Taking back stolen Protoi stuff...

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Taking back stolen Protoi stuff...

Unread postby Frank » 15 Mar 2017 16:43

[12:20:14] Frank: let's jump to no 1
[12:20:44] Lockmatish: we seem to be atop an extremely tall skyscraper
[12:20:47] Lockmatish: can't see the ground
[12:20:53] Lockmatish: other skyscrapers are positioned around too
[12:21:05] Frank: you see my 10 avatars?
[12:21:26] Lockmatish: they weren't here, but they just parachuted in (giggle)
[12:21:34] Frank: :D
[12:21:56] Frank: some taurus base
[12:22:12] Frank: whatever to do, inside the building
[12:22:15] Lockmatish: seem to be some kind of generator located at the extreme bottom of the building
[12:22:18] Lockmatish: there's one in each building ...
[12:22:47] Frank: i told skib to send you job infos
[12:22:53] Lockmatish: ok
[12:23:08] Lockmatish: seems we gotta descend through each building
[12:23:12] Frank: it's about something in the building
[12:23:15] Lockmatish: which has very strong defenses on each floor
[12:23:18] Lockmatish: ok
[12:23:59] Frank: ok, we shall take something back what they have stolen us
[12:24:05] Lockmatish: maybe descend, disable each guard floor (every single one), and then get to the bottom
[12:24:06] Lockmatish: okay
[12:24:21] Frank: yes bottom
[12:25:16] Frank: i have my avatars in "follow Lockmatish" mode...
[12:25:21] Lockmatish: alright
[12:25:22] Lockmatish: i'll lead you down
[12:26:42] Lockmatish: we're at the bottom, leaving much destruction on the way there (building collapsed in on itself a lot). there's extremely complex layered forcefield down here, slowing us down from reaching our objective
[12:27:34] Frank: it's easier to take the fields down with ninjas. you can use them...
[12:27:49] Lockmatish: so I order ninjas to do it?
[12:27:50] Lockmatish: ok
[12:28:01] Frank: yes
[12:28:19] Frank: or "ninja fire"... how ever
[12:28:22] Lockmatish: ok :D
[12:28:23] Lockmatish: they did a good job
[12:28:28] Frank: skib will do..(chuckle)
[12:28:39] Lockmatish: (y)
[12:29:48] Frank: target got marked...
[12:30:07] Lockmatish: seems we have extracted the target
[12:30:11] Lockmatish: is that right?
[12:30:26] Frank: (y)
[12:30:31] Frank: what is it?
[12:30:31] Lockmatish: nice
[12:31:47] Lockmatish: it appeared to be some kind of vehicle ... that i've never seen before. With a long "pipe" on one end, kinda similar to a tank turret. Don't think its a tank, though. Seems we and some of your avatars jumped in, and "rocketed up" way in the sky, and then flew away (giggle)
some of the other avatars stayed behind to clean up any mess
[12:33:35] Frank: yes, some kind of ship...(chuckle)
[12:33:41] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[12:34:12] Frank: they used the abilities of it to secure their base...
[12:34:27] Lockmatish: I see.. no wonder it was so important
[12:34:58] Frank: ok, so 2. target
[12:35:04] Lockmatish: on the way
[12:35:23] Frank: 8 of mine shoud be too
[12:35:30] Lockmatish: very strange view
[12:35:46] Frank: lsa3 base
[12:35:55] Lockmatish: very high up again, maybe on top of an extremely tall structure again, but this time .. there's a "floating river/beach" in the sky ... sand on our side, and on the other side, some trees
[12:35:59] Lockmatish: I see
[12:36:12] Lockmatish: I see 8 avatars, 4 on each side
[12:36:14] Lockmatish: of me
[12:37:05] Frank: target should be marked, and also i added road markers...
[12:37:12] Lockmatish: there seems to be items of interest on either side of the base (which is across the river on the other side), but it's a very large and deep base
[12:37:15] Lockmatish: ok
[12:38:02] Frank: again stolen things...
[12:38:12] Lockmatish: seems the only/optimal way to approach the target is to "slalom" through the base (which is protected by extremely dense forest of trees), using the markers on each side as a guide
[12:38:16] Lockmatish: Target is in the middle, in the far back
[12:38:19] Lockmatish: ok
[12:38:33] Lockmatish: we're "slaloming" in a jeep (giggle)
[12:38:45] Frank: ok good
[12:38:59] Lockmatish: ok, we've arrived at a massive warehouse
[12:39:02] Lockmatish: target is here, but also massive security
[12:39:24] Frank: (ninja)
[12:39:41] Lockmatish: (y)
[12:39:42] Lockmatish: good tip
[12:39:45] Dynamite Δύναμις: just take the whole warehouse, it is Frank's "playmobil" ;)
[12:39:57] Frank: no, not all...
