Guide to dealing with problems using what you have available

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Guide to dealing with problems using what you have available

Unread postby Anton » 20 Nov 2022 00:29

Since Eirenaios asked me to post this here, so it won't be forgotten: I found for myself, that I can actually "force" myself to feel "good" again even in the middle of such influence-attacks.
1. "Admin (describe the problem), analyse the problem(s) and execute optimal solutions."
2. Use logical thinking first to fend off the influence,
3. then think about something good (optimally something that is going to physically happen or something that you are going to do soon that you like),
4. and if possible, do something you like, like drinking a nice glass of juice (I really like juice).
5. Willfully concentrate on your "bad"-feeling and try to concentrate on your intention to feel good again at the same time.
This way you combine admin-power, reasoning, physical factors and your cognition and skills.And as a small sidenote, there is a reason why there is something seemingly silly mentioned like drinking a glass of juice. It would seem that problems can be solved more easily, when there is some form of context linked to the solution to enable the energetic to affect the physical by doing an activity.

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