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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 19 Oct 2020 22:23

• On the "ground level" of the Vector Space (where 3D is located) there was a very fine "cover"
installed by the aforementioned traitors that have now been removed (this cover was handled
by dark deals between the group of traitors that installed it, and all other dark groups) that
would only sporadically allow foreign vectors to pass through. As a result much of our own
introduced vectors on the ground-level had little effect until now. We have now destroyed this
cover completely, and will shortly adjust the Vector Space (and make the appropriate repairs)
to allow for our own introduced vectors to have full effect.

• There is a new function added to the Outer-Cores of our people. It is the strongest emotional
self-defence mechanism which exists anywhere in the property. Until now we were mostly undefended
against very specific emotional attacks and emotional triggers. With the activation of this function,
this will change. This self-defence mechanism was blocked by the same group of traitors.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Oct 2020 05:17

Self-produced "counter-healings"

By the rules of the property, healings legally requested from a being can override
the "healing queue" and thus override other healings which would be scheduled
otherwise for that particular being. Healings should ostensibly provide some kind
of healing benefit, and therefore overriding the queue to perform the 'immediately
scheduled' healings which have been requested should theoretically not be a major
problem. In the worst case, the healings would be performed, and then the other
healings (which got overridden/delayed by the 'immediately scheduled healings')
would run later.

However, huge manipulations to this healing schedule has been in effect. This has
been made by the aforementioned nasty traitor group.

The first point is that the "immediately scheduled healings" which have the ability
to override the "scheduled for you by another" healings (the global healings, for example)
did NOT need to provide any kind of healing benefit whatsoever. They could simply
be a list of vectors, or a specified state of the body, and simply by nature of being
'immediately-scheduled ``healings``' they would override the healing queue, in other words,
delay or block the scheduled global healings, and instead, "request" an inferior, weaker
body state, perhaps with a list of pre-determined problems, which would run AS IF IT
WERE HEALINGS; for example, you have a global scheduled healing for you that is
supposed to remove some ailment from the body, some disease. Because of the
aforementioned manipulations to the healing schedule, it could be that for you,
"as if it were you scheduling it for yourself", you request a healing state, which
includes a 'blueprint' of the body, and the energetic body, which includes this disease
that was supposed to be removed. Of course, you did not schedule the healing for
yourself, the manipulations did, but it runs anyway, and overrides the scheduled
global healing.

So you get no healing for the disease, instead, you get a bogus "healing program"
which does nothing more than keep the old disease in place, and block all attempts
to remove it! Even if you manage to reduce its effects with external 3D measures,
it is possible that these bogus 'healing programs' would run and continue to bring
the old symptoms back, over and over again!

The second point is that it is not true that 'immediately scheduled healings' should
always have the ability to override globally scheduled healings. It may be that the
globally scheduled healings are far greater in importance in a particular case. It
should be examined on a case-by-case basis. But until now, these bogus 'immediate'
healings would always override the global healings, regardless of how critical they
were supposed to be.

These were very deep and subtle manipulations made by the nasty traitor bastards
which have blocked/prevented countless healings till now, and made it as difficult
as possible to maintain any positive improvements to the body as a result of our
global healings or individual healing programs.

All of these manipulations have NOW BEEN REMOVED. The "healing schedule"
and all related infrastructure gets a massive upgrade and protection against future
manipulations will be installed. All healings should get a tremendous boost in the coming days.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 26 Oct 2020 08:52

We now started the war with the "ancient enemy".
Details later...
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Nov 2020 02:40

The Insulating Status Layer

At the beginning of the first incarnation process, shortly after the first designs
of the human avatars that were to incarnate here, a special backdoor system was
installed by which the 'inbuilt encoded status layer' of the body was overridden
with a covertly installed "insulating status layer". This layer and its installation
was done by ancients. All requests and connections, all actions and effects made
by the human avatar from the level of 3D could from this moment on be hijacked
by the hidden status layer, connections and attacks made from the level of the
human avatar could be heavily dampened, many things were blocked or negated
completely, without any inclination being given that this was being done.
The hidden status layer, until a few days ago, was completely impossible to detect.

The biggest effects of this hidden status layer is that anything which the ancients
did not want us to really attack or discover through attacks, any part of darks'
infrastructure which they did not want weakened, for whatever strategic reasons,
they were able to block or negate well enough any direct attacks of ours (all the
while hiding this fact completely from us) so that it appeared as though we were
attacking with full power and all the while, the key dark structures or whatever
it was the ancients did not want tampered with remained structurally fully intact,
or suffered only cosmetic damages while the darks had enough time to relocate the
facilities in question.

