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Unread postby Frank » 10 Mar 2017 21:14

This Text refers to this post in War-News about fighting the vatican.

Freitag, 10. März 2017
[17:48:19] Frank: made this room now, so that we can collect the visual impressions here...
[17:48:22] KHG: (wave)
[17:48:26] Oni: I just got rid of illusions
[17:48:30] Oni: Now it's just one big ball
[17:48:33] Dynamite Δύναμις: you collect, I read :D
[17:48:38] Drack: :D
[17:48:48] Oni: Okay in the ball it's chaos
[17:48:55] Drack: well yeah, for now , big castle burning, lots of armies and ships around , big fights
[17:48:56] Oni: Landscape burning
[17:48:59] Frank: [17:46:27] Frank: i want to write later something about it. what it (vatican) really was. for this i need as many visual infos as possible...
[17:46:59] Oni: To me it's like a 'templish' outline and then many replicas of it one behind the other each getting smaller like Russian dolls
[17:47:15] Oni: Continuing almost as far as I can see
[17:47:28] Oni: Let me try and rid illusions
[17:49:16] Oni: I see what drack sees as well
[17:49:28] Oni: Medieval countryside almost
[17:49:29] Drack: some dragon-like thingies panicking around.
[17:49:31] Oni: With fights
[17:49:31] Drack: yeah
[17:49:35] Drack: + big ships :D
[17:49:39] Oni: Yeah haha
[17:49:40] Drack: future meets medieval
[17:49:47] Oni: (Bomb)
[17:49:59] Dynamite Δύναμις: (chuckle) (clap)
[17:50:25] Oni: Knights, horses, blimps
[17:50:35] Drack: yeah whole lord of the rings scene.
[17:50:37] Drack: (rofl)
[17:50:48] Drack: even big siege weapons and such
[17:50:49] KHG: Looks like Sauron's castle actually
[17:51:08] Drack: you think tolkien had his whole book from vatikan creation?
[17:51:09] Drack: (rofl)
[17:51:21] Drack: that would be funny
[17:51:38] KHG: Actually I wouldn't doubt that. I got him as L3 (Frank, countercheck pls)
[17:51:52] Drack: yeah i heard he was L too
[17:51:59] Frank: it seems tolkien made a hidden visit to vatican...
[17:52:11] Oni: I'm reading lord of the Rings right now ...
[17:52:13] Oni: This is funny
[17:52:53] KHG: LOL! Seeing a little guy, obviously L, who's trapped in vatican. Looks a little like Frodo (wasntme)
[17:53:02] Drack: wow what
[17:53:10] Drack: :D
[17:53:10] KHG: We should get him outta there if he doesn't have a special job up there
[17:53:28] Frank: we will get him out.
[17:53:41] Drack: i gotta go looking for others
[17:53:46] KHG: Everything sounds so fucked up lol
[17:54:08] Frank: just focus on watching, for the "report"... the fighting is running well as palnned
[17:54:26] Frank: atm. i have ~63.000 battle avatars in there
[17:54:28] Oni: More dragons moving in now
[17:55:15] Frank: yes, they try to help in the fight with us...(chuckle)
[17:55:17] Frank: darks
[17:55:39] Drack: oh well.
[17:55:41] Drack: why not.. :D
[17:55:47] Frank: and inside the mini creation are massive connecetions to OIC
[17:56:03] KHG: Yep, look like some kind of portal
[17:56:10] Oni: Many of them
[17:56:16] Frank: X is fighting this part in OIC atm.
[17:56:22] KHG: Indeed, I see several thousands of them
[17:56:30] X: wow nice
[17:56:32] Frank: ~3.300 portals
[17:56:38] Oni: They still stand for now
[17:56:44] KHG: Exactly what I said Frank! :P
[17:57:01] Oni: Welcome to the party X
[17:57:31] Frank: we are still in battle for a while there...
