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Moscow, Kremlin - lsa3

Unread postby Frank » 12 Mar 2017 01:23

Moscow, Kremlin

[21:33:15] Frank: are you there?
[21:33:23] Drack: soon.
[21:33:24] X: yes
[21:33:26] Drack: just finishing
[21:34:18] Oni: I'm here
[21:34:39] Oni: Bringing the battle avatar (chuckle)
[21:34:42] Frank: you can start to search for the entrance...
[21:34:47] Drack: :D
[21:34:52] Frank: :D
[21:35:07] Oni: Seems there is back entrance
[21:35:11] Oni: Says skib
[21:35:16] Drack: some elevator
[21:35:19] X: just teleport to me
[21:35:21] Drack: yeah
[21:35:28] Drack: just teleport to X. saves time
[21:35:28] Drack: :D
[21:35:37] Oni: Okay
[21:35:40] X: forgot to tell you all
[21:35:41] Drack: you´re not in ?
[21:35:59] X: like if you see a stairs leading down and you need to be downstairs
[21:36:03] X: you do not need to take it
[21:36:09] X: you can just go through
[21:36:12] X: straight down
[21:36:15] Lockmatish: understood
[21:36:21] Drack: yeah nothing new
[21:36:21] Drack: :D
[21:36:32] Drack: (y)
[21:36:43] Drack: attacks on left armpit.
[21:36:59] Drack: so
[21:37:14] Drack: still searching for enterance here it seems
[21:37:19] Drack: i found some elevator some down
[21:37:23] Lockmatish: I see us rappelling down a super long shaft
[21:37:26] Lockmatish: yeah, like an elevator shaft
[21:37:27] X: I am at a desk
[21:37:37] Drack: yeah
[21:37:40] Oni: I don't think my 'teleport to X' is working
[21:37:44] Oni: Can we check that ?
[21:37:52] Drack: i took you with me
[21:38:03] Lockmatish: try teleport to one of us, and we'll go to X (rofl)
[21:38:13] Drack: nah i just dragged him to me.
[21:38:15] Drack: should be fine
[21:38:17] Lockmatish: works too :D
[21:38:28] Drack: is there some general guy
[21:38:30] Drack: looks like one
[21:38:45] X: what is this Putin's office?
[21:38:50] X: :D
[21:38:54] Drack: yeah looks a bit
[21:38:54] Drack: :D
[21:38:58] Drack: more like a tactial center
[21:38:59] Oni: Sure does lol
[21:39:04] Frank: we have 4 targets. and similar to orions, they are not in OIC, the main base is in layer 1) here...
and the entrance in layer 0). there are ~1.200 portals into OIC
and 1 portal into their maon base
[21:39:30] Drack: i´ll just take the fastest way in now via skib
[21:39:36] X: I am on the moon
[21:39:44] Drack: i´m inside
[21:39:48] Drack: a big big tree in the middle
[21:40:07] Drack: illusions working?
[21:40:10] Drack: feels like
[21:40:18] Drack: yeah illusions
[21:40:20] Drack: here is burning
[21:41:36] Drack: i just shot through the first best job place
[21:41:36] Frank: > [Samstag, 11. März 2017 21:39:36 X] I am on the moon
<<< This is inside the main base already...
[21:41:39] Drack: a pedestal
[21:41:49] Drack: some stuff on it
[21:41:54] Oni: Okay I teleported to X
[21:42:08] Drack: mh..
[21:42:12] X: I have a glowing pentagon thing, like a rock?
[21:42:20] Drack: yeah
[21:42:26] Drack: i´m there too it seems
[21:42:30] Drack: on that pedestal?
[21:42:32] Frank: destroy
[21:42:47] X: done
[21:42:53] Drack: i feel like i´m completely wrong even though i went for the job place
[21:42:55] Drack: :D
[21:43:41] X: there is like a big robot inside the moon like through a crater
[21:44:00] Drack: Frank?
[21:44:35] Drack: well nevermind i go to X
[21:44:39] Frank: inside the moon is your portal
[21:44:42] X: this is like dark of the moon
[21:44:43] Drack: we´ll get there anyways sooner or later.
[21:45:08] X: Oni, Lockmatish, you guys ok?
[21:45:19] Drack: they´re behind
[21:45:32] X: ok understand that I do not see you all but you all see me
[21:45:44] Drack: i´m sticking with you now
[21:45:44] Lockmatish: I was a bit delayed, i'm here now
[21:45:52] Drack: since just going for the jobs isn´t the way to go it seems
[21:46:06] Oni: I think I'm here ?
[21:46:10] Oni: Can you see me drack
[21:46:12] Drack: it´s a bit bright
[21:46:14] Drack: wait
[21:46:30] Drack: yeah you´re left to me
[21:46:47] Oni: Okay
[21:46:51] Frank: there are illusions. shoot them away...
[21:47:04] X: travel time guys
[21:47:08] Drack: yeah
[21:47:09] Drack: i see
[21:47:10] X: ok here we go
[21:47:13] Drack: we are in a fleet
[21:47:18] Drack: looks a bit like star wars
[21:47:19] Drack: :D
[21:47:23] Drack: blow up?
[21:47:24] Lockmatish: I never get used to that....
[21:47:56] Frank: > [Samstag, 11. März 2017 21:47:23 Drack] blow up?
[21:48:00] Drack: ok
[21:48:07] X: ok this is like Xmen now, like cerebro
[21:48:18] Drack: oh
[21:48:20] Drack: yeah a bit
[21:48:41] X: what am I looking at here
[21:48:43] X: Frank
[21:49:01] X: these are portals?
[21:49:09] Drack: hidden ones ?
[21:49:12] Lockmatish: context: Cerebro is the "mutant detector machine" in x-men
[21:49:13] Drack: i can´t really see
[21:49:19] Drack: (rofl)
[21:49:20] X: yes
[21:49:23] Drack: Lockmatish (y)
[21:49:33] Oni: :)
[21:49:37] Drack: is it still about getting into the center?
[21:50:00] Frank: X you are at the 1st target
[21:50:12] Drack: portal room so.
[21:50:13] X: what shall I do
[21:50:22] Frank: look for hostages
[21:50:25] X: these little glowing dots are what?
[21:50:33] X: are they the location of the hostages?
[21:50:44] Frank: people they trace
[21:50:57] Drack: ah ok.
[21:50:58] Lockmatish: It's like a three-dimensional computer, it's a half-sphere kind of thing, placed on a flat desk. It rotates, it seems, you can move it. It's like a half-globe. X is looking at it, it has glowing dots on the three-dimensional display.
[21:51:00] Frank: all connected people
[21:51:21] X: they are the hostages
[21:51:35] Frank: hostages are below this
[21:51:39] Drack: and it seems the portals lead directly to them
[21:51:40] X: yes I am there
[21:52:31] X: shooting
[21:52:45] Drack: on what exactly
[21:52:54] Frank: guards
[21:53:06] X: watch Drack just watch
[21:53:09] X: they are cloaked
[21:53:10] Drack: yeah.
[21:53:12] Drack: i see
[21:53:13] Drack: found
[21:53:40] X: bodies on the walls
[21:53:45] Drack: yeah
[21:53:47] Drack: all over
[21:53:48] Frank: you can filter out the cloak with skib...
