12h extreme cleanings at 17th/18th March...

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12h extreme cleanings at 17th/18th March...

Unread postby Frank » 18 Mar 2017 14:43

[16:15:21] Frank: ok, so let's jump to job 1
[16:15:36] X: spaceship?
[16:15:41] Drack: yes
[16:15:47] Frank: (y)
[16:15:54] Drack: more like a fleet
[16:15:57] Drack: a few tinier
[16:16:01] Lockmatish: I see us on top of a shapeship
[16:16:02] Lockmatish: circular in shape
[16:16:04] Lockmatish: and yes, many around
[16:16:07] Lockmatish: very close to us
[16:16:15] X: I am at some greenish thing
[16:16:23] Drack: stone like
[16:16:27] Frank: what's in the middle?
[16:16:37] X: looks soft
[16:16:39] Drack: a eye
[16:16:40] Drack: kind of
[16:16:52] Drack: or a knob.
[16:16:52] Lockmatish: a massive pulsing green vortex
[16:16:57] Lockmatish: like an hourglass shape
[16:17:18] X: nobody touch it
[16:17:23] Drack: nah i have enough
[16:17:24] Drack: (rofl)
[16:17:24] Frank: search what's creating the vortex
[16:17:29] Lockmatish: ok
[16:17:32] Frank: (rofl)
[16:17:46] X: I get very sleepy now
[16:17:47] Drack: some bigger machine
[16:18:06] Frank: yes target
[16:18:09] Drack: ok
[16:18:12] Drack: shooting?
[16:18:20] Frank: i do all the shots...
[16:18:36] X: vision down, like distorted
[16:18:45] Lockmatish: I see many sort of invisible bots all around (no longer invisible as I can see them, but they were hidden). and they're producing some kind of hidden invisible "dark electricity"
[16:18:48] Lockmatish: like a secret grid
[16:18:54] Drack: ok.
[16:19:01] Lockmatish: they go through our bodies (and it hurts) and it goes to the vortex
[16:19:11] Lockmatish: but the current line is quite small
[16:19:14] Lockmatish: (theres many of them)
[16:19:38] Drack: feels unpleasant yeah
[16:19:44] Lockmatish: you see this grid too drack?
[16:19:45] Dynamite Δύναμις: the little "bees" have a "queen" hidden somewhere
[16:19:50] Lockmatish: ok
[16:19:51] Drack: yeah kind of
[16:19:53] Drack: it´s strange
[16:19:57] Lockmatish: it is kinda hard to explain yes
[16:19:59] Frank: sooting ~ 9 minutes to go
[16:20:02] Lockmatish: ok
[16:20:03] Drack: like bending
[16:20:06] Lockmatish: yeah
[16:20:07] Lockmatish: its not a straight line
[16:20:10] Frank: the vortex is connected to all people, pls find functions
[16:20:15] Lockmatish: ok
[16:20:21] X: sleep hahahaa
[16:20:22] Drack: and that what you meant with going through us is quite disgusting feeling
[16:20:29] Drack: good night X
[16:20:29] Drack: (rofl)
[16:20:39] Frank: simply go away there, and find the functions
[16:20:43] Drack: ok
[16:20:58] Lockmatish: I see
[16:21:03] Lockmatish: a tremendous, terrible twisting in the head
[16:21:06] Lockmatish: maybe cause of serious migraines
[16:21:08] Drack: head melting
[16:21:12] Drack: or better brain
[16:21:29] Drack: is what i see on it
[16:22:15] Lockmatish: maybe paralysis of the arms?
[16:22:21] Frank: yes it causes head pains, but has other functions. the pains are only the side effects
[16:22:26] Lockmatish: ah
[16:23:08] Drack: super strange looking
[16:23:11] Drack: can´t explain
[16:23:18] Lockmatish: this is really weird
[16:23:19] Lockmatish: its like
[16:23:21] Lockmatish: imagine your head
[16:23:28] Lockmatish: and it was pressed inside
[16:23:30] Lockmatish: such that it inverted
[16:23:46] Lockmatish: and went all the way down to your ass...
[16:23:50] Lockmatish: I dont know how else to explain it
[16:24:25] Drack: kind of that
[16:24:28] Drack: but above the head is a net
[16:24:29] Frank: i ordered skib now to create schemas of the functions of all 22 jobs, so that you can compare and search it...
[16:24:30] Drack: or a grid
[16:24:38] Drack: and there are energies going in and out
[16:24:40] Drack: puncturing it
[16:24:44] Drack: i don´t know what that does
[16:24:44] Frank: use them
[16:24:47] Lockmatish: ok
[16:24:49] Drack: ok
[16:26:11] Drack: vision goes bad for me too now
[16:26:35] Lockmatish: huh.. i'm getting some interesting answers
[16:26:51] Lockmatish: "vortex of time".. kills you slowly. how does it do this? by "feeding you wrong information over time" ..
[16:26:52] Frank: @drack: i care
[16:27:13] Lockmatish: thats from the schema
[16:27:13] Drack: ok
[16:28:08] Lockmatish: I keep seeing this same image
[16:28:13] Lockmatish: an image of 3 people's heads knocking together
[16:28:14] Drack: "it injects you a certain amount of wrong info driving you into madness"
[16:28:15] Lockmatish: at the same time
[16:28:22] Drack: i got
[16:28:43] Frank: and it causes brain damages
[16:29:52] Drack: maybe for strokes too?
[16:30:00] Frank: yes
[16:30:12] Drack: i see some thunder going into the head exploding stuff
[16:30:16] Drack: veins i guess
[16:30:44] Frank: ok, i get it's done. pls check
[16:30:46] Lockmatish: I don't seem to get any more info from the schema
[16:30:48] Lockmatish: checking
[16:30:50] Drack: ok
[16:31:16] Drack: dust and a bit smoke
[16:31:17] Lockmatish: yeah, it was cut and sliced first into half horizontally
[16:31:19] Lockmatish: and then into more pieces
[16:31:30] Lockmatish: seems to be dust now
[16:31:46] Frank: ok so we jump to an optimal distance to destroy it all...
[16:31:52] Drack: ok
[16:31:53] Lockmatish: ok
[16:31:56] Lockmatish: done
[16:32:04] Frank: fire...
[16:32:06] Drack: they really love star wars.
[16:32:11] Frank: why?
[16:32:21] Drack: that ship looks like a star destroyer again
[16:32:34] Frank: (facepalm)
[16:32:39] Frank: (rofl)
[16:32:44] Lockmatish: I think we can go now
[16:32:55] Drack: yeah
[16:32:58] Frank: ok, job no. 2 then
[16:33:18] Drack: ok
[16:33:58] Frank: and?
[16:34:04] Lockmatish: ok we seem to be on a jungle island in space
[16:34:08] Lockmatish: and on this island are many thin pipes
[16:34:12] Lockmatish: I am above one of them
[16:34:16] Lockmatish: and these thin pipes
[16:34:17] Drack: there are more islands around too
[16:34:19] Drack: tinier
[16:34:22] Lockmatish: descend all the way to earth (I think its earth)
[16:34:26] Lockmatish: ah ok
[16:34:32] Lockmatish: and they connect to the earth, don't know what they do
[16:34:35] Lockmatish: lets see
[16:34:43] Drack: india?
[16:34:44] Drack: again
[16:34:47] Drack: or wait
[16:34:52] Drack: it goes down in...
[16:34:54] Frank: pipes are the target
[16:35:02] Lockmatish: ok
[16:35:02] Drack: italy it seems
[16:35:12] Frank: i shoot ~8 minutes to go
[16:35:17] Drack: ok
[16:35:18] Dynamite Δύναμις: Nuraghe /Sardegna
[16:35:20] Lockmatish: ok, I try to find what they do
[16:35:30] Frank: connected to all people agai, pls find function
[16:35:53] Lockmatish: ill start with schema
[16:36:17] Drack: nuragi doesn´t seem to be it alex
[16:36:26] Drack: but not so sure. might be :D
[16:36:29] Drack: ok function.. :
[16:36:50] Drack: it has to do with throwing up
[16:36:55] Drack: nausea
[16:37:06] Drack: but brain too
[16:37:08] Lockmatish: I seem to get a connection to the heart
[16:37:18] Lockmatish: causes immense pressure on the heart, can cause it to stop
[16:37:28] Frank: yes
[16:37:41] Frank: what drack found are side effects of it
[16:37:49] Drack: nasty.
[16:37:49] Lockmatish: "pipes of doom"
[16:37:55] Lockmatish: ah ok
[16:37:55] Drack: mh
[16:38:11] Dynamite Δύναμις: (It's 1 out of 4, Drack, F checked)
[16:38:14] Frank: btw. this is orion group
[16:38:27] Drack: ok (y)
[16:38:30] Frank: job 1 was tausrus
[16:38:45] Drack: something on ear
[16:38:48] Drack: pizza brb
[16:38:56] Lockmatish: something about your feet
[16:39:26] Lockmatish: makes you want to tear them off because it simulates something crawling.. biting, scratching, crawling ........
[16:40:15] Frank: this has 3 functions
[16:40:21] Lockmatish: ok
[16:40:36] Lockmatish: seems it can cause convulsions in the arms
[16:41:00] Lockmatish: kinda of a forced "chicken dance", but nasty...very rapid
[16:41:09] Frank: yes, legs, arms, heart the 3 functions...
[16:41:10] Drack: lol..
[16:41:39] Lockmatish: ok
[16:41:49] Drack: i´ll have a quick eat now - following Lockmatish and if i see something which doesn´t get mentioned here i´ll write
[16:41:56] Lockmatish: well I need a quick bathroom break before next one
[16:42:00] Lockmatish: so i'll do that when this one is done
[16:42:09] Lockmatish: nws drack
[16:42:10] Lockmatish: good idea
[16:42:11] Frank: defending with 36 billion battle avatars...
[16:42:19] Lockmatish: wow
[16:42:24] Lockmatish: must be extremely important
[16:42:36] Frank: yes
[16:42:45] Drack: orions are the strongest of all 5 groups as far as i know?
[16:42:53] Frank: yes
[16:43:05] Drack: yeah.. no wonder they have so much
[16:43:59] Frank: i think job done, pls check
[16:44:03] Lockmatish: checking
[16:44:19] Drack: last parts getting down
[16:44:33] Lockmatish: explosives have been set off in every pipe
[16:44:43] Lockmatish: but there is tiny remains left
[16:45:23] Frank: ok, we jump on optimal distance and destroy all...
[16:45:26] Lockmatish: on it
[16:45:42] Frank: btw. we will destroy all 22 targets...
[16:45:51] Lockmatish: ok
[16:46:31] Lockmatish: I think its done
[16:46:31] Lockmatish: brb
[16:46:32] Frank: bathroom 3 min...
[16:48:02] Lockmatish: bk
[16:54:18] Frank: btw. we defend today in rings. meaning we make first ring, darks attack, we make reinfocemtn ring around them.... now in job 2 we had 5 rings. all attackers catched by this, no one escaped... 143 billion taken to prison...(chuckle)
[16:54:29] Frank: ok, all back?
[16:54:37] Drack: nice
[16:54:38] Lockmatish: :D nice !!!
[16:54:38] Lockmatish: back
[16:54:39] Drack: very nice
[16:54:42] Drack: good idea
[16:54:55] X: yes
[16:54:56] Lockmatish: job 3 is a double job
[16:55:00] Drack: yeah
[16:55:01] Frank: yes
[16:55:07] Frank: so jump job 3 now
[16:55:14] Drack: (y)
[16:55:27] Drack: a moon
[16:55:28] Drack: half moon
[16:55:33] X: weird
[16:55:33] Drack: and some castle beneath
[16:55:56] X: I am inside a blue liquid
[16:56:03] Lockmatish: I see many tubes, kinda like .... subway tubes or such, and there's cars in each of them, and they're zooming down the tubes real fast
[16:56:13] Drack: yeah true X
[16:56:14] Drack: we are all
[16:56:22] Lockmatish: its a cycle, they keep repeating
[16:56:29] Lockmatish: ZOOOOM...................................
[16:56:41] Drack: mh
[16:56:46] Drack: ok i look for job
[16:56:49] Drack: which is which
[16:56:58] Lockmatish: seems to be some kind of moon below
[16:57:00] Frank: i make target markers...
[16:57:03] Drack: yep Lockmatish
[16:57:05] Lockmatish: ok
[16:57:17] Frank: yes
[16:57:19] Drack: a mirror
[16:57:22] Dynamite Δύναμις: sure it is not "ooooomm, ooooomm"? (rofl)
[16:57:22] X: I have something here
[16:57:25] Drack: :D
[16:57:30] Drack: i´m on a mirror kind
[16:57:37] Drack: it goes into a floor
[16:57:40] Drack: it doesn´t reflect
[16:57:40] Lockmatish: definitely has a sharper beginning Dynamis (rofl)
[16:57:43] Drack: it´s more like aportal
[16:57:55] Frank: X seems to be at the target...
[16:58:01] X: guys come to me
[16:58:03] Drack: ok
[16:58:04] Lockmatish: ok
[16:58:05] X: vision is really bad
[16:58:08] X: so take a look
[16:58:13] Drack: i feel strange
[16:58:18] Lockmatish: okay
[16:58:21] Drack: super strange
[16:58:24] Lockmatish: I see us as standing just before a doorway
[16:58:25] Drack: like anger
[16:58:26] Drack: but i´m not
[16:58:28] Lockmatish: which leads into a small torture chamber
[16:58:28] Drack: super angry
[16:58:31] Lockmatish: there seems to be a guy on a bed
[16:58:41] Lockmatish: strapped down and getting electrocuted
[16:58:45] Drack: is it me?
[16:58:47] Drack: ..
[16:58:51] Drack: might that be
[16:58:53] Lockmatish: and screaming
[16:58:53] Frank: @D i care
[16:59:02] Drack: that would explain why i feel like what you describe right now
[16:59:16] Frank: no, it's me...
[16:59:20] Drack: damn
[16:59:34] Drack: all my body
[16:59:37] Drack: feels like shocked
[16:59:40] Drack: tingling like hell
[16:59:47] Lockmatish: I'm waiting a safe distance here incase the room is booby trapped
[17:00:08] Drack: have to scratch myself everwhere urgh
[17:00:13] Frank: drack get out there...
[17:00:17] Drack: ok
[17:00:53] Frank: some triggers in you which got triggered by the ambient
[17:00:56] Lockmatish: I see waves of "electricity" flowing through the air
[17:00:58] Drack: better but still there
[17:01:00] Lockmatish: the ambient itself is not safe in that room
[17:01:07] Drack: yes
[17:01:29] Frank: seems i'm ou, look for the real target
[17:01:35] Lockmatish: ok
[17:01:45] Drack: the mirror
[17:01:46] Drack: again
[17:02:00] Lockmatish: you're out, room is zapping nothing
[17:02:04] X: no one has come to me yet
[17:02:10] Drack: i was on you
[17:02:14] Drack: mh
[17:02:14] Lockmatish: huh
[17:02:16] X: no you were not
[17:02:17] Drack: you moved
[17:02:22] Lockmatish: I thought I came to you earlier
[17:02:26] Drack: i tried and came to the room with F
[17:02:29] Lockmatish: same
[17:02:32] Lockmatish: thats weird..
[17:02:34] Drack: yeah
[17:02:40] X: I am swimming in something blue
[17:02:41] Lockmatish: a duplicate X?
[17:02:45] X: liquid
[17:02:50] Lockmatish: hm
[17:02:52] Frank: skibs moved you to 1st of the two jobs...
[17:02:59] Lockmatish: oh ok
[17:03:07] Drack: mh
[17:03:09] Lockmatish: well I was trying to do that at first anyway
[17:03:23] Drack: yeah you´re in liquid but i got out since it´s kind of cold
[17:03:33] X: (facepalm)
[17:03:49] Drack: unpleasant cold.. i have to get against that itching still
[17:03:49] Drack: :D
[17:04:07] X: look what I point at
[17:04:08] Lockmatish: I am looking a safe distance away at apparently the main target
[17:04:15] Drack: yeah a machine
[17:04:21] Frank: oh, cold is good against itching...(rofl)
[17:04:21] Drack: like a pump
[17:04:38] Drack: thought so too F but .. that was a bit too unpleasant kind of cold
[17:04:39] Drack: (Rofl)
[17:04:41] Lockmatish: it's a room filled with mirrors.. along the floor, along the walls .... ceiling... floor, everywhere
[17:04:52] Drack: X seems you´re wrong..
[17:04:54] Lockmatish: and a massive one in the middle
[17:04:58] Drack: yeah Lockmatish i was there
[17:04:58] Lockmatish: very tall
[17:05:01] Lockmatish: mm
[17:05:04] Drack: it leads into a floor
[17:05:06] Drack: right
[17:05:15] Drack: not reflecting at all
[17:05:27] Lockmatish: it seems to be in a room with a large window overlooking space
[17:05:33] Frank: the liquid is the target + the machine.
and all connected to all L ones...
[17:05:37] Frank: pls find functions
[17:05:40] Drack: mh
[17:05:42] Drack: ok
[17:05:43] Lockmatish: ok
[17:05:44] Lockmatish: ill go there
[17:05:50] Lockmatish: or ill just check schema..
[17:05:52] Lockmatish: you found target anyway
[17:06:07] X: great the liquid is the target and I got teleported straight into it?
[17:06:13] Drack: lol
[17:06:19] Frank: shooting ~ 9 min to go
[17:06:29] Lockmatish: you know what they say
[17:06:31] Lockmatish: X marks the spot
[17:06:35] X: (cwl)
[17:06:38] Lockmatish: :D
[17:06:42] Drack: (rofl)
[17:06:44] Frank: (rofl)
[17:07:10] Frank: go out, it's not a trap. that's what i checked first...(chuckle)
[17:07:20] Lockmatish: :D
[17:07:31] Lockmatish: the liquid seems to be the most important thing to describe first
[17:07:34] Lockmatish: it gets inside your body
[17:07:38] Lockmatish: and "pushes" outwards
[17:07:41] Lockmatish: from every point inside your body
[17:08:14] X: can you all see if I am out?
[17:08:14] Frank: it's working on layer 2) in our bodies
[17:08:19] Lockmatish: the machine seems to be able to control the temperature of this liquid
[17:08:21] Drack: you are x
[17:08:22] Lockmatish: makes it hot, and then cold
[17:08:31] Lockmatish: ill double check x
[17:08:37] X: good
[17:08:51] Lockmatish: you're out, but still close to the surface
[17:09:04] Drack: thats enough :D
[17:09:12] X: going further now
[17:09:45] Lockmatish: theres another function
[17:09:50] Lockmatish: the water has a "washing machine" cycle/mode
[17:09:52] Lockmatish: really bad
[17:09:53] Frank: 4 functions
[17:10:49] Lockmatish: imagine all the liquid in your body crashing and cascading like in a washing machine.. but inside you
[17:10:52] Lockmatish: ok
[17:11:03] Lockmatish: and there's another "waching machine cycle", but this one is horizontal, around the center of your body
[17:11:06] Lockmatish: the first one was vertical
[17:11:08] Lockmatish: from top to bottom
[17:12:18] Lockmatish: another one
[17:12:34] Lockmatish: seems to be, perforating the skin
[17:12:37] Lockmatish: making a number of holes
[17:12:41] Lockmatish: letting liquid fall out
[17:15:56] Lockmatish: I dont seem to get any more info from the schema
[17:16:27] Frank: one cycle for blood, one for lymph, one for water
[17:16:48] Drack: acting like poison ?
[17:16:54] Drack: full back btw now
[17:17:12] Frank: 4th function acting like poison
[17:17:23] Drack: ok seemed so
[17:17:30] Frank: how did it?
