: > safe dist
[05:28:13] Frank: yes
[05:28:28] Frank: shooting ~3 min
[05:28:35] Drack: on base?
[05:28:39] Drack: or targets still
[05:28:40] Lockmatish: target debris I think
[05:28:42] Drack: ok
[05:28:49] Drack: how´s job 18 doing
[05:28:49] Frank: base
[05:28:53] Lockmatish: oh (giggle)
[05:29:02] Frank: alost empty...
[05:29:07] Drack: nice..
[05:29:09] Drack: thanks
[05:29:11] Drack: :D
[05:29:12] Lockmatish: so all this time, you were destroying base at the end?
[05:29:20] Lockmatish: I was flamethrowering debris.. (giggle)
[05:29:22] Oni: I'm here
[05:29:26] Lockmatish: Hi! (wave)
[05:29:28] Oni: Heard drack died and ascended
[05:29:32] Drack: yes
[05:29:33] Drack: (rofl)
[05:29:36] Drack: pretty much lol
[05:29:37] Frank: (rofl)
[05:29:42] Oni: Now he sees my clothes (chuckle)
[05:29:43] Drack: jesus 2.0 with HD vision
[05:29:46] Oni: No more drack!
[05:29:52] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[05:29:56] Oni: (Rofl)
[05:29:59] Frank: :D
[05:30:03] Drack: yeah we had some fun in meanwhile lol
[05:30:07] Drack: confirmed again it works
[05:30:11] Drack: so crazy
[05:30:25] Drack: imagine
[05:30:27] X: (rofl)
[05:30:29] Drack: this is still the beginning
[05:30:37] Drack: i hope at least there is more to come
[05:30:54] Frank: peace...?
[05:31:02] Drack: yeah that for example
[05:31:03] Drack: (rofl)
[05:31:12] Drack: would be a good thing to start with
[05:31:18] Frank: ok, i need a bathroom break...
[05:31:28] Lockmatish: Drack
[05:31:29] Lockmatish: question for you
[05:31:36] Lockmatish: I am wearing an unusual item of jewellery (just put it on)
[05:31:43] Lockmatish: here are your choices (giggle)
[05:31:50] Oni: Serpent necklace
[05:31:54] Lockmatish: hat, jewellery on right hand, jewellery on left hand, jewellery on left foot, jewellery on right foot, necklace
[05:31:54] Oni: (Party)
[05:32:05] Lockmatish: If you wish, no pressure
[05:32:13] Drack: uhm
[05:32:14] Drack: wait
[05:32:21] Lockmatish: nps
[05:32:21] Drack: right hand
[05:32:31] Drack: but what that is
[05:32:32] Drack: don´t know
[05:32:34] Lockmatish: well its actually my left, but maybe it looks like right (giggle)
[05:32:35] Drack: looks pretty cool though
[05:32:43] Lockmatish: can you tell me anything about it
[05:32:44] Drack: mhh
[05:32:49] Lockmatish: @Oni it seems Drack got a vision upgrade
[05:32:51] Lockmatish: we'll get it soon too
[05:32:56] Lockmatish: and nice guess Oni (giggle)
[05:33:00] Lockmatish: but I have no such serpent necklace
[05:33:06] Oni: (Chuckle)
[05:33:07] Lockmatish: Also, I said its jewellery and then listed "hat" as an option (facepalm) (rofl)
[05:33:19] Drack: well..
[05:33:21] Drack: (rofl)
[05:33:27] Lockmatish: any features drack?
[05:33:35] Drack: alot of gravure
[05:33:39] Lockmatish: what is gravure
[05:33:41] Lockmatish: looking it up
[05:33:57] Drack: oh wait you have a watch on the other hand?
[05:34:02] Drack: might that be
[05:34:04] Lockmatish: a japanese female model who primarilly models in magazines
[05:34:06] Lockmatish: no such luck im afraid
[05:34:09] Lockmatish: no watch
[05:34:11] Drack: mh
[05:34:17] Oni: Lol
[05:34:18] Drack: still alot to do
[05:34:22] Lockmatish: no probs
[05:34:24] Lockmatish: but what is gravure
[05:34:29] Lockmatish: you said my jewellery has a lot of gravure
[05:34:33] Oni: Got my clothes pretty good
[05:34:37] Lockmatish: he did?!
[05:34:38] Lockmatish: nice
[05:34:40] Drack: yeah
[05:34:47] Drack: bigger objects seem easier
[05:34:47] Lockmatish: he was pretty close on mine too
[05:34:50] Lockmatish: ah ok
[05:34:53] Drack: but i get attacks on vision all the time i guess
[05:34:55] Drack: that makes it hard
[05:34:58] Drack: pretty hard
[05:35:01] Lockmatish: no worries
[05:35:08] Lockmatish: you did well enough, thanks!
[05:35:10] Lockmatish: whatever gravure is
[05:35:13] Lockmatish: i'm sure this thing has a lot of it
[05:36:02] Drack: yeah
[05:36:07] Drack: it looked like pretty much
[05:36:12] Drack: still like a fisheye in 3D
[05:36:20] Lockmatish: (giggle) np
[05:36:22] Lockmatish: but what the heck is gravure
[05:36:23] Drack: maybe i need to get used to it
[05:36:26] Drack: and learn to move it better
[05:36:28] Lockmatish: decoration?
[05:36:31] Drack: yeah
[05:36:33] Lockmatish: you'll get it for sure
[05:36:36] Lockmatish: ah well you're right
[05:36:39] Drack: i guess rather decoration
[05:36:42] Lockmatish: (y)
[05:37:23] Lockmatish: do you want to see what it is?
[05:37:25] Lockmatish: to confirm your vision?
[05:37:30] Drack: yeah
[05:37:32] Drack: let´s do that
[05:37:33] Lockmatish: ok
[05:38:59] Drack: ok..
[05:39:02] Drack: not so close
[05:39:04] Lockmatish: ok
[05:39:05] Lockmatish: no worries
[05:39:08] Drack: maybee...
[05:39:12] Drack: it has more on it as you think
[05:39:14] Drack: on the outside
[05:39:18] Lockmatish: ah ok...
[05:39:34] Drack: or it reflects the worth of you on that items on it
[05:39:34] Lockmatish: I made sure it was clean before wearing and posting ...
