Lesson 8: Be honest!

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Lesson 8: Be honest!

Unread postby Δύναμις » 05 Apr 2023 09:56

I wonder how many of you out there are honest to themselves. I am not here to judge you, what you do is your business but what you do has effects on others and this should be incentive enough to give the necessary kick to your brain gears to get it working.

Most of us (you?) live in their own little personal world according their needs. Almost everyone is aware that their personal world does not necessarily coincide with the world of other persons and this is also why it is usually so difficult to find the right partner. Our personal worlds are filled with little "lies" = inaccuracies that do no harm to anyone else and also give us the necessary space and the necessary protection for our well-being (or at least a rudimentary level of sanity to continue surviving in 3d). Nothing wrong with this as long as you are also aware of the fact that your own personal world is not the measurement/reference point for the rest of the people on this planet.

Keep your little lies/inaccuracies to yourself and do not involve others in them! In short: be honest to yourself first of all!
No one else shares your wishes/dreams unless you clearly defined them together with your partner/s (if you have one). At the end "you are on your own, mate" no matter what you think. This is something you should always remember and be honest to yourself about your own circumstances. Enjoy the safety of your made up personal world but keep this to yourself. Especially when we seek or find some partner wishes and dreams get very unclear and interfere heavily with our 3d life (=daily routine). We tend to forget that the new partner is not there to fulfill our wishes and take things for granted such as being loved by this person (because they say so even if they have no idea what love is). Things are not what they look like and you should always keep this in mind especially if your thoughts are dictate by the bottom part of your body :happy-smileyflower:

Another very important aspect of honesty is of course towards others. This has a lot to do with our perception of honesty in our own personal world. Not everyone is honest, persons considered light are not excluded here.

Is being dishonest the same as not being honest?
Well, in my perception these are two different things. There are situations in life where I would prefer to be less honest and keep the actual truth to myself if this truth is going to harm badly someone else. I would rather minimize the damage than be 100% honest in the wrong moment. Is this a lie? May be, but this is another chapter.
What do I consider dishonest? A person that keeps hiding important (?) facts for several months or even years over and over again. This person can't be trusted in my eyes.

Better be honest if you want to be my friend :wink: Be honest, even if your honesty may hurt a tiny bit. It is always better than an endless lie which will end in a huge disaster.

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