8 very interesting cleaning jobs we did yesterday...

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8 very interesting cleaning jobs we did yesterday...

Unread postby Frank » 17 Mar 2017 00:48

[23:12:11] Frank: ok, all ready for target 1?
[23:12:14] Lockmatish: ready
[23:12:14] Drack: sure.
[23:12:24] Drack: ok following Lockmatish
[23:12:46] Frank: ok, all data is in skibs
[23:12:48] Frank: we can go
[23:12:51] Drack: (like)
[23:13:11] Lockmatish: a beach
[23:13:15] Drack: yes
[23:13:18] Lockmatish: many platforms in place
[23:13:20] Lockmatish: gaps between them
[23:13:39] Drack: like a oilplattform somehow
[23:13:45] Lockmatish: we're atop one platform
[23:13:53] Lockmatish: doesn't seem good to step in the gaps
[23:13:56] Frank: layer 1) - taurus
[23:14:08] Drack: moving to job
[23:14:23] Drack: mhh
[23:14:33] Drack: a ukulele?
[23:14:35] Frank: ah, i think the platforms themselves are the job...
[23:14:35] Drack: (rofl)
[23:14:46] Drack: mh
[23:14:49] Lockmatish: hm
[23:14:57] Drack: well i found a ukulele..
[23:14:58] Drack: (rofl)
[23:15:03] Frank: ok, they are connected again to all people. pls find their functions
[23:15:09] Drack: ok
[23:15:23] Lockmatish: ok
[23:15:30] Drack: something with head and feet
[23:15:51] Drack: like hooking up the head
[23:16:01] Drack: something related to vertigo maybe?
[23:16:28] Frank: no
[23:16:31] Drack: it´s like hooking ,bleeding out down the body
[23:17:16] Lockmatish: there's at least 30-50 platforms
[23:17:38] Frank: it's into the orion layer, and from there to the motoric systems
[23:17:47] Lockmatish: from where we started, it goes off in 3 directions: one, to our right. (3 o'clock)
two, behind us (6 o'clock)
three, in front, into the water (12 o'clock)
[23:17:51] Lockmatish: I see
[23:17:54] Frank: i shoot
[23:17:57] Drack: ok
[23:17:59] Lockmatish: each platform seems to trigger a different part of the body
[23:18:08] Lockmatish: its like a torture piano

[23:18:09] Drack: ah.. ok
[23:18:09] Frank: yes
[23:18:13] Drack: that makes sense
[23:18:16] Drack: the plattform i had was for head
[23:18:22] Drack: and for feet
[23:18:29] Frank: 8 minutes to shoot
[23:19:09] Drack: it´s like connected to all joints
[23:19:12] Drack: blocking them
[23:19:34] Drack: and there are strings on both arms and hands
[23:19:52] Drack: looks to hold in place
[23:19:55] Lockmatish: yes, I don't know how this "piano" is connected to the body
[23:20:05] Lockmatish: but someone could inflict tons of pain remotely using this
[23:20:17] Drack: you click a note - the joint on a special part of the body blocks?
[23:20:26] Lockmatish: yes pretty much
[23:20:28] Drack: yeah
[23:20:28] Frank: yes, it's directly into orion layer. the main pain system is also in orion layer
[23:20:35] Lockmatish: I see
[23:20:39] Drack: it seems
[23:20:44] Drack: the strings are for stretching aswell
[23:20:47] Drack: so they click a note
[23:20:50] Drack: it streches arms and legs
[23:21:12] Frank: these pains work with swinging. the more the pain sensors swing, the more you feel pain...
[23:21:39] X: I am here
[23:21:43] Drack: if they would´ve been so creative with building a proper creation the whole world would be better.
[23:21:59] Drack: instead they built crazy shit pain machines..
[23:23:29] Drack: i understand the ukulele now..
[23:23:39] Drack: just another device to do that shit on people
[23:24:42] Lockmatish: I see, frank.
hi x (wave)
[23:24:47] X: hi
[23:27:08] Frank: i get it's done, pls check
[23:27:16] Lockmatish: checking
[23:27:27] Drack: some pillars maybe left
[23:27:40] Drack: seems done.
[23:28:50] Frank: so job 2. 1 target, 2 jobs
[23:28:57] Drack: alright
[23:29:06] X: follow me to the black dome, see the brain on the pedestal
[23:29:07] Lockmatish: appears clear, yes
[23:29:12] Drack: castle stuff
[23:29:15] Drack: ok
[23:29:18] Drack: yeah
[23:29:20] Drack: brain
[23:29:23] X: inside the brain is a bowl
[23:29:30] X: and a fluid leaks into the bowl
[23:29:38] Frank: base - lsa3
[23:29:42] Drack: i look for job 2
[23:29:49] X: this is what they refer too as "amrita"
[23:29:51] Drack: a big big bottle
[23:30:07] Drack: inside is a
[23:30:08] Drack: painting
[23:30:12] Frank: we are searching for an old sophia part
[23:30:15] X: and down here is Vedic tradition stuff
[23:30:17] Drack: looks like the scream
[23:30:23] Drack: that famous painting
[23:30:34] X: I know that painting
[23:30:38] Drack: ok
[23:30:43] X: the part is not in the brain?
[23:30:46] Frank: the target is hidden
[23:30:49] Drack: ok..
[23:30:54] Drack: some puzzling .
[23:30:54] Frank: no
[23:30:55] Drack: alright
[23:31:12] Drack: found
[23:31:21] Drack: i´m in a room with a podest
[23:31:26] Drack: on it is..
[23:31:28] Drack: something hidden
[23:31:31] Drack: can´t see
[23:31:40] Drack: light shines through the roof
[23:31:52] Drack: something materialises
[23:32:06] Drack: some other flask in golden
[23:32:26] Drack: glass with golden stuff around
[23:32:46] Frank: n
[23:32:57] Drack: not it? mh.
[23:33:00] Frank: no
[23:33:06] Frank: it's inside the podest
[23:33:10] Drack: ok
[23:33:21] Drack: a vase
[23:33:26] Drack: or something similar
[23:33:45] Drack: yeah looks a bit like a vase but it´s something else
[23:33:54] Lockmatish: i've found another "invisible" area
[23:34:21] Drack: there is some stuff on it
[23:34:27] Drack: looks like greek history vase
[23:34:55] Frank: ok let's shoot down all illusions and wrong things...
[23:35:01] Drack: ok :D
[23:35:56] Drack: but i´m on the right place at least it seems
[23:36:12] Lockmatish: invisible area has a path to a room with a sarcophagus
[23:36:22] Frank: this in the podest and this in the brain seem to be one thing, connected...
[23:36:33] Frank: check this
[23:37:02] Drack: it has some connection yes
[23:37:06] Drack: it looks like a bottle with wine
[23:37:21] Drack: it that´s the real one this time
[23:37:21] Drack: :D
[23:37:36] Frank: no
[23:37:42] Drack: (computerrage)
[23:37:48] Drack: shooting illusions..
[23:37:56] Frank: yes, still
[23:38:00] Frank: (chuckle)
[23:38:07] Drack: hate that
[23:38:08] Drack: :D
[23:38:16] X: I pulled all the illusions down I think
[23:38:18] Drack: there is nothing more annoying
[23:38:28] Frank: the more illusions, the more important it is. this seems to be very important
[23:38:42] X: ok got something
[23:38:48] X: a torn piece of a scroll
[23:38:48] Drack: you´re here?
[23:38:52] Drack: oh yeah
[23:38:54] Drack: you are.
[23:39:06] Frank: (y)
[23:39:24] Frank: the old sophia part
[23:39:29] Lockmatish: sarcophagus opens to fall into an underground "sewer". this leads to a large golden treasure room >>> this was illusion. other path in the sewer leads to a simple, small room, with a table, on the table is a torn piece of parchment or such, as X described
[23:39:30] X: yes
[23:39:34] Lockmatish: (phew) I finally woke up (giggle)
[23:39:49] Drack: :D
[23:39:59] Frank: this is also connected to all people. pls find the function
[23:40:07] Frank: i start to disconnect D
[23:40:26] Drack: is that illusion or is that the rest of the scroll?
[23:40:43] Drack: there was the full scroll inside
[23:40:43] Frank: disconnect and shoot will need ~10 minutes
[23:40:45] Lockmatish: I seem to be in same room as X
[23:40:47] Drack: mh
[23:41:06] Drack: so the function
[23:41:11] Drack: there is specific layer in the brain
[23:41:16] Drack: this scroll is refering to that