[12:40:00] Frank: (rofl)
[12:40:06] Lockmatish: :D
[12:40:38] Lockmatish: found the target
[12:40:42] Lockmatish: it was protected by some kind of energy shield
[12:40:44] Lockmatish: hacked it
[12:40:49] Lockmatish: it's a strange target for sure
[12:40:52] Lockmatish: like a model of a castle
[12:40:54] Lockmatish: a small one
[12:41:17] Lockmatish: like a "playmobil castle" (giggle). But wait, there's more
[12:41:51] Lockmatish: you can somehow activate it, and it projects an extremely large hologram of a much larger castle, probably life-size
[12:42:24] Frank: yes, but atm. it's connected to the base, again protecting the base
[12:42:34] Lockmatish: Ah
[12:42:39] Frank: i take it...
[12:42:45] Lockmatish: all yours
[12:42:52] Frank: need to disconnect
[12:42:57] Lockmatish: I see
[12:44:10] Lockmatish: I need to take a break after this job
[12:44:20] Frank: ok
[12:44:42] Lockmatish: set fires to strategic locations to burn all the defending trees. .
[12:45:17] Frank: disconnected
[12:45:22] Lockmatish: (y)
[12:45:37] Frank: i'll do a shoot into the security lines...
[12:45:41] Lockmatish: (y)
[12:45:59] Frank: fire...
[12:46:13] Frank: and?
[12:46:13] Lockmatish: I saw both
[12:46:46] Lockmatish: and also maybe you pouring some kerosene as well
[12:46:51] Lockmatish: to further accelerate the fires
[12:47:20] Lockmatish: we "drove over" the river, creating bridges on our way back, and then parachuted safely off of the very high "entry point"
[12:47:35] Lockmatish: well, that's my view, i'm not sure if you're still there (giggle)
[12:47:59] Frank: ok, so let's go home, and i continue when next "eyes" back...(chuckle)
[12:48:04] Lockmatish: ok
[12:48:09] Lockmatish: back as soon as I can
[12:48:16] Frank: (y)
[13:03:26] Drack: ok just read through
[13:03:34] Drack: took a bit longer than expected.. as always
[13:03:35] Drack: :D
[13:03:45] Drack: just grabbing something to drink quickly
[13:04:37] Drack: my vision is like on .. 20%
[13:04:47] Frank: hm ok.
[13:04:50] Frank: i check
[13:04:59] Drack: it´s there but it´s strange.
[13:05:05] Drack: like not adjusted or something like that
[13:08:28] Frank: should become better now...
[13:08:41] Drack: ok (y)
[13:12:14] Drack: it´s a bit better but there is all some white cloak around
[13:12:19] Drack: it´s like overly bright
[13:12:49] Drack: but i guess it´s not done by now. feels not like done :D
[13:14:34] Frank: i get ~5 minutes
[13:14:41] Drack: ok
[13:20:06] Drack: wow that´s some high quality view
[13:20:13] Drack: i have to get used to that
[13:20:18] Drack: btw i have a big fat ship to my right
[13:20:20] Drack: :D
[13:20:20] Dynamite Δύναμις: (y)
[13:20:40] Frank: shoot it down...
[13:20:45] Drack: already on it
[13:21:13] Frank: they are not happy, that we get your visual working...(rofl)
[13:21:19] Drack: yes
[13:21:19] Drack: :D
[13:21:42] Frank: tell me, when you are done with it, so that we can jump to target 3...
[13:21:50] Drack: ok
[13:21:59] Drack: seems there a bit more to clean up , sent battleavatar on it
[13:22:12] Frank: i sent mine now...
[13:22:17] Drack: oh ok :D
[13:22:58] Frank: btw. orions...
[13:23:09] Drack: yeah.. my favourite
[13:23:21] Drack: guess they are mad i shot down their "plejadeans"
[13:23:57] Drack: quite decent amount of orions
[13:24:58] Drack: vision is getting a bit worse again..
[13:25:02] Drack: (computerrage)
[13:25:23] Drack: i gotta search for that source, there must be some machine or something for it around
[13:27:40] Frank: yes. but atm we can not care about the origins. i try to block their "lines"...
[13:27:50] Drack: ok
[13:28:01] Frank: should be the easiest and fastest way
[13:28:07] Drack: (y)
[13:28:10] Drack: vision is there, at least 50%
[13:28:22] Drack: btw that started yesterday with the newest cleanings
[13:28:33] Drack: Oni meant they started puncturing me with needles in that time aswell
[13:28:35] Drack: (rofl)
[13:28:46] Frank: :D
[13:28:58] Drack: that´s some nasty burning those needles :D
[13:29:05] Frank: still?
