Stop THANK -ing GOD for your miserable life!!!

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Re: Stop THANK -ing GOD for your miserable life!!!

Unread postby Frank » 26 Aug 2014 22:56

juu wrote:"But since we understood, that we are fractal beings, that we are a next evolutionary step, I see myself for sure as an individual being."

Interesting, so the individuality we are "forming" here... Is new in this and other creations? Or what do you mean by next evolutionary step ? Or what is exactly to be a frac tal Being?


Think about the consciousness of "higher" beings (non fractal ones) as a ball with an unruffled surface. Then think about fractal consciousness as a ball with "non ending" fractal structures on the surface.

These fractal structures in our consciousness fields makes us to beings with intuition, gut feeling, estimation and similar. All these don't exist outside fractal region. This is the evolutionary step.

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