The FALL of the "(self-named) King"

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The FALL of the "(self-named) King"

Unread postby Δύναμις » 03 May 2017 10:44

Another encoded message found. Possibly the very last and most important one. Could be an eye-opener for some misled ones. Enjoy

This place looks very strange, now.
There's a large metal contraption in the center, it's spinning and humming and making a lot of noise. I wonder what it's doing..

Underground, there is also a lot of noise and movement. However, there is hardly any people here at all. Strange.

Let's investigate the whirring contraption aboveground:

It's very well shielded, I can't just waltz in there immediately. As it spins and I get closer, some "guys" are coming out. I can't really tell if they're beings or robots.

As it whirrs more and I get even closer, countless more "guys" come out. They form a protective barrier around this whirring machine. And then they start firing at me.

I put them all to sleep, and take them all to prison. Then, I remove the top of the "whirring machine". There appears to be a single guy inside - the "(self-named) King"? This appears to be some kind of "space ship".

Let's see what he has to say for himself, before he goes to prison.

"Why are you doing this??"
>"For the money, of course.. hahaha.. you think I was stupid enough to believe my own lies/stories/fairytales? Of course not, I'm smarter than that. I realised that one needs a lot of money to get anything done, or even to have a good life here on Earth. And so, I devised the way to get it as fast as possible without arousing any unnecessary suspicions. I was doing so well, too. Regular conferences.. people couldn't wait to attend the next one. I was raking it in.. me and my wife, we lived very comfortably.. DAMN you guys for uncovering me and putting a stop to my schemes.. they were working so perfectly, FUCK! People kept believing in me.. I was very good at talking in riddles. Disguising my voice, talking in riddles.. nobody knew for sure when the "Event" was due to come (it never was), and so I could endlessly come up with new reasons for delays, new "wrenches" in the plans, new reasons for delays.. for years, I could have kept it going.. I already have. Hahahaha (laughs maniacally)."

"All those people, those naive, good people, your so-called "lightworkers", at least it's the good ones I'm concerned about, you fooled them all. Drained their resources, their hope, had them traipse around the world (or at least, their town) on useless exercises.. had your "men and women" do stupid fucking dances every Sunday, knowing it would just create more dark shit.. you weren't totally clueless, were you? Every step of yours, was carefully calculated, carefully arranged.. not a word, not a step out of place. You're a carefully constructed illusion, all of you. Under all your lies, there's probably nothing left of you. In other words, you don't really exist.. any comments to that?"

>"FUCK YOU! I gave hope and freedom, the promise of freedom and light, to many thousands, millions, nearly billions of people. I sponsored many "lightworker" projects, many things come from me even though I am not directly or officially associated with it, I have many ties in many places, many friends in high spaces.. my Pleiadian friends.. fuck them, even they couldn't save me.. they tried, you know, to protect their ship. But they didn't last long, obviously." (curses)

"Yeah, but it was false hope. You're a lie. Everything you touch is a lie.. All of it. Every last word."

>"It wasn't a lie. It was a tool.. an instrument, to give people something to look forward to in this dark, evil, dark place. A light at the end of the tunnel. A light that I lit for them.. and they flocked to me for it. I kept them busy, distracted, away from their normal heavy problems and emotional issues. I talked about anything and everything, I could use just about any piece of history as a brick in my house of stories.. I built a very nice house, you know. I really did my research. At least for most things. Turns out it was a house of cards.."

"Too right. And now, little pig, I'm going to blow your house of cards down.. Once and for all."

>"NO! Please, don't do that, take me to prison, take me and my wife to prison, I don't care, do whatever you want to us, we deserve it, we just wanted to live life a little more comfortably, but PLEASE, PLEASE, whatever you do, do NOT touch my blog, or the hopes of people.. you will shatter many people, you may even cause many deaths and suicides if you aren't careful, you know.. their deaths will be on YOUR hands.. YOUR bloody hands. DO NOT TOUCH THE INFORMATION OR THE PLATFORM, I AM ORDERING YOU!!!!!" :laughing-rolling: As if any of the Protoi would take orders from such a scam.

"You really should think before you speak, you know. Isn't that ironic.. get outta my sight."takes them both to prison{there were 2 beings in there, not one}

Now that that is done, there appear to be controls inside this ship for all the "information centers" and such, the "houses of lies", rather. I am depowering all of them.. shutting it all down, one chunk at a time. There's so many structures being powered from here, it's like the electrical grid of a city.. you can't shut it all down at once, it has to be done in stages..

More and more of the "grid" comes offline and goes dark (no longer powered). For the parts already depowered, I initiate the "self-destruct" sequence.. part by part, this whole grid will soon come down under it's own weight..

I see parts of it beginning to explode already.. it's a controlled demolition, with many stages to go.. I think the underground mechanisms I noticed earlier, are part of the grid-power mechanism. This central hub connects to the grid through connections underground.. Furthermore, there appears to be beings hiding under there. Let's see what they have to say..

Search for messages of significance:
{They all appear to be underground}
>"Help us, please! Our master the "(self-named) King" is under heavy fire, he may even be captured at this point! We need all available reinforcements, now!!! What do you mean, you can't send anybody? What, nobody? Not even five guys with a few tanks??? What the hell do we pay you people for??" the line clicks, and then goes dead

{also underground, but far from the last message}
>"Hahaha, well they're screwed, aren't they.. No, I can't afford to send anyone to defend them, even if they are paying me.. I need everyone here to defend ME.. I am the real King, the real brains behind this operation.. that bastard idiot "(self-named) King" thinks it was HIM? I manipulated him all along, he had barely an original thought to save his life.. seems it wasn't enough." (laughs evilly)

Other messages of importance:
>~"H e l p m e , p l e a s e . . . my essence is trapped in here. There are many thousands of us, our hopes, our dreams, our emotions for some of us..all trapped. We are the real energy source for this blog, and many countless others.. we powered the grid, mainly. It was us.. (tearful sobs) And those damned stupid weekly meditations kept it going, too.. that's why he wanted so badly for them to continue.. that evil bastard." (uncontrolled crying)
{The above message seems to come from some "pods", above. It sounds a bit "far away", a little ethereal. On careful observation, there appears to be countless numbers of "pods"..}

I am scanning all and freeing the ones connected to L-ones..

That appears to be all of significance here..
Freedom Fiter

Re: The FALL of the "(self-named) King"

Unread postby Freedom Fiter » 12 Sep 2018 04:33

Hae Δύναμις
:greetings-wavingyellow: :greetings-wavingyellow: :greetings-wavingyellow:

These 2 beings were their own downfall :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

Thats all, monies are for, GOOD FOR NOTHING!! Dynamis!!, when you have to deal with DS.
Not my monies, their have to deal with me LLighter..
This has not demismed, my free will and knowledge, to carry out my LDuties, with Protoi Alliance.

Well Δύναμις, apart from going to work, day in and out, and other daily duties, that are required to function, not an easy task, for most.
Well you, for example, 360plus diseases, could not fathom.

Hold fast to invisible strength.. :angelic-little: :angelic-little:
Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose..

Freedom Fiter
:banana-angel: :banana-angel: :banana-angel:

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