[13:29:07] Frank: i know
[13:29:11] Drack: not so much
[13:29:15] Drack: stomach isn´t in the best shape though
[13:29:22] Drack: but i guess that´s another topic
[13:29:33] Frank: i care
[13:29:37] Drack: ok (y)
[13:30:12] Frank: 3 lines are blocked, cleaning of visual is running
[13:30:22] Drack: nice
[13:30:32] Drack: i´m sure they will come in hordes soon..
[13:30:52] Frank: :D
[13:31:02] Drack: 1164 ships
[13:31:10] Frank: good. so we don't need to search for them...(rofl)
[13:31:15] Drack: :D
[13:31:45] Frank: i have a swarm of battle avatars there, they should easy care about...
[13:31:54] Drack: alright
[13:35:30] Drack: i would say vision is quite alright..
[13:35:49] Drack: nice firework around btw
[13:36:27] Frank: :D
[13:37:20] Frank: so let's jump to target 3...
[13:37:28] Drack: yep
[13:37:48] Frank: my 10 are in "follow Drack mode"...
[13:37:55] Drack: it looks like a eaten apple
[13:37:56] Drack: (rofl)
[13:38:27] Drack: job target is a chest
[13:38:31] Drack: a tiny tiny chest
[13:38:42] Drack: inside a .. flask kind of
[13:38:45] Frank: a lsa1 (space) station
[13:38:56] Drack: yeah looks like
[13:39:14] Drack: is that blood or something again?
[13:39:32] Frank: no
[13:39:35] Drack: mh ok
[13:39:35] Drack: :D
[13:39:38] Frank: let's go to the chest...
[13:39:51] Drack: i´m there .. technically
[13:39:51] Drack: :D
[13:39:55] Frank: ok
[13:40:03] Drack: opened it already and there was a flask
[13:40:05] Drack: kind of flask
[13:41:03] Drack: it´s kind of glassy , sharp part followed by a round part and a grip at the end
[13:41:23] Drack: might be some key maybe
[13:41:28] Frank: ok, i take it and bring it home...
[13:41:32] Drack: ok
[13:41:57] Drack: the chest itself seems job relevant too
[13:42:29] Frank: no. you can destroy it
[13:42:34] Drack: ok
[13:42:39] Drack: done
[13:42:41] Frank: and the station if you like...(chuckle)
[13:42:48] Drack: (devil) sure
[13:43:12] Drack: transforming..
[13:44:03] Drack: that was powerful. but not really effective (rofl)
[13:44:24] Drack: multiplied and then transformed to an bigger cannon but it just sliced through the base broke it in half
[13:44:34] Drack: so i just blow it up the optimal way now..
[13:44:46] Frank: :D
[13:45:34] Frank: ok, i shoot too...(chuckle)
[13:45:40] Drack: ok :D
[13:45:47] Frank: we need to do next job soon...:D
[13:46:03] Drack: yeah there are some "ground structures" which are pretty hard
[13:46:08] Drack: like some mini-layer kind of
[13:46:45] Drack: that´s pretty much all which is left
[13:47:13] Frank: ok, my battle avatrs will do this step by step.
[13:47:19] Frank: let's jump to target no 4
[13:47:21] Drack: ok so next
[13:47:23] Drack: ok
[13:47:39] Drack: big dark castle.
[13:47:52] Drack: some welcome comitee.
[13:48:15] Frank: the whole planet is a taurus station...
[13:48:28] Drack: they like to build big
[13:48:29] Frank: btw. base=offgrid, station=ongrid
[13:48:35] Drack: ah ok
[13:48:53] Drack: moving to job
[13:49:06] Drack: some longer box
[13:49:13] Frank: my 10 are now on auto shooting darks...
[13:49:19] Drack: ok
[13:49:25] Frank: open it
[13:49:35] Drack: looks like posaidons staff
[13:49:51] Drack: some weapon surely
[13:50:00] Dynamite Δύναμις: F lost his trident :D
[13:50:00] Frank: motherfuckers stole it from me..(rofl)
[13:50:07] Drack: (rofl)
[13:50:16] Drack: what didn´t they stole from us..
[13:50:24] Drack: and it seems they built their whole shit on it
[13:50:26] Frank: (rofl)
[13:50:29] Dynamite Δύναμις: our underpants :D
[13:50:34] Drack: :D
[13:50:49] Drack: you take it ?
[13:51:02] Dynamite Δύναμις: (shake)
[13:51:07] Frank: sure
[13:51:09] Drack: no i mean the trident
[13:51:11] Drack: (rofl)
[13:51:19] Drack: btw it just shot a hole in the wall
[13:51:21] Drack: whoops
[13:51:46] Drack: ok good. destroying box?
