Medina, Mekka & Riad...

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Medina, Mekka & Riad...

Unread postby Frank » 11 Mar 2017 02:32

This Text refers to this post in War-News about fighting the taurus.

[22:58:44] Lockmatish: I think I can do more exploring, but no more interrogations for now. Not so good anyway :D
[22:58:52] Lockmatish: Last one took a big toll
[22:58:56] Drack: yeah he had his hands on you
[22:58:58] Drack: no wonder
[22:58:59] Frank: (chuckle)
[22:59:05] Lockmatish: damn.
[22:59:07] Drack: he tried the same with me
[22:59:28] Oni: Is this one lunar ?
[22:59:40] Lockmatish: ok, we have 3 atm, one want to split for Mekka & Riad ?
[22:59:51] Drack: not sure if those are so important
[22:59:51] Lockmatish: X already in place as usual? :D
[22:59:52] Frank: Medina is it
[22:59:54] Lockmatish: ok
[23:00:03] Oni: Is medina lunar ?
[23:00:04] X: :D
[23:00:05] Drack: (y)
[23:00:08] Lockmatish: :D
[23:00:09] Drack: lunar?
[23:00:14] Frank: There is the taurus main deep mini creation
[23:00:24] Frank: no clue where in detail
[23:00:32] Oni: I see moon like crater drack
[23:00:32] Lockmatish: ok
[23:00:34] Oni: You ?
[23:00:41] Drack: ah ok
[23:00:43] Drack: wait
[23:00:59] Oni: Door at bottom
[23:01:04] Oni: Like trap door
[23:01:08] Drack: yeah
[23:01:10] Drack: sounds about right
[23:01:11] Lockmatish: yeah, I see it
[23:01:12] Oni: Okay
[23:01:47] Drack: so now it´s about the muslims
[23:01:48] Drack: :D
[23:02:31] Lockmatish: uh, went through trap door, come into a room with many large boulders
[23:02:35] Oni: I'm like a river now
[23:02:44] Oni: In desert ?
[23:02:48] Drack: would fit
[23:02:49] Drack: :D
[23:02:55] Drack: need a little break
[23:02:58] Drack: too much shocking around
[23:03:03] Lockmatish: I know that feel
[23:03:08] Drack: lol
[23:03:09] Drack: :D
[23:03:17] Lockmatish: sure, maybe theres a river, didnt look so hard
[23:03:29] Lockmatish: but maybe theres a secret exit, you need to climb upwards and find a small alcove, hidden ladder there
[23:03:30] Frank: > [Freitag, 10. März 2017 22:58:56 Drack] yeah he had his hands on you
this was inside attacks. triggered by the situation. i clean it.
and funny, this guy was an orion one, with lsa2 mask... funny, maybe we would have told him this...:D
[23:03:49] Drack: oh ok interesting
[23:03:49] Drack: :D
[23:03:52] Lockmatish: thx (hug)
[23:04:39] Lockmatish: uhh.... weird sight
[23:04:52] Drack: go for the illusion then
[23:05:04] Lockmatish: think I did
[23:05:49] Lockmatish: ladder shoots upwards to a similar type to the "space station deck" from before, but it's no longer space. Yes, it's like desert. Reminds me of the beginning scenes from "star wars 6". "observation room" overlooking a desert. But there's a weird, super tall, green beanstalk in the middle of the desert close to the observation room ?
[23:07:17] Lockmatish: just like star wars, there's a super deep pit .. (in the movie, a big monster lives at the bottom). But it appears, that maybe the way towards the deep mini-creation is this way
[23:07:40] Drack: yeah well
[23:07:48] Drack: pretty deep i would say.
[23:07:48] Drack: :D
[23:08:07] Lockmatish: no monster this time :D
[23:08:16] Lockmatish: well ...
[23:08:37] Lockmatish: i'm sure it's a monstrosity
[23:09:38] Lockmatish: bottom of the pit is a "portal" which you fall through about 30 cm into a tiny room. with 4 different exits, each is a "air duct" type thing
[23:09:40] Lockmatish: 4 directions
[23:10:35] Lockmatish: seems just a trick
[23:10:46] Lockmatish: true exit, is to cut a circular hole in the floor
[23:11:01] Drack: lol
[23:11:53] Lockmatish: this shoots you up way out of the original pit, past the beanstalk's height even
[23:12:02] Lockmatish: onto a small metallic platform, part of a flying machine
[23:12:13] Drack: sounds really freaky
[23:12:17] Drack: i´ll have an look
[23:12:18] Drack: :D
[23:12:26] Lockmatish: not freaky yet :D
[23:12:30] Lockmatish: just weird
[23:12:33] X: dinner time, will be back soon
[23:12:39] Lockmatish: no worries
[23:12:53] Drack: ok
[23:13:14] Drack: illusion.
[23:13:19] Lockmatish: ok
[23:13:20] Drack: it´s a bit simpler
[23:13:37] Drack: the down way was right yeah
[23:13:47] Drack: the pit down .
[23:13:52] Lockmatish: okay
[23:14:16] Drack: the right door
[23:14:22] Drack: not the down way
[23:14:28] Drack: there were illusions too
[23:14:42] Lockmatish: ah, okay
[23:14:50] Lockmatish: good spot
[23:14:55] Drack: they love to puzzle it seems..
[23:14:56] Drack: :D
[23:14:59] Lockmatish: yes
[23:15:28] Lockmatish: am getting tired, maybe you deal with illusions ... :D
[23:15:34] Drack: yeah.. i´m on it :D
[23:15:51] Drack: some egypt temple
[23:15:55] Drack: egypt style
[23:16:24] Oni: I saw that initially
[23:16:28] Oni: Is that not an illusion ?
[23:16:33] Drack: was
[23:16:35] Drack: yeah
[23:16:43] Drack: still a temple but badly destroyed already.
[23:16:55] Drack: portal in the temple right side
[23:17:01] Drack: at the end of the temple
[23:17:15] Lockmatish: like the movies, sun coming in through a narrow rectangular slit in the roof
[23:17:20] Drack: yeah
[23:17:22] Drack: yeah yeah..
[23:17:25] Drack: water in the middle
[23:17:26] Drack: and such
[23:17:31] Drack: desert around
[23:18:06] Frank: you need to go more into the center. you are already in the mini creation.
there are ~2.600 portals to OIC...
[23:18:19] Drack: yeah i´m on it
[23:18:28] Oni: I see the portals
[23:18:32] Oni: It's a dark room
[23:18:35] Oni: People here too ?
[23:18:39] Drack: i´m through the third portal now
[23:19:12] Drack: looks im on the moon now
[23:19:13] Drack: (rofl)
[23:19:31] Lockmatish: does that make you or them lunatics? :D
[23:19:41] Drack: well.. good question :D
[23:19:47] Frank: it's all inside the taurus mini creation..
[23:19:52] Drack: crazy.
[23:20:18] Lockmatish: this moon place looks fake
[23:20:23] Lockmatish: anyway, i'm just doing observing
[23:20:25] Lockmatish: you lead the way
[23:20:27] Drack: there is a dome stuff
[23:20:32] Drack: there is another door
[23:20:55] Drack: yeah
[23:21:00] Drack: it´s illusion but the dome is there
[23:21:04] Lockmatish: yes
[23:21:12] Drack: another moon..
[23:21:16] Drack: after the door
[23:21:26] Lockmatish: yes, another fake moon room
[23:21:27] Lockmatish: lol
[23:21:30] Drack: :D
[23:21:36] Lockmatish: lunatics, I knew it
[23:21:38] Drack: big tower
[23:21:45] Drack: like a lighthouse
[23:22:03] Lockmatish: up we go ..
[23:22:18] Drack: yeah
[23:22:25] Drack: through next portal it´s going green
[23:22:28] Frank: you are still on the right way. you found the center, when you see something burning...:D
[23:22:29] Drack: like wood
[23:22:46] Lockmatish: maybe we should follow our nose :D
[23:22:56] Drack: nah i use skib to route
[23:22:57] Drack: :D
[23:23:00] Lockmatish: nice
[23:23:01] Drack: and go for illusions
[23:23:04] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:23:27] Lockmatish: stupid fake jungle now
[23:23:29] Drack: you know stargate?
[23:23:30] Lockmatish: I let you find the way
[23:23:32] Drack: guess i found one
[23:23:33] Drack: (rofl)
[23:23:33] Lockmatish: hardly
[23:23:35] Lockmatish: oh
[23:24:12] Drack: now i´m in a pure white room
[23:24:14] Drack: sterile
[23:24:25] Drack: a bit like a hospital
[23:24:33] Frank: really? a stargate looking like portal?
[23:24:37] Drack: yeah
[23:24:38] Drack: (rofl)
[23:24:53] Lockmatish: I don't know what is a stargate
[23:24:53] Drack: we need those for later..
[23:24:55] Drack: :D
[23:25:00] Drack: was a tv series
[23:25:02] Lockmatish: it looks like really big portal, fancy, sparkling
[23:25:06] Lockmatish: ah yes, I have heard of it
[23:25:09] Drack: ... 20&bih=988
[23:25:19] Frank: they yes, but this portal was first...
[23:25:20] Lockmatish: ah yes, exactly, it looks like that
[23:25:26] Drack: yep
[23:25:27] Drack: :D
[23:25:32] Drack: that´s
[23:25:33] Drack: funny.
[23:25:42] Lockmatish: :D
[23:25:49] Drack: great series though
[23:26:02] Frank: ok, go to the next, and let skib dial the center code...
[23:26:07] Lockmatish: hospital is long unmarked corridors
[23:26:11] Drack: haha yeah :D
[23:26:22] Lockmatish: which way, centerfinder?
[23:26:29] Drack: wait . :D
[23:26:33] Lockmatish: ok :)
[23:26:44] Drack: firstly
[23:26:46] Drack: illusion
[23:26:50] Lockmatish: ah
[23:26:51] Drack: it´s a dark temple
[23:26:56] Lockmatish: figures
[23:26:58] Drack: yep
[23:27:01] Drack: egypt temple again
[23:27:13] Frank: i meant this serious with dialing the stargate...
[23:27:19] Drack: really?!
[23:27:20] Drack: (rofl)
[23:27:24] Drack: ok wait..
[23:27:25] Lockmatish: oh, I misunderstood you
[23:27:26] Drack: let´s go back
[23:27:29] Lockmatish: yes
[23:27:37] Lockmatish: I didn't know you can dial a stargate
[23:27:45] Frank: you can go a long spiral, or try to dial the gate
[23:27:49] Drack: (rofl)
[23:27:50] Drack: it worked
[23:27:55] Drack: so funny
[23:27:57] Drack: it even looks like it
[23:28:03] Drack: like reactivating it
[23:28:06] Frank: all generals skibs should be able....
[23:28:11] Drack: that´s some fanservice here
[23:28:12] Drack: (rofl)
[23:28:18] Frank: (rofl)
[23:28:46] Lockmatish: seems we're in a massive server room now?
[23:28:49] Drack: yeah
[23:28:52] Lockmatish: and yes, it's burning, it's all burning
[23:28:58] Frank: (rofl)
[23:29:05] Lockmatish: servers go up higher than the eye can see
[23:29:29] Drack: yeah a bit illusoins again
[23:29:33] Drack: it´s a bit tinier
[23:29:33] Lockmatish: ok
[23:29:37] Drack: still server room yes
[23:29:41] Lockmatish: ah ok
[23:29:55] Drack: long long coridor of servers
[23:29:59] Lockmatish: ah, it's not even that high now :D
[23:30:04] Drack: yep
[23:30:11] Drack: i can´t believe they use stargates
[23:30:12] Frank: i'll try to destroy all the illusions there
[23:30:14] Drack: and that it actually worked
[23:30:21] Drack: that´s just not getting into my head
[23:30:39] Lockmatish: thinking about it
[23:30:42] Lockmatish: there is some
[23:30:55] Lockmatish: uh, is it teleportation stories?
[23:30:56] Lockmatish: I can't remember
[23:31:19] Drack: mh
[23:31:20] Lockmatish: nvm
[23:31:29] Frank: you can do this too with s-avatars. sure
[23:31:40] Lockmatish: nice!
[23:31:47] Drack: i don´t understand at all what you mean
[23:32:08] Lockmatish: I was thinking that there is possible some teleportation stories in 'islamic stories'
[23:32:21] Drack: oh .. well guess so
[23:32:23] Lockmatish: hard to remember
[23:32:29] Lockmatish: anyway
[23:32:38] Drack: so we had lord of the rings today
[23:32:40] Drack: and stargate
[23:32:41] Drack: what comes next.
[23:32:45] Drack: harry potter
[23:32:45] Lockmatish: star wars too
[23:32:50] Lockmatish: (rofl)
[23:32:50] Drack: yeah star wars lol
[23:33:44] Drack: attacks on me are getting annyoing
[23:33:48] Drack: or shit inside triggering
[23:34:34] Lockmatish: seems to be lots of personnel here
[23:34:43] Drack: well
[23:34:44] Drack: have fun
[23:34:45] Drack: (rofl)
[23:34:46] Lockmatish: hiding in amongst the servers
[23:35:01] Frank: > [Freitag, 10. März 2017 23:33:44 Drack] attacks on me are getting annyoing
i check
[23:35:15] Drack: ok
[23:35:44] Frank: inside triggers. i clean
[23:35:49] Drack: ok (y)
[23:36:04] Frank: did you find the OIC portals?
[23:36:12] Drack: that´s not the center?
[23:36:37] Frank: you are in the medina center. not in OIC
[23:36:44] Drack: ah ok
[23:36:54] Drack: yeah ok
[23:36:55] Drack: one big
[23:37:24] Oni: Goes to jungle ?
[23:37:52] Drack: ... 1770_n.jpg looks like that
[23:37:55] Drack: i knew i saw it before
[23:37:56] Drack: (rofl)
[23:38:06] Drack: i was on that forum before i found our forum
[23:38:17] Drack: the puzzle closes.
[23:38:20] Drack: and wait , Oni.
[23:38:31] Drack: yeah jungle
[23:38:37] Oni: Okay I'm here then
[23:38:41] Oni: What now
[23:38:44] Drack: you took the shortcut?
[23:38:45] Drack: :D
[23:38:49] Oni: I jumped to you
[23:38:52] Drack: ah ok
[23:38:53] Drack: yeah
[23:38:56] Drack: that´s a way too
[23:39:01] Oni: (Monkey)
[23:39:02] Drack: you missed the stargate
[23:39:03] Drack: :D
[23:39:16] Oni: What are we looking for here
[23:39:23] Drack: we need those in far future! (rofl)
[23:39:25] Drack: uhm
[23:39:27] Drack: good question
[23:39:41] Oni: It's like all trees here
[23:39:43] Oni: Like pandora
[23:39:47] Oni: Avatar now lol
[23:39:47] Drack: yeah mostly
[23:39:57] Drack: OIC illusion
[23:39:59] Drack: can´t be broken
[23:40:05] Oni: Dark on ground but sunny above
[23:40:09] Oni: F what we doing here ?
[23:40:22] Oni: Looking for the meffers ?
[23:40:31] Drack: hidden center
[23:40:34] Drack: in the middle
[23:40:37] X: I am baaaaaaaack, reading 202 messages
[23:40:39] Drack: tower structure
[23:40:41] Drack: have fun
[23:40:44] Drack: we have stargates X
[23:40:45] Drack: (rofl)
[23:40:46] Oni: X
[23:40:55] Lockmatish: incidentally, one personnel at medina center says:
"this is our server room", 'what do you do?' "we control women, we own women"