[21:54:03] Drack: it´s like a torture chamber
[21:54:07] Drack: filled with bodies
[21:54:10] Drack: pinned on the wall
[21:54:13] Lockmatish: this is bad
[21:54:13] X: experiments
[21:54:21] Oni: Wow I see now too
[21:54:22] Drack: nasty.
[21:54:35] Oni: Is there a main chamber in the middle ?
[21:54:48] Lockmatish: seems so, that leads downwards
[21:54:48] X: guys stay here free the hostages, protect them
[21:54:52] X: someone I have to find
[21:54:56] Drack: downwards were afew guards
[21:54:57] Lockmatish: okay
[21:54:57] Drack: i took care
[21:55:03] Drack: ok
[21:55:15] X: here we go
[21:55:16] Oni: I see some really bad experiment in the middle
[21:55:21] X: so who is this guy?
[21:55:23] Oni: Like a mutated body
[21:55:29] Drack: just free them
[21:55:30] Oni: In a tank
[21:55:45] Oni: Then what ?
[21:55:51] Oni: They're a bit hurt
[21:55:54] Drack: bring them away
[21:55:58] Drack: into safety
[21:56:01] Drack: skib knows
[21:56:03] Frank: we take out all G2+
[21:56:13] Oni: Okay
[21:56:20] Frank: i send my battle avatars to take them
[21:56:27] Lockmatish: I defend them during extraction
[21:56:30] X: Frank outside of this they come
[21:56:37] X: start shooting
[21:56:47] X: I have the main guy down
[21:56:52] Frank: sure, i am shooting outside...(chuckle)
[21:56:57] Drack: (y)
[21:57:08] Drack: hostages seem secured mostly
[21:57:27] X: I have visuals outside and inside, nice
[21:57:31] X: at the same time
[21:57:33] X: hahhaa
[21:57:36] Drack: yeah me too
[21:57:41] Drack: it´s freaky
[21:57:50] Drack: like i´m in and at the same time out
[21:57:51] X: I should have shut up, I am sure I will lose this now
[21:57:53] X: hahaahaha
[21:58:08] Drack: nah seems to be because of this place
[21:58:22] X: we need information from this guy?
[21:58:24] Lockmatish: is it like, 2 monitors, placed side-by-side ?
[21:58:29] X: do I extract?
[21:58:36] X: yes it is and also another view too
[21:58:46] Drack: it´s more like a monitor in a monitor for me
[21:58:47] Lockmatish: I see
[21:58:54] Drack: you´re extracting
[21:58:55] Lockmatish: okay, I guess different for some
[21:59:23] Lockmatish: I got your back
[21:59:41] X: anytime you ready to blow it up Frank
[21:59:46] Drack: i clean up a bit
[22:00:12] Frank: yes, blow it up
[22:00:21] Lockmatish: We safely in the extraction "area" with the hostages secured
[22:00:26] X: ok cool
[22:00:36] X: fire on the moon, hahaha
[22:00:46] Drack: .. :D
[22:00:55] Oni: No wonder the Russians rushed there
[22:00:58] Oni: Lol
[22:01:05] Lockmatish: X just pushed a button.. (giggle)
[22:01:48] Lockmatish: that's true Oni
[22:01:55] Drack: ok seems done
[22:02:15] Dynamite Δύναμις: Is there a harbor?
[22:02:17] Lockmatish: we getting out of there now, fast
[22:02:18] Drack: alot of reinforcements?
[22:02:23] Drack: maybe ?
[22:02:37] Drack: alex , maybe
[22:02:39] Drack: not sure
[22:02:42] X: yes will handle
[22:02:46] Drack: if it was it´s down
[22:02:52] Lockmatish: Yes, it seems like a harbor
[22:03:02] Frank: yes, i will have fun with the reinforcement... go to job 2
[22:03:05] Dynamite Δύναμις: if this is where I have been over a year ago, then there must be something. They were delivering boxes with human bodies via ship
[22:03:17] Lockmatish: or like, a water area, with jetties around
[22:03:21] Drack: yeah for those experiments i guess..
[22:03:35] X: Alex I believe there was as in past tense a harbor
[22:03:45] Dynamite Δύναμις: ok, done says Frank
[22:03:52] Dynamite Δύναμις: I was too slow with following, sorry :D
[22:03:56] Drack: seems all down yep.
[22:03:57] Drack: :D
[22:03:59] X: :D
[22:04:03] Drack: what now
[22:04:07] Frank: 2nd job
[22:04:11] X: next job is back on earth
[22:04:14] Drack: ok
[22:04:16] X: there in the mountain
[22:04:19] X: weapons systems
[22:04:28] Drack: i see
[22:04:32] Lockmatish: well it seems a lot smaller than a harbor, just water and jetties now
[22:04:35] Frank: it is all inside the mini creation. so not on "earth"...
[22:04:41] X: oh ok
[22:04:45] Drack: yeah.. still looks like earth
[22:04:46] Drack: (rofl)
[22:05:06] X: missles?
[22:05:09] Frank: in the mountans is a portal
[22:05:19] X: yes
[22:05:27] Oni: I'm here
[22:05:27] Frank: there to go
[22:05:31] Drack: ok
[22:05:35] X: should I blow the weapons up
[22:05:42] Lockmatish: found it, at the base of one of the mountains
[22:05:44] Drack: space station inside?
[22:05:46] Drack: the portal
[22:05:46] X: follow me guys
[22:05:50] Drack: i´m on you
[22:05:56] X: Drack get off me
[22:05:57] X: hahahaah
[22:06:00] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[22:06:01] Drack: (rofl)
[22:06:03] Oni: Lol
[22:06:08] Drack: not soo close..
[22:06:09] Drack: (rofl)
[22:06:22] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
[22:06:38] X: ok here we are
[22:06:43] Drack: yeah
[22:06:46] Lockmatish: okay, now we're traipsing along, it seems, along an underground passageway
[22:06:47] Drack: outside
[22:06:48] Drack: space
[22:06:51] Drack: red planet on window
[22:06:52] X: red liquid?
[22:06:55] X: yes
[22:07:02] Drack: it´s a planet out side that station
[22:07:05] Lockmatish: yes
[22:07:12] X: I am on the planet
[22:07:13] Lockmatish: a big red one
[22:07:17] X: not on the station
[22:07:22] Drack: ah ok
[22:07:29] Lockmatish: so fast
[22:07:30] Frank: look for a next portal
[22:07:38] X: under the red liquid
[22:07:43] X: swimming under
[22:07:47] Drack: nom
[22:07:48] X: there is a hatch
[22:07:49] Frank: yes
[22:07:59] Lockmatish: on the underside of the planet, there appears to be a hatch
[22:08:12] X: let us drain the liquid out
[22:08:13] X: hahaahaa
[22:08:13] Drack: this is getting nasty.
[22:08:15] Drack: yeah
[22:08:16] Drack: (rofl)
[22:08:30] Oni: Core is hollow ?
[22:08:33] Oni: Massive compartment
[22:08:43] X: yes
[22:08:44] Frank: > [Samstag, 11. März 2017 22:08:12 X] let us drain the liquid out
<<< ok
[22:09:07] X: this place is like a cesspit
[22:09:08] Drack: seems he already did
[22:09:21] Drack: yeah..
