The end of the OIC...

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The end of the OIC...

Unread postby Frank » 14 Mar 2017 21:48

Belonging to this War-News:

[17:55:33] Frank: it seems, atm. the OIC is our main battle field, massive cleanings goining on. a few hours before shutting it down...
maybe you guys take a few looks to it. some fly through or so...
[17:55:49] Drack: oh
[17:55:54] Lockmatish: On it, Frank
[17:55:55] Drack: OIC goes down finally?
[17:55:59] Drack: i´ll have a look on that
[17:56:43] Frank: current plans now: at 20:20 lock down of the OIC incaranted ones into a new prison inside OIC, and rest destroying...
[17:57:00] Dynamite Δύναμις: yes, please, go check what "marvellous work" I am doing there (cwl)
[17:57:00] Drack: me like
[17:57:02] Drack: (y)
[17:57:08] Drack: :D
[17:57:29] Drack: lol you know that half world
[17:57:36] Drack: laying on a turtoise
[17:57:40] Drack: carried by a few elephants
[17:57:41] Frank: maybe we should make a small chat report of the OIC ending...(chuckle)
[17:57:48] Drack: i don´t know who that was..
[17:57:50] Drack: some book series
[17:58:02] Drack: at least it kind of looks like that
[17:58:36] Oni: I still see battles
[17:58:41] Oni: And there is a massive massive portal
[17:58:45] Oni: You guys see that ?
[17:58:50] Drack: yeah
[17:59:51] Frank: i think this is inside OIC from the outside of game habitat to the inside of game habitat
[18:00:13] Frank: something like located in africa? kongo?
[18:00:44] Drack: africa yeah
[18:00:56] Drack: nigeria it seems
[18:01:07] Drack: somewhere there.
[18:01:24] Frank: it's those protal C's people opened last days...
[18:01:58] Drack: what are they actually doing? (rofl) it seems they rather make it worse
[18:02:06] Frank: you can follow it. until now we just were in the inside of OIC game habitat. the protal leads outside...
[18:02:33] Frank: how do you mean?
[18:02:49] Drack: C and his buddies
[18:03:01] Frank: (facepalm)
[18:03:04] Frank: darks...
[18:03:10] Drack: yeah.
[18:03:17] Frank: follow the portal..
[18:03:20] Drack: ok
[18:04:00] Drack: it leads to some base
[18:04:00] Frank: i think main battles are outside GH atm.
[18:04:11] Drack: rather fleet
[18:04:33] Frank: orions
[18:04:49] Drack: yeah
[18:04:51] Drack: blowing up
[18:04:54] Drack: because they started...
[18:05:01] Drack: asking me who i´m
[18:05:04] Drack: said protoi alliance
[18:05:06] Drack: they opened fire
[18:05:12] Frank: :D
[18:05:14] Drack: their fault..
[18:05:15] Drack: (rofl)
[18:05:26] Dynamite Δύναμις: not very friendly of theirs (rofl)
[18:05:30] Drack: yeah.. :D
[18:05:31] Frank: Lockmatish you are there too?
[18:05:40] Drack: i just wanted to look a bit.. (rofl)
[18:06:20] Drack: lol
[18:06:29] Drack: that was.. stupid right now
[18:06:30] Lockmatish: I'm still checking out the portal. I see some kind of "triangle" symbol, linking 3 locations: One appears to be "DR Congo", other is Niger or very top of Nigeria, last one is somewhere west off the coast of Gabon ...
[18:06:52] Drack: i just asked "someone else wants some stress"

one appears "here me"
shot him down
[18:06:55] Drack: .. i don´t even
[18:06:58] Drack: (rofl)
[18:07:15] Lockmatish: My flythrough of OIC shows, some kind of big battlefield, like a massive "tennis court" on the left; on the right, I see a large eruption, like a small volcano. See other eruptions throughout the place, too.

And far in the back-left, is the large portal that Oni described.
[18:07:19] Lockmatish: @Drack: (facepalm) (Rofl)
[18:08:08] Drack: not sure what to look for inside. nothing of interest
[18:08:13] Frank: Alex is flying the final strikes against OIC with her avatars...
[18:08:23] Lockmatish: i'll see if I can see that
[18:08:32] Frank: (y)
[18:08:37] Lockmatish: woah, woah
[18:08:39] Lockmatish: that's dizzying
[18:08:42] Lockmatish: very dizzying to follow
[18:08:50] Frank: you have other and better eyes now
[18:08:54] Dynamite Δύναμις: (chuckle) too glittery???
[18:08:57] Drack: :D
[18:09:03] Lockmatish: I see a fleet of "aircraft" that are performing "runs" over the area in formation
[18:09:06] Lockmatish: back and forth
[18:09:12] Lockmatish: but it's way too fast
[18:09:17] Lockmatish: makes me dizzy to look at it (rofl)
[18:09:23] Dynamite Δύναμις: with sparkling diamonds on them???
[18:09:26] Lockmatish: lets see
[18:09:26] Drack: oh yeah..
[18:09:28] Drack: fast.
[18:09:30] Lockmatish: @frank: awesome
[18:09:57] Drack: inside it´s boring. just some guards there and orions wanting to commit suicide.
[18:10:30] Lockmatish: okay, i'm getting less dizzy now.. more able to follow it (rofl)
[18:10:33] Dynamite Δύναμις: don't keep them from doing so please :D
[18:10:37] Frank: go outside. fly around. i think maybe some interesting things to see while it's going down
[18:11:08] Lockmatish: I see a very large diamonds on the first plane in the fleet (Alex?)
[18:11:12] Lockmatish: and maybe some smaller diamonds on the others
[18:11:20] Drack: glitter formation
[18:11:22] Lockmatish: oh right, it's all Alex (giggle)
[18:11:22] Drack: (rofl)
[18:11:27] Frank: @Lockmatish, do they have some kind of logo/sign on the "aircrafts"?
[18:11:30] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
[18:11:35] Lockmatish: they're flying over back and forth and dropping some kind of confetti stuff all over the place
[18:11:42] Lockmatish: lets see
[18:11:48] Drack: lol.
[18:11:55] Dynamite Δύναμις: Logo: dark-butts-kickers :D
[18:12:05] Frank: confetti = energy bombs...(chuckle)
[18:12:12] Lockmatish: :D
[18:12:31] Drack: alex bringing them confetti is a funny imagination aswell
[18:12:32] Drack: (rofl)
[18:12:52] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
[18:12:53] Lockmatish: okay, it's difficult to get a very clear picture of the logo
[18:13:01] Lockmatish: but it does appear to represent some "butts" and "punching them"
[18:13:07] Drack: lol
[18:13:21] Drack: "buttkicks for good"
[18:13:22] Drack: ?
[18:13:23] Drack: (rofl)
[18:13:28] Drack: i read that
[18:13:34] Dynamite Δύναμις: (cwl)
[18:13:43] Frank: (rofl) they changed now the logo after her joke...(rofl)
[18:13:58] Dynamite Δύναμις: :x
[18:14:01] Drack: wow :D
[18:14:04] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[18:14:12] Drack: ok i gotta go researching
[18:14:15] Lockmatish: I checked again before they changed it, and it was "a foot kicking a butt" logo
[18:14:20] Drack: yes
[18:14:23] Drack: (rofl)
[18:14:31] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
[18:14:31] Frank: i expected as standard logo something similar to the forum logo...(chuckle)
[18:15:16] Dynamite Δύναμις: Not necessary... darks understand their own language best :D
[18:15:36] Drack: :D (y)
[18:15:53] Drack: somethings interrupting my vision
[18:16:06] Frank: i care
[18:16:11] Drack: ok thanks.
[18:17:52] Drack: vision better a bit
[18:17:58] Frank: Lockmatish i get from my skib there are 5 locations where maybe interesting things going on. i sent you skib the infos, so that you can jump/teleport there
[18:18:06] Lockmatish: but now, it looks kind of like a "flame" symbol.. maybe i can find similar symbol on google, and within this symbol, is something looking similar to the forum logo, a square rotating clockwise.