[05:39:39] Lockmatish: hm :^)
[05:39:40] Drack: and lets it visualise like that
[05:39:43] Lockmatish: interesting
[05:39:44] Drack: if you know how i mean
[05:39:49] Drack: it feels like
[05:39:53] Lockmatish: thats interesting
[05:39:54] Lockmatish: no clue
[05:39:59] Drack: has it much worth for you?
[05:40:29] Drack: btw.. jobs?
[05:40:30] Lockmatish: not a whole lot
[05:40:30] Drack: (rofl)
[05:40:33] Lockmatish: waiting on frank
[05:40:36] Drack: ok
[05:40:40] Drack: thought he waits for us now
[05:40:41] Drack: lol
[05:40:44] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[05:40:59] Lockmatish: you feeling ok for 18 ?
[05:41:01] Lockmatish: big one coming up
[05:41:04] Lockmatish: you here right Oni?
[05:41:05] Drack: it´s almost empty
[05:41:07] Drack: he meant
[05:41:08] Lockmatish: then again, its empty right
[05:41:09] Oni: Yes
[05:41:10] Drack: luckily
[05:41:10] Lockmatish: I forgot about that
[05:41:13] Lockmatish: yeah
[05:41:15] Lockmatish: awesome
[05:41:17] Drack: yes
[05:41:26] Drack: we should do that all the time like that if they´re too dumb
[05:41:30] Drack: and gather on a point
[05:41:46] Drack: still.. i expect more to come
[05:42:00] Frank: so in ~10 min upgrade should be done for Oni too. and after taking an Lockmatish avatar out of hostage, it started now in Lockmatish too
[05:42:10] Drack: cool.
[05:42:28] Lockmatish: nice(y) :)
[05:42:34] Frank: i think 18 is ok now. i expect not much...
[05:42:37] Oni: (Fireworks)
[05:42:42] Drack: good good
[05:42:44] Lockmatish: are we waiting for Oni's upgrade before we go 18 ?
[05:43:05] Frank: job 18 - lsa3 - D+2 host - 1 tar - 2 func
Antarctica-lsa3 - main militarry base

[05:43:12] Lockmatish: lets go
[05:43:16] Frank: no go
[05:43:22] Lockmatish: a few guards
[05:43:23] Drack: ok
[05:43:24] Lockmatish: not many
[05:43:29] Drack: no go..
[05:43:29] Drack: :D
[05:43:40] Frank: no, go
[05:43:45] Lockmatish: 2 hostages on surface level
[05:43:46] Drack: ahh
[05:43:47] Lockmatish: 1 deep underground
[05:43:47] Drack: lol
[05:43:48] Lockmatish: maybe D
[05:43:59] Frank: yes
[05:44:10] Lockmatish: energetic cube barrier around 2 at top I think
[05:44:14] Lockmatish: or at least 1 of them
[05:44:24] Frank: is there all in tact? after all those battle there?
[05:44:37] Lockmatish: looking
[05:44:41] Drack: not so
[05:44:53] Lockmatish: everything is badly scarred
[05:44:57] Lockmatish: kinda wasteland
[05:45:01] Frank: :D
[05:45:07] Lockmatish: even the "air" is scarred..
[05:45:19] Frank: so easy job now...(chuckle)
[05:45:32] Lockmatish: even the "water" looks scarred (giggle)
[05:45:34] Lockmatish: I hope so
[05:45:36] Frank: lsa3 now official classified as fallen too
[05:45:40] Drack: vision gets worse
[05:45:40] Lockmatish: :o
[05:45:42] Drack: wow
[05:45:47] Drack: 2 of 5
[05:45:50] Drack: or 3?
[05:46:07] Frank: 2 of 5
[05:46:12] Drack: ok
[05:46:14] Oni: (Wave) LSA3
[05:46:20] Oni: Second to fall
[05:46:29] Lockmatish: what was first?
[05:46:36] Oni: Taurus
[05:46:38] Drack: yep
[05:46:55] Lockmatish: I think I got one out
[05:46:56] Lockmatish: oh nice!!
[05:47:04] Oni: D is out
[05:47:09] Drack: aren´t they all out already..
[05:47:11] Drack: (rofl)
[05:47:16] Frank: got 2
[05:47:18] Lockmatish: none left
[05:47:21] Drack: ok
[05:47:22] Lockmatish: oh ok
[05:47:23] Drack: of
[05:47:23] Lockmatish: whose left
[05:47:26] Drack: yeah
[05:47:26] Frank: 3
[05:47:26] Lockmatish: 3
[05:47:29] Drack: ok .
[05:47:44] Drack: ever saw the air having scratches?
[05:47:45] Lockmatish: I see 1 high up in the sky ?
[05:47:46] Drack: here you can
[05:47:48] Drack: damn
[05:47:50] Lockmatish: yeah thats what i said (giggle)
[05:47:55] Lockmatish: never saw it before
[05:47:57] Drack: yeah i thought it´s my vision
[05:47:59] Lockmatish: nope
[05:48:01] Lockmatish: air is scarred
[05:48:03] Lockmatish: kinda trippy
[05:48:04] Drack: damn
[05:48:11] Lockmatish: 1 hostage seems way up in the sky
[05:48:22] Oni: Like matrix sky
[05:48:28] Frank: must have been a hell of a battle here...(chuckle)
[05:48:30] Drack: 1 free
[05:48:33] Drack: the yk one
[05:48:34] Drack: sky
[05:48:37] Lockmatish: okay I think that hostage is out
[05:48:41] Lockmatish: :D
[05:48:43] Drack: no problem
[05:48:44] Drack: (rofl)
[05:48:49] Frank: got all hostages
[05:48:52] Lockmatish: targets time
[05:48:53] Lockmatish: only 1 target
[05:48:54] Drack: nice.
[05:49:01] Drack: a...
[05:49:02] Lockmatish: something slightly under the surface
[05:49:06] Drack: frozen hearT?
[05:49:16] Lockmatish: yeah, I see that
[05:49:16] Oni: Isn't it this airplane ?
[05:49:21] Lockmatish: hm
[05:49:25] Drack: no
[05:49:27] Drack: heart
[05:49:33] Lockmatish: I see both as targets :^)
[05:49:38] Oni: Key ?
[05:49:39] Lockmatish: maybe connected..?