[22:09:32] Drack: craters of trash
[22:09:35] X: this is like their trash
[22:09:35] X: yes
[22:09:37] Drack: hills*
[22:09:44] Drack: a planet out of trash
[22:09:45] Drack: wow.
[22:09:49] Drack: they were busy
[22:09:52] X: portal in the trash
[22:10:07] Drack: it´s dark
[22:10:13] X: scavengers
[22:10:14] Drack: another planet
[22:10:30] Drack: mh.
[22:10:37] Frank: target is on the new planet
[22:10:48] Drack: ok
[22:10:52] Drack: "landing" on it
[22:11:00] Drack: big tower?
[22:11:04] Drack: target?
[22:11:04] X: hmmmm
[22:11:08] X: I am in the centre
[22:11:12] Drack: ok
[22:11:16] Drack: yeah inside
[22:11:17] X: inside the planet
[22:11:20] Drack: oh
[22:11:21] Lockmatish: I see you there
[22:11:28] Drack: that´s a way to go
[22:11:29] Drack: :D
[22:11:32] Frank: in the middle of the planet. massive illusions. blow them all up...
[22:11:46] X: here we go
[22:11:52] X: lock and load
[22:11:55] Drack: yeah
[22:11:58] Drack: already shooting
[22:12:14] Drack: white room now
[22:12:39] X: control centre for something
[22:12:43] Frank: i sent my avatar to help. should be near X
[22:12:46] Drack: for another planet?
[22:12:52] Drack: looks a bit like
[22:13:06] Drack: yeah there is some fluid
[22:13:09] Frank: control center seems not important
[22:13:12] X: vision is getting bad
[22:13:30] Frank: i care
[22:13:45] Drack: is the next way underwater?
[22:13:48] Lockmatish: this looks like the "white train station" from the matrix film
[22:13:49] Drack: under that controlcenter
[22:13:59] Lockmatish: and then we went down, below the liquid, I think
[22:14:03] Frank: 15% of illusions down. just fire...
[22:14:08] Drack: ok.
[22:14:35] Drack: i need to get something to eat quickly
[22:14:35] Drack: brb
[22:15:31] Lockmatish: so many illusions..
[22:17:07] Frank: 35% down
[22:18:19] Frank: and I have ~15 billion battle avaters around the planet to devend against the reinforcemant...(chuckle)
[22:18:24] KHG: X, no worries. I am with you now
[22:18:26] Lockmatish: :D
[22:18:34] Lockmatish: nice KHG, you can help with the shooting
[22:18:40] X: (y)
[22:18:45] Frank: teleport to X
[22:18:57] KHG: I am already there Franky
[22:19:24] Frank: shoot illusions down...
[22:19:30] KHG: Yep, shooting rn
[22:19:54] X: something about my weapons
[22:20:03] X: I am unable to really shoot as I want
[22:20:11] Frank: i check
[22:20:19] KHG: Tried to fix it
[22:20:22] KHG: Do it again
[22:20:32] Lockmatish: yes, it seems you are moving in a clockwise pattern, but your shots are restricted to certain angles when you are at certain positions
[22:20:47] Lockmatish: kind of how a liquid would flow if you put it in a centrifuge
[22:20:57] X: hmmmm
[22:21:03] X: still not going through
[22:21:17] KHG: Lockmatish you obviously got better eyes than I do
[22:21:25] X: something on the trash planet affected me
[22:21:41] Lockmatish: maybe in this case..
[22:21:53] KHG: Or should I say that I actually can't see and that I am being told by a slot what I see? (wasntme)
[22:21:57] Frank: no, it's a special protection. i check it
[22:22:03] X: ok
[22:22:15] Lockmatish: whats a slot?
[22:22:36] Frank: not now
[22:22:42] X: :D
[22:22:49] Drack: :D
[22:22:55] Lockmatish: yes, now you're shooting in a 360 degree pattern :D
[22:23:02] Lockmatish: which wasnt the case before
[22:23:05] Drack: good.
[22:23:11] X: now I blow this illusions up
[22:23:21] Drack: goes dark
[22:23:28] Frank: i do it with the ninjas...
[22:23:33] Drack: i hate illusions
[22:23:36] Drack: this is so mindfucking
[22:23:37] KHG: Is my shooting fine Lockmatish?
[22:23:37] Frank: the shield
[22:23:39] X: (ninja)
[22:23:45] Drack: :D
[22:23:55] Lockmatish: Yes, you have a different style than X
[22:23:59] Lockmatish: but your pattern appears fine, also 360 degrees
[22:24:04] Drack: mine?
[22:24:12] KHG: Thx
[22:24:24] X: is Oni still here?
[22:24:54] Drack: seems not
[22:25:06] Frank: shield is down. more illusions to destroy
[22:25:08] Lockmatish: Your pattern had holes
[22:25:14] Lockmatish: but I think I fixed it now
[22:25:15] Drack: ok.
[22:25:17] Lockmatish: Its regular again
[22:25:22] Drack: (y)
[22:25:48] Drack: how much down?
[22:25:49] X: what % are we at?
[22:25:52] Drack: :D
[22:26:12] Frank: 2/3
[22:26:13] KHG: Die Nachricht wurde entfernt.
[22:26:28] X: KHG you almost had it
[22:26:29] X: hahahaa
[22:26:33] Drack: (rofl)
[22:26:34] KHG: :D
[22:26:39] Drack: no chat , no evidences
[22:26:41] Drack: (rofl)
[22:26:42] Lockmatish: 37% left maybe :D
[22:27:18] Drack: 12% left i get
[22:27:33] Lockmatish: I didnt check that one (giggle)
[22:27:35] Frank: (y)
[22:27:46] X: ok going to the transporter system now
[22:27:56] Drack: following
[22:28:06] X: expect a battle as soon as we get there
[22:28:14] Drack: great
[22:28:15] Drack: battles.
[22:28:20] Drack: (devil)
[22:28:24] Frank: you see me?
[22:28:33] X: I only see me, no one else
[22:28:35] Drack: yeah
[22:28:40] Drack: you´re far behind
[22:28:43] Drack: caring about other stuff
[22:28:48] Frank: ok
[22:28:57] Lockmatish: not that far behind
[22:28:57] Lockmatish: but behind
[22:28:58] X: guys find a slot
[22:29:06] X: we going to be transported
[22:29:09] Drack: ok
[22:29:12] Lockmatish: ready
[22:29:15] X: the star trek thingy
[22:29:16] Frank: mom
[22:29:18] Drack: i´m in
[22:29:21] Lockmatish: holding
[22:29:22] Drack: took one
[22:29:22] X: beam me up scotty
[22:29:23] KHG: Just felt funny
[22:29:23] X: ok
[22:29:25] Drack: (rofl)
[22:29:35] Drack: why are they so futuristic..
[22:29:35] Frank: ok
[22:29:35] Drack: :D
[22:29:40] Lockmatish: moving
[22:29:45] Drack: i´m somewhere else
[22:29:46] Drack: as you are
[22:29:49] Drack: oh
[22:29:49] Drack: nvm
[22:29:51] Drack: there you are
[22:29:52] X: you always are
[22:29:54] X: hahahaha
[22:29:57] Drack: nah
[22:29:57] X: incoming
[22:29:58] Drack: (rofl)
[22:29:59] X: get ready
[22:30:02] Drack: always on your side
[22:30:09] KHG: Just like that feeling of falling when you're trying to fall asleep, just backwards :D
[22:30:18] Drack: are those
[22:30:20] Drack: spider thingsß
[22:30:23] Drack: really?!