[17:17:53] Drack: from the feet somehow
[17:18:00] Drack: dragging upwards
[17:18:05] Drack: until it hits the brain
[17:18:26] Drack: on certain point in the stomach area it starts twisting
[17:18:30] X: makes sense
[17:18:39] Drack: looks like liver
[17:18:44] Drack: or kidney stones..
[17:18:49] Drack: i´m not that good into anatomy
[17:18:50] Drack: (rofl)
[17:18:53] Frank: effects of it
[17:19:13] Drack: nausea it seems is a part of it
[17:19:26] Drack: chills
[17:19:45] Drack: headaches
[17:19:47] Frank: origin of 32 diseases
[17:19:50] Drack: "burning head"
[17:19:53] Drack: yeah
[17:19:57] Drack: seems all like diseases
[17:20:09] Frank: i think done here... pls check
[17:20:14] Drack: like gastorenteritis
[17:20:43] Drack: the pump seems
[17:20:44] Drack: nevermind
[17:20:48] Drack: thought it´s still there
[17:20:51] Lockmatish: looks like only a few drops left and the machine only a few tiny remains
[17:20:51] Drack: but it collapsed
[17:21:23] Frank: ok, so we jump on distance and destroy all.
[17:21:30] Lockmatish: (y)
[17:21:41] Drack: ok
[17:22:21] Frank: 3 defend rings, 83 billion catched and taken to prison...
[17:22:28] Drack: nice
[17:22:32] Drack: how much time is saved with that?
[17:22:45] Lockmatish: sorry, need another small break
[17:22:48] Lockmatish: mild headache now
[17:22:56] Drack: ok no problem
[17:23:03] Drack: go for that bastards
[17:23:04] Drack: :D
[17:23:13] Frank: ok
[17:23:28] X: I need lunch too
[17:23:34] Drack: i´m here still
[17:23:54] Frank: ok, drack let us two go 4th job...
[17:23:59] Drack: alright
[17:24:02] Frank: others can join later
[17:24:07] X: 3rd or 4th?
[17:24:14] Drack: ..brb
[17:24:20] X: :D
[17:25:13] Drack: back
[17:25:20] Drack: parents |-(
[17:25:36] Frank: (chuckle)
[17:25:42] Drack: a bit like taj mahal
[17:25:47] Drack: orange sky
[17:25:56] Lockmatish: back
[17:25:58] Frank: target in this
[17:26:03] Drack: ok
[17:26:16] Drack: a podest
[17:26:26] Drack: a flower again?
[17:26:36] Drack: or something like a tendril
[17:26:44] Lockmatish: I see many columns, including many underground
[17:26:45] Frank: no
[17:26:47] Drack: o
[17:26:57] Frank: colums
[17:26:58] Frank: part of
[17:27:07] Drack: i´m on another podest now
[17:27:15] Drack: there is something golden spiral like on it
[17:27:26] Frank: some machine doing something with columns
[17:27:32] Drack: ok
[17:27:54] Drack: why isn´t skib bringing me directly to it
[17:28:02] Drack: i say bring me to the main object of the job
[17:28:16] Frank: hidden
[17:28:17] Lockmatish: okay this is very strange
[17:28:19] Lockmatish: do my best to describe
[17:28:20] Drack: ok
[17:28:23] Lockmatish: its all underground
[17:28:25] Drack: yeah
[17:28:31] Lockmatish: there's a kind of ..... vertical river
[17:28:40] Lockmatish: ill do real quick diagram
[17:29:05] Drack: i found a fountain hidden
[17:29:08] Drack: or a pool
[17:29:13] Drack: it´s like there are 4 people inside
[17:29:18] Drack: but this are statues
[17:29:45] Drack: it´s rotating and the columns with it
[17:30:19] Frank: yearch the machine...
[17:30:25] Drack: (y)
[17:30:29] Lockmatish: diagram done
[17:30:47] Lockmatish: this is all underground
[17:30:52] Lockmatish: the part below is further underground than the part above
[17:31:02] Lockmatish: every black line represents a column
[17:31:02] Drack: yeah this whole is connected to that machine
[17:31:05] Lockmatish: vertical and horizontal columns
[17:31:10] Lockmatish: the ones in the river in the middle are flowing to the right
[17:31:16] Lockmatish: the ones above and below are cycling moving up and down
[17:31:32] Drack: that´s quite good drawn
[17:31:34] Drack: (y)
[17:31:41] Lockmatish: thx :)
[17:31:50] Lockmatish: theres plenty more columns its just an example
[17:31:50] Drack: the river moves the column inside it and that reacts with the other column
[17:31:51] Drack: and the machine
[17:31:53] Drack: moves the river
[17:32:10] Drack: like a big watermill clockwork
[17:32:11] Drack: something
[17:32:52] Drack: ok functions :
[17:33:19] Drack: that´s strange
[17:33:20] Drack: like
[17:33:26] Drack: the body is inside a tornado
[17:33:36] Frank: where is the machine?
[17:33:38] Drack: guess that´s a water-tornado like
[17:33:46] Drack: far down underground
[17:33:54] Drack: i´m there
[17:34:04] Drack: and marked the way i took
[17:34:25] Frank: ok
[17:34:30] Lockmatish: ok
[17:34:40] Lockmatish: headache gets worse, this is hard
[17:34:51] Frank: painkillers...
[17:35:00] Lockmatish: good idea
[17:35:03] Lockmatish: ill search after this one
[17:35:14] Drack: pretty much like that
[17:35:15] Drack: :D
[17:35:27] Frank: shooting ~5 minutes to go
[17:35:32] Drack: (y)
[17:35:34] Drack: so functions
[17:35:40] Drack: it´s like tons of water hit the body from above
[17:35:41] Drack: the head
[17:35:45] Drack: pressing alot on it
[17:35:52] Lockmatish: I just did skib macro 'painkiller' seems to help
[17:35:54] Drack: then that tornado stuff
[17:36:03] Frank: (y)
[17:36:36] Drack: next function
[17:36:40] Drack: twisting the legs badly
[17:36:51] Drack: like really badly
[17:37:03] Drack: next function is the same with the arms
[17:37:25] Lockmatish: I see like
[17:37:40] Lockmatish: a head getting slammed with a battering ram one way
[17:37:47] Lockmatish: straight into another battering ram coming the other way
[17:37:52] Lockmatish: battering ram = a long, heavy piece of wood
[17:38:00] Drack: yeah
[17:38:11] Drack: for me it was the same but with water
[17:38:15] Lockmatish: ah
[17:39:21] Drack: another function seems to be twisting the head aswell
[17:40:12] Drack: and another seems to be a wave hitting the mouth of a person forcing him to swallow the whole wave
[17:40:13] Frank: btw. belongs to orion group...
[17:40:16] Drack: thats gross
[17:40:29] Drack: drowning symptoms maybe
[17:41:13] Drack: that´s it for my part.
[17:41:25] Drack: can´t get more out of the scheme
[17:41:35] Lockmatish: I dont seem to get any more infos for awhile
[17:41:51] X: back, I have to say I love Lockmatish's drawings but I love drack's own even more (cwl) (cwl) (cwl)
[17:41:59] Lockmatish: :D
[17:42:01] Drack: .. :D
[17:42:04] Frank: (rofl)
[17:42:11] Lockmatish: simplicity itself
[17:42:19] Drack: we´re just culturally enriching that chat
[17:42:20] Drack: (rofl)
[17:42:34] X: :D
[17:42:59] Frank: i think we are done, check pls
[17:43:12] Drack: the well is gone
[17:43:15] Drack: but the statues are alive now
[17:43:19] Drack: one of it
[17:43:43] Drack: illusion maybe..
[17:43:52] Drack: no it´s not somehow.
[17:43:58] Drack: Lockmatish you can check?
[17:44:35] Lockmatish: mostly dust and rubble, some remains.. yeah there seems to be a statue "growling" and moving a bit, in the same pattern every few seconds
[17:44:38] Frank: ok, statues are not part of job... job done?
[17:44:47] Drack: well is done
[17:44:57] Frank: ok, we jump back on distance and destroy all
[17:44:59] Drack: ok
[17:45:22] Drack: just a bit .. interesting how it stands up like "what the hell is happening here"
[17:45:58] Frank: seems this was important for them... took 331 billions into prison...:D
[17:46:04] Drack: nice
[17:46:12] Drack: pretty big hunt in meanwhile today
[17:46:12] Drack: :D
[17:46:30] Lockmatish: ninjas are trying to chop the finest dust into finer pieces
[17:46:31] Lockmatish: good luck
[17:46:37] Frank: we can do 2 things in one by this...:D
[17:46:40] Lockmatish: nice
[17:46:47] Lockmatish: who needs to hunt
[17:46:51] Lockmatish: when you can make them come to you
[17:46:57] Frank: (y)
[17:47:02] Frank: yes, that's the point...
[17:47:07] Lockmatish: right
[17:47:21] Lockmatish: I do quick look for painkillers and ill join you guys asap
[17:47:26] Frank: ok
[17:47:30] Drack: íll go to toilet too
[17:47:31] Drack: have to
[17:47:38] Drack: brb
[17:47:39] X: ok
[17:48:21] Frank: btw. there in target itselfe have been 3,1 mio darks..
[17:48:41] X: ok
[17:50:42] Frank: target should be done...
[17:59:10] Drack: back and ready.
[17:59:26] Frank: all done here?
[17:59:26] Drack: interesting
[17:59:33] Frank: what?
[17:59:40] Drack: more or less.
[17:59:48] Drack: no that interesting was because of the darks inside
[17:59:56] Drack: there is like a floating island left
[18:01:13] Drack: done.
[18:01:16] Frank: seem to be Gs...
[18:01:21] Drack: ok
[18:01:27] Drack: hostages?
[18:01:31] Frank: no
[18:01:41] Drack: perpetrators?
[18:01:41] Drack: :D
[18:01:44] Frank: idiots
[18:01:53] Drack: lol
[18:01:57] Lockmatish: bk
[18:02:05] Drack: it seemed they tried to take some parts
[18:02:06] Frank: go, show them the videos...
[18:02:09] Drack: ok
[18:03:02] Drack: all have a meltdown now
[18:03:24] Drack: let them go again?
[18:04:27] Frank: yes. they have to think now...(chuckle)
[18:04:31] Drack: ok :D
[18:04:46] Frank: let's go job 5...
[18:04:52] Drack: (y)
[18:05:03] Frank: it's las3....
[18:05:06] Frank: no spiders
[18:05:12] X: :D
[18:05:13] Frank: (chuckle)
[18:05:14] Drack: there
[18:05:16] Drack: was a ninja trap
[18:05:19] Drack: right in front of me
[18:05:22] Drack: :D
[18:05:36] X: I am at a wall with shiny diamond like things on them
[18:05:39] X: it is changing colour
[18:05:49] Drack: yeah
[18:05:51] Drack: cool
[18:05:59] Drack: illusion
[18:05:59] Drack: i get
[18:06:07] Frank: behind the wall
[18:06:13] Frank: destroy wall
[18:06:17] Drack: on it
[18:06:32] X: blood
[18:06:40] Lockmatish: behind the wall is another wall which rotates around at dizzying speed
[18:06:41] Drack: a phiole of blood
[18:06:41] Drack: yeah
[18:06:55] Drack: just crash through Lockmatish
[18:06:56] Drack: (chuckle)
[18:07:18] Frank: behind next wall..
[18:07:30] Frank: battle avatars will care about blood, not our job
[18:07:36] Drack: ok
[18:07:38] X: ok
[18:07:46] Lockmatish: oh yeah.. behind 2nd wall is a mountain of blood
[18:07:47] Drack: a big big grail
[18:07:50] Drack: ?
[18:07:54] X: rain?
[18:08:00] Drack: it rains blood here
[18:08:13] Drack: and there is that big fat grail
[18:08:22] X: I see clouds too
[18:08:34] Lockmatish: behind third wall is a massive grail
[18:08:38] Drack: yep
[18:08:40] Frank: yes, "blood" (it's not "that" blood" is target. there is a machine for it
[18:08:50] Lockmatish: ok
[18:08:51] Drack: is that grail the machine?
[18:09:03] Drack: it has some mechanism below it
[18:09:03] Frank: no
[18:09:05] Drack: ok
[18:09:21] Frank: over the rain
[18:09:30] X: inside a huge pot
[18:09:34] X: some clear liquid
[18:09:45] Lockmatish: I see a spinning wheel of death
[18:09:53] Lockmatish: its taking. ...... something... and churning it out into blood
[18:10:02] Frank: and rain is connected to all L-ones, 1 function
[18:10:23] Drack: looking for function
[18:10:35] Frank: > [Freitag, 17. März 2017 18:09:45 Lockmatish] wheel of death
<<< machine
[18:10:47] Drack: tthe rain does pressure on the person
[18:10:50] Drack: it rains down on him
[18:10:56] Drack: and presses him on the ground
[18:11:09] Drack: some of those drops flow inside the body
[18:11:17] Drack: exploding
[18:11:20] Frank: shooting ~8 min to go
[18:11:35] Lockmatish: rain looks like acid rain
[18:11:43] Lockmatish: burns.. of note, is the bladder
[18:11:46] Drack: yeah with weight
[18:11:47] Lockmatish: maybe causes UTI
[18:11:57] Frank: it's the origin of 132 diseases
[18:12:02] Drack: phew.
[18:12:03] Drack: ok
[18:12:18] Drack: brb#
[18:13:40] Lockmatish: okay
[18:13:45] Lockmatish: function 1 of machine
[18:13:48] Lockmatish: makes you smell death and decay
[18:13:50] Lockmatish: makes you hate living
[18:13:56] X: wow
[18:15:19] Lockmatish: function 2
[18:15:23] Lockmatish: it makes your cells die, as much as it can
[18:15:31] Drack: wow.
[18:15:37] Drack: is it connected with aging?
[18:16:35] Lockmatish: function 3
[18:16:37] Lockmatish: makes blood come out of your ears
[18:16:45] Drack: skib means partly to aging
[18:16:46] Lockmatish: I have my head down most of the time guys, its the one thing which takes away the pain
[18:16:49] Lockmatish: I wont reply too much
[18:16:56] Drack: ouch
[18:16:58] Frank: yes, speed up aging of physical body
[18:17:13] Drack: hope you get well soon (hug)
[18:17:29] Drack: in around a hour i have to go shopping a bit
[18:17:56] Lockmatish: no more info from schema
[18:19:53] Drack: i have one more
[18:19:57] Drack: from the machine directly
[18:20:00] Drack: it´s like washing out the brain
[18:20:19] Drack: setting the whole head under water and going into washmachine mode
[18:20:32] Drack: afterwards it goes out of the nose again
[18:20:33] Drack: nosebleeding?
[18:20:59] Frank: yes
[18:21:05] Drack: ok interesting
[18:21:11] Frank: the last attacks had THIS as origin
[18:21:24] Drack: another one
[18:21:31] Drack: like 6 big spikes waiting
[18:21:38] Drack: after a certain time they ram into the body
[18:21:40] Drack: at full speed
[18:21:43] Drack: at certain points
[18:21:49] Drack: all over the body
[18:22:08] Drack: ok.. more than 6
[18:23:38] Drack: another one is 2 hooks into the eye
[18:23:55] Drack: draggin the body upwards while some strings on the leg drag the body downwards
[18:24:22] Drack: causing alot of pain in stomach and eye area
[18:24:28] Frank: job done, pls check
[18:24:30] Drack: ok
[18:24:35] X: yes
[18:24:44] Drack: yeah down
[18:25:02] Frank: ok, jump to distance and destroy...
[18:25:05] Drack: ok
[18:25:28] X: done
[18:25:43] Drack: there is something left
[18:25:45] Drack: a bridge or something
[18:26:10] X: still?
[18:26:24] Drack: nope.
[18:26:33] Frank: that was quite important for lsa3 ones... took 720 billion to prison...
[18:26:38] Drack: nice.
[18:26:41] X: ok
[18:26:42] Drack: let them come..
[18:26:43] Drack: :D
[18:26:44] Lockmatish: wow
[18:26:52] Frank: ok, so let's jump job 6...
[18:27:03] Frank: taurus
[18:27:06] Drack: ok
[18:27:18] Frank: all people but taurus are connected
[18:27:28] X: flame?
[18:27:44] Drack: green golden flame
[18:27:47] Frank: near target
[18:27:50] X: coals burning
[18:28:00] Drack: on the roof?
[18:28:02] Frank: over the flames?
[18:28:05] Drack: yeah
[18:28:06] Drack: somewhere there
[18:28:10] X: under it
[18:28:14] Drack: mh
[18:28:20] X: inside it
[18:28:25] Drack: there is something on the roof too.
[18:28:38] Lockmatish: I saw trains. standing on top of it. you get impaled .. left and then right. train takes you directly into impaling ... and no escape vertically.. more impaling
[18:28:45] Drack: looks a bit like a plate
[18:28:48] Drack: what is inside
[18:28:51] X: yes
[18:28:59] Drack: with some other coals maybe
[18:29:00] Drack: not sure
[18:29:09] Drack: could be meatballs too
[18:29:10] Drack: (rofl)
[18:29:18] Frank: plate is target
[18:29:29] Frank: 5 functions...
[18:29:32] Drack: @Lockmatish , wow.
[18:30:32] Drack: bloating up the stomach one function
[18:30:49] Drack: hardening out
[18:31:02] Frank: shooting ~11 min to go
[18:31:24] Drack: function 2 is like deforming the throat
[18:31:34] Drack: and stomach too
[18:32:09] Dynamite Δύναμις: this is where most thyroid diseases originate from
[18:32:13] Lockmatish: : visual of a plate of glass/ceramic smashing into your face.. and this causes many small glass pieces to get embedded inside you .. and you can't get them out ....
[18:32:23] Lockmatish: and this also happens from behind, many stuck pieces
[18:32:37] X: I can relate Lockmatish
[18:32:42] Lockmatish: :(
[18:32:45] Drack: yeah seeing that
[18:33:00] Drack: another function is lifting the brain
[18:33:02] Drack: from below
[18:33:05] Drack: squeezing it
[18:33:25] Drack: this causes some reaction in the body
[18:33:28] Frank: i will squeeze their eggs...
[18:33:36] Drack: (rofl)
[18:34:04] Drack: it seems to go down to the back and the bladder somehow
[18:34:07] Drack: and a bit more
[18:34:24] Lockmatish: : imagine a "spinning plate" . this goes inside the body from underneath
[18:34:30] Lockmatish: spins very fast, moving upwards
[18:34:35] Lockmatish: cutting you up into slices from the inside
[18:34:38] Dynamite Δύναμις: F means that he will invent a "dark-balls-squeezing-machine" (chuckle)
[18:34:50] Frank: (rofl)
[18:34:54] Drack: :D
[18:35:07] Drack: my whole body hurts everywhere
[18:35:14] Drack: mostly the back
[18:35:17] Drack: and head
[18:35:17] Lockmatish: no more info from schema
[18:35:22] Frank: ok
[18:35:33] Frank: @D i care
[18:35:36] Drack: ok
[18:36:53] Drack: it origins from the spine
[18:36:56] Drack: on me now.
[18:37:09] Frank: on it
[18:37:12] Drack: feels you got that already yeah
[18:37:13] Drack: (y)
[18:38:53] Drack: back is fine again head is worse
[18:39:04] Frank: ok
[18:39:10] Drack: from the neck into head
[18:40:03] Frank: on it
[18:40:34] Drack: (y)
[18:42:19] Drack: 20~minutes for me to go . then i´m away for 15minutes
[18:42:24] Frank: ok
[18:42:41] X: job done here
[18:42:46] Drack: ok
[18:42:47] X: I think
[18:43:00] Drack: nearly
[18:43:01] Frank: kind of (chuckle)
[18:43:05] Drack: it´s broken
[18:43:06] Drack: :D
[18:43:09] Drack: but not really dust
[18:43:26] Frank: in 2 min it is... (chuckle)
[18:43:30] Drack: :D (y)
[18:44:28] Frank: it's like this. skib shoots. then checks, maybe makes 2nd shhot. for skib it's done then. but always needs 1-2 minutes to finish the shooting effects...