[17:59:08] Oni: I'm away for a bit
[17:59:13] Oni: Will check in when back
[17:59:27] Oni: Castles start burning now ...
[17:59:37] Drack: yeah saw a few of us going into the castle
[17:59:46] Oni: (Flex)
[17:59:56] Drack: much panic much fights..
[18:00:01] Drack: i´m getting a bit nauseous.. :D
[18:01:42] Frank: it's from the attack before i added protection. shit is out, but i make healings now
[18:01:50] Drack: ok (y)
[18:02:21] Frank: Maik, look at the OIC parts, what X destroys. what are these?
[18:02:31] Frank: at the other end of the portals?
[18:02:43] Drack: wait i´ll have an look
[18:03:28] Frank: i now have ~240k battle avatars in vatican...
[18:04:28] Drack: mh..
[18:04:32] Drack: i really don´t know exactly
[18:04:39] Drack: looks like spikey balls
[18:04:41] Drack: :D
[18:04:46] Drack: on the other end of that portals
[18:05:05] Drack: the portals themselves are half-rounded squares kind of
[18:09:58] Frank: ok, and what are they doing in OIC/ did they do?
[18:10:47] Frank: > [Freitag, 10. März 2017 18:04:39 Drack] looks like spikey balls
<<< seems these are OIC inside portals
[18:10:50] Drack: seems they´re connected to the root of OIC
[18:10:55] Drack: yeah
[18:10:59] Drack: those balls are inside that root
[18:11:19] Frank: yes, root of the game habitat
[18:11:43] Drack: at least parts of it yeah
[18:11:56] Frank: i think at the end of the portals you will find special "friends"...(chuckle)
[18:12:18] Drack: oh ok .. :D
[18:12:21] Frank: go look
[18:12:27] Drack: yeah i´m on it
[18:13:13] Drack: some fleet?
[18:13:23] Drack: maybe cobra and co?
[18:13:24] Drack: (cwl)
[18:13:43] Drack: some stuff is not really defineable there
[18:14:02] Frank: yes, but i meant not this... take other portals...(rofl)
[18:14:27] Drack: well ok haha :D
[18:14:52] Frank: > [Freitag, 10. März 2017 18:13:13 Drack] some fleet?
<<< these OIC "pleiadians"
[18:15:07] Drack: i´m already getting dizzy that much movement through all those portals..
[18:15:08] Drack: (rofl)
[18:15:23] Drack: oh those. yeah.
[18:15:28] Drack: they seem not so amused actually
[18:15:34] Drack: they´re more like "what the hell"
[18:15:47] Frank: (rofl)
[18:16:08] Drack: gotta take a little break , those portals won´t be down in 5 minutes i guess.
[18:16:08] Drack: :D
[18:16:34] Frank: no, a few minutes is ok
[18:16:45] Drack: (y)
[18:16:54] Frank: but not too long...(chuckle)
[18:17:02] Drack: yeah ok :D
[18:22:43] X: :D
[18:24:10] Drack: well i´m really not sure what i should look for
[18:24:15] Drack: :D
[18:24:31] Dynamite Δύναμις: go and ask them who they are :D
[18:24:34] Drack: tried again but that whole isn´t really working out :D
[18:25:21] Drack: that whole goes on my stomach pretty badly.. (cwl)
[18:25:40] Drack: and not sure who you mean to ask ..
[18:25:45] X: [01:25:21 PM] Drack: hat whole goes on my stomach pretty badly..
<<< I thought I was the only one
[18:25:52] Drack: nono that´s really badly
[18:26:08] Drack: brb
[18:27:05] Frank: i check
[18:28:59] Frank: these are inside attacks. they try to stop you from reveiling the connection that i told you to look for...
[18:29:15] Frank: i already clean this
[18:29:54] Frank: should be better soon
[18:35:35] Drack: yeah it´s a bit better
[18:35:50] Frank: ok, so pls try to find...