[22:30:24] Lockmatish: sounds terrible KHG
[22:30:27] Drack: i gotta puke
[22:30:29] X: your favourite
[22:30:33] Drack: godamn
[22:30:37] Drack: get me the flamethrower.
[22:30:44] X: here use that
[22:30:57] Drack: ok
[22:30:59] Drack: that´s better
[22:31:22] Drack: whatever it exactly is
[22:31:24] Drack: (rofl)
[22:31:31] X: the rocks
[22:31:41] Drack: mh.
[22:31:55] Drack: how many
[22:31:56] Drack: are there
[22:31:58] Frank: you need to go more down
[22:31:58] Drack: urgh
[22:32:13] X: yes the rocks
[22:32:19] X: ok never mind
[22:32:22] X: we just go down
[22:32:24] Lockmatish: we are going down now, it's like we are descending down a mountain, along a spiral path
[22:32:28] X: forget the tunnel
[22:32:47] Frank: i send battle avatrs to clean this shit out
[22:32:51] Drack: yeah please
[22:32:52] Drack: do it
[22:32:53] Drack: it´s nasty.
[22:32:55] Drack: (rofl)
[22:33:07] X: Drack be sure to check for spiders on your bed before you sleep
[22:33:13] Drack: uhm..
[22:33:17] Drack: ok :D
[22:33:26] Drack: hope that whole stays outside.
[22:33:31] Frank: (rofl)
[22:33:36] Drack: it´s already crawling on me
[22:33:44] X: Frank, the spider web is a portal?
[22:33:50] X: again
[22:33:52] X: really
[22:34:01] Frank: no a weapon
[22:34:03] X: no it is not
[22:34:05] X: yes
[22:34:08] X: look around
[22:34:09] Drack: destroy?
[22:34:15] X: there are cocoons
[22:34:18] Frank: yes
[22:34:19] X: with people in the
[22:34:20] X: them
[22:34:28] Lockmatish: nasty
[22:34:33] X: cocoons, web
[22:34:35] X: what is missing
[22:34:36] Drack: that´s definitely my favourite place
[22:34:37] Lockmatish: yes, both
[22:34:38] X: get ready
[22:34:43] KHG: Oh, wasn't there for a couple of minutes. My mind was like switched off (wasntme)
[22:34:54] Drack: good for you
[22:34:56] Drack: you missed the spiders
[22:34:58] Drack: (rofl)
[22:35:00] Frank: i send battle avatrs to take the hostages out, and to prepare for battle...
[22:35:11] Drack: there is already alot of battle.
[22:35:20] X: hey these are mechanical spiders
[22:35:23] X: aim for the top
[22:35:26] Frank: jumping to X now
[22:35:30] X: these idiot controls them
[22:35:38] Drack: kill him
[22:35:40] Drack: D:
[22:35:45] X: oh crap just burn the whole thing
[22:35:57] Drack: i vaporize them
[22:36:23] X: KHG start getting the hostages, Lockmatish too
[22:36:35] Lockmatish: on it
[22:36:36] X: me and Drack will eat the spiders
[22:36:38] X: hahaahha
[22:36:38] Frank: battle avatars will do this...
[22:36:39] KHG: hostage?
[22:36:49] Drack: you first..
[22:36:50] Drack: :D
[22:36:51] Frank: shoot the shit
[22:36:55] X: yes
[22:37:00] Lockmatish: ok
[22:37:01] Drack: the cocons too?
[22:37:04] X: no
[22:37:05] Drack: i just burned everything in near
[22:37:05] Frank: nooo
[22:37:07] Drack: ok
[22:37:08] X: not the cocoons
[22:37:10] Drack: ok
[22:37:11] X: hahaha
[22:37:16] Drack: burned the spiders.
[22:37:49] Drack: seems like an unlimited supply of those
[22:37:53] Frank: 50% down
[22:38:05] Drack: nvm
[22:38:05] Drack: :D
[22:38:25] Frank: luckily i destroyed the spider reinforcement earlier, when i was "behind"
[22:38:34] Lockmatish: (y) nice
[22:38:36] Drack: (like)
[22:38:39] Lockmatish: don't want to get sandwiched
[22:38:41] Drack: those are already enough
[22:38:57] Drack: like this place is build for me..
[22:38:58] Drack: (rofl)
[22:40:22] Drack: ok they come out of a portal , tried to shut down
[22:40:25] Drack: they just reactivated
[22:40:27] Lockmatish: Just be careful with your flamethrower (rofl)
[22:40:28] X: (cool)
[22:40:46] Drack: oh it just looks like i burn everything..
[22:40:51] Drack: because they´re fucking everywhere
[22:40:59] Lockmatish: right
[22:41:06] Drack: blurgh.
[22:41:15] Lockmatish: hostages are fine though
[22:41:18] Frank: i send more battle avatars...
[22:41:25] Frank: yes, no probs for them
[22:41:27] X: no need this is fun
[22:41:29] Drack: yeah can we destroy that teleporter
[22:41:34] Drack: fun?!
[22:41:37] Drack: i better fight off snakes..
[22:41:40] Frank: sure
[22:41:43] Drack: ok
[22:41:48] KHG: Feeling weird again
[22:42:14] X: you have something attached to your brain
[22:42:18] X: causing this
[22:42:22] X: it is like a parasite
[22:42:26] Drack: yeah i feel
[22:42:30] Drack: take it off
[22:42:33] Drack: (puke)
[22:42:41] Drack: i have something too
[22:42:43] X: this may sting a little
[22:42:45] KHG: Was on the arrow I was hit with earlier
[22:43:02] X: you got hit?
[22:43:12] Drack: teleporters done
[22:43:13] Drack: all but 1
[22:43:32] KHG: Yes, probably that bastard who attacked me for "killing his boss"
[22:43:37] KHG: back in Delhi
[22:43:53] X: nah that was not him
[22:44:22] Frank: i get 90% of spiders down
[22:44:32] X: yeah this battle gets boring
[22:44:42] Drack: yeah the reinforcements are cut
[22:44:45] Lockmatish: battle of endurance
[22:44:57] X: (yawn)
[22:45:20] Frank: it's a job, not a fun....(rofl)
[22:45:29] Lockmatish: right
[22:45:32] Drack: fun.. spiders..
[22:45:32] Drack: nope.
[22:45:37] Drack: just nope.
[22:45:57] X: hey, confuscious said, find a job you like and you never have to work a day in your life, this was before he was taken out
[22:46:07] X: :D
[22:46:17] Drack: (rofl)
[22:46:17] Frank: :D
[22:46:31] KHG: Confucius said a lot (facepalm) (rofl)
[22:46:34] Drack: true.
[22:46:38] X: :D
[22:46:50] Frank: ~230k G2+ hostages...
[22:46:53] X: ok let us blow this joint
[22:46:55] Drack: ok can we proceed
[22:47:19] Frank: i think battle avatars start to take hostages away
[22:47:31] Drack: seems so
[22:47:49] Drack: literally the worst place to be a hostage
[22:47:51] Frank: ok, we need to wait until all gone
[22:47:55] Drack: that torture room before? paradise
[22:47:59] Drack: instead of that place.