[13:52:01] Dynamite Δύναμις: (whew)
[13:52:07] Drack: there are some hyroglyphes on it
[13:52:07] Frank: no, whole station...(chuckle)
[13:52:11] Drack: describing some history
[13:52:12] Drack: ok
[13:52:13] Drack: :D
[13:52:30] Drack: wait i´ll just scan that, maybe it´s some history part not known
[13:53:01] Drack: i´m getting nauseous a bit
[13:53:05] Drack: (puke)
[13:53:17] Frank: attacks again
[13:53:20] Frank: i care
[13:53:26] Drack: yeah . ok . (y)
[13:53:37] Drack: ok done with saving info
[13:53:40] Drack: so i destroy now
[13:54:03] Frank: go, my avatars shoot already...(chuckle)
[13:54:08] Drack: alright :D
[13:56:15] Frank: ~3 min
[13:56:20] Drack: ok
[13:56:26] Drack: for base or cleaning
[13:56:26] Drack: :D
[13:56:53] Frank: the small battle avatars need to catch all darks there and bring them to prison, that's why it takes so long...(chuckle)
[13:56:57] Frank: for station
[13:57:16] Drack: ah ok :D
[13:58:42] Drack: i put those running away in stasis.. maybe that makes it faster.
[13:58:44] Drack: (chuckle)
[13:59:29] Frank: no
[13:59:36] Drack: well.. then i had my fun on it at least
[13:59:37] Drack: (rofl)
[13:59:43] Frank: :D
[14:00:05] Frank: planet should be in desintegration now...
[14:00:18] Drack: ok
[14:00:31] Drack: yeah melting away
[14:00:37] Frank: i think we can go 5th job now
[14:00:46] Drack: ok
[14:00:53] Lockmatish: i'm back btw, but on a call
[14:00:57] Frank: ok
[14:00:58] Drack: (wave)
[14:01:02] Lockmatish: (wave)
[14:01:19] Drack: kind of the same as job 4
[14:01:28] Drack: maybe tinier
[14:01:34] Frank: lsa1 base
[14:01:42] Drack: job is..
[14:01:44] Drack: a orb
[14:01:48] Drack: in a tank
[14:02:08] Frank: so 1) something stolen. when we have it 2) the guys who sent the channeled message(chuckle)
[14:02:17] Drack: oh.. :D
[14:02:22] Drack: yeah the stolen is that orb
[14:02:26] Drack: energyball thing
[14:02:31] Lockmatish: oh boy @ #2 :D
[14:02:44] Drack: the orb shows me some info
[14:03:03] Drack: like some memory orb :D
[14:03:11] Frank: it's X's...
[14:03:18] Drack: oh ok interesting
[14:03:21] Frank: i decrypt the protection to take it
[14:03:26] Drack: ok
[14:03:39] Drack: you sure i don´t have it already
[14:03:41] Drack: :D
[14:03:50] Drack: for me it looks like i just punched a hole through and took it
[14:04:07] Frank: (facepalm)
[14:04:11] Frank: (rofl)
[14:04:22] Drack: :D
[14:04:32] Frank: ok i take and bring home...
[14:04:50] Drack: why the hard way when it goes easier
[14:04:52] Drack: (rofl)
[14:05:29] Frank: let's visit the channelers...(chuckle)
[14:05:35] Drack: yeah :D
[14:05:49] Drack: they plan some stuff yeah
[14:05:54] Drack: an holographic earth
[14:05:57] Drack: all around it
[14:06:14] Drack: they´re a bit mad..
[14:06:14] Drack: :D
[14:06:34] Drack: just reading out what they planned..
[14:06:43] Frank: say hello...(chuckle)
[14:06:48] Drack: already did
[14:06:51] Drack: that´s why they´re mad
[14:06:52] Drack: (rofl)
[14:06:59] Frank: (rofl)
[14:07:03] Drack: cursing around
[14:07:04] Drack: and such
[14:07:27] Drack: first what they said was "prootooiiii (angry) "
[14:07:35] Frank: (rofl)
[14:08:33] Dynamite Δύναμις: hmm... I think they meant "FINALLY Protoi are going to save all (except us darks) " (rofl)
[14:08:41] Drack: :D
[14:08:53] Drack: anything useful info on that plans they had F ? :D
[14:09:03] Frank: we knew already...
[14:09:07] Drack: alright
[14:09:20] Frank: wanne have fun with them?
if not we destroy the base...
[14:09:29] Drack: had fun in the meanwhile..
[14:09:31] Drack: they´re done
[14:09:33] Drack: let´s destroy :D
[14:09:39] Frank: (rofl)
[14:09:41] Frank: ok
[14:10:20] Frank: let's move to the base entrance...
[14:10:25] Drack: i´m already there.