[18:44:48] Drack: ok
[18:44:50] Drack: yeah explains alot
[18:45:02] Frank: i think we can jump on distance and destroy all now...
[18:45:09] Drack: (y)
[18:45:43] Drack: should i imply that i still use fishes to attack.. (rofl)
[18:45:48] Drack: too hilarious
[18:46:01] Frank: 760 billion catched and prison...
[18:46:03] Drack: it´s just visualisation the attack is normal
[18:46:05] Drack: oh
[18:46:10] Drack: they´re making it really easy
[18:46:13] Drack: :D
[18:46:22] Frank: they are desperated..
[18:46:27] Frank: sending what they have...
[18:46:42] Drack: and that´s their doom
[18:47:08] Frank: i'm fine with this...(chuckle)
[18:47:10] Drack: :D
[18:47:14] Drack: yep (like)
[18:47:44] Drack: head goes better
[18:47:56] Drack: still pressuring and feels like going over to the whole throat and neck area
[18:48:12] Frank: i think we are done here...
[18:48:34] Frank: let's jump target 7 - no, me again...
it's taurus group
[18:48:44] Drack: ok
[18:48:56] X: I am in black ashes
[18:49:04] Drack: as i followed you
[18:49:05] Drack: i´m too
[18:49:06] Drack: :D
[18:49:19] X: I am sneezing
[18:49:20] Frank: (rofl)
[18:49:20] X: hahaaha
[18:49:22] Drack: lol
[18:49:24] Drack: i´m out of it
[18:49:28] Drack: but it itches in the nose
[18:49:29] Drack: yeah
[18:49:46] X: above is some kind of huge orb
[18:49:53] Drack: ohh..
[18:49:57] Drack: good to know
[18:50:08] Drack: nearly flew in it
[18:50:15] X: like a ring of fire around it
[18:50:24] Drack: inside is some clockwork
[18:50:32] Frank: over the orb
[18:50:43] Drack: a glass kind of
[18:50:47] X: a mini globe?
[18:50:48] Drack: on a table
[18:50:51] X: yes
[18:51:06] X: it spins, some kind of compass too
[18:51:07] Frank: ok, target, now find "ME"...
[18:51:18] X: done
[18:51:32] Drack: yeah
[18:51:38] Drack: can´t stand there
[18:51:40] Drack: again problems
[18:51:48] Frank: ok
[18:52:13] X: Lockmatish?
[18:52:30] Drack: he seems not in a good shape
[18:52:31] Frank: disconnecting and fire run ~ 14 minutes to go
[18:52:42] X: ok
[18:53:03] Frank: 8 functions - connected to all people but taurus
[18:53:17] Drack: the globe/table whatever now?
[18:53:38] Frank: i care already
[18:53:44] Drack: ok
[18:53:55] Frank: just search the functions
[18:54:07] Drack: was just asking if that was what you meant
[18:54:08] Drack: :D
[18:54:32] Drack: something with heart
[18:54:43] Drack: from the back of the heart
[18:54:50] Drack: pushing the heart inside
[18:55:07] Drack: this leads that the heart "spits out" more blood
[18:55:09] Drack: or pumps more blood
[18:55:38] X: makes sense
[18:55:50] Drack: guess i had that a few times aswell
[18:55:58] Drack: if the heart starts pounding really loud
[18:56:14] Drack: function 2 is something with brain
[18:56:17] Drack: and heart aswell
[18:56:30] Drack: this time in the front of the heart is some shield or something like that
[18:56:43] Drack: going tighten on the heart
[18:56:56] Drack: squeezing a bit
[18:57:43] Drack: on the brain it lets the brain jump somehow
[18:58:06] Drack: certain parts of the brain get stinged , blocked
[18:58:16] Drack: and overall massive damage it seems
[18:59:37] Drack: another function is that the left part of the body , the whole side from head to foot gets moved and stretched, also pressing on the nose a bit and somewhere on the stomach a bit
[18:59:43] Drack: but for now.. don´t know
[18:59:48] X: wow wow
[19:00:01] Drack: mh?
[19:01:30] X: 5 functions missing still
[19:01:31] Drack: i guess the last function is flipping the stomach upside down, and the nose gets dragged a bit
[19:01:34] Drack: oh
[19:01:39] Drack: well another function then :D
[19:01:51] Drack: something with fingers
[19:01:56] Drack: like they go stiff
[19:02:25] Drack: and the stomach gets ripped appart aswell while upside down
[19:03:06] Drack: and something with the left foot on the toes
[19:03:10] Drack: the joints of it stiffing
[19:03:31] X: (nod)
[19:03:31] Drack: getting stiff*
[19:03:33] Drack: :D
[19:03:39] Drack: stiffing isn´t even a word i found out
[19:03:40] Drack: (rofl)
[19:03:49] X: (cwl)
[19:04:10] Drack: urgh the next is the eyes rolling inside
[19:04:18] Drack: and something below the hips
[19:04:41] Drack: on the eyes it´s grabbing on the back of the eye
[19:04:48] X: oh yes
[19:04:48] Drack: the retina
[19:04:54] Drack: squeezing the hell out of it
[19:05:16] Drack: and below the hips is.. like punching holes in
[19:05:20] Drack: but in a row
[19:05:27] Drack: stuffing something inside
[19:05:34] X: (nod)
[19:05:50] Drack: it breaks out on the top both sides
[19:05:53] Drack: and connects together
[19:05:55] Drack: caging the legs
[19:06:18] X: :O
[19:07:23] Drack: if you imagine that blob is below the hips
[19:07:31] X: wow what a drawing
[19:07:34] Drack: (rofl)
[19:07:36] Drack: psshh
[19:07:37] Drack: (rofl)
[19:07:54] X: yes
[19:08:04] Drack: going in , breaking out of the top connecting
[19:08:14] Drack: lovefully visualised
[19:08:16] Drack: (rofl)
[19:08:23] X: (cwl)
[19:08:36] Drack: ok next
[19:08:40] Drack: goes into temples
[19:08:49] Drack: same stuff like drilling holes in a row
[19:08:55] Drack: connects inside
[19:09:06] Drack: then it tightens
[19:09:15] Drack: some stuff gets attached on that pipes
[19:09:20] Frank: i think job is done...
[19:09:21] Drack: squeezing both sides
[19:09:21] Frank: pls check
[19:09:23] Drack: ok
[19:09:44] Drack: the orb still there but the target itself done
[19:09:55] Drack: some aftershootings maybe
[19:10:20] Frank: we jump in distance and destroy all...
[19:10:25] Drack: ok
[19:10:42] Drack: well have to go now
[19:10:51] Frank: 9 rings - 230 billion taken to prison
[19:10:53] Drack: not sure how to handle that now Lockmatish seems a bit.. unavaiable
[19:10:55] X: ok
[19:11:09] Drack: brb in 15min~
[19:11:14] X: ok
[19:11:23] Frank: ok, we wait... no problem
[19:11:28] Drack: alright (y)
[19:45:05] Drack: back
[19:45:07] Drack: that was a hell of a walk
[19:45:18] X: ok
[19:45:18] Drack: you can check how much attacks i had in meanwhile i feel like half dying
[19:45:18] Drack: (rofl)
[19:45:25] X: :D
[19:45:44] Drack: chest punctured like hell, stomach, right arm biggest spear ever seen
[19:46:09] Dynamite Δύναμις: obviously not enough, Drack, you are still alive :D
[19:46:15] Dynamite Δύναμις: and this is great!
[19:46:17] Drack: yeah at least technically
[19:46:21] Drack: not feeling like
[19:46:21] Drack: (rofl)
[19:46:27] Frank: seems we did good ob with first 7 ...(rofl)
[19:46:35] Drack: yes
[19:46:39] Drack: as soon as i left the house all around me
[19:47:02] Drack: someone was drinving with a bike along me , attacks
[19:47:10] Drack: then in the store like on every corner.
[19:47:24] Drack: but yeah.. ready again
[19:48:17] Frank: i care about shit
[19:48:21] Drack: ok
[19:48:27] Drack: any number on how much that were
[19:48:57] Frank: 5 attacks, 1,3 mio attackers
[19:49:02] Drack: damn
[19:49:11] Dynamite Δύναμις: (cwl)
[19:49:29] Dynamite Δύναμις: hard luck for them
[19:49:34] Drack: yeah
[19:49:37] Drack: i got them all anyways
[19:49:38] Drack: (rofl)
[19:49:46] Drack: or at least the most
[19:50:00] Frank: ok, if you are ok, we go job 8 now...
[19:50:09] Drack: i´m ok enough
[19:50:15] Drack: let´s do it
[19:51:12] Frank: ok job 8 - taurus again - 4 functions
[19:51:17] Drack: ok.
[19:51:30] Drack: japanese temple like
[19:51:47] Drack: more like whole medival japanese town
[19:51:49] X: no vision for me yet
[19:51:53] Frank: ok
[19:52:07] Drack: a big gong?
[19:52:11] X: sword?
[19:52:13] Drack: mh
[19:52:14] Drack: (rofl)
[19:52:28] Drack: beneath the sword
[19:52:31] Drack: yeah
[19:52:32] Frank: yes, we need sword to get to target
[19:52:36] Drack: ok
[19:52:38] Frank: key
[19:52:41] Drack: yep
[19:52:42] Drack: searching
[19:52:46] X: box
[19:52:48] X: chest
[19:52:57] X: insert it
[19:53:00] Drack: yes
[19:53:04] X: it will open into a room
[19:53:11] Drack: i found the door for it
[19:53:24] X: the room is amber
[19:53:36] Drack: pretty cool
[19:53:43] Drack: another box on a podest
[19:53:46] Drack: or
[19:53:47] Drack: a book?
[19:54:09] X: I think the target is the things hanging from the ceiling
[19:54:13] X: the ornaments
[19:54:21] Drack: yeah might be
[19:54:27] X: Frank?
[19:54:32] Frank: box is the machine of it
[19:54:33] Drack: vision is like on 40% as usual
[19:54:38] Drack: oh
[19:54:44] X: at least you have, hahaha
[19:54:49] Drack: :D
[19:54:55] X: I am going on knowing here
[19:55:04] Drack: not bad at all
[19:55:19] Frank: shooting ~9 min to go
[19:55:20] Drack: seems more accurate than my vision right onw
[19:55:21] Drack: :D
[19:55:27] Drack: looking for functions
[19:55:28] X: hahaaha
[19:55:29] X: yes
[19:55:52] X: wow I ask "show me the functios", I get "NO"
[19:55:54] Frank: connected to al people but taurus - functions?
[19:56:03] Drack: (rofl)
[19:56:12] Drack: "can i have a~" "NO"
[19:56:13] Drack: (rofl)
[19:56:21] X: visuals for NO though
[19:56:25] Drack: yeah.
[19:56:28] Drack: so
[19:56:34] Drack: shrinking the brain a bit somehow
[19:56:38] Drack: and squeezing it flat
[19:57:24] Drack: right hand gets attacked nasty
[19:57:34] Drack: pulsing , each puls gives harsh pain
[19:57:37] Drack: on me now
[19:57:38] Drack: (rofl)
[19:57:41] Frank: 3 brain functions
[19:57:45] Drack: ok
[19:57:48] Drack: looking for function 2
[19:58:26] Drack: from the mouth it goes into the brain from below
[19:58:29] Drack: sparkling inside the brain
[19:59:05] Drack: maybe something with food combined
[19:59:09] Drack: or drinks
[19:59:35] Drack: vision interrupts..
[20:00:06] X: hahhaha
[20:00:10] X: makes sense Drack
[20:00:15] Drack: does it
[20:00:16] Drack: :D
[20:00:21] X: yes
[20:00:25] Drack: ok then :D
[20:00:39] Drack: well trying to get vision back
[20:01:16] X: should be better soon
[20:01:20] Drack: ok
[20:01:27] Drack: function 3 was something with.. above chest
[20:01:33] Drack: the bone between shoulder and chest
[20:01:42] Drack: i don´t even know how it´s called in german
[20:01:43] Drack: (rofl)
[20:01:53] X: sternum?
[20:02:05] X: rib cage?
[20:02:10] Drack: nah
[20:02:13] X: collar bone?
[20:02:22] Drack: yeah
[20:02:23] Drack: that
[20:02:26] X: ok
[20:02:39] Drack: along the whole from left to right
[20:03:03] Drack: ok vision back a bit
[20:03:07] Drack: it´s like strings around that bone
[20:03:10] Drack: ripping on it
[20:03:14] Drack: upwards
[20:03:21] Drack: trying to rip it out of the body
[20:03:40] Drack: with everything on it ripcage
[20:03:42] Drack: and such
[20:04:06] Drack: and some spike into the middle of the brain in the same time
[20:04:15] Drack: drilling inside anchoring
[20:04:22] Drack: and ripping outside upwards too
[20:04:53] Frank: ok, i think job done...
[20:04:57] Drack: ok
[20:05:08] Frank: try to check...
[20:05:21] Drack: yeah box is mostly in dust and the remains are getting zapped
[20:05:36] Frank: ok, so we jump on distance and destroy all..
[20:05:42] Drack: (y)
[20:06:14] Frank: only 12 billions catched this time... (chuckle)
[20:06:21] Drack: ok
[20:06:25] Drack: i feel so shitty.
[20:06:26] Drack: (rofl)
[20:06:31] X: me too
[20:06:32] Frank: (hug)
[20:06:34] Drack: but could be way worse.
[20:06:43] Drack: (hug)
[20:06:50] Drack: maybe cleanings setting in
[20:07:25] Frank: we had worse in the past... so we have to finish the 22 job now in a row. that's a must smehow, sorry...
[20:07:36] Drack: no problem
[20:07:41] Drack: as i said could be way worse
[20:07:42] Frank: yes sure, cleanings in all of us started too
[20:07:49] Drack: but it´s .. more than the last days
[20:08:05] Drack: getting me dizzy , a bit dull and squeezing on me
[20:08:20] Drack: but shit has to be done so
[20:08:51] Drack: [20:06:17] Frank: only 12 billions catched this time... (chuckle)

<<< no wonder they run out of people
[20:08:52] Drack: (rofl)
[20:09:21] Frank: ok, let's jump job 9 - lsa2 - all people but lsa2 connected - 5 functions
[20:09:30] Drack: (y)
[20:09:34] Drack: following X..
[20:09:35] Drack: :D
[20:09:48] X: black box?
[20:09:53] X: I am inside
[20:09:58] Drack: it looks a bit like a big ship but not fighting ship
[20:10:04] Drack: inside is
[20:10:10] Drack: big black box
[20:10:13] Drack: yeah
[20:10:28] Frank: box is the target, maybe you get out? (chuckle)
[20:10:40] Drack: uhm
[20:10:41] Drack: (rofl)
[20:10:48] Drack: too deep investigation :D
[20:11:20] Drack: that ship looks kinda cool
[20:11:25] Drack: i wish i could draw
[20:11:26] Drack: (rofl)
[20:12:06] Frank: shooting ~12 min to go... you can search the functions
[20:12:18] Drack: (y)
[20:12:45] X: ok I am out
[20:12:55] X: of the box
[20:12:56] Frank: yes (chuckle)
[20:12:59] Drack: :D
[20:13:20] X: functions?
[20:13:22] Drack: on it
[20:13:28] X: ok
[20:13:37] Drack: the room is making me a bit dizzy, illusions or such
[20:13:39] Drack: don´t know
[20:13:40] Drack: all moving
[20:13:58] Frank: triggers. go else
[20:14:07] Drack: ok
[20:14:12] Frank: and this seems to be very important for them...(chuckle)
[20:14:16] Drack: function 1 has something to do with urinating
[20:14:25] Drack: something different this time
[20:14:31] X: crap
[20:14:35] X: :D
[20:14:35] Drack: crap?
[20:14:37] Drack: lol
[20:15:00] Drack: gonorrhea ?
[20:15:03] Drack: or something like that maybe
[20:15:06] Drack: i don´t know..
[20:15:20] X: no look again
[20:15:22] Drack: ok
[20:15:51] Drack: mh
[20:15:56] X: unless it is STDs
[20:16:05] Drack: places a ring around head, eyes burning
[20:16:10] Drack: and still about urinating a bit
[20:16:21] Drack: at all with sexual organs
[20:16:37] Drack: i go for function 2
[20:16:59] Drack: this is like 2 drills into the ear
[20:17:07] Drack: drilling inside and some smoke goes into the head
[20:17:29] Drack: causes dizziness it seems
[20:17:31] X: |-( makes sense again, hahaha
[20:17:32] Drack: and nausea
[20:17:35] Drack: :D
[20:18:19] X: 3 more
[20:18:47] Drack: something around the bottom
[20:18:50] Drack: was on the one
[20:18:57] Drack: i accidently wrote in the wrong chat
[20:18:58] Drack: (rofl)
[20:19:04] X: anus?
[20:19:05] Drack: that will be hard to explain
[20:19:14] Drack: not really , rather testicles
[20:19:19] X: ok
[20:19:24] Drack: strings around pulling
[20:19:25] Drack: ouch.
[20:19:29] Drack: so, next function
[20:19:57] Frank: however, this is the main lsa2 "kill people" weapon...
[20:20:08] X: good
[20:20:12] Drack: ouch
[20:20:19] Drack: ok
[20:20:21] Drack: i understand why
[20:20:38] Drack: next function is decapitating the head
[20:20:46] Drack: slicing into the throat
[20:20:59] Drack: ripping the head from the outside with some strings
[20:21:09] Drack: and some stabs into the stomach
[20:21:48] X: 1 more?
[20:22:03] Frank: ok, not the head itself, it's symbolic. It's for cutting/destroying the interfaces of the incarnation connecetions
[20:22:05] Drack: knees and the neck
[20:22:13] Drack: ah..
[20:22:23] X: ok
[20:22:23] Drack: next function is hitting the knees badly
[20:22:26] Drack: getting them on the ground
[20:22:32] Drack: and then hitting the neck really badly
[20:22:39] Drack: and then they dissapear
[20:22:51] X: ok
[20:24:33] Drack: wow
[20:24:37] Drack: someone hacked my google account
[20:24:40] Drack: just now
[20:24:44] Drack: had to change password
[20:24:50] Frank: (facepalm)
[20:25:24] Drack: yeah using chrome, need that
[20:25:25] Drack: :D
[20:25:41] Frank: i think job done. check pls
[20:25:59] Drack: yeah
[20:26:01] Drack: all fine
[20:26:15] Frank: so we jump on distance and destroy all...
[20:26:19] Drack: (y)
[20:27:43] Frank: 14 defense rings here... caught 1.420 billions... :D
[20:28:02] Drack: wow
[20:28:06] X: :D
[20:28:09] Drack: that´s alot
[20:28:22] Drack: they´re really making it easy
[20:29:26] Frank: i think all done here...
[20:29:40] Drack: yeah some last slices
[20:30:04] Frank: now job 10 - orions - first disconnect D and bryon
[20:30:09] Frank: ok, we jump
[20:30:15] Drack: ok
[20:30:33] Drack: big would
[20:30:34] Drack: whatever
[20:30:41] Drack: "castle"
[20:30:48] Drack: round*
[20:30:49] X: I am inside a lota?
[20:30:49] Drack: not would
[20:30:57] Frank: nive immediatley headaches... :D
[20:30:57] X: (facepalm)
[20:31:05] Drack: lota?
[20:31:15] Drack: ah
[20:31:16] Drack: mh.