[23:41:18] Frank: not one srcoll
[23:41:20] Drack: it´s quite in the middle
[23:41:22] Frank: ALL scrolls
[23:41:30] X: :D
[23:41:38] Drack: mh.
[23:41:38] Drack: :D
[23:41:42] Drack: alright
[23:41:54] Frank: it's a total collection of global fake knowledge and fake history...
[23:42:02] Drack: ah..
[23:42:04] Drack: interesting
[23:42:06] Frank: connected to all people...
[23:42:21] Drack: i wonder how it goes to remove those
[23:42:26] Frank: it's the prime brainwashing machine
[23:42:35] Drack: nice
[23:42:52] Lockmatish: I'm seeing something else, also
[23:43:03] Lockmatish: a "slashing" of a body, in the shape of an "X", (two cuts, diagonal)
[23:43:08] Lockmatish: and a third cut, horizontal, below this
[23:43:55] Drack: yes with scanning all at the same time
[23:44:06] Drack: there is some drop
[23:44:10] Drack: inside the body moving
[23:44:21] Lockmatish: slashing leaves the body exposed and damaged... and red, where the blood has been exposed
[23:45:03] X: everyone just loves "X"
[23:45:17] Drack: yeah
[23:45:20] Drack: that´s the X day
[23:45:21] Drack: (rofl)
[23:45:28] X: :D
[23:45:41] Frank: ok, we must be at the right place. i have 40+ billion battle avatars outside to keep the darks out who want to stop us here...(chuckle)
must be a hell of a battle...
[23:45:50] Lockmatish: wow
[23:45:53] Drack: damn
[23:45:57] Drack: i take alook
[23:46:07] Drack: i´m getting dizzy
[23:46:08] X: and I do not get to shoot just one of them
[23:46:08] Drack: (rofl)
[23:46:16] Drack: go .. have your fun
[23:46:16] Drack: (rofl)
[23:46:17] Frank: :D
[23:46:38] Drack: that´s a bunch of
[23:46:50] Drack: should we open fire too
[23:47:00] Frank: and the shoot is arriving down here. i felt it in the head..
[23:47:07] Drack: ouch
[23:47:14] X: is that the burning on my head
[23:47:21] Drack: had some stings on leg
[23:47:26] Frank: yes
[23:47:35] Frank: D: no
[23:47:35] Drack: well . so , open fire`?
[23:47:37] Drack: ok
[23:47:56] Frank: i am shooting already
[23:47:58] Frank: finish soon
[23:48:06] Frank: ~2 min
[23:48:18] Lockmatish: scrolls also seem to slash the throat, giving some gap, to which "information" was inserted, directly inside here......
[23:48:18] Drack: i meant on the others outside (chuckle)
[23:48:28] Drack: sick.
[23:48:48] Frank: let the battle avars do it... it's their job to keep our back...
[23:48:55] X: yes I agree
[23:48:56] Drack: alright
[23:49:00] Frank: they do every place, just here is extreme...
[23:49:01] X: let us do the jobs and leave
[23:49:09] Drack: yeah extreme is good
[23:49:10] X: and move to next target
[23:49:15] Drack: yes
[23:49:21] Frank: not finished yet
[23:49:25] X: yes
[23:49:29] X: I know
[23:49:53] Drack: that is even a bit scary right now
[23:49:56] Drack: looking outside
[23:50:14] Drack: they really love their brainwashing tools
[23:50:18] Frank: 64+ billion
[23:50:27] Drack: yeah..
[23:50:27] X: :D
[23:50:29] Drack: looks like that
[23:50:30] Drack: :D
[23:50:46] Drack: 20 sec left?
[23:51:05] Frank: done. let's jump to the entrance and shoot the whole shit down...
[23:51:09] Drack: ok
[23:51:15] X: ok
[23:51:19] Drack: wow
[23:51:21] Drack: shockwave hit me
[23:51:25] X: hahhaaa
[23:51:28] Drack: (rofl)
[23:51:30] Drack: that goosebumps
[23:52:12] Drack: you shooting already?
[23:52:24] Drack: ..seems so
[23:52:35] Frank: yes
[23:52:42] Lockmatish: attacks directly into my stomach, deflected
[23:52:46] X: oh I fired one shot and thought Frank wanted to do his transform thing
[23:52:55] Frank: no
[23:53:00] X: ok
[23:53:00] Frank: full fire
[23:53:01] Drack: better not
[23:53:02] Drack: :D
[23:53:06] X: I shoot then
[23:53:20] X: done
[23:53:28] Frank: no time for those kind of jokes today :D
[23:53:33] Drack: (y)
[23:53:38] X: :D
[23:53:41] Drack: literally done
[23:54:03] Frank: ok, so job 3..
[23:54:08] Drack: alright
[23:54:14] Lockmatish: need quick break , brb
[23:54:19] Drack: no problem
[23:54:20] X: behind the black door
[23:54:21] Drack: hope you fine
[23:54:24] X: ok Lockmatish
[23:54:51] Frank: yes black door
[23:54:58] Drack: ok kick it open
[23:54:58] Drack: :D
[23:55:02] X: cannot
[23:55:07] Drack: oh
[23:55:07] X: send ninjas
[23:55:15] X: ok I am inside
[23:55:17] X: hahaha
[23:55:18] Drack: :D
[23:55:22] Frank: (ninja)
[23:55:40] Drack: a flower?
[23:55:50] Frank: they are my best invention ever...(chuckle)
[23:55:57] Frank: yes
[23:55:58] Drack: true :D
[23:55:59] Drack: (y)
[23:56:00] Drack: ok
[23:56:16] Drack: they love my right leg right now..
[23:57:30] Drack: it´s connected to alot of people again right?
[23:57:41] Drack: seems to have something to do with breathing system
[23:58:24] Frank: to al people
[23:58:29] Drack: oh ok
[23:58:35] X: so flower is the target?
