The "high bases"

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The "high bases"

Unread postby Frank » 13 Mar 2017 20:20

[20:54:25] Frank: (War-News)

[20:54:57] Drack: ok
[20:54:59] Drack: so which first.
[20:55:36] Lockmatish: checking in
[20:55:40] Drack: (wave)
[20:55:45] Lockmatish: (wave)
[20:55:47] Drack: you know about new avatars
[20:55:50] Lockmatish: no
[20:55:51] Frank: cool Lockmatish...(wave)
[20:55:53] Lockmatish: reading chat now
[20:55:56] Drack: ok
[20:56:05] Frank: good check it, and test it pls. take your time, we wait
[20:56:56] Drack: high bases sound interesting.
[20:57:07] Drack: sounds like big fights
[20:57:08] Drack: :D
[20:57:19] X: about to become no bases
[20:57:26] Drack: (y)
[20:57:26] Frank: (rofl)
[20:57:47] Drack: thought the highest dims are quarantane zones?
[20:58:00] Frank: no, no
[20:58:03] Drack: oh ok
[20:58:20] Drack: i vote for taurus first
[20:58:25] Drack: :D
[20:58:49] Frank: there is no vote... ls2 first. taurus not before 21:50...
[20:58:54] X: yes
[20:58:54] Drack: ok
[20:58:58] X: save the best for last
[20:58:59] X: hahahaha
[20:59:01] Drack: yeah
[20:59:02] Drack: :D
[20:59:17] Frank: don't forget my battle avatars are already there...
[21:00:27] Lockmatish: ok, testing
[21:00:47] Drack: have fun. :D
[21:01:04] KHG: here I am (wave)
[21:01:10] Drack: (wave)
[21:01:14] Lockmatish: woah, shit
[21:01:18] Lockmatish: :o
[21:01:20] Drack: :D
[21:01:26] Drack: yeah i see you
[21:01:28] KHG: 47 seconds late - my bad (wasntme)
[21:01:34] Drack: nothing missed :D
[21:01:38] Lockmatish: stuck in traffic probably, no worries
[21:01:41] Lockmatish: :D
[21:01:59] Frank: ok KHG, test the new battle avatar. the visual..
[21:02:02] KHG: Naah, was watching House :P
[21:02:13] KHG: Doesn't work
[21:02:21] Drack: vision for me is a bit slit
[21:02:29] Drack: maybe some adjustment topic.
[21:02:55] Frank: Lockmatish? visual?
[21:03:14] Lockmatish: yes, I appear to have a visual of a new battle avatar
[21:03:33] Lockmatish: I didnt look in much detail, but I appear to be very "high off the ground" and tested some firing commands with "target dummies"
[21:03:39] Lockmatish: seems to work fine
[21:03:53] Lockmatish: pretty intense!
[21:04:25] Drack: vision is fine for me
[21:04:47] Frank: good
if KHG don't have visual, your skib can give you infos? check it pls...
[21:04:49] Drack: feels a bit "heavy" off the shoulder
[21:04:59] Frank: good
[21:05:02] Drack: :D
[21:05:17] Drack: visual info or info to guide
[21:05:19] Lockmatish: do you mean, can my skib tell me if KHG has visual?
[21:05:28] X: (rofl)
[21:05:31] Drack: :D
[21:05:34] Frank: no, i asked KHG...
[21:05:35] Lockmatish: or ... can my skib give me visual info about KHG's position , etc
[21:05:39] Drack: ah.
[21:05:39] Drack: ok
[21:05:41] Lockmatish: oh :D
[21:05:59] KHG: Nah, probably getting some kinda updates
[21:06:19] Frank: yes, 5 minutes
[21:07:52] Frank: i think you just order skib to follow X, and when you get back online you tell us...
[21:08:14] X: yeah hopefully someone sees me or I get vision back exactly as we start
[21:08:15] X: hahahaah
[21:08:20] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[21:08:31] KHG: following him

Edit Frank: lsa2 high base

[21:08:44] Frank: your skib know the way. you can just walk blind first and guys are our eyes...
[21:08:47] Drack: uhm , yeah can tell you X
[21:08:57] Lockmatish: I am following X
[21:09:02] Drack: is it starting now?
[21:09:10] X: 1 minute to go
[21:09:10] Drack: stings in chest..
[21:09:12] Drack: nasty
[21:09:18] Frank: yes. X and all, teleport to the entrance...
[21:09:19] Drack: triggers inside i guess
[21:09:27] Frank: i check
[21:09:37] Drack: not stopping
[21:09:46] Drack: like holding something glowing inside my chest
[21:10:07] Frank: yes, inside attack. i care already
[21:10:10] Drack: ok
[21:10:24] Lockmatish: I appear to be at the entrance
[21:10:27] Drack: same.
[21:10:43] X: guys how does my new Battle Avatar look?
[21:10:47] Drack: wait
[21:10:48] Frank: behind me should be 10 of my battle avatars...?
[21:10:56] Drack: a bit like a snake head
[21:11:00] Drack: on a ball/transformer
[21:11:01] Drack: (rofl)
[21:11:11] Lockmatish: X
[21:11:12] Drack: snake head, transformer body
[21:11:12] Lockmatish: yes
[21:11:12] Frank: X, you can just transform to old..(chuckle)
[21:11:18] Drack: ball on the bottom
[21:11:23] Drack: you see me
[21:11:25] X: doing so now
[21:11:26] Lockmatish: fucking HUUUUUGE transformer!
[21:11:33] Drack: it took alot of time
[21:11:33] Lockmatish: like its SOOOOOOO tall
[21:11:36] Drack: transforming to my shape :D
[21:11:55] X: ok let us go in
[21:11:56] Frank: you see my 10?
[21:12:00] X: they are here already
[21:12:01] Lockmatish: looking
[21:12:05] X: get ready for action
[21:12:08] Drack: yeah.
[21:12:16] Drack: avatar does that automatically
[21:12:18] Drack: it´s getting cold somehow
[21:12:22] X: attacks on my head
[21:12:27] Lockmatish: I see them behind you frank, in 2 rows of 5
[21:12:28] X: top of it, something is stuck
[21:12:37] KHG: I don't know where I am
[21:12:38] Frank: (y)
[21:12:43] Drack: removed X
[21:12:52] X: no I meant in 3D
[21:12:57] Drack: oh
[21:13:02] Drack: well you had something on head aswell
[21:13:08] Lockmatish: KHG, you are on the left side of the formation
[21:13:09] Lockmatish: you're here
[21:13:10] Lockmatish: no worries
[21:13:26] Frank: X, i defend
[21:13:27] X: the green door
[21:13:34] Drack: k
[21:13:39] KHG: So, I am still blind I suppose
[21:13:47] Drack: struggling with my inside attacks still
[21:13:54] Lockmatish: I see a massive green door
[21:13:58] X: inside
[21:13:59] KHG: Get me a pair of glasses, Frank (headbang)
[21:14:00] Drack: yeah i´m through
[21:14:13] Drack: big tree in the middle of a huge room
[21:14:20] Frank: > [Sonntag, 12. März 2017 21:13:47 Drack] struggling with my inside attacks still
<<< yes will need a bit.
[21:14:23] X: you always see trees
[21:14:26] X: illusions
[21:14:26] Drack: (rofl)
[21:14:28] Drack: yeah
[21:14:28] X: shoot
[21:14:29] Drack: ok
[21:14:34] X: there is no tree
[21:14:46] Drack: true..
[21:15:08] Frank: and no need to save shooting fire... (chuckle)
[21:15:23] Drack: the more i shoot the more that shit triggers in me
[21:15:24] Drack: :D
[21:15:29] X: found the hostages already
[21:15:37] Drack: enemies around
[21:15:40] X: let us go
[21:15:41] Frank: mom
[21:15:48] Frank: first other targets
[21:15:50] Frank: then hostages
[21:15:53] X: ok
[21:15:58] Frank: i mark them as 1 and 2
[21:16:04] Frank: 2 beings
[21:16:08] X: how many jobs here?
[21:16:15] Frank: we take, then sqeeze, then prison
[21:16:25] Drack: ok
[21:16:30] Frank: 3
[21:16:33] Drack: stunned them.
[21:16:38] Frank: 2 guys, + 2 jobs
[21:16:47] X: ok I am going for the guy
[21:16:54] Drack: they won´t move anyways.
[21:16:54] X: green slimy guy
[21:16:54] Drack: :D
[21:17:02] X: have him
[21:17:20] Frank: have you visual back?
[21:17:25] Drack: attack on me stopped
[21:17:26] X: so so
[21:17:30] Frank: ok
[21:17:31] X: not great
[21:17:34] X: but I get flashes
[21:17:34] Drack: same
[21:17:39] Drack: F look for disturbing stuff
[21:17:43] Drack: vision disturbing
[21:17:46] Drack: it went pretty badly
[21:17:53] Frank: ok
[21:18:08] X: I feel something running down from my head and onto the side of my face in 3D
[21:18:12] KHG: Starting to see, but really blurry.
[21:18:18] Drack: yeah same
[21:18:23] Drack: i have just a few sharp moments
[21:18:42] X: anyone sees the guy I am holding?
[21:18:44] KHG: Like running around until you realised that you forgot your glasses on the desk
[21:18:55] Drack: yeah
[21:18:55] KHG: That 5 ft black guy?
[21:19:00] Lockmatish: yes seems extremely tall
[21:19:07] Drack: Lockmatish
[21:19:09] Drack: you can change size
[21:19:10] Drack: btw
[21:19:11] Drack: :D
[21:19:13] Drack: you´re mini
[21:19:17] X: hahaahah
[21:19:20] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[21:19:21] KHG: 5ft is like 1.60 I think lol
[21:19:21] Frank: i install now 3D body protection...
[21:19:27] X: yes
[21:19:30] X: good
[21:19:30] Drack: (y)
[21:19:32] KHG: Nope, 1.52
[21:19:39] Drack: you squeezed something useful out of him
[21:19:47] X: oh I extract
[21:20:01] Frank: X, ask his name. and then the name of his outer core on earth...
[21:20:09] X: no I cannot extract it seems
[21:20:12] Drack: funny how attackers blow up in like 100 metres distance
[21:20:14] Drack: (rofl)
[21:20:22] Lockmatish: hm, well X seems shorter than him. wait, no, that changed
[21:20:31] Lockmatish: X is now taller than him, or something like that
[21:20:34] X: John the Baptist
[21:20:42] Drack: lol.
[21:20:49] Frank: > [Sonntag, 12. März 2017 21:20:09 X] no I cannot extract it seems
<<< i try to install fast into the avatar
[21:21:02] X: yes
[21:21:44] X: he is Ratzinger
[21:21:44] Frank: should work
[21:21:54] Frank: no
[21:22:01] Drack: the pope
[21:22:03] X: the former pope
[21:22:07] Frank: he is on list tomorrow...:D
[21:22:08] Drack: mh
[21:22:09] KHG: Just punched Tebarz van Elst. (rofl)
[21:22:15] Drack: (rofl)
[21:22:23] Drack: is somewhere mother theresa around
[21:22:24] Drack: (rofl)
[21:22:24] Frank: yes
[21:22:40] X: Frank, this is what I just extracted from his head
[21:22:49] Frank: ok X. he has rights, like the yesterday archon...
[21:22:57] X: oh
[21:23:02] Drack: interesting
[21:23:07] Frank: mom, i upgrade the skill...
[21:23:16] X: find the chair guys, he sits on the rights
[21:23:46] Drack: who
[21:23:57] Drack: got him
[21:23:58] X: already got the second guy
[21:23:59] Drack: but who is he
[21:24:02] Drack: oh
[21:24:08] Drack: wrong guy then
[21:24:18] Drack: yeah definitely.
[21:24:19] Frank: X try again to extract
[21:24:24] X: ok will do
[21:24:36] X: Busch
[21:24:41] Drack: george?
[21:24:45] Drack: :D
[21:24:47] Frank: (shake)
[21:24:50] Drack: mh.
[21:25:03] Frank: he has lies layers
[21:25:06] KHG: There's Steinmeier.
[21:25:12] Drack: oh
[21:25:13] Drack: gimme
[21:25:24] X: this extraction skill is not working like before,
[21:25:32] X: ok I try something else
[21:25:33] Frank: yes, it's different
[21:25:41] Drack: hehehe
[21:25:44] Drack: punched steinmeier.
[21:25:51] Drack: deserved it.
[21:25:51] X: he is Kofi
[21:25:54] KHG: Saw the guy I kicked out of his wheelchair? (rofl)
[21:26:00] Drack: (rofl) no lol
[21:26:05] KHG: Schäuble :D
[21:26:10] Drack: (like)
[21:26:10] Drack: good
[21:26:16] Drack: oh oh oh is merkel here
[21:26:17] X: Kofi Nanan
[21:26:20] Drack: please let merkel be here
[21:26:34] Drack: he´s there right
[21:26:37] KHG: Claudia Roth is over there
[21:26:37] Frank: ok no, seems it don't work this way...(chuckle)
[21:26:47] Drack: i guess
[21:26:48] Drack: i have merkel
[21:26:50] Drack: guys
[21:26:51] Drack: (rofl)
[21:27:02] Frank: make a fast following down his incarnation lines to the 3D body...
[21:27:05] X: he exclaimed that when I squeezed his eyes
[21:27:17] X: oh here we go
[21:27:28] Drack: KHG?
[21:27:29] Frank: it's a very special one
[21:27:32] Drack: come over here
[21:27:33] X: no he is not KHG
[21:27:40] Drack: no no i just write him
[21:27:46] Frank: ok, pls stop the jokes now...
[21:27:52] Drack: ok..
[21:28:30] X: he is either in Australia or China?
[21:28:37] Frank: no clue...
[21:28:38] X: showing me two places
[21:28:50] Frank: ok, he is Jakob Rothschield...
[21:28:58] Drack: ohhh...
[21:29:05] Drack: jackpot over here..
[21:29:06] Drack: :D
[21:29:21] Drack: i already like that place.
[21:32:09] Drack: guys?
[21:32:16] X: wait
[21:32:19] Drack: ok.
[21:34:00] Drack: F just had some attack on 3D vision
[21:34:06] Drack: right eye was half blind
[21:34:20] Frank: ok, better?
[21:34:30] Drack: yeah
[21:34:33] Drack: little bit blurry but ok
[21:44:15] Drack: inside attacks on chest started again
[21:44:24] Frank: ok
[21:48:16] Frank: ok, send them to prison, no need to waste time with dark lying bastards
[21:48:25] X: done
[21:48:29] Drack: what with merkel and co
[21:48:32] X: send off the second guy too?
[21:48:44] Frank: yes send this warbug asshole too
[21:48:59] X: ok done
[21:49:00] Drack: elites meeting here.
[21:49:37] Frank: yes, shoot them ALL down and send to prison.
[21:49:42] Frank: this is job 2
[21:49:51] Drack: you want to tell merkel something
[21:49:54] Drack: (chuckle)
[21:49:56] Drack: i already had my fun
[21:50:00] Frank: no
[21:50:03] Drack: ok.
[21:50:12] X: I have no vision anymore
[21:50:17] Drack: oh.
[21:50:37] Frank: attack. i care
[21:50:47] Frank: ok guys. you shoot?
[21:50:47] Drack: can i take people to prison?
[21:50:49] Drack: if yes
[21:50:50] Drack: i´m on it
[21:50:51] X: burning in my chest too
[21:51:20] Frank: no, you just need to shoot them down
[21:51:31] Drack: ok
[21:51:36] Lockmatish: I appear to be shooting for some time now, from above, some balcony or so
[21:52:12] Drack: i going through the whole
[21:52:17] Drack: whatever it is
[21:52:37] X: we still have hostages there to get out
[21:52:40] Frank: ok, we will not leave until all here is destroyed. so atm. just borng shooting...(chuckle)
[21:52:46] Frank: yes, job 3
[21:53:07] Frank: but first all darks down and out
[21:53:15] Drack: on it.
[21:53:25] Frank: we need to shoot down the cores from th OCs.. disconnect them...
[21:54:40] Frank: most 3D incarnated darks are incarnated from the high bases
[21:54:40] Lockmatish: understood
[21:54:59] Drack: half down i get?
[21:55:02] Drack: above half
[21:55:06] KHG: blind again
[21:55:10] Frank: 43%
[21:55:14] Frank: just shoot
[21:55:21] Drack: yeah ongoing
[21:57:55] Drack: those avatars got some speed
[21:58:30] Frank: 230 mio darks are/were there
[21:58:37] Drack: and they ignore buildings and all , just crashing through
[21:58:39] Drack: :D
[21:58:54] Frank: oh, we move?
[21:59:00] Drack: X does
[21:59:06] Drack: i´m mostly standing
[21:59:11] Drack: just moving a little bit
[21:59:21] Drack: but the weapons "move" through all
[22:01:02] Frank: 2% to go
[22:01:09] Drack: k
[22:01:19] Drack: that should be a few seconds..
[22:02:05] Drack: done?
[22:02:15] Drack: seems like done for me.
[22:02:30] Frank: yes
[22:02:37] Frank: now we take out hostages
[22:02:39] Drack: ok good.
[22:02:44] Frank: i send my battle avatars
[22:02:47] Frank: chek this
[22:03:08] Drack: yeah
[22:03:12] Drack: stasechambers?
[22:03:21] KHG: feeling weird and still blind
[22:03:33] Drack: my vision somethings get´s good
[22:03:35] Drack: sometimes bad
[22:03:53] Drack: at least my chest isn´t burning anymore :D
[22:03:56] Drack: Lockmatish?
[22:04:00] Frank: Lockmatish?
[22:04:02] Lockmatish: i'm here
[22:04:09] Drack: you fine?
[22:04:09] Lockmatish: been here whole time
[22:04:11] Lockmatish: just shooting
[22:04:14] Lockmatish: i'm fine
[22:04:15] Frank: all ok? see hostages?
[22:04:18] Drack: (y)
[22:04:23] Lockmatish: looking
[22:04:25] KHG: ca 200k
[22:04:30] Drack: seeing the hostages yeah
[22:04:35] Drack: most in stase
[22:04:38] Drack: if not all
[22:05:05] Frank: ok, i get 2-3 minutes to take them out of stasis..
[22:05:26] Lockmatish: most hostages appear to be on the "ground floor", but some (few, not many) are hidden above in the "apartment buildings" which surround the area
[22:06:08] Frank: avatars of me and alex for example...(chuckle)
[22:06:30] Drack: interesting
[22:06:34] Lockmatish: shit..
[22:06:38] Frank: and one more of d...and byron
[22:06:50] X: yes
[22:07:02] Drack: i don´t see what you see
[22:07:02] Frank: no good, so we take them out. late enough...:D
[22:07:06] KHG: Frank, Melanie's there too.
[22:07:08] Drack: can´t get rid of that illusions
[22:07:16] Frank: M. yes
[22:07:40] KHG: They are all tied to the floor with chains
[22:08:07] Frank: i try to clean
[22:08:38] Frank: first should be taken out. ~10 minutes for all
[22:09:01] Lockmatish: I guard them and the extractors...
[22:09:13] Drack: it´s pretty quiet
[22:09:15] Frank: you see the extractors?
[22:09:19] Lockmatish: matter of course
[22:09:21] Lockmatish: looking
[22:09:27] KHG: Yes, they are all sedated
[22:09:41] KHG: There's a huge shelf full of meds
[22:09:50] KHG: Mostly relaxants and sedativa
[22:09:56] Frank: don't take it...(chuckle)
[22:10:00] Lockmatish: I see the hostage extractors
[22:10:03] Lockmatish: many, many, many waves
[22:10:08] KHG: Naah, I am looking for the morphine shelf
[22:10:10] Frank: cool. my battle avatars
[22:10:12] Lockmatish: reminds me of firefighters looking for survivors... carrying them over their shoulders
[22:10:21] Lockmatish: some of them went upstairs to apartments already
[22:10:24] Lockmatish: cool
[22:10:27] Frank: :D
[22:10:31] Lockmatish: :D
[22:10:34] Lockmatish: getting water
[22:10:38] KHG: Did anyone fine my morphine shelf yet? :D
[22:10:40] Drack: can´t see much
[22:10:46] Drack: yeah i´m with you
[22:10:47] Drack: :D
[22:11:02] Drack: looks rather like a whole warehouse
[22:11:11] KHG: Yeah, but no Morphine yet
[22:11:18] Frank: drack: ~5 minutes estimated forthe current visual cleanings
[22:11:20] KHG: Only relaxants and sedativa.
[22:11:25] Drack: ok F (y)
[22:11:28] KHG: Some other narcotics like Propofol too
[22:11:38] Drack: they use 3D medicine outside?
[22:11:47] Drack: or just visualisation :D
[22:11:48] Lockmatish: maybe they use outside medicine in 3d ...
[22:11:53] Drack: :O
[22:12:14] KHG: Obviously, yes. They also have effects on the energetic parts of us, that's why
[22:12:28] Lockmatish: right.. (headbang)
[22:12:44] Frank: no, your skib just translated it to your knowledge
[22:12:52] Drack: :D
[22:12:53] Lockmatish: there we go
[22:12:59] Lockmatish: very handy, that
[22:13:08] KHG: (wasntme)
[22:13:23] Frank: :D
[22:14:08] Drack: good so
[22:14:12] Drack: i kicked merkel´s ass
[22:14:14] Drack: i´m happy for a lifetime
[22:14:22] X: :D
[22:14:39] KHG: Not hard enough. She's still alive I suppose (wasntme)
[22:14:42] Lockmatish: why that face KHG ? :D
[22:14:48] Drack: yeah well
[22:14:48] KHG: (chuckle)
[22:14:52] Lockmatish: :D
[22:14:53] Drack: :D
[22:15:11] Drack: you kicked schäuble out of his wheelchair (rofl)
[22:15:15] Drack: that´s even better.
[22:15:17] KHG: (chuckle)
[22:19:40] Frank: but guys, you are aware, that you just kicked darks with shapes of that assholes? :D
[22:19:47] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[22:19:49] Lockmatish: :D
[22:19:50] Drack: i don´t care.. :D
[22:19:52] Lockmatish: first step guys
[22:19:54] Frank: there were ~23.000 merkels... her fan club
[22:19:57] Lockmatish: woah
[22:20:02] Drack: merkel fanclub
[22:20:04] Drack: (puke)
[22:20:26] Drack: just hope there was the original merkel somewhere..
[22:20:32] Drack: if not.. don´t care :D
[22:20:39] Drack: kicked a merkel. i´m fine with that.
[22:20:56] Lockmatish: you're easy to please
[22:21:00] Lockmatish: i'll dress up a target dummy for you
[22:21:01] Lockmatish: as a merkel
[22:21:07] Drack: oh no i´m fine :D
[22:21:10] Drack: i take what i get
[22:21:10] Lockmatish: :D
[22:21:13] Drack: someday we have the real one
[22:21:14] KHG: Merkel Fan Club? Sounds quite fucked up, necrophilia sounds totally sane compared to that! (rofl)
[22:21:20] Lockmatish: :P
[22:21:23] Drack: yeah thought the same (rofl)
[22:21:27] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[22:21:34] Drack: chest attacks again
[22:21:38] Lockmatish: insanity knows no bounds
[22:21:40] Drack: it´s puncturing through on the other side
[22:21:52] Drack: ouch..
[22:22:07] Frank: pls check for hostages. i think all should be gone by now
[22:22:23] Drack: there are 3
[22:22:25] X: still a batch
[22:22:25] Drack: hostages
[22:22:34] Drack: there is some room
[22:22:36] Frank: ok darks
[22:22:36] Drack: i go there
[22:22:38] Drack: ok.
[22:22:56] Drack: still 3
[22:22:57] Lockmatish: ah, that explains my strange answer
[22:23:06] Drack: filtered for L
[22:23:11] Frank: G2+
[22:23:11] KHG: Ulf is one of the hostages
[22:23:21] Lockmatish: "skib, check for hostages" : >> I can see 3
"skib, are there any hostages left?" >> no
[22:23:29] Drack: mh.
[22:23:53] Drack: F you do something on that attacks on me
[22:23:56] Drack: it´s getting worse.
[22:24:17] Frank: ok, so back to the entrance. we will destroy it all, and battle avatars take the rest hostages to prison
[22:24:32] Lockmatish: there appears to be no more left G2+ hostages
[22:24:35] Lockmatish: okay
[22:24:53] Drack: ok
[22:25:07] Frank: @drack new attacks i am on it. lsa3 attacking...
[22:25:08] KHG: How is it btw? g2+ are getting free and <g3 is being jailed?
[22:25:20] Frank: <g2
[22:25:23] Drack: lsa3? they´re pretty revenging.
[22:25:29] KHG: Ahh
[22:25:45] Frank: teleport to entrance
[22:25:49] Drack: i´m
[22:26:06] Lockmatish: patrolling entrance
[22:26:17] Frank: all here?
[22:26:25] Drack: seems like
[22:26:31] Lockmatish: yes, seems we are all here
[22:26:43] KHG: there
[22:27:10] Frank: X, you like to try new avatar skill and destroy it all?
[22:27:21] X: sure
[22:27:24] Frank: go
[22:27:38] Frank: guy look, i think he will do bit transform
[22:27:44] X: done
[22:27:59] Frank: too late (chuckle)
[22:28:04] Drack: not sure what happened
[22:28:05] Drack: :D
[22:28:07] X: :D
[22:28:12] Frank: ok guys, what do you see from the base?
[22:28:19] Lockmatish: I think I missed the transform, but I saw the new transformation
[22:28:31] Drack: a big hole but still something there
[22:28:44] KHG: Something large. Looks like some kind of pillar
[22:28:49] Drack: yeah
[22:28:56] Drack: 3-4 "skyscraper" like stuff
[22:29:04] Frank: (rofl)
[22:29:14] Frank: X, did you manually shoot?
[22:29:23] Drack: :D
[22:29:57] X: no I gave the order
[22:30:06] Drack: aiming system defect?
[22:30:35] X: it was supposed to target everything and destroy it
[22:30:41] Drack: well
[22:30:47] Drack: there is just a big hole through
[22:31:26] Lockmatish: I checked the base, seems that it is 99% flattened, but a tiny bit of things still remain
[22:32:03] Lockmatish: on the left, 2 tiny buildings; on the right, 2 larger buildings, in the middle-right, some kind of weird "teardrop-shape" plastic "bunker" thing
[22:32:17] Lockmatish: that seems a bit more resistant than usual material
[22:32:22] Lockmatish: and in the middle-back, something else
[22:32:32] Drack: would wonder if that would sustain an attack
[22:32:32] Drack: :D
[22:32:38] Lockmatish: probs not (rofl)
[22:32:43] Lockmatish: some kind of circles in the middle-back
[22:32:44] KHG: The bunker thingy is getting fire :D
[22:32:48] Lockmatish: :D
[22:33:23] Drack: trying to destroy that now..
[22:33:47] Frank: just wrong command kind...
[22:33:50] Frank: he does now
[22:33:53] Drack: ok
[22:33:57] Lockmatish: ok
[22:34:08] X: done
[22:34:16] Lockmatish: I saw 2 MASSIVE shots from X just now
[22:34:29] Lockmatish: like ....... "air-rippling plasma"
[22:34:32] Lockmatish: hard to explain
[22:34:41] X: ok so the term is Obliterate and disintegrate
[22:34:42] Drack: yeah pretty ripped down
[22:34:45] X: (rofl)
[22:34:46] Frank: this was ninja fire...
[22:34:49] Lockmatish: :D
[22:34:56] Lockmatish: I thought ninjas are discreet (giggle)
[22:35:00] Lockmatish: guess not at the end
[22:35:02] X: (ninja)
[22:35:04] Drack: nah..
[22:35:06] Drack: :D
[22:35:10] Lockmatish: :D
[22:35:11] Frank: (rofl)
[22:35:11] Drack: F redefined that term
[22:35:15] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[22:35:20] Frank: no, they can do both
[22:35:21] X: ok guys next job
[22:35:42] Lockmatish: understood@both
[22:35:58] Drack: ok next.
[22:36:26] Frank: yes
[22:36:29] Drack: stings come back..
[22:36:31] Drack: :D
[22:36:35] Lockmatish: Following X again