[18:35:54] Drack: yep
[18:36:10] Drack: better from vatican to oic or directly on oic
[18:36:29] Frank: vatican to oic
[18:36:34] Drack: ok
[18:38:03] Drack: found 2 bigger entities
[18:38:17] Drack: as i looked for the portal which you could mean
[18:38:22] Drack: and went through
[18:38:22] Drack: :D
[18:38:28] Drack: you mean those?
[18:38:29] Frank: yes. these are lvl 2 entities
[18:38:31] Frank: yes
[18:38:36] Drack: ok
[18:38:37] Frank: check around
[18:38:40] Drack: ok
[18:38:52] Frank: check where you/they are and who they are...
[18:39:18] Drack: there is just one bigger tower around
[18:39:34] Drack: and it´s inside the oic root und the under left side..
[18:39:35] Drack: :D
[18:39:37] Drack: if that helps
[18:40:01] Frank: you did not pass the portals. illusions again
[18:40:05] Drack: oh
[18:40:06] Drack: great.
[18:40:08] Drack: (rofl)
[18:40:21] Drack: i order to get rid of those but it doesn´t work
[18:40:35] Frank: yes. too early. you need to take them out from visual
[18:40:48] Drack: mh
[18:40:49] Drack: ok
[18:41:58] Drack: i´ll try again
[18:44:03] Drack: now i´m in another dome
[18:44:10] Drack: if that´s right
[18:44:17] Drack: 2 entities on the door
[18:44:27] Drack: pushed me out as hard as possible but i came through
[18:44:27] Frank: (y)
[18:44:33] Frank: sure
[18:44:33] Drack: there is a core in the middle
[18:44:40] Drack: i´ve marked that whole
[18:44:53] Drack: a few more entities around
[18:44:54] Drack: little ones
[18:44:58] Frank: it's a kind of mini creation inside OIC...
[18:45:03] Drack: yeah
[18:45:05] Frank: that's where you need to go
[18:45:28] Frank: X is already there...:D
[18:45:36] X: :D
[18:45:40] Drack: alright good (y)
[18:45:48] Drack: so that´s the main control centre ?
[18:45:50] Drack: or something similar
[18:45:53] Frank: go look
[18:45:58] Drack: well it looks like
[18:46:04] Drack: monitors
[18:46:08] Drack: many little entities
[18:46:13] Drack: having not so much fun
[18:46:18] Drack: and that core in the middle
[18:46:19] Frank: and pick up the name of the guys. how they call themselves..
[18:46:32] Drack: could try.. i´m pretty bad in that
[18:46:32] Drack: :D
[18:46:44] Frank: go inside the core
[18:46:52] Drack: ok
[18:47:43] Drack: can´t really go in
[18:48:00] Frank: illusion. take it out from visual
[18:48:06] Drack: ok
[18:49:09] Drack: not sure what it is
[18:49:25] Drack: pretty dark and seems like inside is another portal
[18:49:26] Drack: :D
[18:49:44] Frank: yes, go
[18:49:48] Drack: ok
[18:50:07] Frank: and if it's dark, just turn on night vision...(chuckle)
[18:50:21] Drack: well.. good idea (rofl)
[18:50:26] Drack: thought there is no real night outside
[18:51:12] Drack: well great
[18:51:18] Drack: it just turns in a white room when i do so
[18:51:22] Drack: and that portal
[18:51:44] Frank: i thought you went through that portal already...(chuckle)
[18:51:45] Drack: looks like some big city maybe
[18:51:49] Drack: yeah i was
[18:51:52] Frank: good
[18:51:54] Drack: maybe a library
[18:51:57] Drack: i´m not sure
[18:51:58] Drack: big
[18:52:04] Frank: burning?
[18:52:27] Drack: yeah
[18:52:36] Frank: you are still in the periphery
[18:52:49] Drack: i dont even know what or where i´m at all (rofl)
[18:52:56] Drack: i´m all the time going for illusions
[18:53:04] Frank: take out illusions from visual
[18:53:10] Drack: yeah i´m doing
[18:53:34] Drack: either it has no effect or they stack it so fast that i can´t get rid of them or i do something wrong.. :D
[18:54:07] Frank: go right, there should be a kind of door
[18:54:18] Drack: inside the core now?