[20:31:21] Drack: might be
[20:31:23] X: yes it is an indian metal thingy
[20:31:26] X: brass really
[20:31:36] Drack: kind of you´re in
[20:31:40] X: let me guess I should not be inside
[20:31:41] Drack: X marks the spot i guess again
[20:31:44] Drack: (rofl)
[20:32:05] Frank: yes(rofl)
[20:32:11] Frank: so search for the two now
[20:32:25] X: two?
[20:32:30] Drack: found one
[20:32:37] X: oh
[20:32:42] Drack: not sure what it is
[20:32:50] Drack: looks like a scale
[20:32:51] Frank: yes D
[20:32:55] Frank: now search bryon
[20:33:04] Drack: yeah it´s a scale
[20:33:04] Drack: ok
[20:33:21] Drack: a sphere
[20:33:30] Frank: ok done
[20:33:41] Drack: .. (computerrage)
[20:33:47] X: :D
[20:33:59] Drack: it´s a fortuneteller sphere
[20:34:02] Frank: start disconnecting and then shooting ~ 12 minutes
[20:34:23] X: any functions here?
[20:34:24] Frank: bryon is inside
[20:34:28] Drack: oh
[20:34:29] Frank: the sphere
[20:34:32] Drack: interesting
[20:34:40] Drack: he had some fortunetelling skills in the past?
[20:34:41] Drack: (rofl)
[20:34:56] Drack: i look for functions
[20:34:57] X: yes
[20:35:00] X: he still does
[20:35:01] Drack: oh. no wonder.
[20:35:02] X: hahhaa
[20:35:05] Drack: yeah no wonder.
[20:35:07] Drack: :D
[20:35:37] Drack: on the scale
[20:35:45] Drack: function is a certain place inside intestines
[20:36:00] Drack: but not sure what it does with it at all
[20:36:05] Drack: seems like ripping on it while twisting
[20:36:13] Drack: and expanding the intestines
[20:36:31] X: makes sense
[20:36:32] X: hahaaha
[20:36:34] Drack: :D
[20:37:05] Drack: another function is like a rock in the stomach
[20:37:24] Drack: yeah pretty much that
[20:37:37] Drack: not all the way down a bit more above
[20:37:52] Drack: esophagus nearly
[20:38:08] Frank: this here is connected to all people but orions...
[20:38:24] Drack: ok
[20:38:40] Drack: next function whole ripcage and heart
[20:38:55] Drack: not sure what, it starts glowing
[20:38:56] Drack: maybe heat
[20:39:56] Drack: next is brain something again
[20:39:58] Drack: and feet
[20:40:32] Drack: looks like... ripping the brain down to the feet
[20:40:36] Drack: strange
[20:40:44] X: yes
[20:40:50] Drack: makes sense again?
[20:40:51] Drack: :D
[20:40:54] X: yes
[20:41:49] Drack: ok next function is ripping the brain in 2 halfs
[20:42:03] Drack: and something in the middle of the brain starts to set fire
[20:42:05] X: how many functions do we have here?
[20:42:05] Drack: burns down
[20:42:13] Drack: good question
[20:42:35] Drack: but it just burns down to a certain point
[20:42:41] Frank: 4 functions
[20:42:57] Drack: so that were all
[20:43:05] X: yes
[20:43:08] Drack: (y)
[20:43:23] Drack: lets see for the fortuneteller thingy
[20:43:35] Frank: (facepalm)
[20:43:44] Drack: mh? :D
[20:44:27] Frank: protoi actions are never shown in fortune BS. so whatever you see, we will crash it anyway..:D
[20:44:45] Drack: (rofl)
[20:44:51] Drack: no the object bryon is in is that
[20:44:52] Drack: :D
[20:45:03] Drack: i don´t wanna forecast the future now..
[20:45:15] Drack: so function seems to be placing a whole nightsky into the head
[20:45:20] Drack: illusion i guess
[20:45:57] Drack: both hands start stinging
[20:46:02] Drack: on energy points
[20:46:13] Drack: and left shoulder
[20:46:30] Frank: attacks, i care
[20:46:36] Drack: (y)
[20:46:55] Drack: function 2 is like giving pressure on stomach and intestine
[20:47:01] Frank: i think we are done here, pls check
[20:47:03] Drack: ok
[20:47:39] Drack: seems so
[20:47:53] Frank: ok, so we jump on distance and destroy all...
[20:47:53] Drack: something dragged me in a big big room as i went for checking
[20:47:55] Drack: ok
[20:48:04] X: (cwl)
[20:48:36] Frank: you are out?
[20:48:39] Drack: yes
[20:48:46] Drack: a super big buddha was it
[20:48:52] Drack: a trap i guess
[20:49:01] Frank: caught 430 billions in 8 rings
[20:49:07] Drack: (y)
[20:49:21] Drack: seems like that buddha stands up
[20:49:23] Drack: lol
[20:49:31] Frank: yes, trap
[20:49:36] Drack: yeah
[20:50:34] Frank: this morning i was thinking, if we maybe should go in these traps on purpose to catch them. but seems they are nuts enough do come anyways...(rofl)
[20:50:58] Drack: (rofl)
[20:51:01] Frank: ok, i think done
[20:51:03] Drack: yeah
[20:51:22] Drack: yeah even big fat buddha falls down
[20:51:32] Drack: but i have something on my vision..
[20:51:37] Frank: what?
[20:51:40] Drack: not sure
[20:51:46] Drack: like an inprinted pic
[20:51:52] Drack: sometimes shows up
[20:52:19] Frank: i care
[20:52:22] Drack: ok
[20:52:58] Frank: ok, so job 11 - taurus - 4 functions
[20:53:01] Frank: let's jump
[20:53:04] Drack: ok
[20:53:33] Drack: several towers and such
[20:53:37] X: red glowing knife
[20:53:52] Drack: more like dagger
[20:53:59] X: yes
[20:54:03] Drack: curved
[20:54:06] Drack: glowing red
[20:56:10] Frank: it's only a part of the target
[20:56:18] Frank: look below
[20:56:22] Drack: ok
[20:56:35] Drack: a
[20:56:39] Drack: kind of camera
[20:56:53] Frank: only a part
[20:56:57] Frank: below
[20:56:58] Drack: ok
[20:57:11] X: top of a dome is shining
[20:57:29] Drack: far below is some
[20:57:34] Drack: organ
[20:57:43] Drack: the instrument
[20:57:45] Drack: :D
[20:58:08] Frank: all is connected there
[20:58:24] Drack: ok
[20:58:42] Frank: shooting ~ 8 minutes
[20:58:49] Drack: (y)
[20:59:07] Frank: connected to all people but taurus
[20:59:24] Drack: alright
[20:59:26] Drack: functions
[20:59:45] Drack: distorting peoples
[20:59:51] Drack: making them like a wave
[20:59:58] Drack: super instable
[21:01:12] Frank: 2 functions creating 7 known mental diseases
[21:01:19] Drack: mh ok
[21:01:51] Drack: function 2 is like alot of morphing inside brain
[21:01:59] Drack: whirling
[21:02:02] Drack: vortexes
[21:09:44] Frank: i think we are done here...
[21:09:55] Frank: pls check
[21:10:00] Drack: ok
[21:10:12] Drack: yeah
[21:10:16] Drack: seems done
[21:10:35] Frank: ok, so we jump distance and shoot
[21:10:42] Drack: ok
[21:11:15] X: how many we caught here?
[21:14:05] Frank: 23 billion
[21:14:12] Drack: (y)
[21:14:15] Frank: i think we are done here
[21:14:21] X: ok
[21:14:26] Drack: yeah
[21:15:37] Frank: job 12 - lsa3 - 3 connected, X, D and me - 6 functions
[21:15:44] Frank: let's jump
[21:15:48] Drack: oh .
[21:15:49] Drack: yeah
[21:15:54] Drack: already headaches
[21:15:55] Drack: :D
[21:16:14] Drack: blind.
[21:16:15] Drack: nice.
[21:16:34] Frank: i care
[21:17:05] X: I have a spinning wheel,
[21:17:13] Frank: but no spiders... (chuckle)
[21:17:15] X: a blue translucent box
[21:17:27] Drack: at least
[21:17:28] Drack: :D
[21:17:33] Frank: target...
[21:17:34] X: and weird looking purple flower
[21:17:36] Frank: ok, now find us
[21:17:42] Drack: ok
[21:17:59] Drack: found me i guess
[21:18:13] Frank: no D = D
[21:18:16] Drack: ah
[21:18:20] Drack: found D then
[21:18:20] Drack: :D
[21:18:23] Frank: so visual again?
[21:18:27] Drack: yeah
[21:18:32] Frank: (y)
[21:18:35] Drack: marked and looking for others
[21:18:43] Frank: (y)
[21:19:05] Drack: found both i guess
[21:19:06] Drack: all 3
[21:19:42] Frank: started disconecting and shooting - 11 min to go
[21:19:49] X: ok
[21:20:00] X: functions then
[21:20:05] Drack: yeah
[21:20:34] Frank: ugh, they don't like us being here...(rofl)
[21:20:42] Drack: :D
[21:20:43] Drack: good
[21:20:58] Drack: function 1 is like 2 sticks through the body
[21:21:13] Drack: and a belt around the hip
[21:21:28] Drack: both functioning to .. don´t know move the body somehow
[21:22:21] Drack: function 2 is like making the brain fluid and suck it up
[21:22:24] Drack: through the mouth
[21:22:28] Frank: it's take over of persons in 3D
[21:22:36] Drack: oh
[21:22:37] Drack: yeah
[21:22:37] Frank: func 1
[21:22:39] Drack: makes sense
[21:22:53] Drack: so they really can do that..
[21:22:55] Drack: good to know
[21:23:13] Frank: sure, we know this well...(rofl)
[21:23:23] Drack: :D
[21:23:38] Drack: if it ever happened to me i can´t really remember
[21:23:39] Drack: luckily
[21:24:09] Drack: function 3 is like taking out the spine
[21:24:13] Drack: or the nervesystem
[21:24:25] Drack: so it´s all building up on function 1 it seems
[21:24:37] Drack: firstly taking over then taking brain out then nervesystem
[21:24:52] Drack: well. "taking out" , rather put aside
[21:25:34] Drack: function 4 seems like full control
[21:25:38] Drack: moving around
[21:25:40] Frank: this is for temporarily take over.
[21:25:46] Drack: yeah
[21:26:00] Frank: ~3h max
[21:26:16] Drack: definitely enough
[21:26:17] X: [04:26:01 PM] Frank: ~3h max

<<< ??
[21:26:22] Drack: duration of takeover
[21:26:27] X: oh ok
[21:26:29] Drack: :D
[21:26:34] Drack: i wonder if you can remember those
[21:27:02] Frank: no
[21:27:14] Drack: mh.
[21:27:27] Frank: the taken over don't remember the time taken over
[21:27:44] Drack: nasty
[21:28:09] Drack: could that be blackouts , sleepwalking and such
[21:28:22] Drack: if yes.. well i had a few
[21:28:24] Drack: :D
[21:28:30] Frank: blackout yes, sleepwalking no
[21:28:37] Drack: nice
[21:28:41] Drack: they took me over 4 times at least
[21:28:45] Drack: (computerrage)
[21:28:50] X: they never took me over
[21:28:52] X: hahaha
[21:28:53] X: they tried
[21:29:03] Drack: yeah they always did in extreme situations
[21:29:07] Drack: causing more shit to happen
[21:29:12] Drack: always overly against me
[21:29:13] Frank: nasty is, if you are sitting beside the driver, and suddenly you see and think "who the fuck is driving now?".....(rofl)
[21:29:24] Drack: wow.
[21:29:25] Drack: :D
[21:29:54] Drack: at least no more takeovers in the future
[21:30:09] Drack: as long as other groups don´t have the same.
[21:32:40] X: more functions
[21:32:46] Drack: mh
[21:32:58] Dynamite Δύναμις: he'll be back in a bit
[21:33:06] Drack: i´ll look
[21:33:32] Drack: just afterwards placing the original stuff back
[21:33:37] Drack: it seems
[21:37:25] Frank: i think it's done..
[21:37:56] Frank: it's haking me now, they take all those shit out of the freed avatar. tons of shit, 60 million parts...
[21:38:21] Drack: wow
[21:38:55] Frank: and these have only been 4 mio parts...(rofl)
[21:39:04] Frank: will be funny night
[21:39:07] Drack: phew have fun
[21:39:07] Frank: (chuckle)
[21:39:09] Drack: yeah
[21:39:10] Drack: :D
[21:39:19] Frank: check if we are done pls
[21:39:25] Drack: k
[21:39:49] Drack: i guess yes but my vision is nearly not existant in that castle at all
[21:39:58] Drack: it´s like a glassy supercastle as i had better vision
[21:40:06] Frank: ok, let's jump on distancs and destroy it...
[21:40:09] Drack: ok
[21:40:53] Frank: caught 910 billions in 10 rings...
[21:41:01] Drack: (like)
[21:41:03] Frank: shooting
[21:41:11] Drack: i gotta go make something to eat fast
[21:41:15] Frank: ok
[21:41:36] Frank: next pizza...(pi)
[21:43:14] Frank: job 13 - taurus - D is connected - 5 functions
[21:43:35] Frank: ok, i lay down until you finished, alex will tell me...
[21:43:45] Oni: Okay I'm here
[21:43:58] Oni: Drack
[21:44:40] X: ok
[21:45:07] Oni: (Wave)
[21:45:12] Oni: How can I help
[21:45:34] X: stay
[21:45:36] X: be my eyes
[21:45:42] Oni: Okay
[21:45:47] X: I see a golden bowl with tubes coming from it
[21:45:50] X: go there please
[21:45:54] X: is this the target?
[21:46:00] Oni: I see it
[21:46:04] Oni: Four tubes
[21:46:07] Oni: Golden yes
[21:46:13] Oni: Liquid flowing through
[21:46:32] Oni: Skib says yes
[21:46:48] Oni: This is in the center of a room
[21:46:50] Oni: Looks like a study
[21:46:56] Oni: Some paintings on walls
[21:47:02] Oni: Books shelfs
[21:47:19] X: do nothing we wait for F
[21:47:21] X: hahaha
[21:47:25] Oni: Lol okay
[21:47:32] Oni: I'll pack my desk
[21:47:37] Oni: Moving today
[21:48:39] Dynamite Δύναμις: moving?
[21:48:47] Oni: Offices
[21:48:50] Oni: Upgrade
[21:49:10] Dynamite Δύναμις: (party) nice
[21:49:16] Oni: (Dance)
[21:49:16] Dynamite Δύναμις: congrats!
[21:49:22] Oni: Nice date last night too :D
[21:49:24] Oni: (Monkey)
[21:49:46] Dynamite Δύναμις: oooooh... someone sounds very happy today :D
[21:49:50] Dynamite Δύναμις: lovely!
[21:50:07] Drack: :D
[21:50:09] Dynamite Δύναμις: I would say, we wait till Drack is back
[21:50:14] Drack: (y)
[21:50:15] Drack: (rofl)
[21:50:16] Dynamite Δύναμις: Back? ok
[21:50:20] Drack: yeah
[21:50:30] Drack: my vision is pretty awful
[21:53:34] Oni: Let us begin
[21:53:42] Drack: yeah following..
[21:53:55] Oni: Is this the target frank ?
[21:54:09] Drack: he´s not back yet
[21:54:38] Frank: the liquid is the target
[21:54:52] Oni: Okay
[21:54:52] Frank: so find D now
[21:55:15] Frank: @D i care about visual
[21:55:24] Oni: I can see it frank
[21:55:26] Drack: ok
[21:56:27] Frank: i start disconnecting and shooting ~12 min to go
[21:57:25] Oni: Btw my esophagus is much better
[21:57:28] Oni: We got that already ?
[21:57:33] Drack: yeah
[21:57:38] Oni: Great
[21:57:42] X: you all got D?
[21:57:58] Frank: btw. not a single attack from the outside by now...(rofl)
[21:57:59] Drack: i have like a slice of vision
[21:58:08] Frank: yes, we got her
[21:58:14] X: ok cool
[21:58:24] Drack: they have nothing left F?
[21:58:24] Drack: (rofl)
[21:58:26] X: functions please
[21:58:40] Frank: i think you need to explani it to Oni...
[21:59:03] X: what the functions?
[21:59:09] Frank: yes
[21:59:27] Drack: you got a n scheme for that
[21:59:46] X: ok Drack show him how to get it
[22:00:38] Drack: did
[22:00:38] Oni: I see a person being inflated with the liquid
[22:00:39] Drack: brb
[22:00:43] Oni: Until they can't move
[22:00:51] Oni: Like slow and painful death
[22:01:08] X: water retention
[22:01:10] X: ok
[22:01:16] X: 5 functions Oni
[22:01:18] Oni: And then the liquid down their throats like they're suffocating
[22:01:39] Oni: And the liquid all over them so they always feel wet and cold
[22:01:54] Oni: Liquid under their feet so they get infections
[22:02:10] Oni: Liquid in their testicles so they can't have sex
[22:03:17] Oni: Actually the last one is so they spread it
[22:04:00] Drack: that´s like one function
[22:04:04] Drack: you can switch to function 2
[22:04:06] Drack: 3 4
[22:04:07] Drack: and so on
[22:04:19] Oni: Okay
[22:04:32] Oni: Function 2 I see it blasted onto massive crowds out of a cannon
[22:04:44] Oni: Function 3 up into the atmosphere
[22:05:12] Oni: Function 4 its mixed with other liquids to create something
[22:05:33] Drack: mh
[22:07:12] Drack: ok vision is.. back
[22:07:16] Drack: enough at least
[22:07:36] Frank: (y)
[22:07:53] Drack: function 1 is like Oni meant but rather punching into the testicles..
[22:07:54] Drack: (rofl)
[22:08:02] Oni: Oh ouch
[22:08:03] Drack: not that better
[22:08:03] Oni: Lol
[22:08:11] Frank: (rofl)
[22:08:13] Drack: alot of pressure around the body
[22:08:19] Drack: covering up the eye
[22:08:25] Drack: everything.
[22:08:43] Drack: function 2 on a person is mainly stomach
[22:08:56] Drack: glueing it full with that shit
[22:09:16] Drack: it´s like the whole stomach and all connected become frozen solid
[22:09:46] Drack: function 3 on a person is going down the spine and nerve system
[22:09:48] Drack: freezing that too
[22:10:01] Frank: i think we are done here. pls check
[22:10:04] Drack: ok
[22:10:38] Drack: mostly yeah. some little stuff left but it´s vaporizing
[22:10:50] Drack: vision made a jump again on me it´s still shit but far more detailed
[22:10:54] Frank: ok, so we lump on distance and destroy all...
[22:11:00] Drack: it´s like blackwhite now all the time
[22:11:01] Drack: (rofl)
[22:11:03] Drack: ok
[22:11:13] Frank: better than blind...
[22:11:35] Drack: true
[22:11:59] Frank: shooting
[22:12:05] Drack: ok
[22:13:13] Frank: i think we are done. pls check
[22:13:40] Drack: a few rocks remain
[22:13:41] Drack: but done
[22:14:09] Frank: ok so job 14 - lsa2 - 5 functions
[22:14:17] Drack: ok
[22:14:17] Frank: let's jump there
[22:14:29] Drack: wew future kind city
[22:14:37] Drack: alot of flying cars
[22:14:47] Drack: or whatever flies around
[22:14:52] X: pentagon stone
[22:14:57] Drack: looks a bit like frankfurt.