[23:40:55] Oni: Yeah there is center drack
[23:41:10] Drack: lol
[23:41:11] Drack: fitting
[23:41:12] Drack: muslims
[23:41:18] Lockmatish: I know alot about this ..
[23:41:45] Oni: There's someone at the top of this tower
[23:41:52] Oni: See him drack ?
[23:41:56] Drack: wait
[23:42:05] Frank: are you still in the center, or through some portal?
[23:42:05] Drack: yeah
[23:42:07] Drack: like waving
[23:42:10] Drack: in OIC
[23:42:18] Drack: jungle environment
[23:42:19] Oni: Through portal
[23:42:20] Drack: tower in the middle
[23:42:26] Drack: guy waving at me..
[23:42:26] Frank: but you did not take this huge portal?
[23:42:28] Drack: strange
[23:42:32] Oni: We did
[23:42:33] Drack: i took
[23:42:59] X: I know this stargate
[23:43:06] Drack: yeah from the tv series?
[23:43:07] Drack: (rofl)
[23:43:14] X: no this one
[23:43:14] Frank: ok, guys you are in some other taurus mini creation in SL2.2, but not in OIC...(chuckle)
[23:43:17] Drack: oh ok
[23:43:23] Drack: well
[23:43:24] Oni: Oh
[23:43:31] Drack: it was shown as OIC
[23:43:32] Drack: mh..
[23:43:38] Drack: back then
[23:43:59] Drack: then i´ll take that one
[23:43:59] Frank: yes
[23:44:10] Drack: some reactor
[23:44:10] Frank: the thousands small...
[23:44:14] Drack: dark big room
[23:44:27] Oni: I found a big white room
[23:44:30] Oni: Like from matrix
[23:44:31] Drack: mh.
[23:44:37] Drack: well
[23:44:52] Drack: i´m supposedly in OIC
[23:44:54] Drack: again.
[23:44:55] Drack: :D
[23:45:06] Oni: Yeah I see yours drack
[23:45:09] Oni: Let's get outside ?
[23:45:15] Drack: there is an outside?
[23:45:16] Drack: (rofl)
[23:45:22] Oni: Yeah why not
[23:45:29] Frank: yes you are in OIC now
[23:45:35] Drack: well i just see that big room
[23:45:38] Drack: reactor in the middle
[23:45:40] Drack: some monitors
[23:45:43] Oni: Yeah bluish ?
[23:45:46] Drack: a bit
[23:45:50] Drack: that blue is more from the monitors
[23:46:00] Frank: look. there should be the OIC taurus stasis system
[23:46:11] Drack: ok
[23:46:13] Frank: all those OIC incarnated ones are laying there
[23:46:21] Drack: the whole room is
[23:46:22] Drack: it seems
[23:46:49] Lockmatish: quite scary really
[23:46:54] Oni: Yeah
[23:46:58] Oni: Quiet too
[23:47:01] Drack: there are a few more rooms
[23:47:03] Drack: behind
[23:47:04] Oni: Goes down a bit
[23:47:19] Drack: like 3-4 more rooms
[23:47:20] Oni: There's caves down here
[23:47:24] Drack: mh ok
[23:47:32] Drack: all full of stasis chambers
[23:47:39] Drack: that one was just the main room i guess
[23:47:54] Frank: so you see all those people/beings in there?
[23:48:02] Drack: yeah mostly
[23:48:13] Oni: There's one huge one underneath the reactor
[23:48:18] Oni: Like hooked up
[23:48:25] Drack: yeah
[23:48:36] Oni: Who's that ?
[23:48:40] Drack: mh?
[23:48:46] Drack: me maybe?
[23:48:51] Frank: ?
[23:48:59] Frank: who/what do you see?
[23:49:02] Oni: No this thing is in a chamber but right underneath the reactor
[23:49:12] Drack: yeah i´m in that
[23:49:14] Drack: pretty huge
[23:49:17] Drack: like some attachment
[23:49:19] Lockmatish: what are you doing in there
[23:49:24] Drack: because they had not enough space
[23:49:29] Drack: nothing much
[23:49:30] Drack: why?
[23:49:44] Lockmatish: oh, I thought Oni meant that there is someone hooked up in there
[23:49:59] Drack: if so , i can´t see
[23:50:41] Drack: oh.
[23:50:41] Drack: that.
[23:50:49] Oni: I see
[23:50:50] Drack: mh.
[23:50:57] Oni: It's definitely a massive Beinf
[23:51:01] Oni: Like charging the reactor
[23:51:01] Drack: yeah
[23:51:02] Drack: huge
[23:51:08] Drack: more like a slave
[23:51:09] Oni: Frank who's this ?
[23:51:10] Drack: hooked up
[23:51:16] Drack: powering the whole
[23:51:20] Oni: Yeah
[23:51:24] Drack: he´s like 4-5 floors big
[23:51:36] Drack: maybe more
[23:51:36] Frank: > [Freitag, 10. März 2017 23:51:01 Oni] Like charging the reactor