[18:54:28] Frank: yes
[18:54:33] Drack: ok
[18:55:34] Drack: well now that looks like a industrial complex like
[18:55:53] Drack: spikey skyscraper-big buildings
[18:55:58] Frank: cross it. it's like the machines around the center
[18:56:05] Drack: ok
[18:56:13] Frank: go to the middle
[18:56:46] Drack: big fat ball?
[18:56:47] Drack: :D
[18:56:55] Drack: like buried into the ground
[18:57:00] Frank: yes
[18:57:03] Drack: 4-5 bigger connections from all sides
[18:57:07] Frank: go inside
[18:57:09] Drack: pulsing
[18:57:10] Drack: ok
[18:57:24] Drack: inception is nothing against this here (rofl)
[18:57:40] Frank: (rofl)
[18:57:56] Lockmatish: :D
[18:58:06] Drack: well that
[18:58:10] Drack: looks like a underwater city now
[18:58:17] Frank: Lockmatish, if possible, try to follow him...
[18:58:57] Frank: yes, find those under water beings there..
[18:59:08] Drack: looke more like big ruins
[18:59:28] Frank: 1h ago not...(chuckle)
[18:59:42] Drack: (rofl)
[19:00:11] Drack: 3-4 bigger
[19:00:15] Drack: thingies
[19:00:20] Drack: if that are the beings
[19:00:35] Frank: (y)
[19:00:36] Drack: if that place was known before, why not going the direct way
[19:00:37] Drack: (rofl)
[19:00:44] Drack: that was a bit complicated
[19:01:03] Lockmatish: I'm still outside - yes, the vatican does appear to be burning. Ok, I will try to follow..
[19:01:04] Frank: X went it directly. but you have to show the connection to the vatican
[19:01:22] Drack: ah ok..
[19:01:24] Drack: well yeah
[19:01:25] Drack: job done
[19:01:27] Drack: :D
[19:01:32] Frank: no, find survivors
[19:01:37] Drack: meh
[19:01:38] Drack: ok :D
[19:01:42] Frank: there are still some
[19:01:50] Frank: ask them who they are...(chuckle)
[19:02:19] Drack: if they´re still willing to answer..
[19:02:20] Drack: :D
[19:02:40] Frank: kick their butt if they don't want to...
[19:02:47] Drack: ok..
[19:02:48] Drack: (rofl)
[19:03:01] Drack: meridians?
[19:03:30] Frank: yes, but there are more names. they shall say all the names they use...
[19:03:38] Drack: ok.
[19:04:34] Drack: they seem not so fit can barely understand them..
[19:04:40] Drack: helucons something
[19:05:01] Drack: exugons or something like that
[19:05:12] Drack: or they´re completely insane now
[19:05:13] Drack: (rofl)
[19:05:19] Frank: 12 names
[19:05:29] X: brasilica (this keeps coming in my head) maybe influence
[19:05:52] Frank: no it's ok
[19:06:39] X: goinos
[19:06:40] Drack: something with mandel
[19:06:49] Drack: mandelanios
[19:07:03] X: now I am getting headaches, strong on my head, left side, hahahhaa
[19:07:07] Drack: :D
[19:07:20] Drack: the guy is like "I don´t know more godamn let me"
[19:07:29] Drack: but i´m not even sure if those are right
[19:07:30] Drack: (rofl)
[19:08:22] Frank: (rofl)
[19:08:33] Drack: something with hex
[19:08:39] Drack: hexagonions maybe
[19:08:46] Drack: or hexil
[19:08:59] Drack: i don´t think we´ll get far there
[19:09:11] Frank: you got a low rank guy. let him go. go more into the center, and catch a higher rank...(chuckle)
[19:09:28] Drack: i just took another who is pretty mad
[19:09:34] Drack: and pretty not coporative
[19:10:21] Frank: oh yes, he is high rank. 6th rank
[19:10:55] Drack: helagonions
[19:11:03] Drack: helagenions*
[19:11:04] X: who are these hooded guys in black with grey skin?