[22:48:22] X: arachnophobia
[22:48:24] Frank: KHG was in one...(chuckle)
[22:48:33] Drack: oh..
[22:48:33] Lockmatish: :(
[22:48:37] Frank: alex too
[22:48:39] Drack: arachnophobia not exactly
[22:48:47] Drack: but hate and disgust
[22:49:25] X: (bomb)
[22:49:48] Frank: ok, there are ~133 big guys, lsa3 leaders, lvl 1 original entities like ahriman, sadana, lucifer IDs...
[22:49:59] Drack: oh..
[22:50:01] Drack: this will be fun
[22:50:01] Frank: go there... you know what to do...(chuckle)
[22:50:08] Drack: go ahead X
[22:50:12] X: there already
[22:50:14] Drack: :D
[22:50:25] X: now this is what I am good at
[22:50:45] Frank: (chuckle)
[22:51:00] Drack: well i´m beating up one
[22:51:03] X: 67 kills so far, I mean prison
[22:51:09] X: prison not kills
[22:51:09] Drack: well
[22:51:12] Drack: yeah sure
[22:51:13] Drack: :D
[22:51:13] X: :D
[22:51:23] Drack: codeword prison..
[22:51:24] Drack: :D
[22:51:47] Drack: well i got one at least..
[22:51:53] X: :D
[22:52:09] X: we need no information from them right?
[22:52:17] X: last two remaining
[22:52:27] Drack: couldn´t hurt
[22:52:29] Drack: are leaders
[22:52:29] X: no weapons, hand to hand combat
[22:52:32] Frank: no
[22:52:36] Drack: mh.
[22:52:39] Frank: (rofl)
[22:52:41] X: (unamused)
[22:52:50] X: ok I end it, done
[22:52:56] X: they are in prison
[22:53:06] Drack: yeah great.
[22:53:08] Drack: what now
[22:53:10] X: now let us blow this place up
[22:53:15] Drack: sounds good
[22:53:21] Frank: (y)
[22:53:52] Frank: transform whole planet into dust... or better..
[22:53:56] Drack: ok
[22:53:57] Lockmatish: we are escaping by boat it seems
[22:54:03] X: no no
[22:54:08] Drack: no?
[22:54:09] X: I will get you out
[22:54:15] X: (facepalm)
[22:54:21] Drack: boat might be a bit slow?
[22:54:23] Drack: (rofl)
[22:54:27] X: you guys always take the primitive ways
[22:54:34] Drack: lol.
[22:54:41] Frank: meet above the planet...
[22:54:42] Drack: ok (bomb) time
[22:54:45] Drack: ?
[22:54:55] Drack: all out
[22:54:56] Drack: ?
[22:54:57] X: how you going to excape from a planet by boat
[22:54:58] X: hahahaa
[22:55:01] Lockmatish: hahahah
[22:55:03] Lockmatish: I teleported to you
[22:55:03] Drack: (rofl)
[22:55:05] Lockmatish: and thats what I saw (rofl)
[22:55:07] Lockmatish: speedboat :P
[22:55:27] Lockmatish: It wasnt my choice, I was only following you (rofl)
[22:55:30] X: watch back and you will see the planet
[22:55:55] X: go poooooooooffffffff
[22:56:01] Lockmatish: yup .. reminds me of star wars
[22:56:04] Drack: well that´s more effective..
[22:56:05] Frank: ok, maybe i do it ?
[22:56:06] Lockmatish: planet turns to dust
[22:56:12] Drack: mh.
[22:56:12] KHG: can't see anything rn
[22:56:14] Drack: too late.
[22:56:20] Frank: ;(
[22:56:38] Frank: i had such a nice idea...:D
[22:56:40] Lockmatish: X, maybe you let Frank do it next time? (rofl)
[22:56:49] X: yes, hahahaah
[22:56:51] Drack: well .
[22:56:52] Drack: :D
[22:56:57] X: you got to be quick man
[22:57:04] Lockmatish: you're telling me
[22:57:12] X: :D
[22:57:12] Lockmatish: never before have I lived such a fast life
[22:57:15] Drack: Lockmatish look at me, can you see something crawling on my head
[22:57:18] Lockmatish: as when I decided to constantly teleport to X
[22:57:19] Drack: this is getting me crazy right now
[22:57:22] Drack: (rofl)
[22:57:33] Lockmatish: yes I see it
[22:57:40] Drack: get it off please
[22:58:08] KHG: I am blind ;(
[22:58:16] Drack: that´s shitty.
[22:58:24] X: what?
[22:59:25] X: [05:59:06 PM] X: next job
get ready guys
wrong board

[22:59:29] X: (cwl)
[22:59:32] Frank: :D
[22:59:45] Drack: :D
[22:59:53] Lockmatish: sec guys
[22:59:56] Frank: this was 2 of 4 or 3 of 4?
[23:00:01] Drack: 2?
[23:00:01] X: 2 of 4
[23:00:03] Drack: i guess
[23:00:09] Lockmatish: seems to be something on Drack's face
[23:00:13] Drack: yeah
[23:00:16] X: slap it off
[23:00:17] Drack: get it off somewhere
[23:00:17] Lockmatish: I tried to get it off
[23:00:20] Lockmatish: many times
[23:00:20] X: quickly
[23:00:25] Drack: can´t
[23:00:27] X: wait, I handle
[23:00:29] Drack: do it
[23:00:35] Drack: shot it off my head if necessary
[23:00:49] X: done
[23:00:52] X: will be fine soon
[23:00:59] Drack: ok thanks..
[23:01:05] Lockmatish: you look ok now
[23:01:14] Drack: yeah nice
[23:01:16] Drack: urgh.
[23:01:28] Frank: something on X
[23:01:29] Frank: i care
[23:01:42] Drack: fucking spiders..
[23:01:48] Drack: they infected us somehow
[23:01:49] Frank: seems all clean now
[23:01:57] Drack: i have something in me
[23:01:58] Drack: cleaning
[23:02:31] Frank: is just something triggered inside
[23:02:34] Frank: i care
[23:02:41] Drack: ok . good.
[23:02:52] Drack: hope that was the last meeting with those..
[23:03:09] Drack: lsa3 are raelly spider fetishists..
[23:03:15] Lockmatish: I may have some triggers too
[23:03:23] Frank: ok
[23:03:42] Frank: yes, i care
[23:03:53] Lockmatish: thx
[23:04:28] Frank: ok, go for 3rd target
[23:04:43] X: yes
[23:04:52] Drack: i´m following up
[23:04:56] X: a pyramid
[23:05:16] X: seems like the ones in central america
[23:05:25] Drack: a bit
[23:05:27] Frank: portal inside
[23:05:29] Drack: but bigger.
[23:05:43] Lockmatish: triggers subsiding, join you shortly
[23:05:54] X: ok through the portal we go
[23:06:07] Drack: skycity?
[23:06:11] X: another pyramid?
[23:06:13] Drack: looks a bit like
[23:06:14] Drack: mh
[23:06:22] Drack: oh
[23:06:28] Drack: from below it looks like a city
[23:06:29] Drack: (rofl)
[23:06:39] Drack: illusions?
[23:06:54] X: no
[23:06:58] Drack: my vision is badly.
