Filing departments

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Filing departments

Unread postby Frank » 10 May 2015 15:49

There are two "filing departments". One global on creation level (GFD), and one local in our property (LFD). They are important, as there are things stored like deals, agreements and so on. I try to make a small list with all things which we know, what and where it's stored. This list is only valid for not-OIC-incarnated ones, as OIC has it's own filing department (see here). The LFD has links to GFD for all beings in our property, that link to the information in GFD, as we don't have direct access to GFD. All "files" are independant from the current incarnation, which means, that there might be a lot of old crap for you...
In the past there was also a dark filing department, but this got closed and cleaned already.

Global filing department (GFD):
- Deals
- Agreements

Local filing department (LFD):
- Individual definitions
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Re: Filing departments

Unread postby LeeDee » 10 May 2015 18:25

In the last weeks I'm being much haunted or prosecuted with all sorts of deals and agreement I was supposed to make in "the past".
That burdens me a lot ...
Can I by myself do something about it? Of course having in mind that I'm totally deaf and blind ... you know what I mean ...


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