[19:11:13] Frank: you have visual?
[19:11:19] Drack: yeah
[19:11:20] Drack: i wonder too
[19:11:21] Drack: (rofl)
[19:11:23] X: sometimes
[19:11:29] Drack: oh
[19:11:30] Drack: great
[19:11:34] Drack: (y)
[19:11:41] Frank: where are you?
[19:11:44] X: they are like around me
[19:11:45] Frank: there too?
[19:11:58] Oni: I am there
[19:11:59] Drack: btw i took another one again, the highest rank i found
[19:12:02] Drack: hey Oni
[19:12:07] X: I am just getting flashes, so not sure where I am
[19:12:15] X: I have no continuous vision
[19:12:15] Frank: oic
[19:12:45] Drack: i did it a bit differently now
[19:12:51] Frank: you are in the center, where drack shall go to...(chuckle)
[19:12:54] Drack: let skib record it
[19:12:55] Drack: (rofl)
[19:12:56] Frank: kicking their butts...
[19:13:13] Drack: maybe that helps.
[19:13:25] X: ok
[19:13:27] Drack: as i said i´m really bad in audio and in reading stuff
[19:13:27] Frank: you still have this 6th rank guy?
[19:13:36] Drack: nah i took the highest rank i found
[19:13:48] Frank: 3rd rank
[19:13:50] Frank: yes
[19:14:08] Drack: and after some.. unpleasant moments for him i recorded off the names
[19:14:12] Drack: because i´m too deaf
[19:14:13] Drack: (rofl)
[19:14:14] Frank: ask him if he knows the last guy you catched
[19:14:20] Drack: mh.
[19:14:21] Drack: ok
[19:14:39] Drack: yeah he knew him
[19:15:04] Frank: ok, ask him if this 6th rank guy works for mother fucking "protoi command"?
[19:15:13] Drack: :D ok
[19:15:35] Drack: yeah
[19:15:37] Drack: he meant yes
[19:15:45] Drack: and he wants to go badly.
[19:15:47] Drack: .(rofl)
[19:16:02] Frank: ok, so ask this guy, if he himself is an "eloi"...?
[19:16:24] Frank: don't let him go...
[19:16:28] Drack: ok
[19:17:00] Drack: yeah that too
[19:17:16] Frank: so ask him, why the fuck they think they can play gods????
[19:17:21] Frank: bastards
[19:17:25] Drack: k
[19:17:46] Drack: "we don´t we´re doing that for a higher duty"
[19:17:51] Frank: btw. X took already all 1st and 2nd rank into prison..
[19:18:02] Drack: you can´t talk with those..
[19:18:03] Drack: (rofl)
[19:18:06] Frank: the old excuse...
[19:18:12] Drack: yeah
[19:18:44] Drack: something else?
[19:18:48] Drack: or can i "let him go"
[19:18:59] Frank: yes
[19:19:03] Drack: ok
[19:19:07] Frank: he will be in prison soon anyway...