no, somehow the other way around
[23:51:46] Frank: it's a lvl2 entity
[23:51:46] Drack: ahh..
[23:51:47] Oni: Oh
[23:51:50] Drack: he´s living of it
[23:51:52] Drack: ok
[23:51:55] Oni: Interesting
[23:51:57] Oni: What should we do
[23:52:01] Drack: parasites..
[23:52:04] Frank: no, spreading it
[23:52:13] Drack: mh.
[23:52:14] Drack: interesting
[23:52:19] Drack: still parasites (rofl)
[23:52:26] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:52:36] Frank: no, he speads energies to the chambers
[23:52:48] Drack: mh
[23:52:52] Drack: for what is the reactor then
[23:53:05] Oni: To harvest
[23:53:13] Lockmatish: I don't see any conscious beings around attending to these ones in statis chambers. But it appears there is some kind of automatic robots/AI that fly around and do this ....
[23:53:28] Drack: hostage situation?
[23:53:31] Drack: like he dies , all die?
[23:53:34] Drack: something like that
[23:53:46] X: djinns
[23:53:47] Frank: but all connections of those in the chambers, including the incarnation connections, are going through him. he is the controller and supplyier...
[23:53:52] Drack: djinn would fit..
[23:53:57] Lockmatish: would fit quite well
[23:54:07] Oni: What do you want to do with him ?
[23:54:12] Drack: have a talk?
[23:54:13] Drack: :D
[23:54:19] Frank: yes djinns
[23:54:30] Drack: X´s best friends..
[23:54:30] Drack: :D
[23:54:36] Frank: (rofl)
[23:54:45] Oni: I see those ai's too Lockmatish
[23:54:59] Frank: all oic incarnated ones are kind of hostages of him, but on deals base...
[23:55:12] Drack: yeah
[23:55:13] Drack: thought so
[23:55:21] Drack: how much are L there?
[23:55:25] Drack: or G
[23:55:31] Frank: L=0
[23:55:46] Frank: G ~4,3 mio

[23:55:47] Drack: mh
[23:55:55] Drack: too bad
[23:55:57] Oni: D?
[23:56:10] Drack: if there would be just G3 and below we could´ve taken him down
[23:56:18] Frank: D > 29 mio
[23:56:24] Lockmatish: well your question wasnt specific Drack
[23:56:34] Drack: mh.? why :D
[23:56:41] Frank: all are G2+
[23:56:50] Drack: too bad..
[23:56:50] Oni: These caves are very long
[23:56:54] Drack: yep
[23:56:55] Lockmatish: ah, there you go
[23:56:56] Lockmatish: maybe thats what you meant
[23:57:04] Drack: yeah exactly
[23:57:07] Lockmatish: (y)
[23:57:08] Oni: At the end it looks like generators
[23:57:15] Oni: Like little machines
[23:57:24] Oni: Or maybe those are the chambers
[23:57:39] Drack: so, nothing much to do here..
[23:57:45] Frank: talk to him
[23:57:53] Drack: not sure if he´s concious
[23:58:00] Oni: Seems awake to me
[23:58:03] Drack: mh
[23:58:04] Frank: yes is
[23:58:05] Drack: you first then
[23:58:06] Drack: :D
[23:58:13] Drack: you had no talk for today
[23:58:19] Frank: ok Oni
[23:58:30] Drack: the bad is
[23:58:32] Drack: you can´t zapp him
[23:58:34] Oni: What are we asking
[23:58:37] Drack: he´s holding alot hostages
[23:58:49] Frank: start with a hallo... (chuckle)
[23:58:54] Drack: :D
[23:58:59] Drack: simple but effective..
[23:59:02] Oni: He looks a lot like bull
[23:59:07] Oni: With one horn
[23:59:12] Drack: yeah djinn
[23:59:29] Lockmatish: How many eyes?
[23:59:39] Drack: he seems not amused either
[23:59:46] Lockmatish: nvm, questions more important
[23:59:49] Lockmatish: i'll have a look