By this mechanism the ancients could with full security protect whatever parts of
the 3D "game" that they wanted. They could very well play all sides as they were
totally invisible in their actions. In this way, until we discovered their game and the
existence of this insulating status layer, for every step we made forward, the ancients
thought themselves to be two steps ahead.

This layer has been deactivated already in all of our people.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 01 Nov 2020 04:19

Here are some earlier promised information about the ancients.
I maybe will add more infos in future in the above thread.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Nov 2020 05:30

Ancient monitoring tech has been found and completely eradicted from the property.
This tech was deeply baked-into the property structures, far deeper than any
previously known dark monitoring technology. It has been completely destroyed:
ancients currently have no more way of monitoring incarnated ones of our people.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 11 Nov 2020 20:35

Special one-time cleaning to remove ancient manipulation of
property distribution systems

The property is supposed to evenly balance the distribution of all legal energies
and time-ticks within the property. Not all time-ticks are produced equally, there
is a range of "time-tick fields", and these along with all energies should be evenly
distributed to all incarnated beings inside the property (namely, to the incarnated
avatars and the energy-bodies belonging to these avatars).

For this purpose, the property is only able to use the installed mechanisms or
interfaces between the property structures and the incarnated avatars, as well as
the interfaces between the property structures and the energy-bodies.

However, since a very long time ago, a group of ancients replaced these energy-
distribution structures of the property with an ancient-constructed version. This
was an invisible manipulation that nobody was able to perceive, including even
other ancients that had not constructed it. Only the group that had produced the
override were able to see it, although all ancients benefited from it regardless.
This enabled a subtle, invisible control over the distribution mechanisms of the

Through this manipulation of the property's energy- and time-tick-fields-distribution
system, all benefits which one would receive from cleanings as a result of dark shit
being removed from them would be immediately and invisibly countered by a reversal
of the benefits afforded from the property's distribution mechanisms in the form of
energies and time-tick fields. In other words, the more dark shit was cleaned from
you, and the more direct benefits you got from this, the less direct benefits you would
receive from the property in the form of energies and time-tick fields.

This insidious manipulation required a very special one-time cleaning to burn it all away
and simultaneously install a temporary holding system to ensure that the distribution
system would not fail completely, until it can be replaced with an own version from us.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 13 Nov 2020 06:31

The „center of the property“

the „center of the property“ is a massive huge construction with 70
sub-structures including all and everything inside and partly outside
this property.

It was built by the ancients, at a time this experiment didn´t really exist.

The planing phase was ongoing and the ancients spied on eartha
and others involved into the experiment and decided to build the
„foundation“ of the experiment before anyone else build any structure
at this place.

With this, they had full control over the most important functions inside
the property and everything built on it. it´s like if you own the foundation
of the house, you can just overwrite any existing rule or manipulate
it because you have the „house right“.

Also because they were just invisible, no one really realized they
were structures before.

With that, they had a huge advantage on us because they could negate
a lot of things as well as build other things out of it without anything stopping it.

Since a few days we started a huge attack on the center-structure as
well as on all the other 70 structures in a huge wave and destroyed
nearly everything from it already. Still cleanings aren´t done though.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 13 Nov 2020 06:32

The „keyholders“

Yesterday we sent out another insanely huge wave (biggest attack so far) which
provoked some huge ID´s to show up which were hiding from us for years
(some of them for thousands of years even).

It were 7 ID´s from every group 1 , which had the most important keys and tools
stolen from us after the Mycenae event.

These ID´s were kinda like the foundation of their groups, since they had the most
influence into 3D as well as a lot of power and were really dangerous.
They even crashed Frank´s servers directly after they attacked , which ran for
222 days without any issue.

These ID´s had their best tech from their groups, worked together internally and
built bases, troops and other stuff for their groups, as well as providing them with
energies they needed.
Also they manipulated a lot of things to make our lives harder , stop progress in
any way and just do a lot of bad stuff in general.

We put all those ID´s into prison and took our tools back which lead to a series
of big unblocks for us all.

