My Experiences with SuP (repost from SuP forum)

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My Experiences with SuP (repost from SuP forum)

Unread postby Oni » 26 Aug 2016 21:30

Hey all,

I received my SuP (super pearlgonite) about a week ago hot off the Dynamis / Frank workshop press. Here's a bit of notes from my experiences:

-Before it arrived (but was in my town), I felt a huge draw to the post-office area, even eating breakfast down there with my mom (inexplicable at the time, makes more sense now). I also knew exactly when it got on the truck and was waiting for it at my door (still a bit mysterious).

-When it arrived, I opened immediately and was shocked at the beauty of it (see below for pic). Of course, it is a beautiful creation but this beauty ran much deeper than the well-orchestrated beads, shapes and colors: an emanation of sorts could be felt around the device as it sat in my kitchen; colors around me were brighter, smells amplified, all senses upped. I couldn't get myself to leave its presence. This brings me to:

-The power that this device holds is rather extra-ordinary. Similarly (but much more amplified) to when I received my shielding set (4 normal sized pearls) and placed them around my room, I felt drawn to the SuP and wanted to be very very close to the SuP for over 20 minutes. This is a bit silly considering the overall range of the device, but I do believe there is something about being in a room with it, staring directly at it, that produces an enormity of sensation in the body(ies). During this time, I felt the sensation of being 'wrung out'. Like being in a washing machine; tossed around and flipped over, inside and out. By the time I got up, I felt well-cleaned and much lighter. Perhaps there was also an 'attuning' period.

-From a mental perspective, the SuP (in my experience) makes influence much more detectable and even seems to keep the majority of those thoughts away. The increased energy seems to bring older thoughts to the surface (for me, tends to come in old relationships, but I'm talking way way back in time) and they are rinsed out as well. As Dynamis said to me: 'protects and gives you strength as well, when needed'

-This one is difficult, but the weather has completely changed in my area, seemingly overnight. I know there is a lot of work going on with the atmosphere that is outside of the SuP area, but with its introduction, the weather in my neighborhood has stabilized, almost immediately, to how I remember it as a child: warm but not too warm days, blue as the ocean sky, fog rolling in over the hills towards evening, and cool crisp mornings. Perhaps the SuP works to synergize in one way or another with the Protoi mission actions around atmospheric unloading. All I know is that since arriving, the SuP has led to extremely pleasant weather.

-I find it much easier to access the SuP from a distance than previously with smaller Pearls. Meaning I can put my attention back to its location in my house and feel the instant acknowledgement in the way of commands. I am currently in Los Angeles, quite a ways from home, and the distance feels completely negligible in relation to the protection / power / purifying. I now look to explore various commands with SuP (will be noted in separate thread).

I will continue to add here as experiences come forth. Please do the same!

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Re: My Experiences with SuP (repost from SuP forum)

Unread postby Drack » 26 Aug 2016 21:43

wow. wonderful piece :romance-smileyheart: :shock: i can imagine how impactful the SuP is :happy-smileyflower:

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Re: My Experiences with SuP (repost from SuP forum)

Unread postby marie » 26 Aug 2016 23:49

It is beautiful! :happy-wavemulticolor:
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Re: My Experiences with SuP (repost from SuP forum)

Unread postby Allison » 12 May 2017 02:21

I can't stop looking at it, it's so beautiful :romance-heartsfade:

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