First time healing cards used.

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First time healing cards used.

Unread postby Rehema » 10 Dec 2017 13:34

Hi everyone.
I used my healing cards for the first time yesterday on myself. I used them to heal my memories and dreams because I get nightmares and terrors in my sleep everyday. I don't know why after using the cards to heal that, I end up dreaming more unsettling dreams and felt someone or something touch me on my head in my sleep. I haven't felt physical touch in sleep for a year. Why are enemies touching me in my sleep now? Seriously, I am tired of terrors and nightmares in my sleep. Did I not do my healing cards properly?
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Re: First time healing cards used.

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Dec 2017 21:04

Dear Rehema,

It is very likely that you did all the steps correctly. Healing can require cleaning to run before the actual healing starts, and this cleaning (removal of dark shit) can trigger side-effects. (Healing itself can cause side-effects too!)

If you have a 100% unique definition for the program, you can now change the program's "healing energy limit", and also the program's Side-effect Reducer limit. I would suggest to try increasing the side-effect reducer limit a little, if your uncomfortable experiences have persisted. Otherwise, I hope that they have subsided and have not returned.

The unique definition could even be something as simple as, 'the healing program I started for myself on 9th Dec', if there was only one. The important thing is that the program is uniquely defined, so that you can use your voice/write down on a paper exactly which program is to be modified (with the limits). Alternatively, you could start it again with newly defined limits.

You can read about adjusting the healing program limits here: ... ram_Limits


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