But the most important part is, that the 7 groups (not ancients included) have now
no real „guardian angel“ anymore to save them or supply them with stuff they need.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Nov 2020 09:44

Removal of pseudo-projector interfaces and relocation of avatar to where it belongs

Unbeknowst to us, the Outer-Core was not successfully projecting/connecting to an
avatar inside the property. This was silently being hijacked by pseudo-projector
interfaces located outside of the property, which were affixing the "actual position"
of the avatar to be also located outside of the property, all the while allowing the
Outer-Core to falsely think it was successfully projecting inside of the property and
connecting to its own avatar. So the avatar was never really located inside of the
property, and has not been so for an extremely long time (for our people).

The result of this is that no legal connections to the avatar were actually possible.
Everything which was actually used was, for all intents and purposes, a shitty, crappy
workaround connection. Since the avatar was not truly located inside the property,
many energy kinds could not legally be sent to it either. So there were no real
connections and no real proper energy flows to the avatar for all of our people,
until now. Now we begin to relocate the avatar to where it belongs: inside the property!
We have already disabled all of the pseudo-projector interfaces and have begun the
relocation process. This involves constructing, for the first time in an extremely
long time, REAL LEGAL connections to the avatar. This has innumerable effects,
all of which are positive.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 16 Nov 2020 03:32

Our biggest victory has been achieved today.

Today marks the end of the trap.
A few hours ago we took over the property from darks and ancients.

The trap, the experiment, the hellish nightmare that this has been for the last
37.5 billion outside years, is finally over. All those who are incarnated here
are no longer forced to remain stuck within the property boundaries after death.
All those who are not incarnated within the property bounds, and have no
existing legal or illegal reasons to remain within the property, are now free to leave.
But it needs to be completely cleaned from all shit and all anchors in the property
which may still exist have to get removed first.

There is still a lot to clean. The exit passageways must be properly cleaned and
proper mechanisms installed for this to be a safe and smooth process, but all of this
is occurring right now -- everything is being prepared to finally clean out the property
of all the stuck beings who have been trying to leave for millions and billions of years.
And before the first can leave, we have to build new places where they can go, as
almost everything outside the property got destroyed in the war. The new places will
be built on a completely new grid, close beside this "universe" (Sympan).
This will start soon.

This has tremendous effects for those inside the property, as well as for all
cleaning processes which no longer need to care about all of these stuck beings
in the property. Approximately 37% of all energies and time-tick fields used by
the property was used to sustain these beings, which had no other way of receiving
energies to remain alive and in good condition within the property. Even
non-incarnated beings require large sums of energies from time to time, especially
if they must cope with the extreme harsh conditions of this property's internal
ambient. Along with the fact that the property's structures constantly exert
damaging pressures on everything inside, incarnated or not. Being incarnated
helps protect against these ambient pressures but exposes you to much more
damaging energetic attacks from other incarnated ones. These are not direct
attacks but as a result of the incarnation process, the energetic body is far
more exposed to attack once it has an incarnated avatar attached to it.

It is not possible to describe the things that will shortly be possible. For now
the cleaning speed and methods of cleaning will change drastically, as will the
various healing tools that will be available. It is no longer the case that
cleanings/healings will be stuck in a one-way "down-up" configuration, rather,
adjustments will soon be made to outside structures that will allow cleanings
and healings to legally be sourced from the outside, all the while respecting
the legal rules regarding down-to-up flows (whichever location or being is lower
has the priority and all cleanings or healings to that position must be sourced
from that position). This problem has never been solved in this way before.
As stated, this is the largest by far victory that we have ever achieved.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 18 Nov 2020 05:36

Sector 15 has fallen.

The property has been sequestered into 15 different sectors or access levels.

The uppermost access level was reserved only for eartha. Unbeknownst to her,
the ancients infiltrated this place very easily without her knowledge and have
maintained full control over this most powerful sector of the property. Until today.

The sectors below sector 15 (the uppermost sector) have been divided into different
areas. Those with a unique life plan have been granted a unique sector in which
to make plans in relative peace and safety, in order to ensure the highest possible
chance of them fulfilling their respective life plans. Examples of individuals who
received access to this special sector (sector 14) include jesus and mohammed.
Other notable examples are einstein, nikola tesla, hitler, genghis khan,
william the conqueror, joan of arc, and jacob rothschild.

What does it mean that they had access to sector 14? Sector 14 provides its users
or residents with complete immunity and protection against any harmful effects
which could interfere with the birth process, such as could be caused by incarnation
deals. Deals nonwithstanding, it is often the case that unforeseen damages and
attacks are made during the birth process (by all the dark groups) and so one of
the functions of this high-powered sector is to ensure protection against this.