Edit Frank: taurus high base

[22:36:50] Frank: teleport to the entrance of taurus high base
[22:37:02] KHG: There
[22:37:07] X: hostages first?
[22:37:35] KHG: Drack where are you?
[22:37:36] Frank: no. same.
catch 1 guy-> prison
shoot all others down...
then hostages
[22:37:41] Drack: aside X
[22:37:42] X: ok
[22:37:43] Lockmatish: ok
[22:37:47] KHG: Ok
[22:37:58] Drack: ok i wait for X to catch someone.
[22:37:58] Drack: :D
[22:38:04] Lockmatish: awaiting go signal
[22:38:08] X: done
[22:38:08] Frank: i think they are even more aggressive
[22:38:12] Drack: a bit
[22:38:12] X: yes
[22:38:15] Drack: ok
[22:38:16] Drack: shooting
[22:38:32] Lockmatish: same fire mode as before?
[22:38:36] Lockmatish: shoot to disconnect core from OC?
[22:38:40] Drack: i try a bit around
[22:38:40] Frank: yes
[22:38:41] Drack: ..
[22:38:42] Drack: :D
[22:38:57] Lockmatish: seems much more dangerous than the last base
[22:39:00] Frank: X, is he in prison?
[22:39:16] Drack: how does that fire look like Lockmatish?
[22:39:25] Lockmatish: the fire mode?
[22:39:30] Drack: yeah mine
[22:39:32] Lockmatish: sec
[22:39:52] KHG: Greenish. The flames at least
[22:39:57] X: no he is not
[22:40:05] Drack: mh ok interesting
[22:40:05] Lockmatish: I see something bit different
[22:40:10] Drack: so fullpower is green fire
[22:40:11] Lockmatish: like ...... a "spread" of "balls"
[22:40:13] Frank: still with you?
[22:40:15] Lockmatish: each shot is a "spread shot"
[22:40:15] X: yes
[22:40:21] Drack: interesting
[22:40:50] Frank: ok, i first destroy all inside him, then you can send
[22:41:18] X: ok
[22:41:52] Frank: btw, this is one of the many saudi princes
[22:42:04] Drack: ah.
[22:42:09] X: prince or princess?
[22:42:16] Lockmatish: bastards
[22:42:19] Drack: this
[22:42:20] Drack: (rofl)
[22:42:35] Frank: depends on how you squeeze him...:D
[22:42:43] Drack: lol
[22:42:53] X: :D
[22:44:09] Frank: and whoever he is, he is much more protected against disconnect from 3D as anyone else here. so he is for sure the right one...(chuckle)
[22:44:26] X: yes
[22:44:27] Drack: X always gets the right ones
[22:44:27] Drack: :D
[22:44:38] X: I have two others already
[22:45:03] Frank: you want to play? (chuckle)
[22:45:09] Drack: i don´t even want to talk with those
[22:45:14] X: I always play
[22:45:14] Drack: just eliminate.
[22:45:15] X: hahaha
[22:45:21] Frank: (rofl)
[22:45:25] Lockmatish: :D
[22:45:29] Drack: i´m sure they don´t have that much to talk anyways
[22:45:29] Drack: :D
[22:45:41] Frank: ok, but tell skib to shot full fire too... while you play..(chuckle)
[22:45:53] X: sure
[22:46:02] X: I gave that order already
[22:46:07] X: as soon as I entered the base
[22:47:22] Frank: 450 mio darks there, 230 mio incarnated ones
[22:47:32] Drack: anyone interesting
[22:47:44] X: hope my sister in law in this
[22:47:46] X: hahaahha
[22:47:49] Drack: :D
[22:47:57] Frank: sure (y)
[22:48:04] Frank: 38%
[22:48:08] Lockmatish: seems you can augment the skib's auto fire with your own firing strategy
[22:48:13] Lockmatish: does both at same time
[22:48:15] Lockmatish: I think
[22:48:30] Drack: i just transformed into the best possible to have the most firepower
[22:48:46] Frank: (y)
[22:48:54] Drack: since my own visualisation isn´t working at all somehow.
[22:48:54] Drack: :D
[22:48:55] Frank: good, i do too now
[22:49:18] Frank: thought skib does this auto...
[22:49:25] Drack: was not sure
[22:49:28] X: I wish I could see what I am doing
[22:49:30] Lockmatish: no, the command did have some effect for sure
[22:49:33] X: I hope I am shooting
[22:49:35] X: hahaha
[22:49:36] Lockmatish: ill look
[22:49:46] Drack: just torturing people
[22:49:47] Drack: as always
[22:49:59] Frank: 66% down
[22:50:13] Drack: they don´t even really resist
[22:50:17] Drack: someone disabled them?
[22:50:18] Lockmatish: uhhhhh if I see correctly
[22:50:28] Lockmatish: I seen you flipping through the air, while shooting
[22:50:36] Lockmatish: also, interrogating
[22:50:42] Lockmatish: also, shooting while stationary
[22:50:43] X: yeah I learnt that from Optimus Prime
[22:50:44] KHG: headaches
[22:50:45] X: hahaahaha
[22:50:50] KHG: reading is quite hard for me rn
[22:50:51] Drack: :D
[22:50:56] Lockmatish: your shots are interesting - they are less in quantity but seem more powerful individually
[22:51:00] Lockmatish: Optimus Prime :D
[22:51:02] X: yes you can multiply yourself
[22:51:11] Lockmatish: Ahh I see
[22:51:21] Drack: but if that increases in firepower..
[22:51:22] Lockmatish: no wonder I saw so much stuff
[22:51:38] KHG: cant read at all right now. just guessing what i am typing on the keyboard and the headaches are getting worse
[22:51:49] Frank: make a break
[22:53:02] Frank: 92%
[22:56:11] X: ok
[22:56:34] Frank: all done i think
[22:56:43] Frank: hostages need 10 min to take ot
[22:56:48] X: yes
[22:56:52] Drack: (y)
[22:56:53] Frank: visual back?
[22:57:03] X: no
[22:57:06] Frank: nvm
[22:57:17] Drack: doesn´t look very intersting there anyways
[22:57:23] Frank: ok
[22:57:26] X: this was not so bad
[22:57:30] Lockmatish: there appears to be a "dummy" target
[22:57:31] Frank: but we need your eyes...
[22:58:05] Frank: and it seems to become a longer night, maybe we can do all 5 in a row (with small break)...
[22:58:14] Drack: sure
[22:58:15] Drack: have time
[22:58:18] X: yes let us do it
[22:58:19] Lockmatish: I'll make coffee in that break
[22:58:34] Frank: (y) (coffee) :D
[22:58:37] Lockmatish: :D
[22:59:04] X: I will break for dinner sometime though
[22:59:16] Lockmatish: then maybe that should be the break time
[22:59:26] X: yes
[22:59:33] X: I can go now you know?
[22:59:39] X: I am hungry
[22:59:41] Drack: 10minutes you got
[22:59:41] X: hahahahaa
[22:59:43] Lockmatish: :D
[22:59:58] Frank: yes go, i will destroy this one...(chuckle)
[23:00:10] Lockmatish: okay, I guard hostages and extractors automatically, I go make coffee
[23:00:11] Frank: take the deathstar again...(rofl)
[23:00:17] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[23:00:18] X: :D
[23:00:26] X: oh in that case I have 30 minutes
[23:00:27] X: hahahaha
[23:00:34] Frank: (rofl)
[23:00:36] Drack: i´ll just vaporize everything i find..
[23:00:41] Drack: :D
[23:01:01] Frank: after this we have a break anyway. the next to are not finished to prepare
[23:01:07] X: oh ok
[23:01:26] Drack: how long you think that night will be?
[23:01:41] Drack: longer than 4am i won´t be able to make
[23:01:57] Frank: no clue. i thought 2 today, 3 tomorrow. but now i found a shortcut, and want to take it
[23:02:12] Drack: ok then
[23:02:13] Drack: :D
[23:02:18] Frank: i think earlier than 4am
[23:02:51] Frank: but waiting till tomorrow maybe gives the remaining 3 groups time to whatever... and i don't want this
[23:03:09] Drack: yep
[23:03:14] Drack: get them hard
[23:03:17] Drack: get them fast.
[23:07:26] Frank: ok, seems all G2+ hostages are gone. pls check.
[23:07:32] Frank: if so, go back to entrance
[23:07:52] Drack: all done
[23:07:54] Drack: going out
[23:07:58] Frank: Lockmatish?
[23:08:14] Drack: he´s into coffee right now
[23:08:14] Frank: making coffe...(chuckle)
[23:08:14] Drack: :D
[23:08:23] Frank: ok, we wait
[23:11:05] Frank: all should now be at the entrance. Lockmatish too. drack you see him?
[23:11:26] Drack: yeah seems so
[23:11:50] Frank: ok, then i shoot. pls look how long the transform takes...(chuckle)
[23:11:58] Drack: (rofl)
[23:12:49] Drack: faster at least
[23:13:02] Frank: did i shoot already?
[23:13:09] Drack: nope
[23:13:16] Drack: you´re done transforming
[23:13:40] Drack: yeah you shot now
[23:13:55] Lockmatish: back
[23:14:37] Frank: ok, when i have time, i still need to optimize the transform speed...(rofl)
but it's a fun project anyways...(chuckle)
[23:14:52] Drack: yeah :D
[23:14:58] Frank: ok, anything left inside?
[23:15:00] Drack: and i still don´t know if my transformation worked out
[23:15:13] Drack: a part on the right
[23:15:15] Drack: a little bit
[23:15:20] Drack: like a wall
[23:16:26] Frank: shot 2nd time...
[23:16:36] Lockmatish: i see a well in middle
[23:16:41] Lockmatish: wall on right
[23:16:48] Lockmatish: tiny wall on left
[23:17:00] Lockmatish: checking again after 2nd shot
[23:17:39] Drack: that deathstar seems better for some planets.
[23:17:39] Drack: :D
[23:17:43] Drack: like massive things
[23:18:01] Lockmatish: seems well leads to deep massive underground cavern
[23:18:10] Drack: mh
[23:18:11] Drack: interesting
[23:18:15] Lockmatish: but all being vaporised
[23:18:37] Lockmatish: walls gone
[23:19:17] Frank: ok. seems i need more detail work for the DS. next time i take the standard one...:D
[23:19:26] Drack: :D
[23:19:30] Lockmatish: :D
[23:19:31] Drack: caverns still there?
[23:19:38] Drack: the "well" seems to
[23:20:35] Lockmatish: still there still burning
[23:20:55] Lockmatish: is a rectangular prism shape
[23:21:29] Frank: ok, i shoot now with all avtars...
[23:21:39] Frank: i think the DS is back to normal..?
[23:21:39] Lockmatish: has small tubes on left and right, each connects to ground level
[23:21:50] Lockmatish: yes
[23:21:53] Drack: more or less
[23:22:00] Frank: (chuckle)
[23:22:29] Frank: but now we know why the sith lost... their weapons are shit...:D
[23:23:11] Drack: :D
[23:23:14] Drack: inaccurate yeah
[23:23:15] Drack: :D
[23:23:35] Lockmatish: LMAO
[23:23:37] Lockmatish: true even in the films
[23:23:44] Lockmatish: can destroy a planet, but, big trouble with a small ship
[23:23:55] Lockmatish: I can draw a small picture of cavern if you wish
[23:23:58] Lockmatish: will see if still there
[23:24:33] Lockmatish: seems to be completely filled with rubble now, but
[23:24:38] Lockmatish: the two "lifelines"
[23:24:43] Lockmatish: still exist, on each side
[23:24:54] Lockmatish: they loop from each side of the cavern back up to ground level
[23:25:09] X: back
[23:25:13] Lockmatish: (wave)
[23:25:17] Drack: wb.
[23:25:36] Frank: hm, ok, i do a deeper search on this...
[23:25:49] Lockmatish: okay, lifelines seem destroyed now
[23:26:25] Lockmatish: mm thats good coffee (coffee)
[23:26:42] Drack: (like)
[23:27:42] Lockmatish: base again: there's indicators where the walls once stood
[23:27:53] Lockmatish: and the well in the middle, you can still see the circle outline of its opening
[23:28:04] Lockmatish: (the well is actually an underground well, you can only see the very top from the surface, it has nothing above-ground)
[23:28:05] Drack: yeah those indicators are everywhere
[23:28:11] Lockmatish: but apart from that, everything seems to be just rubble
[23:28:11] Drack: guess illusions
[23:28:17] Lockmatish: maybe
[23:29:45] Frank: i found it. i upgrade the ninja software...(chuckle)
i shoot this shit now down with normal weapons...
[23:29:55] Lockmatish: :D
[23:30:01] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:30:15] Frank: i should fire with all 10 avatars now...
[23:30:34] Lockmatish: yes, I see 10 in a row
[23:30:35] Lockmatish: all firing
[23:30:41] Frank: :D
[23:30:50] Lockmatish: sequentially, but in unison
[23:30:58] Lockmatish: gives me quite a start / makes me jump :D
[23:31:20] Frank: \o/
[23:31:24] Lockmatish: :D
[23:32:47] Frank: ok, jump "home" for break. my ten will go him after they done
[23:32:56] Lockmatish: okay :D
[23:33:22] Frank: in 2 minutes i know when we go next...
[23:33:26] Drack: ok
[23:33:28] Lockmatish: okay
[23:36:30] Frank: ok, at 0:10 in ~35 minutes we can continue
[23:36:37] Drack: ok
[23:36:48] X: I could have eaten more
[23:36:50] X: hahaaha
[23:36:54] X: (rofl)
[23:36:58] Drack: go ahead
[23:36:59] Drack: :D
[23:37:09] Lockmatish: yeah, now is your chance :D
[23:37:09] Frank: you get fat...(rofl)
[23:37:18] Drack: (rofl)
[23:37:19] X: nah I am done, hahahaha
[23:37:20] Lockmatish: my chance too.. (giggle)
[23:37:22] Lockmatish: (rofl)
Montag, 13. März 2017
[00:07:51] Lockmatish: ready
[00:07:58] X: (bandit)
[00:08:18] Drack: (sloth)
[00:08:19] Lockmatish: :D
[00:09:15] Frank: :D
[00:09:19] Drack: still attacks on chest.
[00:09:25] Drack: way less hurting but annoying
[00:09:37] Drack: guess they blew a big hole in me with that..
[00:10:09] Drack: nevermind
[00:10:10] Drack: ouch
[00:10:22] Drack: just got worse :D

Edit Frank: lsa3 high base

[00:11:17] Frank: ok, next target: lsa3, entrance somewhere near St.Petersburg...

