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Unread postby Frank » 29 Jan 2017 21:46

We developed a new cleaning module and attached it to the music of the piano artist Yiruma.

This music works similar as the known Pommnitz cleaning music.
As soon as you start listening to any music of Yiruma it creates an energetic connection to you within a few seconds.
Your energetic parts of the nervous system will get cleaned through these connections.
The cleaning starts automatically after starting to play the music, and ends ~20 seconds after stopping the music.

The cleaning always starts with a standard preset intensity. This is defined as factor 1.
You can increase the cleaning factor up to 100 with commanding it by voice or by writing it.
Factor 100 means cleaning will be 100 times stronger than standard.

There is also a second operating mode, the "forced mode".
You can start this "forced mode" also by voice command or writing it.
The "forced mode" is also starting with factor 1 and can get increased to factor 100.

The difference between normal and forced mode is not a different intensity factor,
but the different way of functioning. So I would advice you to first use normal mode for a while and then try forced mode.

Here are some links to Yiruma's music:

His YouTube Channel.

The Best Of YIRUMA - almost 2h long

You should listen to this for at least 10 minutes. Optimum is 30+ minutes.

Average needed time to clean the pollution on intensity 1: +/- 220 hours
Average needed time to clean the pollution in forced mode on intensity 1: +/- 120 hours

Re: NERVOUS SYSTEM HEALING - by Yiruma music

Unread postby CaSpEr » 30 Jan 2017 04:16

Here is some Yiruma Music for easy download and sharing :happy-sunshine:

Yiruma (이루마) - Kiss the Rain.mp3
(5.33 MiB) Downloaded 109 times

Yiruma (이루마) - May Be.mp3
(3.43 MiB) Downloaded 62 times

Yiruma (이루마) - Reminiscent.mp3
(4.35 MiB) Downloaded 57 times

Yiruma (이루마) - River Flows in You.mp3
(4.81 MiB) Downloaded 60 times

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Re: NERVOUS SYSTEM HEALING - by Yiruma music

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jan 2017 18:33

TY CaSpEr :happy-sunshine:
Here are my short notes from today, I definitely noticed effects from each of the healing tools [Emotional Healing by Pommnitz Music, Nervous System Healing by Yiruma Music, Connections Healing by Wesley Music, and Outer-Core Healing by Barton Music], and documented all of these notes today. Each healing tool had different effects.

Code: Select all

Notes [Jan302017]
Start Time: 12:25 PM
@ 12:33 PM, shortly after increasing speed to factor 2, feeling some strong sensation now in pit of stomach .. different from the emotional one, though.
left room a couple of times to get food/return food.. not sure if this interrupted the session by causing it to start/stop constantly..

end @ 1:20 PM
commands used: increase speed to factor 2
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Re: NERVOUS SYSTEM HEALING - by Yiruma music

Unread postby jmrobledo » 24 Feb 2017 21:38

Yiruma music in Apple Music in this list

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