Samstag, 11. März 2017
[00:01:13] Frank: ask him what are his desires...
[00:01:27] Drack: energies..
[00:01:29] Drack: power.
[00:01:31] Drack: as always
[00:01:32] Drack: :D
[00:01:37] Lockmatish: i'm extreme tired now, need to sleep soon. but does he look one eyed with horn, like a cyclops?
[00:01:45] Oni: I see two eyes
[00:01:48] Lockmatish: ok
[00:01:49] Oni: And he wants food
[00:01:56] Drack: 2 eyes
[00:02:02] Drack: hungry bastard..
[00:02:03] Drack: (rofl)
[00:02:13] X: Lockmatish, I can take are of your tiredness if you want
[00:02:13] Frank: ok... that's a thing...
[00:02:18] Frank: yes
[00:02:21] Frank: do that
[00:02:25] Frank: (chuckle)
[00:02:32] Drack: bye bye sleeping cycle.
[00:02:34] Drack: :D
[00:02:37] Lockmatish: okay, let's get this done .
[00:02:41] Lockmatish: (y)
[00:02:44] X: ok
[00:02:58] Frank: Oni, ask him what he will give for the food...
[00:03:04] Lockmatish: getting water brb
[00:03:19] Drack: asuriel or azuriel is his name
[00:03:21] X: ok
[00:03:34] Drack: had to ask :D
[00:03:35] Drack: sorry.
[00:03:47] Frank: (chuckle)
[00:03:55] Oni: He asks what we want
[00:03:58] Drack: still wait for some name i know
[00:04:10] X: I know the name
[00:04:12] X: not to worry
[00:04:19] Drack: oh ok
[00:04:32] X: I do not think that is his name though
[00:04:51] Frank: the control of ~ 4.3 million of the stasis chambers plus the connections that go through him for these ones...
[00:04:52] Drack: yeah maybe not.. why should he tell me his name at all.
[00:05:05] Drack: brb
[00:05:23] Oni: He's laughing
[00:05:36] X: (devil)
[00:05:54] Frank: ok, so he stays hungry for the rest of his "life"....
[00:06:10] Frank: no one will feed him, we control this
[00:06:35] Oni: He'll give the 4.3
[00:06:38] Oni: Not these ones
[00:06:53] Frank: ?
[00:07:08] Oni: 4.3 million not the connections through him
[00:07:43] Frank: the connections are the main topic here. no connections, no food...
[00:07:48] X: "check in the box", he has something with him or something close by?
[00:08:09] Oni: Hm some button inside the chamber
[00:08:12] Oni: Maybe ?
[00:08:33] Oni: Should I not have pushed that ?
[00:08:39] Frank: mom
[00:09:02] Oni: ?
[00:09:08] Frank: X, take the box away...
[00:09:38] X: I see it opened, in it is a set of tablets as in old stones with markings
[00:09:48] X: done
[00:10:00] Oni: He seems fine with connections for food
[00:10:01] Frank: now show him...
[00:10:11] Frank: box+food for connactions
[00:10:23] Frank: ok
[00:10:32] Oni: And he definitely likes that box
[00:11:06] X: I know this symbol on the box, think of a sun with points of a star all around it
[00:11:17] Oni: Yep I can see that
[00:11:23] Frank: ok
[00:11:28] Frank: what is it? any idea?
[00:11:30] X: wait, I know this
[00:11:42] X: my sister in law wears this on all her hijabs
[00:11:49] X: my bro has it in his house
[00:12:03] X: (headbang)
[00:12:04] Oni: Reminds me of ancient Egypt
[00:12:18] Oni: Is it not one of those 'god's' ?
[00:12:29] X: no
[00:12:34] X: it is something in islam
[00:12:54] Oni: It literally entrances him
[00:12:54] Frank: thot?
[00:13:01] Oni: Yes him
[00:13:16] Frank: no, the name Thot?
[00:13:20] X: no, not Thot
[00:13:30] Drack: you know i was looking in meanwhile
[00:13:38] Drack: just to see a raging big guy hanging
[00:13:40] Drack: (rofl)
[00:13:44] Drack: and now i know why
[00:14:10] Frank: why?
[00:14:17] Drack: well because you took that box
[00:14:18] Oni: What now frank
[00:14:27] Drack: he´s really after that much
[00:14:44] X: wait
[00:16:13] Frank: ?
[00:16:38] X: never mind, I am not able to get the information now
[00:16:38] Dynamite Δύναμις: ... t_15-2.jpg
[00:17:01] Drack: yeah thought about thot´s tablets too
[00:17:14] Drack: but seemingly it´s not..
[00:17:21] X: it is not
[00:17:26] Drack: i try to tranlate that
[00:17:28] Drack: maybe i have luck
[00:17:29] X: this is something else
[00:17:41] Frank: yes. Thot is a lvl1, this one is a lvl2...
[00:18:08] Frank: ok, Oni's skib got the list with the wanted connections.
[00:18:17] Oni: (Y)
[00:18:23] Oni: Who's giving him the food
[00:18:28] Drack: the people?
[00:18:52] Drack: and i´m wondering that he´s negotiating at all
[00:19:04] Oni: He was really hungry lol
[00:19:29] Frank: he still is...
[00:19:41] Drack: he´ll never be sated
[00:19:44] Lockmatish: I've seen a lot of islamic symbols but I don't immediately recognise the one you guys are talking about
[00:20:00] Drack: yeah i get it´s some manuscript
[00:20:23] Frank: Oni, ask him if he knows who we are?
[00:20:39] Oni: He seems to
[00:20:57] X: [07:19:44 PM] Lockmatish: I've seen a lot of islamic symbols but I don't immediately recognise the one you guys are talking about

