The Jesus lie - Zeitgeist movie excerpt on religion

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The Jesus lie - Zeitgeist movie excerpt on religion

Unread postby iaqua » 04 Mar 2017 20:04

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Re: The Jesus lie - Zeitgeist movie excerpt on religion

Unread postby Δύναμις » 06 Mar 2017 14:01

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At the end of the video it becomes clear that christianity was only a mean to control the poor masses. A political necessity. Do your research and find out for yourself how the situation on earth was at those days. The slaves had started to awake and ask for their rights, so the roman political establishment of those days created a "win-win" situation by giving freedom rights to the slaves (incl. all lower social layers of their empire): they gave them some freedom and they created a "god" for the poor, who was teaching them to keep up the suffering in this life, so they can earn a life in the kingdom of heaven. Many slaves believed the "poor son of the god" because they were absolutely DESPERATE! They were in similar state like ours, here and now on earth. They needed the lie to cope with their miserable life. The hope made them stop complaining and somehow even flourish. The religion gain political power and kept the masses in medieval darkness for a long time, till the few saved old Greek manuscripts* (= light) started spreading again which was the Renaissance (renaissance = re-birth) of humanity.

* "Greek" is not used in a territorial meaning here. It is the language used at that time from people who were bearing the light. The biggest part of the manuscripts has been destroyed (Library of Alexandria and many others). A few very important scientific manuscripts have been saved and translated into Arabian. Some of them were also in Fanari (Istanbul = saved by Greek educated immigrants). From there translations of those manuscripts found their way to European countries. Renaissance would have never happened without those manuscripts. (No need to believe what I say, do your own research :wink: ).

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