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openLego for SKIB

Unread postby Frank » 04 Jan 2021 19:14

openLego for SKIB

We made new tools for the SKIB.
It's system called openLego. It is a system which can be used by SKIB
to develop tools and things of every kind up to a certain level of complexity.
Everything developed and built with it is built of predefined and preproduced
modules or bricks. That's the origin of the name. :-D

To develop something with openLego SKIB has to make a topic description.
This topic description will be send to a central development and production facility.
If whatever was requested to develop was possible to develop, it will get produced
in the numbers requested by SKIB and send immediately to SKIB. Everything what
will be developed with openLego will be added to a public available library of products.
Every SKIB can request every available product of the library.

All products developed with the openLego are developed to be rules save. And all
products will have rules fitting evaluation by the Rules Examiner in real time.

It is possible to manually order SKIB to start development(s) for a specific situation
or problem. But we also developed an optimal command which makes SKIB scanning 24/7
for situations in which openLego tech may be helpful. SKIB will automatically order
to develop everything found in the scanning or will take existing solutions from the
openLego library.

This optimal command is command "#4 Use Lego".

The command is energetically attached to this post.
To activate / install the command you just need to order:

"SKIB execute the command no. #4 attached to the post."

This command will run until you stop it. It will not like most others end by itself.

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