[22:14:58] Oni: That's what I see X
[22:14:59] Drack: (rofl)
[22:15:04] Oni: Drack where are you lol
[22:15:11] Drack: outside
[22:15:14] Drack: i´m there now
[22:15:14] Oni: I'm in like dark inside
[22:15:27] Drack: nightvision
[22:15:30] Oni: Pentagon stone seems to have red Layer inside
[22:15:33] Frank: pentagon stone if the target
[22:15:38] Drack: mh
[22:15:40] Oni: Okay
[22:15:58] Frank: shooting ~7 min to go
[22:16:16] Oni: First function
[22:16:21] Oni: Crush the body
[22:16:24] Oni: From the top
[22:16:34] Oni: Like splatter a person
[22:16:44] Drack: with a stone?
[22:16:48] Drack: we had that before i guess
[22:16:48] Drack: :D
[22:17:05] Frank: bastards, it's a crashing tool...
[22:17:11] Drack: wow.
[22:17:15] Drack: nasty
[22:17:18] Oni: Nasty
[22:17:20] Oni: You see this red layer inside drack ? Like it can be split in the middle
[22:17:28] Oni: And there's almost red orb
[22:17:47] Drack: nah
[22:17:50] Drack: cant see colours
[22:17:55] Drack: for me all white or black
[22:17:56] Frank: outside attacks like creazy...
[22:18:01] Drack: no wonder
[22:18:02] Oni: Okay
[22:18:16] Drack: it has 5 functions?
[22:18:18] Drack: i get only 1
[22:18:20] X: yes
[22:18:21] Drack: crashing.
[22:18:26] Drack: on different ways
[22:18:46] Drack: maybe taking people out of 3D bodies
[22:18:49] Drack: looks like
[22:18:56] Frank: bastards. ~4 mio lsa2 darks in the city - it's in layer 2)
i will enjoy destroying all later...
[22:19:05] Oni: (Clap)
[22:19:06] Drack: good
[22:19:20] Oni: Function 2 looks like Split a person in half
[22:19:22] Oni: Horizontally
[22:19:36] Frank: and it's again in haifa...
[22:19:45] Drack: surely.
[22:20:03] Drack: i thought i saw a star of david first
[22:20:08] Drack: but then Oni meant pentagon
[22:20:12] Drack: and X
[22:21:14] X: ok
[22:22:16] X: 3 more functions
[22:22:42] Drack: like a big wheel dropping on someone
[22:22:45] Drack: squashing him
[22:22:47] Drack: along the back
[22:22:50] Oni: Function 3 squash
[22:22:56] Oni: Function 4 stretch
[22:23:04] Drack: yeah better let out the details
[22:23:16] Oni: Function 5 toss ?
[22:23:19] Oni: Gross
[22:23:23] Drack: inside out explosion Oni
[22:23:27] Drack: ..
[22:23:35] Oni: Ouch
[22:23:52] Frank: They crashed 4,6E17 beings with this facility, and cry now for 70 years about holocaust... bastards, shall all rot in prison...
[22:24:02] Oni: (Clap)
[22:24:20] Dynamite Δύναμις: (y)
[22:25:02] Drack: those are..
[22:25:04] Drack: way too much
[22:25:09] Drack: way way
[22:25:39] Drack: 29 digits
[22:25:58] Frank: ~ 47 billion years of evolution of beings crashed here from them...
[22:26:20] Drack: ..
[22:26:28] Frank: :x
[22:26:39] X: again
[22:26:43] X: we have such still
[22:26:45] X: hahhha
[22:26:49] X: :x
[22:27:00] Frank: (angry)
[22:27:30] Oni: Looks pretty much gone
[22:27:50] Frank: yes, jump back to shoot distance and shoot
[22:28:57] Oni: Rainbow fireworks
[22:28:58] Oni: Nice
[22:29:00] Frank: 920 billion outside attackers caught and taken to prison...
[22:29:05] Drack: nice
[22:29:19] Frank: i ordered level down until not even dust remains...
[22:29:35] Oni: (Y)
[22:29:38] Oni: Seems good
[22:30:51] Frank: > [Freitag, 17. März 2017 22:25:39 Drack] … 29 digits
<<< no 4,6E17 = 18 digits...
[22:31:01] X: :D
[22:31:02] Drack: oh.
[22:31:03] Drack: well
[22:31:04] Oni: Lol
[22:31:08] Oni: Maths.
[22:31:10] Drack: calculator , counted those
[22:31:11] Frank: way to much anyway
[22:31:12] Drack: (rofl)
[22:31:14] Drack: yeah
[22:31:16] Drack: way
[22:31:36] Frank: i don't even know the term for the number
[22:31:58] Drack: same
[22:32:44] Drack: in the trillions still
[22:32:50] Drack: tenth trillions
[22:33:11] Dynamite Δύναμις: (facepalm)
[22:33:26] X: (cash)
[22:33:26] Drack: i just have a list here and count number by number..
[22:33:31] Drack: :D
[22:34:00] Drack: ok 1 trillion not ten
[22:35:11] Frank: 1 min to shoot
[22:35:18] Drack: ok
[22:37:52] Frank: should be done i 1min
[22:37:57] Frank: check pls
[22:38:00] Drack: ok
[22:38:02] Frank: stopped shooting already
[22:38:15] Oni: There's just a crater in the ground
[22:38:16] Drack: gone
[22:38:18] Oni: Seems done to me
[22:38:19] Drack: wiped out
[22:38:23] Frank: good
[22:40:02] Frank: job 15 - taurus - bryon, chomon and one more connected - 6 functions
[22:40:06] Frank: let's jump
[22:40:18] Drack: (y)
[22:40:20] Oni: I see a tree this time
[22:40:23] Drack: :D
[22:40:33] Drack: F you still care about my vision?
[22:40:47] Oni: Big massive tree with large stump
[22:40:48] Frank: no
[22:40:50] Drack: ok
[22:41:00] X: [05:40:20 PM] Oni: I see a tree this time

<<< oh you get that from Drack
[22:41:07] Drack: i waited for this
[22:41:07] Oni: Lol
[22:41:08] Drack: (rofl)
[22:41:13] Oni: (Chuckle)
[22:41:18] Oni: I see a diamond here
[22:41:21] Oni: Red ruby
[22:41:26] X: wait a second he is right
[22:41:28] X: tree
[22:41:29] X: ruby there
[22:41:31] X: yes
[22:41:32] Oni: (Party)
[22:41:33] Drack: yeah
[22:41:36] Drack: he´s right
[22:41:37] Drack: :D
[22:41:38] Frank: yes, tree is target.
[22:41:41] X: :D
[22:41:43] Drack: it´s a tree in a glashouse
[22:41:44] Frank: now go and find the 3
[22:41:45] Drack: more or less
[22:41:50] Drack: yep
[22:41:51] Oni: Drack it was your chance to shine !!
[22:41:56] Oni: (Cwl)
[22:42:01] X: (cwl)
[22:42:01] Drack: 2 of 3 found
[22:42:03] Drack: and marked
[22:42:12] Frank: it's connected to all people
[22:42:17] Drack: 3 is in the crown
[22:42:19] Drack: of the tree
[22:42:31] Frank: 3rd is bryon
[22:42:34] Drack: ok
[22:42:40] Drack: 1 and 2 ?
[22:42:42] Drack: i go to 1
[22:43:02] Drack: my teeth hurt.
[22:43:05] Drack: nasty
[22:43:12] Oni: 1 is red 2 is orange 3 is blue
[22:43:17] X: my teeth too
[22:43:23] Drack: upper left corner?
[22:43:23] Frank: disconnection and shooting started ~12 min to go
[22:43:38] Oni: Yeah this is a funny greenhouse place drack
[22:43:44] Drack: yeah
[22:43:54] Oni: You still see no colors ?!
[22:43:58] Oni: Man that thing is blue
[22:43:59] Drack: nope
[22:44:07] Drack: a little bit brown
[22:44:07] Frank: it will stay this a while
[22:44:18] X: functions?
[22:44:20] Drack: but its like HD
[22:44:21] Oni: Any functions here or already discovered ?
[22:44:24] Drack: without colour
[22:44:25] X: 6
[22:44:29] Drack: ok
[22:44:31] Oni: For each ?
[22:44:38] X: no just the target
[22:44:45] Oni: Haha my teeth now too
[22:44:47] Oni: That's funny
[22:44:48] Drack: lol
[22:44:51] Oni: Right side for me
[22:44:54] X: me too
[22:44:57] Drack: having that for 1 hour now
[22:45:01] Drack: 1hour +
[22:45:04] X: had that for days
[22:45:11] Oni: Maybe they are being realigned (rofl)
[22:45:20] Drack: have that for years because one wisdomtooth doesn´t want to get out
[22:45:22] Drack: pff
[22:45:23] Drack: :D
[22:45:36] Drack: ok functions
[22:45:42] Oni: Function 1 I see right in front of persons eyes
[22:45:46] Oni: Almost like third eye
[22:45:56] Oni: And all the vision gets trapped there
[22:46:03] Drack: an arrow into the eye like
[22:46:16] Drack: yeah trapping fits
[22:46:25] Oni: Blinding mechanism ?
[22:46:29] Drack: yeah
[22:46:33] Drack: btw ..
[22:46:35] Drack: vision gone
[22:46:37] Drack: (rofl)
[22:46:47] Drack: it´s like an eye is closing
[22:46:51] Drack: for me now
[22:47:09] Drack: ok 10% of vision there
[22:47:14] Drack: should be enough..
[22:47:21] Oni: Function 2 is around the belly button
[22:47:33] Drack: and head too
[22:47:37] Oni: Digging in like a drill
[22:47:44] Drack: it´s like taping the head full with shit
[22:48:14] Drack: mh
[22:48:26] Drack: with the drill yeah but nothing else
[22:48:30] Drack: just like.. doing damage
[22:48:47] Oni: Had to do with chakras maybe ?
[22:48:51] Oni: Dunno
[22:48:58] Drack: maybe
[22:49:03] Drack: big bad sting in head
[22:49:09] Drack: "third eye" area
[22:49:13] Drack: funnily
[22:49:14] Frank: @D: care about vision
[22:49:20] Oni: Function 3 is in the anus
[22:49:23] Oni: Like a plug
[22:49:25] Frank: no on chakras
[22:49:26] Drack: lol
[22:49:30] Oni: (Chuckle)
[22:49:35] Drack: :D
[22:49:38] Drack: thought so
[22:49:57] Oni: Function 4 gets shot right through a person
[22:50:01] Oni: Like a bullet
[22:50:11] Drack: function 3 is more
[22:50:16] Drack: but not on the body
[22:50:18] Drack: somewhere outside
[22:50:24] Drack: like a cloud which gets attacked and taped
[22:50:33] Drack: but it´s connected to the eyes too
[22:50:51] Drack: yeah function 4 shoot
[22:50:59] Drack: but this shoot freezes inside
[22:51:10] Drack: mostly the brain
[22:51:21] Drack: how much functions left
[22:51:30] Oni: 2
[22:51:32] Drack: ok
[22:51:39] Oni: 5 is being dropped through a person from above
[22:51:42] Drack: yep
[22:51:45] Oni: Also freezes but heart ?
[22:51:57] Drack: it seems rather the person itself
[22:52:00] Drack: gets dropped on him
[22:52:05] Drack: which makes not so much sense
[22:52:10] Oni: Interesting
[22:52:20] Drack: liked dragged
[22:52:27] Drack: pulled above him on a certain height
[22:52:31] Drack: and then dropped back in
[22:52:45] Drack: i have some intense shit here right now
[22:52:48] Drack: (rofl)
[22:53:16] Drack: i had big bang for example and since then
[22:53:20] Drack: it feels completely different
[22:53:22] Drack: but not bad at all
[22:54:01] Drack: like 3D feels completely new
[22:54:04] Oni: Function 6 it gets spun in the chest until a person is blended like a smoothie
[22:54:10] Drack: ok not new but .. strange
[22:54:18] Drack: mhmm.. smoothie
[22:54:22] Drack: living veggi
[22:54:24] Drack: (rofl)
[22:54:56] Drack: mh.
[22:55:03] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
[22:55:03] Drack: the point there seems to be
[22:55:10] Drack: that the chest is getting pressed
[22:55:12] Drack: hardly
[22:55:17] Drack: chest ripcage
[22:55:18] Drack: lungs
[22:55:21] Drack: all around there
[22:55:47] Frank: ok, i think we are done here. pls check
[22:55:51] X: (fireworks)
[22:56:04] Drack: the roots are there still
[22:56:09] Drack: but guess that will be cleaned soon
[22:56:34] Frank: ok, so we jump on distance and destroy all
[22:56:50] Oni: Yep
[22:58:12] Frank: i think we are done here
[22:58:18] Frank: pls check
[22:58:25] Oni: Yes done
[22:58:32] Frank: job 16 - lsa3 - 4 functions
[22:58:36] Drack: yeah
[22:58:43] Frank: so jump job 16
[22:58:45] Drack: how much spiders
[22:58:46] Drack: :D
[22:58:51] Frank: 0
[22:58:53] Drack: nice.
[22:58:56] Frank: (rofl)
[22:59:03] Oni: Lol
[22:59:07] Drack: strangely shaped base
[22:59:10] Drack: looks a bit like a shoe
[22:59:31] Drack: security systems
[22:59:31] Oni: Isn't there a big orb in front of us ?
[22:59:34] Oni: Metallic ?
[22:59:37] Drack: i´m already in
[22:59:49] Drack: a big sword
[22:59:52] Drack: in stone
[22:59:57] Drack: excalibur?
[22:59:59] Drack: (rofl)
[23:00:00] Oni: Nice
[23:00:08] Oni: Are you the chosen one though
[23:00:09] Frank: yes
[23:00:11] Frank: take out
[23:00:13] X: :D
[23:00:14] Drack: ok
[23:00:15] Drack: lol
[23:00:21] X: Drack is arthur
[23:00:23] Drack: glows
[23:00:25] Drack: (rofl)
[23:00:26] Drack: ok
[23:00:26] X: (cwl)
[23:00:30] Drack: where to go with it
[23:00:35] Oni: Love live the king !!
[23:00:37] Oni: (Chuckle)
[23:00:39] Drack: lol
[23:00:41] Frank: now find the lock for the key
[23:00:45] X: found it
[23:00:51] X: it is on the ground
[23:00:51] Drack: ok
[23:00:52] Drack: done
[23:00:58] Drack: upwards something opened
[23:01:09] Drack: some treasure room
[23:01:15] Drack: a chalice
[23:01:26] Drack: some fluid flows out of it
[23:01:28] Drack: upwards
[23:01:44] Oni: More like a gas
[23:01:49] Oni: Looks like some womb inside
[23:01:53] Frank: ok it's target
[23:01:55] Drack: mh
[23:02:14] Frank: shooting ~7 min to go
[23:02:24] X: functions
[23:02:45] Oni: I just see a baby
[23:02:52] Frank: connected to all people but lsa3
[23:03:02] Drack: i know why i had a sudden laugh
[23:03:10] Drack: it´s about the gallbladder
[23:03:18] Oni: Ohhh
[23:03:20] Oni: That's what that is
[23:03:24] Drack: lol
[23:03:25] Drack: what
[23:03:26] Drack: (rofl)
[23:03:43] Oni: Lol
[23:03:47] Drack: daggers inside it
[23:03:49] Drack: ripping holes in
[23:03:58] Drack: i know all functions without looking for them i guess
[23:03:59] Drack: (rofl)
[23:04:13] Drack: these bastards.
[23:04:28] Drack: yep . it´s 1 to 1 what i have
[23:04:28] Frank: oh yes, KHG and me know this fucking kind of attacks... hurts like hell
[23:05:02] Drack: function 2 ripping hole inside intestines via dagger
[23:05:20] Drack: on the same position where the gallbladder is
[23:05:43] Drack: overproduction of gall function 3
[23:05:52] Drack: leaking through into intestines
[23:06:08] Drack: in meanwhile intestines get a bad shock
[23:06:22] Oni: Same
[23:06:24] Oni: Lower
[23:06:25] X: sound familiar Drack?
[23:06:27] Drack: yea
[23:06:29] Drack: fucking
[23:06:31] Drack: bastards
[23:06:33] X: (nod)
[23:06:53] Drack: funnily i knew it before i checked for function..
[23:07:03] X: (y)
[23:07:09] Drack: function 4
[23:07:14] Drack: squeezing intestines
[23:07:17] Drack: shocking
[23:07:20] Drack: twisting
[23:07:25] X: (nod)
[23:07:28] Drack: function 5
[23:07:38] Drack: fully blockade of intestines
[23:07:40] Drack: frozen solid
[23:07:41] Dynamite Δύναμις: :(
[23:08:04] Drack: finally.. hope after that shit thing it´s gone
[23:09:57] Frank: ok, i think it's done. pls check
[23:10:04] X: (yawn)
[23:10:15] Drack: yeah it is
[23:10:20] Drack: can i take excalibur with me
[23:10:21] Drack: (rofl)
[23:10:30] Frank: (shake)
[23:10:32] Drack: ok..
[23:10:33] Frank: (rofl)
[23:10:51] Drack: was a short time period as king..
[23:10:52] X: (unamused)
[23:10:52] Drack: (rofl)
[23:11:04] Frank: so we jump to shoot distance and destroy all
[23:11:54] Frank: shooting
[23:12:30] Frank: caught 32 billions outside
[23:13:06] Drack: nice nice
[23:13:09] Drack: big hunt today
[23:13:11] Drack: without hunting
[23:13:13] Drack: :D
[23:13:23] Frank: i think we are done. pls check
[23:13:36] Drack: a few planes flying around shooting
[23:13:38] Drack: but that´s it
[23:13:39] Drack: crater
[23:13:52] Frank: but last 2 time taurus were zero... let's hope they are done now
[23:14:14] Drack: or they can´t afford any more losses
[23:14:17] Drack: would be nice too
[23:14:29] Frank: that's what i meant
[23:14:34] Drack: ah ok.
[23:14:35] Drack: :D
[23:15:06] Frank: so job 17 - orion - 5 functions
[23:15:08] Frank: let's jump
[23:15:17] Drack: (y)
[23:15:35] Drack: seems there are some
[23:15:42] Drack: waiting for us this time
[23:15:46] Oni: I see large stairs
[23:15:51] Oni: They are at top ?
[23:15:58] Frank: and? what do they say?
[23:16:02] Frank: (chuckle)
[23:16:12] Drack: nothing much but "ahhh!" i guess
[23:16:16] Drack: since i´m shooting
[23:16:17] Drack: (rofl)
[23:16:20] Dynamite Δύναμις: Welcome Protoi :D
[23:16:21] Frank: (rofl)
[23:16:35] Oni: Okay I moved past them
[23:16:39] Oni: Drack is handling
[23:16:47] Oni: Room with 4 torches
[23:17:00] Oni: Massive ice crystal in middle ?
[23:17:11] Frank: yes, target
[23:17:16] Oni: Okay
[23:17:22] Drack: wiped clean outside
[23:17:23] Drack: coming
[23:17:32] Drack: that looks cool
[23:17:38] Oni: Yeah
[23:17:38] Drack: and huge
[23:17:41] Drack: damn
[23:17:42] Oni: Imagine with colors !
[23:17:43] Oni: Haha
[23:17:44] Frank: shooting ~7 min to go
[23:17:51] Drack: i have light colours
[23:17:57] Oni: Function 1 is encase someone in it
[23:18:01] Oni: Totally frozen
[23:18:31] Oni: Function 2 little icicles all in the skin and nerves
[23:18:37] Oni: Drack you know this one
[23:18:48] Drack: a bit..