4 jobs:
1) catch 2 guys, destroy protection -> prison
2) shoot down all darks..-> prison
3) whatever 4th job...
4) hostages...
[00:11:32] Frank: @drack, i check
[00:11:36] Drack: ok
[00:11:46] Drack: now i know why they´re pissed
[00:11:48] Drack: :D
[00:11:53] X: here we go, I have no vision but let us go
[00:11:56] Lockmatish: ready
[00:11:58] Drack: i´ll follow up
[00:11:59] Lockmatish: ok
[00:12:19] Drack: hurtings increase
[00:13:20] Lockmatish: seems we are at the entrance, you are there X
[00:13:27] Drack: yeah
[00:13:28] Drack: he´s there
[00:13:28] Lockmatish: there is an extremely tall tower, like an airport radar tower
[00:13:30] X: caught the two guys already
[00:13:31] Lockmatish: and a massive wall
[00:13:33] Lockmatish: LOL
[00:13:35] Drack: mh.
[00:13:40] Drack: yeah
[00:14:01] Frank: D: yes, i try to shoot the attack inside you down. or you catch them now 1:1 inside...(chuckle)
[00:14:18] Drack: ok
[00:14:39] Frank: X: ok, i start destroying the inner protections..
[00:14:44] Drack: brb
[00:14:51] X: yes
[00:14:52] Drack: need to have a bit fun with those..
[00:15:02] Frank: go :D
[00:15:17] Frank: so, all start fire to disconnact them...
[00:15:25] Drack: ok
[00:15:36] Lockmatish: already on it
[00:15:40] Lockmatish: the wall seems to be damaged now
[00:15:44] Lockmatish: big damage in it
[00:15:59] Lockmatish: there seems to be innumerable targets on the other side
[00:16:11] Lockmatish: shelling them from here
[00:16:24] X: shelling, I like that term
[00:16:26] X: hahaaha
[00:16:27] Lockmatish: :D
[00:16:50] Drack: someone knows a st. benectus
[00:16:51] Frank: (rofl)
[00:17:16] Lockmatish: shelling the watch tower
[00:17:18] Lockmatish: level by level
[00:17:22] Lockmatish: climbing upwards systematically
[00:18:32] Drack: i threw all through a window
[00:18:33] Frank: 23%
[00:18:36] Drack: cant find them anymore
[00:18:36] X: stats for this target in terms of amount of darks and such
[00:18:37] Drack: meh
[00:18:44] Drack: (unamused)
[00:18:54] Frank: you can sent the two to prison, internal destroyed
[00:19:03] X: done
[00:19:55] Drack: transforming now to max firepower
[00:20:09] Lockmatish: done with the first watch tower
[00:20:20] Lockmatish: discovered a second one to my 10 o'clock, working on that
[00:20:31] X: anyone seeing what I am doing here
[00:20:40] Drack: deathraying around?
[00:20:43] Frank: 470 mio darks, 204 mio incarnated
[00:20:48] Lockmatish: looking at you X.. one moment
[00:20:58] Drack: for me you just deathray around.
[00:21:03] Drack: maybe going on someone again
[00:21:08] Lockmatish: okay...
[00:21:12] Lockmatish: I see "jedi moves"
[00:21:15] Lockmatish: flipping around like a crazy ninja
[00:21:18] Lockmatish: at unfollowable speed
[00:21:20] Lockmatish: with a sword or such
[00:21:22] Lockmatish: deflecting bullets
[00:21:26] Lockmatish: slashing and slicing
[00:21:28] X: ok
[00:21:40] Drack: which part of his 1000´s of multiplies
[00:21:41] Drack: (rofl)
[00:21:45] Lockmatish: yeah probably just one part
[00:21:47] Lockmatish: who knows which one
[00:21:58] Lockmatish: Skib found me an X, im happy
[00:22:02] Lockmatish: just like you were happy with your "merkel" (rofl)
[00:22:07] X: hahahaa
[00:22:25] Drack: the maximum i can multiply is 32 times
[00:22:26] Drack: did
[00:22:31] Drack: transforming to max firepower now
[00:22:34] Drack: let´s speed that up
[00:22:35] Drack: :D
[00:22:50] Drack: :D
[00:22:59] Lockmatish: I am positioned on the outside of the base, at the left front corner
[00:23:02] Lockmatish: shelling down the courtyard
[00:23:06] Lockmatish: and diagonal fire across from here
[00:23:09] X: [07:11:18 PM] Frank: 4 jobs:
1) catch 2 guys, destroy protection -> prison
2) shoot down all darks..-> prison
3) whatever 4th job...
4) hostages...
<<< no clue about 3)
[00:23:13] Drack: same
[00:23:18] Lockmatish: nice
[00:23:30] Drack: "whatever" isn´t really specific though
[00:24:13] Drack: that multiplying feels
[00:24:14] Drack: strange
[00:24:18] Drack: like being stretched.
[00:24:34] Lockmatish: I am moving further down outside along the left wall
[00:24:40] Lockmatish: got into a very high vertical position
[00:24:46] Lockmatish: shelling down entire base from here
[00:26:04] Frank: 73%
[00:26:26] Frank: and what are my 10 avatars doing? ihave no clue how they fight...(chuckle)
[00:26:28] Lockmatish: now transformed into some kind of "plane" I think; positioned above center of the base, in the air, sending waves and waves of .... "rain" ?? "flames" ??
[00:26:32] Lockmatish: ill look
[00:27:01] Drack: armageddon waves.
[00:27:01] Drack: :D
[00:27:07] Frank: (rofl)
[00:27:09] Lockmatish: had a look at 5 of them
[00:27:10] Lockmatish: yes, Drack
[00:27:15] Lockmatish: like a sprinkler.. rotating
[00:27:22] Lockmatish: one of them was on a machine gun, stationary
[00:27:24] Lockmatish: maybe a turret
[00:27:25] Drack: i stay classy i blow all up..
[00:27:32] Lockmatish: one of them on a tank ... rolling over buildings and walls
[00:27:39] Lockmatish: one of them was hammering down into the building and crushing downwards
[00:27:45] Lockmatish: one of them was crushing horizontally
[00:27:53] Lockmatish: one of them was like a ninja like X before
[00:27:55] Drack: F you can start healings on my shit?
[00:27:56] Lockmatish: flipping around and stuff
[00:27:56] Lockmatish: :D
[00:28:06] Drack: feels still like a hole inside.
[00:28:36] Frank: yes. but more shit to remove before healing
[00:28:37] Frank: i do
[00:28:41] Drack: ok
[00:28:45] Drack: should be all inactive by now
[00:28:55] Drack: at least feels way better
[00:29:06] Frank: good
[00:29:10] Lockmatish: btw, this base structure is very simple
[00:29:20] Lockmatish: apart from the watch towers, it seems the entire base structure is a simple square shape
[00:29:25] Lockmatish: what i've seen so far at least
[00:29:29] X: it goes into the ground
[00:29:32] Lockmatish: I see
[00:29:32] Drack: yeah
[00:29:41] Drack: that´s just coverup
[00:29:43] Drack: enterance
[00:29:44] Lockmatish: i'm now positioning myself along each wall, and "lasering" horizontally all the way across and back and forth
[00:29:45] Lockmatish: got it
[00:29:56] Drack: hostages already found?
[00:30:18] X: yes I found them
[00:30:21] Drack: ok
[00:30:31] Frank: but firts the 3) job
[00:30:33] X: but we still have job 3)
[00:30:42] Drack: what is job 3.
[00:30:42] Drack: :D
[00:30:47] Drack: skib knows?
[00:30:48] Frank: no clue
[00:30:57] Frank: yes
[00:31:02] Drack: big tanks
[00:31:02] X: someone follow me
[00:31:02] Lockmatish: yes, there is an extremely large shaft below the ground
[00:31:07] Drack: ok
[00:31:07] Lockmatish: below the ground of the entire base
[00:31:07] Frank: 93%
[00:31:12] X: for job 3)
[00:31:17] Lockmatish: i'm working on destroying it's supports so that it falls through
[00:31:18] Drack: job 3 brought me to a few big tanks
[00:31:19] X: need someone to be my eyes
[00:31:22] Drack: ok
[00:31:26] Lockmatish: okay, X, I'll come
[00:31:38] Lockmatish: I see us
[00:31:39] Lockmatish: as
[00:31:40] X: a stone
[00:31:46] Drack: yeah
[00:31:50] Drack: with writings
[00:31:55] Lockmatish: yes what about it
[00:31:59] X: no clue
[00:32:01] X: Frank?
[00:32:05] Drack: i scan
[00:32:19] Drack: it is placed inside a shield
[00:32:20] Lockmatish: you need both? i'll go back up ..
[00:32:24] Frank: a tool
[00:32:30] Drack: secure?
[00:32:30] X: weapon?
[00:32:30] Frank: remember astrology?
[00:32:33] X: yes
[00:32:40] X: ok I have it now
[00:32:44] X: we destroy this?
[00:33:01] Frank: no, we take it with us...
[00:33:07] X: ok
[00:33:10] Frank: they stole it from us
[00:33:14] X: done
[00:33:19] Lockmatish: I'm back at the surface, there appears to be a hovering, rotating .......... shield or spacecraft or some such
[00:33:26] Lockmatish: it's quite resilient, it's hovering over the entire base
[00:33:28] Frank: it's more than the stone
[00:33:31] Lockmatish: seems to be connected to it quite strongly
[00:33:32] Lockmatish: I'm shelling it
[00:33:36] Drack: the "mandiane" ?
[00:33:43] Drack: is it called like that?
[00:33:54] Frank: i send battle avatars to build all out...
[00:34:00] Drack: mh.
[00:34:15] X: no need I will go through the spacecraft now
[00:34:54] Lockmatish: i'm strafing around, hammering it from all sides
[00:34:57] Lockmatish: PS before I saw the spacecraft
[00:35:02] Lockmatish: I was firing upwards at some kind of "drones" in the sky
[00:35:06] Lockmatish: and then it appeared soon after
[00:35:33] Frank: 95%
[00:35:33] X: firing one shot on it
[00:35:39] X: will be destroyed
[00:35:39] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:35:42] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:35:49] Lockmatish: I'll look
[00:36:04] Lockmatish: I see that it has been obliterated in the center
[00:36:06] Frank: but we still need to shoot them down for disconnection...
[00:36:13] X: got it
[00:36:20] Drack: on it
[00:36:26] X: so more than the stone, Drack there is a wheel somewhere
[00:37:04] Frank: we have it
[00:37:14] Drack: mh ok
[00:37:14] X: (y)
[00:37:19] Frank: my battle avatars are dismounting it all
[00:37:26] X: ok
[00:37:38] X: so 3rd job is done?
[00:37:39] Frank: ah ok, but they can not take the parts...
[00:37:43] Frank: no
[00:38:03] Frank: someone has to collect all dismounted parts, while rest shoots down darks
[00:38:10] Drack: ok
[00:38:11] Drack: on it
[00:38:14] Lockmatish: ill fire
[00:38:21] X: ok good
[00:38:26] Frank: (y)
[00:39:16] Drack: should have all?
[00:39:18] Frank: 97%
[00:39:18] Drack: quite alot
[00:39:24] Drack: Lockmatish can you look
[00:39:30] X: ok Lockmatish, tell me how they are shooting, with weapons? how, can you see?
[00:39:41] Frank: @drack: no, they still dismount parts...
[00:39:47] Drack: ok
[00:39:52] Lockmatish: im surrounding the spacecraft on all sides and firing a killzone penetrating from all sides
[00:39:53] Lockmatish: il look X
[00:39:54] Drack: tell me when
[00:40:00] Frank: D: ~5 minutes to go
[00:40:08] Drack: (y)
[00:40:25] Lockmatish: X, their weapons are very very strange
[00:40:29] Lockmatish: I see them firing from the spacecraft
[00:40:35] Lockmatish: there is something wrong with their "bullets"
[00:40:37] Lockmatish: they seem distorted
[00:40:39] X: mechanical?
[00:40:41] Lockmatish: very irregular
[00:40:50] X: I dismantle all their weapons now
[00:40:56] Frank: i do some big ninja shots to clean up a bit
[00:41:15] Lockmatish: their weapons are quite dangerous, they do shocks and etc
[00:41:34] Lockmatish: but you are wreaking hell on them
[00:41:36] Lockmatish: they are firing less
[00:41:38] Lockmatish: and they are in big troubles
[00:41:46] X: they will stop firing soon
[00:41:49] Lockmatish: (y)
[00:42:23] Frank: i think i leveled a bit the ambient meanwhile you worked the ship...(chuckle)
[00:42:37] X: good hahahhaa
[00:42:37] Lockmatish: the ship now appears on it's side, vertical, buried into the ground
[00:42:40] Lockmatish: so it's very tall
[00:42:41] Frank: 99%
[00:42:42] Lockmatish: like a thin disc
[00:42:46] Lockmatish: i'm shelling it from this angle
[00:42:53] X: now watch
[00:43:05] X: I will throw the darks at your weapons
[00:43:12] X: fast and furious
[00:43:16] X: get ready
[00:43:19] Frank: (rofl)
[00:43:23] Lockmatish: ready
[00:43:28] X: lift them up and throw them, watch
[00:43:58] Lockmatish: I see it
[00:44:09] Drack: lol
[00:44:10] X: how fast are they coming
[00:44:15] X: just keep firing
[00:44:23] Drack: that´s some different method
[00:44:33] Lockmatish: I saw 3 at a time
[00:44:35] Lockmatish: being thrown out
[00:44:42] X: too slow
[00:44:43] Drack: they should feel pretty scared by now
[00:44:48] Lockmatish: it was faster in the beginning
[00:44:48] Frank: yeah, i have tractor beam.. sucking them now out of the holes to shoot them down. thx X..(chuckle)
[00:44:52] Drack: it was a ball full of shit
[00:44:53] X: I should throw 100000
[00:45:03] Lockmatish: let me look again
[00:45:17] Lockmatish: yes
[00:45:19] Lockmatish: like confetti now
[00:45:21] Oni: I'm here
[00:45:23] Lockmatish: innumerable pieces and numbers
[00:45:32] Oni: So many it's a blur
[00:45:46] Oni: Nicely in lines too
[00:45:53] X: just shoot guys
[00:46:00] Oni: We are firing
[00:46:02] Drack: always shooting.
[00:46:04] Oni: Hi Lockmatish
[00:46:07] Lockmatish: Hi Oni (wave)
[00:46:08] X: (y)
[00:46:17] Oni: Did I miss all the fun ?
[00:46:25] Lockmatish: no theres more to come
[00:46:27] Oni: Clearly not lol
[00:46:28] Frank: yes
[00:46:29] X: was not as much fun as yesterday
[00:46:35] X: weapons are much more efficient
[00:46:48] Oni: Damn frank you designed too good battle avatars
[00:46:54] Frank: (rofl)
[00:46:55] Lockmatish: this is much worse than a cave of spiders
[00:47:02] Lockmatish: so need better weapons..
[00:47:10] X: a little hand to hand combat is good once in a while
[00:47:12] X: hahaha
[00:47:20] Frank: I'll by you all some PC games, but now just shoot these bastard down...:D
[00:47:22] Lockmatish: oh dont worry, you got your fix on that
[00:47:26] Drack: (unamused)
[00:47:30] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:47:33] Drack: not so spectacular
[00:47:38] X: yes was wondering what Drack is doing
[00:47:42] X: boring tedious work
[00:47:43] Lockmatish: it's the necessary Drack
[00:47:46] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:47:46] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[00:47:53] Drack: i´ll take that parts now
[00:47:54] Frank: Drack has all parts
[00:47:56] X: Drack the parts ?
[00:47:56] Lockmatish: it's a test of patience
[00:47:56] Drack: if they´re dismounted
[00:47:58] Lockmatish: and endurance
[00:48:02] X: ok
[00:48:03] Drack: oh ok he did it already
[00:48:06] Drack: good.
[00:48:14] X: hostages guys
[00:48:18] Drack: yeah
[00:48:19] X: follow me
[00:48:24] Lockmatish: D all cleared?
[00:48:24] X: underground
[00:48:25] Lockmatish: ok
[00:48:43] Lockmatish: I see you branching off in many directions simultaneously
[00:48:47] Lockmatish: deep, deep underground
[00:48:49] Drack: there.
[00:48:52] Lockmatish: it looks like
[00:48:53] Frank: ok, so no more darks to shoot?
[00:48:57] Lockmatish: some kind of symbol i've seen
[00:48:59] Drack: seems not so
[00:49:04] Lockmatish: ill check
[00:49:06] Drack: have tons of multiplies outside
[00:49:13] Frank: ok, then i start with taking the hostages
[00:49:14] Drack: ok so
[00:49:17] Drack: hostages there
[00:49:21] Drack: not so much
[00:49:26] Drack: more like a little room
[00:49:30] X: no drack
[00:49:33] X: look again
[00:49:38] Drack: yeah
[00:49:39] Frank: 230k
[00:49:39] Drack: i see..
[00:49:48] Drack: still not soo much
[00:49:55] Drack: enough for sure
[00:49:55] Frank: ~170k G2+
[00:49:56] Lockmatish: there appears to be one more target in my vision, but I can't look at it directly
[00:50:03] Lockmatish: each time I turn left to look at it, it hides further left
[00:50:04] Lockmatish: I can never see it
[00:50:06] Lockmatish: dunno what it is
[00:50:14] Frank: i check
[00:50:53] Drack: why don´t i have a continious vision..
[00:50:58] Drack: it´s more like picture by picture
[00:51:06] X: that is how I get it most times
[00:51:06] Frank: drack, bring all parts home (including what X has) and come back pls
[00:51:08] Drack: low framerate
[00:51:09] Drack: :D
[00:51:10] X: when I have vision
[00:51:13] Drack: ok
[00:51:33] KHG: I am out. Gotta get some sleep, having my driving exam tomorrow! (wave)(hug)
[00:51:43] X: ok good night
[00:51:46] Lockmatish: I have had both at times, continuous sometimes and frame by frame sometimes, yes low framerate (rofl)
[00:51:48] Lockmatish: all the best KHG (hug)
[00:51:49] X: (wave)(hug)
[00:51:59] KHG: Thanks (hug)
[00:52:06] Drack: good luck KHG
[00:52:15] X: may the force be with you
[00:52:18] Drack: :D
[00:52:25] Drack: ok
[00:52:28] Drack: all brought away
[00:52:39] Frank: > [Montag, 13. März 2017 00:50:03 Lockmatish] each time I turn left to look at it, it hides further left
<<< some bot kind...
[00:52:45] Lockmatish: okay
[00:52:51] Lockmatish: I seem to have it fixed in place now, shelling
[00:52:54] Lockmatish: quite resilient it seems
[00:53:13] Frank: 12 minutes for hostages...
[00:53:21] X: (y)
[00:53:39] X: (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja) (ninja)
[00:54:36] Lockmatish: maybe shots were less effective since they were "disconnect fire" configuration
[00:54:43] Lockmatish: and bot doesn't have any such core-OC
[00:54:43] Frank: sure
[00:54:48] Lockmatish: changed it now
[00:55:29] X: [07:54:37 PM] Lockmatish: maybe shots were less effective since they were "disconnect fire" configuration
<<< you should be firing both kinds
[00:55:43] Lockmatish: okay, good idea
[00:55:48] Drack: why don´t we all just shot whatever we have
[00:55:51] Drack: multiply into infinity
[00:55:52] Drack: and done
[00:55:54] Drack: (rofl)
[00:56:00] X: don't be afraid, you will not run out of ammo
[00:56:06] X: :D
[00:56:10] Lockmatish: (facepalm) :D
[00:56:12] Frank: sure not... (rofl)
[00:56:14] Lockmatish: I'm not afraid of that
[00:56:17] Lockmatish: it's clear that it won't happen X
[00:56:24] X: :D
[00:57:26] Lockmatish: okay i've been shooting at this thing for ages
[00:57:32] Lockmatish: first it looked like "the golden snitch" or similar
[00:57:34] Lockmatish: now it gets smaller and smaller
[00:57:40] Lockmatish: little hard ball/rock
[00:57:47] Drack: mh.
[00:58:16] Lockmatish: now its dust in the air and im shooting at that too
[00:58:23] Lockmatish: phew
[00:58:28] X: ok cool, I was going to shoot it
[00:58:30] Frank: (rofl)
[00:58:33] Drack: :D
[00:58:49] Lockmatish: I don't know if you guys see it, but I have a tendency to keep firing even after there are no targets (wasntme) (rofl)
[00:58:51] Lockmatish: nice one :D
[00:59:01] Lockmatish: just making sure the area is clear (wasntme)
[00:59:15] X: oh yes that makes you trigger happy
[00:59:16] X: hahaha
[00:59:16] Drack: i´m not even sure i stopped firing at all
[00:59:19] Drack: (rofl)
[00:59:20] Lockmatish: hahaha
[00:59:22] Lockmatish: I guess so
[00:59:25] Lockmatish: :D
[01:00:11] X: yes so hostages out now?
[01:00:19] Lockmatish: there is much structure left, it's a multilevel building/structure
[01:00:21] Lockmatish: i'll check
[01:00:45] Lockmatish: there appears to be a few left, filtering by G2+ .....
[01:01:00] Drack: don´t worry about the structures
[01:01:04] Lockmatish: not worried just reporting
[01:01:05] Drack: F will deathstar them away
[01:01:17] Drack: after a few minutes..
[01:01:19] Lockmatish: wait
[01:01:20] Lockmatish: yeah not yet
[01:01:24] Drack: no no
[01:01:26] Lockmatish: I see some hostages G2+
[01:01:34] Frank: no, this time i use the standard avatars..:D
[01:01:34] Lockmatish: they appear to be in the sky
[01:01:39] Lockmatish: attached to some kind of ring
[01:01:46] Lockmatish: most are out though, but I see these
[01:01:47] Drack: yeah
[01:02:00] Drack: seem like they channel stuff
[01:02:04] Frank: yes
[01:02:06] Lockmatish: sounds bad
[01:02:07] Drack: or they´re misused to
[01:02:46] Frank: i would think so, got blackmailed
[01:03:09] Drack: they seem big
[01:03:13] Drack: someone we know
[01:03:13] Drack: ?
[01:03:19] Lockmatish: i'm firing at the supporting structures for this ring
[01:03:25] Lockmatish: someone help to get them down safely
[01:03:26] Drack: not sure if that´s good
[01:03:42] Drack: yeah getting them.
[01:03:47] X: I am coming
[01:04:54] Drack: that has not so much effect it seems
[01:05:00] Lockmatish: uh something strange here
[01:05:04] Lockmatish: I see .........
[01:05:08] Lockmatish: like ..... this is hard to explain
[01:05:10] Frank: what?
[01:05:15] Lockmatish: imagine a tower, the width of a human hair
[01:05:21] Lockmatish: and it's very very tall
[01:05:24] Lockmatish: but soooo tiny
[01:05:26] Lockmatish: and at the top of it
[01:05:28] Lockmatish: there's a grain
[01:05:30] Lockmatish: it's like nanometers
[01:05:33] Lockmatish: it is impossibly small
[01:05:36] Lockmatish: that's what im looking at
[01:05:38] Lockmatish: i dunno what it is
[01:05:45] X: shoot it?
[01:05:51] Frank: has this to do with the hostages?
[01:06:01] Lockmatish: let me see
[01:06:18] Frank: i get all G2+ are gone...
[01:06:26] Drack: (y)
[01:06:43] Drack: not sure if i have a few in my hands still
[01:06:44] Drack: seems like
[01:06:46] Lockmatish: if I see correctly
[01:06:48] Lockmatish: this thing
[01:06:51] Lockmatish: is attached to one of the hostages
[01:06:53] Lockmatish: yes, they are gone
[01:06:56] Lockmatish: but its still attached
[01:07:24] X: see if you all know who is this hostage
[01:07:31] X: why so important
[01:07:34] Lockmatish: it's like a very thin connection line
[01:07:43] Lockmatish: okay ill see if I can trace it
[01:07:47] Drack: layer 0 ?
[01:07:48] Frank: yes. an incarnation line...
[01:07:53] Lockmatish: ah
[01:07:55] Drack: oh.
[01:08:03] Lockmatish: :O
[01:08:05] X: ok
[01:08:10] Drack: interesting.
[01:08:12] Drack: why so thin
[01:08:18] Lockmatish: harder to spot? Idk
[01:08:25] Frank: ok, we go to entrance, and shoot all down. then the line is free
[01:08:33] Lockmatish: okay
[01:08:33] Drack: ok
[01:08:34] X: ok
[01:09:16] X: hey watch this
[01:09:17] Frank: i think i shoot now
[01:09:24] Frank: what?
[01:09:31] X: go ahead
[01:09:35] X: do your thing
[01:09:37] Lockmatish: I think I see cannon fire
[01:09:44] X: watch my eyes
[01:09:50] Lockmatish: it's nearly the width of the base itself
[01:09:53] Lockmatish: ok
[01:10:14] Lockmatish: I see laser eyes
[01:10:15] Lockmatish: like superman
[01:10:17] Lockmatish: lasering the entire base
[01:10:20] Drack: 5-6 maybe 7 shots
[01:10:24] Drack: yeah he´s grilling the ruins
[01:10:27] Lockmatish: yeah
[01:10:30] Drack: (clap)
[01:11:00] X: oh I remembered I have two things to try out, next target for sure
[01:11:13] Frank: :D
[01:11:15] Drack: you´re always playing around.. :D
[01:11:26] Lockmatish: speak for yourself (rofl)
[01:11:32] Drack: nah, today i´m fine
[01:11:35] Lockmatish: :D
[01:11:41] Drack: just kicked a few merkels and the ones who hit me badly.
[01:11:55] X: next target?
[01:12:03] Frank: is all gone inside?
[01:12:09] Lockmatish: lets see
[01:12:40] Drack: the underground complex still there
[01:12:44] Drack: above is dust
[01:12:51] Frank: hmm...
[01:13:01] Lockmatish: surface and underground seems all dust
[01:13:02] X: what part of obliterate does this thing not understand
[01:13:04] Lockmatish: it's filled with dust
[01:13:08] Lockmatish: I don't see any problem
[01:13:14] Lockmatish: it's like an ant complex
[01:13:22] X: wait I do something again for good measure
[01:13:24] X: watch me
[01:13:25] Lockmatish: ok
[01:13:26] Frank: no. seems to be ok
[01:13:32] X: atomic drop coming in
[01:13:36] Drack: mh ok
[01:13:36] Lockmatish: I didn't check sky area
[01:13:38] Frank: they want to diassable this slow with many battle avatars
[01:13:47] Drack: ok..
[01:13:49] Lockmatish: okay
[01:13:50] Drack: ok X.
[01:13:50] Drack: ok
[01:13:51] Lockmatish: all yours
[01:13:52] Drack: (rofl)
[01:13:55] Drack: calm down.
[01:14:06] Lockmatish: there were hidden chambers and another "life line" as in the last base
[01:14:11] Lockmatish: but they all seem to be filled with dust when I looked
[01:14:12] Lockmatish: and fine [as in .. not fine]
[01:14:24] Drack: yeah
[01:14:25] Frank: X?
[01:14:31] Drack: but it had still some tunnels and such
[01:14:42] X: dropping now
[01:14:43] X: watch
[01:14:59] X: shock waves straight through to destroy everything
[01:15:11] Frank: no
[01:15:18] Drack: mh.
[01:15:19] Drack: :D
[01:15:36] X: destroy or not to destroy?
[01:15:41] Frank: not
[01:15:47] X: ok fine
[01:15:56] Lockmatish: I see one more thing
[01:16:07] Lockmatish: again, I see two "life lines" from the underground section leading back up to the surface
[01:16:13] Lockmatish: the one on the right seems destroyed and filled with dust
[01:16:14] Frank: next target. let the battle avatars finish the job here. these many lines need to take out manually..
[01:16:22] Lockmatish: the left one is damaged but intact, leaking out some green goo
[01:16:22] Frank: they will need 15 minutes or so for it
[01:16:24] Lockmatish: okay I leave to them
[01:16:31] X: ok
[01:16:38] X: to the batmobile
[01:16:42] Lockmatish: (rofl)

Edit Frank: 1st orion high base

[01:16:58] Frank: next target orion high base entrance...
[01:17:07] X: now this is my group
[01:17:09] X: hahhaaha
[01:17:20] Frank: (rofl)
[01:17:21] X: let us go
[01:17:24] Lockmatish: we're behind cover
[01:17:28] Frank: ok, teleport
[01:17:29] Lockmatish: there's a massive structure up ahead
[01:17:31] Oni: I'm here
[01:17:33] X: Oni will you be joining the festivities?
[01:17:33] Lockmatish: massive building
[01:17:36] Oni: Yes
[01:17:39] X: good
[01:17:39] Oni: Not missing this
[01:17:44] Frank: 3 standars jobs
[01:17:45] X: Drack where are you?
[01:17:51] Frank: one to catch
[01:17:57] Drack: following
[01:18:02] X: ok cool
[01:18:16] X: already have him
[01:18:20] Lockmatish: 1) catch one
2) shoot all
3) hostage rescue ?
[01:18:23] Lockmatish: as per usual lol
[01:18:27] Lockmatish: Ill get to firing
[01:18:27] Frank: (y)
[01:18:31] Drack: well i start shooting then
[01:18:48] Frank: me too
[01:19:02] X: blue guy
[01:19:04] X: red eyes
[01:19:11] Frank: X: i start destroying his internal protections
[01:19:12] Drack: emp incoming.. :D
[01:19:19] X: I know this guy
[01:19:31] Frank: a good friend? (chuckle)
[01:19:36] X: yes
[01:19:39] X: who is he
[01:19:50] X: hostages located
[01:20:08] X: strange, I have tears in my eyes
[01:20:12] Frank: no clue...
[01:20:16] Drack: ask
[01:20:23] Lockmatish: hostages are above and below. mostly below, some above as before
[01:20:30] Drack: if you see a fire-energy tornado ripping them appart, that´s me.
[01:20:31] Drack: all fine
[01:20:52] Frank: we found remains of crashed ones... bastards

Edit Frank: remains of ~4.3 billion crashed and killed beings...