[14:10:32] Drack: shooting on it already
[14:10:38] Frank: too
[14:12:07] Drack: seems mostly done now
[14:12:21] Frank: yes, battle avatrs make rest...
[14:12:26] Drack: ok
[14:12:27] Frank: let's go to target 6
[14:12:30] Drack: alright.
[14:12:49] Drack: this looks like a big cannon
[14:12:50] Drack: station
[14:12:53] Drack: kind of both
[14:12:55] Frank: taurus station
[14:13:07] Drack: yeah it´s more like a big ship
[14:13:08] Frank: yes, big weapon
[14:13:21] Drack: going to job
[14:13:41] Drack: ok this time i can´t punch through that shields
[14:13:42] Drack: (rofl)
[14:13:46] Drack: it´s like..
[14:13:51] Frank: :D
[14:13:51] Drack: a branch
[14:13:57] Drack: kind of a branch
[14:14:09] Frank: i crash it with ninjas...
[14:14:13] Drack: more like a walking cane
[14:14:17] Drack: :D
[14:14:23] Drack: you lost yours (rofl) ?
[14:15:07] Frank: no, it's alexandra's...(rofl)
[14:15:13] Drack: oh ok :D
[14:15:33] Drack: why do they take like.. all your property away :D
[14:15:37] Drack: every single bit
[14:15:53] Drack: got it
[14:15:57] Frank: it's thebase element of this weapon system
[14:16:03] Drack: yeah
[14:16:04] Drack: i see
[14:16:24] Drack: can do alot of destruction.. (chuckle)
[14:16:34] Drack: not my station though.
[14:16:38] Frank: i take it home.
[14:16:41] Drack: ok
[14:16:45] Frank: then we destroy the station
[14:16:49] Drack: alright
[14:17:02] Drack: i go to the entrance then
[14:17:09] Frank: ok
[14:17:25] Frank: shooting
[14:17:25] Drack: ok waiting for go
[14:17:28] Drack: ok
[14:18:43] Drack: move on to the next and let other avatars do it?
[14:18:48] Drack: seems to take abit
[14:19:13] Frank: yes, target 7
[14:19:16] Drack: ok
[14:19:38] Drack: much vision disturbing around
[14:19:47] Drack: let me guess
[14:19:48] Drack: orion base
[14:19:49] Drack: :D
[14:20:05] Frank: lsa3 station
[14:20:08] Drack: oh
[14:20:17] Drack: mh , cleaning up illusions and such
[14:20:18] Frank: spideeers...:D
[14:20:23] Drack: yeah.. great.
[14:20:26] Drack: i´ll just ignore them
[14:20:26] Drack: :D
[14:20:49] Drack: looks like a big battleship
[14:20:57] Frank: yes
[14:21:04] Frank: flagship
[14:21:09] Drack: yeah
[14:21:23] Drack: job is a cube
[14:21:24] Drack: i´m there.
[14:21:31] Drack: got it
[14:21:31] Drack: :D
[14:21:42] Drack: it´s strange
[14:21:50] Drack: it´s more like a cube forming to a ball and back
[14:22:12] Frank: ok, i bring it home..
some weapon they have stolen me...
[14:22:20] Drack: ok
[14:22:30] Drack: can i just beam it home?
[14:22:39] Frank: and we destroy the ship. jump ourside and do from there...
[14:22:47] Drack: ok
[14:23:00] Drack: cube gone
[14:23:02] Drack: start shooting
[14:23:14] Frank: too
[14:23:18] Drack: big shields
[14:23:38] Drack: for now they hold it
[14:23:49] Drack: nevermind
[14:23:51] Drack: :D
[14:23:52] Frank: ninjas will care..
[14:23:55] Drack: yeah
[14:24:05] Drack: breaking in half
[14:24:24] Drack: big explosion
[14:24:31] Drack: shockwave hit me i even felt that
[14:24:32] Drack: (rofl)
[14:24:46] Frank: (rofl)
[14:24:53] Drack: some remains left
[14:24:54] Drack: like 20%
[14:25:00] Frank: nvm
[14:25:02] Drack: one part is crashing down somewhere.
[14:25:03] Drack: ok
[14:25:06] Frank: battle avatars care
[14:25:08] Drack: yeah
[14:25:26] Frank: so target 8
[14:25:49] Drack: alright
[14:26:08] Drack: some more normal station again
[14:26:17] Drack: square top and round bottom
[14:26:24] Frank: taurus base
[14:26:53] Drack: in the room with the job some bigger security stuff
[14:27:05] Lockmatish: i'm on my way
[14:27:08] Drack: (y)
[14:27:11] Drack: some cube again
[14:27:13] Drack: kind of
[14:27:24] Drack: got it
[14:27:27] Drack: it´s rather a staff
[14:27:31] Drack: but it can morph it seems
[14:27:41] Drack: i´ve seen that staff before..