[05:49:40] Drack: yeah
[05:49:42] Lockmatish: yeah maybe
[05:49:51] Frank: below
[05:50:01] Lockmatish: yeah far below
[05:50:02] Lockmatish: the frozen heart
[05:50:17] Frank: below it
[05:50:20] Drack: ok
[05:50:30] Lockmatish: yes, far below the frozen heart
[05:50:32] Drack: a statue
[05:50:34] Drack: of liberty?
[05:50:35] Drack: lol
[05:50:42] Oni: Volcano too
[05:50:43] Lockmatish: not a very big one
[05:50:44] Frank: yes target
[05:50:46] Drack: lol
[05:50:48] Oni: Nice
[05:50:49] Lockmatish: okay nice
[05:50:51] Drack: the statue of liberty..
[05:50:51] Lockmatish: 2 functions
[05:50:52] Drack: damn
[05:50:57] Frank: no access
[05:51:01] Lockmatish: okay
[05:51:03] Lockmatish: need access
[05:51:06] Drack: :D
[05:51:19] Lockmatish: access is somehow related to volcano
[05:51:21] Lockmatish: or rather the lava
[05:51:22] Lockmatish: I think
[05:51:33] Drack: yeah
[05:51:39] Drack: through it and then a pipe along
[05:51:40] Oni: (celebrate)
[05:51:40] Drack: inside
[05:51:44] Drack: ?
[05:51:47] Drack: vision there?
[05:51:51] Lockmatish: I think its half accessible now
[05:51:55] Lockmatish: still a bottom layer around the target
[05:51:58] Oni: Airplane ?
[05:52:04] Frank: no access
[05:52:08] Drack: what you want with that airplane (rofl)
[05:52:12] Frank: key needed
[05:52:15] Drack: mh
[05:52:15] Oni: It's really nice looking
[05:52:16] Lockmatish: 3/4 accessible
[05:52:19] Oni: And might be the key
[05:52:24] Drack: it´s the..
[05:52:27] Lockmatish: or at least 3/4 of this layer unlocked
[05:52:27] Drack: airplane
[05:52:34] Drack: opening
[05:52:37] Lockmatish: yeah I think airplane was the key
[05:52:39] Oni: (Chuckle)
[05:52:44] Drack: never said anything
[05:52:45] Drack: :D
[05:52:49] Lockmatish: :D
[05:53:08] Oni: My skib works in mysterious ways
[05:53:12] Drack: true
[05:53:12] Lockmatish: a really fuzzy fuzzy
[05:53:13] Lockmatish: layer
[05:53:14] Lockmatish: really fuzzy
[05:53:17] Lockmatish: never seen anything like it
[05:53:26] Drack: bady destroyed?
[05:53:34] Frank: no
[05:53:37] Drack: ok
[05:54:13] Lockmatish: seems to have a "singularity" point at its centre
[05:54:36] Frank: yes, a huge "dark mass"
[05:54:45] Lockmatish: yes exactly
[05:54:55] Frank: had a pice of it inside... bastards
[05:55:07] Frank: got it
[05:55:11] Lockmatish: great
[05:55:26] Drack: oh.
[05:55:28] Lockmatish: singularity point destroyed
[05:55:31] Lockmatish: I think
[05:55:33] Frank: shooting ~7 min
[05:55:37] Lockmatish: great
[05:55:43] Lockmatish: opened into a dark room with some kind of light in the middle
[05:55:46] Lockmatish: 2 functions
[05:55:49] Frank: not destroyed
[05:55:54] Lockmatish: oh ok
[05:56:00] Lockmatish: should we destroy?
[05:56:03] Frank: 7m shooting
[05:56:11] Lockmatish: ok
[05:56:13] Lockmatish: oh, its included
[05:56:14] Lockmatish: got it
[05:56:18] Frank: it's the target
[05:56:22] Lockmatish: ohhh.......
[05:56:29] Lockmatish: interesting kinda dark room behind it
[05:56:32] Lockmatish: maybe its an analogy
[05:57:01] Lockmatish: functions: seems to get in your nose
[05:57:05] Lockmatish: some kind of harsh rainbow dust
[05:57:07] Lockmatish: really fucks you up ...
[05:57:09] Lockmatish: doesn't leave your system
[05:57:11] Lockmatish: spreads all around
[05:57:41] Lockmatish: next, this dust causes harsh rashes almost everywhere
[05:57:53] Lockmatish: extremities, arms, feet
[05:58:05] Lockmatish: almost everywhere
[05:58:08] Lockmatish: causes bad redness
[05:58:08] Lockmatish: blotches
[05:58:10] Lockmatish: and scratching
[05:58:13] Lockmatish: you want to scratch it so bad
[05:58:32] Lockmatish: nothing else from the schema
[05:58:46] Lockmatish: brb
[05:58:49] Lockmatish: following drack
[05:59:06] Drack: ok
[05:59:12] Frank: it shot dark mass. if you have this inside is real shit. and taking out also laid me down 3-4 days...
[05:59:22] Drack: ouch
[05:59:23] Lockmatish: (hug)
[05:59:41] Drack: i guess. i might´ve had that
[05:59:48] Drack: i was down for like a week
[05:59:57] Drack: years ago
[06:00:29] Frank: I think even Alex remembered it. came a few hours later home and asked "what is all that white smoke here?" .... no smoke, remaining energies from taking out...(chuckle)
[06:01:27] Drack: wow
[06:01:27] Drack: :D
[06:01:40] Lockmatish: back
[06:01:41] Drack: was a crazy ride till here
[06:02:03] Frank: sure
[06:02:10] Frank: war... real war...
[06:02:42] Drack: war.. war never changes.
[06:02:48] Drack: well ok
[06:02:50] Drack: maybe it does now
[06:02:51] Drack: (rofl)
[06:02:56] Lockmatish: I get that reference, but I dont think its true :p
[06:03:08] Lockmatish: people may not understand the full gravity of the situation
[06:03:14] Lockmatish: but to think that this world is all love and roses and happiness and joy
[06:03:26] Lockmatish: is extreme naivety..
[06:03:31] Drack: :D
[06:03:39] Drack: yes
[06:03:44] Drack: blinding themselves
[06:03:47] Drack: and get told it´s right by darks
[06:03:50] Lockmatish: yes......
[06:03:52] Lockmatish: exactly
[06:03:56] Lockmatish: spot on
[06:04:01] Drack: i have a few doing that
[06:04:06] Lockmatish: (facepalm)
[06:04:11] Drack: and outside they were holding slaves..
[06:04:13] Drack: bastards.