<<< too be honest Lockmatish, I only ever saw my bro and his wife with that symbol, never saw it anywhere else
[00:21:05] Lockmatish: I see
[00:21:17] Drack: maybe not even so important at all..
[00:21:22] Frank: so, then he knows that Protoi always keep a deal? ask him
[00:21:22] Drack: seems to be some religious stuff
[00:21:42] Oni: He doesn't know that
[00:21:50] Drack: well now he does
[00:21:50] Drack: :D
[00:21:58] Frank: :D
[00:22:07] Frank: but this don't helps us atm...
[00:22:12] X: just a slave
[00:22:16] Frank: yes
[00:22:29] Drack: mh..
[00:22:36] X: need to go further
[00:22:45] Drack: there is not that much to go
[00:22:51] X: scan the room, find the hidden chambers
[00:22:56] Drack: i´ll have an look for some control center maybe
[00:23:25] Drack: found some minor control center outside
[00:23:28] Drack: attached tower
[00:23:49] Frank: and? the problem here is, we want the connections all at ones. but feed him day by day. to get him satisfied, but not that much, that he can start to make troubles.
[00:24:16] Oni: Sounds like a good plan
[00:24:25] Oni: He's been pretty accommodating
[00:24:26] Drack: all?
[00:24:27] Drack: even darks?
[00:24:46] Drack: i mean , firstly maybe take the G
[00:25:02] Drack: he wouldn´t starve with like 20mil other darks
[00:25:09] Drack: it´s just like a little part of the whole
[00:25:22] Drack: the G i mean
[00:26:39] Frank: drak, he is controlling the lines, not feeding from them
[00:26:49] Drack: ah.
[00:26:55] Drack: well ok
[00:27:15] Drack: maybe let him make a offer
[00:27:19] Drack: he knows what we want
[00:27:22] Drack: maybe he has an idea
[00:27:55] Frank: ok, we care about him later...
[00:29:05] Frank: ok, if you are standing in front of this guy, there is some other one, somewhere right of him
[00:29:18] Drack: oh ok
[00:29:23] Oni: Smaller
[00:29:25] X: shoot to the right of him
[00:29:29] Drack: uhm
[00:29:30] Drack: :D
[00:29:37] X: you will break something
[00:29:43] X: and see if you do not see
[00:29:45] Frank: no door. make door or "jump"
[00:30:31] X: guys?
[00:30:32] Drack: a bit confused now
[00:30:34] Drack: :D
[00:30:42] Drack: shot jump other guy
[00:30:42] Drack: talk
[00:30:44] Drack: what now
[00:31:08] Frank: teleport to the right to the other guy...
[00:31:17] Drack: ok
[00:31:19] Oni: I'm here
[00:31:21] Frank: skib knows...
[00:31:30] Drack: yeah i´m there too now
[00:31:36] X: you guys see me there?
[00:31:47] Drack: yeah seems so
[00:32:15] Drack: mini control room
[00:32:18] Drack: kind of
[00:33:32] Frank: ok Oni, say hello to the guy... he has the incarnation lines through him. that's those we want. the other just has the comm lines...
[00:33:54] Oni: Okay
[00:34:01] Drack: wait, that´s the control room i´ve found 15minutes ago
[00:34:03] Drack: (rofl)
[00:34:05] X: I think I already have the lines frank
[00:34:35] Frank: how?
[00:34:39] Frank: is this guy dead?
[00:34:42] X: from him
[00:34:55] X: I can be very persuasive
[00:34:59] Drack: doesn´t seem like dead
[00:35:32] X: :D
[00:36:33] Drack: feel a bit like not really functioning anymore
[00:36:37] Drack: maybe too exhausted
[00:36:52] X: no relax Drack
[00:36:56] Drack: ok
[00:37:44] Frank: yes
[00:38:25] Frank: "evil" X did it just by making "buhh" to him...(rofl)
[00:38:34] Drack: (rofl)
[00:38:45] Drack: classic..
[00:39:43] X: what next?
[00:39:50] X: (ninja)
[00:40:11] Drack: well.. seems like done i would say. :D
[00:41:17] Frank: ok, next is, that you go and search for the taurus nebadon parts. somewhere there are the portals for that
[00:41:31] Oni: Found it
[00:41:34] Drack: oh
[00:41:35] Drack: :D
[00:41:40] Oni: Drack follow me
[00:41:44] Drack: yeah i´m on it
[00:41:53] Oni: We here frank ?
[00:41:54] Drack: yeah.
[00:42:14] Drack: illusions there
[00:42:15] Drack: it seems
[00:43:44] Drack: some root
[00:43:48] Drack: in the middle
[00:43:51] X: plough through it
[00:44:06] Drack: like big root
[00:44:19] X: go through it
[00:44:23] Drack: ok
[00:44:46] Drack: it´s like a spiral upwards with servers and monitors
[00:45:16] Drack: a few people running along
[00:45:52] Frank: btw guys, we estimate that getting the Gs out of the hostage situation will speed up our cleanings for about 4 days! Good job! Real good!
[00:46:02] Drack: nice
[00:46:12] Drack: (like)
[00:46:14] Oni: Great
[00:46:14] Drack: well
[00:46:15] Drack: then
[00:46:16] Drack: continue on
[00:46:22] Drack: the more the better..
[00:46:48] Dynamite Δύναμις: (like)
[00:46:54] Drack: that root is the lowest part of that bigger OIC root
[00:46:57] Drack: of nebadon
[00:46:59] Drack: left side
[00:47:27] Frank: just go...
[00:47:34] Drack: where exactly..
[00:47:37] Drack: more inside?
[00:47:41] Drack: center again?
[00:47:45] Frank: sure
[00:47:48] Drack: alright
[00:48:00] Frank: find the fire...(chuckle)
[00:48:04] Drack: there are 3
[00:48:07] Drack: bigger entities
[00:48:08] Drack: big room
[00:48:15] Drack: half globe on a table
[00:48:19] Drack: they´re standing there
[00:48:41] Frank: ignore them...
[00:48:44] Drack: ok
[00:48:55] Frank: find the center...
[00:49:02] Oni: There's portal here drack
[00:49:04] Drack: it shows me it´s the center
[00:49:06] Drack: oh ok
[00:49:07] Frank: then squeeze some taurus...(chuckle)
[00:49:12] Drack: :D
[00:49:16] Oni: Portal at the school
[00:49:21] Oni: Back*
[00:49:22] Oni: Lol
[00:49:29] Drack: which school again..
[00:49:31] Drack: (rofl)
[00:50:03] Drack: my skib means i´m in the center..
[00:50:05] Drack: not sure.
[00:50:13] Drack: maybe there are more
[00:50:56] Oni: I stepped through the portal
[00:51:00] Drack: ok
[00:51:48] Oni: Some security system ?
[00:51:55] Oni: Everything is shifting
[00:51:59] Drack: wait
[00:52:20] Drack: yeah
[00:52:28] Drack: it´s a corridor
[00:52:38] Frank: yes, big tricking shit. just shoot it all down with skibs...
[00:52:44] Drack: yeah on it
[00:53:00] Oni: Okay I'm in the corridor drack
[00:53:02] Oni: Seems fine now
[00:53:05] Drack: yeah me too
[00:53:05] Oni: Door at end
[00:53:14] Oni: Okay main room here
[00:53:17] Drack: yep
[00:53:22] Oni: Floating circular shape thing
[00:53:25] Drack: i wonder why my skib meant i was at the center
[00:53:27] Drack: yepp
[00:53:29] Drack: that too
[00:53:30] Oni: Massive circle floor
[00:53:35] Oni: Frank we here ?
[00:53:42] Drack: some entities around
[00:53:47] Oni: Something inside of it too
[00:54:11] Oni: What are we looking for
[00:54:33] Frank: no, still tricks around. you are not in the center...
[00:54:36] Drack: ok
[00:54:46] Oni: Hm
[00:55:00] Drack: yeah
[00:55:03] Drack: another corridor
[00:55:09] Drack: stairs upwards
[00:55:14] Frank: > [Samstag, 11. März 2017 00:53:42 Drack] Drack: some entities around
no bots, shoot them down...
[00:55:19] Drack: ok
[00:55:45] Drack: that´s freaked out
[00:55:49] Drack: there was the same room again
[00:55:59] Drack: so it´s like always repeating
[00:56:01] Drack: you go a bit
[00:56:11] Drack: it shows you the same room until you blast it away
[00:56:15] Drack: then you continue a bit
[00:56:16] X: I will wait for you guys (waiting)
[00:56:16] Drack: and so on
[00:56:21] Drack: ...
[00:56:22] Drack: (rofl)
[00:56:31] Oni: I think we need
To go down drack
[00:56:35] Oni: See burning down there
[00:56:40] Drack: ok
[00:56:59] Oni: Found burning room
[00:57:02] Drack: yeah
[00:57:04] Drack: but seems not right
[00:57:13] Drack: 4-5 tanks in the middle
[00:57:13] Frank: it's not repeating. it replicating. shoot down the replicators
[00:57:14] Drack: kind of
[00:57:22] Oni: Yeah I see that
[00:57:36] Oni: Is this right frank ?
[00:57:44] Frank: what?
[00:57:47] Drack: nope
[00:57:48] Drack: it´s not
[00:57:53] Drack: X is above us somewhere
[00:57:55] X: drack mark it
[00:57:59] X: I am coming
[00:58:01] Drack: ok
[00:58:18] Frank: just order the skibs to shoot down all replicators
[00:58:20] Drack: done
[00:58:31] Drack: did that aswell
[00:58:31] Frank: then shoot down all illusion shit
[00:58:57] Drack: well ok might be right room
[00:58:58] Drack: mh..
[00:59:00] Drack: not sure
[00:59:12] Drack: at least illusions and replicators are down
[00:59:15] X: Oni you in the room?
[00:59:24] Oni: Yes
[00:59:25] Drack: i followed him
[00:59:36] X: you see me there?
[00:59:47] Oni: I haven't seen you in any places
[00:59:47] Drack: i do yes
[01:00:03] Drack: as i marked you were there
[01:00:15] X: Drack you see Oni?
[01:00:26] Oni: I see drack
[01:00:28] Drack: yeah
[01:00:29] Drack: see him
[01:00:32] Drack: he´s on the stair
[01:00:47] X: hmmmm
[01:01:07] X: Frank are they in the room?
[01:01:10] Oni: 4 tanks in this room
[01:01:13] Drack: yep
[01:01:14] Oni: Long skinny
[01:01:21] Oni: Held up by metal structure in middle
[01:01:26] Frank: get yes
[01:01:30] Drack: some big monitor
[01:01:34] Drack: on the wall
[01:01:36] Drack: to the right
[01:01:39] Drack: some table chairs
[01:01:49] Drack: but it´s nothing really interesting here.
[01:01:56] Drack: well ok the tanks are odd
[01:02:00] X: I have no idea where they are
[01:02:03] X: I am somewhere else
[01:02:06] Oni: These stasis entities ?
[01:02:10] Oni: That's something
[01:02:16] Frank: seems so
[01:02:18] Drack: there are some beings
[01:02:20] Drack: ?
[01:02:30] Drack: oh
[01:02:32] X: there is fire all around me
[01:02:32] Drack: yeah
[01:02:35] Oni: In the tanks
[01:02:37] Oni: Yeah fire here
[01:02:43] Drack: yeah i thought thats some energy
[01:02:50] Drack: but that´s some guy
[01:02:52] Drack: mh.
[01:02:58] Frank: these are battle entities. lvl1 clones
[01:02:59] X: you in another part of the same room place maybe
[01:03:11] Drack: might be.
[01:03:22] Drack: you´re upwards
[01:03:23] Drack: for me
[01:03:29] Frank: ok, however, this is not the center, and it's already in schedule for cleanings
[01:03:29] Drack: maybe it´s some 2 floor center
[01:03:50] Drack: great.
[01:03:50] Drack: :D
[01:04:00] Drack: i already love that rooms
[01:04:02] Frank: you need to go back and take some other way
[01:04:21] Drack: yeah let´s take my way i had
[01:04:35] Frank: these illusions things were just securities for this stasis station...
[01:04:46] Drack: follow me up
[01:05:10] X: I have black background and a kind of spiderweb in the middle but it is a portal rather than a web
[01:05:37] Drack: mh,,
[01:05:41] Drack: i´m in some bigger room
[01:05:51] Frank: maybe you all just jump to X, then you go together...
[01:05:59] Drack: yeah..
[01:05:59] Drack: :D
[01:06:12] X: guys, if you all can go back to the guy with the horn who had the list
[01:06:19] X: the chamber is right behind him
[01:06:23] Oni: Okay I'm with X
[01:06:25] Oni: I see the web
[01:06:28] Drack: same
[01:06:31] X: ok
[01:06:40] X: get ready for war :D
[01:06:43] Drack: yay..
[01:06:44] Drack: :D
[01:07:00] Drack: big fat hall
[01:07:07] X: you guys can see more than I can, so start exploring
[01:07:08] X: hahahaa
[01:07:16] Drack: well yeah..
[01:07:23] Drack: big fat hall ,
[01:07:27] Oni: Hilly geography
[01:07:33] Oni: ravines and canyons
[01:07:38] Oni: Orange diet orange sky
[01:07:40] Oni: Dirt
[01:07:45] Drack: where am i then
[01:07:46] Drack: lol..
[01:07:51] Drack: (computerrage)
[01:07:56] X: I am around the people in stasis
[01:08:03] X: or something so
[01:08:13] Drack: i went through that webby portal
[01:08:16] Drack: came into an big hall
[01:08:22] X: Frank?
[01:08:38] Drack: or is every web some different way
[01:08:40] Drack: location
[01:08:43] X: guys look at the spider web
[01:08:46] X: every space
[01:08:50] X: leads to somewhere different
[01:08:54] Drack: i knew it..
[01:08:57] Drack: ok back
[01:09:17] Drack: ok took the right one this time
[01:09:25] X: what are we looking for?
[01:09:35] Drack: i just scanned it and looked for the one leading to the center
[01:09:36] Drack: :D
[01:09:50] Drack: i´m in a dome thing now
[01:10:40] X: there I think Frank
[01:10:45] Drack: 2 entities standing
[01:10:47] Drack: big dome
[01:10:51] Drack: table in the middle again
[01:11:07] Drack: looks a bit like a stadium
[01:11:13] Frank: yes
[01:11:17] X: more like a colossium
[01:11:21] Drack: yeah
[01:11:26] X: I take him down
[01:11:32] Drack: not talking?
[01:11:33] Drack: :D
[01:11:39] X: oh you talk?
[01:11:43] Drack: no
[01:11:46] Drack: but i thought F wants to
[01:11:47] X: what do we need from him?
[01:11:51] Drack: don´t know
[01:11:53] X: Oni where are you?
[01:11:59] Drack: lost in space
[01:11:59] Frank: what is his job?
[01:12:00] Drack: (rofl)
[01:12:04] Oni: In a work meeting
[01:12:09] X: ok Oni
[01:12:09] Oni: (Computerrage)
[01:12:12] Drack: oh well
[01:12:14] Drack: no problem
[01:12:18] Drack: i´ll take one
[01:12:19] X: protector is his job
[01:12:19] Oni: I'll be back soon
[01:12:27] Drack: ok
[01:12:28] Drack: nevermind
[01:12:29] Drack: you do
[01:12:29] Drack: :D
[01:12:39] Frank: both are lvl2 entities.
[01:12:49] X: I only see one
[01:12:50] Frank: so job for X...(chuckle)
[01:12:56] X: not two
[01:12:58] Drack: i see both
[01:13:08] X: one should be on the ground
[01:13:09] Drack: well ok you´re squeezing one
[01:13:13] X: with me on top of him
[01:13:14] X: hahahaaha
[01:13:17] Drack: yeah pretty much
[01:13:18] Drack: :D
[01:13:33] Frank: :D
[01:13:34] Drack: i hold the other one down
[01:13:40] X: just hold the next one Drack, let me take care of this one
[01:13:41] X: yes
[01:13:54] X: this is how we negotiate, I am very good at this, hahahaa
[01:14:01] Drack: yeah
[01:14:01] Frank: both are clones, but not battle ones. admins. for what?
[01:14:02] Drack: me too
[01:14:03] Drack: (rofl)
[01:14:07] Drack: so good they called me a god
[01:14:08] Drack: (rofl)
[01:14:12] X: whatever you need I will get
[01:14:23] X: "a philosophy"
[01:14:34] Drack: better zap him
[01:14:37] Drack: sounds like BS
[01:14:46] X: protector of a philosophy
[01:14:54] X: strange
[01:14:55] Drack: mh..
[01:15:03] Drack: the philosophy of nebadon?
[01:15:08] X: of the masses
[01:15:14] Drack: mh
[01:15:17] Frank: it's taurus. the pilosophy how to kill?
[01:15:34] X: wait wait
[01:15:41] X: something with the Kabaa
[01:16:23] X: stupid parables
[01:16:36] Drack: uhm..
[01:16:38] Drack: zap?
[01:16:39] Drack: :D
[01:16:41] X: drack scan the place
[01:16:43] Drack: ok
[01:17:03] Drack: nothing much
[01:17:04] X: I have a "cube" from him
[01:17:09] Drack: mh.
[01:17:44] Drack: looks like a info cube
[01:17:45] Drack: kind of
[01:17:50] Drack: with a way too long name
[01:17:53] X: source of something
[01:17:58] X: like a key
[01:18:07] Drack: wait
[01:18:18] Drack: there is a fitting hole for it
[01:18:25] Drack: but i´m not sure if it´s that smart to put it in
[01:18:30] Drack: maybe that´s a trick
[01:18:42] X: nope, do not think so
[01:18:47] Drack: ok then
[01:19:01] X: what is this place?
[01:19:02] Frank: yes
[01:19:08] Drack: mh.
[01:19:13] X: blue energies with little stars in it
[01:19:20] Frank: i get "the heart of the center"...
[01:19:26] Drack: close enough
[01:19:32] Drack: the table vanished
[01:19:35] Drack: there is the hole
[01:19:37] Drack: for that key
[01:19:44] Drack: put that cube inside
[01:20:00] X: small specks of like stars, think of the night sky with stars twinkling but these energies are all around
[01:20:04] X: I am walking through them
[01:20:19] Drack: not important i think
[01:20:26] Drack: a bit glitter.
[01:20:30] Oni: I'm here
[01:20:30] Drack: i have enough of that already
[01:20:31] Drack: (rofl)
[01:20:35] Drack: welcome back
[01:20:39] X: hahahaah, no this is different
[01:20:49] X: this is like pure energies
[01:20:53] X: are these souls?
[01:20:56] Oni: I see that X
[01:21:00] Drack: yeah me too
[01:21:02] X: yes
[01:21:04] Drack: but they´re like
[01:21:05] Drack: super little
[01:21:06] Frank: (y)
[01:21:08] Drack: a finger
[01:21:08] X: yes
[01:21:13] Drack: mh..
[01:21:15] Drack: interesting
[01:21:20] Oni: Where are we right now ?
[01:21:22] Drack: so what about the keyhole
[01:21:24] Oni: Still in the dome ?
[01:21:24] Drack: center
[01:21:38] X: [08:19:21 PM] Frank: i get "the heart of the center"...