Seems more accurately to be a tulip. Like, the logo is a tulip flower, and within the top of the tulip, is the forum logo thing, smaller. The top of a tulip appears similar to a flame, which is what I saw earlier.
[18:18:07] Frank: drack too
[18:18:09] Lockmatish: OK, will do it one by one
[18:18:11] Drack: (y)
[18:18:19] Drack: i´ll follow up first
[18:18:56] Drack: just had an idea...
[18:19:07] Drack: those Cobra guys and such are pretty easy to get on..
[18:19:11] Frank: seems my hav flame and square... but i am not acting inside oic
[18:19:14] Drack: maybe get some "protoi-announcement" into OIC
[18:19:16] Drack: (rofl)
[18:19:22] Frank: yes drack, do
[18:19:26] Drack: (y)
[18:19:38] Lockmatish: okay..... this is ..... interesting
[18:21:41] Frank: ?
[18:22:05] Lockmatish: Location of interest 1
Appears to be some kind of massive funnel, and ... something is going into it... slipping down the edges and falling in.. maybe beings?
And below... after getting "processed" by this funnel, they are coming out as 'water droplets' .. and spraying everywhere.. like a sprinkler
[18:22:49] Frank: their "central sun"... motherfuckers, a facility to crash beings
(Edit by Frank: belonged to lsa2 group, was shared by deals with 3 other groups (lsa1, orion & taurus) )
[18:23:03] Lockmatish: :'(
[18:23:20] Dynamite Δύναμις: (hug)
[18:23:23] Frank: atm. they crash "only" each others...
[18:23:38] Dynamite Δύναμις: Oh, well... let them finish then :D
[18:23:44] Drack: ok.. had a long long talk with them...
[18:23:53] Drack: seems not to have an effect at all
[18:23:55] Frank: but they sell this as part of their "light codex"... stupid lightworker idiots...(puke)
[18:24:12] Drack: firstly i explained them alot of OIC , and what they´re doing actually to the world
[18:24:36] Drack: they meant that´s all wrong what i say and started to attack particularly, i blew those up, they were scared. i continued to tell them
[18:24:47] Drack: i showed them the battles ongoing right now and that they do shit to it
[18:24:50] Drack: they make it worse
[18:25:09] Drack: they got half an identity crisis and then those "pjeladeans" appeared..
[18:25:14] Drack: i blow those away.
[18:25:18] Dynamite Δύναμις: well done!
[18:25:27] Dynamite Δύναμις: Stupid idiots (rofl)
[18:25:29] Drack: and i refered to the protoi once more and left..
[18:25:29] Lockmatish: Location of interest 2
A massive, massive "vat" similar to a swimming pool in shape ....... beings are getting prodded and pushed in ....... it's boiling stuff ...... they're getting boiled alive. they turn into steam which rises from the vat... and also... below the vat, as ashes.
(Edit by Frank: belonged to orion group)
[18:25:39] Drack: they were not really to talk with
[18:25:42] Drack: always declining
[18:25:46] Drack: or arguing like i´m the fake here
[18:26:01] Dynamite Δύναμις: (puke) welcome to hell
[18:26:10] Lockmatish: (puke)
[18:26:22] Dynamite Δύναμις: they are sooooooo sick!
[18:26:32] Frank: a second crashing facility... bastrads. i don't know how they call it...
[18:26:43] Drack: i come Lockmatish..
[18:26:48] Drack: wow..
[18:26:56] Dynamite Δύναμις: Of course you are the fake Drack! You talk the truth that they don't like, what did you expect?
[18:27:02] Drack: that´s crazy shit
[18:27:11] Drack: a bit more after i blew them up alex
[18:27:13] Drack: (rofl)
[18:27:27] Frank: the hells are inside the GH. later you can go there and freeze them too...(rofl)
[18:27:37] Drack: :D
[18:27:48] Drack: i even showed them like a "Hologram" via skib on what is raelly going on
[18:27:52] Drack: and they were still declining..
[18:27:57] Drack: no chance there i guess
[18:28:20] Frank: you should check if these are darks or some of the 4.3 million ones. because the darks are wasted time...
[18:28:29] Drack: it was C
[18:28:32] Drack: and his friends
[18:28:36] Frank: (facepalm)
[18:28:39] Drack: i gotta go for the others
[18:28:45] Frank: ok, C is an orion
[18:28:49] Drack: ah.
[18:28:51] Drack: oh. :D
[18:29:03] Frank: with G2 mask, and locked this mask as in trump
[18:29:15] Drack: ah that´s why.. ok
[18:29:38] Drack: well.. maybe i made up some insecurity inside their teams now
[18:29:45] Frank: (y)
[18:29:52] Drack: hopefully they shoot themselves now (rofl)
[18:30:11] Lockmatish: I seem to be seeing a pattern here.......

Location of interest 3
Seems to be some kind of helicopter or aircraft, and beings are getting pushed out of it, and into a whirling, spinning death machine in the sky. they are getting spattered, and turned into blood spatters, which cover the entire area....... it literally rains blood from the sky, over everything......
[18:30:29] Drack: wow..
[18:30:33] Drack: that´s sick
[18:30:35] Drack: just sick.
[18:30:41] Drack: i´ve seen the 2. location
[18:30:41] Frank: what insane bastards...
[18:30:50] Drack: i don´t wanna see the third now..
[18:31:09] Frank: and it's somehow connected to some ill "gods" topic...
[18:31:33] Drack: i gotta go for the others inside OIC now, the good ones.
[18:31:43] Frank: no need drack. play a bit in Gh with the G2 lightworkers...(rofl)
[18:31:48] Drack: (rofl)
[18:31:51] Drack: they fight!
[18:31:52] Drack: each other
[18:31:58] Drack: haha
[18:32:52] Frank: you know, you can tear down light masks...
so go around, and remove the masks of all D ones...
[18:32:59] Drack: alright.
[18:33:43] Drack: the battle just escalated
[18:33:44] Drack: (rofl)
[18:33:48] Drack: as the masks dropped
[18:34:00] Frank: and you can split in 32, and skib makes it fast with the other 31...
[18:34:15] Drack: (y)
[18:34:28] Frank: location 3 belongs to lsa3
(Edit by Frank: This location belonged in fact to lsa2. They masked it with lsa3, wanted to incriminate lsa3 with this.)
[18:34:46] Frank: location 2 to orions
[18:35:01] Frank: location 1 is "shared"...
[18:35:13] Lockmatish: Location of interest 4
This one is ... no different than the others.

There's a small cave, with openings on both sides. Beings are getting pushed in from the left and the right. Along the bottom of the cave, there is spikes, but also springs. The beings that get pushed in, get impaled, but the springs are very strong and propel them upwards towards the ceiling, where there is more spikes, and more springs. In other words, it becomes a self-propelling impaling cycle, very very fast and extreme painful. Along the very right side of the cave, is an extreme drop, at the bottom of which is more spikes. No springs. If you make it over here, you will simply fall to a very painful death. It is exactly like "mortal kombat" ...
[18:35:17] Drack: they share dead beings (puke)
[18:36:41] Frank: location for belongs to taurus
[18:36:43] Frank: insane bastards
[18:36:47] Drack: 38% masks down
[18:36:56] Frank: (y)
[18:38:09] Drack: 1,4 million fight each other inside OIC now
[18:38:10] Drack: correct?
[18:38:44] Frank: yes
[18:38:47] Drack: (y)
[18:39:09] Drack: was a good idea to spread some "love" inside OIC (rofl)
[18:39:16] Frank: ynd don't forget thos in the underground...(chuckle)
[18:39:25] Frank: the argatheans...
[18:39:37] Drack: ok
[18:40:20] Frank: take a look at their bases. they often wrote in past about the underground bases in "earth"...
[18:40:34] Drack: yeah i found them already
[18:40:49] Lockmatish: Location of interest 5
This one, is located in the sky.
There is a ring, think of "sonic" ring that he runs around in, and it's fully closed circle, and there is a being attached to it, and rotating around this ring extremely fast. the ring is charged with electricity, and this being is getting shocked continuously. Somehow it's self-propelling, it seems the more they get shocked, the faster the ring moves.