[23:18:48] Drack: :D
[23:18:53] Drack: but yeah it´s more
[23:18:53] Oni: That shard from this morning
[23:18:57] Drack: all over the body
[23:19:04] Drack: if they want
[23:19:12] Drack: they can puncture you on tons of nervepoints
[23:19:14] Drack: it seems
[23:19:19] Oni: Yeah very painful
[23:19:22] Drack: yeah
[23:19:39] Drack: function 3 is like crushing the head with ice
[23:19:43] Drack: rubbing it hardly
[23:19:54] Oni: I think just pressure
[23:19:57] Oni: I see it on chest too
[23:20:10] Drack: for me it looks like rubbing aswell
[23:20:18] Oni: Yeah
[23:20:30] Drack: bigger shards function 4
[23:20:34] Drack: on certain points
[23:20:38] Drack: left and right of the chest
[23:20:40] Drack: in the neck
[23:20:43] Oni: Sticking out of skin yeah
[23:20:49] Drack: yeah
[23:20:52] Drack: or in
[23:20:54] Drack: :D
[23:20:56] Oni: Yeah
[23:21:07] Oni: Function 5 testicles
[23:21:09] Oni: ...
[23:21:13] Drack: ouch
[23:21:13] Frank: all here is connected to all people but orions
[23:21:25] Oni: Nothing more needs to be said
[23:21:27] Oni: (Chuckle)
[23:21:32] Drack: yeah
[23:21:37] Drack: on women btw too
[23:21:40] Oni: Yeah
[23:21:43] Oni: True
[23:21:46] Oni: Ouch
[23:21:53] Drack: pretty much ouch
[23:22:02] Drack: more functions?
[23:22:06] Oni: 6
[23:22:07] Oni: Yeah
[23:22:08] Drack: ok
[23:22:12] Drack: wow
[23:22:14] Drack: ice claws
[23:22:19] Oni: And feet
[23:22:21] Drack: ripping the person in half
[23:22:25] Oni: Oh
[23:22:25] Drack: on the ribcage
[23:22:30] Drack: coming from the back
[23:22:35] Oni: Wow
[23:22:36] Drack: stinging through
[23:22:40] Drack: ripping apart
[23:22:54] Oni: Brutal
[23:23:00] Drack: yeah that´s pretty brutal.
[23:23:13] Oni: I also saw someone being crucified on ice
[23:23:17] Oni: Through hands and feet
[23:23:26] Oni: And then ripped
[23:23:44] Drack: have darks ever built something not harming someone
[23:23:45] Drack: (rofl)
[23:23:51] Drack: like some.. flower machine maybe
[23:23:58] Oni: How often does this tech get used ?
[23:24:04] X: [06:23:51 PM] Drack: . flower machine

<<< you are allergic to flowers
[23:24:09] Drack: yeah..
[23:24:11] Drack: nevermind
[23:24:12] Drack: (rofl)
[23:24:16] X: (cwl)
[23:24:22] Drack: then some confetti machine
[23:24:24] Drack: whatever
[23:24:31] Oni: Not Alex's confetti
[23:24:34] Oni: :D
[23:24:39] Drack: that would be a bit explosive
[23:24:39] Drack: :D
[23:24:46] Oni: Maybe fish machine
[23:24:48] Oni: Oh wait
[23:24:51] Drack: yeah
[23:24:57] Drack: already done already shitty.
[23:25:03] Oni: Bananas ?
[23:25:05] Drack: they even weaponized a fucking umbrella
[23:25:05] Drack: so
[23:25:08] Oni: (Facepalm)
[23:25:15] Oni: Lol
[23:25:22] Frank: i still do 2nd shot
[23:25:26] Drack: ok
[23:25:33] Drack: no wonder
[23:25:34] Drack: huge thing
[23:25:53] Drack: i would say like 3 normal skycrapers in height
[23:25:55] Frank: done now
[23:25:58] Drack: ok
[23:26:09] Drack: attacks on me
[23:26:10] Drack: meh
[23:26:24] Oni: Same
[23:26:30] Drack: some crystal dust
[23:26:33] Drack: glittering
[23:26:55] Frank: so jump back to distance and dstroy all
[23:26:58] Drack: ok
[23:27:18] Oni: Lost my vision
[23:27:22] Drack: nice.
[23:27:34] Oni: Was a good run
[23:27:39] Frank: i check
[23:27:43] Drack: yeah wait
[23:27:43] Oni: Thanks
[23:27:47] Drack: on your back a bit
[23:27:58] Oni: Damn parasites
[23:28:00] Drack: ok F has to do
[23:28:05] Drack: too durable
[23:28:50] Frank: 5min to shoot. real big > 1 billion in there...
[23:29:02] Drack: no wonder they had guards
[23:29:07] Oni: Vision coming back
[23:29:12] Drack: (y)
[23:29:12] Oni: Thanks
[23:29:16] Drack: so F you can check me too.
[23:29:17] Drack: :D
[23:29:25] Oni: Firing
[23:29:25] Frank: already on it
[23:29:28] Drack: ok
[23:30:36] Frank: next job is in bejing...
[23:30:43] Drack: ok
[23:31:58] Oni: I have 30 minutes
[23:32:01] Oni: Last job ?
[23:32:07] Drack: lost the count
[23:32:15] Frank: no 22 today. but most important is no 18
[23:32:16] Drack: maybe
[23:32:19] Drack: ok
[23:32:23] Drack: let´s see
[23:32:28] Drack: after shooting done
[23:32:28] Oni: Okay
[23:33:03] Drack: tiredness hits me hard
[23:33:09] Frank: ok
[23:33:27] X: I think everyone today has that
[23:33:29] Drack: |-)
[23:33:39] Drack: i was fine till .. now
[23:33:57] Frank: no, i'm just nuts in head sometimes...(rofl)
[23:33:59] Frank: i'm on it
[23:34:07] Drack: yeah . that.
[23:34:08] Drack: (rofl)
[23:34:36] Frank: done here. ps check
[23:34:50] Oni: Looks done
[23:34:52] Drack: yep
[23:36:11] Frank: job 18 - orion . 15 of us connected, incl. Alex, X, me, D, Bryon, Chomon + 9
5 targets - 12 functions,
[23:36:30] Drack: ok big
[23:36:34] Drack: lets go
[23:36:38] Frank: yes
[23:36:39] Drack: ok
[23:36:40] Drack: huge.
[23:36:41] Drack: :D
[23:36:43] Frank: jump
[23:36:46] Oni: Some courtyard
[23:36:49] Oni: With fountain
[23:36:50] X: baseball bat?
[23:36:52] X: :D
[23:36:58] Drack: illusions
[23:36:58] Frank: i go with 100 avatars...
[23:36:59] Drack: i guess
[23:37:13] Oni: I see wood building ahead
[23:37:18] Drack: i see a massive city
[23:37:28] Oni: Come to the temple drack
[23:37:37] Drack: you´re in that already i guess
[23:37:39] Drack: i´m outside
[23:37:40] Frank: 1st, we need to find all 15!
[23:37:43] Drack: ok
[23:37:50] Drack: yeah
[23:37:57] Drack: found one
[23:38:13] Frank: yes
[23:38:17] Drack: smashed into a shield
[23:38:19] Drack: for the second
[23:38:25] Drack: marked
[23:38:34] X: no vision, nothing right now
[23:38:37] Frank: i'll take you in middle now
[23:38:42] Frank: Oni too
[23:38:46] Drack: ok
[23:38:54] Oni: Okay
[23:39:18] Drack: seems like there is a shield
[23:39:20] Oni: I'm in the wooden house
[23:39:21] Drack: everywhere
[23:39:24] Oni: There shields and swords
[23:39:28] Frank: found 12..(chuckle)
[23:39:41] Oni: There's also a boss here ?
[23:39:51] Drack: at your place?
[23:39:57] Frank: (shake)
[23:40:00] Drack: ok
[23:40:01] Drack: good.
[23:40:05] Oni: Lol
[23:40:09] Frank: 2 to find
[23:40:32] Drack: shields..
[23:40:35] Drack: always banging on shields
[23:40:42] Oni: Okay I'm blind
[23:40:48] Oni: Trap ?
[23:40:59] Drack: found someone buried into an tower
[23:41:21] Frank: yes
[23:41:29] Frank: Oni i care
[23:41:38] Drack: ok last is there
[23:41:42] Oni: Thanks
[23:41:55] Drack: that´s no guy
[23:41:58] Drack: but i found that last
[23:42:18] Drack: it´s like a polearm
[23:42:45] Frank: inside it
[23:42:55] Drack: inside the polearm?
[23:42:55] Frank: X
[23:42:58] Frank: yes
[23:43:02] Drack: ok interesting
[23:43:08] Oni: There's a shaft in there
[23:43:08] Drack: a scroll
[23:43:13] Drack: mh
[23:43:24] X: no idea what is a polearm
[23:43:27] Frank: nvm. i have all. the 5 targets now
[23:43:31] Oni: Like spear
[23:43:35] Drack: yeah
[23:43:37] Drack: something like that
[23:43:43] Drack: but the japanese edition of it
[23:43:45] Oni: Too much fire emblem
[23:43:46] Drack: with a blade on the top
[23:43:49] Oni: Lol
[23:43:51] Drack: lol
[23:43:53] Drack: :D
[23:44:00] X: yes I see now, googled
[23:44:11] Drack: so that scroll - target
[23:44:12] Drack: ?
[23:44:13] Oni: When vision fails, google
[23:44:22] X: :D
[23:44:41] Frank: yes 1 target, 4 to find
[23:44:46] Drack: ok
[23:44:49] Drack: i thought all found
[23:44:55] Drack: nvm.
[23:44:55] Oni: I found plant
[23:45:10] Drack: a crystal
[23:45:10] Frank: no
[23:45:12] Drack: inside a rod
[23:45:15] Frank: i meant all about X
[23:45:22] Drack: ah ok
[23:45:42] Drack: some
[23:45:44] Drack: i don´t know
[23:45:47] Drack: what it is really
[23:45:50] Frank: > [Freitag, 17. März 2017 23:44:55 Oni] I found plan
<<< yes i have all here
[23:45:59] Oni: Okay
[23:46:04] Drack: what do i have here
[23:46:04] Drack: Oni
[23:46:08] Oni: Drack is that like goo ?
[23:46:13] Drack: nah not really
[23:46:18] Drack: it´s like tons of spirals with a crystal
[23:46:18] Frank: > [Freitag, 17. März 2017 23:45:10 Drack] crystal
<<< yes have all here
[23:46:32] Drack: it´s like
[23:46:39] Drack: being weared around the hand it seems
[23:46:46] Drack: like aglove
[23:46:48] Drack: but not really
[23:46:49] Drack: :D
[23:46:51] Frank: not a target
[23:46:55] Drack: ok
[23:46:57] Frank: 2 targets to find
[23:47:00] Drack: but relates to X
[23:47:02] Drack: :D
[23:47:05] Frank: no
[23:47:07] Drack: mh.
[23:47:11] X: (cwl)
[23:47:11] Drack: then skib lied to me again
[23:47:16] Frank: whatever, focus on targets
[23:47:20] Drack: yeah
[23:47:46] Oni: I feel like I'm still stuck in that house
[23:47:52] Oni: Can someone check
[23:47:59] Drack: wait
[23:48:02] Drack: yeah
[23:48:04] Drack: bombing you out
[23:48:05] Oni: Shit
[23:48:12] Oni: Vision finally back
[23:48:23] Drack: come out
[23:48:25] Oni: Okay I'm out
[23:48:27] Drack: (y)
[23:48:28] Oni: Thanks
[23:48:35] Drack: next time just blow ahole in
[23:48:35] Drack: :D
[23:48:40] Oni: Sure
[23:48:50] Oni: I found box
[23:49:06] Oni: With some pipe in it
[23:49:11] Frank: inside
[23:49:11] Drack: i found some rod again as one of the 2 targets
[23:49:21] Drack: but i guess you got those as you meant
[23:49:28] Oni: I tagged f
[23:49:34] Frank: pipe is target #4. got all
[23:49:40] Oni: Great
[23:49:41] Oni: Lol
[23:49:54] Oni: I literally flew up and went straight to that
[23:49:54] Frank: last tartget
[23:49:58] Oni: Not bad
[23:50:06] Drack: yeah i do that all the time
[23:50:08] Oni: Big tower
[23:50:09] Drack: but don´t come out
[23:50:11] Drack: where i should
[23:50:11] Oni: Clock face
[23:50:19] Drack: inside i guess
[23:50:22] Oni: Yeah
[23:50:26] Drack: a box
[23:50:34] Frank: big tower is target #5
[23:50:38] Oni: Great
[23:50:41] Drack: ok
[23:50:43] Lockmatish: back
[23:50:44] Drack: nevermind then
[23:50:47] Drack: hey (wave)
[23:50:48] Oni: Hello sir
[23:51:01] Frank: need to open big tower somehow
[23:51:15] Drack: i was already inside?
[23:51:25] Drack: somehow.
[23:51:32] X: gears and lever nearby to open it up
[23:51:32] Frank: we need a key
[23:51:34] X: if needed
[23:51:44] Oni: Illusion drack
[23:51:46] Drack: ok
[23:51:47] X: yes and a key but thought this was wrong
[23:51:58] Oni: Found key
[23:52:04] Drack: got
[23:52:04] Drack: yeah ok
[23:52:06] Drack: :D
[23:52:06] Oni: Okay opening
[23:52:12] Oni: It's mechanical like
[23:52:19] Oni: Turning open
[23:52:20] Drack: urgh
[23:52:22] Drack: dark dust
[23:52:23] Drack: comes out
[23:52:27] Oni: Splitting down middle
[23:52:32] Oni: Yeah nasty
[23:52:38] Drack: dont get hit by it
[23:52:41] Oni: Yeah
[23:52:41] Drack: for safety
[23:52:48] Oni: Firing
[23:52:50] Drack: ok
[23:53:24] Oni: What now frank
[23:53:38] Drack: the mist is still there
[23:54:00] X: use the mistblower
[23:54:04] Frank: started to disconnect the 15 and then shooting ~18 min to go
[23:54:05] Drack: :D
[23:54:09] Drack: ok
[23:54:15] Frank: you can go there
[23:54:19] Frank: my avatars have it
[23:54:19] Drack: ok good
[23:54:31] Drack: coffin?
[23:54:42] Oni: Yeah
[23:54:43] Drack: like a small thin coffin
[23:54:48] Oni: Wooden
[23:54:51] Drack: yes
[23:54:56] Drack: a mummy?
[23:54:57] Drack: lol
[23:55:00] Oni: Yep
[23:55:03] Drack: damn
[23:55:05] Drack: who´s that
[23:55:08] Drack: or .. what
[23:55:58] Oni: There's some paper
[23:56:00] Oni: Under his hands
[23:56:08] Drack: ok
[23:56:18] Oni: Just has a symbol
[23:56:20] Oni: Looks like
[23:56:35] Drack: a burning eye
[23:56:36] Drack: a bit
[23:56:43] Oni: Yeah
[23:56:48] Drack: with a line
[23:56:52] Drack: going downwards
[23:56:57] Oni: Don't recognize this
[23:57:02] Drack: same
[23:57:14] Frank: ok, we have time for fun, but remember that the 5 targets have many functions...(chuckle)
[23:57:24] Drack: yeah sure
[23:57:32] Oni: I need to go for a bit
[23:57:35] X: guys the functions
[23:57:42] Drack: i look for
[23:57:45] Drack: ok Oni bye
[23:57:49] Oni: (Wave)
[23:57:53] Drack: (wave)
[23:57:53] Lockmatish: (wave)
[23:57:54] X: bye (wave)
[23:57:59] X: Lockmatish is here
[23:58:05] X: (celebrate)
[23:58:08] Drack: (rofl)
[23:58:17] Lockmatish: ok, 5 targets... got it
[23:58:20] Frank: thx Oni
[23:58:27] Lockmatish: functions of 5 targets
[23:58:28] Drack: so the function is
[23:58:29] Oni: (Bow)
[23:58:33] Frank: i am shooting already
[23:58:38] Drack: like black lines from the inside of the eye
[23:58:42] Drack: going down the body
[23:58:52] Drack: at all dark shit on the eye
[23:58:54] Drack: pressing through
[23:59:08] Drack: flowing into the body
[23:59:39] Drack: 2 is .. the dark shit goes into every corner of the body
[23:59:45] Drack: pouring out again
[23:59:50] Drack: in strings
Samstag, 18. März 2017
[00:00:13] Drack: 3 is taking the brain and injecting that into the brain
[00:00:44] Drack: 4 is the goo .. transforming
[00:00:51] Lockmatish: : drilling into the brain, cranial fluid spilling out
[00:01:02] Drack: transforming the body it seems
[00:01:19] Drack: yeah it´s forming the body or becomes the body somehow
[00:01:25] Drack: in 5 it´s like completely new shaped
[00:01:26] Drack: and solid
[00:02:16] Lockmatish: target 1 seems to be fully described..
[00:02:18] Drack: 6 is strange
[00:02:31] Drack: alot of strings
[00:02:41] Drack: seems like connections go out of the body into some machine
[00:02:50] Drack: i think for control
[00:03:13] Drack: 7 describes how it fights..
[00:03:23] Drack: so they transform people into monsters and let them fight
[00:03:58] Lockmatish: target 2:
I see some drills travelling inside the body, from bottom to top
[00:06:17] Lockmatish: I see the brain again, getting drilled left and right at the same time
[00:06:32] Frank: this is connected to all people, but 8 connections to each single one...
[00:07:34] Drack: target 3 function 1 is pressing the ribcage inside
[00:07:47] Lockmatish: target 2 seems to be done (in info)
[00:08:18] Drack: function2 looks like opening it and pressing on the eyes
[00:08:41] Frank: that's are a battle. we have 4,2 billion battle avatars inside fighting... :D
and a hell of attacks outside - currently 19 rings
[00:08:50] Drack: wow
[00:08:54] Drack: yeah i see that inside
[00:09:03] Drack: function 3 is interesting
[00:09:09] Drack: bending the legs to the head
[00:09:13] Drack: folding the person
[00:09:25] X: (suryannamaskar)
[00:09:26] Lockmatish: : see some weird imagery
[00:09:31] Drack: (rofl)
[00:09:34] Drack: pretty much
[00:09:34] Lockmatish: some kind of "yellow waves going upwards"
[00:09:44] Lockmatish: and maybe some kind of smell involved
[00:09:47] Lockmatish: an induced "high" ?
[00:10:00] Drack: lol
[00:10:28] Drack: function 4 is arms and legs with strings pressing them
[00:10:40] Drack: until they pop
[00:11:08] Drack: 5 is hooking up
[00:11:15] Drack: in the back with a giant hook
[00:11:29] Drack: that´s it
[00:11:48] Lockmatish: I see brain again .. this time, with four drills into it
[00:11:53] Lockmatish: above below, right left
[00:12:56] Lockmatish: seems target 3 info is done
[00:13:53] Frank: shooting 2nd shot
[00:14:28] Lockmatish: target 4:
I dont really know what this is about, again, some pressure "upwards", stronger than the previously described "upward forces", some kind of "boosters" ..
[00:15:33] Lockmatish: okay
[00:15:37] Lockmatish: seems it gives you a very strong induced "high"
[00:15:39] Lockmatish: but its only a trap
[00:15:48] Drack: interesting
[00:15:49] Lockmatish: as it also takes you directly into getting impaled from above ..
[00:15:59] Drack: nasty.
[00:16:02] Lockmatish: you go up up up up up ... impaled
[00:16:47] Frank: i think we are done here, pls check
[00:16:57] Drack: ok
[00:17:07] Lockmatish: I see many many drill holes on either sides of the body
[00:17:19] Lockmatish: ok checking targets
[00:18:08] Lockmatish: seems all 5 are laying in rubble
[00:18:15] Drack: yeah
[00:18:22] Drack: vision mostly down
[00:18:30] Frank: ok, so we jump on distance to destroy all
[00:18:42] Lockmatish: ok
[00:19:04] Frank: @D: i care vision
[00:19:12] Drack: ok
[00:19:26] Lockmatish: I see quad drills.. coming into the body from all 4 diagonals
[00:19:39] Lockmatish: meeting in the middle, causing large earthquake/shockwave in the middle
[00:19:43] Lockmatish: which is around the heart
[00:19:58] Frank: you are talking about what/whom?