[01:21:00] Drack: wow..
[01:21:03] Oni: Damn
[01:21:10] X: someone I knew
[01:21:18] Lockmatish: I think I see that too :(
[01:21:20] Frank: sure
[01:21:24] Drack: a few..
[01:21:24] Frank: or many you knew
[01:21:26] Lockmatish: the G2+ hostages seem to be mainly above, actually
[01:21:31] Lockmatish: a few below ..
[01:21:49] Frank: so i sent now battle avatars inside to take the remains out...
[01:21:54] Oni: I did some work inside the structure
[01:22:05] Oni: This new battle avatar is very strong
[01:22:11] Lockmatish: Frank's battle avatars are rappelling down the ladder
[01:22:16] Drack: that´s disgusting..
[01:22:19] Drack: to see.
[01:22:24] Lockmatish: a few going above
[01:22:54] X: Frank where is this base located?
[01:23:02] X: stats please when you get time
[01:23:03] Frank: india.
[01:23:06] Frank: in west
[01:23:15] Frank: at coast
[01:23:17] X: oh
[01:23:24] Frank: the entrance
[01:23:32] X: yes
[01:23:32] Oni: I see this as big castle
[01:23:38] Lockmatish: yes
[01:23:38] Frank: the base in SL2.1 admin dim
[01:23:40] Drack: Oni yeah
[01:23:44] Drack: indian style castle
[01:23:46] Oni: Cool
[01:23:47] X: ok
[01:23:49] Drack: red orange sky
[01:23:51] Oni: Vision is decent again
[01:24:00] Oni: Sand leading up ?
[01:24:05] Oni: Or mud
[01:24:08] Drack: yeah
[01:24:12] Lockmatish: idk something like that I think
[01:24:21] X: prison now?
[01:24:23] Oni: Everything's just a bit dim ...
[01:24:27] Drack: it´s dark.
[01:24:28] Drack: :D
[01:24:29] Frank: no, just running
[01:24:31] Drack: that´s why i guess
[01:24:38] Oni: (Y)
[01:24:41] Frank: 32%
[01:24:48] X: ok
[01:24:49] Drack: increasing a bit
[01:25:00] X: I shall disable their weapons again
[01:25:19] Drack: look at me
[01:25:20] Drack: X already done
[01:25:26] X: I cannot see
[01:25:43] Oni: Laser turrets on the castle sides
[01:25:47] X: ok do I need to throw them then?
[01:25:47] Frank: X: prison now
[01:25:47] Oni: Those are disabled
[01:25:52] X: done
[01:25:54] Drack: yeah
[01:26:02] Oni: Trapping and illusions on the front
[01:26:03] Drack: already EMP`d
[01:26:06] Oni: It morphs a bit
[01:26:12] X: cool
[01:26:21] X: throwing them
[01:26:23] Oni: Maybe that's shielding
[01:26:26] Drack: and just now i threw a big fat bomb at them
[01:26:28] X: Lockmatish you ok?
[01:26:32] Lockmatish: fine
[01:26:33] Lockmatish: just firing
[01:26:36] X: cool
[01:26:41] Drack: X
[01:26:42] Lockmatish: blind firing I guess
[01:26:42] Oni: I think shield generator is down below
[01:26:45] Drack: drag them together
[01:26:50] Drack: i throw a bomb on them
[01:26:51] X: ok
[01:27:02] X: they pile up fast
[01:27:04] X: hahha
[01:27:05] Drack: yep
[01:27:05] Drack: :D
[01:27:16] Drack: there it goes
[01:27:21] Lockmatish: I have taken a position far from the entrance
[01:27:24] Frank: 53%
[01:27:27] Lockmatish: I'm quite far, but it's a good place to shoot the ones that X throws up
[01:27:31] Lockmatish: and get good coverage
[01:27:48] X: Lockmatish they still shooting at you?
[01:27:53] Lockmatish: ill check
[01:27:57] Drack: they shouldnt
[01:28:03] Lockmatish: yes
[01:28:07] Frank: whatfor you need coverage? (chuckle)
[01:28:12] Drack: :D
[01:28:12] X: exactly
[01:28:14] Drack: yeah
[01:28:23] Lockmatish: coverage = I can well "cover" the ones that X throws up (giggle)
[01:28:23] X: you are the Terminator
[01:28:23] Drack: i´m like in the mmiddle of the whole
[01:28:27] X: be the Terminator
[01:28:28] X: hahhaa
[01:28:37] Drack: X drag more
[01:28:38] Drack: :D
[01:28:41] Lockmatish: I'm not in cover (giggle)
[01:28:49] Lockmatish: :D
[01:29:02] X: Oni?
[01:29:06] Lockmatish: seems to be one in particular targeting me
[01:29:11] Lockmatish: hidden halfway up the outside wall
[01:29:16] Drack: bringing them hell now..
[01:29:17] Lockmatish: inside a little hidden alcove
[01:29:22] Oni: Hi
[01:29:25] Lockmatish: a tiny little guard room or some such
[01:29:27] X: blow the wall up Lockmatish
[01:29:31] Lockmatish: (giggle) ok
[01:29:57] Drack: ok i´ll stick up to killer-tornadoes
[01:30:03] Drack: or better hurricanes
[01:30:05] X: you ok Oni?
[01:30:12] Oni: Yep here
[01:30:14] Lockmatish: that section of the wall is destroyed.. and much more behind (giggle)
[01:30:16] X: cool
[01:30:20] Lockmatish: it's caved in to like a "V" shape
[01:30:23] Oni: Yes Lockmatish
[01:30:29] Oni: Like the pentagon
[01:30:31] Oni: Lol
[01:30:38] Lockmatish: not that familiar with it
[01:30:45] X: V for Vendetta
[01:30:52] X: V for Vengeance
[01:30:59] X: V for Victory
[01:31:02] X: (devil)
[01:31:04] Lockmatish: :D
[01:31:13] Oni: V for Victory !!
[01:31:16] Oni: Let's go
[01:31:29] Oni: We're inside now
[01:31:35] X: I feel I do not get enough fire power from this thing
[01:31:49] X: what happens if I push this button
[01:31:52] Drack: you´re just not going full power.
[01:31:53] X: let me see
[01:32:04] Drack: some tool came out of the ground?
[01:32:13] Frank: a BUTTON :O
[01:32:17] Lockmatish: :O
[01:32:26] Drack: the nuke button again?
[01:32:29] Lockmatish: I might be trigger happy
[01:32:32] Lockmatish: but you're button happy
[01:32:33] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[01:32:38] X: no no, this is something from the ground
[01:32:43] Frank: :D
[01:32:45] X: I have the nuke button locked down
[01:32:51] Drack: ok :D
[01:32:55] Drack: what is it
[01:33:01] Frank: (whew)
[01:33:05] Lockmatish: :D
[01:33:06] X: watch it you will see
[01:33:07] Lockmatish: (phew)
[01:33:09] Lockmatish: uh oh
[01:33:19] X: is it spinning?
[01:33:19] Drack: a weapon?
[01:33:22] X: yes
[01:33:27] Drack: it´s throwing thunders
[01:33:27] Drack: :D
[01:33:49] X: how can we throw thunders?
[01:33:55] X: lightening I can understand
[01:33:56] Drack: well
[01:33:56] Lockmatish: thunderpunch
[01:33:59] X: but thunders
[01:34:01] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[01:34:02] X: oh ok
[01:34:03] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[01:34:04] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[01:34:06] Drack: :D
[01:34:14] Lockmatish: ill have a look at it
[01:34:14] Frank: all remains saved...
[01:34:21] Lockmatish: (y)
[01:34:30] X: hostages now?
[01:34:35] Frank: 73% darks shot down
[01:34:41] X: oh ok
[01:34:41] Drack: ok focusing more on darks.
[01:34:45] Oni: More floors below
[01:34:46] Lockmatish: its like pulsing shockwaves @X
[01:34:53] X: nice
[01:35:02] X: still not the weapon I was searching for
[01:35:09] Lockmatish: :D
[01:35:20] Frank: 630 mio darks, 240 mio incarnated
[01:35:23] X: ah ha, I am going in the sky
[01:35:28] Oni: There's portal here frank ?
[01:35:37] X: watch this guys
[01:35:49] Drack: i froze all on place now
[01:35:51] Frank: Oni: yes internal of the base
[01:35:53] Drack: they don´t move anymore
[01:36:01] Lockmatish: X I see something
[01:36:03] Oni: We ignoring for now ? Or destroy ?
[01:36:03] Lockmatish: you did some kind of
[01:36:06] Lockmatish: dashing through the air
[01:36:09] Lockmatish: at supersonic speed
[01:36:11] Lockmatish: multiple times
[01:36:11] Frank: ignore
[01:36:12] Lockmatish: and then,
[01:36:16] Oni: I'm literally holding them off with one hand lol
[01:36:16] Frank: we shhot darks now
[01:36:19] Lockmatish: you went into position above the base
[01:36:21] Lockmatish: still in the air
[01:36:23] Oni: They're channeling down the hallway
[01:36:27] Lockmatish: and started throwing daggers or ninja stars at everything
[01:36:29] Lockmatish: constantly
[01:36:31] Lockmatish: everywhere
[01:36:42] Oni: This is unfair
[01:36:42] Drack: mh.
[01:36:43] Oni: Honestly
[01:36:46] Drack: why
[01:37:00] Oni: It's like playing cod on very easy
[01:37:04] X: still not what I was trying to do, this is not listening to me
[01:37:07] Drack: (rofl)
[01:37:07] X: exactly Oni
[01:37:08] Drack: yeah
[01:37:09] Lockmatish: :(
[01:37:10] Oni: Lol
[01:37:14] Drack: even less
[01:37:17] X: too easy
[01:37:19] Oni: Yeah
[01:37:21] Drack: it´s like playing cod on very easy
[01:37:22] Drack: with hacks
[01:37:24] Drack: and cheats
[01:37:26] Oni: What happened to hand to hand X ?
[01:37:32] X: Ask Frank
[01:37:32] Lockmatish: don't let your guards down!
[01:37:35] Oni: I missed that yesterday (angry)
[01:37:43] Oni: lol that's a good emoji
[01:37:44] X: hahahaaa
[01:37:45] Frank: guys, we have to win a war...:D
[01:37:45] Oni: (Angry)
[01:37:47] Drack: F wasn´t amused about our idea.
[01:37:53] Drack: much fun gone
[01:37:54] Drack: :D
[01:38:04] Oni: Why aren't we using that emoji more
[01:38:09] Oni: (Computerrage)
[01:38:10] Frank: I'll buy you 2 games...:D
[01:38:11] Drack: (rofl)
[01:38:13] Drack: yeah Oni
[01:38:15] Drack: (computerrage)
[01:38:17] X: this is like I do not even have to be awake for this anymore
[01:38:18] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[01:38:24] Oni: Still gets me every time
[01:38:25] Lockmatish: @X: (cwl)
[01:38:38] Lockmatish: I seem to have split into 3 parts
[01:38:39] Drack: [01:38:17] X: this is like I do not even have to be awake for this anymore
<<< more or less.
[01:38:44] Lockmatish: each one is a walking battletank
[01:38:45] Lockmatish: with legs
[01:38:48] Lockmatish: and a machinegun cannon
[01:38:50] Drack: only 3 ?
[01:38:52] Drack: i´m like 30
[01:38:53] Lockmatish: and its patrolling down different corridors
[01:38:54] Drack: (rofl)
[01:38:56] Lockmatish: easy charlie
[01:38:59] X: yes only 3
[01:39:01] X: hahhaha
[01:39:01] Lockmatish: I was comfortable with only 1 till now (rofl)
[01:39:11] Lockmatish: my own pace (giggle)
[01:39:14] X: Skype is dying on me
[01:39:15] X: hahahaa
[01:39:17] Drack: same
[01:39:18] Drack: lol
[01:39:18] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[01:39:19] Frank: ok. but you are aware about all the pains you would have with crap avatars?(chuckle)
[01:39:28] Drack: nah..
[01:39:29] Drack: battlescars
[01:39:30] Drack: (rofl)
[01:39:33] X: hahahahaaha
[01:39:37] X: (rofl)
[01:39:39] Oni: Drack you weren't so happy last night
[01:39:41] Lockmatish: LOL. see .. there you go
[01:39:45] Drack: nah i was still fine.
[01:39:47] Lockmatish: careful with splitting yourself too much too soon (rofl)
[01:39:49] Drack: today i was not fine
[01:39:50] X: we should be almost done now
[01:39:50] Drack: :D
[01:39:53] Oni: You had a hole in your head !!
[01:39:54] Drack: even WITH the avatars
[01:39:56] Oni: Lol
[01:39:58] Drack: that´s normal
[01:40:00] Drack: (rofl)
[01:40:01] X: hahahaha
[01:40:02] X: yes
[01:40:09] X: there is nothing in there you know
[01:40:16] Drack: (computerrage)
[01:40:33] Oni: Frank anymore hiding ?
[01:40:55] Frank: guys seriously. this today is another category of job. the last days were fun in compare. i am glad we are save atm. and no one gets hurt...
[01:41:06] Oni: Looks like some camouflaged deeper down
[01:41:09] Frank: 93%
[01:41:12] Frank: yes hiding
[01:41:15] Lockmatish: I am fine with this
[01:41:17] X: yes Frank, is this like off the grid?
[01:41:18] Lockmatish: it takes endurance
[01:41:22] Lockmatish: it's a different task
[01:41:35] Oni: I tagged all hidden
[01:41:39] Lockmatish: I seem to have split now into 6
[01:41:46] Drack: @F yeah. bigger. it´s not that bad we have no avatars compared to the amount they have
[01:41:52] Lockmatish: I am very glad that no-one gets hurt
[01:41:53] Lockmatish: Very glad
[01:42:08] Drack: i was hurt
[01:42:08] X: [08:41:40 PM] Lockmatish: I seem to have split now into 6
<<< (dull)
[01:42:08] Drack: :(
[01:42:18] Drack: but i´ve hurt them a bit more..
[01:42:21] Drack: (devil)
[01:42:22] Frank: > [Montag, 13. März 2017 01:41:17 X] is this like off the grid?
what do you mean?
[01:42:23] Oni: Deeper down there's a reactor machine
[01:42:29] Oni: A whole room
[01:42:31] Oni: Come to me
[01:42:32] Lockmatish: @X: (rofl)
[01:42:48] Lockmatish: @Drack : :(
[01:42:57] Drack: all fine luckily
[01:42:59] Drack: (y)
[01:43:00] Lockmatish: good
[01:43:08] Drack: @Oni yeah
[01:43:13] Drack: F can we blow it up?
[01:43:18] Oni: I disabled
[01:43:26] Drack: that´s good for now.
[01:43:27] Oni: Concentrate let's finish this
[01:43:30] Drack: i thought rather
[01:43:36] Drack: exploding that chainreaction
[01:43:37] Drack: all down
[01:43:39] Drack: (rofl)
[01:43:54] Frank: focus on the darks..
[01:44:02] Drack: yeah ongoing
[01:44:03] Frank: 98%
[01:44:18] Oni: Some more machines down here drack
[01:44:21] Oni: Things are still hidden
[01:44:34] Oni: I'm interacting with this to tag the rest
[01:44:44] Oni: Found them
[01:44:52] Oni: Prisoners too ?
[01:45:09] Oni: Small AI's in these rooms
[01:45:13] Drack: blow up
[01:45:29] Frank: 99%
[01:45:35] Lockmatish: I see something interesting
[01:45:40] Drack: emp´d that whole machinery Oni
[01:45:41] Frank: what?
[01:45:52] Lockmatish: the base structure above ground is a hollow square shape, there's a large square courtyard in the middle
[01:45:59] Lockmatish: in this courtyard, stretching across its entire width
[01:46:03] Lockmatish: is a gigantic mirror
[01:46:06] Lockmatish: very very tall
[01:46:12] Drack: yeah
[01:46:17] Oni: I didn't see that earlier
[01:46:20] Drack: same
[01:46:22] Oni: Must have been hidden
[01:46:25] Lockmatish: yeah
[01:46:26] Drack: weapon
[01:46:28] Drack: i guess
[01:46:35] Frank: yes
[01:46:35] X: 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror
[01:46:39] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[01:46:40] X: :D
[01:46:42] Frank: (rofl)
[01:46:42] Drack: (rofl)
[01:46:53] Drack: i gotta poke it
[01:46:55] Drack: :D
[01:46:56] Lockmatish: we've all had many more than that
[01:47:02] Lockmatish: so that gives us plenty of insurance to break plenty of mirrors
[01:47:04] Lockmatish: thats how it works right
[01:47:11] X: (y)
[01:47:12] Lockmatish: you can 'cash in' in reverse? (rofl)
[01:47:14] Drack: kind of
[01:47:17] Drack: :D
[01:47:27] X: darks should be done now?
[01:47:35] Drack: it became quiet
[01:47:41] Drack: would say yes
[01:47:47] Frank: yes
[01:47:48] Lockmatish: someone cut that mirror in half (giggle)
[01:47:50] Frank: so hostages now
[01:47:52] X: hostages
[01:47:53] Lockmatish: the base is still standing, but the top half has fallen down
[01:47:54] Drack: bots only
[01:47:54] X: yes
[01:48:00] Lockmatish: okay, hostage time
[01:48:04] Frank: 540k
[01:48:05] Lockmatish: i'll be guard duty
[01:48:15] Frank: 440k G2+
[01:48:25] Drack: toilet
[01:48:41] Frank: ~17 minutes to go for hostages
[01:53:28] Lockmatish: seems to be another 'mirror' but this one maybe more translucent
[01:53:33] Lockmatish: it's horizontal this time
[01:53:41] Lockmatish: above our heads, and it's cutting through the entire building
[01:54:47] Lockmatish: seems to be an entire structure of mirrors
[01:54:52] Lockmatish: similar to OIC rings, but in this case, it's mirrors
[01:54:54] Lockmatish: going upwards
[01:54:58] Lockmatish: top ones are much smaller
[01:55:09] Drack: mh
[01:55:20] X: just destroy it
[01:55:24] Drack: yeah
[01:55:25] Drack: :D
[01:55:27] Lockmatish: ok
[01:55:51] Frank: destroy the mirrors...
[01:56:24] Lockmatish: good thing I have so much "mirror insurance" (rofl)
[01:56:34] Frank: (rofl)
[01:57:07] Frank: the mirrors somehow create earthquakes on earth...
[01:57:12] Frank: bastards
[01:57:18] Lockmatish: wow
[01:57:24] Lockmatish: there seems to be one hostage g2+
[01:57:28] Lockmatish: as a "hangman"
[01:57:30] Lockmatish: at the very top
[01:57:33] Lockmatish: in quite bad shape
[01:57:50] Frank: no. i get masked dark
[01:57:57] Lockmatish: ok
[01:58:55] Drack: earthquake mirrors..
[01:58:57] Drack: nasty.
[01:59:00] Drack: and kind of interesting
[02:01:01] Drack: how´s it going
[02:01:11] X: still a few minutes left
[02:01:14] Drack: ok
[02:01:35] Lockmatish: i've created a big hole in the mirrors, still firing
[02:01:43] Drack: still not down`?
[02:01:44] Oni: Firing with you Lockmatish
[02:01:44] Drack: (rofl)
[02:01:46] X: a hole?
[02:01:48] Drack: yeah
[02:01:52] Drack: destroying them.
[02:01:53] X: seriously, hahahaha
[02:01:57] Oni: I'll be at dinner for a bit
[02:02:03] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:02:05] Drack: :D
[02:02:06] Lockmatish: okay Oni
[02:02:06] X: I destroy it then
[02:02:06] Oni: Is there a next task ?
[02:02:11] X: yes two more
[02:02:15] Oni: Okay
[02:02:19] Oni: Long day at the office
[02:02:23] X: yes
[02:02:24] Drack: yeah
[02:02:30] Oni: (Bomb)
[02:02:34] Lockmatish: yeah but worth it
[02:02:37] Drack: yeah
[02:03:00] X: I think even the hole is gone now
[02:03:01] X: hahahha
[02:03:12] Lockmatish: yes it is (rofl)
[02:03:33] Drack: you´re doing something wrong on the firing Lockmatish
[02:03:34] Drack: :D
[02:04:04] Lockmatish: hm, I dunno about that
[02:04:10] Lockmatish: most mirrors obliterated (still slivers remaining)
[02:04:13] Lockmatish: but uppermost ones seems intact
[02:04:22] Drack: ok wait.
[02:05:07] Lockmatish: ive transformed into some kind of gorilla
[02:05:10] Lockmatish: bashing them up one by one
[02:05:11] Drack: (rofl)
[02:05:14] X: (monkey)
[02:05:14] Lockmatish: they seem to send out some kind of shockwaves
[02:05:15] Drack: uhm
[02:05:17] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:05:23] Lockmatish: cracked at least 3 so far
[02:05:30] Drack: (y)
[02:05:38] X: hostages should be out now
[02:06:07] Drack: mirrors should be all down
[02:06:12] X: you all should check
[02:06:24] Lockmatish: yes, mirrors appear to all be down
[02:06:25] Lockmatish: checking on hostages
[02:06:35] X: ok
[02:06:43] Drack: 2
[02:06:44] Drack: remaining
[02:06:49] Drack: but somewhere else
[02:06:51] Drack: maybe masked one
[02:06:53] X: ok
[02:06:55] Lockmatish: I think the masked one is one of those
[02:07:02] Lockmatish: the one up above
[02:07:04] Drack: yeah
[02:07:05] X: Frank?
[02:07:06] Drack: demasked
[02:07:22] Lockmatish: I told skib about that infos
[02:07:25] Lockmatish: its no longer showing on my display
[02:07:34] Drack: 0
[02:07:35] Lockmatish: there appears to be one more
[02:07:37] Drack: left
[02:07:47] Drack: was masked it seems
[02:07:47] Lockmatish: sec, ill double check
[02:07:50] Lockmatish: oh really
[02:07:52] Lockmatish: that one too
[02:07:56] Drack: i ripped it off
[02:07:59] Lockmatish: LOL
[02:08:00] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[02:08:22] Drack: yeah 0 left.
[02:08:23] Drack: :D
[02:08:24] Lockmatish: yeah, i'm getting 0 on my radar now
[02:08:36] Drack: F slept in.
[02:08:38] Drack: :D
[02:09:12] Dynamite Δύναμις: he'll be back in a bit
[02:09:17] Drack: ok
[02:09:38] X: ok
[02:09:54] Lockmatish: can we go "home" ?
[02:10:01] Lockmatish: oh wait, base not destroyed yet
[02:10:01] Drack: at least to the entrance
[02:10:04] Drack: yeah
[02:10:05] Drack: :D
[02:10:05] Lockmatish: yeah, entrance
[02:10:09] X: :D
[02:10:09] Frank: go entrance..
[02:10:13] Lockmatish: (y)
[02:10:19] Frank: X: all your's...(rofl)
[02:10:26] X: ok
[02:10:28] Drack: drop your bomb
[02:10:28] Drack: :D
[02:10:28] Lockmatish: (phew) this one was long and gruelling
[02:10:30] X: one shot
[02:10:32] Lockmatish: big test of endurance
[02:10:35] X: here we go
[02:10:36] Lockmatish: not as easy as you guys say!
[02:10:39] Lockmatish: :P
[02:11:22] Drack: i´m got in enduring stuff
[02:11:24] X: fire in the hole
[02:11:26] Drack: i´m enduring my whole life here
[02:11:27] Drack: (rofl)
[02:11:36] Lockmatish: :D
[02:11:44] Lockmatish: checking result of X's fire
[02:11:52] Drack: 6/10 explosion
[02:12:04] Drack: but 10/10 effective
[02:12:05] Drack: :d
[02:12:07] Lockmatish: a massive crater through the middle, that also sends shocks outwards and zaps everything on the sides
[02:12:15] Lockmatish: some kind of massive ball
[02:12:18] Drack: yeah
[02:12:30] Drack: used the same to vaporize the darks
[02:12:31] Drack: lol
[02:12:35] Drack: but tinier
[02:12:35] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:12:38] X: :D
[02:12:57] Drack: ok good.
[02:12:58] Drack: next.
[02:13:34] Lockmatish: theres a small yellow trumpet along the right edge of the front wall
[02:13:40] Lockmatish: I mean, it's all a crater now but that seems to be standing
[02:13:41] Lockmatish: dunno what it is
[02:13:44] Lockmatish: maybe unimportant
[02:13:49] Drack: blow up
[02:13:53] Lockmatish: i'll fire anyway
[02:13:54] Lockmatish: yeah
[02:14:10] Drack: and please not only holes in it
[02:14:11] Drack: (rofl)
[02:14:19] Lockmatish: it already has a hole, its a trumpet
[02:14:20] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[02:14:23] Drack: well..
[02:14:26] Drack: touché
[02:15:45] Lockmatish: trumpet down, but seems it was secretly connected to an underground fuse leading to a bomb
[02:15:54] Drack: mh..
[02:16:10] Drack: we wanna detonate it?
[02:16:18] Lockmatish: trying to defuse
[02:16:22] Drack: don´t think that would be that wise
[02:16:22] Drack: yeah
[02:16:23] Drack: do that
[02:16:34] X: F will say
[02:16:37] Lockmatish: ok
[02:21:36] Frank: blow all up...
[02:21:40] Lockmatish: ok
[02:21:47] X: ok
[02:21:49] Drack: ok.
[02:22:01] X: done
[02:22:01] Drack: ah
[02:22:02] Drack: too late
[02:22:04] Drack: (rofl)
[02:22:05] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:23:28] Frank: ok, i think all gone?
[02:23:34] Lockmatish: looking
[02:23:39] Drack: seems so.
[02:23:48] Lockmatish: I see a massive upside down mushroom cloud
[02:23:53] Lockmatish: seems to penetrate everything
[02:23:56] Lockmatish: even underground
[02:23:59] Drack: called fallout
[02:24:00] Drack: (rofl)
[02:24:03] Lockmatish: mmhm
[02:24:08] Lockmatish: but upside down
[02:24:16] Drack: it´s a special fallout then ..
[02:24:16] Drack: :D
[02:24:19] Lockmatish: :D