[23:58:37] Drack: yes
[23:58:42] X: ok good
[23:58:44] Drack: (y)
[23:58:52] Frank: i shoot
[23:59:00] Drack: it looks a bit like having to do with allergies aswell
[23:59:03] Frank: ~9 minutes
[23:59:30] Frank: layer 1) - taurus
[23:59:34] Frank: all autoimmune
[23:59:42] Drack: ahh ok
Donnerstag, 16. März 2017
[00:00:02] Drack: my right leg tingles like crazy
[00:00:32] Frank: healings
[00:00:34] Frank: strong
[00:00:37] Drack: yeah
[00:00:37] Drack: very
[00:00:39] Drack: :D
[00:02:51] Frank: now i defend with "only" 350 million battle avatars... (chuckle)
[00:02:57] Drack: oh.. only
[00:02:59] Drack: (rofl)
[00:03:22] Drack: well ok , they don´t like their autoimmun diseases as much as they like their brainwash shit
[00:03:43] Frank: :D
[00:05:26] Drack: and they can´t rebuild all those we´ve done today?
[00:05:44] Lockmatish: fucking bastards delay me a lot in coming back
[00:05:52] Drack: yeah.. they love that
[00:05:52] Lockmatish: continuous blood nose. stops, then starts again.. over and over
[00:06:00] Lockmatish: finally went after the bastard
[00:06:03] Lockmatish: stopped instantly
[00:06:04] Drack: (like)
[00:06:34] Frank: (y)
[00:06:34] Lockmatish: and then some targeting of head by others
[00:06:42] Lockmatish: strong head pain for a moment, but gone now
[00:06:49] Drack: speaking of headpain
[00:06:54] Drack: just started
[00:06:54] Drack: :D
[00:07:00] Drack: on the temples
[00:07:24] Frank: you know, I have an abo for my painkillers....:D
[00:07:26] Dynamite Δύναμις: (facepalm)
[00:07:30] Drack: (rofl)
[00:07:38] Drack: i don´t wonder lol
[00:07:41] Frank: and Alex is my drug dealer...(rofl)
[00:08:02] Drack: luckily i never really have headaches at all
[00:08:08] Drack: at least something i´m free of
[00:08:09] Drack: :D
[00:08:28] X: drack you should not have said that
[00:08:32] Drack: yes
[00:08:33] Drack: i know
[00:08:34] Drack: (rofl)
[00:08:44] Drack: the instant regret will come soon
[00:08:48] Frank: i think it's done, pls check
[00:08:56] Drack: dust
[00:09:14] Frank: ok, so job 4....
[00:09:17] Drack: (y)
[00:09:23] Drack: following X
[00:09:27] Drack: since he´s always on spot somehow
[00:09:28] X: hahahaa
[00:09:28] Drack: (rofl)
[00:09:36] X: yellow brick wall
[00:09:43] X: inside a tiny hole in the wall
[00:09:51] Drack: punch through :D
[00:09:58] Frank: behind the wall
[00:10:12] X: I went through the hole
[00:10:13] X: hahahaa
[00:10:14] Drack: lol
[00:10:18] Drack: yeah ok
[00:10:22] Drack: time to punch the wall
[00:10:22] X: I am gentle today
[00:10:24] X: hahhaa
[00:10:26] Drack: (rofl)
[00:10:41] X: blue beam?
[00:10:43] Drack: a small chest?
[00:10:45] Drack: mh.
[00:10:46] Drack: :D
[00:10:58] Frank: it's a lsa3 base
[00:11:04] Drack: urgh
[00:11:12] Lockmatish: multiple thick blue beams all over the room
[00:11:14] Frank: no spiders i get...(rofl)
[00:11:18] Drack: good ..
[00:11:18] X: hahaha
[00:11:20] Drack: :D
[00:11:35] Frank: the origin of the blue beams is the target
[00:11:35] Drack: it shows me the job is that mini chest here
[00:11:36] X: the middle blue beam leads somewhere
[00:11:40] X: yes
[00:11:49] Frank: and it's again connected to all people, so pls find the functins...
[00:11:52] Drack: a blue crystal
[00:11:54] Drack: ?
[00:12:09] Frank: yes
[00:12:11] Drack: ok
[00:12:15] Drack: it tried to fly away
[00:12:16] Drack: lol
[00:12:32] Drack: put it back in chest..
[00:12:46] X: you sure you at the right chest?
[00:13:07] Drack: well.. F meant it´s the right
[00:13:08] Frank: i shoot on target
[00:13:16] Drack: mhh
[00:13:25] Frank: 3 chests
[00:13:26] X: ok
[00:13:28] Drack: you sure you´re at the right chest (rofl)
[00:13:29] X: yes
[00:13:30] Frank: i shoot on all 3
[00:13:31] X: hahaha
[00:13:32] Drack: yes
[00:13:34] Drack: :D
[00:13:43] Drack: has to do with eyes
[00:13:44] Drack: vision
[00:13:48] Drack: and brain
[00:13:55] Frank: ~6 minutes shooting
[00:14:00] Frank: function of this?
[00:14:05] Drack: something with vision
[00:14:20] Drack: pains in leg..
[00:14:35] Lockmatish: yes, pain in eyes
[00:14:39] Frank: ok, defending with 10 billion, it's important again...(rofl)
[00:14:42] Drack: pressure on eyes
[00:14:44] Drack: yes
[00:14:51] Drack: i hope it clears the vision a bit
[00:14:51] Drack: :D
[00:15:06] Lockmatish: its like if someone closed your eyes and then pressed hard against them forcefully
[00:15:13] Drack: yeah
[00:15:21] Lockmatish: and then your tears would flow down into the rest of your body
[00:15:26] Drack: it gets stronger though
[00:15:40] Drack: not only that
[00:15:45] Drack: it causes some stuff in brain
[00:15:52] Drack: like electric impulses
[00:15:53] Frank: yes, blocking and manipulating visual cognitions, even 3D ones too...