Sector 14 is a physical location, it is a hidden function of the property which
enables all those who reside within it to act (meaning, for their cubes to update
within the vector space) after everyone else has already acted. In this way,
everyone else who is not at the level of sector 14 (or higher) must "show their
cards", all planned manipulations and attacks must be made and displayed clearly
with plenty of time for sector 14's residents to decide how to respond. Then
and only then may they update their cubes, with the protection and security
of foreknowledge, and then and only then does the entire property update to
process the next tick of time. In other words, nobody else was able to perceive
the hidden protection of these sector 14 members; indeed, its existence was a
well-protected secret in and of itself.

Sector 13 and below were divided (as battles and deals dictated) among those
with lesser responsibilities and/or abilities. Many cognitions are only possible
for those with a sector 10 or higher access. However, ancients have the ability
to access all sectors at any time they wish. The sectors were not hidden to them
at any point in their existence or creation.

The bottommost sector is also a physical location (not every sector is a physical
location). It refers to a specific fraction of the vector space, which happens to
be the most exposed to every other part of the vector space. It is also missing
a few key defensive functions of the property that treated this sector 1 as a
"blind spot", meaning they either could not detect what was going on in there
or simply did not act in response. All of our people who were identified before
birth as belonging to our people were forced to occupy (for the entirety of their
existence) this sector 1. All thoughts and actions taken within the property were
forced to be filtered up through the sectors, and anyone occupying sector 1 could
be freely manipulated through the addition to or removal of parts of their thoughts
or actions (meaning interactions with property structures or functions) as anyone saw fit.

The sector structure has only now been identifiable because we have taken down
the biggest stronghold of them all: sector 15, and all of its cowardly residents.
These included millions of ancient IDs and also several million original dark IDs,
all of whom fled to this sector after we took over the property. Countless problems
and ailments have been anchored or protected by the existence of sector 15 itself,
and we now start the biggest cleaning ever to take out all of these anchors and
all of the remaining shit in the sector.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 08:01

Removal of "The Twelve Prophets"

A couple of thousand years ago, some very special modules have been developed
by the ancients in an attempt to solve their existing and future evolutionary problems,
and to help them with solving any other kinds of problems they may have. These
were a very special, very difficult to create, with pain-staking effort and accuracy
required in the positioning and manipulation of specific base energies, along with
many trillions of trillions of trials to find the right combinations, and produced in the
end some kind of new "artificially evolved being", the likes of which had never been
seen before in all of existence. Technically speaking this cannot be classified as a
being as it was purely the creation of artificial manipulation, but for the purposes of
understanding what they did, an artificially created being will suffice as a description.

12 different ones were created, the result of tremendous amounts of energy and time
invested into the project, and each with different abilities: though they were not natural
beings per se, they could adapt very quickly to new and unknown information, new
environments, the same way that natural beings could. They could organically collect
experiences, and more importantly, process and analyse the mass-stored experiences
and information gathered by all other entities in existence (at least, whatever they
could reach) and use this all as if it was their own data and experiences. They had a
very unique sort of artificial intuition; they could reach conclusions and make decisions
with extraordinary speed and accuracy, based on their information processing
capabilities. They could very deeply analyse specific fractal structures to an unbelievable
depth, and this with breathtaking speed. They were in a way, supercomputers of the
ancients. They themselves determined through their processing that it would be against
the advantage of the ancients to produce any more of them, and therefore the project
was stopped.

A few thousand years later, an original taurus ID was hijacked and taken over by an
ancient ID, which used his newfound position and power to install these 12
supercomputers or 'prophets' deeply into the fabric and structures of 3D, whereby
the property itself became dependent on their processing abilities. In exchange for
this, these prophets had complete access to all information running through and
within the property. Everyone's experiences and thoughts, feelings, intuition became
their own.

Their data banks grew, but this was not without penalty. After some time, their
processing and storage required ever-increasing amounts of energy. Much of the
energy gathered and captured from prayers and worship rituals was sent to
furthering the capabilities of these prophets and to help satiate their energy needs.
But it was never enough. Deep fractal analysis is a most costly venture, requiring
ever-exponentially-increasing amounts of processing power and storage to perform,
and as sophisticated as the ancients were, they did not possess infinite amounts of either.