Edit Frank: lsa1 high base

[02:25:01] Frank: ok, next target lsa1 entrance...
[02:25:07] Lockmatish: waiting for go signal
[02:25:10] Drack: ok
[02:25:19] Lockmatish: X here?
[02:25:22] X: yes
[02:25:24] Lockmatish: ok
[02:25:28] Drack: all there.
[02:25:44] Lockmatish: this is weird, it's like a big cave entrance
[02:25:50] X: :D
[02:25:53] Lockmatish: :D
[02:25:54] Drack: tunnle rather
[02:25:55] Drack: for me
[02:25:55] Lockmatish: LO L
[02:25:57] Lockmatish: ITS A CAVE
[02:25:59] Lockmatish: X, all yours (giggle)
[02:26:02] Drack: (rofl)
[02:26:05] Drack: you know the way
[02:26:07] Drack: lol
[02:26:09] Lockmatish: :D
[02:26:18] X: I need the targets
[02:26:21] Lockmatish: ok
[02:26:42] Frank: 1) 3 to catch
2) shoot all down
3) hostages
[02:26:44] Frank: go
[02:26:47] Drack: ok
[02:26:47] Drack: go
[02:26:48] X: go
[02:26:48] Lockmatish: gogogo?
[02:26:50] Lockmatish: ok
[02:26:51] Drack: GO
[02:26:53] Drack: :D
[02:27:03] X: caught all 3 already
[02:27:09] Lockmatish: :D
[02:27:11] Drack: angels
[02:27:12] Drack: lol
[02:27:20] Frank: one is Ratzinger...(chuckle)
[02:27:21] Lockmatish: there's guard nests on either side of the cave entrance
[02:27:24] X: oh
[02:27:31] X: I will ask nicely
[02:27:37] Frank: (rofl)
[02:27:44] Drack: nicely so
[02:27:51] Drack: be nicely to him from me too please.
[02:27:53] Drack: (rofl)
[02:27:59] Frank: i destroying inner protections
[02:28:06] X: hostages located also
[02:28:18] Lockmatish: checking position of hostages while still firing upon guard nests
[02:28:18] Drack: dense cloud of enemies incoming guys
[02:28:32] X: stop the cloud
[02:28:38] Drack: multiplied 69times now
[02:28:38] Lockmatish: hostages are deep inside, and some are above ground level (vertically upwards)
[02:28:42] Drack: getting better
[02:28:47] Drack: transforming..
[02:29:03] Frank: (facepalm)
[02:29:08] Lockmatish: sending massive waves of fire
[02:29:28] Drack: the cloud is gone
[02:29:44] Frank: tell skib to do optimal shot..(chuckle)
and he will do all optimal...ok, no fun for you...(rofl).
[02:29:50] Lockmatish: I'm under heavy fire
[02:29:50] Drack: yep
[02:29:51] Drack: (rofl)
[02:29:54] Drack: ok i help
[02:29:58] X: :D
[02:30:07] Lockmatish: okay, skib just head shot them all
[02:30:14] Lockmatish: thx
[02:30:17] Drack: ok that works out too
[02:30:23] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[02:30:28] Drack: somethings on my throat
[02:30:38] Drack: more inside
[02:30:39] Drack: moving
[02:31:05] Lockmatish: you ok now?
[02:31:09] Lockmatish: that looked nasty
[02:31:17] Drack: better.
[02:31:20] Drack: i go for the guys
[02:31:23] Drack: they´re down there somewhere
[02:31:44] Frank: yes. this was a lsa 1 attack. kick their butts (rofl)
[02:31:50] Drack: on it
[02:32:19] Drack: i´m using them each other and throw them at themselves
[02:32:21] Drack: 4 guys
[02:32:23] Drack: (rofl)
[02:32:32] Lockmatish: something on my face
[02:32:37] Drack: ok caring
[02:32:49] Lockmatish: ty
[02:33:07] Lockmatish: seems gone but left acid burns
[02:33:14] Drack: ouch
[02:33:19] X: they must be afraid of me, no attacks on me
[02:33:20] X: hahhaa
[02:33:24] Lockmatish: LOL
[02:33:26] Drack: :D
[02:33:26] Lockmatish: thats good
[02:33:32] Frank: i care
[02:33:34] Lockmatish: closing eyes and still firing, letting skib do it
[02:33:34] Drack: i ripped them apart
[02:33:45] X: :x
[02:33:46] Frank: :D
[02:33:50] Drack: X time for some dragging?
[02:33:52] Lockmatish: ty
[02:33:53] Drack: and mass explosions
[02:33:57] X: ok will do
[02:34:00] Drack: (y)
[02:34:39] Drack: throwing ball of death
[02:34:52] Lockmatish: whats funny is, I never saw an opening on the top of the "cave/tunnel"
[02:34:57] Lockmatish: and yet, here comes tons of targets
[02:35:00] Lockmatish: straight out through the top
[02:35:05] Drack: yeah surely
[02:35:07] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:35:08] Drack: their base.
[02:35:09] Drack: :D
[02:35:13] Lockmatish: oh I meant
[02:35:20] Lockmatish: X is throwing them
[02:35:23] Lockmatish: like per usual
[02:35:27] X: I need a bigger weapon
[02:35:31] Lockmatish: but there was no hole there before to throw them from :D
[02:35:38] Drack: ah oh
[02:35:42] Drack: same as i did
[02:35:46] Drack: ripped right through the earth
[02:35:49] Drack: (rofl)
[02:35:50] Lockmatish: :D
[02:36:46] Drack: F how much %
[02:36:47] Lockmatish: heat seeking lasers now
[02:36:52] Lockmatish: multiple simultaneously
[02:36:58] Drack: might be mine
[02:36:58] Frank: 33%
[02:37:07] Lockmatish: mine, but maybe youre doing too
[02:37:14] Drack: yeah .. rather deathray.
[02:37:17] Lockmatish: right
[02:37:48] X: prison?
[02:37:50] Drack: funnily how orions had something like dementors from harry potter
[02:37:55] Frank: X: you cansend the 3 now to prison
[02:38:00] X: done
[02:38:01] Lockmatish: now I get what F meant about buying us games.. (rofl)
[02:38:16] Drack: i´m not
[02:38:16] Drack: :D
[02:38:20] X: watch me hit the ground
[02:38:31] Lockmatish: caused a big shockwave
[02:38:34] Lockmatish: landed quite smoothly
[02:38:40] Drack: yeah
[02:38:41] Drack: paradox.
[02:38:47] Lockmatish: nah
[02:38:49] Lockmatish: just skills
[02:38:52] Drack: :D
[02:39:22] Drack: so i´ve learned something today
[02:39:26] Lockmatish: whats that
[02:39:32] Drack: Lsa3 was fault for my pains in the chest for like years now
[02:39:38] Drack: lsa1 for my throat problems
[02:39:41] Drack: orions and taurus for my stomach
[02:40:02] Drack: it´s not like i had that the first time now, it´s just far more stronger now
[02:40:04] Frank: yes (y)
[02:40:07] Lockmatish: damn
[02:40:08] Drack: bastards..
[02:40:25] Drack: they just sat here
[02:40:28] Drack: with their fat asses
[02:40:31] Drack: and played gods

[02:40:34] Frank: yes
[02:40:49] Lockmatish: and took so many hostages
[02:40:56] Drack: well.. glad i was able to smash their heads.
[02:41:02] X: stay calm when in battle guys
[02:41:03] Drack: gives a bit relief
[02:41:05] X: hahahha
[02:41:06] Drack: yeah i´m calm
[02:41:08] Drack: :D
[02:41:08] Lockmatish: i'm on it
[02:41:12] Lockmatish: good call
[02:41:18] Lockmatish: philosophy afterwards
[02:41:22] Drack: (rofl)
[02:41:26] Frank: (rofl)
[02:41:31] Lockmatish: :D
[02:41:44] Frank: 63%
[02:41:48] Drack: hey, had a A+ in my end certificate in school.. (rofl)
[02:42:11] Lockmatish: burrowing underground
[02:42:16] Lockmatish: and shelling through the underground layers
[02:42:16] Drack: see that.
[02:42:18] Lockmatish: over and over
[02:42:49] Frank: 840 mio darks, 210 mio incarnated
[02:42:52] Drack: i´m disabling their machinery again
[02:43:03] X: Drack shoot the darks
[02:43:07] X: forget the machinery
[02:43:07] Drack: it´s ongoing
[02:43:15] Drack: that was just a split second..
[02:43:31] X: that could have been 10000000 darks in that spilt second
[02:43:32] X: hahahah
[02:43:38] Drack: well.. true
[02:43:38] Drack: :D
[02:43:43] Lockmatish: yeah do you know how much X can slice in one split second
[02:43:44] Lockmatish: :D
[02:43:46] Drack: i guess it shot anyways
[02:43:48] Drack: doing both
[02:44:15] Drack: getting some problems again with stomach /chest..
[02:44:19] Drack: let´s see who this is.
[02:44:22] Lockmatish: just fire
[02:44:23] Lockmatish: find out later
[02:44:30] X: :D
[02:44:30] Lockmatish: earthquake tremors through the base
[02:44:34] Drack: yeah.. as i ssaid it shoots anyways
[02:44:34] Frank: on it
[02:44:40] Lockmatish: (y)
[02:44:58] Frank: lsa1 somewhere there. get them...:D
[02:45:04] Drack: (y)
[02:45:07] Lockmatish: :D
[02:45:15] Drack: fucking triggers.
[02:45:28] Lockmatish: I am now attacking them with drills
[02:45:35] Lockmatish: like ... drills that are bullets
[02:45:38] Lockmatish: large ones
[02:45:41] Frank: no, you have a hostage avatar there. they are shooting though this one...
[02:45:58] Drack: ah
[02:46:04] Frank: that's the "typical" way of "internal" attacks
[02:46:14] Lockmatish: I see
[02:46:16] Drack: nasty..
[02:46:30] Lockmatish: I've seen that technique before
[02:46:37] Drack: voodo puppet
[02:46:37] Drack: kind of
[02:46:39] Lockmatish: yes
[02:46:40] Lockmatish: exactly
[02:46:42] Frank: that's why i said, i want to get as many as possible today. and still one base later to go...
[02:46:51] Lockmatish: I'm here as long as possible
[02:46:52] Drack: no problem
[02:46:55] Drack: same.
[02:46:57] Lockmatish: I might need to make a call to get another hour
[02:47:00] Lockmatish: will do that if needed
[02:47:06] Drack: (like)
[02:47:07] Frank: we need eyes
[02:47:14] Lockmatish: but I do have a cut off time ..
[02:47:17] Lockmatish: let me figure out
[02:47:19] Lockmatish: after this battle
[02:47:22] Frank: ok
[02:47:31] Frank: 84%
[02:48:16] Lockmatish: base seems to be collapsing in on itself
[02:48:42] Lockmatish: found some 4 deep support beams under each corner
[02:49:17] Frank: i shhot all away what can collapse...
[02:49:22] Lockmatish: now squishing it above and below .......
[02:49:28] Lockmatish: nice
[02:50:02] Drack: and they poke me again..
[02:50:09] Frank: i check
[02:50:32] Drack: the base sank into the ground
[02:50:37] Lockmatish: yeah im pummelling it
[02:50:39] Lockmatish: like a piece of dough
[02:50:39] Drack: like you blew away the pillars
[02:50:45] Lockmatish: yeah and cracked them each multiple times
[02:50:58] X: guys we have hostages to take out too remember that
[02:50:59] Frank: drack, these are from next base already...(chuckle)
[02:51:06] Drack: lol
[02:51:07] Lockmatish: lets check briefly where they are ..
[02:51:09] Drack: they´re awaiting me
[02:51:10] Drack: (rofl)
[02:51:13] Lockmatish: this is all from skib auto X
[02:51:19] Lockmatish: but good idea to check anyway
[02:51:20] X: oh ok
[02:51:20] Drack: the next is important for me
[02:51:22] Drack: really.
[02:51:22] X: cool
[02:51:25] Lockmatish: yeah
[02:51:26] Drack: that´s my intestine problem
[02:51:28] Frank: 93%
[02:51:30] Drack: my main problem
[02:51:45] Lockmatish: okay X
[02:51:47] Lockmatish: this is interesting
[02:51:55] Lockmatish: seems the G2+ hostages are exclusively located outside of what I was pummelling
[02:51:58] Lockmatish: half above, way in the sky
[02:52:02] Lockmatish: and half below, way down underground
[02:52:04] Lockmatish: something like that
[02:52:24] X: ok
[02:52:41] Drack: those are lsa1 .. where is the channeling
[02:52:42] Drack: (rofl)
[02:52:48] Drack: i wonder a bit
[02:52:49] Lockmatish: the sky ones? Idk
[02:52:53] Drack: might be
[02:52:57] Frank: oic is the channeling, not here
[02:53:02] Lockmatish: ah
[02:53:04] Drack: oh ok
[02:53:06] Lockmatish: thats next base maybe
[02:53:11] Lockmatish: one at a time
[02:53:15] Drack: yeah
[02:53:42] Drack: hearing strange noises
[02:53:46] Drack: :D
[02:53:47] Lockmatish: seems to be some kind of lightning/static electricity
[02:53:50] Lockmatish: tormenting the hostages
[02:53:51] Lockmatish: above and below
[02:53:57] Lockmatish: and maybe shielding us from reaching them too
[02:54:11] Lockmatish: i'm working on this
[02:54:12] Drack: shock chambers
[02:54:14] X: wait I break down the shields then
[02:54:15] Lockmatish: yes
[02:54:16] Lockmatish: exactly
[02:54:19] Lockmatish: ok i will wait
[02:54:21] Drack: i know this
[02:54:24] Drack: from somewhere
[02:54:27] Drack: i´ve seen this before..
[02:54:40] X: shields down
[02:54:43] Lockmatish: nice
[02:54:45] Frank: X: ninjas?
[02:54:47] Lockmatish: im working on the last remaining stragglers
[02:54:55] X: no normal shots Frank
[02:55:14] Lockmatish: anyone see this big blimp
[02:55:17] Lockmatish: above the hostages
[02:55:20] Drack: they´re connecting to the hostages in the sky
[02:55:20] Lockmatish: like the Hindenburg
[02:55:23] Drack: doing something
[02:55:31] Drack: is that circle a portal
[02:55:32] Frank: 97%
[02:55:42] Frank: no
[02:55:43] Drack: ok
[02:56:16] Lockmatish: this blimp is made of strong "rubber"
[02:56:20] Lockmatish: but im wearing it down
[02:57:18] Lockmatish: seems to be burning down now
[02:57:20] Lockmatish: in a pathetic heap
[02:57:26] Drack: (chuckle)
[02:57:30] Lockmatish: :D
[02:57:32] X: yes
[02:57:33] X: hahahaa
[02:57:38] Lockmatish: :D
[02:57:51] Drack: ripped it apart inside out.
[02:57:51] Drack: :D
[02:58:05] Lockmatish: okay, we got trouble
[02:58:08] Lockmatish: 2 fighter jets
[02:58:08] Drack: mh
[02:58:10] Lockmatish: either side
[02:58:12] Drack: oh noes..
[02:58:12] Lockmatish: dropping ... cluster bombs?
[02:58:13] Drack: (rofl)
[02:58:15] Lockmatish: :D
[02:58:17] Drack: let them drop..
[02:58:32] Lockmatish: trying not to let them reach the ground
[02:58:49] Drack: jets down..
[02:58:56] X: 2 fighter jets, hahaha
[02:58:59] Drack: yeah
[02:59:00] Drack: (rofl)
[02:59:00] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[02:59:02] Drack: i thought like
[02:59:04] Lockmatish: yeah, someone cracked them in half
[02:59:05] Drack: deathstars incoming
[02:59:07] Lockmatish: (wasntme)
[02:59:08] Drack: or something
[02:59:10] Lockmatish: haha
[02:59:14] X: Frank, darks are done?
[02:59:15] Lockmatish: hey, they came out of nowhere
[02:59:24] Lockmatish: I take threats seriously
[02:59:27] Lockmatish: :D
[02:59:29] Drack: :D
[02:59:32] Drack: yeah but .. jets.
[02:59:35] Frank: yes
[02:59:35] Lockmatish: :D
[02:59:38] Drack: you saw what we do
[02:59:39] Drack: :D
[02:59:40] Frank: 100%
[02:59:42] Drack: good.
[02:59:43] X: hostages guys
[02:59:45] X: get them
[02:59:46] Lockmatish: okay, hostage time
[03:00:07] Frank: 330k hostages, 260k G2+
[03:00:19] Frank: 13 minuten
[03:00:19] Drack: ok
[03:00:24] X: ok
[03:00:25] Frank: next base ready in 20
[03:00:25] Drack: :D
[03:00:30] Drack: ok
[03:00:30] Lockmatish: i'm extracting this time
[03:00:38] Lockmatish: ok
[03:00:55] Drack: those attacks..
[03:01:03] Drack: sometimes harsh
[03:01:15] Lockmatish: done now? no more chest pain?
[03:01:19] Lockmatish: or still side effects
[03:01:22] Drack: next base.
[03:01:28] Drack: those are sitting their puncturing me
[03:01:30] Drack: bastards.
[03:01:33] Drack: there*
[03:01:33] Lockmatish: at the next base?
[03:01:34] Lockmatish: damn
[03:01:35] Frank: 19 min next base....
[03:01:36] Drack: yeah
[03:01:43] Frank: your catch...:D
[03:01:47] Lockmatish: I'll be ready to go on next base immeditaely
[03:01:48] Drack: yep definitely
[03:01:57] Drack: soon..
[03:02:02] Lockmatish: hurry with those hostages
[03:02:03] X: 18 minutes next base :D
[03:02:09] Drack: they destroyed like .. 8 years of my life
[03:02:17] Drack: time to give it back
[03:02:26] Frank: like 29 of mine...
[03:02:30] Lockmatish: :(
[03:02:36] X: like 35 of mines
[03:02:51] Frank: (rofl)
[03:02:56] Drack: i´m got off the whole pretty well i guess.
[03:02:57] Drack: :D
[03:03:01] Lockmatish: I dunno about mine
[03:03:08] Lockmatish: Im just doing hostages :D
[03:03:10] X: I am getting deaf now
[03:03:16] Drack: yeah great.
[03:03:22] X: like my ears
[03:03:24] Drack: getting strong pyrosis
[03:03:25] X: something wrong
[03:03:48] Frank: already checking
[03:04:15] X: ok
[03:04:41] Frank: yeah me too
[03:04:45] Frank: but it's...
[03:04:47] Lockmatish: :(
[03:04:47] Frank: cleaning
[03:04:52] Drack: mh.
[03:04:52] Frank: new kind
[03:04:52] Lockmatish: oh :D
[03:04:59] X: ok
[03:05:05] Frank: now we collected all rights
[03:05:08] Lockmatish: ear buds
[03:05:11] Frank: cleaning get a huge boost
[03:05:12] Drack: (y)
[03:05:14] Lockmatish: NICE
[03:05:20] Frank: yes ears, head all.
[03:05:25] Lockmatish: :D
[03:05:27] Lockmatish: (y) (y) (y)
[03:05:31] Drack: hope i gonna make it that 15minutes.
[03:05:33] Drack: (Rofl)
[03:05:39] Drack: that´s getting nasty
[03:05:40] Frank: :D
[03:05:43] Frank: sure
[03:05:50] Lockmatish: just tell your skib to do auto
[03:05:51] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[03:06:31] Lockmatish: I think most hostages done
[03:06:55] X: still 8 minutes
[03:07:00] Lockmatish: ok
[03:07:01] X: for hostage removal
[03:07:30] Lockmatish: most of the above ones done
[03:08:26] Lockmatish: I have a super vacuum batmobile..
[03:08:33] Drack: uhm
[03:08:35] Drack: where
[03:08:36] Drack: :D
[03:08:40] Lockmatish: taking out hostages..
[03:08:40] Lockmatish: :D
[03:08:47] Drack: not so nice (rofl)
[03:08:55] Drack: taking out people via vacuum cleaner
[03:08:55] Lockmatish: its gentle
[03:08:55] Drack: lol
[03:09:03] Lockmatish: remember, i'm gentle (wasntme)
[03:09:06] Lockmatish: sometimes
[03:09:08] Drack: yeah you are
[03:09:09] Drack: :D
[03:09:11] Lockmatish: :D
[03:10:41] X: 3 minutes for Frank to blow this place up
[03:10:43] X: hahhaa
[03:10:47] Lockmatish: shit, nearly done
[03:10:50] Frank: (rofl)
[03:10:51] Lockmatish: hurry you guys, get on (giggle)
[03:10:55] Drack: :D
[03:10:59] Lockmatish: (not you guys)
[03:11:11] Frank: relax... 9 min to next base anyways
[03:11:18] Frank: (chuckle)
[03:11:21] Lockmatish: but I need that toilet break (rofl)
[03:11:26] Frank: go
[03:11:28] Lockmatish: brb
[03:11:36] Frank: take your avatar to entrance
[03:11:46] Drack: too late..
[03:11:46] Drack: :D
[03:11:51] Frank: i can do...
[03:11:52] X: ok
[03:11:55] Drack: well ok
[03:14:09] Drack: they really do their worst to me right now.
[03:14:20] Drack: hope i can give them that back
[03:14:21] Frank: i think all hostages out. check pls
[03:14:47] Frank: yes drack, with interests..(chuckle)
[03:14:50] Drack: 0
[03:14:57] Drack: just masked ones
[03:15:04] Frank: ok all to entrance
[03:15:10] Drack: ok
[03:15:13] X: yes
[03:15:30] Oni: I'm here
[03:15:33] Drack: hey
[03:15:35] Oni: Hi
[03:15:36] Drack: for how long
[03:15:38] Drack: :D
[03:15:39] X: Oni will you stay
[03:15:42] Lockmatish: hey just in time Oni
[03:15:48] Lockmatish: hostages are all out, was only some masked ones remaining
[03:15:53] X: how long you here for Oni?
[03:15:56] Frank: ok just come to the entrance to us...
[03:16:00] Frank: (chuckle)
[03:16:03] Frank: all there?
[03:16:07] Drack: yeah
[03:16:08] X: yes
[03:16:10] Oni: I'm here for good
[03:16:13] X: good
[03:16:17] Lockmatish: good
[03:16:18] Oni: Ready
[03:16:21] Drack: good good.
[03:16:29] X: because sometime during the next target, I will need to go for a bit
[03:16:30] Frank: i fire
[03:16:55] Lockmatish: ps I can stay till 06:30 CET, but I will need to make a call to stay longer than 04:30 CET
[03:17:10] Drack: we won´t need that long
[03:17:10] Drack: i guess.
[03:17:12] Frank: atm. i have only one more base...
[03:17:16] Lockmatish: ok
[03:17:19] Lockmatish: hopefully is fine
[03:17:19] X: yes
[03:17:23] Frank: do i shoot?
[03:17:26] Drack: yeah
[03:17:27] Lockmatish: I look
[03:17:30] Drack: but slowly
[03:17:37] X: (dull)
[03:17:38] Lockmatish: but powerfully
[03:17:41] Drack: true
[03:17:42] Lockmatish: extreme large crater
[03:17:47] X: hahaha cool
[03:17:52] Lockmatish: this time normal mushroom cloud on top
[03:17:57] Drack: :D
[03:17:58] Frank: oh, diff kind to shoot. look targets...
[03:18:00] Lockmatish: reverse one on bottom (underground)
[03:18:19] Drack: it´s all down
[03:18:25] Lockmatish: looks that way
[03:18:32] Frank: :D
[03:18:42] Frank: good
[03:18:50] Oni: Are we looking for targets ?
[03:18:53] Oni: I see ant things
[03:18:56] Drack: nope
[03:18:59] Frank: no
[03:19:01] Drack: destroying base
[03:19:02] Frank: all done here
[03:19:04] Drack: is destroyed
[03:19:05] X: next base then
[03:19:05] Drack: 1minute
[03:19:06] Oni: Okay
[03:19:14] Lockmatish: and not a minute to spare
[03:19:17] Drack: and then i´ll have my fun
[03:19:24] Oni: Drack they hit you hard ?
[03:19:27] Drack: yeah
[03:19:30] Drack: my main problems
[03:19:32] Lockmatish: following X