[00:20:16] Lockmatish: target 4 still
[00:20:49] Frank: ninjas still need 5 minutes for this part
[00:20:57] Frank: we start destroying the city..
[00:21:00] Drack: ok
[00:21:03] Lockmatish: ok
[00:21:23] Frank: will need 12 minutes anyway...(chuckle)
[00:21:31] Lockmatish: I see two drills from left and right ... this causes vertical "channels" or "splits" to open in the body, vertically
[00:21:36] Lockmatish: looks real nasty
[00:21:42] Lockmatish: they run the entire length of the body
[00:21:45] Lockmatish: 2 channels, very thin
[00:21:49] Drack: orions - masters of torture
[00:22:58] Lockmatish: similar now, but for horizontal
[00:23:01] Lockmatish: two small drill holes
[00:23:16] Lockmatish: creating 2 horizontal thin "channels" which pass entirely through the body
[00:23:17] Lockmatish: around the center
[00:23:48] Drack: for me this sounds like a complete fucked up full-destroy machine
[00:23:58] Drack: systematically.
[00:24:30] Lockmatish: I see what seems like 4 drills, from diagonals
[00:24:38] Lockmatish: but they're bad - spiral / circular drills
[00:24:50] Lockmatish: just wreak havoc inside
[00:26:01] Lockmatish: a drill from underneath, running vertically all the way up to the head
[00:26:07] Lockmatish: and then the head "pops off and rolls away" ?
[00:26:14] Drack: uhm
[00:26:23] Drack: seems like
[00:26:46] Lockmatish: target 4 info seems done
[00:27:46] Lockmatish: target 5
I see a number of small "devices"
[00:27:58] Lockmatish: maybe they drill .. but especially, they are little "screamers"
[00:28:05] Frank: i do a 3rd shot
[00:28:08] Lockmatish: creating painfully loud alarm sounds
[00:28:16] Lockmatish: ok
[00:28:41] Frank: but main things are done. still shooting on city
[00:28:47] Lockmatish: ok
[00:29:10] Drack: function 2 is like going more inside
[00:29:13] Drack: more noise
[00:29:17] Drack: attaching to brain
[00:29:30] Drack: inserting maybe something inside
[00:29:46] Lockmatish: yes, going inside from left and right or so
[00:29:49] Lockmatish: and creating more painful noise
[00:30:07] Frank: there were ~3,3 billion darks in the city...
[00:30:09] Drack: feeling.. not so
[00:30:09] Lockmatish: and one of the "drill holes" loops up toward the brain
[00:30:11] Drack: :D
[00:30:21] Drack: yeah huge damn city
[00:30:58] Frank: and they stopped outise attacks... after 34 rings ...(rofl)
[00:31:06] Drack: 34 :O
[00:31:07] Lockmatish: :o
[00:31:12] Drack: how many
[00:31:23] Drack: that must be like.. alot
[00:31:25] Lockmatish: I see 2 vertical "drill channels" or "channels for mechanical legs"
[00:31:39] Frank: still fighting in 13 rings
[00:31:44] Lockmatish: and these mechanical legs stand on the ground (remember, are inside the body and go down into the ground)
[00:31:44] Frank: but huge, huge huge...
[00:31:47] Drack: nice
[00:31:50] Drack: really nice
[00:31:53] Drack: they make it easy
[00:31:54] Lockmatish: and do much shaking like vibrations
[00:31:58] Frank: and yes, there were bosses, big boosses...(rofl)
[00:32:06] Drack: oh nice
[00:32:10] X: no one I knew?
[00:32:10] Drack: someone we should know
[00:32:14] Drack: :D
[00:32:19] Drack: thought X will ask
[00:32:21] Frank: orion lvl1 original IDs
[00:32:41] Frank: 132, the orion 3D bosses
[00:33:07] Lockmatish: : again, see those mechanical legs which are artificially placed inside the body... this time, they are "jumping" the entire body, quite high, and then down, landing hard, causing much shaking and rattling and pain
[00:33:59] Frank: Lockmatish, where do you see this?
[00:34:07] Drack: target 5
[00:34:11] Lockmatish: yes, still target 5
[00:34:27] Lockmatish: I see now 2 "punching gloves" on either side
[00:34:32] Lockmatish: bashing the body from left and right
[00:34:43] Lockmatish: causing the middle to become concave on both sides
[00:34:48] Lockmatish: this is all target 5
[00:35:53] Frank: ok
[00:36:07] Frank: i need to start a shorty...
[00:36:14] Lockmatish: now many small "punching gloves" on the right side, and the left side. but in a pattern: right first, and then left
[00:36:19] Lockmatish: punching you all the way down from top to bottom
[00:36:23] Lockmatish: and then; on the left side
[00:37:04] Lockmatish: now I see a massive boxing glove
[00:37:11] Lockmatish: attacking the body from below
[00:37:15] Frank: ok illusion topic
[00:37:15] Lockmatish: but it crashes inside
[00:37:18] Lockmatish: ok
[00:38:29] Lockmatish: multiple boxing gloves, positioned roughly diagonal around
[00:38:43] Lockmatish: hitting the skin, causing painful reverberation and sound
[00:38:44] Frank: no more battle outside. caught 10.330 billions
[00:38:51] Lockmatish: :o
[00:39:11] Frank: so you get pain from the boxing?
[00:39:19] Drack: wow
[00:39:45] Lockmatish: seems no more info about target 5
[00:39:57] Frank: Lockmatish, you get pain from that?
[00:40:45] Lockmatish: yes, most definitely it seems. (but not now)
[00:40:59] Drack: yeah now that´s luckily down
[00:41:00] Drack: :D
[00:41:22] Frank: new shot on target 5 now
[00:41:28] Lockmatish: ok
[00:41:31] Frank: ~3 min
[00:46:45] Frank: next shot ~2 min
[00:46:53] Lockmatish: ok
[00:47:01] Drack: that´s durable
[00:47:38] Drack: at least a huge loss for them
[00:47:40] Drack: great.
[00:47:46] Dynamite Δύναμις: (party)
[00:47:47] Frank: very great
[00:47:57] Frank: and huge unblockings for us...
[00:48:00] Drack: the "let them come" tactic seems perfect
[00:48:04] Drack: nice
[00:48:41] Dynamite Δύναμις: very thoughtful of theirs to accept our invitation (cwl)
[00:48:53] Drack: well they thought they could win..
[00:48:54] Lockmatish: :D
[00:48:56] Drack: that´s the problem here
[00:48:57] Drack: (rofl)
[00:49:38] Drack: and i shouldn´t have complained about headaches.
[00:49:44] Drack: really not
[00:50:21] Frank: seems we are really done now. pls check
[00:50:47] Drack: vision bad but really done yes
[00:50:56] Frank: Lockmatish?
[00:51:17] Lockmatish: all 5 appear to be vaporised....
[00:51:24] Frank: (y)
[00:51:53] Lockmatish: tiny bit of visible debris in the air around target 1.. i'll get ninjas on it
[00:52:13] Drack: getting breathing problems somehow
[00:52:24] Frank: ok i check
[00:53:17] Lockmatish: I am atop a huge vertical pillar (but it's not very big)
[00:53:19] Frank: ok, we make a short break. i heal all, make protection upgrades, then we go
[00:53:24] Lockmatish: ok
[00:53:27] Frank: so all jump home now
[00:53:28] Drack: ok
[00:53:31] Lockmatish: home
[00:53:32] X: ok
[00:53:32] Drack: ok nice
[00:53:39] Drack: i could need some healings
[00:53:39] Drack: :D
[00:57:07] Frank: ~35 minutes break for protection upgrades
[00:57:14] Lockmatish: ok
[00:57:16] X: ok
[00:57:17] Drack: (y)
[01:03:06] Oni: I'll be here
[01:03:15] Drack: (y) (y)
[01:16:16] Frank: protection upgrade till 01:40, so 25 minutes to go
[01:16:28] Drack: (y)
[01:33:56] Drack: F , trying to connect to gaia. am i?
[01:34:04] Drack: something strange on it
[01:34:24] X: yes
[01:35:39] Frank: ?
[01:35:55] Drack: just want to make sure i get info from gaia
[01:36:01] Drack: not from somewhere else
[01:36:46] Frank: stop it, go out...
[01:36:50] Drack: ok
[01:38:12] Frank: do nothing until protection upgrade is done...
[01:38:19] Frank: it's the shit on the outside
[01:38:21] Drack: alright
[01:40:29] Frank: upgrade running ~2 minutes
[01:40:35] Drack: ok
[01:45:00] Drack: F , forum down.
[01:45:08] X: yes we know
[01:45:09] Dynamite Δύναμις: (nod)
[01:45:15] Drack: ok
[01:45:18] Oni: Oh wow
[01:45:24] Drack: yeah they like us now
[01:45:42] Dynamite Δύναμις: they love us!
[01:46:04] Drack: yeah they would come for visit if they could
[01:46:17] Dynamite Δύναμις: server problem
[01:49:43] Drack: ok
[01:52:11] Dynamite Δύναμις: It will probably take a bit ... he needs to fix the forum first :(
[01:52:19] X: ok
[01:52:21] Drack: yeah no problem
[02:03:10] Drack: forum back
[02:03:13] Drack: (celebrate)
[02:03:44] Dynamite Δύναμις: :D
[02:04:37] Oni: Won't be able to join for these :/
[02:04:47] Drack: ok :/
[02:04:54] X: ok
[02:05:05] Lockmatish: no worries
[02:05:10] Oni: :)
[02:11:21] Frank: so, we are ready to go...(chuckle)
[02:11:27] Lockmatish: ready
[02:11:31] Drack: nearly ready
[02:11:32] Frank: so job 19.... taurus - 3 functions
[02:11:33] Drack: coming later
[02:11:36] Lockmatish: ok
[02:11:37] Drack: a few minutes
[02:11:53] Lockmatish: once more, I see myself atop a very tall vertical pole
[02:11:55] Lockmatish: its rotating
[02:11:59] Lockmatish: its dizzy to stay on top of it, so I moved off
[02:12:02] Lockmatish: theres many poles around
[02:12:06] Lockmatish: rotating in different directions
[02:12:09] Lockmatish: some counterclockwise
[02:13:05] Lockmatish: they seem to be connected into some kind of "giant"'s arm
[02:13:18] Frank: so down
[02:13:23] Frank: target is down
[02:13:29] Lockmatish: ok
[02:14:20] Lockmatish: target seems extremely far down
[02:14:37] Lockmatish: at the bottom of a "bottomless" pit
[02:14:41] Frank: yes
[02:15:17] Frank: go down
[02:15:24] X: I am on a grey strange piece of metal
[02:15:27] Lockmatish: ah shit, I found the bottom the hard way
[02:15:35] X: (facepalm)
[02:15:35] Drack: ok i come
[02:15:51] Lockmatish: wasnt that hard :D
[02:15:58] Drack: strange metal yeah
[02:15:59] Drack: fits
[02:16:10] Drack: half fluid but not really
[02:16:16] Lockmatish: yes
[02:16:17] Lockmatish: its weird
[02:16:20] Dynamite Δύναμις: (chuckle)
[02:16:22] Lockmatish: anyway the target appears to be ahead in a big room
[02:16:22] Drack: moving strangely
[02:16:36] Frank: big room yes
[02:16:50] X: hmmm I am getting the target is in a liquid in a hole?
[02:17:10] Frank: yes, where is the hole...?
[02:17:19] X: I am next to it
[02:17:23] X: looking at it
[02:17:34] Lockmatish: I can see inside that big room, there's a big hole in the center
[02:17:36] Frank: see the target?
[02:17:37] Lockmatish: and inside it
[02:17:42] Drack: mh.
[02:17:44] Lockmatish: is a massive, massive, blue "particle beam"
[02:17:48] Lockmatish: that goes way, way, way up
[02:17:56] Lockmatish: its extremely "thick" = wide in diameter
[02:18:09] Frank: yes
[02:18:14] X: I have a golden "something" in the hole
[02:18:39] Drack: headaches increase here
[02:18:39] Frank: shooting ~8 min to go
[02:18:43] Lockmatish: ok
[02:18:48] Lockmatish: will try to find functions
[02:18:53] X: yes
[02:19:17] Frank: all people connected to it but taurus
[02:19:57] Lockmatish: 1st function, a super strong twister vortex
[02:20:04] Lockmatish: that kind of twists your body outside of itself
[02:20:08] Lockmatish: from the inside out
[02:20:17] Frank: 3rd time no outer attacks...
maybe i try to lure them by giving the battle avatars a shape of 72 virgins...(chuckle)
[02:20:23] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:20:25] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[02:20:26] Drack: lol
[02:20:43] X: how will they know they are virgins?
[02:20:49] X: :D
[02:21:02] Frank: :D
[02:21:30] Lockmatish: second, a super strong twister again, but this time horizontal, passing through the center of the body
[02:22:34] Lockmatish: 3rd, another vortex, but this one isn't a straight line
[02:22:38] Lockmatish: it enters from the top-left diagonal
[02:22:47] Lockmatish: and then curves slightly and exits straight through the bottom
[02:23:48] Drack: F you can care about headaches ?
[02:24:01] Drack: had some bigger attacks on me aswell
[02:24:13] Drack: like everyone got i guess.
[02:24:39] Lockmatish: 4th, this ones a bit strange
[02:24:44] Lockmatish: some kind of direct-contact-"hairdryer"
[02:24:49] Lockmatish: makes contact on the top-right
[02:24:59] Lockmatish: and . produces some kind of "internal ball"
[02:25:01] X: only 3 functions Lockmatish
[02:25:03] Lockmatish: that bounces a few times
[02:25:04] Lockmatish: hmmm
[02:25:42] Frank: @D i try
[02:27:08] Lockmatish: seems it was an illusion
[02:28:04] Frank: do 2nd shoot ~1 min
[02:28:09] Lockmatish: ok
[02:31:18] Frank: ok, i think we are done...
[02:31:20] Frank: pls check
[02:31:23] Lockmatish: checking
[02:31:50] Drack: seeing dust only
[02:32:04] Lockmatish: I wasnt
[02:32:04] Lockmatish: sec
[02:32:06] Frank: ok, jumping on distance to destry all
[02:32:17] Lockmatish: seems intact but "dysfunctional"
[02:32:19] Lockmatish: ok
[02:32:38] Drack: mh
[02:32:39] Frank: shooting
[02:32:42] Drack: ok
[02:36:01] Frank: seems done. pls check
[02:36:33] Drack: done
[02:36:58] Frank: so job 20 - lsa3 - D connected - 3 functions
[02:37:00] Lockmatish: all vaporised. the base took a little while
[02:37:02] Lockmatish: coming
[02:37:31] Drack: a chest
[02:37:36] X: a heart with a spiral going through the middle
[02:37:46] Drack: inside the chest yeah
[02:37:48] Frank: all people but lsa3 are connected
[02:38:07] Drack: it´s that medicine symbol
[02:38:10] Drack: with the 2 snakes
[02:38:12] Frank: yes, now find D
[02:38:26] X: found her
[02:38:28] X: strange
[02:38:29] Drack: found
[02:38:32] X: a being?
[02:38:33] Lockmatish: phew.. seems I started in some kind of elaborate three-dimensional trap with spears
[02:38:37] Drack: seems
[02:38:40] Drack: caged
[02:38:42] Drack: in the corner
[02:39:11] Lockmatish: a gigantic "mesh" of spears. but im out now
[02:39:20] Frank: started disconnecting and shooting ~12 min
[02:39:30] X: ok
[02:39:33] Lockmatish: ok
[02:39:37] Lockmatish: functions of job 20.. searching
[02:39:41] X: ok
[02:39:46] Drack: it does what it promises
[02:39:48] Drack: spears through heart
[02:39:58] Lockmatish: oh, the spears were related? ...
[02:40:03] Drack: uhm
[02:40:05] Drack: seems
[02:40:09] Lockmatish: hm
[02:40:48] Drack: the spears forming an X through the heart
[02:40:52] Drack: bleeding it out
[02:40:55] X: (cwl)
[02:41:00] Drack: :D
[02:41:02] Lockmatish: I see pipes going through the heart
[02:41:06] Lockmatish: maybe 2 vertical, 2 horizontal
[02:41:10] Lockmatish: they remind me of "magicians tubes"
[02:41:16] Lockmatish: but, these ones aren't fake or hollow or anything ..
[02:41:24] Lockmatish: they deeply penetrate the heart ...
[02:41:36] Drack: might be 2 each yeah
[02:41:49] Drack: vision is meh
[02:42:03] Frank: i care
[02:42:19] Drack: ok
[02:42:23] Drack: headaches btw are ok now
[02:42:30] Frank: (y)
[02:42:35] Lockmatish: good to hear
[02:42:41] X: one more function
[02:43:06] Drack: external connections into heart
[02:43:16] Drack: freezing the heart into stone
[02:43:26] Lockmatish: I see more X criss-crosses, but smaller than a standard X
[02:43:28] Lockmatish: like a squashed X
[02:43:32] Lockmatish: and another squashed X below
[02:43:37] Lockmatish: and then another horizontal pipe below
[02:43:42] Lockmatish: each "squashed X" is made of crossed pipes
[02:44:13] X: ok
[02:44:27] Lockmatish: that seems to be it
[02:44:38] X: (y)
[02:51:46] Frank: seems done, pls check
[02:51:50] Drack: yeah done
[02:51:51] Lockmatish: checking
[02:52:08] Lockmatish: seems it exploded into a million pieces
[02:52:18] Frank: so jump on distance to destry all.
[02:52:21] Lockmatish: (y)
[02:54:24] Frank: seems done
[02:54:32] Lockmatish: checking
[02:55:38] Lockmatish: there were 1 or 2 "stuck small dust in the air", but I burned all of them
[02:55:48] Frank: job 21 - lsa2 - me+2 connected - 3 functions
[02:55:51] Frank: so we jump
[02:55:53] Lockmatish: going
[02:55:59] Drack: ok
[02:56:12] Lockmatish: a super long tube is below me
[02:56:14] Lockmatish: its scary to look into it
[02:56:15] Drack: 21jobs.. nearly 12 hours
[02:56:16] Drack: crazy
[02:56:20] X: I am on green grass
[02:56:39] X: something like a golf ball
[02:56:59] X: and I think I located Frank already
[02:56:59] Frank: target turbe, me green grass somewhere
[02:57:11] Lockmatish: ok
[02:57:22] Drack: buried
[02:57:24] Drack: in the ground
[02:57:24] X: inside the ball
[02:57:25] Frank: ok, find next 2
[02:57:28] Drack: mh
[02:57:36] Drack: mh.
[02:57:38] Drack: :D
[02:57:42] Drack: i get buried
[02:57:48] Lockmatish: careful
[02:58:00] X: I am seeing him chained up inside the ball
[02:58:05] Drack: ok ok.
[02:58:14] Lockmatish: @X, drack?
[02:58:21] Frank: ok, next to guys to find
[02:58:28] Drack: found one
[02:58:31] Lockmatish: maybe they're suspended up in the air
[02:58:33] Lockmatish: being electrocuted
[02:58:55] X: traps on the floor
[02:58:58] X: be careful
[02:58:59] Drack: found another
[02:59:08] Drack: should be both
[02:59:10] Frank: traps or guys?
