UK Membership of the European Union

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Re: UK Membership of the European Union

Unread postby Drack » 24 May 2016 12:08

beholder wrote:
It'd be strange from her that after decades of dignified reign and popularity, she would ruin her renown for a few more years that is left for her.

this old witch doesnt care a bit about this land and her position.even if she leaves and comes back afterwards she will get her old position back without any problem.

and i think she rather means to leave the country and get to safe place somewhere in the mountains before everything blows up.

US and NATO armies are already on russians borders already and they´re playing their wargames .. england seems to prefer not to fight that´s why they want to leave the EU to avoid it as much as possible.

They want to launch it to solve the problem of the collapsing climate of the Earth (and a lot of other problems, too).

Dust and smoke of burning cities would stop the greenhouse effect immediately. Otherwise, our planet will soon resemble to Venus. They think this is the only solution.

there is NO real greenhouse effect! it´s just another method to cause suffer and a kind of lack and to sell their alternative energies to such a high price and much more reasons..

never heard that theory before. but i know they want to get their new world order through .. which includes the decimation of the population to a controllable quantity.

and nukes are the one of the most effective ways to do that. that´s why they provoke war on every site. at least one of the reasons. hope this gives you a bit clarity over this topic , if not feel free to ask questions :D
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Re: UK Membership of the European Union

Unread postby beholder » 24 May 2016 12:36

Thank you for your thoughts. If any thought on my part comes, I'll come forward with it. :-) By the way, we can't do much to influence the global processes, we can only watch them and speculate about them ( if we want... but there's not much gain in doing so - unless you are bored ) Or we can learn about the "prepper" activity but this is something that I don't want to, because it educates to live in a world that I wouldn't want to live in. Hopefully, such a scenario will not realize anyway, thanks to the Protoi activity. :-)

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