Edit Frank: 2nd orion high base

[03:19:33] Frank: we can already teleport to the entrance. 2nd orion high base. the "higher" one...
[03:19:43] Lockmatish: another one, ok
[03:19:45] Drack: higher highest base now so
[03:19:46] X: location of this Frank
[03:19:47] Oni: Okay
[03:20:07] Oni: Looks like we're there ?
[03:20:13] X: yes go in
[03:20:18] Lockmatish: this entrance looks very foreboding
[03:20:18] X: shoot darks
[03:20:21] Lockmatish: much larger than the previous one
[03:20:24] Lockmatish: I'm already firing
[03:20:28] X: get hostages out
[03:20:35] Oni: Very castle like
[03:20:36] Frank: sweden...?
[03:20:37] Lockmatish: any high priority targets for X?
[03:20:39] Oni: Medieval
[03:20:48] Drack: sweden?!
[03:20:49] X: no clue Frank
[03:20:50] Drack: (rofl)
[03:20:53] Lockmatish: I see 2 large gates
[03:20:56] Lockmatish: that look like they're made of bones
[03:20:56] Frank: no pronblem
[03:20:57] Frank: 5 jobs
[03:21:00] Lockmatish: yes, medieval
[03:21:05] X: oh 5 jobs
[03:21:09] Lockmatish: 5 jobs
[03:21:14] Frank: 1) shoot all down
2) hostages
3-5) no clue we need to find
[03:21:19] Lockmatish: ok
[03:21:21] Drack: ok
[03:21:22] Oni: Fun
[03:21:24] Drack: fun..
[03:21:27] Drack: (devil)
[03:21:35] X: attack with full force
[03:21:36] Oni: Many in this courtyard
[03:21:43] Lockmatish: @Oni you can do "Skib, do optimal transform, position, fire"
[03:21:44] Frank: no one to catch. X have fun with your special "friends"... N is here...
[03:21:47] Lockmatish: Skib can do optimal each of those
[03:21:51] X: really
[03:21:52] Lockmatish: if you wish
[03:21:53] X: N is mine
[03:21:56] Oni: Okay
[03:22:00] Lockmatish: just fyi
[03:22:04] Oni: 4 generators in each tower
[03:22:07] Oni: Drack emp ?
[03:22:17] Drack: do it
[03:22:18] X: blow it up
[03:22:19] Drack: i have to do
[03:22:29] Oni: Shields down
[03:22:37] Frank: drack go for your guys.
i will rip my with hands apart...
[03:22:43] Lockmatish: large force outside like you said Oni
[03:22:47] Lockmatish: we're subduing them
[03:22:52] Oni: Yes going well
[03:22:53] Oni: I'm above
[03:22:56] Lockmatish: ok
[03:23:13] X: guy on the gold throne is mine
[03:23:19] Lockmatish: all yours
[03:23:25] Oni: Skeleton king
[03:23:29] Oni: Nice crown lol
[03:23:39] Lockmatish: I just bulldozed both bone gates
[03:23:45] Oni: Nice work
[03:23:50] Oni: Storm storm
[03:23:59] Lockmatish: (y)
[03:23:59] Oni: Frank how are we doing
[03:24:06] Drack: [03:22:39] Frank: drack go for your guys.
<<< what you think i´m doing..
[03:24:07] Drack: (Rofl)
[03:24:17] Frank: #### I changed now ~73% of all rules for 3D ####
[03:24:24] Lockmatish: :O
[03:24:53] Lockmatish: again, 4 support structures, around each corner, going deep underground
[03:25:02] Oni: Okay good eyes
[03:25:04] Drack: oh
[03:25:23] Drack: F you can start some healings?
[03:25:31] Drack: i cared about my friends..
[03:25:42] Oni: I'm planter an explosion underneath each Lockmatish
[03:25:44] Oni: Foundations shaken
[03:25:51] Lockmatish: nice!
[03:25:54] Lockmatish: they were falling like elevators
[03:25:55] Lockmatish: then stopped
[03:25:58] Lockmatish: so nice
[03:26:02] Drack: don´t forget the hostages guys
[03:26:04] Drack: don´t blow up all
[03:26:07] Oni: There's a generator very deep
[03:26:08] Lockmatish: thats not the idea
[03:26:16] Lockmatish: I'll have a quick look at hostage locations
[03:26:22] Frank: D: done
[03:26:23] X: I am not finding them
[03:26:28] Drack: (y)
[03:26:33] Oni: Keep going down
[03:26:41] Drack: they´re hiding
[03:26:41] Oni: Cave systems
[03:26:42] Frank: X: your 3 friends?
[03:26:43] Drack: i´ll lead you X
[03:26:48] Lockmatish: hostages are extremely deep underground ?
[03:26:49] X: hostages
[03:26:51] Frank: ok
[03:26:54] Oni: I'm tracking
[03:26:59] Frank: got your friends?
[03:27:00] Drack: i guess i saw them
[03:27:02] X: yes
[03:27:03] Drack: ok
[03:27:05] X: I have them
[03:27:06] Oni: Yep they're here
[03:27:08] Lockmatish: nice
[03:27:14] Drack: hostages found yeah
[03:27:18] X: good
[03:27:20] Oni: (Y)
[03:27:20] Drack: i saw them as i smashed through the ground with my friends
[03:27:21] Drack: (Rofl)
[03:27:29] Lockmatish: theres a small cluster of g2+ hostages outside, on surface level
[03:27:30] Lockmatish: far left
[03:27:35] Lockmatish: my 9 o' clock
[03:27:47] Frank: 13%
[03:27:54] X: Frank I have the cloth?
[03:27:54] Lockmatish: firing on throne room
[03:28:21] Frank: 820 mio darks - 27 mio incarnated
[03:28:37] X: is the cloth one of the jobs?
[03:28:48] Lockmatish: oops, there goes the throne room (giggle)
[03:28:48] Frank: yes
[03:28:59] Frank: 5th job
[03:28:59] Drack: aww Lockmatish havn´t seen it yet
[03:29:01] Drack: :D
[03:29:03] Lockmatish: huh, another one seemed to appear
[03:29:04] X: this cloth goes into 3D. N has it, up to now they have no idea what fabric it is
[03:29:08] Lockmatish: maybe a replicator or illusion
[03:29:09] Drack: illusion Lockmatish
[03:29:12] Lockmatish: ok
[03:29:15] X: no known fabric on the planet
[03:29:19] X: it does not fade
[03:29:27] Oni: Interesting
[03:29:34] Drack: oh that one X
[03:29:37] Drack: it´s energetical?
[03:29:47] Lockmatish: yes, second throne room is an illusion
[03:29:50] X: I was one of the few to touch it (rofl)
[03:29:53] Lockmatish: there's a deep pit hidden under the throne room
[03:29:54] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[03:29:55] Drack: :D
[03:30:02] Drack: so .. what´s so interesting on it
[03:30:10] Oni: Unclocking hidden
[03:30:12] X: should I destroy it or keep it?
[03:30:15] Oni: There's many
[03:30:23] Frank: 43%
[03:30:24] Drack: you would wear that X
[03:30:25] Lockmatish: Unclocking?
[03:30:25] Drack: (rofl)
[03:30:34] Oni: Cloaking*
[03:30:38] Lockmatish: gotcha
[03:30:48] Drack: sweet relief
[03:30:50] Drack: :D
[03:30:56] Lockmatish: there go 2 guard towers (wasntme)
[03:30:56] Drack: but there is still someone around..
[03:30:58] Frank: X: 5th job. we need for some reason keep the order
[03:31:09] X: ok done
[03:31:26] Drack: i follow you up X
[03:31:27] X: 3-5 jobs connected directly to things on the planet
[03:31:30] Drack: go for the jobs
[03:31:39] Oni: I just mapped the massive cave network
[03:31:44] Lockmatish: my job is to fire (giggle)
[03:31:44] Frank: 4 and 5
[03:31:50] Lockmatish: nice Oni
[03:31:51] Frank: 3 not
[03:31:55] X: ok
[03:32:04] X: find the vault guys
[03:32:08] Drack: ok
[03:32:17] Drack: found
[03:32:19] Frank: Oni, don't foget to order skib to fire...(chuckle)
[03:32:19] X: the vault opens with a special sound mantra
[03:32:19] Drack: come to me
[03:32:22] X: blow it up
[03:32:24] Drack: ok
[03:32:26] X: with our sound
[03:32:26] Lockmatish: watch out for those gorillas with yellow eyes
[03:32:30] Drack: open
[03:32:35] Drack: gold
[03:32:38] Drack: stuff
[03:32:39] Oni: Okay firing again
[03:32:42] X: the gold Frank
[03:32:46] X: ours
[03:32:49] Drack: :D
[03:32:57] X: not that kind of gold Drack
[03:33:00] X: hahha
[03:33:02] Drack: oh
[03:33:05] Drack: there is some other gold
[03:33:05] Frank: yes, our protoi gold...
[03:33:11] Drack: oh.
[03:33:13] X: I take it
[03:33:16] Drack: that´s the difference
[03:33:17] Frank: no need..
[03:33:22] X: oh ok
[03:33:23] Drack: but.. gold
[03:33:25] Drack: :/
[03:33:27] Frank: we have much better. we will destroy it later
[03:33:27] Oni: I found a silver box with a sword in it
[03:33:27] Drack: :D
[03:33:36] Oni: Is this important ?
[03:33:38] Drack: btw nice mapping Oni made it easy to find
[03:33:44] Oni: (Y)
[03:33:45] Frank: Oni: sword job 4
[03:33:50] Drack: nice.
[03:33:50] Oni: Great
[03:33:50] X: good
[03:33:53] Drack: ok
[03:33:57] Drack: get the cloth x
[03:34:02] X: I have it
[03:34:04] Drack: then just getting the darks down, hostages out
[03:34:04] X: already
[03:34:06] Drack: and done
[03:34:16] X: we need job 3
[03:34:21] Drack: wasn´t job 3 the gold
[03:34:24] X: no
[03:34:26] Drack: oh
[03:34:29] Lockmatish: there appears to be a gigantic "jellyfish" structure in the sky
[03:34:31] X: gold is not a job
[03:34:33] Oni: Yep
[03:34:34] Oni: Lockmatish
[03:34:36] Drack: i come Lockmatish
[03:34:38] Oni: Literally just saw that
[03:34:40] Lockmatish: lol
[03:34:41] Lockmatish: :D
[03:34:42] X: shoot it
[03:34:44] Frank: X take sword for later too
[03:34:45] Lockmatish: on it
[03:34:46] Oni: It's like an arch
[03:34:50] Oni: Good eyes
[03:34:50] Lockmatish: yes
[03:34:54] Lockmatish: (y)
[03:34:55] X: ok done
[03:34:57] Frank: 73%
[03:35:00] Drack: this is stronger
[03:35:11] Frank: and your 3 friends still here? you talk with them?
[03:35:17] X: yes I have them
[03:35:30] Drack: Lockmatish the jelly
[03:35:32] Drack: still there?
[03:35:35] Oni: Yeah
[03:35:36] Lockmatish: big hole in it
[03:35:37] Oni: It is
[03:35:38] Drack: yeah
[03:35:41] Drack: can´t get it down
[03:35:42] Drack: X
[03:35:47] Drack: it´s durable as hell
[03:35:50] Lockmatish: I was using it to bounce bombs higher (giggle)
[03:35:57] Drack: lol
[03:35:59] X: I am coming
[03:36:06] Oni: I think I got it
[03:36:09] Frank: sqeizee a bit? (chuckle)
[03:36:10] X: done
[03:36:10] Lockmatish: nice
[03:36:13] Drack: :D
[03:36:16] X: off course
[03:36:17] Lockmatish: its ripped apart
[03:36:17] Oni: Either way lol
[03:36:19] Lockmatish: to the seams now
[03:36:24] Oni: Yep
[03:36:28] Oni: Let's analyze that
[03:36:33] Oni: Interesting material
[03:36:40] X: ok I have information
[03:36:43] Lockmatish: do you see what I see
[03:36:47] Lockmatish: another one above it?
[03:36:49] Drack: relevant?
[03:36:50] Oni: Yep
[03:36:53] X: different realities
[03:36:59] X: connected to the planet
[03:37:02] Drack: interesting
[03:37:02] X: bases
[03:37:07] X: heavens
[03:37:10] Frank: ok, X only..
[03:37:21] X: do we know this
[03:37:30] Oni: I think I got them Lockmatish
[03:37:35] Lockmatish: yeah, its mostly done
[03:37:36] Oni: Using same method
[03:37:36] Lockmatish: lets see
[03:37:38] Lockmatish: :D
[03:37:39] Lockmatish: (y)
[03:37:48] Oni: Pretty much overloading them with an injection lol
[03:37:50] Frank: yes we have
[03:37:58] Lockmatish: oh nice method..
[03:37:58] X: ok
[03:38:06] Oni: There are ships up there I think
[03:38:08] Lockmatish: another one ....
[03:38:09] X: powers too
[03:38:10] Lockmatish: maybe
[03:38:10] Oni: Do you see ?
[03:38:14] Lockmatish: jellyfishes in the way, sec
[03:38:14] X: I am being offered powers
[03:38:17] X: down here
[03:38:18] X: hahahaha
[03:38:22] Oni: Take them!
[03:38:23] Oni: Lol
[03:38:24] X: bribe me
[03:38:40] Lockmatish: can see some "ships" faintly through the jellyfish coating
[03:38:41] Oni: Lockmatish I think the jelly protects those ships ...
[03:38:44] Lockmatish: hard to see, well obscured
[03:38:44] Lockmatish: yes
[03:38:53] Oni: Pop them as you go
[03:38:55] Oni: Let's do this
[03:38:56] Lockmatish: yeah
[03:39:08] Oni: Firing on ships
[03:39:23] Oni: Still protected
[03:39:42] Oni: Drack can you join us
[03:39:46] Lockmatish: lots of ships up here
[03:39:47] Drack: i´m on it.
[03:39:48] Lockmatish: and one last jelly I think
[03:39:54] Oni: Yeah one last
[03:39:56] Drack: i´ll make that fast..
[03:39:59] Oni: The mother jelly
[03:40:00] X: guys I shoot
[03:40:06] X: done
[03:40:07] Oni: Okay they are open now
[03:40:14] Oni: Lol
[03:40:16] Oni: Casual nuke
[03:40:18] Drack: yeah
[03:40:19] Oni: 10 miles up
[03:40:28] Oni: Bye bye darkies
[03:40:31] Drack: did the same with the little shit
[03:40:32] Drack: down
[03:40:50] Drack: that why i was busy. :D
[03:40:56] Oni: (Flex)
[03:41:00] Lockmatish: :D
[03:41:01] Oni: Still some filament I can see Lockmatish
[03:41:08] Lockmatish: yes
[03:41:10] Oni: Like a globe outline
[03:41:11] Lockmatish: but mostly down
[03:41:13] Lockmatish: yes same
[03:41:14] Oni: Wide radius
[03:41:14] Drack: X anything new
[03:41:16] Lockmatish: like a ghost ship
[03:41:19] Lockmatish: oh
[03:41:23] Lockmatish: I see a wider one
[03:41:25] Drack: the jobs done??
[03:41:34] Oni: Still clearing darks seems like
[03:41:35] X: job 3 is still outstanding
[03:41:37] Lockmatish: yes I see the filament
[03:41:43] Drack: don´t know what to search
[03:41:46] Oni: I think job 3 is this jelly
[03:41:51] Oni: It's everywhere
[03:41:52] X: scan the place
[03:41:55] Lockmatish: its electric jelly
[03:41:55] Drack: yeah
[03:41:59] Lockmatish: careful of this one
[03:42:03] Lockmatish: very big too
[03:42:07] Oni: Huge
[03:42:09] X: done detroyed
[03:42:13] Drack: :D
[03:42:15] Lockmatish: let me see ..
[03:42:21] Oni: You are no fun X
[03:42:23] Lockmatish: yep.. (rofl)
[03:42:24] Drack: :D
[03:42:28] Drack: so
[03:42:29] Drack: job 3
[03:42:32] Lockmatish: still remains of it, but it is destroyed
[03:42:33] Drack: search all
[03:42:37] X: guys search for job 3
[03:42:42] Lockmatish: ok
[03:42:53] Oni: Frank update ?
[03:42:53] Drack: job 3 is a gate
[03:42:56] Drack: i´m on a gate
[03:43:01] Oni: Okay
[03:43:09] Oni: Destroy or what
[03:43:10] Drack: what now
[03:43:13] Drack: yeah don´t know
[03:43:14] Frank: no
[03:43:26] Lockmatish: I see a big fern
[03:43:38] Drack: ok
[03:43:48] Drack: that might be it
[03:43:49] X: Frank
[03:43:52] X: I have it
[03:44:00] X: there is an even higher base
[03:44:39] Frank: we need to get hostages out before we can start job 3-5
and they get reinforcement from other connected bases..
i try to stop them...
[03:44:39] Lockmatish: I found two huge gold doors here, with 2 ferns on either side (the one that idiots use to cool down a "king" ..)
[03:44:53] Lockmatish: okay, is darks done?
[03:45:01] Oni: Nice doors
[03:45:04] Oni: Very gold
[03:45:10] Lockmatish: hhaha yeah
[03:45:12] Oni: Engravings on them too
[03:45:15] Lockmatish: yeah
[03:45:17] Drack: you didn´t saw the gold vault
[03:45:18] Drack: right
[03:45:19] Drack: (rofl)
[03:45:23] X: guys the hostages
[03:45:23] Lockmatish: dont think so no
[03:45:26] Lockmatish: ok hostages
[03:45:26] Drack: yeah
[03:45:28] Drack: hostages
[03:45:28] X: time is of the essence now
[03:45:30] Oni: On it
[03:46:05] Drack: G2+ only
[03:46:11] X: yes
[03:46:21] Drack: yeah just for confirmation
[03:46:22] Drack: :D
[03:46:27] Drack: brb
[03:46:33] Oni: Working on it how long will this take frank ?
[03:46:33] X: yeah we do not want any darks being rescued
[03:47:20] Lockmatish: there seems to be some g2+ hostages behind this gold door?
[03:47:34] Oni: Illusion ?
[03:47:41] X: well get them out
[03:47:45] X: shoot the door down
[03:47:49] X: and check it out
[03:47:52] Lockmatish: ok
[03:47:58] Oni: Yeah good find
[03:48:07] Frank: no clue how long. first i have to stop reinforcements
[03:48:23] Oni: Okay
[03:48:46] Oni: Seems we have most ?
[03:48:59] X: no there is more
[03:49:12] Frank: i ned to shut down the 18 bases too...
[03:49:21] X: follow my markings
[03:49:58] Lockmatish: theres a hostage up here
[03:50:03] Lockmatish: in a tough situation
[03:50:09] Frank: ok, no more reinforcements
[03:50:14] Lockmatish: can't remove without damages
[03:50:49] Lockmatish: neutralising the spikes
[03:51:17] X: order your skib to do it the optimal way
[03:51:20] X: should be faster
[03:51:56] Lockmatish: yes
[03:52:14] Frank: 42%
[03:52:15] Oni: Doing
[03:52:25] Oni: 42% darks or hostages ?
[03:52:26] X: 42% of what?
[03:52:29] Lockmatish: hostages probably
[03:52:34] Frank: 42% darks done
[03:52:37] Lockmatish: oh shit
[03:52:37] Oni: Hm
[03:52:37] X: oh
[03:52:39] Oni: Cloaked then
[03:52:40] Frank: 58% to go
[03:52:50] Oni: We need to do more exploring
[03:52:58] X: I turn on the big guns then
[03:53:07] Oni: I think they are very deep
[03:53:10] Lockmatish: okay
[03:53:11] X: bigger guns
[03:53:12] Oni: Yep new chamber down here
[03:53:13] Lockmatish: I do hostages
[03:53:13] Frank: i reveil tehm
[03:53:19] Drack: back
[03:53:21] Drack: spit a bit blood
[03:53:22] Oni: Drack come to me
[03:53:23] Drack: but i´m fine
[03:53:25] Frank: forget hostages
[03:53:28] Oni: New chamber
[03:53:30] Lockmatish: ok
[03:53:30] Frank: first darks
[03:53:32] Lockmatish: ok
[03:53:33] Drack: yes darks
[03:53:38] Frank: step by step
[03:53:39] Drack: they´re start to cause damages
[03:53:42] Drack: they*
[03:53:45] Lockmatish: right
[03:53:58] Oni: Fire !!
[03:54:10] Lockmatish: a chamber full
[03:54:13] Oni: Yeah
[03:54:16] Oni: Uncloaked
[03:54:22] Oni: Many tunnels
[03:54:24] Lockmatish: yeah
[03:54:31] Oni: Line them up
[03:54:34] Frank: in 1 minute you should se them all...
[03:54:52] Drack: someone can care about my throat
[03:54:53] Oni: Yeah still eerily quiet down here
[03:55:08] Oni: Got it drack
[03:55:08] Lockmatish: look above
[03:55:11] Drack: (y)
[03:55:13] Lockmatish: duplicate chambers
[03:55:16] Lockmatish: many of them
[03:55:20] Drack: illusions
[03:55:27] Lockmatish: really
[03:55:30] Drack: don´t know
[03:55:31] Drack: :D
[03:55:37] Drack: i would say yes
[03:55:42] Oni: They are appearing now ...
[03:55:43] Lockmatish: maybe most of them
[03:55:44] Oni: Fire guys
[03:55:47] Lockmatish: but not all
[03:55:47] Drack: go.
[03:55:53] Drack: focus on darks
[03:55:56] Frank: btw. 43 billion darks alltogether with reinforcements...
[03:56:02] Lockmatish: :o
[03:56:04] Oni: Wow
[03:56:10] Lockmatish: chambers everywhere
[03:56:14] Lockmatish: all sides
[03:56:20] Oni: I mapped again
[03:56:20] Frank: 58%
[03:56:23] Lockmatish: nice
[03:56:32] Oni: Turbo mode
[03:56:32] X: I replicate some more
[03:56:43] Oni: Can we do that ?
[03:56:46] Drack: i multiplied 110times
[03:56:47] Drack: yeah
[03:56:50] Oni: Okay
[03:56:55] Oni: Oh nice
[03:57:00] Oni: That's easy
[03:57:06] Oni: Now we running these caves
[03:57:38] Lockmatish: plenty of caves
[03:57:41] Lockmatish: winding through underground
[03:57:46] Lockmatish: I duplicated and send drill machines thorugh each
[03:57:48] Lockmatish: met up on top
[03:57:59] Oni: Looks like it goes all the way through planet
[03:58:02] Oni: You see that ?
[03:58:10] Lockmatish: didnt see that yet
[03:58:12] X: they are connected to here
[03:58:25] Oni: Found huge chamber
[03:58:26] X: been there before
[03:58:26] Oni: Come to me
[03:58:34] Oni: Firing
[03:58:40] Drack: yeah
[03:58:58] Frank: 72%
[03:59:05] Oni: Good
[03:59:12] Oni: Hostages here too ?
[03:59:14] Drack: for "billions" that goes fast
[03:59:17] Frank: sure
[03:59:24] Oni: I'll mark
[03:59:24] Drack: where he is
[03:59:26] Drack: yeah
[03:59:32] Drack: they seem
[03:59:34] Drack: bigger
[03:59:38] Drack: golden chambers
[03:59:46] Frank: i have 48 million battle avatars here now...(chuckle)
[03:59:50] Lockmatish: :D
[03:59:50] Frank: plus the 10...
[04:00:03] Drack: big rumble.
[04:00:04] Lockmatish: 48,000,010
[04:00:05] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[04:00:10] Drack: (rofl)
[04:00:12] Frank: (rofl)
[04:00:27] X: I think the % rapidly goes up now
[04:00:34] Drack: ok
[04:00:35] Frank: you can not compare the 10 with the standard "small" ones..(chuckle)
[04:00:42] Drack: true.
[04:00:52] Lockmatish: Oh :D
[04:00:54] Lockmatish: (giggle)
[04:01:12] Drack: the millions are more like distraction..
[04:01:12] Drack: :D
[04:01:17] Drack: the 10 do the job
[04:01:48] Frank: no, the millions do too..:D
[04:01:57] X: (rofl)
[04:02:02] Drack: well
[04:02:03] Drack: :D
[04:02:04] Lockmatish: definitely
[04:02:06] Lockmatish: you should have seen them :D
[04:02:36] Oni: My vision gets blurry down at the bottom
[04:02:38] Oni: Anyone else ?
[04:02:43] Oni: Almost 'whites' out
[04:02:46] Drack: wait
[04:02:50] Drack: yeah
[04:02:51] Lockmatish: only at the extreme bottom
[04:02:51] Lockmatish: yes
[04:02:51] Drack: no
[04:02:55] Drack: it´s the room
[04:02:59] Oni: Okay
[04:03:00] Drack: blinding
[04:03:03] Oni: Defense ?
[04:03:04] Drack: shot it down
[04:03:05] Drack: yeah
[04:03:08] Oni: Oh good
[04:03:11] Oni: Better now
[04:03:14] Drack: (y)
[04:03:16] Oni: Looks like Matrix cave
[04:03:18] Lockmatish: yes, better
[04:03:20] Oni: Zion lol
[04:03:22] Drack: :D
[04:03:48] Lockmatish: wow, another cave...
[04:03:51] X: I think we should be close to wrapping up now?
[04:04:04] Lockmatish: well we just found another cave
[04:04:04] X: darks I mean
[04:04:09] Drack: yeah
[04:04:12] Drack: it´s quieter.
[04:04:21] Drack: i don´t feel like shit anymore
[04:04:22] Drack: :D
[04:04:22] Frank: 93%
[04:05:05] Lockmatish: there is weird, large ... uhh.. generators
[04:05:10] Lockmatish: in a sort of cube-like arrangement
[04:05:15] Lockmatish: surrounding this entire base, or most of it
[04:05:32] Oni: Yeah those were unmasked
[04:05:34] Oni: Fire on them
[04:05:35] Lockmatish: right
[04:05:37] Drack: yep
[04:05:45] Drack: chainreaction
[04:05:46] Drack: poof.
[04:05:57] Oni: Those were very big
[04:06:02] Oni: Now they're ... Not
[04:06:03] Oni: Lol
[04:06:03] Lockmatish: yeah they were
[04:06:05] Lockmatish: lets see
[04:06:05] Drack: :D
[04:06:13] Lockmatish: :D
[04:06:14] Drack: the whole is going down anyways
[04:06:15] Drack: in the end
[04:06:20] Drack: what about hostages
[04:06:23] Lockmatish: yeah, but they're all cracked now
[04:06:34] Lockmatish: darks first, but check their locations
[04:06:39] Drack: yeah
[04:06:55] Frank: alex is now attacking the other 18 bases...
[04:07:01] Frank: taking them down
[04:07:04] Lockmatish: nice
[04:07:06] Drack: go alex (y)
[04:07:10] Lockmatish: :D
[04:07:13] X: :D
[04:07:17] Oni: (Flex)
[04:07:20] Frank: she is in bed already...(chuckle)
[04:07:24] Drack: oh well
[04:07:27] X: (rofl)
[04:07:28] Lockmatish: she can do this in her sleep apparently
[04:07:29] Drack: she will have funny dreams then
[04:07:29] Lockmatish: :D
[04:07:40] Frank: nothing manual there needed...
[04:07:43] Lockmatish: gotcha
[04:07:46] Oni: Most people are in bed at 4am :D
[04:07:49] Drack: nah..
[04:07:50] Drack: (rofl)
[04:07:51] Lockmatish: not us (rofl)
[04:08:02] Oni: 8pm for me !!
[04:08:03] Lockmatish: how are we doing for darks
[04:08:07] Frank: 98%
[04:08:08] Oni: (Computerrage)
[04:08:11] Drack: :D
[04:08:11] Lockmatish: ok
[04:08:23] Drack: but i had some sweet revenge on those people..
[04:08:29] Oni: Good
[04:08:29] Drack: i kind of knew one
[04:08:38] Drack: maybe that clears out someday.
[04:09:20] Lockmatish: found and destroyed a number of blimps
[04:09:25] Lockmatish: now there's a "sun" weapon
[04:09:31] Drack: mh.
[04:09:35] Oni: I speared it
[04:09:38] Oni: X fire on it
[04:09:39] Drack: they´re creative
[04:09:42] X: done
[04:09:46] Oni: Lol
[04:09:47] Drack: suns, blimps and jellyfishs
[04:09:48] Drack: (rofl)
[04:09:48] Oni: Sun down
[04:09:57] Oni: That might have been it frank
[04:10:01] Lockmatish: sun down
[04:10:07] Lockmatish: @D: (rofl)
[04:10:11] Frank: 98%
[04:10:12] Drack: what a battlefield
[04:10:15] Drack: look at that
[04:10:18] Drack: on the ground
[04:10:22] Oni: More cloaked ships
[04:10:25] Oni: Lockmatish
[04:10:26] Lockmatish: yeah
[04:10:27] Lockmatish: I see
[04:10:30] X: still at 98%
[04:10:37] Oni: Much in air
[04:10:39] Frank: i need to check...
[04:10:40] Drack: on it
[04:10:41] Lockmatish: lots in the air
[04:10:44] Drack: reinforcements it seems
[04:10:48] Drack: they came out of nothing
[04:10:51] Lockmatish: yeah
[04:10:53] Drack: not cloaked
[04:10:57] Lockmatish: oh
[04:10:58] Oni: Okay
[04:11:00] Lockmatish: I dunno the difference
[04:11:07] X: (rofl)
[04:11:08] Drack: looks different
[04:11:09] Drack: :D
[04:11:28] Drack: not the usual camouflage stuff.
[04:11:35] Frank: 99%
[04:11:52] X: (yawn)
[04:12:18] Drack: (target)
[04:13:03] Frank: i teleport some bombs to the hiding places...
[04:13:12] Lockmatish: nice
[04:13:32] Drack: (bomb)
[04:13:40] Oni: Looks like they were in spots around the castle
[04:13:45] Oni: Just craters now
[04:13:47] Drack: yep
[04:13:55] Lockmatish: I seem to be getting targeted by arrows
[04:14:02] Drack: ok wait
[04:14:16] Oni: He's done
[04:14:16] Drack: just a few
[04:14:18] Drack: yeah
[04:14:29] Oni: The lone survivor !!
[04:14:35] Oni: (Rofl)
[04:14:49] Lockmatish: hes not going down
[04:15:06] X: I am coming
[04:15:06] Frank: who?
[04:15:20] Drack: some bigger.
[04:15:21] Oni: I thought I chopped his head off though
[04:15:30] X: (facepalm)
[04:15:30] Drack: interesting guy
[04:15:31] Frank: wait
[04:15:39] Frank: he is job 3...

