OIC at its finest!

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OIC at its finest!

Unread postby Δύναμις » 18 Oct 2016 18:36

:greetings-wavingyellow: guys,

I won't disclosure the identity of the author of the following email, but I would like your comments on this, hoping that this could help that poor guy get out of OIC. I exchanged a couple of emails with him at the very beginning, thought he was coming from Dexter because they are using the same "secure" email provider. After he said that he doesn't know who Dexter is (some of you know him for sure) I told him that's fine then, it was just an idea of mine. Subject finished. I thought. He mentions Dex/ter in similar context as below every bloody time he decides to send me an email.
I tried to send an answer telling him there is no way I could help him, but he keeps pestering me. :wink: He is probably one of our most avid readers, so I thought that since my emails get blocked by his provider, maybe you can give him some help here.
He is not that bad indeed, but badly influenced and deep in OIC. He won't understand no matter what I say.

Good luck!


I was going wait 2-3 more weeks to pester you again, but had to let know. 100s+++++ of engines,
drive-bys, real loud reving engine effects, weird sound, trying sync things like crazy (not sure you believe
it unless witness as well or experienced similiar), dunno if it means anything or just useless stuff. Been
really bizarre for several years 24/7, but now it really gotten weird or desperate lately.

Thought the above might help in what they are trying to do or effects of cleanings. My symptoms
are very similiar to what others have written about. Especially with pain and head (left side mainly).

Is there anything I can do at 3D level to improve what is happening? Or at least not interfere?

Any simple self defense for the mind crap (mind reading?)or energy vamping? (heart, throat, spine area???)
without crashing any friendlies? Any simple way to mitigate chronic harmful ambient? (years surrounded, traumatized
by creeps, intimidation, s0unds, s0unds weaps, vamping or mind crap, dogs are used. Like I said before never have any
psychical contact with them I do everything to avoid them. I do a lot healthy diet/gent1e exercise to somewhat functional.

I can see them at times usually while in bed, some of them seem to be leaving my body, they look like orcs at times,
also phantom g0llum, small black things, also jaggy spiky looking humanoids, also some big brownish faceless looking thing.

Read comment about lines in a photo not sure if its the same thing might want to check out moire, and scan-lines.
I took some recent photos of my area, some areas around me give me the creeps, but I also see lots of friendly looking
things in nature and objects, clouds.


I found the Dex thing in notepad (put all my surfing stuff there) for emails to potential survivors, one of the supposed
survivors had a comment to that person. I have never heard of Dex or emailed him, but yeah someone did forward
one of my emails to questionable organization. I have not emailed that person since or mentioned Prot- to anyone,
only way I can tell if someone is legit online or not is to email though. One of my contacts believes in ETs though,
any truth to harmful Sirian invasion or friendly ET able to help now after recent cleanings?

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Re: OIC at its finest!

Unread postby juu » 19 Oct 2016 09:22


My friend.. not sure if I can help in any way, since I´ve never been inOIC. But I may have an idea, because it is what you first find in your path to awakeing…
by just reading spirituality in general, all states the same... We accept the pain inflicted to us, because we think this is the only way to learn..

And you by being inside OIC, is more easy for darks to distract you from what is really happening in the real world..- is harder for them if you are 100% fractal...
Darks will keep you in quests and illutions...in your own heroes journey.. with visons of ETs... stuff like creator, and the divineand ghosts, and souls, in god, in oneness, in love,etc.. wich will seem, and feel very very real to you.. and you will think they are your own, because darks influence most of your emotions.. you are not been aware of the influence...

Darks will keep you busy with this "upper world" meanwhile in your daily life you are being suck from energy by everything in this 3d place... you are being bombarded with weapons and attacks every second of everyday of your entire life and thousands ofother past lives... but.. you will not notice.. you will not notice how you always feel bad.. how you are always tired.. how you never get enough rest.. how you are always in some physical pain or mental pain.. or anxiety.. or worried and stressed about paying debts.. etc..
You will never notice this. unless, you take responsabilty for yourself and your own3d actions, wich off course involve others..

And just change perspective and see this place as what it really is!! A Multidimensional prision (earth) that runs with the energy of all of us inside, the billions if beings inside.. we are slaves, we are only food for them.. and we CANT do anything about it right now... but to live our lifes (not ego based visions or journey) but 3d life, following the fractal rules.... wich will seem logical and easy to follow… but are not.. because this place is constructed, from its foundations, to make it a really hard time to follow this 3d fractal rules… this place will even sell you a natural way of living that contradict this rules!

Until you will not even see its logic and disagree… and you will be 100% sure you are right.. and slowly you will become ill…. You will start to see things diferently… somehow, others will not matter that much… and my idea, will be the most important idea over the others….. slowly, you will become dark.. that is the trap.

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Re: OIC at its finest!

Unread postby Drack » 19 Oct 2016 11:54

Great sumup juu :happy-jumpyellow: ,

Just one thing to add: as he said you are in OIC. Just imagine it as you were wearing glasses which alter reality to what you perceive. This shit seems real for you but it's not for others.

But you know what? You can simply take them off! That's the funny part of it. Just ask for it conciously
Ask to get brought out of OIC verbally. By this you will see what we mean. Your problems you have right now will vanish mostly. Your ET's and gollums will stop bothering you and it will become silent.

After That you will find the next path to go. If not just get some kicks from alex but better not bother her too much or you will wish you never did :laughing-rolling:

Just one sentence and it could change your whole World for the better. You should try :romance-grouphug:

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