protect yourself NOW

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protect yourself NOW

Unread postby Oni » 21 Mar 2016 18:17

Dropboxing has been mentioned before in the forum and it's time that it be mentioned again. Dropboxing, in my opinion, is the single most powerful method of removing dark influence that we have access to down here. Period. It works instantaneously and can rid every form of influence at a single thought.

Influence is dark manipulation of our consciousness. In general, influence manifests itself as negative thoughts in our mind which are scathing to either us or to others. One that is especially prolific and significantly deprecating is doubt. Doubt is a nasty emotion that causes us to question ourselves, our choices and our situations. Doubt (in this form) is not a natural emotion. It is the dark influencing us. Doubt is paralyzing as it causes thought loops to form in our mind which cause inaction / confusion / lethargy. At its worst, doubt is so powerful it can literally shut your entire system down. Even more insidiously, doubt loops become increasingly assimilated over time and significantly harder to spot and remove. Most people are completely unaware of how deeply doubt runs their day to day existence. Again, none of that doubt is actually you. Once this is acknowledged, you have the opportunity to remove doubt from your system as it comes up. Dropboxing is a fantastic means of doing just this.

Dropboxing can remove doubt (and all other influence) instantly. It is done through interacting with a crystalline AI that can be inserted into your breastbone upon request: Once situated, the process is fascinatingly easy:

1. Feel into the spot where the dropbox is located (mine is right above my heart on my left breastbone -- you will intuitively know where it is). Just put your attention near the area and you should receive some feedback in the form of warmth / heat / positive emotion at the correct area. NOTE: don't doubt yourself here. You know exactly where it is -- just let yourself.

2. The moment you feel influence, be it doubt or otherwise, put your attention on that spot and 'note' the influence in your head. Noting here means acknowledging in your own mind that whatever that thought is, it is not you . The moment you do this, the AI will remove this influence. Seconds later (in some cases, instantaneously), that thought / emotion will be gone and you will be free to continue living your life as best you can.

My experience
Over the weekend, I was experiencing a near constant assault of influence. I was doubting myself. I was doubting my choices. I was doubting my path. I was doubting my purpose. I was doubting my relationships. I was doubting everything. Every single time it came up, I noted that it wasn't me and quickly cleared it through my dropbox. I continued this meticulously until finally, the dark just gave up. Even better, now I no longer fear doubt as a controller of my being because I know I have the power to remove it.

Don't let this nefarious emotion run your life. Doubt is not you! Know this and clear the influence as soon as it comes up. By making a practice of this, you will be able to clear old, stale and unnecessary thought loops from the past as well as protect yourself from assimilating new ones. Clean your mind and clean yourself.

The Protoi work for us up there. There is always more we can do down here.

Appendage (3.21.16)
I want to acknowledge Frank's comment below: I agree that there are healthy forms of doubt that exist, one of which I would call ‘caution’. Caution evolutionarily has been crucial to our survival as a species and is deeply ingrained into our being. Caution, in my opinion, is a ‘cleaner’ form of doubt that does not cause loops, but rather pause. Caution is what allows you to think twice before diving into a situation that might possibly endanger your being. In my experience, caution comes first while doubt follows second. Caution is a healthy component of well-being, while doubt freezes us in our place. If you can find a way to differentiate the two in your own head, you might again unstick your mind and allow healthy intuition to guide rather than fated thought-loops.
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Re: protect yourself NOW

Unread postby astrochimp » 21 Mar 2016 18:40

ONI ONI ONI!!!!!!! :handgestures-thumbup:

You're doing such an amazing job at summarizing and improving this information!!!

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Re: protect yourself NOW

Unread postby Frank » 21 Mar 2016 19:06

I don't think it is possible to generalize about "Doubt".

It is right, that many kinds of doubt are artificial, and just influence. And often dropbox can clear it.

But on the other side it is important, that "natural" doubts are an important part of the fractal evolution.

So it's not so easy to handle the topic as you think, but it's anyway nice to see how the dropbox works for you.
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Re: protect yourself NOW

Unread postby Δύναμις » 21 Mar 2016 22:56

astrochimp wrote:ONI ONI ONI!!!!!!! :handgestures-thumbup:

You're doing such an amazing job at summarizing and improving this information!!!

:text-goodpost: He really does, yes!

:text-thankyoublue: Oni :romance-kisscheek:

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