This ring, is part of concentric rings. There are many, many rings, each inside the other, they get larger as they go outwards. Outside of the middle ring, there are multiple beings attached to each ring. All of which are experienced the same electric death wheel.
[18:42:05] Lockmatish: brb
[18:42:52] Drack: still going for everyone telling them the truth about OIC via skib
[18:42:56] Drack: this seems to let them freak out
[18:43:26] Dynamite Δύναμις: So sorry you had to see that :( and thank you for sharing (hug)
[18:44:03] Frank: location5 is taurus again...
[18:44:10] Drack: 1,8millions inside fighting now.
[18:45:05] Drack: some masks don´t go down
[18:45:47] Frank: yes. permission granted. go now
[18:45:56] Drack: alright.
[18:47:13] Drack: i just had a "explosion" inside my room
[18:47:15] Drack: interesting
[18:47:23] Dynamite Δύναμις: ???
[18:47:36] Drack: something dark inside my room here expanded and blew up
[18:47:41] Drack: was little "boom"
[18:47:56] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
[18:47:57] Frank: they don't like that you tell them the truth. sent some battle ships...:D
[18:48:06] Drack: (y) :D
[18:48:20] Drack: yeah somethings odd in the house
[18:48:20] Drack: :D
[18:48:31] Dynamite Δύναμις: hm.... you??? ;)
[18:48:36] Drack: always (rofl)
[18:48:46] Drack: but besides me haha
[18:48:47] Frank: i installed now many protection and fleet in your house
[18:48:55] Drack: (like) thanks
[18:48:57] Lockmatish: (hug) I wanted to see for myself what darks do. And now I've seen it.
[18:49:11] Frank: (hug)
[18:49:21] Drack: yeah.. a sight you´ll never forget..
[18:49:26] Lockmatish: yeah.
[18:49:32] Frank: we recorded it all...
[18:49:42] Lockmatish: ok, good
[18:49:42] Drack: insane shit there.
[18:49:47] Dynamite Δύναμις: I know that I can't take it, better not to see it for now. Ok, I know what they did, but seeing it is another thing.
[18:50:03] Drack: it´s just beyond cruelty
[18:50:20] Drack: how sick has a being to be to allow such
[18:50:23] Drack: and even like it
[18:51:18] Frank: and call themselves light and "gods"...(puke)
[18:51:27] Lockmatish: (puke) (puke) (puke)
[18:51:35] Lockmatish: bastards
[18:51:38] Lockmatish: any more important task for me to do?
[18:51:51] Drack: you could go inside OIC causing chaos
[18:51:53] Drack: (chuckle)
[18:51:54] Dynamite Δύναμις: right... like it, justify it and claiming that the only way to make light shine is to have the darkness as a contrast to it (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm)
[18:52:10] Drack: 3,7 millions fighting now
[18:52:13] Drack: it seems
[18:52:31] Frank: no Lockmatish, help drack...(chuckle)
[18:52:47] Frank: show them the recorded films...
[18:52:55] Drack: yeah
[18:52:58] Drack: i gotta go too
[18:54:09] Drack: i showed some "church" those
[18:54:12] Drack: they were freaking out
[18:54:15] Lockmatish: if they think that contrast is needed, they should try their own dark machineries, as the victim...
[18:54:15] Drack: it seems all were L
[18:54:26] Lockmatish: okay so Drack is speaking to G2+ that are inside OIC ?
[18:54:32] Drack: i speak to all i find
[18:54:32] Frank: yes
[18:54:32] Drack: (rofl)
[18:54:34] Lockmatish: ok
[18:54:46] Drack: but i had a group of G2+ now
[18:54:48] Drack: and they are raging
[18:54:52] Frank: and alex does to with her 10 avatars and skib
[18:54:58] Lockmatish: okay
[18:55:23] Drack: 6,1 millions fighting?
[18:55:28] Drack: unclear right now
[18:55:31] Frank: yes
[18:55:33] Drack: wow.
[18:56:11] Drack: bringing them hell (devil)
[18:56:57] Dynamite Δύναμις: help them find their way to their own facilities would be enough, no need to spoil our hands with their dirt
[18:57:26] Drack: right now.. it seems they´re a bit distracted with fighting.
[18:57:37] Drack: they know what they have to know
[18:57:41] Drack: they´ll find it anyways
[18:58:14] Frank: ok, maybe you go and find the hells. 3 different. one of lsa1, lsa2 and orion each...
[18:58:19] Lockmatish: heels?
[18:58:32] Drack: ah
[18:58:33] Lockmatish: Oh
[18:58:35] Drack: :D
[18:58:38] Drack: i was a bit confused
[18:58:40] Drack: (rofl)
[18:58:54] Drack: i go to orions hell
[18:59:09] Dynamite Δύναμις: I think he was dreaming of high heels (cwl)
[18:59:12] Lockmatish: I ordered skib to split up as much as safely possible, and to show the tapes and speak as part of protoi alliance. one family, there was sobbing, the guy exclaimed, "What the fuck have we been believing in? What the fuck?!"
[18:59:13] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[18:59:17] Lockmatish: OK, ill go to a different one
[18:59:31] Drack: not nice look
[18:59:34] Drack: what to do here
[18:59:43] Lockmatish: give description, maybe, if you're okay with that
[18:59:47] Drack: lava pool , torture devices
[18:59:53] Drack: they throw many inside the lava
[18:59:56] Drack: they don´t die at all
[18:59:59] Drack: they just scream an burn
[19:00:08] Drack: the torture wheels are nasty.
[19:00:12] Dynamite Δύναμις: [18:59:12] Lockmatish: there was sobbing, the guy exclaimed, "What the fuck have we been believing in? What the fuck?!"