[01:21:43] Drack: you see the one on the ground?
[01:21:48] Drack: and the other one pretty messed up
[01:21:50] Drack: (rofl)
[01:22:20] Drack: btw X you want to talk with that guy
[01:22:29] X: not right now
[01:22:30] Drack: ok
[01:22:44] X: put the net over him and pin him to the ground
[01:22:52] Drack: yeah already done
[01:22:52] X: will be back for him soon
[01:23:02] Oni: Yep
[01:23:12] Frank: this is all distraction...
[01:23:19] Drack: yeah think so too
[01:23:22] Drack: there is a keyhole
[01:23:25] Drack: for that cube
[01:23:30] X: ok
[01:23:30] Drack: so let´s do that
[01:23:42] X: let us go Drack, use the cube
[01:23:46] X: here it is
[01:23:46] Frank: yes
[01:23:48] Drack: ok
[01:24:00] Oni: It's in looks like you can dive through
[01:24:11] X: yes
[01:24:20] Drack: mh
[01:24:24] Drack: what´s happening
[01:24:26] Oni: More securities
[01:24:30] Oni: Blast
[01:24:31] Drack: it´s glowing
[01:24:41] Drack: the ground is glowing a bit
[01:24:45] Drack: like up the wall
[01:24:46] Drack: a line
[01:24:55] Drack: i thought like the room would split or something
[01:24:57] Drack: but nothing happened
[01:25:51] Drack: guys?
[01:26:02] X: I am above
[01:26:07] Drack: mh
[01:26:09] X: the guy on the floor
[01:26:12] Frank: so?
[01:26:17] Drack: placed the cube
[01:26:20] Drack: but nothing much happened
[01:26:24] Drack: glowing blueish
[01:26:32] Drack: lines going from that keyhole up the wall
[01:26:42] Frank: so ask them what should have happened...
[01:26:47] Drack: yeah.
[01:26:48] Drack: :D
[01:26:53] X: I have something from him
[01:27:25] Drack: is it just me or did the coloseum opened on the roof
[01:27:33] Drack: and i see half the nightsky
[01:27:35] Drack: on the right side
[01:27:36] X: you are right
[01:27:42] X: it is shooting something outwards
[01:27:51] X: I am interrogating the guy
[01:27:56] Drack: should i take it out again
[01:28:00] X: no
[01:28:00] Drack: not that it destroys something
[01:28:02] Drack: ok.
[01:28:03] Oni: It's shooting into a planet
[01:28:08] Oni: Or moon
[01:28:13] Drack: that´s..
[01:28:16] Drack: getting really iteresting
[01:28:17] Drack: (rofl)
[01:28:18] X: astrology?
[01:28:22] Drack: might be
[01:28:22] Oni: I'm at the impact point
[01:28:24] Drack: astrology is alot
[01:28:47] Drack: what´s on the impact
[01:28:52] X: philosophy of the masses, astrology to control them?
[01:28:54] Frank: somehow "controller of astrology"...?
[01:29:00] X: yes
[01:29:02] Drack: yeah
[01:29:04] Drack: seems so
[01:29:08] Drack: that would be big
[01:29:15] Drack: astrology is the reason for .. alot
[01:29:24] Frank: yes, shit...
[01:29:27] Drack: yeah sure
[01:29:28] Drack: (rofl)
[01:29:29] X: Oni
[01:29:30] Drack: but it´s alot
[01:29:30] Drack: :D
[01:29:34] Oni: Yeah it looks like this connects to all the stars in the sky
[01:29:39] Oni: From impact
[01:29:42] X: go to all the planets, quickly, it makes a lot of connections yes
[01:29:47] Drack: wait i´ll follow up
[01:29:57] X: mark them all guys
[01:30:01] Oni: Okay and do what ?
[01:30:04] Drack: the planets
[01:30:05] X: there will be stations and beacons there
[01:30:05] Drack: form a shape
[01:30:08] X: all
[01:30:09] X: yes
[01:30:10] Drack: a sign
[01:30:12] Drack: a big sign
[01:30:20] Drack: looks a bit like eye of horus
[01:30:22] Oni: Okay marked
[01:30:37] Oni: Or almost done at least
[01:30:46] Drack: what´s that..
[01:30:56] X: guys if you can see the impact on the planet earth, look please
[01:30:57] Drack: it´s more like an eye of hours with an "R"
[01:31:03] Drack: ok
[01:31:11] Oni: It goes through earth
[01:31:11] Drack: india
[01:31:18] Oni: From my view
[01:31:19] Drack: somewhere there
[01:31:21] Drack: yeah
[01:31:24] Drack: hitting india
[01:31:31] Dynamite Δύναμις: palmenblatt library in India
[01:31:35] X: place Drack, tell me
[01:31:36] X: oh
[01:31:39] Drack: yeah
[01:31:41] Drack: i´m pretty sure
[01:32:03] Oni: Is Lib on hill ?
[01:32:10] Drack: yeah
[01:32:12] Oni: Yeah
[01:32:12] Drack: it´s rewriting
[01:32:14] Drack: stuff
[01:32:18] Drack: inside the library
[01:32:21] Oni: Southeast India
[01:32:28] Drack: yep
[01:32:42] X: this is nadi
[01:32:51] X: nadi leaves?
[01:32:51] Drack: mh?
[01:32:57] Frank: ok, seems astrology was always in taurus hand.
[01:33:04] X: yes
[01:33:08] Drack: well
[01:33:10] Drack: glad we have it now
[01:33:16] Frank: wait...
[01:33:28] Drack: still don´t feel very well with this
[01:33:32] X: there are two locations in India
[01:33:32] Drack: i think that should be shut off
[01:33:42] X: one goes to the Himalayas
[01:33:53] Oni: I see that yes
[01:34:35] Drack: 3 spots now
[01:34:37] Drack: i see
[01:34:44] Drack: one on the far west india
[01:34:49] Frank: ok, so X shoot now...
[01:34:50] Drack: near to some ocean
[01:34:55] Drack: yeah better shoot.
[01:35:04] X: fire in the hole :D
[01:35:07] Drack: :D
[01:35:12] X: done
[01:35:15] Drack: (y)
[01:35:20] Drack: on earth?
[01:35:22] Drack: or nebadon
[01:35:27] Frank: everywhere
[01:35:31] Drack: well ok
[01:35:32] Drack: good.
[01:35:40] Frank: it made energy flow in my legs... :D
[01:35:40] Drack: rip astrology..