[06:04:19] Lockmatish: ...
[06:04:27] Drack: love and light huh..
[06:04:28] Drack: yeah.
[06:04:33] Frank: get done. pls check
[06:04:39] Lockmatish: checking
[06:04:48] Lockmatish: a massive mushroom cloud
[06:04:50] Lockmatish: like massive
[06:04:54] Lockmatish: actually it gets bigger
[06:04:56] Lockmatish: and bigger
[06:04:59] Lockmatish: soon itll fill all my vision
[06:05:05] Drack: blew it away..
[06:05:06] Drack: :D
[06:05:07] Lockmatish: okay it calms down now
[06:05:08] Lockmatish: :D
[06:05:13] Drack: is dust
[06:05:21] Lockmatish: target is dust
[06:05:23] Frank: ok distance
[06:05:26] Lockmatish: I see a ring of dust
[06:05:29] Lockmatish: done
[06:05:36] Lockmatish: Oni still here?
[06:05:41] Lockmatish: brought him in case
[06:05:46] Frank: shooting ~4 min
[06:05:52] Drack: mh i can see my father eating now
[06:05:54] Drack: interesting
[06:05:56] Drack: (rofl)
[06:05:59] Lockmatish: :o
[06:06:01] Frank: :D
[06:06:03] Drack: biggest.. playtoy ever.
[06:06:08] Drack: and most useful
[06:07:43] Lockmatish: Frank is firing these massive shots
[06:07:48] Lockmatish: hard to describe them
[06:07:57] Lockmatish: like a big "bracket" wave
[06:08:14] Lockmatish: and I think some kind of cleansing vertical wave goes through all too
[06:08:44] Frank: (flex)
[06:08:51] Drack: (like)
[06:08:56] Drack: F how´s my vision doing?
[06:08:59] Drack: for me.. not so good
[06:09:00] Lockmatish: :D
[06:09:01] Drack: was better
[06:09:11] Lockmatish: I look
[06:09:11] Drack: still fully functional but they´re playing on my vision
[06:09:29] Frank: on it
[06:09:33] Drack: ok
[06:09:56] Frank: healing running ~15 min
[06:09:59] Drack: ok
[06:10:04] Drack: already destroyed? lol
[06:10:09] Drack: they really don´t like it
[06:10:28] Lockmatish: I think I see why its so important to finish these jobs..
[06:10:32] Drack: yes.
[06:10:41] Frank: why?
[06:10:52] Lockmatish: imbalance of power now, 2 dark groups fallen
[06:10:57] Drack: yep
[06:10:59] Drack: that too
[06:11:02] Lockmatish: maybe theres some things that happen if we leave it
[06:11:06] Drack: they could do alot of shit
[06:11:08] Lockmatish: now that I would leave it, i'm here till the end
[06:11:11] Drack: 3D war..
[06:11:14] Drack: for example
[06:11:16] Frank: they kill each other? :D
[06:11:17] Lockmatish: no idea
[06:11:20] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[06:11:25] Lockmatish: :D
[06:11:43] Frank: done here, pls check
[06:11:46] Lockmatish: checking
[06:12:09] Lockmatish: vaporised
[06:12:20] Lockmatish: base too
[06:12:26] Lockmatish: up till now I was only looking at target dust..
[06:13:21] Frank: it's important to finish cleanings, because it is needed to do other cleanings, and those others unblock the next jobs.... until darks are done...
[06:13:26] Lockmatish: right
[06:13:28] Lockmatish: of course
[06:13:38] Lockmatish: one lock opens another and so on
[06:13:45] Frank: yes
[06:13:53] Lockmatish: D is in so many of these....
[06:13:57] Lockmatish: (hug)
[06:14:06] Frank: yes, and she suffers like hell...
[06:14:14] Drack: yeah..
[06:14:16] Lockmatish: :(
[06:14:20] Lockmatish: I hope this improves greatly after...
[06:14:21] Drack: worse than all of us i guess
[06:14:27] Lockmatish: yes, most probably....
[06:14:34] Frank: one reason to do it fastest way possible...
[06:14:41] Lockmatish: exactly
[06:14:44] Lockmatish: i'm all ready for 19
[06:14:45] Frank: job 19 - orion - Alex+1 host - 1 tar - 5 func
[06:15:01] Lockmatish: I tunnelled down
[06:15:05] Lockmatish: im inside some kind of bunker
[06:15:05] Oni: Tunneled
[06:15:08] Oni: Yep
[06:15:13] Oni: Bunker
[06:15:16] Oni: Cylinder shape
[06:15:18] Oni: Drack run it
[06:15:27] Drack: ok
[06:15:32] Lockmatish: I see 2 hostages to my 3 o'clock
[06:15:39] Drack: freeing
[06:15:40] Drack: 2
[06:15:52] Lockmatish: energetic wall...
[06:15:59] Oni: Disabled
[06:16:01] Drack: freeing 2
[06:16:02] Drack: more
[06:16:08] Drack: uhm
[06:16:12] Drack: there are just 2?
[06:16:13] Drack: lol
[06:16:16] Drack: ok vision is nuts
[06:16:19] Lockmatish: now a cube
[06:16:20] Lockmatish: yes 2 hostages
[06:16:29] Drack: well.. job macro knows..
[06:16:33] Lockmatish: :D
[06:16:34] Drack: maybe it was some generator
[06:16:37] Drack: and key
[06:16:41] Frank: still no hostage free
[06:16:45] Drack: ok
[06:17:01] Lockmatish: another cube inside that one ...
[06:17:12] Lockmatish: I think i'm with D..
[06:17:20] Lockmatish: oh lol
[06:17:23] Drack: i´m with 2 at the same time
[06:17:24] Drack: lol
[06:17:26] Lockmatish: there's no D, oops
[06:17:26] Drack: split up somehow
[06:17:28] Drack: 2 sights
[06:17:29] Drack: thats
[06:17:31] Drack: crazy
[06:17:34] Lockmatish: haha
[06:18:06] Frank: still no access
[06:18:24] Lockmatish: think my skib confused D for alex
[06:18:27] Frank: many illusions. maybe shoot them down first...
[06:18:28] Lockmatish: ok
[06:18:34] Drack: job macro not working..
