Lesson 7: Do not look back!

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Lesson 7: Do not look back!

Unread postby Δύναμις » 16 Jan 2021 17:05

I had quite a few ideas for some more lessons but kept rejecting them for some reason. Today is another day as they say and I do have a very important lesson for you my beautiful-and-badly-tortured-light-beings :romance-grouphug:

Do NOT look back especially not at your own life!

Looking back won't help you understand or figure out anything that could help you in any way. You will most likely burden yourself even more with trash from the past. Let go!

Psychology takes you back to your early life to find answers for your behaviour nowadays. What a great method to put more handcuffs on you! Analysing your life events and your relationship to your known (or unknown) parents is only showing one tiny bit of the whole story but for psychologists is this tiny bit the real and only truth. What a bunch of bs :lol: None of them will ever be able to explain to you why something happened. They provide you with a perfect solution and tons of unnecessary work. The result of their so scientific advice will be either zero or minus, unless you belong to their group or have deals with them which will probably give you some relief or real benefit.
We were taught to look back to find the solutions to our nowadays problems. They told us that we need the grief phase to get out of the hole. Another handcuff! Grief and self pity won't do you any good. If you feel like crying, then just do it. This will help you to relax and maybe even fall asleep :happy-smileyflower: Nothing wrong with that.

Looking back trying to analyse why something happened to you and why others were so nasty to you won't help you understand anything. It is not possible to analyse a situation if you are still emotionally attached to it. Leave it aside, move on. Get back to it when you feel strong enough to have a neutral look at the situation. This could help you understand why something happened and/or if there was something you could have done better, which is -at least for me- the only acceptable reason why one should look back: learn for the future.

Knowing the classification of the participants in a given situation can help you understand their game better. But it may also confuse you as well if most of the participants happen to be lights. In this case, you may have been wearing a dark mask (i.e. undercover mission) or the others may have been triggered to act against you. Actually every situation may also have several unknown factors, which makes understanding more difficult.

LOOK FORWARDS and avoid looking back! (unless you have a very good reason for it). Looking back can create subtle thought trains / loops that keep you trapped in the past.

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