<<< Quite hard awakening, but necessary...
[19:00:21] Drack: spikey , alot of on one wheel
[19:00:24] Lockmatish: yes, unfortunately @Dynamis
[19:00:31] Drack: some hang from the roofs
[19:00:52] Drack: 24/7 getting strangled..
[19:01:16] Frank: take all G2+ out there. lay them down somewhere inside OIC GH
[19:01:21] Drack: ok
[19:02:58] Lockmatish: LSA1 hell
I see many skyscrapers, like a concrete jungle. Atop each skyscraper would be a hell guard, and they would laugh, and tell beings to "see if they could fly", and force them to jump. None of them have wings or can fly. As hard as they try.
[19:03:06] Lockmatish: Rescuing all found G2+ from this hell now.
[19:03:21] Drack: cruel..
[19:03:22] Frank: (y)
[19:03:28] Drack: am i done there?
[19:03:30] Drack: it seems so
[19:03:48] Frank: ok, freeze it... :D
[19:03:53] Drack: (y)
[19:04:07] Drack: done
[19:04:19] Lockmatish: I seem to be done too
[19:04:28] Dynamite Δύναμις: (whew)
[19:04:37] Drack: Lockmatish meet up on Lsa2 hell?
[19:04:39] Lockmatish: ok to freeze?
[19:04:40] Lockmatish: good idea
[19:04:42] Frank: (y) freeze it too
[19:04:53] Frank: then lsa2 hell
[19:04:58] Drack: (y)
[19:05:01] Drack: i gotta go
[19:05:22] Drack: pretty much the same as Lockmatish had on lsa1
[19:05:34] Drack: but it seems on the ground are spikes
[19:05:39] Drack: alot of people
[19:05:48] Frank: btw. can those hell guards fly? (chuckle)
[19:05:54] Drack: good question
[19:05:55] Drack: wait.
[19:05:56] Drack: (rofl)
[19:06:02] Drack: nope
[19:06:02] Drack: (rofl)
[19:06:11] Frank: ok, you know what to do...:D
[19:06:16] Lockmatish: lsa1 hell frozen. Just looks like a massive "ice castle" with hardly any distinguishing features whatsoever. A massive block of ice ....
[19:06:17] Drack: :D
[19:06:24] Lockmatish: going to lsa2 one
[19:06:27] Drack: good Lockmatish
[19:06:27] Lockmatish: ps lsa1 hell had no spikes
[19:06:32] Lockmatish: that I saw, anyway
[19:06:33] Drack: ok
[19:06:41] Lockmatish: didnt matter..
[19:07:01] Drack: some of them can fly with some kind of saucer
[19:07:06] Drack: kicking them off it
[19:07:07] Drack: (rofl)
[19:07:13] Frank: (rofl)
[19:07:36] Drack: i gotta rescue the G2+
[19:07:38] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[19:07:39] Lockmatish: I'm on that
[19:07:42] Drack: oh ok
[19:07:47] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl) nasty you ;)
[19:08:09] Drack: oh it seemed they had fun while doing it with others.. it was time to share
[19:08:11] Drack: (rofl)
[19:09:09] Lockmatish: yes, seems a lot more people than lsa1 one, and spikes. but seems also the buildings retracted, as in, a skyscraper shrunk down to a small building, and then shot up again, acting as a spring. This would send beings flying into the air..
[19:09:27] Drack: yeah
[19:09:28] Drack: and inside...
[19:09:34] Drack: there is alot ongoing too
[19:09:39] Lockmatish: oh, I never looked inside
[19:09:51] Drack: it looks kind of a creation inside the building
[19:10:00] Drack: with rooms of torture devices
[19:10:44] Drack: getting dizzy
[19:10:46] Drack: guess i have visit
[19:10:57] Frank: i care
[19:11:01] Lockmatish: it seems, that if some being somehow survived the fall, they were laughed at, and shown their way (forced) into an elevator
[19:11:04] Lockmatish: this elevator has many buttons
[19:11:08] Lockmatish: they could choose which floor
[19:11:13] Lockmatish: but each floor leads to a torture room (of different kinds)
[19:11:19] Drack: yeah
[19:11:21] Lockmatish: and inevitably, no one would get through a room alive
[19:11:27] Dynamite Δύναμις: (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm)
[19:11:45] Dynamite Δύναμις: so incredibly sick!!!
[19:11:49] Lockmatish: yes
[19:11:51] Lockmatish: I've seen enough
[19:11:55] Drack: same
[19:11:58] Drack: all hostage done?
[19:12:01] Lockmatish: not sure
[19:12:09] Drack: seems so
[19:12:14] Drack: a few maybe
[19:12:18] Lockmatish: yes
[19:12:21] Lockmatish: inside buildings I see some
[19:12:27] Drack: i see in the underground
[19:12:31] Drack: but i guess masked
[19:12:36] Lockmatish: didn't know there was underground
[19:12:37] Lockmatish: good spot
[19:12:38] Drack: 2 are not
[19:12:40] Drack: i get them out
[19:12:46] Lockmatish: (y)
[19:13:05] Frank: if you are done, freez it. my skib sent aour's 4 more interesting locations inside GH...
[19:13:11] Drack: the place i bring them is kind of a earth and they´re celebrating me as i arrive there
[19:13:37] Lockmatish: nearly done
[19:13:38] Frank: don't forget to tell them who you are...
[19:13:46] Drack: yeah true
[19:13:46] Drack: wait
[19:15:00] Frank: all in this orion hell have been incarnated ones... (headbang)
[19:15:09] Drack: they´re hugging me
[19:15:10] Drack: (rofl)
[19:15:21] Drack: most crying
[19:15:29] Drack: many start to fight even tough they were in hells
[19:15:32] Dynamite Δύναμις: (party) (hug)
[19:15:42] Drack: some are just glad to be out
[19:16:11] Drack: so, new locations i heard
[19:16:21] Lockmatish: lsa2 hell appears to be clear
[19:16:27] Frank: ok, freeze...
[19:16:33] Lockmatish: (y)
[19:16:37] Dynamite Δύναμις: (y)
[19:18:07] Dynamite Δύναμις: Please, leave one hell in good shape, I need it for the priests, the gurus and the ass-ended masters (cwl)
[19:18:32] Drack: (rofl)
[19:18:44] Drack: i guess we can arrange that in one of the prisons .. (chuckle)
[19:19:06] Frank: (chuckle)
[19:19:56] Dynamite Δύναμις: ok, ok... we won't do that. We'll keep showing them the tapes 24/7. This should cure them quite soon then!
[19:20:16] Drack: they would actually like to see that
[19:20:17] Drack: ..
[19:20:25] Dynamite Δύναμις: :(
[19:20:25] Lockmatish: lsa2 hell was frozen first by covering all with snow, turning it into a big mountain, including filling underground all with ice/snow. then ...... more.. turning it into a big frozen ice cube. then more.. encasing this ice cube within another ice cube, and another, and another..... over and over and over and over and over.
finally (this wasn't enough), the resulting massive ice cube containing many other ice cubes within it, had some pipes connected to it, 4-5, and each pumps in ice, which will flow to any areas inside. keeps it frozen
[19:20:39] Lockmatish: checking out locations of interest inside OIC-GH
[19:20:59] Drack: yeah i´ll follow
[19:21:13] Dynamite Δύναμις: (y) well done!
[19:21:20] Frank: ok, i think this is now good frozen...(rofl)
[19:21:31] Lockmatish: I hope so (giggle)
[19:21:47] Drack: mh.
[19:21:56] Drack: don´t know where i´m at all. looks a bit like a city
[19:23:50] Drack: there is a shield around
[19:23:54] Lockmatish: OIC-GH Location of interest 1
This is very strange, pls confirm this, Drack.
There is a very large city, but it's a trap city. It's a kind of sick game. The entire city looks frozen, all covered in ice or such, but it's not immediately obvious that it's a trap. If you try to enter any part of any building, you get immediately frozen, and your body falls through some underground pipes, into an extremely large underground cavern, which contains an entire collection of other previously dead frozen bodies ...
[19:24:17] Drack: yeah kind of
[19:24:20] Drack: but stranger
[19:24:22] Drack: :D
[19:24:24] Lockmatish: go on..
[19:24:30] Drack: i guess there is a illusion around
[19:24:40] Drack: from the outside it´s different than from the inside
[19:24:44] Lockmatish: hm, lets see
[19:25:40] Lockmatish: the inside is much worse.
[19:25:46] Drack: wait
[19:25:52] Drack: yeah..
[19:25:58] Lockmatish: yes, appears as two separate "areas", if you go inwards deep enough, the "inside area" appears
[19:25:59] Drack: a burning city rather
[19:26:06] Lockmatish: yes.. in a way
[19:26:10] Lockmatish: I see multiple large furnaces
[19:26:11] Drack: it´s slimey
[19:26:12] Drack: kind of
[19:26:28] Drack: are those melted beings?
[19:26:33] Lockmatish: yes
[19:26:34] Drack: all around
[19:26:35] Drack: wow..
[19:26:40] Lockmatish: the furnace is burning those frozen bodies from earlier
[19:26:41] Drack: that´s disgusting
[19:26:45] Lockmatish: they're turning into slime and water...
[19:26:48] Lockmatish: yes.
[19:26:50] Frank: but all are alive. hostages. take all G2+ out pls
[19:26:56] Lockmatish: ok
[19:27:23] Drack: wow ok.
[19:27:33] Frank: city belongs to lsa3
[19:27:39] Lockmatish: taking them to a safe location inside oic-gh
[19:27:42] Drack: same
[19:27:45] Frank: yes
[19:27:46] Drack: i bring them all on one place
[19:27:50] Lockmatish: ok
[19:28:01] Drack: the others are seemingly shocked
[19:28:02] Drack: to see
[19:28:27] Lockmatish: brb, rescue in progress
[19:28:28] Drack: they´re helping themselves now
[19:29:01] Drack: i mean the other free ones help the melted
[19:29:11] Frank: (y)
[19:29:16] Drack: maybe get some protection around them?
[19:29:24] Drack: if some come along and attack them
[19:29:30] Frank: no
[19:29:32] Drack: ok
[19:33:27] Drack: ok all rescued i guess?
[19:33:39] Frank: (y)
[19:33:43] Drack: ok freezing time?
[19:33:49] Lockmatish: sec
[19:33:50] Frank: (y)
[19:34:46] Lockmatish: ok, we done
[19:34:48] Drack: ok
[19:34:52] Drack: freezing time
[19:34:55] Lockmatish: (y)
[19:35:09] Drack: lol
[19:35:16] Drack: this time it was like 2 egg shells
[19:35:21] Drack: from above and below
[19:35:22] Drack: closing
[19:35:30] Drack: and then some freezing squares around
[19:35:41] Frank: ok, then 2nd location
[19:35:47] Drack: ok sec
[19:35:48] Drack: brb
[19:36:28] Lockmatish: also, inside "area" needed to be frozen separately, it seems freezing the outside alone wouldn't have done it. it's some kind of location trickery
[19:37:00] Frank: Lockmatish, just order you skib to freeze all in best way...
[19:37:13] Lockmatish: yes, this is basically what I do
[19:37:21] Lockmatish: but i'll use those words next time
[19:37:35] Lockmatish: ok, its frozen
[19:41:52] Drack: back
[19:43:06] Drack: OIC
[19:43:07] Drack: :D
[19:43:16] Oni: Also back lol
[19:43:23] Drack: hey Oni
[19:43:28] Drack: glad you missed alot of shit..
[19:43:29] Frank: while you have fun in OIC, i attack all remaining 202 orion and lsa3 bases now...(chuckle)
[19:43:36] Drack: (y)
[19:43:40] Oni: Was that portal something ?
[19:43:41] Drack: let them burn
[19:43:42] Oni: Where are we
[19:43:46] Drack: it´s inside
[19:43:50] Drack: we cleaned the hells
[19:43:52] KHG: Do you guys need me?
[19:43:52] Drack: you can imagine how it was
[19:44:00] Drack: if you want to have a look sure KHG
[19:44:06] Drack: there are a few points left
[19:44:15] KHG: Blind again somehow
[19:44:15] Drack: moving to point 2 now
[19:44:18] Drack: oh.
[19:44:26] Oni: Okay I'm here
[19:44:31] Oni: Gate in front of us ?
[19:44:36] Drack: yeah
[19:44:39] Drack: behind a city again
[19:44:42] Oni: Yeah
[19:44:45] Oni: What is this
[19:44:48] Oni: OIC ?
[19:44:50] Drack: yeah
[19:44:52] Drack: torture cities.
[19:44:53] Oni: Okay
[19:44:54] Drack: mostly
[19:45:02] Oni: Yeah seems, gross
[19:45:10] Oni: What's the job
[19:45:21] Drack: resucing hostages G2+
[19:45:24] Drack: freezing up that shit
[19:45:29] Oni: Already was cleared ?
[19:45:34] Oni: Of darks ?
[19:45:42] Drack: i don´t care so much about them
[19:45:45] Drack: they get frozen anyways.
[19:45:47] Drack: :D
[19:45:48] Oni: Okay
[19:46:04] Frank: it's a taurus city
[19:46:08] Drack: ok
[19:46:11] Drack: same look as the first one
[19:46:13] Drack: melted ones
[19:46:38] Drack: underground something again
[19:46:39] Lockmatish: OIC-GH Location of interest 2
This one is really strange. First I saw a chamber, with different "bumper cars" or such, on a sort of "conveyer belt" that goes around the room, in a square orientation. There are spikes set in the ceiling. Some of the ceiling blocks, there are many ceiling blocks, which are directly above the bumper car blocks; some of the ceiling blocks appear to have no spikes. But this is just an illusion. First, the bumper cars move some ways forward, around the circle, and then, all the "empty spike blocks" get filled with spikes; which then come crashing downwards onto the "bumper car blocks"; then they go back upwards.
It appears as though it is possible to dodge them if you select the right position, but it's a lie, every position will get impaled. There's a platform in the center, where I think beings got pushed into the bumper cars. The floor seems to be filled with blood, or a reddish type substance.

Then, very strangely, my vision "morphed" and that previous room totally disappeared. It seems that this location completely changes every once in a while, like a cycle. Into different variations of horror/death games. One of them is a death elevator.. there's a big elevator in the center, a very big one. If you stand on this, you will simply fall to your death ... it doesn't go anywhere but it just kills you.

Surrounding the big elevator, is 4 smaller elevators. These are like the spike blocks from the first room. If you stand on these, you simply get impaled by the spike blocks waiting above, that will come down on you.

This room then changed into a "rollercoaster"? or some type of ride through a lava pit. Again, it's about dodging spikes, but there seems to be almost no safe way through. Many, many spikes, very little room to dodge. Trouble is, if you pass through the entire course safely, which is like a floating square-shape (so there's vertical and horizontal rollercoaster sections), then it just loops indefinitely. There's no way off..

