Lesson 2: Never take anything personally!

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Re: Lesson 2: Never take anything personally!

Unread postby Grayfox » 18 Nov 2016 04:58

Δύναμις wrote:
Grayfox wrote: If I am in quite a good and relaxed mood, I can attempt to "face" this a little bit, by thinking of something (which I might like to do) that will trigger the pain response, and face it with the KNOWING that it is NOT THE REAL ME, that it is NOT A PART OF ME [the real me], and that it DOES NOT BELONG. With some stubborn determination, I can manage to dissolve some of these triggers, or at least, some of the layers. But there seems to be plenty of them. I will keep up my "slow-and-steady progress". I'm sure the cleanings will get 'em all sooner or later :angelic-blueglow: :angelic-cyan: :romance-heartsthree:

(Other tools I am using for these issues when they arise: Dropbox, SuP)

Oh, yes! There are thousands of layers and triggers and almost all of them are scheduled and they will be removed as soon as possible.
In the meanwhile keep up your way to cope with things that give you pain and :text-thankyoublue: for sharing! :romance-kisscheek:
It is indeed a wise method to wait for the right moment (being relaxed and in good mood) and confront yourself with the trigger. In this case you are in control of the situation and you can consciously go against whatever bothers you. You are in charge of the situation and your emotions at the same time. Well done!

Keep up your progress! Better tiny steps than none at all. :happy-sunshine:

Grayfox wrote: And to the point that it is very difficult to think clearly / make good decisions when the "false ego" gets triggered, yes, absolutely. The tremendous 'storehouse' of pain is more than enough to temporarily disable/cripple one's logical and calm thinking functions as long as it is actively hurting you [from my experience] - sometimes for a LONG time. Certain things triggers for this, some are worse than others. Weddings can be a BAD one! :laughing-rolling:

Weddings are always a bad trigger, yes! :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:
Most of the weddings are the pure competition among the guests: who is wearing the best or most expensive clothes, who has the biggest car, who made the most generous gift and so on. Better keep away from weddings, especially your own!!! :text-lol:
Thank you for the feedback! I agree, small steps are great. There is a bullshit thought which says: "You/I must make BIG progress, or you should do nothing at all!!!/you shouldn't even bother!!" Listening to that is paralysing.

I will strongly consider your tip about weddings!! :romance-smileyheart:
The second part, I already agree about :laughing-rolling: :lol: :handgestures-thumbup:
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Re: Lesson 2: Never take anything personally!

Unread postby juu » 18 Nov 2016 09:27

LeeDee wrote:.

I'm aware that I react, I'm aware that I need not to react, I'm aware that I reacted personally (obvious, otherwise there would not be a reaction on physical level), I'm aware that reaction is of no use nor of no good, that it is simply stupid and make me (and only me) problems - heated head, red cheeks and the result of it embarassement ... I know all and I do not react in conscious level and I also know that on conscious level I do not surpress or block anything ... but ... I still get red cheeks :romance-smileyheart: ... which of course I don't like ...

:lol: Is like describing some of my daily interactions... I know something triggered in me.. But within 3 sec i dont have time to cope with the reaction... And it is happening..

I remember being younger in sutuations, wich i literatly had to leave running to dry all the sweat... Was either that or look extremely umcomftable with sweat al over my shirt and Face.. :crying-yellow:

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Re: Lesson 2: Never take anything personally!

Unread postby Jude » 28 Feb 2017 09:21

This topic is one which I really am trying to resolve with in myself and heal hopefully.
Being so sensitive to my inner/outer environment has been a double edge sword and I have had to build defenses to protect myself overall.
Being hurt by others thoughtlessness as well as the ever present inner critic to which I now know is negative influence from the dark is a constant. And it can wear a person down.
The good thing is that I am more consciously aware of the triggers and the effect on me, and on the other hand I am discovering layers and layers of it...like it is embedded within me from long ago.
The defenses I erected were/are things like withdrawing from people/places and things. Avoidance as well. Pretending to not care when I really do....
Humor though has been a great ally throughout my life and I feel this has really kept me sane in this crazy world.
Sorting out the ego related triggers and not taking stuff personally.....a work in progress.
Going to keep at it...no matter what... I welcome now and in the future any constructive feedback from any of you wonderful people.

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