[06:18:49] Lockmatish: I think I got one out
[06:18:51] Frank: yes, dynamic illusions
[06:18:54] Lockmatish: ah
[06:18:58] Drack: ok
[06:19:02] Frank: no
[06:19:03] Drack: recalibrated macro
[06:19:08] Lockmatish: ok
[06:19:09] Drack: using
[06:19:09] Lockmatish: checking again
[06:19:20] Drack: that goes super fast
[06:19:20] Lockmatish: seems the hostage moved up
[06:19:21] Drack: i like
[06:19:22] Oni: I got one
[06:19:22] Frank: no
[06:19:22] Lockmatish: but not out yet..
[06:19:46] Drack: macro has alot of problems with that illusion
[06:19:50] Drack: but seems to go
[06:20:03] Frank: search for a key which shuts down the illusions
[06:20:12] Lockmatish: I found a voodoo doll ...
[06:20:29] Frank: target (chuckle)
[06:20:32] Drack: done
[06:20:34] Lockmatish: oh (giggle)
[06:20:39] Drack: illusion should be done
[06:20:43] Oni: Yeah thanks drack
[06:20:46] Drack: (y)
[06:20:50] Drack: did that manually
[06:20:51] Frank: got 2
[06:20:55] Frank: target no access
[06:20:56] Drack: the sight can look behind the illusion
[06:20:57] Lockmatish: okay this is weird
[06:21:03] Lockmatish: I have started to rescue this hostage in the same exact way 3 times
[06:21:13] Lockmatish: with the same layers and stuff -- maybe this is a illusion or otherwise
[06:21:15] Lockmatish: anyway, hostages done
[06:21:16] Lockmatish: working on target
[06:21:29] Drack: should be accessable now
[06:21:37] Frank: no
[06:21:41] Drack: mh..
[06:22:00] Lockmatish: target is suuuuuper deep down
[06:22:06] Lockmatish: some kind of wheel opened, and target is far inside
[06:22:14] Frank: no
[06:22:17] Lockmatish: ok
[06:22:23] Drack: illusions i guess
[06:22:31] Lockmatish: yeah I guess so
[06:22:33] Drack: 2 bigger
[06:22:34] Drack: shut down
[06:22:36] Frank: voodoo doll
[06:22:44] Lockmatish: yeah, I went back to the voodoo doll
[06:22:54] Lockmatish: it burns to touch.. need to shut down this layer
[06:22:57] Drack: can´t stay in that room
[06:22:57] Frank: 1 layer
[06:23:05] Drack: it gives me bad headache
[06:23:08] Oni: Try now
[06:23:08] Drack: and stings
[06:23:09] Lockmatish: okay get out
[06:23:20] Frank: (y)
[06:23:24] Oni: Good
[06:23:26] Lockmatish: it parted, and a smaller voodoo doll inside
[06:23:28] Lockmatish: great!
[06:23:30] Lockmatish: 5 functions
[06:23:34] Oni: (Clap)
[06:23:41] Frank: shooting ~3 min
[06:23:52] Lockmatish: functions: vibrates your head intensely
[06:23:54] Lockmatish: and doesnt stop
[06:23:57] Lockmatish: its wild
[06:23:58] Drack: yeah
[06:23:59] Lockmatish: left and right vibrations
[06:24:01] Drack: can relate
[06:24:38] Lockmatish: next, imagine the middle of your body is split into some kind of stretched oval-type thing
[06:24:45] Lockmatish: with 2 poles on either side of your body, with "rubber bands" connected
[06:24:49] Lockmatish: this is used to vibrate the middle of your body
[06:24:51] Lockmatish: intensely
[06:24:54] Lockmatish: up and down
[06:24:58] Lockmatish: independently from the rest of your body
[06:25:00] Lockmatish: bad..
[06:25:03] Drack: ok. can´t relate
[06:25:05] Drack: :D
[06:25:06] Lockmatish: good
[06:25:09] Drack: yeah
[06:25:31] Lockmatish: next, it's the same sort of split type shape
[06:25:37] Lockmatish: a stretched oval with pointy ends
[06:25:46] Lockmatish: and its only in the upper half of your body
[06:25:48] Lockmatish: in the middle of that
[06:25:50] Lockmatish: all the way to the top
[06:25:52] Lockmatish: and it just vibrates like crazy
[06:25:54] Lockmatish: all over the place
[06:25:56] Lockmatish: again independent
[06:26:17] Lockmatish: next, that split in the middle (horizontal) from before
[06:26:20] Lockmatish: has the ability to expand
[06:26:23] Lockmatish: until it covers your entire body
[06:26:25] Lockmatish: so your ENTIRE BODY
[06:26:27] Lockmatish: vibrates like crazy
[06:26:28] Lockmatish: up and down
[06:26:37] Drack: ouch
[06:26:45] Lockmatish: I think the split expands and contracts on a cycle
[06:27:14] Lockmatish: next,
[06:27:26] Lockmatish: I see some kind of ... borders at top and bottom, and connected to it is a massive "split shape" covering the entire body
[06:27:26] Frank: origin of Bryon's head shaking...
[06:27:32] Lockmatish: maybe it's a separate object that forced vibrations onto the body
[06:27:33] Lockmatish: :(
[06:27:34] Drack: ah..
[06:27:38] Lockmatish: and again, it vibrates your ENTIRE BODY
[06:27:40] Lockmatish: up and down
[06:27:43] Lockmatish: like crazy
[06:27:46] Frank: get it's done, pls check
[06:27:53] Lockmatish: checking
[06:28:02] Drack: gone
[06:28:02] Lockmatish: exploded... dust
[06:28:03] Drack: dust
[06:28:08] Frank: distance
[06:28:12] Lockmatish: done
[06:28:25] Frank: ~2 min shooting
[06:28:30] Drack: (y)
[06:28:39] Lockmatish: actually that last function, it may be left and right vibration instead
[06:28:45] Lockmatish: or a bit of both
[06:29:02] Lockmatish: no more info from schema..