So yes, the room appears to "morph" into a different horror game, on some kind of rotation.
[19:47:51] Drack: that´s the underground room
[19:47:55] Lockmatish: oh ok
[19:47:55] Drack: where the G2+ are
[19:47:58] Lockmatish: there's more above ?
[19:48:00] Drack: yeah
[19:48:01] Lockmatish: anyway, i'll focus on rescue
[19:48:02] Drack: a city again
[19:48:03] Lockmatish: ok
[19:48:04] Drack: same
[19:48:06] Lockmatish: ah, I didn't see that at all
[19:48:26] Drack: yeah you moved into the chamber instantly
[19:48:50] Lockmatish: yeah
[19:50:04] Drack: i actually look on the website waiting for C to write something but he´s buttkicked hard right now
[19:50:05] Drack: :D
[19:50:33] Frank: i don't think they will write. they will lie until the very end...
[19:50:44] Drack: yeah..
[19:51:03] Drack: oh i totally forgot
[19:51:10] Drack: we should tell them that they can go out on demand
[19:51:20] Drack: if that info isn´t in the videos
[19:51:26] Frank: no
[19:51:32] Drack: ok
[19:53:45] Frank: I think the only thing we will read is that Muhib saved all beings from hells...(rofl)
[19:53:51] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[19:53:56] Drack: lol (rofl)
[19:54:04] Drack: is he OIC too?
[19:54:11] Frank: no
[19:54:15] Drack: ah.. ok
[19:56:54] Lockmatish: underground appears to be clear
[19:56:57] Lockmatish: no idea about the rest
[19:56:58] Lockmatish: hows your side
[19:57:13] Drack: seems good
[19:57:53] Drack: ready to freeze
[19:58:12] Lockmatish: seems to be some of them were stuck between aboveground and underground
[19:58:14] Lockmatish: some kind of "limbo"
[19:58:21] Drack: oh.
[19:58:35] Drack: crazy.
[19:58:39] Lockmatish: ok, can freeze now I think
[19:58:52] Frank: (y)
[20:01:00] Drack: it seems like my right leg froze into it because i had not enough distance to it
[20:01:00] Frank: if you are done, you should go seperate to both locations.
and just focus on taking the G2+ out...
did i tell you that you can beam? (chuckle)
this should work much faster...:D
[20:01:03] Drack: but i´m repairing
[20:01:14] Frank: (rofl)
[20:01:16] Drack: good to know
[20:01:17] Drack: (rofl)
[20:01:34] Drack: oh i´m always beaming around
[20:01:45] Frank: no, beam the G2+
[20:01:49] Drack: ah..
[20:01:51] Lockmatish: ok
[20:01:51] Drack: (rofl)
[20:01:53] Lockmatish: 2 locations left
[20:01:56] Frank: yes
[20:01:57] Lockmatish: I'll take 4, you take 3
[20:02:00] Drack: ok
[20:02:07] Frank: (y)
[20:02:22] Frank: location 3 is lsa3
[20:02:32] Drack: yeah
[20:02:32] Drack: dragons
[20:02:37] Drack: i hope no spiders
[20:02:40] Drack: got enough of them
[20:02:41] Frank: location 4 is lsa2
[20:02:53] Frank: (rofl)
[20:03:21] Drack: those hostages are frozen
[20:03:29] Drack: beaming them out
[20:03:41] Drack: sky city with dragons and stuff
[20:03:43] Drack: medival
[20:03:49] Lockmatish: I think i've been using beam already (giggle)
[20:03:55] Lockmatish: rescue is in progress, meanwhile, brief description:
[20:04:32] Lockmatish: OIC-GH Location of interest 4
Some kind of warehouse structures.. or an airport. On top of the airport, are chambers, which "beam you up" straight into an incinerator .. multiple of them.

Also, some kind of harmful, harsh "green sun" ...