[19:19:12] Drack: yeah
[19:19:54] Frank: the "almighty" eloi, begging to let them go.... (puke)
[19:20:01] Drack: well
[19:20:04] Drack: he literally cried
[19:20:07] Drack: (rofl)
[19:20:12] Frank: (rofl)
[19:20:18] Drack: and praying to god
[19:20:23] Drack: told him they´re down anyways
[19:20:29] X: [02:20:19 PM] Drack: nd praying to god
<<< find this god
[19:20:33] X: :D
[19:20:45] Drack: guess those are down anyways? :D
[19:20:57] Lockmatish: (I am slowly following Drack's footsteps, I questioned one of the smaller entities, who tells me they are called "Ahlansidians", also "Ehlensidians", also "Nihilsidians" - if I did that correct)
[19:21:10] Drack: yeah those names
[19:21:10] Frank: i think you took him to prison already...:D
[19:21:14] Drack: are just urgh
[19:21:31] Drack: funny how fast they go from insulting
[19:21:34] Drack: into crying and praying
[19:21:37] Frank: (y)
[19:21:50] Drack: well ok i was not really nice and shocked him a little bit
[19:21:54] X: dizzy, hahahaa
[19:22:10] Frank: no one expected you to be nice...(chuckle)
[19:22:24] Drack: :D
[19:24:41] Drack: good.. well.
[19:24:45] Drack: anything else?
[19:27:30] Lockmatish: (I am in underwater ruins now)
[19:27:54] Frank: > [Freitag, 10. März 2017 19:27:30 Lockmatish] (I am in underwater ruins now)
<<< (y)
[19:29:18] Oni: I am underwater and see the hooded figures
[19:29:30] Oni: That X mentioned
[19:30:01] Oni: Bane ? Or baze ?
[19:30:14] X: yes they are still around
[19:30:23] Oni: What should I do with them frank
[19:30:31] Oni: Lithe
[19:31:21] Drack: yeah they´re interesting
[19:31:48] Frank: I think geting there around, is enough. they know now, what bell is ringing..:D
[19:33:14] Drack: not asking them out until we know who they are?
[19:33:15] Drack: :D
[19:33:29] Frank: just look around. describe what you see. so later we will publich this in private area of forum.
[19:33:47] Frank: we know who they are... the eloi mother fuckers...
[19:33:58] Oni: It's like bottom of ocean with some ruins around in a circle with broken top
[19:34:06] Oni: There is a light overhead
[19:35:47] Frank: you can ask these guys, which parts of nebadon / names of nebadon they are...
[19:36:05] Lockmatish: Funny enough, the one I am interrogating calls himself "The X-Men", also "The A-Team", also "The C-Squad", "The D Team", "The E Team", "The F Team".. 'thats it, I fucking swear'
[19:36:08] Drack: i´ll have a little break for now
[19:36:16] Drack: enough people around doing stuff.. :D
[19:36:40] Frank: yes, thx (bow)
see 21:00?
[19:36:53] Drack: yeah sure
[19:37:33] Drack: [19:36:05] Lockmatish: Funny enough, the one I am interrogating calls himself "The X-Men", also "The A-Team", also "The C-Squad", "The D Team", "The E Team", "The F Team".. 'thats it, I fucking swear'

[19:37:35] Drack: less talking
[19:37:37] Drack: more "shocking"
[19:37:43] Drack: (rofl)
[19:38:15] Lockmatish: :D
[19:42:01] Lockmatish: What I see: Yes, it's underwater, it's a very large area.. I see a grey mist, quite thick. The ambient looks blue/green in colour. There seem to be a lot of entities around, I can make out many shapes in the mist, some close, some far away.
Yes, there is light overhead, in a sort of oval shape, but apart from that the overhead is quite dark and grey
[19:45:42] Frank: ok, they are "channeling" some of the archangels and so on...
go and find those who do this, and ask them, whom they channel/play...

[19:47:26] Lockmatish: Another one, initially insisted not part of nebadon .. now says "Alphatrix" and "Betatrix"

[19:49:41] Lockmatish: May have found one, "archangel Icarus"
[19:51:58] Frank: look a bit right
[19:52:08] Lockmatish: another - "archangel Septentra"
[19:52:12] Lockmatish: ok
[19:52:33] Frank: yes, many archangels... we are searching for the "big guys"....(chuckle)
[19:52:50] Lockmatish: I see
[19:54:34] Lockmatish: I appear to have found the one 'channeling' "archangel Michael"
[19:54:56] Frank: he lies...