[02:59:14] Drack: guys
[02:59:15] Drack: :D
[02:59:22] X: traps on the floor
[02:59:28] Frank: yes, find target now
[02:59:33] Drack: ok
[03:00:00] X: a flask
[03:00:16] X: something leaks into it
[03:00:21] X: from the tube
[03:00:23] Lockmatish: yeah
[03:00:24] Drack: yes
[03:00:26] Lockmatish: I see that
[03:00:27] Drack: from below
[03:00:49] Frank: not the target
[03:00:53] X: ok
[03:00:57] X: below the flask
[03:01:03] X: under the table"
[03:01:09] Frank: yes
[03:01:09] X: there is medallion
[03:01:17] Drack: yeah
[03:01:20] Frank: below
[03:01:44] X: go through the floor then
[03:01:51] Frank: yes
[03:01:57] Drack: disable traps better
[03:02:00] Lockmatish: yeah careful
[03:02:05] X: yellow light
[03:02:08] X: fell into a cave
[03:02:10] Frank: this traps can nothing...
[03:02:14] Drack: ok
[03:02:16] Lockmatish: oh ok (phew)
[03:02:27] Drack: that´s the target it seems
[03:02:29] Frank: caveyes
[03:02:33] X: source of the yellow light
[03:02:37] Lockmatish: yes a cave with yellow light
[03:02:42] Frank: no
[03:02:49] X: ok got it
[03:02:56] X: ceiling of the cave
[03:03:00] X: look above
[03:03:07] Drack: a sun?
[03:03:09] Drack: (rofl)
[03:03:14] X: no in the cave itself
[03:03:17] Lockmatish: you're holding something attached to the ceiling of the cave
[03:03:20] Lockmatish: like a black hook or something
[03:03:20] X: yes
[03:03:26] Drack: mh
[03:03:27] X: Frank?
[03:03:29] Frank: and all walls
[03:03:35] Lockmatish: looking
[03:03:47] X: ok ok
[03:03:54] X: turn this thing on the ceiling
[03:03:56] X: walls change
[03:03:57] Frank: shoot down shit what is hiding it
[03:04:06] Lockmatish: all the walls seem attached by a black line to this hook
[03:04:11] Drack: ok
[03:04:23] X: it is on the other side of the walls
[03:04:24] Lockmatish: firing on whatever hiding the target
[03:04:39] Frank: yes other side
[03:04:54] Drack: a book
[03:04:55] Drack: or something
[03:04:59] X: found something like a red balloon
[03:05:02] Drack: mh
[03:05:03] X: attached to all walls
[03:05:09] Frank: no
[03:05:15] Drack: the book?
[03:05:18] Drack: behind the wall
[03:05:19] Frank: no
[03:05:21] Drack: ok
[03:05:32] X: the star in the dirt?
[03:05:32] Frank: below book
[03:05:37] Drack: ok
[03:05:38] Lockmatish: target seems below the floor in this second room
[03:05:42] Lockmatish: which was behind the wall in the first room
[03:05:43] Drack: talisman
[03:05:45] Drack: !
[03:05:52] Frank: yes
[03:05:56] Drack: damn
[03:05:57] Drack: finally
[03:05:58] Drack: (rofl)
[03:06:02] X: (y)
[03:06:02] Lockmatish: one step at a time (giggle)
[03:06:08] Lockmatish: ok, functions of job 21/talisman
[03:06:19] Frank: only L-ones are connected to this.
[03:06:26] X: 3 functions
[03:06:30] Drack: i know that shape
[03:06:35] Drack: saw that somewhere
[03:06:41] Lockmatish: I get bad attackers on stomach area
[03:06:41] Drack: it´s an 3D talisman too?
[03:06:48] Lockmatish: phew..cleared
[03:06:50] Frank: started disconnecting and shooting ~12 min
[03:07:14] Drack: brain stuff
[03:07:15] Drack: shocking
[03:07:26] Drack: you get that talisman attached around the throat
[03:07:37] Drack: and it does something
[03:07:48] Drack: yeah i´m super accurate right now i know
[03:07:50] Drack: (rofl)
[03:08:04] Frank: (rofl)
[03:08:14] Lockmatish: it drowns you in your own fluids
[03:08:18] Drack: my brain is a mashed potato right now so
[03:08:35] X: [10:08:14 PM] Lockmatish: it drowns you in your own fluids

<<< diseases like H1N1 does this
[03:08:41] Drack: mhh
[03:09:00] Frank: no on illnesses
[03:09:00] Lockmatish: wow, did not know
[03:09:11] X: ok
[03:09:16] Drack: salt does that too somehow..
[03:09:17] Drack: (rofl)
[03:09:22] X: (cwl)
[03:09:36] X: 3 functions guys
[03:09:41] Drack: i try.
[03:10:01] Drack: like sweating.. something
[03:10:07] Drack: going into the body
[03:10:11] Lockmatish: speaking of salt...
[03:10:12] Drack: hardening out
[03:10:19] Lockmatish: looks like many drill holes into the body, left and right sides
[03:10:22] Lockmatish: and salt spilling out ?
[03:10:26] Drack: uhm
[03:10:32] Drack: nutriens ?
[03:10:33] Drack: at all
[03:10:36] Lockmatish: not sure
[03:10:38] Drack: going out of the body
[03:11:21] X: salt or electrolytes?
[03:11:24] Lockmatish: checking
[03:11:35] Drack: would say 2.
[03:11:47] X: ok
[03:12:04] Lockmatish: electrolytes seems to be it
[03:12:07] X: ok
[03:12:15] Lockmatish: seeing for any more functions
[03:12:44] X: yes
[03:12:51] Lockmatish: okay
[03:12:53] Lockmatish: a big dumping
[03:12:55] Lockmatish: into you from above
[03:12:57] Lockmatish: of black tar or
[03:13:00] Lockmatish: fake nutrients or toxins or something
[03:13:27] X: makes sense
[03:13:39] Lockmatish: out with the good ...
[03:13:40] Lockmatish: in with the shit ..
[03:13:43] Drack: yeah
[03:13:46] Drack: surely L only
[03:13:54] Lockmatish: think so
[03:13:59] Drack: F meant already
[03:14:15] Lockmatish: yes, just found it
[03:14:56] Lockmatish: brb
[03:16:04] Drack: function 3 ?
[03:16:12] X: yes?
[03:16:16] Drack: washing out the body
[03:16:33] Drack: i guess again with nutriens electrolytes all
[03:17:11] Drack: on and while washing out the inside stuff gets spread into the whole body
[03:17:26] X: ok
[03:19:08] X: are we done?
[03:19:20] Drack: would say yes
[03:19:50] Frank: 2nd shot ~ 2min
[03:19:58] X: ok
[03:22:27] Lockmatish: back
[03:23:21] Frank: think we are done now. pls check
[03:23:30] Lockmatish: checking
[03:23:51] Lockmatish: its obliterated
[03:23:54] Lockmatish: but the debris is still visible
[03:25:09] Frank: ok jump to distance and destroy
[03:25:14] Lockmatish: (y)
[03:25:30] Frank: shooting
[03:28:28] X: done?
[03:28:34] Lockmatish: checking
[03:28:42] Drack: nearly
[03:28:52] Lockmatish: yes nearly
[03:29:18] Frank: i get done
[03:29:23] Lockmatish: checking
[03:29:59] Drack: done
[03:30:13] Drack: i´m pretty much done too.
[03:30:21] Drack: not sure if i go for the last job
[03:30:29] X: what happened?
[03:30:44] Drack: i feel like shit.
[03:30:50] Frank: 12h jobs happend (chuckle)
[03:30:53] Frank: i check
[03:30:54] Lockmatish: :D
[03:30:55] Drack: :D
[03:30:57] Drack: yeah
[03:30:58] Drack: that
[03:31:03] X: nah we not at 12 hours yet
[03:31:11] Drack: in 30min we are
[03:31:11] Lockmatish: sorry for my earlier absence. was in bad shape, went to lie down for 1 minute.
[03:31:13] Lockmatish: and you know the rest
[03:31:18] Lockmatish: but seems I got "some help" in waking up at a good time
[03:31:19] X: yes
[03:31:24] Lockmatish: I will try to prevent this in future
[03:31:26] X: it is fine
[03:31:28] Lockmatish: :)
[03:31:28] X: no worries
[03:31:30] Frank: was ok, so you are good now...
[03:31:31] Drack: yeah it´s fine
[03:31:38] Lockmatish: all good now
[03:31:40] Frank: ok job 22 - lsa3 - me connected - 4 functions
[03:31:46] X: let us get the next job
[03:31:46] X: yes
[03:31:53] Lockmatish: ok on my way
[03:31:55] Drack: let´s do it fast..
[03:32:10] X: I am in some spiral
[03:32:12] Frank: 1 target and me...
[03:32:14] Lockmatish: noises and batles around me
[03:32:17] Drack: found frank
[03:32:18] Lockmatish: can't stand the noise
[03:32:23] X: battlefield now
[03:32:26] Lockmatish: mech transformation..
[03:32:28] Drack: torture room
[03:32:36] Drack: you´re having a bad time here
[03:32:37] X: a gun?
[03:32:47] Lockmatish: careful with the torture room
[03:32:49] Lockmatish: in case of harmful ambient again
[03:32:52] X: antique gun
[03:32:53] Frank: spiral is target, but more to do...
[03:32:57] Lockmatish: ok
[03:33:04] Drack: i´m alive. all fine
[03:33:06] Lockmatish: lets take a careful look at frank
[03:33:07] Lockmatish: ok
[03:33:08] Drack: nothing tried to kill me yet
[03:33:08] Lockmatish: good
[03:33:10] Lockmatish: :D
[03:33:21] Drack: marked
[03:33:23] Drack: going to target
[03:33:29] X: why am I always inside the targets now
[03:33:30] X: hahaha
[03:33:33] Drack: :D
[03:33:34] Lockmatish: you know why ;)
[03:33:36] Drack: yep
[03:33:37] Drack: (rofl)
[03:33:39] Lockmatish: :D
[03:33:40] X: :D
[03:33:58] Lockmatish: a room
[03:33:59] X: this is some kind of time travel thing
[03:34:03] Lockmatish: a "hangman" in it
[03:34:07] Lockmatish: getting electrocuted badly
[03:34:09] Drack: time travel?
[03:34:13] Lockmatish: time travel?
[03:34:15] X: yes
[03:34:18] Drack: mh..
[03:34:21] Frank: me...
[03:34:24] X: I went back in time
[03:34:31] Drack: lol
[03:34:34] X: 1800's
[03:34:36] Lockmatish: now there are 2 X's (giggle)
[03:34:49] Drack: american revolution fights??
[03:34:54] X: seems so
[03:34:57] Drack: lol
[03:34:57] Drack: cool
[03:34:58] Lockmatish: I get a strong tingling in my right pinkie finger
[03:35:02] Lockmatish: seems not related to external attacks
[03:35:12] Drack: gettysburg
[03:35:13] Drack: ?
[03:35:15] Drack: i get
[03:35:16] X: I am at a machine Frank
[03:35:30] X: source of spiral
[03:35:37] Frank: no real timetravel. just the illusion of it. there are fake realities for it, you travel to
[03:35:41] Lockmatish: ah
[03:35:47] Lockmatish: more smoke and curtains
[03:35:49] X: ok
[03:36:01] Drack: this is like the modified version of the war
[03:36:06] Drack: firstly we have that normal 3D
[03:36:13] Drack: and then above it huge amounts of darks
[03:36:14] Lockmatish: I get strong stomach .... uhh
[03:36:15] Lockmatish: turbulence
[03:36:16] Drack: hitting their heads
[03:36:23] Lockmatish: seems unrelated to external attacks
[03:36:48] Frank: started disconnecting and shooting ~13 min to go
[03:36:59] Lockmatish: ok, guess Frank is fine
[03:37:05] Lockmatish: checking functions of spiral/job 22
[03:37:06] Frank: yes
[03:37:10] Lockmatish: good (y)
[03:37:21] Frank: they are not connected to people. but check anyway
[03:37:25] Lockmatish: ok
[03:37:26] Lockmatish: interesting
[03:37:56] Lockmatish: it seems to create a harsh ambient
[03:37:58] Lockmatish: harsh waves
[03:38:00] Lockmatish: and maybe harsh sounds too
[03:38:39] Lockmatish: btw those waves were horizontal
[03:38:50] Lockmatish: in next checking, i'm seeing new waves, vertical
[03:39:05] Lockmatish: all are sinusoidal-type waves
[03:39:29] Lockmatish: seeing now a diagonal one
[03:39:32] Lockmatish: from bottom-left to top-right
[03:39:35] Lockmatish: again, sinusoidal wave
[03:39:38] Lockmatish: seems to be passing through the body
[03:40:40] Frank: there are in the location of this station off-grid mini creations with those fake history worlds. 132 pices...
[03:40:44] Lockmatish: Im seeing lightning
[03:40:53] Drack: yeah seeing that F
[03:40:56] Lockmatish: and harsh rain
[03:40:59] Lockmatish: harsh lightning and rain
[03:41:02] Drack: but all looking pretty cool
[03:41:03] Drack: :D
[03:41:17] Frank: westworld...
[03:41:28] Drack: reminds me a bit of it
[03:41:31] Lockmatish: there you go
[03:42:01] Lockmatish: seems to be no more info from schema
[03:42:12] Frank: ok
[03:43:40] Drack: done`?
[03:43:49] Frank: no
[03:43:55] Drack: ok
[03:43:58] Lockmatish: it will poison the rain ?
[03:44:15] Drack: what exactly
[03:44:22] Lockmatish: good question
[03:44:27] Drack: lol
[03:44:48] Lockmatish: the harsh lightning
[03:44:48] Frank: no
[03:44:51] Lockmatish: ok
[03:45:39] Drack: are those attacks on me or internal
[03:45:44] Drack: it goes hit after hit after hit
[03:45:57] Lockmatish: I will look
[03:46:14] Lockmatish: it looks external , but
[03:46:20] Lockmatish: its causing "resonance" and rippling effects inside
[03:46:25] Drack: yeah
[03:46:25] Drack: fits
[03:46:53] Frank: i'm doing now some extra job. taurus had the idea to accumulate their forces and do a huge strike on me. 8.270 billions of them. Nice, I do now a strike on their accumulation place...(rofl)
[03:46:58] Lockmatish: :D
[03:46:59] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[03:47:16] X: (y)
[03:47:17] Drack: nice.
[03:47:17] Frank: X gave me the tip...
[03:47:23] Lockmatish: (y)
[03:47:27] Drack: (y)
[03:47:36] Lockmatish: X knows how to be the target
[03:47:37] Lockmatish: quite well
[03:47:38] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[03:47:42] X: :D
[03:47:43] Drack: true.
[03:47:44] Drack: :D
[03:47:58] Frank: Drack still problems?
[03:48:10] Drack: yeah
[03:48:15] Drack: it was never really gone
[03:48:19] Drack: always better
[03:48:43] Frank: > [Samstag, 18. März 2017 03:45:39 Drack] are those attacks on me or internal
> [Samstag, 18. März 2017 03:45:44 Drack] it goes hit after hit after hit
<<<< this
[03:48:53] Drack: yeah still
[03:49:45] Frank: lsa3
[03:49:56] Drack: they´re becoming my best friends..
[03:49:57] Drack: (rofl)
[03:50:07] Lockmatish: are they the spider people too
[03:50:07] Drack: if i have some - lsa3.
[03:50:12] Drack: yeah
[03:50:17] Lockmatish: there you go
[03:51:10] Frank: 3 min to reschedule...
[03:51:26] Drack: ok
[03:51:58] Frank: 2nd shot ~ 3 min
[03:52:12] Drack: going to brush my teeth
[03:52:19] X: Die Nachricht wurde entfernt.
[03:52:40] X: I still need to shower
[03:52:42] X: hahha
[03:52:44] Lockmatish: :D
[03:53:40] X: wrote trini dialect there, hahaha
[03:53:45] Lockmatish: :D
[03:53:58] Lockmatish: ill check status of the spiral
[03:54:41] Lockmatish: seems very badly damaged
[03:55:37] Frank: taurus 64% down...
[03:55:47] Lockmatish: (y)
[03:57:09] Frank: 3rd shot ~3min
[04:00:07] X: done
[04:00:11] Lockmatish: checking
[04:00:40] Lockmatish: seems broken apart and smouldering
[04:00:44] Drack: back
[04:00:57] Drack: teeth are in a bad shape
[04:01:02] Drack: much bleeding while brushing
[04:01:07] Lockmatish: :(
[04:01:07] X: oh
[04:01:08] Drack: no , that´s not normal
[04:01:11] Drack: :D
[04:01:15] Frank: 4th shot ~3 min
[04:01:23] X: :D
[04:01:58] Drack: well today might be one of the most successful days in the last weeks in the hunting topic but the most hurtful too
[04:02:08] Lockmatish: easy. use today to rest (hug)
[04:02:17] Drack: i will (hug)
[04:02:18] Lockmatish: no hunting today, rememeber (giggle) or not much at least
[04:02:28] Drack: yeah.. true :D
[04:02:29] Lockmatish: :D
[04:02:39] X: tomorrow is a holiday?
[04:02:45] Lockmatish: :^)
[04:02:45] X: :D
[04:02:50] Drack: uhm
[04:02:50] Frank: seems so. from hunting...
[04:02:54] Drack: :D
[04:02:57] Lockmatish: not what I meant X :D
[04:02:59] X: oh
[04:03:07] Lockmatish: usually we have some hours between groups of jobs
[04:03:14] X: I will go out tomorrow then
[04:03:18] X: yes
[04:03:20] Lockmatish: I could be wrong (giggle)
[04:03:22] Frank: (rofl)
[04:03:33] Frank: no visible jobs in pipeline
[04:03:37] Lockmatish: okay
[04:03:39] X: ok
[04:03:40] Lockmatish: rest & recover
[04:03:42] Drack: nice.
[04:03:42] Oni: (Wave)
[04:03:44] Drack: hey
[04:03:45] Lockmatish: hey Oni!
[04:03:46] Lockmatish: (wave)
[04:03:46] Oni: Good work everyone
[04:03:46] Frank: yes
[04:03:53] Oni: (Like)
[04:04:07] Lockmatish: waiting on F's final shots to do first destruction step for last job
[04:04:27] Frank: think we are done, pls check
[04:04:29] Lockmatish: oh, there was also a large group of taurus ...
[04:04:33] Lockmatish: checking
[04:04:40] Frank: taurus done
[04:04:52] Lockmatish: (y)
[04:05:25] Lockmatish: its wrecked and split into many small pieces, crackling with leftover electrical charge
[04:05:40] Lockmatish: jump to safe distance?
[04:05:45] Frank: yes
[04:05:49] Lockmatish: ok
[04:05:51] X: :D
[04:05:55] Lockmatish: :D
[04:06:16] Frank: shooting ~6 min
[04:06:39] X: (tandoori)
[04:06:49] Drack: (yotfr)
[04:12:10] X: done
[04:12:20] Lockmatish: checking
[04:13:03] Lockmatish: there was some "confetti dust" falling down
[04:13:09] Lockmatish: so I just flamethrowered it all
[04:13:15] Lockmatish: now even the ninjas are standing around shrugging their shoulders
[04:13:16] Lockmatish: with nothing to do
[04:13:18] Lockmatish: :D
[04:13:23] Drack: lol.
[04:13:24] Frank: (rofl)
[04:13:26] X: (y)
[04:13:29] Frank: ok time to go home
[04:13:33] Lockmatish: gone
[04:13:37] Drack: (y)
[04:13:37] Frank: THHAAAANNNNXXXXX
[04:13:43] Drack: F still feeling shit.
[04:13:43] Drack: (rofl)
[04:13:44] Lockmatish: (hug) <3 great job guys
[04:13:48] Lockmatish: :( take it easy
[04:13:49] X: (cwl)
[04:13:49] Drack: yeah long lasting good day
[04:13:50] Lockmatish: maybe sleep helps
[04:13:51] Drack: (y)
[04:13:51] Frank: fucking good job!!!!!

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