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Patient Elephant-Frank

Unread postby Evo » 29 Aug 2019 08:46

This is a small story i've written for you.
It's about a 6/7D entity and her incarnation on earth.
I try to make it a little bit funny, so that those, who don't see anything in it may be entertained, and some others may see something more.

The two actors are an ant in the role of the 7D incarnation of the entity, and an elephant in the role of the 7D entity.

The patient Elephant

There is the world of ants. This world is a little bit ugly at this moment. The elephant is sitting somewhere "above" this world, watching down to it and thinking "hmm, look at all these good and hard working ants. It's nice to watch them bustling around. But there are always some dark wesps giving the ants hard times and sucking energy from them. I like the little ants, maybe I should send an avatar of mine to this world to give the ants a hand.".

The elephant decided to help the ants and put an avatar in their world by incarnating a part of himself in an ant. This ant started living, and grew up like every other ant. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

The elephant very often helped his ant. He sent a lot of love to the ant. He sent the ant dreams and visions. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

The ant made a fine developing and became a good member of the ant society. The ant cared for many other ants, gave all the love that it got from the elephant to the other ants. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

But all the good things, that the ant was doing, have been watched with distrust by the wesps. The wesps noticed, that they had to do something about that "naughty" ant, because they weren't anymore able to suck energy from all the ants, to which the elephant-ant gave its love. So they decided to stop it by doing some harm to the ant. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

The wesps started their intrigues against the ant. They hit the ant. They tortured the ant. They sent illnesses to the ant. But the ant was strong, and kept doing good things and giving its love to other ants like he used to do before. The elephant kept sending more love to his ant and he also sent the ant some healing skills. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

The wesps decided to incarnate some of their own in other ants, so they can beat the ant. Some of the wesps-ants pretended to be the ant's friends. And the ant started trusting them. But then a hard life-situation came over the ant and it had to ask its "friends" for help. They didn't help, they let the poor ant fall like a hot potato.

Nevertheless the ant was strong. It stood up, healed itself and continued doing good things. But something had changed. The ant was thinking now. Thinking about the nature of real friends. Looking around with clear eyes at the ants world, and started seeing the real nature of the wesps and what those were doing to the ants. The elephant was pleased to see the ant recognizing the real dark being of the wesps. And the elephant is waiting patiently.

After recognizing the wesps's dark nature, the ant decided to do something against it. Now the elephant was very happy, watching the ant's progress. The ant finally started doing the things in the antworld, what it had been sent for. The elephant decided to send more strength and even more skills to the ant, to help it do its job properly. But the wesps noticed that as well. And the elephant is waiting patiently, now happy and full of hope.

At that moment the wesps got alarmed! They knew, that they would have to treat the ant harder now. The wesps-ants told the ant a lot of stories about someone called god and about some curios entities, that would help the ant. The ant would only have to believe strong enough and pray to them, so that they would come and help the ant. The elephant heard the storie s and thought "what BS the wesps are talking about? I'm here, many elephant friends of mine are here too, but there is no god or any kind of curios entities over here...". And the elephant is waiting patiently.

The wesps treated the ant as hard they could using all tricks they had available. But the ant was strong. It kept doing good things and doing things against the wesps. It started talking with other ants about the wesps and helped them to find out themselves the real dark nature of the wesps. But the ant also started to sense the hard attacks from the wesps on itself and its life became harder. The ant was suffering severe damages. The elephant saw it and thought "poor ant, it could be so easy for you...". And the elephant is waiting patiently, now with a small tear in the eye caused from the suffering of the ant.

But the ant was strong. It did not give up until today. Right now the ant is still fighting the wesps and bringing all its love to the antworld. The ant has hope, if it works hard enough on love and light, and if it prays hard enough to god and the entities, that they will come and help the ant and the antworld by pushing away the wesps. The elephant feels the hope of the ant, gets sad and a little bit angry. He is thinking "Why does the ant hope for someone, who doesn't exist? I am here to help. Why the ant doesn't ask me? I sent the ant to the antworld to give me orders, to tell me how to help." And the elephant is waiting patiently.

But the ant doesn't remember anything of it. So the elephant starts looking why the ant doesn't remember all the informations he sent with it to the antworld. And he finds out, that the wesps have wiped out and blocked all the given informations from the ant's brain. And he decided to give the ant the informations back in a vision. He sends this vision to the ant:

"My dear ant, you forgot about me. I'm your higher self. I am one of those, the wesps told you wild storys about. The wesps removed and blocked all the memories about me from your brain. You are working so hard on bringing the light into the antworld and fighting so brave against the wesps. And you take so much pain to yourself with helping the other ants. It' a pitty, because it could be so easy for you, if you would only remember me. You know! I can do all the work for you! The wesps can not hurt me or do me any harm. A work that would need millions of ants and months to be done, can be done in a minute by me. I do want to do it for you! This is the reason, why i sent you to the antworld! But there is the rule, that I can only help you, if you order me to. So please try to remember me, because I want to do the work for you and please don't keep waiting for those, who will not come.".

And the elephant keeps on waiting patiently hoping, that the ant may awake and remember him. And he sends out the same vision, he has sent to the ant, to all his thousands of elephants friends, who are waiting to get some orders from their ants........

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