[20:05:30] Drack: on location 3 it´s mixed actually.. some cars and parking lots and whatever more modern mixed with castles and medival stuff
[20:06:36] Lockmatish: there seems to be tiny little "slits" located all around this city, kind of like "drainage holes" in the street, and they probably lead to some underground place (haven't checked there). but the beam is beaming up many, many G2+ hostages from these holes, automatically..
[20:06:41] Lockmatish: out from the underground
[20:07:04] Drack: check if those are frozen or such
[20:07:09] Drack: mine were iceblocks
[20:07:10] Lockmatish: the hostages?
[20:07:12] Drack: yeah
[20:07:14] Lockmatish: ok, lets see
[20:07:58] Drack: are they.. building a city there?
[20:08:01] Lockmatish: no, not frozen
[20:08:01] Drack: my hostages on that place i bring them
[20:08:02] Drack: lol
[20:08:03] Drack: ok
[20:08:05] Lockmatish: appear wet, though
[20:08:08] Lockmatish: some coughing
[20:08:17] Lockmatish: probably it's filled with water underground (or some liquid)
[20:08:18] Drack: mh ok
[20:08:29] Drack: endless suffocating..
[20:08:30] Drack: wow.
[20:08:46] Drack: or better drowning
[20:09:01] Lockmatish: yes.. I had small look
[20:09:03] Lockmatish: its another death game
[20:09:17] Lockmatish: many many rows of platforms that rise up and fall, continuously
[20:09:26] Lockmatish: these will bring you under the water, and then up again
[20:09:57] Lockmatish: quite a torturous thing, very stressful
[20:10:08] Drack: for me ice hell here
[20:10:15] Drack: like liquid nitrogen
[20:10:19] Lockmatish: hm
[20:10:21] Drack: they got pushed into it
[20:10:24] Drack: then brought out
[20:10:28] Lockmatish: oh wow
[20:10:32] Drack: melted them until they´re normal
[20:10:36] Drack: and then freeze again
[20:10:47] Lockmatish: :(
[20:10:55] Drack: now i´ve seen everything..
[20:11:04] Lockmatish: I wouldn't say that
[20:11:15] Frank: what ill insane pigs these darks are...
[20:11:31] Lockmatish: yes
[20:11:34] Drack: definitely
[20:11:35] Lockmatish: definitely
[20:11:39] Drack: :D
[20:11:42] Lockmatish: :)
[20:11:59] Drack: i´m done it seems
[20:12:18] Frank: ok
[20:12:30] Frank: freeze all
[20:12:34] Drack: ok
[20:12:41] Drack: it´s actually alraedy freezing by itself (rofl)
[20:12:48] Drack: because i kicked off a barrel there
[20:12:49] Frank: :D
[20:12:51] Drack: but yeah
[20:13:08] Frank: our "ice" is more than only ice...
[20:13:23] Drack: thought so
[20:13:55] Drack: it got a solid big frozen marble.
[20:14:00] X: nobody told me we will be doing this today, hahahaaha, I never get to have any fun (cwl)
[20:14:08] Frank: (rofl)
[20:14:10] Drack: oh you had your fun .. (rofl)
[20:14:15] Drack: you were busy anyways :D
[20:14:24] X: (y)
[20:14:29] Drack: was pretty spontaneous
[20:14:36] Lockmatish: right. and not that much fun
[20:14:40] Drack: no
[20:14:42] Drack: not really.
[20:14:47] Drack: much suffer and torture
[20:14:53] Frank: ok, let's say it. it was shit work...
[20:15:03] Lockmatish: yep
[20:15:08] Lockmatish: had to be done though
[20:15:13] Drack: the fun part was to tell the darks the truth and they fight themselves off
[20:15:33] Frank: Lockmatish, you are finished?
[20:15:52] Drack: the hostages are giving me some info
[20:15:55] Drack: they build a tower
[20:15:58] Drack: and this is giving me info
[20:16:09] Drack: mh
[20:16:09] Frank: ok
[20:16:09] Lockmatish: just checking
[20:16:36] Drack: can´t do much with that
[20:16:37] Drack: :D
[20:16:42] Frank: ok, what info?
[20:16:52] Drack: don´t know flows way too fast
[20:16:58] Drack: i use skib to take it
[20:17:21] Lockmatish: oh yes, btw, im done, freezing
[20:17:31] Drack: my head feels burning
[20:17:31] Frank: ok (y)
[20:17:33] Drack: too much
[20:17:34] Drack: (rofl)
[20:17:34] Lockmatish: the top half cracked, and slid down next to the bottom half
[20:17:41] Lockmatish: and it all fell inside some lake
[20:17:51] Lockmatish: its a frozen lake now (giggle)
[20:17:51] Dynamite Δύναμις: you broke the hell?
[20:17:54] Lockmatish: yes!
[20:17:56] Lockmatish: :D
[20:17:59] Drack: (y)
[20:17:59] Frank: (rofl)
[20:18:06] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl) (y)
[20:18:21] Drack: F what info is it? it´s about earth and sun and whatever..
[20:18:23] Drack: some fleet
[20:18:27] Drack: some spots on earth
[20:18:51] Frank: ok, i care
[20:19:27] Frank: known info...
[20:19:32] Drack: ok
[20:20:54] Frank: when you are done there, you can jump outside GH, and llok what is left there... alex should have cleaned a bit meanwhile...
[20:21:07] Drack: ok
[20:21:14] Lockmatish: ok, im leaving
[20:21:18] Drack: just helping the hostages a bit quickly
[20:22:53] Drack: mh today is albert einsteins birthday i just read.
[20:22:57] Drack: (sarcastic)
[20:23:06] Lockmatish: okay the place looks different now
[20:23:16] Lockmatish: it looks like alex turned it all into some kind of farm
[20:23:25] Lockmatish: with "grass" growing everywhere, and everything is nicely watered
[20:23:31] Drack: yes
[20:23:36] Lockmatish: some kind of "red love hearts" in a few places
[20:23:36] Drack: looks clean
[20:23:38] Lockmatish: yeah
[20:23:39] Drack: (rofl)
[20:24:00] Lockmatish: if anyone is shooting, they get "shushed" very fast with a nice dump of water on their head by alex
[20:24:12] Lockmatish: :D
[20:24:15] Drack: interesting
[20:24:15] Drack: :D
[20:24:37] Frank: ok, go back inside GH pls
[20:24:42] Lockmatish: ok
[20:24:43] Drack: ok
[20:24:56] Drack: 7,8 millions fighting
[20:25:05] Lockmatish: some kind of thick "confetti"
[20:25:08] Lockmatish: in the entire sky
[20:25:12] Lockmatish: its everywhere
[20:25:13] Drack: that´s the battle
[20:25:14] Lockmatish: oh
[20:25:15] Drack: (rofl)
[20:25:17] Lockmatish: :D
[20:25:24] Drack: why you always see all as confetti :D
[20:25:27] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[20:25:29] Lockmatish: im a simple guy (giggle)
[20:25:30] Frank: that's alex's confetti again...(chuckle)
[20:25:34] Drack: :D
[20:25:36] Lockmatish: :D
[20:26:35] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl) my other parts are not much different than I am down here
[20:26:43] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[20:27:00] Drack: firstly battling all down then nicely decorate it
[20:27:01] Drack: (rofl)
[20:27:37] Lockmatish: I think thats because you're fractal :D
[20:28:39] Dynamite Δύναμις: Right, first tidy up then decorate :D
[20:28:48] Lockmatish: :D
[20:29:44] Frank: i think there are 2 new places now.
one prison for the incarnated G2+ who supported the darks.
and a habitat for all those incarnated G2+ who did not support them. Most of them are maybe thhose you saved today...
[20:29:50] Frank: pls look for this
[20:30:06] Lockmatish: okay, lets check
[20:30:06] Drack: alright
[20:30:09] Drack: going to place 2
[20:30:28] Drack: no that´s something different
[20:30:54] Drack: beaming them out
[20:31:06] Drack: it´s a prison endlessly deep with tons of cages
[20:31:14] Lockmatish: yeah I see that too, but I went to the first one
[20:31:22] Lockmatish: stacked on top of each other
[20:31:29] Lockmatish: and also multiple rows, next to each other
[20:31:36] Frank: ok, seems one more job to do...(chuckle)
[20:32:08] Lockmatish: yeah, I see a similar as Drack described
[20:32:15] Lockmatish: not a habitat, but g2+ getting beamed out of a prison
[20:32:37] Frank: yes, you two do this.
[20:32:43] Drack: yep
[20:32:48] Drack: already doing
[20:32:50] Lockmatish: oh, lol
[20:32:51] Frank: take them out, then to the 2 new locations...
[20:32:52] Lockmatish: I see
[20:32:58] Drack: but there are others too
[20:33:01] Drack: not only g2+
[20:33:02] Drack: it seems
[20:33:16] Frank: who cares... we not...
[20:33:21] Drack: :D
[20:33:25] Drack: yeah
[20:33:27] Drack: just saying
[20:34:07] Lockmatish: btw the first location did look like a prison for g2+ incarnated ones who supported the darks
[20:34:13] Lockmatish: but i'll double check both after we're done
[20:38:23] Lockmatish: there appears to be two separate locations
[20:38:28] Lockmatish: one is the prison aforementioned
[20:38:31] Lockmatish: and one is a new habitat
[20:38:37] Lockmatish: with beings happily playing
[20:38:42] Drack: lol
[20:38:46] Drack: ok
[20:38:51] Lockmatish: have a look for yourself :D
[20:38:54] Drack: yeah
[20:39:23] Drack: you´re right
[20:39:24] Drack: lol
[20:39:27] Lockmatish: :D
[20:39:35] Drack: whatever.
[20:39:36] Drack: at least someone having fun in this OIC
[20:39:40] Lockmatish: LOL
[20:40:09] Drack: it more looks like they´re on drugs
[20:40:13] Drack: like a drug habitat
[20:40:35] Lockmatish: is that so
[20:40:40] Lockmatish: I didn't take any close look
[20:40:42] Frank: would you not be happy after all that tortures?
[20:40:47] Lockmatish: just verified that habitat exist
[20:40:48] Lockmatish: yeah of course
[20:40:54] Drack: surely
[20:41:03] Dynamite Δύναμις: ok... I Ithink I know who is responsible for this habitat if they are really into drugs (chuckle) and this is definitely NOT me
[20:41:04] Drack: but start to playing catching and such
[20:41:05] Drack: is a bit
[20:41:05] Drack: strange
[20:42:13] Frank: ok, try to go a bit on distance, to get an overview. esp. of those fake planets and so
[20:42:25] Lockmatish: still within GH ?
[20:42:28] Frank: yes
[20:42:29] Lockmatish: ok
[20:42:32] Drack: ok
[20:42:38] Drack: what about the prison/habitats?
[20:42:41] Drack: no freezing needed?
[20:42:44] Lockmatish: :o
[20:42:46] Frank: no, all fine
[20:42:49] Drack: ok
[20:44:11] Lockmatish: these fake planets look so weird
[20:44:15] Drack: yes
[20:44:17] Lockmatish: they look like, "fish" toys that are suspended in the air
[20:44:21] Drack: i don´t know what to write about that
[20:44:31] Lockmatish: and they're literally just toys, that you can flick with your finger, and it will spin really really fast
[20:44:45] Drack: you spin it and all on it get overly sick
[20:44:46] Drack: (rofl)
[20:44:49] Lockmatish: I guess so
[20:44:52] Lockmatish: but from a distance, just a toy
[20:44:58] Frank: (rofl)
[20:45:04] Drack: on a closer look..
[20:45:06] Drack: not sure
[20:45:16] Drack: still playtoy but with slices and such
[20:45:21] Drack: levers maybe
[20:45:30] Drack: to adjust the planets
[20:45:50] Lockmatish: okay theres something else of interest
[20:46:55] Frank: what?
[20:47:06] Lockmatish: there's like a fancy runway of "grass" (2 strips parallel).. and this runway continues for long distance, and then the "grass" criss-crosses, and rises off the ground, and upwards, like a spiral or whatever, and it's a kind of structure, like a mini-beanstalk, and there's a house on top of it, high in the sky
[20:47:10] Lockmatish: and the whole thing is shimmering strangely
[20:47:24] Lockmatish: I wonder who lives there
[20:47:35] Lockmatish: the house and the "beanstalk" / "grass ladder" is shimmering both
[20:47:38] X: I know this place
[20:47:41] Frank: on one of these planets?
[20:47:53] Lockmatish: I don't think so, I was only looking in GH
[20:47:58] Lockmatish: will confirm
[20:49:08] Lockmatish: yes, it appears to be located on the surface of one of these fake planets, actually
[20:49:23] Lockmatish: need to refill water
[20:50:06] Frank: i think alex is now shooting on all of these, and in a few minutes it all should be dust...
[20:51:16] X: the guy in the house?
[20:51:32] Frank: prison already
[20:51:38] X: ok
[20:53:07] Frank: and guys?
[20:55:09] Lockmatish: yes?
[20:56:24] Frank: how does it look inside GH?
[20:56:35] Lockmatish: looking
[20:57:11] Lockmatish: dust and rubble everywhere
[20:57:16] Lockmatish: I guess those things weren't "farms" that I saw (giggle)
[20:57:27] Frank: anyting else left but the 2 places + one other?
[20:57:51] Lockmatish: I saw buildings collapsing still before my eyes
[20:57:54] Lockmatish: lets have a macro look
[20:58:06] Frank: ok, so still running..
[20:58:16] Lockmatish: guess so, yes
[20:59:04] Lockmatish: yep, still going
[20:59:11] Lockmatish: lots of "activity" outside of those 3 areas
[20:59:17] Lockmatish: dusting, and shockwaves, and stuff
[20:59:30] Lockmatish: dusting = becoming dust
[20:59:37] Frank: yes
[20:59:56] Lockmatish: I need a coffee soon :D
[21:00:35] Frank: (chuckle)
[21:00:41] Frank: we are done soon...
[21:00:55] Lockmatish: np, ill wait :D
[21:00:58] Lockmatish: activity still ongoing
[21:01:56] Drack: guess i have a new kind of "intuition" it lead me into the kitchen and asking for ice because i somehow my parents bought some and they really did..
[21:01:58] Drack: (rofl)
[21:02:11] Dynamite Δύναμις: (chuckle)
[21:02:14] Drack: back btw
[21:02:15] Frank: :D
[21:04:08] Lockmatish: :D
[21:04:46] Drack: and some mini report : my whole problems are really better (y) still pains in stomach and such but far better at all
[21:04:59] Lockmatish: nice... (y) (party)
[21:04:59] Frank: \o/
[21:05:08] Drack: (celebrate)
[21:05:13] Dynamite Δύναμις: (like)
[21:05:35] Drack: still a long way to go i guess..
[21:06:28] Lockmatish: ambient is mostly calm now, still some flare-ups, but mostly dust has settled
[21:06:30] Drack: OIC inside looks pretty much like dust
[21:07:33] Oni: Agreed
[21:07:40] Oni: Big change from 30 minutes ago (chuckle)
[21:07:53] Drack: yeah
[21:08:17] Frank: ok, so status now: OIC is down, no longer existing (party)
[21:08:25] Lockmatish: :O :O :O
[21:08:27] Lockmatish: (party)
[21:08:29] X: yeah I fell asleep on a call so big difference
[21:08:29] Oni: Wow
[21:08:29] Dynamite Δύναμις: (party)
[21:08:41] Drack: lol
[21:08:42] Drack: (rofl)
[21:08:45] Drack: nice
[21:08:46] Drack: finally
[21:08:50] Drack: fucking finally.
[21:08:55] Drack: they did enough harm.
[21:08:55] Lockmatish: how can GH exist if OIC doesnt
[21:09:12] Lockmatish: unless by status, they are separate
[21:09:16] X: [04:08:19 PM] Frank: ok, so status now: OIC is down, no longer existing (party)
<<< so tell me what happen to all the lightworkers with there OIC skills?
[21:09:35] Drack: yes
[21:09:54] Dynamite Δύναμις: they'll get severe connection problems (cwl)
[21:10:00] Drack: hope so
[21:10:01] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[21:10:01] Drack: :D
[21:10:04] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[21:10:06] Frank: as this place was our's from the beginning, we keep it...
alex will build in it ~3.400 different habitats for beings who are in SL2.2 and need special living ambient, which we can not so good create in SL 2.2
[21:10:18] Lockmatish: Error 404 - connection not found
[21:10:25] Drack: :D
[21:10:31] Dynamite Δύναμις: (cwl)
[21:10:34] Frank: (rofl)
[21:10:38] Lockmatish: understood
[21:11:04] Drack: so there are several beings who are "bound" to OIC no matter what happens?
[21:11:11] Frank: i am curious how long those bastards will continue to play their lying game, even if all is down now...
[21:11:14] Drack: sounds a bit like
[21:11:30] Lockmatish: GH seems to get smaller and smaller
[21:11:35] Frank: yes, those in the 2 new prison/habitat
[21:11:36] Lockmatish: I can hardly see anything else except those 3 locations now
[21:11:46] Drack: ok
[21:11:47] Frank: yes Lockmatish. that shall happen
[21:11:56] Frank: very good
[21:11:58] Lockmatish: I see
[21:23:02] Lockmatish: GH settles even further..
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Re: The end of the OIC...