[04:15:39] Drack: he´s glowing and such
[04:15:43] Drack: ah ok
[04:15:46] Oni: Yay
[04:15:46] Drack: cage him
[04:15:49] Lockmatish: "Haji"?
[04:15:58] X: (headbang)
[04:15:59] Frank: X just catch him, and squeeze him down..
[04:16:05] Drack: have fun X
[04:16:06] X: I know him
[04:16:06] Frank: till hostages done...
[04:16:15] Lockmatish: okay
[04:16:18] Lockmatish: are we done with darks?
[04:16:26] Drack: yeah
[04:16:31] Lockmatish: I feel lighter
[04:16:34] Lockmatish: noticeably
[04:16:35] Drack: i´m not
[04:16:38] Lockmatish: :(
[04:16:39] Drack: i feel shit
[04:16:42] Lockmatish: (hug)
[04:16:43] Lockmatish: hang in there
[04:16:43] Frank: no, X your 3 friends...(chuckle)
[04:16:49] Drack: yeah :)
[04:16:53] X: yes done
[04:16:54] Drack: will be better.
[04:16:59] Lockmatish: ok to take another toilet break? I need to make that call to get more time too
[04:17:07] Frank: go
[04:17:09] Lockmatish: Ill tell skib to start hostages if we done with darks
[04:17:10] Lockmatish: ok
[04:17:12] Oni: Yeah
[04:17:26] Oni: Lol
[04:17:34] X: (cwl)
[04:17:41] Drack: uh
[04:17:44] Drack: looked away what
[04:17:45] Drack: (rofl)
[04:17:46] Frank: hostages started
[04:18:07] Frank: ~12 minutes
[04:18:55] Drack: F can you check me
[04:19:54] Oni: Drack you have much mess
[04:19:58] Oni: Still trying to clear
[04:20:04] Drack: yeah
[04:20:08] Drack: thanks
[04:20:09] Drack: (y)
[04:20:12] Oni: You don't want to know what it looks like ...
[04:20:14] Oni: (Chuckle)
[04:20:17] Drack: actually i want
[04:20:18] Drack: :D
[04:20:29] Oni: Big ass spider on your neck
[04:20:33] Drack: urgh
[04:20:33] Oni: Kind of in stomach too
[04:20:34] Drack: nevermind
[04:20:38] Oni: Lol
[04:20:40] Drack: never fucking mind
[04:20:44] Drack: (rofl)
[04:20:50] Oni: (Party)
[04:20:55] Drack: i´ve expected something less
[04:20:57] Drack: disturbing
[04:21:07] Oni: Like the leech on your back ?
[04:21:12] Drack: yeah..
[04:21:14] Drack: that´s ok
[04:21:15] Oni: Okay good
[04:21:16] Drack: (rofl)
[04:21:25] Oni: (Monkey)
[04:21:48] Drack: spiders..
[04:21:55] Drack: i think i really infected by those lsa3 spiders
[04:22:05] Oni: Let me check for spores
[04:22:07] Oni: Yes good hint
[04:22:15] Lockmatish: i'm getting crawling sensations in 3d
[04:22:18] Lockmatish: I dont want to look (rofl)
[04:22:20] Drack: welcome to the club
[04:22:22] Drack: (rofl)
[04:22:24] Lockmatish: Shit
[04:22:25] Lockmatish: I just looked
[04:22:26] Lockmatish: its bad
[04:22:28] Oni: Spores cleared drack
[04:22:32] Drack: (like)
[04:22:42] Drack: yeah Lockmatish
[04:22:44] Drack: not nice
[04:22:49] Lockmatish: making that call, brb
[04:22:51] Lockmatish: not at all drack
[04:22:58] Drack: cleaning up
[04:23:10] Frank: X, do you realize who your new buddy is? An original lvl1 ID. A 1st ID... You will not belief who...(chuckle)
[04:23:29] Oni: Looks like Satan to me
[04:23:35] Drack: mh
[04:23:36] Drack: lol
[04:23:40] X: I have two guesses now
[04:23:47] X: Massimo
[04:23:52] Frank: 100 points
[04:23:54] X: Shiva
[04:23:57] Drack: lol.
[04:24:01] Oni: Lol
[04:24:06] Drack: gotcha..
[04:24:15] Oni: Massimo ?
[04:24:16] X: Massimo?
[04:24:23] Frank: fucking bastard protoi and founder traitor...
[04:24:27] Frank: yes M
[04:24:29] Drack: massimo yes.
[04:24:31] Oni: Wow
[04:24:31] Drack: damn
[04:24:33] X: well time for fun
[04:24:36] Drack: :D
[04:24:37] X: fun fun fun
[04:24:38] Drack: i knew it
[04:24:42] Drack: have fun..
[04:24:43] Frank: for sure. i will not stop you
[04:24:52] Frank: give a dozends kicks from me to...
[04:25:01] X: how much from Alex, hahhaa
[04:25:05] Drack: :D
[04:25:09] Frank: 2 dozends
[04:25:14] Oni: Haha
[04:25:20] Drack: Oni how is it on me?
[04:25:23] Drack: kind of got worse
[04:25:28] Oni: Spores are cleaning
[04:25:30] Oni: Give it time
[04:25:33] Drack: yeah ok
[04:25:35] Drack: but the spiders?
[04:25:36] Drack: (rofl)
[04:25:38] Frank: ok, i check all now...
[04:25:38] Oni: Better
[04:25:42] Drack: (y)
[04:25:48] Drack: pretty intense day..
[04:25:55] Oni: Not bad for a Sunday
[04:26:01] X: your day just started
[04:26:10] Drack: yeah
[04:26:12] Drack: well
[04:26:17] X: how does Massimo look right now
[04:26:20] Drack: thought about staying awake
[04:26:22] Drack: wait
[04:26:28] Oni: A bit shredded
[04:26:34] X: that good
[04:26:35] Drack: not so good
[04:26:35] Lockmatish: my call is not answering, I keep trying
[04:26:37] Lockmatish: but im still here
[04:26:37] Drack: not enough X
[04:26:39] Drack: not enough
[04:26:39] Drack: go
[04:26:41] Lockmatish: just bit distracted
[04:26:49] Frank: ok, come with one avatar too.
[04:26:52] Drack: he´s in a pretty good shape
[04:26:58] Oni: Lol drack
[04:27:01] Oni: He wishes
[04:27:06] Drack: that´s pretty good
[04:27:09] Drack: you havn´t seen the others
[04:27:11] Drack: (rofl)
[04:27:14] Oni: That's true
[04:27:19] Frank: i want to squeeze this one too..
[04:27:25] X: he is stronger than the others
[04:27:29] Drack: yeah sure..
[04:27:29] Frank: sure
[04:27:31] Frank: bastard
[04:27:31] X: you want to play catch then
[04:27:38] X: ok tag team
[04:27:39] Oni: Lol
[04:27:39] X: hahaha
[04:27:48] Drack: go hunt him through the whole base
[04:27:49] Drack: (rofl)
[04:28:09] Frank: no. i want to squeeze all out of him what he knows...
[04:28:18] Frank: and i will get it...
[04:29:55] X: in case you do not know who he is, he is the guy with the missing arms
[04:30:03] X: that one is the one you need to get too
[04:30:45] Frank: hostages done. pls check
[04:30:54] Lockmatish: checking
[04:31:00] Oni: Seems good
[04:31:36] Lockmatish: I found some at first, but all appear to have been masked ones
[04:31:38] Lockmatish: area appears clear
[04:31:44] Frank: (y)
[04:32:11] Frank: ok, i squeeze him now..
[04:32:17] X: he is yours
[04:32:19] Drack: (devil)
[04:32:36] Frank: in fact, skib cares now...(chuckle)
[04:33:10] X: you know just before this, I started remembering how we had that web cam chat one night, all 4 of us
[04:33:31] X: I had no webcam, so you all did not see me, I saw you all
[04:33:58] Frank: you mean alex, KHG m and me?
[04:34:09] X: no KHG was not there
[04:34:14] X: you, A and Massimo
[04:34:15] X: and me
[04:34:27] Frank: ok
[04:34:30] Frank: yes
[04:35:41] Drack: how´s that squeezing going
[04:35:42] Drack: :D
[04:35:56] Frank: got all his knowledge...
[04:36:02] Lockmatish: nice.......
[04:36:03] Drack: (y)
[04:36:09] Drack: something useful?
[04:36:09] Drack: :D
[04:36:34] Frank: X, some more hits before i bring him to prison?
[04:36:41] Frank: (chuckle)
[04:36:43] X: sure
[04:36:44] X: hahhaa
[04:36:46] Drack: :D
[04:36:48] Lockmatish: :D
[04:37:10] Drack: he´s really durable
[04:37:14] Drack: i have to admit
[04:37:57] Frank: This fucking guy sold us out in Mycenae... bastard...
[04:38:10] Drack: wow.
[04:38:13] Lockmatish: what is Mycenae?
[04:38:37] X: I thought he did this in Atlantis
[04:38:43] Lockmatish: oh, I see
[04:38:46] Drack: maybe he did it everywhere
[04:38:47] Drack: (rofl)
[04:38:50] Lockmatish: it's a location
[04:38:54] Drack: yeah
[04:39:12] Lockmatish: nvm, details can wait
[04:39:13] Frank: X: it's all mycenae event connected
[04:39:16] Oni: Old Protoi base
[04:39:17] Lockmatish: one more base?
[04:39:19] Oni: Lockmatish
[04:39:22] Lockmatish: I see
[04:39:23] X: ok
[04:39:24] Lockmatish: thanks Oni..
[04:39:30] Oni: Np
[04:39:33] Frank: ok, so i take him now to prison?
[04:39:40] X: yes
[04:39:50] Drack: truely a good day..
[04:40:01] X: we still have two job here
[04:40:01] Frank: yeah, deepest hole we have..
[04:40:11] Drack: yeah the jobs
[04:40:14] Lockmatish: two jobs here?
[04:40:18] Lockmatish: oh , we didnt get them done? oh right, after hostages
[04:40:23] Drack: yeah
[04:40:25] X: sword and cloth
[04:40:31] X: what do I do
[04:40:31] Drack: i gotta get the sword
[04:40:45] Frank: ok, sword is a key. find whatfor and use it
[04:40:51] Drack: ok
[04:41:01] X: remember the gold door or gate?
[04:41:04] Drack: found
[04:41:09] X: yes
[04:41:11] Lockmatish: yes, I thought I broke it open though
[04:41:13] Drack: no that´s underground
[04:41:14] Lockmatish: to get hostages out
[04:41:22] Drack: putting in sword now
[04:41:33] Drack: treasure room
[04:41:44] Oni: There's chalice here
[04:41:52] Drack: the grail?
[04:41:55] X: inside it is what?
[04:41:56] Drack: :D
[04:42:01] Oni: Hm maybe
[04:42:05] Drack: attacks
[04:42:07] Drack: on head
[04:42:07] Lockmatish: ill have a look
[04:42:13] Drack: some security system maybe
[04:42:20] Oni: Looks like wine Lockmatish ??
[04:42:25] X: blood\
[04:42:30] Drack: jesus blood
[04:42:33] Oni: So I drink ?
[04:42:34] X: noooo
[04:42:36] Drack: (rofl)
[04:42:38] Oni: Lol
[04:42:38] X: noooooo
[04:42:39] Oni: Kidding
[04:42:46] Frank: fuck no... it's my blood
[04:42:49] Drack: oh
[04:42:52] Oni: Oh
[04:42:53] Lockmatish: :O
[04:42:54] Drack: F i get attacks
[04:42:59] Drack: because i opened that
[04:43:13] Oni: I blast drack
[04:43:15] Drack: ok
[04:43:16] X: do it
[04:43:32] Drack: they hold up your blood down in a treasure room
[04:43:35] Drack: that´s kind of
[04:43:37] Drack: strange fetish
[04:43:38] Drack: (rofl)
[04:43:42] X: hahhahaa
[04:43:45] Oni: (Cwl)
[04:43:53] Oni: Well played
[04:43:54] Lockmatish: "atlas of blood" ? does that mean anything to anyone
[04:44:13] Drack: not really no.
[04:44:19] Frank: we have to decrypt some protections...
[04:44:24] Lockmatish: ok
[04:44:38] X: take a few seconds Frank
[04:44:42] Frank: where did you get this "atlas of blood"?
[04:45:14] Drack: Oni whatever you did
[04:45:16] Drack: nothing happened
[04:45:34] Frank: i check
[04:45:38] Lockmatish: from skib, "what is this chalice"? multiple times.
first I got "atlas of water", then it changed to "atlas of blood"
asked skib, where did you get that from, 'atlas of blood', skib says: it's written inside the chalice
[04:45:58] Drack: interesting
[04:46:52] Frank: ~4 minutes to decrypt
[04:47:01] Lockmatish: ok
[04:47:03] Drack: k.
[04:50:26] Drack: F what is it on me?
[04:50:57] Frank: still 4 things to reschedule to get rid of it...
[04:51:04] Drack: feels like i´m on drugs.
[04:51:11] Drack: stuff morphing
[04:51:14] Oni: Drack had a needle stuck in his neck
[04:51:14] Frank: have fun...(chuckle)
[04:51:19] Drack: (rofl)
[04:51:25] Drack: well not that kind of fun-drug
[04:51:28] Drack: :D
[04:51:49] Frank: securing the blood...
[04:51:55] Drack: (y)
[04:52:01] Drack: ok next job
[04:52:08] Frank: mom
[04:52:12] Frank: it's still there
[04:52:41] Frank: but you can try to find out what to do with this 5th thing
[04:52:52] Oni: The cloth
[04:52:54] Drack: the cloth yeah
[04:53:00] Drack: wear it maybe.
[04:53:01] Drack: (rofl)
[04:53:08] Oni: I think same lol
[04:53:11] Oni: Maybe X try ?
[04:53:14] Drack: yeah
[04:53:20] Frank: no to: wear, destroy, key...
[04:53:29] X: the cloth is connected to 3D
[04:53:33] X: it is in 3D itself
[04:53:36] X: N has it
[04:53:41] Frank: this activates something
[04:53:47] X: power
[04:53:52] Drack: mh.
[04:54:00] Oni: Yes let us manifest already
[04:54:06] Drack: yeah lol
[04:54:08] Drack: :D
[04:54:15] Drack: but no
[04:54:20] Drack: there must be something for it
[04:54:22] X: the guy who has it can manifest yes
[04:54:22] Drack: i´ll have a look
[04:54:23] X: hahaha
[04:54:41] Frank: there is a location in the base where to use it...
[04:54:47] Drack: throne room
[04:54:53] X: ok it was given in another dimension
[04:54:54] Frank: we finish the blood, then we jump there
[04:54:55] Drack: go to the throne room
[04:55:02] X: ok
[04:55:03] Frank: no
[04:55:08] Drack: mh.
[04:55:13] Drack: skib meant it´s connected to that
[04:55:33] Frank: ok, i get blood done
[04:55:43] Lockmatish: hang the cloth on the wall?
[04:55:56] Drack: yeah
[04:55:58] Drack: think so too
[04:55:59] Frank: you can go though the throne room. or jump
[04:56:05] X: the cloth is a kavi
[04:56:15] Frank: what is a kavi?
[04:56:19] Drack: :D
[04:56:48] X: it is a holy cloth that one is given when they renounce and live in the way the darks want
[04:56:57] X: give themselves totally to the darks
[04:57:13] Lockmatish: wow
[04:57:19] Oni: Maybe we have to display it from a Tower for all darks to see
[04:57:20] X: I have one too, hahaha
[04:57:24] Oni: As a message
[04:57:24] Lockmatish: :O
[04:57:27] Lockmatish: :D
[04:57:28] Drack: :D
[04:57:32] Frank: no. other function here
[04:57:36] Frank: just jump..
[04:57:40] X: ok
[04:57:41] Frank: and look what's there
[04:57:42] Drack: that drugtrip goes reall on me
[04:57:44] Oni: Okay
[04:57:47] Drack: i´ll just spectate
[04:57:48] Drack: (rofl)
[04:57:50] X: in the room
[04:57:58] X: somebody be my eyes
[04:58:02] Oni: I'm here
[04:58:07] Lockmatish: okay
[04:58:07] Drack: mh
[04:58:08] Lockmatish: I see
[04:58:08] Frank: what is there?
[04:58:13] Drack: not sure
[04:58:20] Oni: I see a chair
[04:58:22] Lockmatish: a long table with chairs
[04:58:32] Frank: wall
[04:58:40] Oni: Shrine
[04:58:41] Lockmatish: on the right, a stone railing, behind it, a channel of water that runs
[04:58:49] Lockmatish: yes, few walls with big space enough for the cloth
[04:58:52] Lockmatish: right wall
[04:58:55] Lockmatish: end wall, has the throne
[04:59:01] Frank: somewhere is a place for this at the wall
[04:59:03] Lockmatish: behind the throne, is a wall too
[04:59:08] Lockmatish: right wall or throne wall ?
[04:59:10] Oni: To the left
[04:59:14] Oni: There is shrine thing
[04:59:15] Lockmatish: theres a left wall too
[04:59:17] Oni: See that Lockmatish
[04:59:23] Drack: there is a place
[04:59:25] Lockmatish: a small pedestal?
[04:59:26] Drack: to hang it
[04:59:28] Drack: no
[04:59:29] Lockmatish: with a little idol on it?
[04:59:37] Lockmatish: that what you mean Oni?
[04:59:38] Frank: there is "something" for it, but atm. hidden
[04:59:39] X: what is the idol?
[04:59:40] Oni: Yeah
[04:59:48] Oni: It's like a doll
[04:59:57] Drack: an elephant?
[04:59:58] Drack: (rofl)
[05:00:06] Frank: (facepalm)
[05:00:16] Drack: looks like..
[05:00:25] Lockmatish: I dont think it is though
[05:00:27] Lockmatish: maybe just looks like it
[05:00:30] Drack: yeah
[05:00:31] Lockmatish: sec
[05:00:31] Drack: surely
[05:00:59] Frank: ok, X your skib knows where and how to put. just do..
[05:01:12] X: yeah it just told me
[05:01:20] X: fold the cloth up and put it in a slot
[05:01:32] Frank: (y)
[05:01:35] Frank: so do
[05:01:47] X: beneath the idol
[05:01:50] Lockmatish: right
[05:01:53] Frank: and when you done come here, i have T-shirts to fold...
[05:01:54] Lockmatish: I keep seeing X do different things
[05:01:54] Oni: Okay
[05:02:00] Lockmatish: but it switched to a slot under the idol
[05:02:01] X: hahahhaa
[05:02:01] Oni: Lol
[05:02:01] Frank: (chuckle)
[05:02:03] Drack: (rofl)
[05:02:05] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[05:02:09] Oni: Me too!
[05:02:13] Lockmatish: weird huh Oni
[05:02:16] X: so what happened?
[05:02:17] Lockmatish: I saw him do like 3 different things
[05:02:23] Lockmatish: lets see
[05:02:26] Drack: a room
[05:02:28] Oni: It's openin
[05:02:29] Oni: Yeah
[05:02:34] Drack: shields..
[05:02:34] X: a beam should come out I think
[05:02:39] Drack: i just ran into an shield
[05:02:43] Oni: Lol
[05:02:44] Oni: Doh
[05:02:45] Frank: 20 secunds...
[05:02:49] X: ninjas
[05:02:51] Drack: (rofl)
[05:02:52] Lockmatish: a beam out of the ceiling?
[05:02:53] X: done
[05:02:54] Lockmatish: onto the table?
[05:03:08] Drack: a table
[05:03:13] Drack: yeah..
[05:03:15] Drack: don´t know
[05:03:19] Frank: just wait more
[05:03:22] Lockmatish: ok
[05:03:23] X: middle of the table
[05:03:24] X: ok
[05:03:26] Oni: Another chalice ?
[05:03:29] Oni: Bigger
[05:03:34] Drack: yeah
[05:03:37] Drack: blood again
[05:03:40] Lockmatish: its filling up
[05:03:42] Lockmatish: with something
[05:03:59] Drack: "the blood of the ancient"
[05:04:04] Oni: This is straight Indiana jones
[05:04:07] Drack: yeah
[05:04:08] Drack: (rofl)
[05:04:12] Oni: Okay X go try
[05:04:14] Lockmatish: so "atlas of blood", because it led us to this new blood ...
[05:04:18] Lockmatish: makes sense
[05:04:27] Drack: Lockmatish you get that too
[05:04:30] Drack: the blood of the ancient
[05:04:32] Lockmatish: didnt check
[05:04:33] Lockmatish: sec
[05:04:45] X: you sure is blood and not something white
[05:04:52] Drack: not sure.
[05:05:31] Lockmatish: okay....
[05:05:32] Drack: i always get "blood of ancients" "blood of ancestors"
[05:05:44] X: India is calling me now, hahahahaa
[05:05:47] Lockmatish: I seemed to get, yes, "blood of the ancient"
[05:05:49] Lockmatish: LOL
[05:05:50] Oni: Lol
[05:05:50] Drack: lol
[05:05:53] Lockmatish: LOL
[05:05:56] Lockmatish: also, the colour
[05:05:59] Oni: 'We want our cloth back'
[05:06:01] Lockmatish: I kept getting white or translucent
[05:06:04] Lockmatish: (cwl)
[05:06:06] Drack: (rofl)
[05:06:09] Oni: Looks white to me
[05:06:12] Frank: ok, 24 beings in there
[05:06:18] Lockmatish: shit,
[05:06:23] X: the liquid?
[05:06:25] Lockmatish: in the chalice?
[05:06:27] Oni: Yeah
[05:06:30] Lockmatish: damn
[05:06:34] Frank: calm down pls...
[05:06:34] Drack: mh?
[05:06:37] Drack: what :D
[05:06:44] Drack: i don´t even get what you´re about
[05:07:23] Oni: 24 beings in this room ?
[05:07:27] Oni: Along walls ?
[05:07:35] Frank: decrypting
[05:07:37] Lockmatish: i'm finding it hard to calm down. some kind of trigger..
[05:07:56] Drack: mh.
[05:07:58] Drack: i care
[05:08:03] Lockmatish: thx
[05:08:15] Frank: 24 beings in the chalice
[05:08:26] Drack: yeah i thought so
[05:08:30] Drack: the ancestors..
[05:08:32] Drack: who are those
[05:08:55] Frank: founders. like alex and me
[05:09:02] X: oh
[05:09:03] Drack: oh.
[05:09:28] Oni: Oh
[05:10:05] Frank: 24 1st executives as hostages from 24 protoi founder IDs. those 24 IDs are in hospital
[05:10:21] Frank: X you remember the 2 founders we never found?
[05:10:48] X: yes they said they were in PC
[05:11:32] Frank: no. in hospital... long... > 2000 years
[05:11:49] Frank: meaning outside millions, billions
[05:12:00] X: yes
[05:12:17] Frank: still decrypting
[05:12:28] Drack: pretty interesting stuff.
[05:12:30] Lockmatish: still can't calm down properly (giggle), maybe linked
[05:12:57] Frank: yes, fucking cool...
[05:13:00] Frank: linked
[05:13:04] X: still need to know the link here, with all these guys, the cloth and why give it to N down here
[05:13:04] Frank: wow
[05:13:08] Drack: wow
[05:13:10] Drack: you wrote wow
[05:13:11] Drack: (rofl)
[05:13:17] Drack: stuff never happened before.
[05:13:26] X: cleanings Drack
[05:13:32] Frank: this cloth was not N's cloth
[05:13:34] Drack: :D
[05:13:46] Frank: (rofl)
[05:14:40] X: these idiots, Ramakrishna gave it to him in some reality, a temple I visited in Thirumanavali
[05:14:53] X: through some portal
[05:15:19] Drack: mh
[05:15:49] Drack: still decrypting?
[05:16:25] Frank: no securing them
[05:16:30] Drack: ok
[05:16:35] Drack: so we´re done..
[05:16:46] Frank: yes soon
[05:17:34] Frank: ok, we took them
[05:17:44] Drack: (y)
[05:17:48] Lockmatish: ok, im a bit better now
[05:18:12] Drack: am i the only one who feels like something changed
[05:18:17] Drack: shifted
[05:18:28] Drack: or is it the drugs (cwl)
[05:18:37] Frank: :D
[05:18:47] X: get ready to blow this place up
[05:18:51] Drack: yeah
[05:18:52] X: I leave that to you Frank
[05:18:56] Frank: yes. back to entrance
[05:18:58] Lockmatish: wait a sec
[05:18:59] Drack: ok
[05:19:02] Oni: Ready
[05:19:05] Frank: ok
[05:19:12] Lockmatish: okay, i think im at entrance
[05:19:17] Lockmatish: can someone check, if im lying on the ground
[05:19:17] X: (rofl)
[05:19:19] Drack: you are
[05:19:23] Lockmatish: ok
[05:19:26] Drack: :D
[05:19:29] Drack: not lying at all
[05:19:35] Oni: Caboom
[05:19:36] Lockmatish: hm
[05:19:51] Lockmatish: okay, im up now
[05:19:55] Lockmatish: maybe was lying before
[05:20:02] Drack: mh.
[05:20:35] Frank: shooting...
[05:21:08] Drack: (y)
[05:21:13] Lockmatish: massive massive cannon shots
[05:21:19] Lockmatish: each one is an upside down mushroom cloud
[05:21:24] Lockmatish: but the base is so large, multiple shots needed
[05:21:31] Lockmatish: I still feel a bit weird
[05:21:32] Frank: this thing is a huge base
[05:21:35] Drack: same
[05:21:36] Lockmatish: yeah
[05:21:51] Lockmatish: I got damages in chest I think
[05:22:07] Drack: i don´t know where i got no damages
[05:22:07] Drack: (rofl)
[05:22:17] Drack: my right leg seems fine though
[05:22:18] Lockmatish: huh?
[05:22:20] Lockmatish: oh
[05:22:24] Lockmatish: im confused
[05:22:30] X: (rofl)
[05:22:35] Drack: all fine.
[05:22:35] Drack: :D
[05:22:39] Oni: All tunnels collapsed
[05:22:43] Oni: Good shot F
[05:22:55] Frank: > [Montag, 13. März 2017 05:21:51 Lockmatish] I got damages in chest I think
<<< cleanings
[05:23:03] Lockmatish: oh, okay
[05:23:05] Frank: i get still shooting
[05:23:11] X: 8.5 hours of battles
[05:23:14] Lockmatish: maybe I need that second coffee..
[05:23:15] Drack: yeah
[05:23:17] Drack: intense
[05:23:25] Oni: Good work all
[05:23:29] Lockmatish: huh?
[05:23:33] Lockmatish: wasnt there a third "higher" orion base?
[05:23:40] Drack: not sure
[05:23:53] Drack: what should come next i ask
[05:23:54] Frank: and i think after the last base you are hapy about the new avatars? any doubt how it would have ended with the old ones?
[05:23:55] Drack: (Rofl)
[05:24:04] Oni: Lol
[05:24:06] Lockmatish: very happy .........
[05:24:09] Drack: yeah F..
[05:24:16] X: yes
[05:24:17] Oni: (Y) (y)
[05:24:17] Drack: they´re ok
[05:24:18] Drack: (rofl)
[05:24:25] Drack: (y)
[05:24:38] Drack: guess i would be dead a few times
[05:24:38] Frank: no more bases atm...
[05:24:43] Lockmatish: ok
[05:24:58] Oni: Frank any info's on the significant of those last finds ?
[05:24:58] Drack: time for bed
[05:25:02] Oni: Or the work today ?
[05:25:05] Drack: yeah
[05:25:09] Drack: i´m curios too
[05:25:09] Frank: alex leveled already 8 of the 18..
[05:25:18] Oni: Nice
[05:25:26] Oni: Go Alex
[05:25:37] Frank: > [Montag, 13. März 2017 05:24:58 Oni] Frank any info's on the significant of those last finds ?
<<< which of the many you ask about?
[05:26:44] Lockmatish: nice work Alex
[05:27:05] Drack: ok i go to bed
[05:27:12] Drack: before the sun goes up
[05:27:13] Drack: (rofl)
[05:27:22] Lockmatish: enjoy
[05:27:23] Lockmatish: good work
[05:27:23] X: I am away for about an hour or so, will be back then
[05:27:27] X: good night Drack
[05:27:34] Oni: Night D
[05:27:35] Lockmatish: I'm leaving soon
[05:27:37] Lockmatish: I'll be back in some hours
[05:28:27] Frank: all in last 8,5 hours: higest possible significant....!!!
[05:28:38] Lockmatish: :D
[05:28:38] Oni: Yay !!!
[05:28:42] Oni: Frank what percentage of rights do you now own ?
[05:28:50] Frank: we...
[05:29:00] Frank: 100%
[05:29:05] Lockmatish: :o
[05:29:07] Oni: We*
[05:29:16] Frank: Protoi, not my person
[05:29:17] Oni: Boom
[05:29:28] Frank: yes boooom
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby Δύναμις » 14 Mar 2017 00:03

