Hurricane matthew neutralized by Sup Curacao

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Hurricane matthew neutralized by Sup Curacao

Unread postby surzappa » 30 Sep 2016 19:06

Gd aftern everyone,

reporting from SUP Curacao 12.58pm . An orange alert was called for category 2 hurricane matthew for the island of Curacao :

since yesterday precautions were taken everybody went home at 12a.m to prepair and see if everything was in order at home, election 30 sept 2016 was cancelled
awaiting the hurricane. matthew was prononced to pass by 215km at 2a.m in the mrng .
only a little rain between 3- and 4a.m. between 8am and 12.30 clouded and very peaceful, the sun shined for
about 1-1/2 now its turning clouded again but not raining .the wind is rising stronger on and off at the moment.
The sea has been very wild all day. There is still an alert for its tail that will start approx 8 oclock in th e evening .
up to now matthew has been neutralized by SUP Curacao (=Korsow).
its 1.59pm will report on tail when alert is off.

Update today 1oct16

between 1.59pm – 5oclockpm : it was cloudy you hear some thunder in the back round . at west side of the island locally some villages it was raining with thunder and lightning for less than an hour at the south also raining locally. Rest hours it remained cloudy .in the early morning hours checked blue clear skies with some clouds until I woke up 5.40am cloudy again only a medium velocity wind kept on blowing . now at 2.53pm ones in while sun shinning .
All by all you may say ;
SUP CURACAO is a complete succes.
At the press conference the meteo weatherman sowed a sat video where our two sister islands Aruba and Bonaire where being affected lightly by hurricane matthew while Curacao it was raining here and there slowly some places mild to medium rain not for long and a medium wind .
So I say SUP curacao put a protective shield around the island . I'm trying to get hold of the sat-video.

In name of : the good people of the island
our profound and caring hugs and TKU
to Alex , Frank and PROTOI team

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Re: Hurricane matthew neutralized by Sup Curacao

Unread postby Δύναμις » 30 Sep 2016 19:25

Sounds like good news to me! I hope it will continue like this.
Not sure though if cancelling the elections was a good or a bad thing, but maybe necessary. :happy-smileyflower:

:text-thankyoublue: for sharing!


Re: Hurricane matthew neutralized by Sup Curacao

Unread postby CaSpEr » 30 Sep 2016 19:27

In Trinidad we had a few scares this week pertaining to the development of that storm system and it is no longer an issue because it moved past us. Glad you are having no huge disaster with this hurricane and I hope to hear that is stays that way :banana-angel:

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