[06:29:19] Drack: healing-pyrosis again
[06:29:21] Drack: ouch
[06:29:24] Drack: :D
[06:29:38] Drack: could need that natron pills
[06:31:46] Frank: i think done here. pls check
[06:31:51] Lockmatish: checking
[06:31:54] Drack: done
[06:32:02] Lockmatish: vaporised
[06:32:19] Lockmatish: wait, there's some kind of dust remains
[06:32:21] Lockmatish: a small little shape
[06:32:22] Lockmatish: on the right
[06:32:28] Drack: yeah
[06:32:48] Frank: shooting
[06:32:51] Lockmatish: ok
[06:33:26] Drack: job macro grows
[06:33:27] Drack: and grows
[06:33:32] Lockmatish: all vaporised
[06:33:44] Frank: job 20 - taurus - Bryon+5 host - 2 tar - 2 func
[06:33:46] Frank: good
[06:33:50] Drack: ok
[06:33:59] Drack: job macro not done yet
[06:34:04] Drack: 17sec
[06:34:10] Lockmatish: this place looks empty where I landed
[06:34:17] Drack: taurus..
[06:34:18] Oni: Sandstorm
[06:34:18] Drack: done..
[06:34:19] Drack: :D
[06:34:22] Lockmatish: maybe 1 bot or guard
[06:34:43] Lockmatish: I see 3 hostages above and in front
[06:34:44] Lockmatish: 3 behind
[06:34:49] Drack: ok coming
[06:35:09] Lockmatish: a big spinning energetical cube
[06:35:15] Drack: attacks on me?
[06:35:48] Lockmatish: one layer down I think
[06:35:55] Lockmatish: yes I think attacks on you
[06:35:58] Drack: ok
[06:36:18] Frank: no healings
[06:36:24] Drack: oh
[06:36:28] Drack: wow..
[06:36:34] Lockmatish: oh
[06:36:34] Drack: hurts like a attack
[06:36:35] Drack: :D
[06:36:53] Lockmatish: it looks same as an attack, but looking closely, its a different colour I think
[06:36:53] Frank: most time healings hurt even more than the attacks...
[06:36:56] Drack: but i learned not to complain if it´s not serious at all
[06:36:56] Lockmatish: damn
[06:37:36] Lockmatish: another layer down
[06:37:57] Drack: using solver
[06:38:09] Lockmatish: I think one out
[06:38:24] Frank: yes
[06:38:41] Lockmatish: good
[06:39:27] Lockmatish: I see a cube, looks like the kabaa
[06:39:46] Drack: i found someone chained down here
[06:39:51] Drack: looks like some egypt
[06:39:51] Lockmatish: opened it
[06:39:57] Lockmatish: bryon?
[06:40:00] Drack: lol
[06:40:07] Drack: not sure
[06:40:07] Frank: no
[06:40:09] Lockmatish: ok
[06:40:10] Drack: he seems dark
[06:40:13] Lockmatish: ah
[06:40:13] Frank: illusion
[06:40:15] Drack: ok
[06:40:27] Drack: job macro still not really working ok
[06:40:38] Lockmatish: another layer open
[06:40:43] Lockmatish: and hostage appears now, inside a big ice cube
[06:40:58] Frank: got 4
[06:41:02] Lockmatish: great
[06:41:02] Lockmatish: 2 left
[06:41:31] Lockmatish: I got one
[06:41:42] Drack: same
[06:41:49] Frank: got 6
[06:41:53] Lockmatish: great
[06:41:55] Lockmatish: 2 targets now
[06:41:58] Drack: ok
[06:42:06] Lockmatish: 2 targets, above and ahead
[06:42:13] Lockmatish: 1 o'clock and 11 o'clock
[06:42:30] Lockmatish: a big kind of net-shield
[06:42:44] Drack: unlocked one
[06:42:49] Lockmatish: (y)
[06:42:56] Drack: chest opening
[06:43:01] Frank: no access to any target
[06:43:06] Drack: yeah on it
[06:43:13] Frank: (y)
[06:43:30] Drack: wow i got spit out
[06:43:31] Lockmatish: breaking more layers
[06:43:41] Drack: there is some shield..
[06:44:00] Lockmatish: i'm very small now
[06:44:03] Lockmatish: I fell down a small tube
[06:44:08] Frank: break illusions
[06:44:13] Lockmatish: ok
[06:44:34] Drack: vision is bad.
[06:44:34] Lockmatish: opened a door
[06:44:36] Drack: ..
[06:45:03] Frank: behind door
[06:45:10] Lockmatish: do you have access to target?
[06:45:16] Lockmatish: no, its another layer..
[06:45:28] Frank: @D healing side effects
[06:45:33] Drack: ok
[06:45:43] Frank: 3min
[06:45:46] Lockmatish: and yet, another layer..
[06:45:52] Drack: ok
[06:46:01] Frank: 5 layer
[06:46:23] Lockmatish: I see like a big green "G" or "6", target seems to be inside
[06:46:37] Frank: yes
[06:46:39] Lockmatish: ok
[06:46:44] Frank: 1 layer
[06:47:17] Lockmatish: its a small doll or something, a chicken
[06:47:42] Frank: yes, 1 layer
[06:47:46] Lockmatish: ah ok
[06:47:46] Frank: need key
[06:47:49] Drack: ok
[06:47:50] Lockmatish: ok
[06:48:04] Drack: gave it Lockmatish
[06:48:24] Lockmatish: it's a car ?
[06:48:26] Drack: idk
[06:48:27] Drack: :D
[06:48:29] Drack: i´m blind mostly
[06:48:31] Lockmatish: ah np
[06:48:45] Lockmatish: I mean, is the target a car?
[06:48:47] Frank: yes target, got it
[06:48:53] Lockmatish: ok
[06:48:54] Frank: 1 target to go
[06:48:56] Lockmatish: ok
[06:49:07] Drack: yeah was working on it
[06:49:16] Lockmatish: target is far away to my 12 o'clock
[06:49:33] Lockmatish: many energetical barriers on the way
[06:49:36] Lockmatish: different sizes and shapes
[06:49:39] Drack: for me a minute feels like 5minutes right now
[06:49:43] Drack: a bit strange
[06:49:56] Frank: 3 layers
[06:49:59] Drack: maybe just tired
[06:50:00] Drack: :D
[06:50:02] Lockmatish: ok
[06:50:05] Frank: me too
[06:50:14] Drack: i´m not really actually
[06:50:17] Drack: but. somehow
[06:50:19] Lockmatish: I like a 3-part cube
[06:50:20] Lockmatish: thingy
[06:50:22] Lockmatish: which maybe rotates
[06:50:26] Lockmatish: target seems to be related
[06:50:28] Lockmatish: probably needs unlocking
[06:50:30] Frank: key
[06:50:34] Lockmatish: ok
[06:50:56] Drack: opened
[06:51:06] Drack: a ..
[06:51:09] Drack: mini hippo?
