An every-day-influence or what we call "dark influence"

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An every-day-influence or what we call "dark influence"

Unread postby Δύναμις » 19 May 2019 13:35

We often use the word "influence" for the "voice" in our head (or rather the interference on our connection line between from our physical brain to the Outer Core). There are many different types of influences and they are located on every possible corner, fold of whatsoever. I.e. assuming the connection line is about 1 km, then there are for sure at least 100 "influence broadcasting stations" along this line. They are mostly intertwined, so in case one station gets somehow eliminated the next station can take over it's job. Quite devious and very effective system. You need a good stamina and a good amount of stubbornness to get through the times of strong influence.

Here is an everyday-example:
Last Friday I decided to go buy a shelf I found online in a store about 19 kilometres away. It was a big piece and I needed help with it, so I took Grayfox with me. We needed to rush since the shop closes at 7pm and it was already after 5:30pm. We had to take the motorway, which is the fastest and best way to get to the shop. The problem started as soon as we got in the car. I looked at the fuel indicator. The needle was just a tiniest bit above the red line. I remembered that I filled up 13 litres about 2 weeks ago. We don't use the car a lot and I only made about 98 kilometres since that time. Assuming that I need around 10 litres for 100 kilometres it should be just about enough to get to the store and back with no problems. Well, no!

The "voice in my head" started telling me things like:
*your indicator is maybe broken, it never shows the exact amount of fuel you have and you haven't seen the little lamp going on for ages now... probably not working at all
*remember last year that your were out of fuel in the middle of the road and had to call your son to help you? Do you want this to happen again?
*you know what happens if you run out of fuel on a German motorway and the police gets you, right?
*the 2-years-inspection of the car was due last month and you still haven't done this
*if the car runs out of fuel on the motorway and the police finds you, you'll get a huge fine a) for being on the motorway without enough fuel = you may cause an accident b) for not having done the inspection yet c) who knows what else they may find
*your son is not at home (well, he was but somehow I managed to overheard that when we were talking and I thought he wasn't), he can't help you this time if you run out of fuel
*you have no one to help you if you run out of fuel
*even if you get to the store and get the shelf, you may run out of fuel faster because of the additional weight in the car, you know you need more fuel for more weight, right?

In the meanwhile I was driving Grayfox crazy with all this nonsense. I told him that I know everything will be ok, but the thoughts won't leave me alone. He knows that too well and he was trying to help me get rid of them. Not much luck there, the thoughts kept coming all the time. We said, once we get there and put the shelf in the car we can go fill up. Now, guess what? My stupid mobile wouldn't help us find a petrol station. Grayfox tried forever to make it work, but there was obviously something wrong with the connection and it wouldn't load the map. Just in time :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: Anyway, we arrived safely to the store, we found what we were looking for, put it in the car, but still no connection. I am quite forgetful and although I have been in the area many times, I couldn't remember where the petrol stations are. Of course I had alternatives like driving to the centre of the city. Yes, it was a city where we went, not a desert. Still, the ridiculous thoughts kept coming again and again. This is probably why I could so easily identify them as "dark influence".

No luck with petrol stations so we went to the next store, about 3 kms away because I was looking for a small table too. We said that we'll check again later. After a long walk in the big store and aching legs I decided to just drive back without filling up there. The little voice was still asking me if I am really sure I want to do this and kept repeating the possible consequences in case it wouldn't work out the way I wanted it. The pains were stronger than the fear that the thoughts were trying to cause, so I just drove back and filled up just after the few kms (maybe 8kms of motorway). End of story :lol: :lol: :lol: I filled up when I wanted and not when the influence wanted me to do it :happy-smileyflower:
I know my car and I don't think there was a real risk anywhere, but the influence wanted to drive me crazy for no reason at all.

Another popular influence is when you hear the siren of the ambulance and some of your family members are not at home. Every time you hear the siren you "see" your people on the ground hit by a car or even by a lorry, your heart stops or beats faster, you get goosebumps of the worst kind and wait for the phone to ring. In such cases I used to tell to myself "stop watching thrillers helps", then I was laughing at my stupidity (that time I didn't know it was dark influence) and I was moving on.

Irrational fears, things that may happen 1 in 5.000.000 in a lifetime are simply influences. They are there to give us hard times and not to "warn" or "prepare" us for what is coming.

I hope I could make clear how influences work. We all have plenty of them every day. Learn to sort them out for yourself and don't let them drive you crazy.

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Re: An every-day-influence or what we call "dark influence"

Unread postby Anton » 19 May 2019 14:20

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Re: An every-day-influence or what we call "dark influence"

Unread postby Jay » 21 May 2019 07:18

Thanks for this post Alex , reminded me that I hadnt been listening to the recommended clearing music for a while and lots of influences had been creeping back in .... Had it on all yesterday afternoon and really noticed the difference today ...

Also interesting that I found this book that has some similar concepts/info regarding 'influences' around that use us generate energy for other sources - it's called 'Transsurfing Reality' and it made me really take note of how important it is to be aware of what strings are being pulled, stay awake at my helm and to maintain diligence on clearing ourselves and our environment ....

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