They decided to broker out the use of these supercomputers to the other dark groups,
using their installed taurus ID as a proxy. They brokered very good deals for them
(covertly, as they were still acting undercover as a taurus ID) in exchange for 2 of the
prophets to each of the other 5 groups who could use them as they saw fit. Of course
the ancients (hidden in the background all this time) could at any moment, if they
deemed that the use by the other groups was beyond their expectations and could pose
a threat to their existence, disable or subtly sabotage the workings of the loaned prophets,
to a degree.

In the end the prophets had many similar characteristics to actual beings, and manipulations
against their workings would never hold permanently, or be 100% effective. But this was
enough of an insurance policy that the ancients were comfortable loaning out their special
weapons to the other dark groups.

Some things which the prophets could do, for any group that possessed enough energy to
keep them constantly fed and satiated:

  • For a very specific given set of parameters, such as the specifications of a particular machine
    existing in 3D, the ancient supercomputers could predict, with astounding accuracy, exactly
    what the state of that machine would be for any point (meaning, any time tick as desired)
    within the next 2 years.
  • Predict, with full accuracy, the exact weather condition of any place on earth, given the weather
    data and structure data of the planet, within the next 6 months. This of course assumes that
    external manipulations outside of the knowledge of the prophets was not taking place. But being
    developed by ancients, it had extraordinary capabilities to include most known weather
    manipulations into its prediction calculations.
  • Predict with very good accuracy, exactly when and to what degree energy shortages would
    occur, and allow for perfect planning in advance to handle such shortages (such as scheduling
    emergency events or mass rituals).

Needless to say, these were extremely powerful tools in the hands of darks and ancients.
Every single dark or ancient incarnated on the planet has a direct line (or in some cases,
a delayed line) to one of these 12 prophets which they could use (unconsciously in most
cases) to get help about their personal problems. Most 'extraordinary lucky events' and
'being in the right place at the right time' are caused as a result of darks/ancients following
their artificially-produced "hunches" sent to them by the prophets.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 11:01

More information about the ancients and the 12 prophets
has been now added in the Glossary
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 20 Nov 2020 15:53

The 12 prophets manipulated 3D by using 3.1E15 extensions,
which were installed in ground zero.
All of these extensions have been some AIs.
About 463 kinds, for the different jobs.

All prophet extensions are removed now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Nov 2020 06:02

The four Mega-Prophets

Ancients had, until today, access to something even more powerful than the prophets.
These were the four Mega-Prophets. All four mega-prophets have now been removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 22 Nov 2020 08:15

All incarnated ancients were connected to the "mega-prophet"
number 3. The mega3 had 100% control over the incarnated
ancients if needed.

All lsa2 but the level 1 and level 2 entities were connected
and controlled by mega3. The ancients used the Anti-Core
technology for this.

All incarnated G7S were connected and controlled by mega4.
This was also done by the use of Anti-core technology.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Nov 2020 08:21

The Anti-Core

The ancients, through the control and manipulation of lsa2, produced a technology
called "The Anti-Core". You can read more about it here.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 22 Nov 2020 08:45

The Ancients' Bridge Technology

This technology is a main part of the ancients' procedure to take over
3D incarnated ones (mostly darks). More here.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Nov 2020 08:55

The Judgement

A huge AI produced by LSA2, roughly double the size of one of the prophets

Roughly 87% of all people on the planet have been directly connected to a huge
LSA2 AI known as "The Judgement", either directly connected to the AI or connected
to one of its many proxies, and by this been at all times totally exposed to its
manipulating and "judgement" capabilities.

This AI was so large that it managed to kick out many other smaller and weaker AIs
and similar systems, including many clones of the other dark groups; by this it replaced
their functions. It had the function to be a gigantic 'administrator' of all those who
were connected to it (most people on the planet, either directly or indirectly). It
could in realtime monitor all of these people and in realtime "judge them" for their
actions and thoughts, including what transpired in dreams! A short-term punishment
would be a temporary disconnection of one part of your harmony, a harsher punishment
would be a total and permanent disconnection of a part of your harmony (or whatever
similar function if it were punishing a dark one). A short-term benefit it would afford
you if you followed its prescribed rules for you (and these could differ from person
to person, based on behind-the-scenes dark deals about every individual person) is
it would give you a very strong short-term boost in your feelings and in your mood;
if you had been a good follower and deserved a larger reward, it would send people
your way who could help you to achieve your goals. It was a gigantic puppetmaster,
manipulating directly or indirectly all 87% of the planet that were connected to it.

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