Unread postby jonas » 14 Mar 2017 23:38

So sickening what they have been doing those crazy darks... but thank you for sharing. And thank you very much for dealing with that crap.

think I know who is responsible for this habitat if they are really into drugs (chuckle) and this is definitely NOT me
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Re: The end of the OIC...

Unread postby Allison » 15 Mar 2017 00:09

So this means that no one will ever be able to see anything from OIC again? What do you think will happen to the OIC incarnated ones?

I can't wait to see spiritual people suddenly complaining about being blind... Unless they decide to be fake
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Re: The end of the OIC...

Unread postby iaqua » 15 Mar 2017 01:11

Uh, this Shit was sicker than sick ..well it got its "event" finally..
and impressions only by reading this.. whats the experience of seeing it is impossible to even imagine, thanks guys for the coverage.. :romance-grouphug:
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Re: The end of the OIC...

Unread postby Dee » 15 Mar 2017 01:22


So much amazing progress this week. Thank you so much everyone and thank you Frank for making the alliances actions public record.

Curious, in the raids did we also get the fortress up top and original ID for you know who? If she was even still in there ....
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Re: The end of the OIC...

Unread postby Shellers » 15 Mar 2017 01:41

It really is sickening. I cannot imagine doing the work you are doing, the danger and the "in your face" type violence from these groups. I couldn't have imagined some of these scenarios - truly DARK stuff going on ... and so very few here on earth aware of it (I can hardly digest what I am reading). I happened to scan about a dozen lines of a recent Cobra interview where that group was taking credit for a general betterment of the situation. What a joke. Actually it pisses me off!

Thank you all for the work you are doing.
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Re: The end of the OIC...

Unread postby Frank » 15 Mar 2017 13:01

Some update:

[11:41:59] Drack: (iqaua in forum ) sent me this Seems like channelings changed a bit, short versions came to some oic crap followers surprise: ... short-one/
[11:42:08] Drack: there is "hidden message inside"
[11:42:21] Dynamite Δύναμις: ??? like what?
[11:42:28] Drack: as i used skib to decrypt it , skib meant there is the "downfall of OIC" inside
[11:42:29] Drack: (rofl)
[11:42:45] Dynamite Δύναμις: (party)
[11:43:08] Drack: Lockmatish you have time to crosscheck that? :D
[11:44:20] Lockmatish: moment..
[11:48:25] Lockmatish: dealing with big internal attacks, will look when i'm able :)
[11:48:34] Drack: oh ok..
[11:48:39] Dynamite Δύναμις: (hug)
[11:48:54] Drack: hope you get well soon again :)
[11:49:29] Lockmatish: 3 guesses what the trigger is.. (cwl)
[11:49:36] Lockmatish: thanks man
[11:49:55] Drack: oh i get some irregular attacks aswell since OIC is down..
[11:49:57] Drack: i wonder why
[11:49:58] Drack: (rofl)
[11:51:55] Lockmatish: fended that off, now it's external attacks to trigger more internal shit (dull)
[11:52:07] Drack: you need some help? :D
[11:52:17] Lockmatish: actually, mine trigger I don't think was OIC (giggle)
[11:52:21] Drack: would like to blow a few things up :D
[11:52:21] Lockmatish: Or who knows, maybe it's related
[11:52:31] Lockmatish: sure, go ahead (rofl)
[11:52:35] Drack: (like)
[11:52:40] Lockmatish: though I think external got blocked now
[11:52:41] Lockmatish: it's just internal
[11:52:44] Lockmatish: so easy on the explosives
[11:52:45] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[11:52:59] Lockmatish: maybe better bring defuse kit instead
[11:52:59] Drack: nah, i just go for the source outside.
[11:53:02] Lockmatish: (y)
[11:53:06] Lockmatish: I should have known.. (rofl)
[11:53:08] Drack: afterwards i can help you there :D
[11:53:13] Lockmatish: one step at a time
[11:53:20] Drack: as long as it´s not the whole remained army (rofl)
[11:53:39] Drack: mh..
[11:53:41] Drack: i´m pretty blind..
[11:54:19] Lockmatish: damnit
[11:54:23] Lockmatish: what a time for that
[11:54:24] Drack: it´s coming back slowly.
[11:54:27] Lockmatish: seems to be increased external attacks agian
[11:54:35] Drack: wait
[11:54:38] Drack: i don´t need sight..
[11:54:42] Lockmatish: blocked again ..
[11:54:44] Lockmatish: true
[11:54:46] Lockmatish: learn from X
[11:54:49] Drack: :D
[11:54:53] Drack: the blind ninja
[11:54:55] Lockmatish: :D
[11:54:56] Drack: (ninja)
[11:55:05] Lockmatish: thats right. not always blind, but he knows how to fight blind
[11:55:10] Drack: yeah
[11:55:13] Drack: pretty well even
[11:55:27] Drack: deadly accurate somehow
[11:55:51] Drack: ah those are just a few stationary weapons shooting on you
[11:55:53] Drack: not so big..
[11:55:55] Drack: should be done soon
[11:56:05] Lockmatish: bigger problem is they hit trigger points inside
[11:56:10] Lockmatish: but sweet, thx for the details
[11:56:15] Drack: yeah, guess that´s the plan here.
[11:56:22] Lockmatish: even a mosquito can be a bitch sometimes :D
[11:56:26] Lockmatish: (all the time really)
[11:56:27] Drack: :D
[11:56:29] Drack: yeah :D
[11:56:49] Lockmatish: incidentally, what helps me with mosquitos
[11:56:59] Drack: some drills on you
[11:57:01] Lockmatish: turn a fan on, aim at your face, it blocks them from getting to you (rofl)
[11:57:21] Drack: luckily we have not that much mosquitos around that time of the year :D
[11:57:30] Lockmatish: lucky indeed
[11:57:36] Lockmatish: but thats cos its winter
[11:57:36] Drack: yep..
[11:57:40] Lockmatish: so not that lucky really
[11:57:41] Lockmatish: :P
[11:57:46] Drack: it´s actually more like spring
[11:57:48] Lockmatish: ah ok
[11:57:49] Drack: we had no real winter sadly..
[11:57:59] Drack: it was sometimes a bit colder but no snow at all..
[11:58:00] Dynamite Δύναμις: [11:57:01] Lockmatish: turn a fan on, aim at your face, it blocks them from getting to you (rofl)