[00:15:59] Drack: nice
[00:16:33] Lockmatish: also some kind of hole in the stomach area
[00:16:44] Frank: 24 billion defending now...(chuckle)
[00:16:48] Drack: wow this is getting intense right now
[00:16:53] Lockmatish: and some kind of electrical impulses from below the body (outside)
[00:16:53] Drack: vision in 3D flickkers
[00:16:57] X: only :D
[00:17:02] Drack: only yeah
[00:17:03] Drack: (rofl)
[00:17:48] Frank: yes, the shot will somehow pass through down even into 3D eyes...
[00:18:03] Drack: yeah feeling that
[00:18:12] Frank: but it's energy not light, so i don't think we will see anything
[00:18:56] Lockmatish: having the urge to close my eyes a lot
[00:18:59] Drack: yea
[00:19:15] Frank: oh, i had "light rings" in visual for years... gone atm...(chuckle)
[00:19:20] Lockmatish: :D
[00:19:23] Drack: :D
[00:20:01] Drack: and tomorrow we all wake up with the best vision ever
[00:20:08] Drack: throw away our glasses and jump around
[00:20:08] Drack: (rofl)
[00:20:10] Frank: ok after we are done we jump to entrance and destroy whole base...
[00:20:16] Drack: ok
[00:20:20] Lockmatish: checking if we are done
[00:20:29] Frank: shoud be done
[00:21:00] Lockmatish: I always "overkill" after we are done ..
[00:21:05] Lockmatish: back to entrance now
[00:21:11] Frank: ok
[00:21:20] Drack: ok
[00:21:36] Frank: shooting
[00:21:40] Drack: too
[00:21:55] Drack: waiting for X to nuke
[00:21:56] Drack: (rofl)
[00:22:16] X: ok done
[00:22:22] Drack: yeah..
[00:22:39] Drack: ok next?
[00:23:03] Frank: yes, job 5....
[00:23:11] Drack: (y)
[00:23:21] X: the black diamond
[00:23:33] Drack: seems so
[00:23:37] Drack: if there is nothing else
[00:23:46] Drack: more diamonds
[00:23:47] Lockmatish: I see a massive "egyptian" room .. with pillars that raise and fall constantly.. dizzying to watch
[00:23:50] Frank: layer 1) - taurus
[00:23:53] Lockmatish: beyond these pillars is a large cliff drop-off
[00:23:57] X: the job is inside the diamond
[00:24:15] Lockmatish: I see a big black diamond where X is
[00:24:16] Frank: yes, all those diamond kind things are the targets
[00:24:23] Frank: connected again to almost all people
[00:24:25] Drack: yeah
[00:24:28] Drack: 4-5 more of them
[00:24:29] Frank: pls find functions
[00:24:32] Drack: sure.
[00:24:48] Drack: eyes again it seems
[00:24:50] Drack: unsure
[00:25:00] Drack: it´s like dark goo stuffing the whole body rather
[00:25:09] Frank: shooting - 9 minutes
[00:25:24] Drack: pressing eyes out from the inside
[00:25:25] Drack: yum
[00:25:31] Lockmatish: sure, I see that
[00:25:36] Drack: yum yum
[00:25:39] Lockmatish: also ... some kind of electrical shocking of multiple people at once
[00:25:43] Lockmatish: maybe these people are connected somehow
[00:25:45] Drack: wow i went blind for a split second
[00:25:47] Drack: lol
[00:25:48] Lockmatish: like shocking an entire group at once
[00:25:52] Drack: i mean 3D blind
[00:26:19] Frank: connected to brain
[00:27:04] Drack: yeah going out of the brain spreading around
[00:27:08] Drack: on others
[00:27:09] Frank: only non-darks have it
[00:27:14] Drack: oh .. great.
[00:27:15] Lockmatish: a large electrical shock directed at the brain
[00:27:26] Lockmatish: this travels downwards and dissipates outwards and to the right
[00:27:31] Drack: is that their dark spreading machinery
[00:27:32] Frank: it's brain manipulation
[00:27:42] Frank: brain works electro chemical
[00:28:24] Lockmatish: seems its so powerful that it can go through one brain and directly into a second brain
[00:28:29] Drack: yes
[00:28:32] Drack: that was what i meant
[00:28:35] Drack: dark spreading shit..
[00:28:56] Lockmatish: ah, I see. well. hm
[00:29:06] Frank: group manipulation
[00:29:28] Lockmatish: yes I see that
[00:29:45] Drack: but it´s coming back too
[00:29:49] Drack: like spreading negative thoughts
[00:30:06] Drack: sharing dark shit
[00:30:42] Drack: now my other leg starts tingling like hell
[00:30:43] Drack: (Rofl)
[00:30:57] Lockmatish: also .... aiming first at the "clouds" ? and then ricocheting off, and then into the brain ..
[00:31:27] Drack: yeah maybe those clouds are like fake info dark shit or something , taking it from the clouds bouncing back into the brain
[00:31:29] Drack: installing it
[00:31:32] Drack: and such.
[00:31:33] Lockmatish: yeah, could be
[00:32:05] Frank: connected to mobile phones somehow...
[00:32:10] Drack: wow..
[00:32:16] X: that is why I do not have one
[00:32:17] X: hahhaaha
[00:32:22] Drack: wise choice
[00:32:23] Drack: :D
[00:33:07] Lockmatish: this seems to be what the clouds are about
[00:33:12] Lockmatish: mobile phone signal towers or some such
[00:33:49] Frank: yes the towers, not the phones