[06:51:12] Drack: lol
[06:51:13] Frank: got it
[06:51:16] Drack: lol...
[06:51:16] Lockmatish: great
[06:51:20] Drack: a damn mini hippo
[06:51:24] Drack: toy
[06:51:27] Lockmatish: 2 functions drack, I need another bathroom break
[06:51:31] Drack: ok
[06:51:33] Frank: shooting ~4 min
[06:52:08] Drack: can´t access on schema
[06:52:15] Frank: forget
[06:52:19] Drack: ok
[06:53:02] Frank: maybe in ~3 min visual gets better
[06:53:08] Drack: ok
[06:53:13] Drack: it was quite ok again actually
[06:53:16] Drack: like 60~ %
[06:53:20] Frank: ok
[06:53:27] Drack: whic his like 100% of old vision
[06:53:28] Drack: lol
[06:53:30] Frank: we still have 1 job...
[06:53:34] Drack: yeah
[06:54:40] Lockmatish: ok ill do functions
[06:54:43] Lockmatish: hooks into your neck
[06:54:48] Lockmatish: and twirls it around violently
[06:54:57] Lockmatish: clockwise I think
[06:55:04] Lockmatish: I also think it hooks into your leg or something below
[06:55:39] Lockmatish: okay, next is theres 2 hooks
[06:55:45] Lockmatish: on either side of the middle of the body
[06:55:47] Lockmatish: they hook into each side
[06:55:48] Drack: brb..
[06:56:05] Frank: i think done, pls check
[06:56:10] Lockmatish: and spin like a "semicircle" of your body (independently) spin it around very fast
[06:56:12] Lockmatish: ok checking
[06:56:28] Lockmatish: both destroyed
[06:56:35] Frank: distance...
[06:56:40] Lockmatish: done
[06:56:53] Frank: ~3 min shooting
[06:56:59] Lockmatish: thats it, no more info from schema
[06:59:42] Frank: seems done, pls check
[07:00:07] Lockmatish: checking
[07:00:27] Lockmatish: base is vaporised
[07:00:44] Frank: ok
[07:00:53] Frank: so we wait for drack...
[07:00:54] Lockmatish: targets too
[07:00:56] Lockmatish: ok
[07:01:06] Lockmatish: I catch 60 seconds of shuteye (rofl)
[07:01:06] Frank: job 21 - lsa2 - X+5 host - 1 tar - 5 func
[07:01:11] Lockmatish: ok I go now then
[07:01:15] Lockmatish: oh no, I wait
[07:01:20] Frank: wait for drack
[07:01:25] Lockmatish: yep
[07:01:32] Oni: I can help
[07:01:38] Frank: ok, do
[07:01:42] Lockmatish: ok lets go
[07:01:42] Oni: Let's go
[07:01:43] Frank: go
[07:01:51] Lockmatish: I see a big wall
[07:01:55] Lockmatish: with diagonal lines in it
[07:01:57] Lockmatish: im shooting at it
[07:02:01] Oni: Yep
[07:02:16] Oni: Can we run macro
[07:02:21] Lockmatish: I think 4 hostages to my 2 o'clock
[07:02:25] Lockmatish: and 2 hostages to my 10 o'clock
[07:02:27] Lockmatish: yes I think we can
[07:02:28] Lockmatish: I just did anyway
[07:02:32] Oni: Good
[07:02:32] Drack: back
[07:02:33] Frank: just start it
[07:02:43] Drack: ok
[07:02:50] Drack: well
[07:02:53] Drack: happy new day.
[07:02:55] Lockmatish: massive energetical barrier
[07:02:57] Drack: i just realised
[07:02:57] Lockmatish: extremely tall one
[07:02:57] Drack: :D
[07:03:06] Lockmatish: cut a hole in it
[07:03:11] Lockmatish: a cube now
[07:03:20] Lockmatish: programmed it to open
[07:03:26] Lockmatish: glass box now
[07:03:56] Lockmatish: fucking crazy maze to get back here with the key
[07:04:10] Lockmatish: small crate now?
[07:04:18] Drack: vision still not.. good
[07:04:25] Drack: not really
[07:04:30] Oni: Same
[07:04:32] Lockmatish: I think I just rescued 4?
[07:04:46] Drack: took all keys
[07:04:48] Drack: used all keys
[07:04:52] Frank: got 4
[07:04:53] Drack: not sure where
[07:04:54] Lockmatish: wait, some hostages appearing up in the sky ?
[07:04:55] Lockmatish: oh okay great
[07:05:14] Lockmatish: ok drack no problem
[07:05:16] Lockmatish: ill take care
[07:05:21] Oni: X is below
[07:05:23] Oni: I think
[07:05:29] Oni: Bigger
[07:05:29] Drack: (y)
[07:05:34] Lockmatish: a massive trippy wall
[07:05:36] Frank: yes
[07:05:38] Lockmatish: a massive partition
[07:06:00] Lockmatish: yes I think X far down below
[07:06:01] Lockmatish: bigger dot
[07:06:04] Lockmatish: one hostage on surface level
[07:06:10] Lockmatish: both to my 11 o'clock
[07:06:28] Drack: X seems free
[07:06:40] Frank: got 5
[07:06:47] Lockmatish: yes he does
[07:06:48] Lockmatish: great
[07:06:52] Drack: ok
[07:06:57] Oni: Good
[07:07:00] Drack: vision comes back
[07:07:09] Frank: (y)
[07:07:12] Lockmatish: got all I think
[07:07:23] Drack: another
[07:07:23] Frank: got all
[07:07:25] Drack: yes
[07:07:25] Lockmatish: great
[07:07:26] Drack: (y)
[07:07:27] Lockmatish: 1 target
[07:07:37] Drack: i just solved alot of shit we would have needed 10min for
[07:07:39] Drack: (rofl)
[07:07:41] Drack: what a puzzle..
[07:07:41] Lockmatish: nice
[07:07:43] Drack: damn
[07:07:52] Lockmatish: target appears to be a very tall, thin strip of wall
[07:07:53] Drack: you would have to go through 5 mazes or so
[07:07:56] Lockmatish: that runs above ground and below ground
[07:08:02] Lockmatish: dont worry I do mazes all the time (rofl)
[07:08:06] Drack: :D
[07:08:06] Drack: yeah i know
[07:08:10] Lockmatish: :D
[07:08:14] Drack: sorry i stole your hobby here
[07:08:16] Drack: (rofl)
[07:08:17] Lockmatish: all g
[07:08:39] Lockmatish: target seems far down below
[07:08:50] Lockmatish: target moving back up to surface..?