<<< (like)
[11:58:28] Lockmatish: I see
[11:58:30] Dynamite Δύναμις: If you want snow move to the mountains!
[11:58:34] Lockmatish: well I never get snow so .. :p
[11:58:36] Lockmatish: :D
[11:58:47] Drack: maybe i should alex :D
[11:58:48] Dynamite Δύναμις: horrible thing and terribly cold!!!!
[11:58:50] Lockmatish: ok, I feel relaxed now
[11:58:52] Lockmatish: having a look ..
[11:58:54] Drack: i love winter.. :D
[11:59:03] Lockmatish: so there's some "channeled message" ?? which contains a hidden encoded message .... ?
[11:59:06] Dynamite Δύναμις: (facepalm) (facepalm)
[11:59:07] Drack: better than summer with all that insects and the cooking heat D:
[11:59:12] Lockmatish: I'm not clicking on the link, i'll just look from remote
[11:59:19] Drack: yeah do that
[11:59:22] Lockmatish: oh, Dynamis, that's not my report, that's just asking Drack if thats what he saw
[11:59:24] Lockmatish: :D
[12:00:00] Dynamite Δύναμις: (yes, I know... the smiley were for Drack's liking winter :D )
[12:00:08] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[12:00:16] Drack: :D
[12:00:26] Lockmatish: now you're the lucky one
[12:00:36] Lockmatish: if you didn't like winter, living in germany (I think?) you'd be in big trouble (giggle)
[12:00:39] Frank: ok, nice to see you guys ready for party....(wave)
[12:00:44] Lockmatish: (wave)
[12:00:47] Drack: (wave)
[12:00:48] Drack: always
[12:00:48] Drack: :D
[12:01:01] Lockmatish: I'm ready for what's needed
[12:01:09] Drack: Lockmatish your buddies are down you just have to care for internal stuff now
[12:01:10] Frank: i have to start a new cycle, then in a few minutes i am here...
[12:01:17] Drack: alright (y)
[12:01:27] Lockmatish: thanks man! I feel so much better already
[12:01:32] Drack: great (like)
[12:01:54] Drack: you got some time cleaning my sight? :D
[12:02:03] Lockmatish: one thing at a time my friend (cwl)
[12:02:07] Lockmatish: I'm still checking out the message
[12:02:09] Drack: yeah sure :D
[12:02:32] Drack: i had a bunch of really strong cleanings on my head yesterday and that seems to switched my vision a bit off.. now i have it back, more detailed BUT it´s like a fisheye perspective
[12:02:47] Drack: which is pretty (puke)
[12:02:59] Lockmatish: okay I see some big "cloud" of blue which I guess represents "the message"
[12:03:13] Lockmatish: and deep within the centre of it is some kind of grey "vortex" which is connected to a "grey lockbox" I think
[12:03:21] Lockmatish: which I guess represents an encoded message inside
[12:03:39] Drack: seems about right yes.
[12:03:51] Drack: it was supposed for their lightworker friends but skib is better in decoding than i thought
[12:03:51] Drack: :D
[12:04:04] Lockmatish: skib decrypting it gives this "OIC Is Gone!"
[12:04:11] Drack: (party)
[12:04:11] Lockmatish: no doubt...
[12:04:13] Drack: yes
[12:04:15] Lockmatish: (party)
[12:04:17] Lockmatish: good spot Drack
[12:04:21] Dynamite Δύναμις: (party) (party) (party)
[12:04:21] Drack: (celebrate)
[12:04:25] Lockmatish: I don't have time to check out "lightworker" sites like you do (giggle)
[12:04:27] Drack: oh thank on iaqua
[12:04:28] Drack: he sent me
[12:04:31] Lockmatish: ohh thats right
[12:04:32] Lockmatish: (y)
[12:04:39] Drack: i don´t visit such anymore
[12:04:42] Lockmatish: same
[12:04:46] Drack: just C blog and wait for their response..
[12:04:47] Drack: (rofl)
[12:04:52] Lockmatish: don't hold your breath
[12:04:54] Drack: yeah
[12:05:00] Drack: i guess he´ll continue it anyways
[12:05:02] Lockmatish: if mask is fixed, he will only inevitably lie (but what's new there??)
[12:05:11] Drack: true haha
[12:05:15] Lockmatish: ;)
[12:05:23] Drack: but i hope for some hidden messages in his posts aswell
[12:05:33] Drack: can you check that message a bit more deeply?
[12:05:40] Drack: i´m not sure but i´ve read something like an attack on OIC
[12:05:41] Lockmatish: the last one?
[12:05:46] Lockmatish: ok, lets see
[12:05:55] Drack: or an preparation for it..
[12:06:23] Lockmatish: told skib to do optimal cleaning on your sight, which looked badly blocked
[12:06:26] Lockmatish: should be in progress now
[12:06:33] Drack: nice thanks (y)
[12:06:50] Frank: oh, i did too...
[12:07:00] Drack: nice :D
[12:07:05] Drack: the more the better (chuckle)
[12:07:25] Frank: i am sure the skibs coordinate it
[12:07:44] Drack: yeah.. then : shared work is half work.
[12:07:44] Drack: (rofl)
[12:07:51] Drack: a quote for every situation (rofl)
[12:07:51] Lockmatish: no
[12:07:55] Lockmatish: its exponential (giggle)
[12:07:59] Drack: mh.
[12:08:01] Drack: however
[12:08:02] Drack: :D
[12:08:04] Lockmatish: :D
[12:08:08] Lockmatish: my favourite math question
[12:08:13] Lockmatish: if it takes Drack 30 minutes to clean the garden
[12:08:24] Drack: uhm.
[12:08:26] Drack: (rofl)
[12:08:28] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[12:08:48] Drack: if it takes me 30 minutes to clean it it would take 2 weeks (rofl)
[12:08:50] Lockmatish: and it takes Lockmatish 60 minutes but it takes Frank only 20 minutes, how long does it take if they all work together? (giggle) (cwl)
[12:08:52] Lockmatish: (rofl) !
[12:09:06] Lockmatish: anyway, it seems that there was more to be found
[12:09:13] Lockmatish: deeper inspection reveals 3 lockboxes, of different colours
[12:09:13] Drack: yeah thought so
[12:09:22] Lockmatish: maybe to different "lightworker" groups who get different decryption codes?
[12:09:29] Drack: i always get flooded with info when i decrypt
[12:09:34] Lockmatish: the 1st box has the message:
"OIC is gone!
Run away!"
[12:09:35] Lockmatish: hm
[12:09:41] Lockmatish: 2nd box is the same as before: "OIC Is Gone!"
[12:09:42] Drack: (like)
[12:09:56] Drack: i like the "run away" part.
[12:09:58] Lockmatish: 3rd box is "Attack on OIC!!!!"
[12:10:02] Drack: yeah that
[12:10:04] Lockmatish: yeah, not sure where they gonna run though (rofl)
[12:10:14] Drack: have a closer look on the third
[12:10:17] Drack: there is more info
[12:10:17] Lockmatish: ok
[12:11:39] Drack: btw they´re not so smart sharing that info in public.. as they would think we couldn´t decrypt that..
[12:12:08] Frank: they don't really think at all...
[12:12:13] Drack: (rofl)
[12:12:14] Drack: true..
[12:12:34] Lockmatish: seems some of the lockboxes have extra hidden lockboxes underneath. A multi-part encryption, with multiple messages.

1st lockbox has a single one hidden underneath:
"We have been destroyed.
Get out now."
[12:12:48] Lockmatish: 3rd one has many many many many lockboxes underneath .. it seems to be maybe an entire report of what happened to "their" OIC
[12:12:52] Lockmatish: in bits and pieces
[12:13:08] Drack: yeah think so too
[12:13:30] Lockmatish: such as:
"They destroyed our hells"
"They froze our hells"
"They exposed what we were doing"
"Many people turned against us now"
[12:13:41] Drack: nice .
[12:14:17] Lockmatish: theres too many to bother to read them all
[12:14:20] Lockmatish: but checking for ones of interest
[12:14:27] Lockmatish: "Everything is dust now"
"We will get them back"
[12:14:28] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[12:14:35] Drack: let them come..
[12:14:42] Lockmatish: Shouldn't let the guard down.
[12:14:50] Dynamite Δύναμις: (chuckle)
[12:14:51] Drack: i thought there might be some info on where and when
[12:14:53] Drack: :D
[12:15:11] Drack: i would love to visit them "helping" to organize
[12:15:12] Drack: (rofl)
[12:15:28] Frank: good
[12:15:31] Frank: so let's go
[12:15:35] Lockmatish: Doesn't seem to be any specific info, just maybe "soon"
[12:15:40] Drack: mh.
[12:15:42] Lockmatish: I guess they haven't gotten to planning yet (rofl)
[12:15:45] Drack: but F already knows where, right
[12:15:46] Drack: (rofl)

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