[19:55:05] Lockmatish: damn
[19:55:30] Frank: squeeze him until he tells the true...
[19:55:40] Lockmatish: ok
[19:56:06] Frank: lsa2 is channeling mike, these guys are lsa1...
[19:56:18] Lockmatish: ah okay
[19:57:03] Lockmatish: he has now changed his answer to "archangel Alexandra"
[19:57:04] Lockmatish: brb
[19:57:13] Frank: (facepalm)
[19:57:16] Dynamite Δύναμις: (cwl) what a bastard
[19:57:16] Frank: :D
[19:57:30] X: :D
[20:00:14] Frank: ok, tell him we have 2 "hells". one "soft-hell" and one real, real shitty... If he wants to go into the first one, he needs to stop lying...
[20:00:19] Frank: (chuckle)
[20:00:41] Lockmatish: ok!
[20:06:31] Lockmatish: now it's "archangel Cassiopeaoea" (the spelling is hard to get right)
[20:06:41] Drack: cassiopeia
[20:06:43] Frank: (facepalm)
[20:06:48] Drack: and nope
[20:06:50] Drack: (rofl)
[20:06:50] Frank: :D
[20:06:54] Drack: you´re too gentle Lockmatish
[20:07:00] Frank: (y)
[20:07:12] Drack: give him a few shocks
[20:07:40] Lockmatish: I see.. what sort of shocks?
[20:07:53] Drack: no matter..
[20:07:53] Drack: :D
[20:07:57] Lockmatish: :D
[20:07:59] Drack: whatever shock you like to
[20:08:08] Drack: as long as they dont explode
[20:11:52] Lockmatish: well I tried some shock .. "archangel Frank and KHG"
[20:11:59] Drack: lol
[20:12:03] Frank: is interesting, that those bastards still continue to lie, even after they are beaten...
[20:12:08] Frank: (rofl)
[20:12:23] Drack: yeah sure, their "higher duty" forbids to give infos (rofl)
[20:12:30] Dynamite Δύναμις: (rofl)
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Re: Vatican...

Unread postby Δύναμις » 11 Mar 2017 12:10

What you see here, dear family and forum members, is only a tiny part of what has been going on in the past 5 years. Each time another scenario, each time another connection point to earth. I have experienced similar situations many times before, but always without any decent visual report and not for so long time. Last night we were quite lucky to have our guys with the visual skills at the same time in that chat. The guys did amazing work. The participants in the chat are located in Australia, USA, Caribbean and Germany. People from 4 different places on earth, never seen each other in "real life", working hand in hand on other realms, seeing the same things, experiencing the same situations. You can insinuate that one person may hallucinate, but it is impossible to make 4 people from 4 totally different areas on earth share the same hallucination. The only logical explanation to this phenomenon is that they have access to the same areas, even if those areas are not visible/accessible with human eyes and means. Those guys have good working connection and have been guided by their skibs. Btw. this is something that everyone of us would be able to do, if darks hadn't messed up our connections to our other parts.

Frank has been giving many details throughout the years and he has been permanently called names by all sorts of dark idiots and even misled light ones. They knew that he was not talking nonsense like their own people and tried to prevent that he/we'll ever get so far.
Some of you may now ask: what about all those posts about cutting connections to OIC and similar cleanings? How is is possible that we still have to clean OIC? The answer is very simple: there were more than one layers and many hidden connections. We were doing one step at a time. We just had no idea on what layer we were at that time. Yesterday we have been on layer I, the closest layer to our IR.
Now let me be nasty one more time, please :happy-smileyflower: Use your common sense and tell me if there is 1 possibility out of 10,000 that a "spiritual leader"/"guru" would ever get to that layer using the common spiritual tactics. No, there is not such a possibility and if it was, it would have been too late for humanity and every other creation involved in this mess. Therefore it is more than obvious that all those self-named "awoken" ones are deeper asleep than any sensible thinking being. :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

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