"DISNEY" knows everything about us!!!

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"DISNEY" knows everything about us!!!

Unread postby Δύναμις » 20 Aug 2013 10:29

I came across a little video and I felt the need to share it with you. I want you to know ALL about the game they play behind your back. The people that worked on this film had no idea. Only one person (the writer) knew exactly what he/she was talking about. Now have a look at it and please share your thoughts with me.

Before starting the video consider:
white clouds = Angels/Entities/us
dark cloud = god/Darks
stork = humans / humanity

We all can create (=new babies). We bring joy and protection to humans (this is important for the last minute of the video). God can only create negativity, he/she/it can't go against the own nature!!! The stork keeps serving/obeying even if he almost pays with the own life for it each time he picks a new malevolent creature. He seeks for help. A white cloud creates some protection for the poor stork so he can go back to work for "god" :lol:.
It is quite funny, but so bloody true as well!

Now think about "Disney" and its influence on kids. Everyone knows Disney, everyone loves Disney. Disney teaches us to take it easy and keep suffering instead of breaking the chains and be happy. This is what they have been doing with us for many many centuries now. This is what religion teaches us to do. Keep suffering, find a way to ease the pain, but continue suffering till the end of our (human) lives.


Enjoy and keep away from Disney!
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Re: "DISNEY" knows everything about us!!!

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 May 2016 18:31

I found this gem, and nobody has replied to it yet, so I'll be the first. This video moved me quite abit, it was very sad to see the stork continue to receive more suffering; and not do anything much about it (like stop visiting the one who would cause him suffering). It is quite deep meaning for such a "simple video", it makes me wonder about other films/disney films.

It does inspire you to say NO to all suffering, and not tolerate those who would keep you in chains, but just give you some treats which don't matter much in the end, since you're still their slave.. reminds me specifically of some religious texts where followers are LITERALLY called "slaves" (and this is encouraged as a good thing... :confusion-seeingstars: )

I have more clarity now than ever on this issue. But I have been against following a sadistic, psychopathic god for quite some time now.. there was a point in my life where it became very clear that "God" simply wanted you to suffer, and kiss his ass and say you liked it. :angry-screaming:

But that's done with now. Great video Dynamis, I thought others may benefit from seeing it for the first time. :happy-sunshine:
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Re: "DISNEY" knows everything about us!!!

Unread postby TenSuns » 01 May 2016 19:15

And the funny thing is - Disney made it so cute! :laughing-rolling:

As always, big thanks to you Alex! :handgestures-thumbup: :text-goodpost:
the hague

Re: "DISNEY" knows everything about us!!!

Unread postby the hague » 02 May 2016 00:18

Δύναμις wrote: keep away from Disney!

Too late for me dear Alexandra as I have been working at Disneyland Paris and even I was taken care of Michael Jackson at his stay, I don't know why any LSA group tried to recruit me.... :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

Well seriously when I was there I say to myself, pour people ( the customers) they play to be happy but it was easy to see it was a forced happiness Oh!!! yes they were in Disney so then happy, happy, happy everybody, but not, they were only acting, and I keeped thinking pour people they don't know what really happens behind the fireworks. All was/is a lie as you show us with the video. I have to say that if I were aware of the Protoi mind model at the time I think I had refused to work there.....but life turn around.

The video cringed my heart.
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Re: "DISNEY" knows everything about us!!!

Unread postby Allison » 06 Mar 2017 17:04

Wow... It kind of broke my heart whenever people told me the "harsh reality of life" (that we suffer and that's the way it has to be)
I'm so glad that's not true :)

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