[00:34:03] Drack: this shit things they install every 50 metres..
[00:34:07] Drack: in like every town
[00:34:13] Frank: so X, you can buy a phoen...(rofl)
[00:34:21] Drack: :D
[00:34:35] X: :D
[00:34:37] Frank: i think i am done, pls check
[00:34:50] Drack: dust.
[00:35:05] Drack: wait, one seems still there
[00:35:12] Drack: someone check?
[00:35:19] Drack: ok nevermind
[00:35:25] Drack: was some kind of "shadow"
[00:35:26] Drack: lol
[00:35:34] Lockmatish: yeah, thats weird
[00:35:38] Drack: you saw that?
[00:35:41] Lockmatish: yeah
[00:35:43] Drack: mh..
[00:35:44] Lockmatish: top-left corner
[00:35:52] Drack: yeah.
[00:35:56] Drack: however.
[00:36:14] Lockmatish: however, the crystals all seem to be destroyed
[00:36:19] Drack: (y)
[00:36:25] Frank: i ordered skib after shoot to check result, and to do additional shot in case...
[00:36:40] Frank: so job 6, again an old sophia part. 1. disconnect D, 2. destroy part...
[00:36:46] X: go to the eggs
[00:36:56] Drack: ok
[00:36:58] Drack: which eggs??
[00:37:03] Drack: oh you´re already there right
[00:37:03] X: hahaahaha
[00:37:05] Drack: (rofl)
[00:37:13] Frank: what is above the eggs?
[00:37:21] X: net
[00:37:25] Drack: urgh.
[00:37:27] X: web
[00:37:31] Drack: where is that spider.
[00:37:33] Drack: (rofl)
[00:37:34] Frank: above the net
[00:37:51] X: oh
[00:37:55] X: golden cylinder
[00:37:59] Drack: you get it..
[00:38:01] Drack: :D
[00:38:02] Frank: layer 2) - orions
[00:38:19] Lockmatish: I see multiple golden cylinders hanging from the ceiling
[00:38:21] Lockmatish: and also .. other things
[00:38:25] Lockmatish: multiple spiders descending
[00:38:28] Drack: yeah
[00:38:28] X: over each egg
[00:38:29] Drack: great
[00:38:32] X: I handle the spiders
[00:38:36] Drack: .great great.
[00:38:37] X: done
[00:38:40] Frank: started disconnecting and shooting - 12 minutes
[00:38:40] Drack: (y)
[00:38:57] Lockmatish: shit, someone trying to make me have another nosebleed
[00:39:03] Drack: ..
[00:39:06] X: I will handle
[00:39:13] Lockmatish: ty
[00:39:14] Drack: shot him
[00:39:16] Drack: oh
[00:39:18] Drack: well . :D
[00:39:39] Frank: this is also connected to all people, try to find the functions...
[00:39:47] Lockmatish: the cylinders?
[00:39:50] Drack: yeah
[00:39:53] X: reproductive systems
[00:39:58] X: :^)
[00:40:01] Drack: what
[00:40:01] Drack: :D
[00:40:10] Drack: mhh
[00:40:12] Frank: defending with 24 biillions... definitly important again...(rofl)
[00:40:12] Drack: you might be right
[00:40:18] Drack: but brain too
[00:40:28] Drack: sex drive?
[00:40:41] Frank: reproductive systems and brain... sometimes the same...(chuckle)
[00:40:47] X: hahahahaa
[00:40:48] Drack: lol
[00:40:49] Drack: :D
[00:40:51] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:40:55] Lockmatish: I see a few connections
[00:41:03] Lockmatish: one is to brain, "rotating" the brain .... really fucking with it
[00:41:09] Drack: yes..
[00:41:14] Lockmatish: the other, is connected to reproductive system. torturing it by rotating it
[00:41:15] Drack: sexual urge
[00:41:33] X: you know guys, I see in just about everything the brain is included and sometimes I feel this has to do with the hormones as well
[00:41:50] Drack: mh
[00:41:59] Lockmatish: eg. "testicular torsion" probably...
[00:42:04] Drack: ouch
[00:42:21] X: [07:41:14 PM] Lockmatish: the other, is connected to reproductive system. torturing it by rotating it