[14:27:42] Frank: alex's again...
[14:27:47] Drack: golden sickle around
[14:27:50] Frank: i take it home...
[14:27:50] Drack: ruby on the top
[14:27:51] Drack: ok
[14:28:11] Frank: go to entrance an destroy...
[14:28:14] Drack: ok
[14:29:14] Frank: i shoot
[14:29:40] Lockmatish: it's kind of like a floating structure in the sky .... on top of the earth (ground), there's a perimeter of pillars lining the entire outside of it.. yes, it's kind of like a cube/rectangular prism shape .. the top layer is very thin and shimmers a bit.

the pillars look like Greek columns.
just for extra description info
[14:29:58] Dynamite Δύναμις: my jewels are finally finding back home (party)
[14:30:02] Drack: :D
[14:30:03] Lockmatish: (party)
[14:30:04] Drack: (y)
[14:30:25] Lockmatish: "job 8 location" is now getting shelled hard... big crater there already
[14:30:56] Frank: ~5 minutes to take all darks to prison...
[14:31:05] Drack: brb
[14:31:09] Lockmatish: i'm here
[14:31:16] Frank: seems to be a huge base...
[14:31:38] Lockmatish: yes, that structure I described is only a fraction of it
[14:31:45] Lockmatish: it's the uppermost part, maybe the "entrance"
[14:31:49] Lockmatish: but it goes very very deep underground
[14:31:52] Lockmatish: it's extremely tall
[14:32:04] Lockmatish: not only that, it repeats on the left and right sides, similar "towers" .. but they look like "waterfalls"
[14:32:19] Lockmatish: it looks like a massive tower in the middle, surrounded by waterfalls on both sides ...
[14:32:29] Lockmatish: that go quite far on each side
[14:32:51] Drack: nice to have that good vision
[14:32:51] Drack: (y)
[14:33:06] Drack: i´m so blind right now i just see what i´ve described
[14:33:06] Drack: :D
[14:33:07] Lockmatish: i'm fortunate. your vision is obscured?
[14:33:09] Lockmatish: oh :D
[14:33:18] Drack: my vision is being attacked pretty much
[14:33:21] Drack: blocked on all ways
[14:33:33] Drack: but F blocked the blocks.
[14:33:36] Drack: somehow
[14:33:36] Lockmatish: understood
[14:33:37] Drack: (rofl)
[14:33:51] Lockmatish: someone's not happy with me either, when I took my break, I had a sudden nose bleed out of nowhere.. someone was targeting my head!
[14:34:01] Drack: oh
[14:34:02] Drack: ouch
[14:34:11] Dynamite Δύναμις: (hug)
[14:34:25] Lockmatish: (hug) I'm okay, just a nose bleed thankfully
[14:34:35] Lockmatish: lets have another look at job 8
[14:34:43] Frank: could have been worse...
[14:34:50] Lockmatish: true...
[14:34:51] Drack: yeah..
[14:34:59] Lockmatish: okay, the "waterfall structures" on either side of the main base
[14:35:02] Drack: luckily we have pretty good protection
[14:35:02] Lockmatish: are now exploding, downwards
[14:35:08] Lockmatish: like charges seem to be set all the way down
[14:35:11] Lockmatish: and being set off systematically
[14:35:26] Lockmatish: <...>
[14:35:32] Drack: :D
[14:35:37] Lockmatish: yes, true
[14:36:02] Drack: it´s not possible to describe that more visually via chat
[14:36:03] Drack: (rofl)
[14:36:07] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[14:36:44] Lockmatish: again, more hidden stuff.. behind the waterfall structures and the main base, is some kind of hidden chambers
[14:36:47] Lockmatish: very deep and very large
[14:36:50] Lockmatish: they're all exploding now too
[14:37:00] Lockmatish: in a rectangular shape
[14:37:34] Lockmatish: and there's many of them, they are repeated on both sides also, and also deep inwards
[14:38:30] Lockmatish: some fancy explosion pattern just happened on the main structure in the middle... explosions were moving in a vertical pattern, from both sides, meeting in the middle
[14:38:39] Lockmatish: this caused the main structure to turn into a massive "curtain of flames"
[14:38:53] Drack: eating btw in meanwhile, mushrooms with noodles and cheese-thingies
[14:38:54] Lockmatish: which has spread to all waterfalls and behind to hidden chambers
[14:38:56] Drack: (mm)
[14:39:03] Lockmatish: ;)
[14:39:12] Drack: and with sauce of course
[14:39:12] Drack: :D
[14:39:29] Frank: yeah, we have to make a short break for eating after job 8 too...(chuckle)
[14:39:37] Lockmatish: no probs
[14:39:40] Drack: alright :D
[14:40:12] Lockmatish: this is really cool !