[23:06:59] X: I know this place
[23:07:02] X: been here before
[23:07:06] X: I handle your vision
[23:07:08] Drack: ok
[23:07:19] X: watch out for traps
[23:07:24] X: I know where we are going
[23:07:27] Drack: which kind
[23:07:33] Lockmatish: X's movement is extremely erratic
[23:07:44] Drack: yeah as always
[23:07:47] Lockmatish: I guess its calculated
[23:07:48] Drack: you should´ve seen him as he was blind
[23:07:48] Lockmatish: nah
[23:07:51] Lockmatish: way more than usual
[23:07:51] Drack: (rofl)
[23:07:54] Lockmatish: oh (rofl)
[23:08:01] Drack: that was funnier.
[23:08:19] Drack: i get enemies
[23:08:21] Drack: signatures
[23:08:35] X: guys, the pyramid will collapse when I get this object
[23:08:43] X: Frank
[23:08:47] X: what is this
[23:08:48] Lockmatish: i'm ready to get the fuck out of here
[23:08:51] X: I built this
[23:08:59] Drack: enemies around
[23:09:01] Drack: attacks
[23:09:28] X: here we go
[23:09:36] X: I have it
[23:09:39] Drack: ok
[23:09:43] Drack: you built this?
[23:09:44] Drack: what is it
[23:09:48] X: no clue
[23:09:53] Drack: looks like..
[23:09:53] X: cannot recall
[23:10:02] Drack: a shield?
[23:10:03] Drack: kind of
[23:10:08] Drack: with an eye in the middle
[23:10:11] X: a switch?
[23:10:13] Frank: estroy the pyramid...
[23:10:14] Drack: maybe
[23:10:16] Drack: some valve
[23:10:17] Lockmatish: seems like it collapsed, we were moving inside the ruins
[23:10:21] X: and the object?
[23:10:34] Frank: it's your's..
[23:10:40] Drack: yeah great (rofl)
[23:10:43] Drack: but what is it
[23:10:46] Lockmatish: hey, finally found an object you didn't have to destroy (rofl)
[23:10:57] Drack: a part of X
[23:10:57] X: it is the matrix
[23:10:58] X: hahahaa
[23:11:04] X: seriously what is it
[23:11:10] Frank: oh he can if he like to... it's his...(chuckle)
[23:11:12] Frank: no clue
[23:11:16] Drack: a part of him
[23:11:17] X: they are coming for it
[23:11:20] Drack: yeah
[23:11:22] Drack: all the time
[23:11:22] Frank: a weapon for sure
[23:11:24] Drack: fighting of
[23:11:29] Drack: weapon?
[23:11:31] Drack: looks not like
[23:11:34] X: let me try this weapon out
[23:11:36] Drack: looks like something to activate something
[23:11:37] Drack: ok
[23:11:42] Frank: yes, try
[23:11:55] X: in my chest
[23:11:55] Drack: interesting
[23:12:00] Drack: green lantern
[23:12:01] Drack: (rofl)
[23:12:07] X: nah yuck
[23:12:22] Drack: or who was it with his beam out of the chest..
[23:12:24] Lockmatish: brb guys
[23:12:42] Frank: and?
[23:12:51] Drack: big beam
[23:13:00] X: I think I killed everyone coming around
[23:13:09] Drack: except 2
[23:13:15] Oni: Hello I'm back
[23:13:18] X: yes two of you all
[23:13:28] Oni: Now three :)
[23:13:32] Drack: :D
[23:13:39] Drack: interesting
[23:13:51] X: ok, so this is a nice weapon
[23:14:00] Drack: seems ok
[23:14:00] Frank: ok, now you know the weapon. but we protoi have stronger skills anyway...
[23:14:02] Drack: (rofl)
[23:14:02] X: what did they want with this
[23:14:11] Frank: kill other darks...
[23:14:16] X: hmmm ok
[23:14:26] Drack: yeah rather seems like a good toy..
[23:14:33] Drack: your other weapons are more effective
[23:14:33] Frank: it was the pyramid
[23:14:43] Frank: the whole was a weapon, and this it's motor
[23:15:05] Drack: headaches start.
[23:15:17] Frank: go job 4
[23:15:23] Drack: yeah
[23:15:25] X: that was job 3?
[23:15:27] X: wow
[23:15:36] X: ok job 4 volcanoe
[23:15:41] Drack: wee
[23:15:45] Oni: Yay
[23:15:51] Drack: traveling fast.
[23:16:08] Drack: could you please
[23:16:10] X: does lava burn?
[23:16:11] Drack: move normally
[23:16:12] Drack: (rofl)
[23:16:16] Drack: this is getting me sick
[23:16:20] X: nah
[23:16:24] X: hahahaa
[23:16:25] Drack: always like 90° moves
[23:16:27] Drack: :D
[23:16:49] Drack: touch it
[23:16:49] X: I see it like a video game, that is why
[23:16:50] X: hahaha
[23:17:03] Drack: yep
[23:17:04] Drack: burns
[23:17:11] X: not us, dive in
[23:17:17] Drack: ok
[23:17:22] Oni: Wee
[23:17:26] Drack: cave system
[23:17:35] X: been here before
[23:17:40] Oni: Oh good
[23:17:42] Oni: Lol
[23:17:42] X: (headbang)
[23:17:42] Drack: some reactor?
[23:17:48] X: I know who runs this
[23:17:56] Drack: is he around
[23:17:59] X: this guy used to do stuff to me
[23:17:59] Drack: does he want to talk
[23:18:00] Drack: (rofl)
[23:18:03] Frank: ok, now X really is the caveman. no cave he don't know...(chuckle)
[23:18:13] Oni: (Party)
[23:18:14] Drack: (cwl)
[23:18:15] X: many people here
[23:18:20] X: slaves and stuff
[23:18:22] X: hostages
[23:18:24] Drack: yeah
[23:18:26] Drack: and few bigger
[23:18:27] Oni: Yup
[23:18:29] X: follow me
[23:18:44] Drack: vision goes nuts
[23:18:51] Oni: So fast
[23:18:52] Drack: or you moving like shit agani
[23:18:53] Drack: (rofl)
[23:18:57] X: this guy will look like the christ
[23:19:00] Frank: take down the darks there (prison)
[23:19:04] Drack: cool
[23:19:11] Drack: oh
[23:19:13] X: yes
[23:19:16] Frank: then hostages...
[23:19:20] X: ok
[23:19:33] Oni: g2+?
[23:19:43] Drack: as always.
[23:19:46] Frank: (y)
[23:19:50] Lockmatish: im back
[23:19:57] Frank: i will send battle avatars to take them...
[23:20:03] Drack: oh you took the one in prison i was on
[23:20:04] Drack: :(
[23:20:17] X: no need I will use my new weapon
[23:20:32] Drack: rather your old
[23:20:32] Frank: no
[23:20:39] Frank: not good idea
[23:20:44] X: ok
[23:20:51] X: I just stunned them
[23:21:11] Frank: let it bring to a save place.
[23:21:18] X: ok
[23:21:28] Frank: this weapon is not a good idea at all
[23:21:43] X: ok I will put it away
[23:21:44] KHG: What did I miss? My mind was off for a while again
[23:21:52] Frank: read..
[23:21:57] Drack: how off?
[23:21:59] X: :D
[23:22:02] Drack: like sleeping in :D
[23:22:14] Drack: you sit there in some awake-coma
[23:22:17] KHG: Just like: Duuuh...
