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Unread postby weiiiii » 25 Jun 2020 04:41

Δύναμις wrote:Things can't be changed only on the outside. There is nothing we can do to change things from outside, except giving the proper orders to our Ellies. But we also have to start moving things in the inside, to make the change happen.

I remember when I first got on the forum and was surely (too) excited to do something, I was reminded that there was really not much I could do other than trying to survive and being a good person. I know that these words were said out of good intentions, to let me be patient and do the necessary healings first, but they also gave me the idea that maybe I should just "wait" for Protois to end the war, and only then can I have something to contribute. Maybe most people who believe they are "healers" have a similar mentality - since there's not much to contribute in the war efforts, better just wait and carry on with life.

However I found myself struggling with this idea of "just surviving". I guess part of the reason is that I've always considered myself as a capable person in 3D so I found it difficult to sit around even if I was told to. I do believe there're things we can do and influence we can exert in 3D. I don't know if Madam Curie (Alexandra's last incarnation - hopefully this is not out-dated info) was aware of her higher jobs at the time, but she was a great example of how 3D efforts can have a huge impact on our physical world. Not to say that we can all reach that high of a level, but with all the talents on this forum and elsewhere, I'm sure positive changes can happen in 3D, in all areas of life.

But even if you think there's not much you can contribute in a specific area/field, there're many ways to make the time worthwhile other than just "waiting". We can decide not to invest time and energy on useless dark traps and inventions, we can decide to spend more time to increase our knowledge and understanding and help others do so as well, we can give a helping hand to those who do have a higher job (=the Protois). I think it's necessary to re-prioritize many aspects of our 3D life, to understand what's truly important in regards to why we're here, and to get rid of certain distractions such as a celebrity gossip to follow, a new whatever to buy, etc.

With the 100+ of us on the forum, if we each spare 20 euros every month there should already be a bigger number than what's on the donation bar atm. I guess this is the real motivation for my post. It gives me anxiety to see that donation bar not moving and it echos this thread that most people are probably still waiting for things to happen without the willingness to take a small step.

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