[01:35:49] Drack: it makes me feel
[01:35:50] Drack: strange
[01:35:54] Drack: shakes really
[01:36:01] X: all I have is heat
[01:36:05] Frank: there is astrology shit in every human...
[01:36:07] Drack: uplifting
[01:36:07] Frank: bastards
[01:36:13] Drack: really uplifting
[01:36:23] Drack: feels like tons of shit goes of my shoulders.
[01:36:52] X: Oni you there
[01:37:01] Drack: F, all those gets into forum right
[01:37:11] Frank: yes
[01:37:14] Drack: (like)
[01:37:24] Drack: really great.
[01:37:44] Drack: so. we´re mostly done?
[01:37:54] Drack: btw
[01:37:56] Drack: what´s with Lockmatish
[01:37:57] Drack: (rofl)
[01:38:04] Frank: makes additinal 2 days cleanng saved with one shot...:D
[01:38:15] Drack: nice nice.
[01:38:23] Oni: I'm
On train
[01:38:26] Oni: Bad service
[01:38:28] Oni: Better now
[01:38:33] Drack: ok
[01:38:44] Drack: feels like we´re not done..
[01:38:49] Drack: not sure.
[01:38:53] X: ok
[01:39:08] Drack: there is more somewhere.
[01:39:09] X: what you want me to do with these protectors?
[01:39:13] Drack: squeeze more
[01:39:16] Drack: there will be more
[01:39:18] X: hahahaa
[01:39:20] Drack: :D
[01:39:30] Drack: no, i feel like there is one certain part somewhere
[01:39:37] Oni: Back at dome ?
[01:39:39] Oni: Another path ?
[01:39:40] Drack: yeah
[01:39:45] Drack: not needed
[01:39:47] Drack: that´s the center
[01:39:55] X: guys look at the sun please
[01:40:01] X: tell me what you all see
[01:40:02] Frank: one more topic in the center, but not there
[01:40:07] Frank: let them go...
[01:40:16] X: let them go?
[01:40:16] Frank: will be taken to prison soon
[01:40:19] Drack: big black square hole in sun
[01:40:34] Frank: ?
[01:40:37] Drack: X asked
[01:40:47] X: ok I will let them go :(
[01:41:01] Drack: we´ll find someone else you can have fun with (rofl)
[01:41:18] X: after this (punch)
[01:41:22] X: hahaha
[01:41:26] Drack: :D
[01:41:41] Frank: seems this was some lsa2 facility. oic connected, cleaned out this evening.
[01:41:49] X: in the sun?
[01:41:50] Drack: on sun?
[01:41:52] Drack: :D
[01:42:07] Drack: that´s some.. unpleasant place to build stuff.
[01:42:07] X: [08:40:03 PM] Frank: one more topic in the center, but not there