[07:08:50] Frank: did you ever try to walk with your armor straight through the maze walls to target?
[07:08:57] Lockmatish: no, I dont think so ...
[07:09:02] Lockmatish: lets try it now ...
[07:09:12] Lockmatish: this one is weird
[07:09:13] Lockmatish: target is moving ..
[07:09:14] Lockmatish: up and down
[07:09:16] Lockmatish: like an elevator
[07:09:30] Frank: need key
[07:09:42] Lockmatish: okay programmed elevator to go down farther than usual
[07:09:49] Lockmatish: target at the end of a hallway down below
[07:09:51] Frank: behind Lockmatish
[07:09:51] Drack: wait..
[07:10:00] Lockmatish: waiting
[07:10:01] Oni: Circular item
[07:10:03] Drack: open
[07:10:07] Lockmatish: looking
[07:10:28] Oni: I think it's open now
[07:10:39] Lockmatish: I just grabbed the key by equipping battle armor and charging straight through the wall
[07:10:43] Lockmatish: (y)
[07:10:49] Frank: shooting ~4 min
[07:10:53] Lockmatish: great
[07:10:56] Lockmatish: 5 functions
[07:11:04] Drack: mh.
[07:11:09] Drack: .ah ok that´s why
[07:11:13] Drack: macro is not good for hidden rooms
[07:11:17] Lockmatish: its a platform on the ground, a small circular one, under your body
[07:11:22] Lockmatish: it spins you extremely fast
[07:11:26] Lockmatish: I think counterclockwise
[07:11:28] Lockmatish: makes you very dizzy
[07:11:37] Frank: i upgraded for hidden rooms
[07:11:42] Lockmatish: nice
[07:11:44] Oni: Nice
[07:12:00] Drack: (y)
[07:12:00] Lockmatish: this is weird
[07:12:06] Lockmatish: I can see the original body spinning on a vertical axis
[07:12:12] Lockmatish: but I see now, overlaid on top of it
[07:12:14] Lockmatish: a horizontal body
[07:12:17] Lockmatish: spinning on a horizontal axis
[07:12:20] Lockmatish: like a spit roast
[07:12:24] Lockmatish: im not sure why there's 2 bodies
[07:12:27] Lockmatish: a voodoo doll.. ?
[07:12:52] Lockmatish: next, it's another kind of spinning entire body on it's own axis
[07:12:57] Lockmatish: but diagonal axis, top-right to bottom-left diagonal
[07:13:04] Lockmatish: and the overlaying seems to indicate it's "in addition" to the previous effects
[07:13:07] Lockmatish: maybe it's not an additional body
[07:13:09] Lockmatish: just extra effects
[07:13:40] Lockmatish: next, it's the same kind of spinning body on its own axis
[07:13:45] Lockmatish: but the other major diagonal, top-left to bottom-right
[07:14:22] Lockmatish: I think I see like a clock
[07:14:44] Lockmatish: this thing vibrates and spins your body on its own axis
[07:14:47] Lockmatish: but it slowly moves around
[07:14:50] Lockmatish: so you spins in every which direction
[07:14:54] Lockmatish: as it moves you around clockwise..
[07:14:59] Lockmatish: seems you're attached to the center point
[07:15:08] Frank: i think it's done, pls check
[07:15:16] Lockmatish: thats it, no more info from schema
[07:15:16] Drack: yeah
[07:15:17] Lockmatish: checking
[07:15:19] Drack: done
[07:15:26] Lockmatish: target obliterated
[07:15:27] Lockmatish: > safe dist
[07:15:32] Frank: go
[07:15:40] Lockmatish: firing
[07:15:55] Frank: ~2 min shooting
[07:16:33] Lockmatish: (sleepy)
[07:16:45] Lockmatish: still firing
[07:16:48] Lockmatish: :D
[07:17:59] Frank: done, pls check
[07:18:06] Lockmatish: looks like frank shoots cannonballs the size of planets...
[07:18:08] Lockmatish: checking
[07:18:16] Drack: sounds.. nice
[07:18:32] Lockmatish: vaporised
[07:18:37] Lockmatish: is it just me or is the vapor dust in the shape of a heart (giggle)
[07:18:49] Drack: wait..
[07:18:50] Frank: (rofl)
[07:18:53] Drack: lol..
[07:18:54] Lockmatish: :D
[07:18:58] Drack: (y)
[07:19:03] Drack: bringing love..
[07:19:06] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[07:19:17] Frank: :D
[07:19:25] Oni: :)
[07:19:32] Drack: that..
[07:19:36] Drack: will be a hell of a battlechat
[07:19:37] Lockmatish: was quite a day
[07:19:39] Lockmatish: yeah
[07:20:04] Lockmatish: seems I get lots of healings now
[07:20:09] Lockmatish: e.g. throat area
[07:20:13] Oni: (celebrate)
[07:20:15] Oni: (hearthands)
[07:20:16] Lockmatish: and also from below
[07:20:23] Lockmatish: (hearthands) (giggle)
[07:20:27] Lockmatish: very similar to vapor dust
[07:20:32] Oni: Right
[07:20:32] Lockmatish: except it was a bit taller
[07:20:41] Lockmatish: did you see too?
[07:20:50] Oni: Yes was nice
[07:20:53] Oni: Finishing touch
[07:20:54] Lockmatish: Awesome! :D
[07:20:56] Lockmatish: yeah
[07:20:58] Lockmatish: on a long day
[07:21:00] Lockmatish: nice
[07:21:17] Frank: was a long and hard but very successful day/night...
[07:21:20] Drack: (party)
[07:21:25] Drack: super successful i hope
[07:21:27] Frank: (party)
[07:21:27] Lockmatish: (party)(Party)(party)(Party)(Party)
[07:21:33] Drack: (holi) (fireworks)
[07:21:44] Oni: (busyday)
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Re: Cleanings on 18th/19th March - main cities - Antarctica

Unread postby Dee » 19 Mar 2017 16:27

2 factions fallen? Incredible.

It's a one way ticket now boys and girls. :happy-sunshine:

All you fly boys stay safe under fire.

I'll be shadow-boxing Ds all day. Keep it up!

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