<<< you have no idea how this makes perfect sense
[00:42:39] Lockmatish: well, I did experience that
[00:42:43] Drack: ouch..
[00:42:49] Lockmatish: nasty
[00:43:02] Drack: i better don´t ask
[00:43:03] Drack: (rofl)
[00:43:18] X: since eggs were used here, someone check to see a connection to menstrual cycle
[00:43:25] Lockmatish: will check
[00:43:29] Drack: good point
[00:43:30] Frank: defending with 44 billion...
[00:43:35] Drack: menstrual pain
[00:43:37] Drack: might be too
[00:43:48] X: check on something with birth control manipulation
[00:44:00] Frank: > [Donnerstag, 16. März 2017 00:43:18 X] a connection to menstrual cycle
<<< yes
[00:44:05] Drack: at least it seems definitely like menstrual pain
[00:44:11] Drack: birth control checking
[00:44:20] Lockmatish: some weird thing like
[00:44:30] Lockmatish: imagine theres a selection of eggs on a wheel
[00:44:33] Lockmatish: one of them gets selected
[00:44:37] Lockmatish: this cylinder can manipulate them
[00:44:38] Lockmatish: and rotate them
[00:44:41] Lockmatish: something like that
[00:44:46] Drack: ah.
[00:44:49] Drack: that´s what happens
[00:44:49] Drack: ok
[00:44:52] Drack: i was wondering
[00:44:57] Lockmatish: and also another function seems to be related to rectal problems
[00:45:00] Frank: this is a total sexual brainfuck system
[00:45:04] Drack: (rofl)
[00:45:06] Lockmatish: yes
[00:45:06] Drack: yeah
[00:45:13] Drack: at it´s finest
[00:45:19] X: could Frank have said it any more eloquently
[00:45:20] X: hahahaha
[00:45:23] Lockmatish: :D
[00:45:25] Drack: (cwl)
[00:45:28] X: (cwl)
[00:45:35] Lockmatish: anything on birth control? I guess that could be it, the rotating eggs
[00:45:46] Drack: yeah birth control was pretty much the same
[00:45:54] Drack: either forcing or not forcing to get pregnant
[00:45:57] Drack: by moving the egg
[00:45:57] Lockmatish: this is weird
[00:45:59] Lockmatish: yeah exactly
[00:46:00] X: forcing
[00:46:02] Lockmatish: or no I was seeing sperm
[00:46:06] Drack: mh
[00:46:09] Lockmatish: forcing a sperm that would impregnate the egg
[00:46:17] Lockmatish: when one that wouldn't would be selected by default
[00:46:35] X: hmmmm
[00:46:42] Dynamite Δύναμις: fucking marvellous :(
[00:46:49] Lockmatish: :(
[00:46:55] X: interesting
[00:47:00] X: Alex's language
[00:47:01] X: hahhaa
[00:47:12] Lockmatish: I noticed it too (giggle)
[00:47:16] X: :D
[00:47:41] Lockmatish: a last function that I seem to have missed
[00:47:43] Lockmatish: is rotation of the spinal cord
[00:47:46] Lockmatish: i'm sure that's not good
[00:48:07] Drack: urgh
[00:48:10] Drack: imagine you have that
[00:48:21] Lockmatish: sounds incredibly painful
[00:48:41] Lockmatish: bathroom break after this one
[00:49:03] Drack: ok
[00:49:15] X: ok
[00:50:31] Frank: seems job done. pls check
[00:50:37] Drack: i check
[00:51:01] Drack: some part of it reamins but gets shot down bit by bit
[00:51:25] Frank: ok, so when you are back from break we go job 7...
[00:51:33] Lockmatish: ok
[00:51:34] Lockmatish: brb
[00:51:35] Drack: (y)
[00:53:02] Frank: job 7 - lsa3 base - destroy after finish job...
spider alarm... (chuckle)
[00:53:14] X: :D
[00:53:31] Drack: yeah great..
[00:53:34] Drack: (unamused)
[00:54:05] X: I got it just now and then it disappeared from my head
[00:54:15] X: like I lost the image
[00:54:15] Lockmatish: back
[00:54:16] Lockmatish: lets go
[00:54:21] X: lost the location
[00:54:27] Drack: mh.
[00:54:34] Drack: no problem we´ll find
[00:54:47] Drack: ok
[00:54:49] Drack: ok ok nope
[00:54:49] X: something stole it from my head
[00:54:51] Drack: you go first
[00:54:53] X: or I lost connection
[00:54:56] Lockmatish: hm
[00:54:57] Drack: i was there
[00:54:59] Drack: full of spiders
[00:55:00] Lockmatish: ill quick check
[00:55:09] X: I destroy the spiders
[00:55:11] Lockmatish: looks like someone stole it
[00:55:12] Drack: like fully full
[00:55:17] X: yes
[00:55:18] Drack: they´re swimming in themselves
[00:55:22] Lockmatish: yup
[00:55:25] Lockmatish: layers upon layers
[00:55:28] Lockmatish: like indiana jones, but with spiders
[00:55:28] Drack: crazy
[00:55:29] Drack: shit
[00:55:31] Drack: yeah
[00:55:34] Drack: i prefer snakes thanks
[00:55:34] Drack: :D
[00:55:37] Lockmatish: :D
[00:55:59] Drack: spiders done?
[00:56:12] X: yes
[00:56:15] Drack: ok
[00:56:26] Lockmatish: yes
[00:56:32] Lockmatish: bashing on a wall now
[00:56:43] Lockmatish: seem that we needed to take care of the spiders before we could advance
[00:56:54] Drack: yeah..
[00:57:11] Oni: lol drack
[00:57:12] Drack: alot more
[00:57:16] Drack: ahead.
[00:57:18] Drack: mh?
[00:57:25] Drack: i hate those beasts
[00:57:26] Drack: (rofl)
[00:57:34] Oni: (Chuckle)
[00:57:35] Lockmatish: its like one chamber at a time
[00:57:37] Lockmatish: each has a sealed door
[00:57:40] Lockmatish: gotta go through, clear it
[00:57:42] Lockmatish: and so on
[00:57:49] Drack: you try to jump in a pool of spiders Oni i wanna see that
[00:57:50] Drack: (rofl)
[00:57:53] Drack: yeah
[00:58:01] Drack: following and cleaning the rooms
[00:58:01] Frank: spider reinforcements cut. but many still here
[00:58:09] Drack: you don´t have to say that..
[00:58:10] Drack: :D
[00:58:20] Frank: (rofl)
[00:58:39] Lockmatish: we seem to have made it into a big room
[00:58:50] Lockmatish: a large pyramid stands on the left, to our 10 o'clock
[00:59:02] Lockmatish: but the top of the pyramid is cut off
[00:59:15] Lockmatish: it's kinda shifted off
[00:59:18] Frank: target is inside pyramid
[00:59:23] Lockmatish: there's a door up there
[00:59:24] Lockmatish: ok
[00:59:25] Drack: ok
[00:59:35] X: stone
[00:59:59] Frank: stolen from us again... grr
[01:00:24] X: wait
[01:00:29] X: how is this possible
[01:00:41] X: this is linked to the black stone in the kaba
[01:00:46] X: this is lsa3
[01:00:46] Drack: yeah
[01:00:55] Frank: deals
[01:00:59] Frank: yes it is linked
[01:01:03] X: surely they cannot be that dumb
[01:01:07] X: this was ours?
[01:01:11] X: what did we do with it
[01:01:14] Drack: they are.. always dumb
[01:01:21] Frank: was a weapon
[01:01:27] Lockmatish: what do you mean X
[01:01:30] Frank: more links there
[01:01:40] Lockmatish: want us to look for links?
[01:01:42] Lockmatish: or function?
[01:01:49] Frank: it's again connecte to all people and 3 more objects
[01:01:53] Frank: i shoot
[01:01:56] Lockmatish: ok
[01:02:00] Lockmatish: you're shooting all?
[01:02:04] Frank: 9 minutes to shoot
[01:02:07] Lockmatish: ok
[01:02:11] Frank: yes
[01:02:17] Frank: incl. merkaba stone
[01:02:17] Lockmatish: looking for functions
[01:02:17] Drack: going for function
[01:02:20] X: [08:01:28 PM] Lockmatish: what do you mean X