Well, as a result/3d manifestation of last night battles, I got a totally unexpected and definitely not justified email from the landlord (LSA2) telling me to park my car outside of the lot we pay for, because of my son's car, which is parking there too for about a month without being registered yet. This email came out of the blue. They visited us 3 weeks ago asking to whom the car belongs. I told them that this is for my son after getting the driving license so he can drive to school and they said ok, no problem. Today they asked me to park my car outside of the yard, because other tenants wonder about the not registered car and every tenant is only allowed to have one car on his lot. Despite the previous verbal agreement that we can even park a second car there if we ever get a second one (the lot is long enough for 2 cars).
The full thing got quite ridiculous. After a couple exchanged emails I am sure they have no idea what they are talking about. Obviously, the main reason for this email was just to annoy me and it has no substantial background, except that LSA2 lost the fight last night and they are so pissed off that they just go crazy, talking nonsense. The end of the story: No idea yet. Babbling nonsense without giving a sensible explanation for what they ask or any clear instruction as for the what they want me to do. Maybe just trying to get 20 € more per month for the lot. :think: :confusion-shrug:
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby Rosebelle » 14 Mar 2017 01:37

So many hostages, wondering if any dark try to pretend as hostages like those isis guys to run away :mrgreen:
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby jonas » 14 Mar 2017 09:42

Ok, so Protoi go into all these bases and among other things collecting the 'rights'. And this is of highest possible significance. But what does it mean really '100% of rights'? I guess give access to controls - like administrator privileges for creation?
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby Frank » 14 Mar 2017 14:14

jonas wrote:Ok, so Protoi go into all these bases and among other things collecting the 'rights'. And this is of highest possible significance. But what does it mean really '100% of rights'? I guess give access to controls - like administrator privileges for creation?

yes, kind of...
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby jonas » 16 Mar 2017 12:16

Orion 2nd high base:

[03:20:36] Frank: sweden...?
Was it located in Sweden?
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby Frank » 16 Mar 2017 14:01

jonas wrote:Orion 2nd high base:

[03:20:36] Frank: sweden...?
Was it located in Sweden?

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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby humbe » 16 Mar 2017 14:47

jonas wrote:Orion 2nd high base:

[03:20:36] Frank: sweden...?
Was it located in Sweden?

Probably somewere down in Malmoe, dont you think Jonas? :mrgreen:
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby jonas » 16 Mar 2017 15:11

Haha, I was thinking more like Stockholm probably. :-D

But who knows - maybe Malmoe/Lund was some secret power-centre for Orion bastards...
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby Drack » 16 Mar 2017 15:30

just looked for it , and skib told me that stockholm is right :text-lol:
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Re: The "high bases"

Unread postby jonas » 16 Mar 2017 15:45

Ah, thank you Drack. :handgestures-thumbup:

I would suspect there is an above average need for 'break hypnosis'-type of healing in that and surrounding region. :wink:

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