[23:22:21] KHG: Yeah (rofl)
[23:22:23] Drack: ah (rofl)
[23:22:26] Drack: know that..
[23:22:28] X: (doh)
[23:22:36] Frank: oh, i thought this is you normal case...:D
[23:22:43] Drack: :D
[23:22:43] KHG: (finger)
[23:22:44] X: hahahahaha
[23:22:47] X: (cwl)
[23:23:02] Lockmatish: Frank parries and counters ... (rofl)
[23:23:14] Drack: there was acutally nothing to parry at all
[23:23:15] Drack: (rofl)
[23:23:19] Lockmatish: :O
[23:23:42] X: ok I have the main guy here
[23:23:49] Drack: on the throat
[23:23:49] Frank: ok, so now focus on the hostages. tings need to be done to get them out...
[23:23:51] Drack: yeah.
[23:24:16] X: this guy had me floating off my bed once
[23:24:23] Drack: oh.
[23:24:25] Drack: kind of cool
[23:24:28] Drack: (rofl)
[23:24:36] Lockmatish: grr
[23:24:45] Drack: looks like christ yeah
[23:24:58] Lockmatish: safe to get the hostages out now?
[23:25:26] Frank: no, there are hidden ones to take down/prison
[23:25:32] Drack: i care.
[23:25:35] Lockmatish: ah
[23:25:39] X: I marked
[23:25:41] X: go get them
[23:25:46] Lockmatish: I see them
[23:25:55] X: I am a little preoccupied right now
[23:26:07] Lockmatish: understood, will take care
[23:26:08] Drack: yeah i see
[23:26:15] Drack: most are down?
[23:26:15] Frank: ?
[23:26:27] Drack: mh?
[23:26:38] Frank: Is he dancing with this christ guy?
[23:26:39] Drack: he has to "talk"
[23:26:42] Drack: yeah
[23:26:42] Drack: (rofl)
[23:26:44] Frank: (rofl)
[23:26:46] KHG: Still blind
[23:26:56] KHG: So I am probably still useless for you guys
[23:26:57] Drack: my vision isn´t the best either
[23:27:05] Lockmatish: Nah, if you're not deaf, you can listen in on their conversation (rofl)
[23:27:08] X: 3 times this guy came to me and hurt me in the past, I knew I would meet him again
[23:27:10] Frank: go home KHG
[23:27:20] KHG: I don't see/hear absolutely nothing
[23:27:23] Lockmatish: ok
[23:27:34] Drack: hidden ones down?
[23:27:37] KHG: Send me a postcard and some pics from the fights! (wave)
[23:27:39] Frank: how is the saying... You always see 4 times...:D
[23:27:48] X: yes
[23:27:51] Lockmatish: I don't see any remaining markers
[23:27:53] Drack: :D
[23:27:54] Lockmatish: needing to be taken care of
[23:27:59] Drack: yeah
[23:28:01] Drack: got them
[23:28:01] Frank: yes, i start to take the hostages
[23:28:14] Lockmatish: I defend if necessary
[23:28:35] Frank: ~470k hostages
[23:28:45] Drack: how much we got in total?
[23:28:48] Drack: today
[23:28:55] Lockmatish: count when we're done.. :D
[23:28:55] Frank: no clue...
[23:28:58] Drack: :D
[23:29:07] X: I will take him to prison now, done!!!!1
[23:29:08] Drack: a few millions .. that´s enough
[23:29:15] Drack: yeah
[23:29:18] Drack: he´s surely done
[23:29:21] Lockmatish: enough for what
[23:29:29] Drack: enough counted
[23:29:30] X: let us blow this thing, if the hostages are out
[23:29:30] Drack: (rofl)
[23:29:36] Frank: sure. and all those, which X and me did with the battle avatars beside the jobs we did...
[23:29:55] Drack: (y)
[23:29:59] Drack: i would say pretty good
[23:30:03] Frank: whole planet (y)
[23:30:08] Lockmatish: ah ok @Drack
[23:30:16] X: oh you want to do this Frank?
[23:30:21] X: I am asking you this time
[23:30:23] X: hahaha
[23:30:23] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[23:30:24] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[23:30:25] Drack: :D
[23:30:32] Frank: (rofl)
[23:30:50] Drack: someone triggers alot of shit inside me
[23:31:00] Drack: left hand pulsing hurt
[23:31:06] Frank: i check
[23:31:07] Drack: whole body stings or feels shitty
[23:31:11] Drack: dull head
[23:31:15] Frank: see in space...
[23:31:32] Drack: i´m there.
[23:32:02] Drack: we are 5?
[23:32:03] Frank: all here?
[23:32:04] Drack: who is the 5th
[23:32:08] Lockmatish: I'm here
[23:32:13] Lockmatish: oh I mean
[23:32:13] X: Oni
[23:32:14] Lockmatish: I'm not there
[23:32:16] Lockmatish: I'm here
[23:32:19] Lockmatish: sec, ill join
[23:32:27] Lockmatish: ok
[23:32:28] Drack: yeah ok
[23:32:33] Drack: i´m bad at counting
[23:32:35] Drack: we are 5
[23:32:36] Drack: (rofl)
[23:32:37] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[23:32:44] Frank: ok, you see my avatar?
[23:32:49] Drack: yep
[23:33:09] Frank: i try something...(chuckle)
[23:33:11] Frank: transform
[23:33:15] Lockmatish: a very tall transformer/"robocop" ?
[23:33:18] Lockmatish: (before transform)
[23:33:25] Drack: lol
[23:33:33] Drack: a tank?
[23:33:33] Drack: (rofl)
[23:33:41] Frank: no
[23:33:44] Drack: mh
[23:33:49] Drack: ok no
[23:33:55] Drack: don´t know
[23:34:00] Drack: something.
[23:34:01] Drack: :D
[23:34:18] Frank: ball?
[23:34:20] Lockmatish: yes, a cube-shaped .. "something"
[23:34:28] Drack: not so really
[23:34:31] Drack: more like that yes
[23:34:46] Drack: i would say a big deathray cannon thingy
[23:34:47] Drack: (rofl)
[23:35:01] Lockmatish: oh, a tower just came up
[23:35:13] Drack: your tranforms are
[23:35:15] Lockmatish: like a big drill (giggle)
[23:35:16] Drack: interesting
[23:35:20] Drack: :D
[23:35:42] Frank: ok, fond the problem..