<<< [08:00:00 PM] Frank: stolen from us again... grr

[01:02:39] Lockmatish: oh I hear you on that
[01:02:54] Drack: function is quite strange
[01:02:54] Lockmatish: but why would it be especially dumb for lsa3 to make a deal with taurus about the black stone
[01:03:25] Frank: deal includes all 5 dark groups
[01:03:31] Lockmatish: ah
[01:03:34] Drack: i can´t idenitfy that function
[01:03:35] Drack: Lockmatish?
[01:03:37] Frank: the other objects are from the other 3 groups
[01:03:41] Lockmatish: ahh
[01:03:46] Frank: one object in vatican
[01:03:51] X: well Taurus is muslim and LSA supposedly Christian factions and Orions also lay claim to the stone as a shiva lingam
[01:04:05] Lockmatish: I see...
[01:04:06] Frank: orions is for example shiits
[01:04:18] Lockmatish: oh, okay
[01:04:30] X: shites are orions?
[01:04:33] X: I never knew that
[01:04:36] Lockmatish: same here
[01:04:36] Frank: one object in new dheli
[01:04:58] Frank: most religions have split groups of diff dark groups
[01:05:05] X: yes
[01:05:11] X: realized that in the past days
[01:05:21] Frank: catholic - lsa 1
lutheran - orion
orthodox - lsa 3
[01:05:47] Frank: and the other 2 also have christin split groups
[01:05:54] X: [08:02:54 PM] Drack: function is quite strange

<<< ???
[01:05:57] Drack: i dont know
[01:05:58] Drack: really
[01:05:59] Lockmatish: @drack, one function seems to be, "hitting you on the head with a stone" . this causes smaller stone / rock fragments to end up inside your head
[01:06:02] Drack: i can´t identify
[01:06:05] Lockmatish: and also through the body
[01:06:09] Lockmatish: maybe causing kidney stones??
[01:06:14] Lockmatish: anyway, stones in your body is not good
[01:06:17] Drack: more like that
[01:06:21] Drack: stuff like morphing was in it
[01:06:24] X: [08:06:01 PM] Lockmatish: @drack, one function seems to be, "hitting you on the head with a stone" . this causes smaller stone / rock fragments to end up inside your head

<<< drack calls this, "getting stoned"
[01:06:26] Drack: total crazy
[01:06:28] X: (cwl)
[01:06:29] Lockmatish: :D
[01:06:30] Drack: lol (rofl)
[01:06:57] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
[01:07:38] Frank: the 5 stones are linked as pentagon
[01:07:42] X: [08:06:06 PM] Lockmatish: and also through the body
maybe causing kidney stones??
anyway, stones in your body is not good

<<< something more here
[01:07:51] Frank: people are connected to the pentagon
[01:08:00] Drack: oh ..
[01:08:02] Drack: interesting
[01:08:04] Frank: no, i checkd this
[01:08:18] Lockmatish: i'll check, X
[01:08:28] X: another function or functions
[01:09:01] Frank: some control over nervous system of people
[01:09:04] Lockmatish: something like ....a big rock somehow ends up in a particular organ
[01:09:11] Lockmatish: and sits there, making it heavy, making it unable to function
[01:09:25] X: something else, not about putting stones in people
[01:09:27] X: more
[01:09:29] Lockmatish: ok
[01:09:58] Frank: connected to muscles
[01:10:07] X: this reminds me in India of the family that any time the sun goes down stones will fall from their ceiling
[01:10:09] Drack: sending impulses into it
[01:10:22] Drack: on the muscles now
[01:10:31] Lockmatish: you know im really glad you said that
[01:10:31] X: [08:09:59 PM] Frank: connected to muscles