[14:40:12] Frank: ok, if this is done, just jump home, my avatars follow you anyway...(chuckle)
[14:40:25] Lockmatish: the ENTIRE structure, like ALL of it, waterfalls, hidden chambers, all, just got sliced into small strips
[14:40:37] Lockmatish: and they all tipped on their right side, and fell into some kind of trumpet or whatever
[14:40:42] Lockmatish: and they literally all getting processed into water and sand
[14:40:44] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[14:40:52] Drack: lol
[14:40:55] Drack: nice recycling
[14:40:57] Drack: (rofl)
[14:41:22] Lockmatish: ok, seems to be multiple "recyclers" located at each corner
[14:41:23] Lockmatish: we can go now
[14:41:29] Lockmatish: gone home
[14:41:30] Drack: ok
[14:41:39] Drack: ok soo
[14:41:44] Drack: now i care about what attacks me
[14:41:50] Drack: annoying shit
[14:43:30] Drack: you ok Lockmatish?
[14:43:41] Lockmatish: fine
[14:43:43] Lockmatish: you ok?
[14:43:47] Drack: mostly.
[14:43:51] Lockmatish: I was gonna take an eating break too since you're all leaving (Giggle)
[14:43:53] Drack: vision disturbed and stomach
[14:43:54] Lockmatish: good
[14:43:54] Drack: :D
[14:44:14] Drack: yeah go ahead :D i´ll get that done
[14:51:33] Oni: Just read the battle chat with encryption
[14:51:37] Oni: What else did I miss
[15:35:46] Frank: so let's jump to target 9
[15:35:49] Drack: he could need a bit cleaning though
[15:35:51] Drack: alright
[15:35:57] Lockmatish: I always seem to get bit overwhelmed on that topic. but i'm okay now. thanks guys. <3 (hug). let's do job 9
[15:36:06] Drack: (like)
[15:36:13] Dynamite Δύναμις: Joey Salami... is veprim a talking pizza?!?!
[15:36:16] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[15:36:17] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[15:36:19] Oni: Hahahaha
[15:36:27] Drack: lol
[15:36:29] Oni: Yes can confirm, he is
[15:36:29] Drack: (rofl)
[15:36:32] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[15:36:43] Drack: well, pretty creative with names yeah
[15:36:44] Lockmatish: I see a thick jungle
[15:36:48] Lockmatish: with a river flowing down the middle
[15:36:50] Lockmatish: we are positioned at one end
[15:36:54] Lockmatish: scoping out the area, recon from this side
[15:36:58] Lockmatish: it's goes very deep and very far along the river
[15:37:00] Frank: a lsa2 base
[15:37:13] Oni: Lockmatish you've ... changed
[15:37:15] Oni: (Rofl)
[15:37:20] Oni: Nice look buddy !
[15:37:25] Lockmatish: I have? :O
[15:37:26] Oni: (Boom)
[15:37:30] Lockmatish: I didn't even look at the first look LOL
[15:37:42] Drack: yeah
[15:37:46] Drack: you look way different
[15:37:55] Drack: floating crystal
[15:37:56] Oni: Mostly just bigger
[15:38:00] Drack: :D
[15:38:00] Lockmatish: we are moving fast, down the river, on a hovercraft
[15:38:03] Lockmatish: firing at enemies on all sides
[15:38:08] Lockmatish: heading towards the base
[15:38:09] Drack: i´ll following yeah
[15:38:11] Lockmatish: oh okay cool!
[15:38:16] Lockmatish: Drack always said I was tiny before (cwl)
[15:38:30] Frank: (rofl)
[15:38:46] Drack: well
[15:38:48] Drack: you were (Rofl)
[15:38:51] Oni: I see the building
[15:38:53] Oni: To our right
[15:38:56] Oni: Very large
[15:39:00] Oni: High walls
[15:39:03] Lockmatish: damn. I seemed to get attacked on the hovercraft, and fell into an extremely deep trap pit in the river
[15:39:05] Oni: Industrial castle like
[15:39:17] Lockmatish: some spikes at the bottom too (angry). but I'm okay now, found a way back up, heading on foot
[15:39:30] Oni: You are healing yourself
[15:39:34] Lockmatish: not exactly on foot (giggle)
[15:39:37] Lockmatish: oh awesome
[15:39:39] Oni: We're at the gate
[15:39:39] Drack: ouch
[15:39:46] Drack: yeah gate..
[15:39:51] Drack: blowed up
[15:39:53] Lockmatish: fire!