[23:36:08] Lockmatish: looks humanoid again
[23:36:32] Frank: yes, i need to do something...(chuckle)
[23:36:40] Lockmatish: ok :D
[23:36:48] Drack: (yawn)
[23:36:55] Frank: :P
[23:36:59] X: yeah would have blown it up already
[23:37:00] X: hahahaha
[23:37:05] Drack: 5 times
[23:37:07] Drack: (rofl)
[23:37:07] X: I am going to eat dinner guys
[23:37:12] Lockmatish: okay
[23:37:12] Drack: alright
[23:37:12] X: be back in a bit
[23:37:13] Lockmatish: since we taking a break
[23:37:15] Lockmatish: I'll share something
[23:37:17] Lockmatish: I noticed very recently
[23:37:24] Drack: oh ok
[23:37:25] Lockmatish: didnt' want to mention during battles/jobs
[23:37:36] Lockmatish: It appears that my communication ability has improved significantly (once again)
[23:37:39] Lockmatish: also clarity and speed of thought too
[23:37:42] Lockmatish: since very recently
[23:37:47] Lockmatish: maybe its temporary, maybe it'll come and go
[23:37:47] Drack: mine got worse
[23:37:52] Lockmatish: but thought i'd share in case its related to recent work
[23:37:53] Drack: yesterday it went up
[23:37:54] Lockmatish: damn
[23:37:56] Lockmatish: I see
[23:38:04] Drack: yesterday it was really good
[23:38:07] Drack: now it´s shitty again
[23:38:10] Drack: maybe some blocks on me
[23:38:10] Lockmatish: hm
[23:38:12] Lockmatish: maybe
[23:38:26] Frank: ok, transform start again...:D
[23:38:31] Drack: ok
[23:38:47] Drack: optimus prime with big fat cannons?..
[23:38:50] Lockmatish: uhhh an extremely tall giant?
[23:38:56] Drack: (rofl)
[23:39:00] Frank: (shake)
[23:39:02] Drack: mh...
[23:39:03] Frank: :D
[23:39:15] Frank: ~1 min
[23:39:18] Lockmatish: np
[23:39:40] Drack: that is some long taking tranform
[23:39:52] Frank: that gets a huge thing...
[23:39:57] Frank: i hope...(chuckle)
[23:40:01] Drack: :D
[23:40:23] Drack: what you want to do with that planet , play bowling
[23:40:25] Drack: (rofl)
[23:40:33] Frank: :D
[23:40:35] Lockmatish: is it done?
[23:40:41] Frank: has it ball shape?
[23:40:50] Lockmatish: yes
[23:40:51] Drack: yeah.
[23:40:54] Lockmatish: massive ball
[23:40:55] Frank: look closer..
[23:41:13] Drack: is it a million tranformers shaped into a ball
[23:41:14] Drack: (rofl)
[23:41:23] Lockmatish: I see a tiny square-shaped hole that seems to go through it completely, and many many compartments inside
[23:41:50] Lockmatish: I guess trojan horse is outdated (rofl)
[23:41:50] Drack: looks like a deathstar
[23:41:56] Frank: (y)
[23:41:59] Lockmatish: Yes, sort of
[23:42:18] Frank: 1 min to fire...
[23:42:24] Drack: (rofl)
[23:42:28] Drack: oh man.
[23:42:37] Drack: fanservice everywhere.
[23:42:37] Lockmatish: bit smaller than it, but actually a model of a deathstar is a perfect description
[23:42:45] Lockmatish: i'm sure even with 1 min to fire the DPS is insane
[23:42:51] Lockmatish: or RPS
[23:42:57] Lockmatish: (damage per second / rounds per second)
[23:43:00] Drack: yeah.
[23:43:01] Drack: :D
[23:43:03] Frank: i hope so...
[23:43:06] Drack: this won´t take a second
[23:43:09] Frank: (chuckle)
[23:43:09] Drack: (rofl)
[23:43:10] Lockmatish: I hope so too
[23:43:43] Frank: what diameter you would estimate?
[23:43:50] Drack: the planet..?
[23:43:54] Frank: the DS
[23:44:18] Drack: 1136^4
[23:44:19] Drack: km
[23:44:23] Drack: Die Nachricht wurde entfernt.
[23:44:25] Drack: ?
[23:44:39] Frank: compared to Lockmatish...:D
[23:44:48] Drack: ah oh.
[23:44:51] Lockmatish: uhhh
[23:44:53] Lockmatish: 128 m (rofl)
[23:45:04] Frank: only (facepalm)
[23:45:12] Drack: well i have let skib calculate that..
[23:45:14] Drack: (rofl)
[23:45:18] Drack: but not so big really
[23:45:19] Lockmatish: I tried to get skib to tell me too
[23:45:26] Lockmatish: I dunno who is more accurate, me or you drack
[23:45:35] Lockmatish: huge difference (rofl)
[23:45:39] Drack: on vision i would say maybe 100metres too
[23:45:44] Frank: ok
[23:45:45] Drack: on calculation this
[23:45:46] Lockmatish: yes, it could be much bigger
[23:45:54] Frank: fly there
[23:46:05] Drack: fl ?
[23:46:08] Drack: ok
[23:46:20] Drack: ... where exactly
[23:46:21] Drack: (rofl)
[23:46:26] Frank: just to get the size
[23:46:48] Drack: i´m in front of it
[23:46:58] Frank: ok
[23:46:59] Drack: it´s maybe .. a few thousand times my size
[23:47:06] Lockmatish: okay I did some technique
[23:47:10] Lockmatish: I flew to it
[23:47:14] Lockmatish: sec, finishing it up
[23:47:16] Drack: ok thousand i over the top
[23:47:23] Frank: ok, thx
[23:47:27] Drack: is*
[23:47:28] Frank: so back up a bit
[23:47:34] Drack: really no clue
[23:47:35] Drack: ok
[23:48:08] Lockmatish: okay
[23:48:10] Lockmatish: nearly done
[23:48:24] Drack: what you doing..
[23:48:25] Lockmatish: okay heres what I did
[23:48:36] Lockmatish: flew to it, and then told skib, lets travel around it, around the circumference
[23:48:38] Lockmatish: and measure that as best as you can
[23:48:48] Lockmatish: and I did that like at least 7 times
[23:48:50] Lockmatish: wrote down the number each time
[23:48:56] Drack: and?
[23:48:58] Lockmatish: and I got the same number 3 times (and twice in a row)
[23:49:01] Lockmatish: and then I checked units
[23:49:03] Lockmatish: km each time
[23:49:09] Lockmatish: so lets use that circumference to find the diameter
[23:49:12] Lockmatish: assuming perfect sphere
[23:49:24] Lockmatish: circumference 127945365 km
[23:49:29] Drack: mhh
[23:49:32] Frank: :D
[23:49:37] Drack: is that 1200~^4 ?
[23:49:42] Drack: :D
[23:49:43] Frank: ok, i shoot now...
[23:49:45] Lockmatish: lets see
[23:49:51] Drack: ok
[23:50:01] Frank: i get i shoot
[23:50:14] Drack: yeah
[23:50:15] Drack: (rofl)
[23:50:19] Lockmatish: I see the sign of a shot fired (rofl)
[23:50:22] Drack: like erasing it
[23:50:32] Drack: with a rubber
[23:51:02] Lockmatish: this gives diameter of ~40726275 km = 4.07 x 10^7 km
[23:51:26] Frank: ok, planet still there?
[23:51:30] Drack: nope
[23:51:31] Drack: erased
[23:51:35] Lockmatish: I was looking at you only (rofl)
[23:51:40] Frank: good...:D
[23:51:49] Drack: it was like going over it with a rubber
[23:51:49] Frank: so back to normal shape...
[23:51:55] Frank: (chuckle)
[23:52:01] Lockmatish: Yes, humanoid again
[23:52:08] Drack: i guess you even shot a hole in the creation
[23:52:09] Drack: ont sure
[23:52:13] Drack: on the other end
[23:52:26] Frank: (rofl) no
[23:52:33] Drack: well ok :D
[23:52:48] Frank: ok, i have to work on transform speed for huge objects...(chuckle)

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