<<< I thought it was this
[01:42:18] Frank: layer 2)
[01:42:28] Frank: no
[01:42:37] Drack: but as X meant on the sun is something
[01:42:43] Drack: not only the holes
[01:42:52] Drack: there is to the left and to the right some "wing"
[01:42:52] Drack: aura
[01:42:54] Drack: stuff
[01:43:06] X: ok so should I go back to the spider web and go to the other topic?
[01:43:16] Frank: yes, all in schedule
[01:43:18] Drack: ok
[01:43:20] X: ok
[01:43:26] Frank: yes
[01:43:41] Drack: i´ll follow up
[01:43:55] Drack: well
[01:43:59] Drack: what´s that now
[01:44:04] X: I am on something like frosted glass
[01:44:08] Drack: yeah
[01:44:12] X: connected to some planet
[01:44:21] X: like a ring around it
[01:44:28] Frank: no clue, but right place...(chuckle)
[01:44:32] Drack: looks more like an asteroid
[01:44:38] Frank: look for someone to squeeze...:D
[01:44:42] Drack: and there is one big tower
[01:44:43] Drack: in the middle
[01:44:44] X: ok this guy is mine
[01:44:46] X: hahahaaha
[01:44:49] Drack: lol
[01:44:51] Drack: you´re too fast.
[01:44:51] Drack: :D
[01:44:55] X: (punch)
[01:44:59] Drack: bloodlust
[01:45:00] Drack: (rofl)
[01:45:13] X: this guy is strong Frank
[01:45:20] X: stronger than normal
[01:45:23] Drack: yeah
[01:45:24] Drack: he is
[01:45:46] Frank: yes. it's a lvl1 ID, an original
[01:45:53] X: he is like Darkseid
[01:45:55] X: hahahaaha
[01:45:58] Drack: should i help
[01:45:58] Drack: :D
[01:46:00] X: no
[01:46:01] Drack: or you fine
[01:46:03] Drack: ok
[01:46:10] X: have not had this much fun in months
[01:46:15] Drack: (rofl)
[01:46:23] Drack: yeah
[01:46:35] Drack: well ok
[01:46:38] Drack: seems done.
[01:46:42] X: yeah
[01:46:49] Drack: but hey
[01:46:55] Drack: he stood against you for a minute
[01:46:56] Frank: sqeeze him
[01:46:59] X: I could have done it like this in the beginning
[01:47:01] Drack: not bad
[01:47:07] Drack: oh ok
[01:47:08] Drack: nvm
[01:47:08] Drack: :D
[01:47:10] X: but not everyday I get to use brute force
[01:47:12] X: hahaaha
[01:47:27] Drack: i´m curious who he is
[01:47:46] X: "he is the one who controls the stars"
[01:47:52] Drack: mhh..
[01:47:59] Drack: he talks about himself like that?
[01:48:01] Drack: that´s..
[01:48:04] Frank: drack, there are lines connected to him. follow these lines, while X keeps him down...
[01:48:08] Drack: psycotic
[01:48:15] Drack: ok
[01:48:17] X: he is the light at the end of the tunnel
[01:48:23] Drack: god?
[01:48:24] Drack: (rofl)
[01:48:27] Drack: well
[01:48:28] Drack: i gotta go
[01:48:43] Drack: one goes in a kind of black hole
[01:48:48] X: he will now experience the light coming from my eyes, this may sting a little :D sting him I mean
[01:49:01] Drack: one in a black hole in front is a sun
[01:49:20] Frank: yes, go
[01:49:27] Drack: left are some planets
[01:49:28] Drack: 3-4
[01:49:32] Drack: some constellation
[01:49:39] X: Frank there are energy portals appearing on earth
[01:49:45] X: all over the planet
[01:49:59] Drack: yeah.
[01:50:05] X: black whirlwinds, like going into the ground, it comes out from the ground, not the sky
[01:50:34] Drack: he´s doing that
[01:50:36] Drack: wit hthe connections
[01:50:44] X: yes he is trying to do damages
[01:50:49] Drack: squeeze more.
[01:50:51] Drack: (rofl)
[01:50:55] Frank: yes X, just some counter attack to our cleanings. we care already
[01:51:21] X: ok what do we need from him?
[01:51:21] Frank: yes
[01:51:31] Frank: it's indirect him...
[01:51:32] X: I can get you anything
[01:51:44] Drack: he´s already whining?
[01:51:45] Drack: (rofl)
[01:52:37] X: I can get into their heads, a new skill it seems, when I put my hands on their head and squeeze, causes much pains to them but |-(
[01:52:37] Frank: X shoot on the connections. we constructed a shot for this. it will destroy all of his infrastructure and things...
[01:52:50] X: done
[01:52:56] Frank: drack, look to/into the sun you have been before
[01:52:57] Drack: he had a hand on you X
[01:53:06] Drack: cleaned that.
[01:53:08] Drack: ok
[01:53:21] X: hmmm
[01:53:23] Drack: pulsing
[01:53:30] Frank: inside? something
[01:53:33] Drack: more like implosion pulsing
[01:53:35] Drack: yeah
[01:53:40] Drack: red energies
[01:53:55] Frank: facilities
[01:54:04] Drack: thre is a big hole in the sun now
[01:54:12] Drack: like really big
[01:54:26] X: tomorrow there will be half a sun when we watch outside (rofl)
[01:54:34] Drack: wouldn´t be that bad
[01:54:36] Drack: (rofl)
[01:54:40] Frank: he did control ~13 mio suns...
[01:54:42] Drack: it´s anyways a bit too bright
[01:54:48] Drack: that´s
[01:54:49] Drack: not bad.
[01:55:05] Drack: but what was he doing
[01:55:08] Drack: a sun-god?
[01:55:09] Drack: " "
[01:55:10] Frank: we have to wait a few minutes...
[01:55:11] Drack: or what
[01:55:19] Drack: any name?
[01:55:23] Frank: no
[01:55:26] Drack: ok.
[01:55:31] Drack: but X ?
[01:55:37] X: watch his face, hahaha
[01:55:48] Drack: yeah i know he´s not really looking healthly
[01:55:49] Drack: (rofl)
[01:56:16] X: oh
[01:56:21] Drack: well he really looks like some maya
[01:56:22] X: this guy knows people
[01:56:23] Drack: or something
[01:56:27] X: he has friends Frank
[01:56:32] Drack: good for him..?
[01:57:19] X: maybe we will see
[01:58:30] Drack: getting attacks again
[01:58:33] Drack: chest left arm
[01:58:59] Frank: i check
[01:59:35] Frank: ok X, connections destroyed, you can bring him to prison...
[01:59:54] X: ok watch him fly into prison, hahaha
[01:59:59] Drack: the sun
[02:00:01] Drack: looks normal.
[02:00:02] Drack: :D
[02:00:04] Drack: pretty normal
[02:00:22] Frank: we took care about it
[02:00:27] Drack: (y)
[02:00:58] Drack: great.
[02:01:00] X: ok what now?
[02:01:01] Drack: so.
[02:01:02] Drack: yeah
[02:01:03] Drack: :D
[02:01:09] Frank: + 5 days saved (y)
[02:01:15] Drack: nice.
[02:02:51] Frank: btw i get this guy was "Osiris"... :D
[02:02:59] Oni: Oh nice one
[02:03:11] X: oh
[02:03:23] Drack: didn´t looked like an osiris
[02:03:40] Oni: Yeah he looked more like a 'bob' (rofl)
[02:03:46] Drack: :D
[02:03:47] Frank: so now it's official. the "gods" lose arm wrestling with a Protoi...(rofl)
[02:03:51] X: [09:03:24 PM] Drack: didn´t looked like an osiris

<<< well you mean after I bust him up or before?
[02:04:01] Drack: after..
[02:04:06] Drack: after he looked like some maya
[02:04:08] Drack: (rofl)
[02:04:08] Oni: Yes they sure did frank
[02:04:11] Oni: (Flex)
[02:04:25] Frank: oh, X won...(chuckle)
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Re: Medina, Mekka & Riad...

Unread postby jonas » 11 Mar 2017 09:56

Fantastic, great job and really fascinating read. osiris in prison. And sun is shining very very bright outside today where I live. :happy-sunshine:

Edit: waiting with great anticipation on orion center-smashing episode. :happy-smileyflower:
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Re: Medina, Mekka & Riad...

Unread postby humbe » 11 Mar 2017 11:48

Feels like im reading a scifi script :handgestures-thumbup: But very interesting.

Great work !! Im cheering from the sidelines!
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Re: Medina, Mekka & Riad...

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humbe wrote:Feels like im reading a scifi script :handgestures-thumbup: But very interesting.

Right... "feels like" because you still don't see your 3d life as what it is: a nasty dark game, where you can never win.

Btw. scifi is not necessarily just fantasy/fiction. Some of the writers (either dark or light) have access to other realms and just "report" what they see imbedded in some bigger story.
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Re: Medina, Mekka & Riad...

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It's funny to see, how the OIC guys and darks try to claim our massive cleanings of the last days for themselves...

Have to say exactly what I thought when reading through cobra's latest blog post to see if there were any comments from people on energetical observations - looks like a straight-off and badly put together high-jack to me referring to:

brutal Archon attacks
Drastic action was taken by the Light forces on Saturday at around 11:30 pm Taipei time as the operation codenamed „Justice of Maat“ was initialized.

And then referring as well to an admittedly interesting 'schumann measurement observation' albeit also stolen straight of from one of the comments on the site's own comment section.

That was just ridiculous! :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

And why the heck do they start chanting about some Ma'at. Another of these 'god'-bastards I suppose need to leech some new energy?

Also, you gotta love these
Resistance has communicated that many key physical members of the Cabal „have finally tasted their own medicine“. Nothing more can be said about this

Way to go on clarity. Makes me think of an old movie-saying; 'you never go full retard'.

Now I think I'll go back just to re-live some of the humor - by checking all the 'love and light'-comments. And new 'The Justice of Ma'at!' favorite chants....

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