[15:39:54] Lockmatish: nice
[15:39:56] Drack: :D
[15:39:58] Drack: first :P
[15:40:13] Oni: What's the Job frank ?
[15:40:16] Oni: Same as normal ?
[15:40:22] Oni: We are firing ...
[15:40:29] Frank: some stolen thing
[15:40:41] Drack: ok
[15:40:43] Drack: going for it
[15:40:44] Oni: Has this base been pre cleared then ?
[15:40:50] Drack: there
[15:40:50] Lockmatish: doesnt look that way !
[15:40:56] Lockmatish: oh, you mean by battle avatars
[15:41:00] Oni: Yeah
[15:41:02] Drack: a board
[15:41:05] Drack: the stolen thing
[15:41:20] Oni: Almost like checkers huh
[15:41:33] Lockmatish: I'm peeling off the layers of this base with ninjas
[15:41:37] Lockmatish: the top layer was some weird metallic goo
[15:41:43] Drack: ok :D
[15:41:51] Drack: F i beam the board home
[15:41:51] Oni: Drack we are in warehouse ?
[15:41:55] Drack: kind of
[15:41:58] Lockmatish: a big cube structure ..
[15:42:02] Drack: mh
[15:42:05] Oni: Okay
[15:42:15] Drack: beaming done
[15:42:32] Drack: anything else here or done?
[15:42:41] Oni: Is X sleeping through all of this (chuckle)?
[15:42:50] Drack: nah he´s awake but not online
[15:42:54] Drack: he will be soon
[15:42:54] Oni: Oh
[15:42:59] Drack: and then he will be mad
[15:43:00] Drack: xD
[15:43:06] Oni: You are telepathic now !
[15:43:09] Oni: No ?
[15:43:13] Drack: yeah (rofl)
[15:43:15] Drack: acutally no
[15:43:20] Drack: but i know he´s awake
[15:43:22] Oni: How'd you know he's awake
[15:43:28] Drack: feeling..
[15:43:33] Oni: :)
[15:43:37] Oni: It's true he is awake
[15:43:44] Oni: Didn't realize that is so easy to check
[15:43:45] Drack: see
[15:43:45] Drack: :D
[15:43:51] Frank: ok the boards should be taken home now...
[15:44:00] Drack: aren´t they already
[15:44:01] Drack: mh
[15:44:01] Oni: Are there more of them ?
[15:44:11] Drack: i just found one larger
[15:44:26] Frank: not our's...
[15:44:32] Drack: oh ok
[15:44:32] Drack: :D
[15:44:51] Frank: ok, let's go to the entrance and destroy the whole crap. i get this is a huge mini creation base...
[15:44:58] Drack: ok
[15:44:59] Lockmatish: on it
[15:45:10] Drack: funnily i threw that board which wasn´t ours
[15:45:11] Oni: I'll get it from bottom
[15:45:15] Drack: it flew through the whole base
[15:45:19] Drack: ripping a big hole inside
[15:45:29] Lockmatish: firing explosive shots which explode after certain distance
[15:45:40] Drack: ok i better teleport to Lockmatish
[15:45:40] Oni: Base seems pretty gone ...
[15:45:40] Drack: lol
[15:45:44] Drack: close
[15:45:46] Drack: (rofl)
[15:45:52] Oni: Collapsed on itself
[15:45:53] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[15:45:54] Oni: Now a crater
[15:46:04] Drack: yeah the base but not the whole creation
[15:46:08] Drack: right?
[15:46:12] Oni: Dunno
[15:46:56] Frank: Lockmatish will finish down the whole mini creation...
[15:47:07] Drack: btw just mini info : baron the third you got , baron was a character name in the game and the third was the third place he made in that game..
[15:47:12] Drack: crazy bastard
[15:47:16] Drack: ok back to work
[15:48:26] Drack: yeah creation collapsing in itself
[15:48:41] Lockmatish: okay maybe bit overkill
[15:48:42] Lockmatish: just to be sure
[15:48:48] Drack: nah it´s fine
[15:48:51] Drack: :D
[15:48:57] Frank: (y)
[15:49:01] Frank: :D
[15:49:07] Lockmatish: :D
[15:49:22] Lockmatish: interesting drack. sounds like a horror game
[15:49:35] Oni: Oh so we didn't get robin ?
[15:49:37] Drack: actually , world of warcraft
[15:49:38] Drack: (rofl)
[15:49:45] Drack: and we got him too yes
[15:49:47] Oni: Yeah I figured it was something like that ...
[15:49:49] Drack: he was mr. red
[15:49:57] Oni: Oh and purple is baron ?
[15:49:58] Drack: purple was the other
[15:49:59] Oni: Interesting
[15:50:00] Drack: yes
[15:50:05] Lockmatish: I think we can go home now
[15:50:08] Drack: yeah

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