<<< to make them grow? :^)
[01:10:35] Drack: lol
[01:10:37] Lockmatish: I was seeing something very strange, and I couldnt explain it until you said that
[01:10:39] Frank: no, weaken them
[01:10:44] Drack: Lockmatish (y)
[01:10:44] X: oh
[01:11:19] Lockmatish: the stones seem to aim at the sky/clouds/weather (?)
[01:11:24] Lockmatish: and then something falls down
[01:11:26] Drack: :D
[01:11:30] X: something about earth connection
[01:11:31] Frank: no illusions
[01:11:34] Lockmatish: ok
[01:11:43] Drack: raining stones
[01:11:45] Drack: lol
[01:11:46] Frank: it's muscles
[01:11:58] Frank: forget those stones
[01:12:13] X: Frank you sure, the stone cannot do something with the earth, like move it
[01:12:14] X: ok
[01:12:24] Frank: yes
[01:12:24] Lockmatish: yes, I see muscles involved
[01:12:35] Lockmatish: you know how the muscles are made up of individual "strings"
[01:12:39] X: yes
[01:12:52] Lockmatish: these stones somehow pull the strings taut, put so much pressure on them
[01:12:57] Lockmatish: that they snap like piano strings
[01:13:30] X: they did this to me
[01:13:31] X: a lot
[01:13:36] Lockmatish: :(
[01:13:36] Drack: ouch
[01:13:39] X: they do this everyday to me
[01:13:41] Drack: maybe that stops
[01:13:51] X: I am down to my last few strings
[01:13:52] Frank: they manipulate people's muscles to make them weak. some kind of negative balancing system...
[01:13:58] X: yes
[01:15:02] Lockmatish: uhh ... the pentagon itself has a function, as a whole
[01:15:12] Lockmatish: it "shears" the muscles
[01:15:16] Lockmatish: "shear stress"
[01:15:22] Frank: there are 3 more pentagon systems. they are/were connected. they balance somehow each other and the people.
we don't care about those 3 today
[01:15:34] Lockmatish: ok
[01:15:39] Drack: mh ok
[01:15:42] Frank: btw. i think i am done here...(chuckle)
[01:15:57] Frank: pls check
[01:16:02] Lockmatish: checking
[01:16:20] Frank: all 5 stones should be destroyed...
[01:16:29] Drack: seems like
[01:16:39] Lockmatish: one seemed intact but it squashed like a banana when you step on it
[01:16:45] Drack: lol
[01:16:47] Frank: btw. this base is again in kremlin...
[01:17:09] Drack: interesting
[01:17:14] Lockmatish: ok, we done
[01:17:17] Drack: yeah
[01:17:25] Frank: good entrance and destroy base...
[01:17:30] Drack: ok
[01:17:50] X: done
[01:18:04] Drack: seems so
[01:18:17] Frank: ok, job 8 then....
[01:18:20] Drack: (y)
[01:18:26] Lockmatish: by the time my shots reached the base, it was already levelled.. (giggle)
[01:18:34] Drack: :D
[01:18:35] X: hahahaha
[01:18:44] X: you will like this one
[01:18:47] Frank: layer 0) - taurus
[01:18:50] X: the black ninja
[01:18:59] Drack: lol.
[01:19:00] X: his eyes
[01:19:15] Lockmatish: woah
[01:19:18] Drack: uhm
[01:19:22] Frank: is not target
[01:19:26] Lockmatish: ok
[01:19:30] Frank: japaneese are mostly taurus...
[01:19:31] Drack: but ninja vs ninja would be funny
[01:19:31] Drack: :D
[01:19:44] X: hahaha
[01:20:01] Frank: ok, do Lockmatish or X...(chuckle)
[01:20:05] Lockmatish: I think I marked the target
[01:20:12] X: the black ninja is not a being
[01:20:13] X: hahahaa
[01:20:20] Lockmatish: what was it :o
[01:20:25] X: a statue
[01:20:27] Drack: oh
[01:20:28] Lockmatish: anyway, im heading to target
[01:20:29] Lockmatish: lol
[01:20:32] X: ok cool
[01:20:33] Drack: yeah
[01:20:33] Drack: :D
[01:20:58] Drack: up the tower
[01:21:20] Drack: some dagger again?
[01:21:24] Lockmatish: very complicated path to the target..
[01:21:29] Drack: i´m already there
[01:21:30] Drack: :D
[01:21:31] X: just go to it
[01:21:31] Lockmatish: first a long corridor filled with tricks and traps and trapdoors
[01:21:34] Lockmatish: nice
[01:21:39] X: teleport
[01:21:39] Drack: jump there.
[01:21:39] Drack: :D
[01:21:40] Frank: dagger is key
[01:21:41] Lockmatish: I couldn't seem to go direct
[01:21:42] Drack: ok
[01:21:44] Drack: taking
[01:21:53] Drack: opening door
[01:21:56] Lockmatish: but now I can (giggle)
[01:22:03] Drack: big budda?
[01:22:07] Drack: statue
[01:22:11] Lockmatish: yep
[01:22:16] Drack: buddha*
[01:22:19] Drack: lol
[01:22:21] Frank: yes target
[01:23:02] Frank: shooting - 10 minutes
[01:23:13] Lockmatish: ok
[01:23:28] Drack: trying to get you off
[01:23:31] Lockmatish: do we use dagger in buddha statue?
[01:23:39] Drack: i opened a door already
[01:23:43] Lockmatish: oh
[01:23:43] Drack: the buddha should be target
[01:23:44] Frank: buddha is connected to all people and is something about religions
[01:26:20] Lockmatish: I see 3 functions so far of the buddha
[01:26:29] Lockmatish: one is creating fear of 'god' directly in the brain
[01:26:37] Frank: i shoot the illusions
[01:27:14] Lockmatish: one is creating fear directly in the brain
[01:27:26] Lockmatish: another is creating fear in the sexual organs, or something like this .... sexual guilt ?

[01:27:36] Drack: fear in the sexual organs
[01:27:37] Drack: (rofl)
[01:27:37] Lockmatish: and the third seems to be some kind of energy sapping mechanism for 'gods'
[01:27:38] Drack: lol
[01:27:48] Lockmatish: well, thats not the third, fourth, whatever
[01:28:17] Lockmatish: sapping energy from stomach area
[01:28:42] Drack: yeah where the most monks hold their hand while meditating
[01:28:50] Lockmatish: oh yes, another one
[01:29:15] Lockmatish: it creates some kind of infinite loop in the brain, maybe of the thought processes
[01:29:24] Lockmatish: you just get stuck in a loop..
[01:29:37] Drack: about god and meditating
[01:29:38] Drack: and such
[01:29:42] Lockmatish: hmm
[01:29:53] Drack: everything that binds you to the religion
[01:30:01] Lockmatish: yes
[01:30:19] Lockmatish: seems its not exactly fear
[01:30:22] Lockmatish: but pressure on the sexual organs
[01:30:36] Drack: urge?
[01:30:44] Drack: because buddhists are mostly not so into sex
[01:30:48] Drack: because of religion
[01:30:53] Lockmatish: no, I dont think so
[01:30:53] Drack: and the urge would cause torture
[01:30:55] Drack: mh.
[01:30:56] Lockmatish: its more like a zapping
[01:31:17] Lockmatish: renders the sexual organs weak
[01:31:25] Drack: oh so the opposite
[01:31:50] Lockmatish: hmmmm
[01:31:52] Lockmatish: maybe its both
[01:31:54] Lockmatish: like, you get zapped
[01:32:00] Lockmatish: your sexual organs have a temporary extreme "charge"
[01:32:13] Drack: yeah that would make sense
[01:32:20] Lockmatish: but this dies out fast, and then leaves them limp
[01:32:40] Drack: that´s the "bliss"
[01:32:42] Drack: they talk about
[01:32:44] Drack: (rofl)
[01:32:55] Drack: many gurus talk about catching the "bliss"
[01:32:58] Drack: (rofl)
[01:33:09] Lockmatish: (facepalm)
[01:35:39] Frank: i think the target is done?
[01:35:59] Drack: burnt down to the feet
[01:36:30] Lockmatish: buddha statue is cut in half
[01:36:48] Lockmatish: and in more pieces now..
[01:38:01] Lockmatish: all remnants are burning up now
[01:39:50] Lockmatish: just ashes, but im pummelling them into the ground

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