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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 10 Jun 2020 03:55

There exists in our bodies (and still has not been removed) certain "incarnation energies".
These energies indicate the existence of (no longer valid) incarnation deals
which were made. There existed until very recently, dark systems in the ambient
of 3D that would constantly monitor for such energies in bodies, and use these
energies to produce "pressure vectors" upon the body and upon the body's
connections to its Outer-Core. These vectors could be both physical and also
energetic in nature, influencing both the body and the Outer-Core to conform
to the no longer valid incarnation deals.

These ambient systems have as of today been removed. The incarnation energies
will soon be removed from the bodies (of our people), which will alleviate a lot of
pressure from the bodies and the Outer-Cores.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 10 Jun 2020 23:01

In this property is a very small space reserved for administration of the avatars.
This space was completely filled with fractal-encrypted entities and energies.
There was no way to clear out these entities or energies as long as certain
hostage situations remained.

These hostage situations have now been resolved, and following this, these
fractal-encrypted entities and energies have been removed. The cleaning of
this space is not yet 100% complete, but it is enough to free up some space
for our Outer-Cores to begin occupying this space as legal administrators
of their connected avatars. This step greatly strengthens all connections
between avatar and Outer-Core, and increases greatly the communication
between the OC and its connected avatar. This legal administrative status
is a huge step for the OCs, the biggest since years. This also strengthens all skills.
Darks do not have such a configuration.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 17 Jun 2020 21:31


If you are using MMS or CDS or CDH pls stop using it for
the next 2 or 3 days.
We will do massive cleanings which will maybe
cause negative effects with the energetic parts
of chlorine dioxide.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 18 Jun 2020 05:10

Battles are running.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 18 Jun 2020 06:40

Attacks on the HARD-RULES SYSTEM of 3D

The rule-structure of this property is completely incompatible with the
"outside rules system". A particular characteristic of this property is
something called "hard avatar rules". These were designed by eartha and other
darks at a very early time of this property's inception.

It is very difficult to bypass or break the "hard avatar rules" or simply
"hard rules", even darks struggled greatly with this. The easiest way by which
darks could pseudo-overcome these hard rules was with illegal multiple
incarnations. It is very easy to "break" the hard rules with multiple
simultaneous incarnated avatars. Otherwise it is next to impossible.

There is something called the "avatar space", this is referred to as the space
inside of this property which is designated as belonging to the Outer-Core
(and treated legally as such). All mechanisms regarding the "avatar space"
were controlled by the aforementioned "hard rules".

The "avatar space" for the average incarnated dark is a very large space:
17 m approx above the top of the avatar, and a 3 m radius sphere around the avatar.

For the average non-dark the avatar-space is very tiny; only half the size
of the avatar itself in all directions.

By the hard-rules it was impossible for a non-dark to have the same size
avatar-space as described above. Some darks have a much larger avatar-space
than even this.

Inside almost all non-darks is a huge 'processing entity/AI'. This entity while
technically 'inside of us' occupied far more space than we did. Therefore by
the hard rules, "whatever has more space, owns the other one", and thereby
technically speaking this entity owned us. This meant that as long as we were
incarnated, all unused processing capacity of our Outer-Cores was forced to be
used to process things/do tasks which would benefit darks. We were not able to
change this situation until attacking the hard rules system.

Almost everything which darks can or could do in 3D comes as a direct result or
an indirect result of the hard-rules system. As soon as the hard-rules system
is down, we will immediately cut permanently all OC connections and
communications with the incarnated dark avatars. We will leave some very few
'essential life-support' lines. Darks' intelligence will come only from the
ape-brain or brain-mind after this.

As a result of our attacks on the hard-rules system, dark AIs are mobilising
incarnated darks in 3D to attack our people (all weakpoints which they can
identify). These attacks are made UNCONSCIOUSLY. The AIs force the incarnated
darks to change their behaviors to make these attacks. There is nothing to fear
in the way of physical attacks, but they will try what they can as long as these
AIs can still function.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 09 Jul 2020 21:50

Yesterday at 11:30 CEST we started a very huge and special battle.
Here is the info about it which I published yesterday in the internal sky chat:

This may sound a bit weird now. :lol:
We now started the real war against darks. :lol:
You may remember the topics "Base Energies",
"Split Parts" and "Processed Energies" from 2016.

We made fast developments in these topics, which
I did not publish. One result of these developments
were the Ninjas. I think most of you may remember them.
A very successful weapon, which we don't use anymore
for a while now. But the superiority of the Ninjas
were a huge motivation for darks to do massive
development in these "Split Parts" and "Processed Energies"

We made a class system for this. The big parts, meaning
the "Base Energies" are class 6. The smallest parts
are class 0. From one class to the next lower class the size of the
parts are shrinking by a factor between a few thousand and
a few million. In the time we used Ninjas we started with
class 3 Ninjas and at the end we had class 1 Ninjas (build
from class 0 parts). When we had the first Ninjas the darks
still had only class 6 and class 5 parts.

In all the cleanings and battles (beside one) we had until now
we only fought against class 6 and class 5 techs. Lets call these
levels of tech ancient-crap-tech (ACT). Darks developments reached
class 1 about 24 months ago and class 0 about 18 months ago.
We call all levels of their development class x tech, or CX.
Darks never added any of their modern CX to the ACT. So in the last
years we only battled against their ACT only. And since we
used Ninjas, they knew, that they will loose all ACT against us.

So their strategy was, to develop and build a complete new
base of technologies, the CX. And with CX they build a complete
new battlefront. They even converted their own class 6 cores and OCs
into CX. This means, that all the "originals" we have in prison
are only a mix of original remains and clone parts, very tricky
developed, and we did not realize this until a bit ago. About 33.500
original IDs are now build from CX instead of class 6.

You may wonder why we did not find them earlier. The answer is simple.
You remember the needle in the haystack? That's the easy part, with
CX we are searching for the single false blade of gras in the haystack.
Or to put it in better perspective, searching for 100 false grains of sand
at the beach. So it took us a while to find them.

On CX level all dark groups worked tight together for the last 15 months.
On ACT level they still fight each others. But ACT darks have no clue
about the existence of CX darks.

How strong are CX darks? To measure this, you can not make a masses
compare as done in ACT. You need to compare the functional units and
the firepower. As we know from Ninjas, small weapons can have a lot
of power. So the firepower of CX 53x times bigger than all ever existed ACT.

One property of CX is, that you can not secure it with hostages.
All hostages are class 6 size, so it is impossible to integrate it in CX tech.
That means, that in opposite to ACT which is always secured by hostages,
in CX we don't need to care about hostages and can clean it all at once.

And that's exactly what we do now!

Earlier today we finished the CX battles.
All CX is down and gone now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Aug 2020 04:18

Yesterday we finished a huge milestone: the removal of all incarnation conditions
on the non-connected parts of the personality. These have no visible effects on
the avatar, however they are still considered a part of the Outer-Core, and
the aforementioned incarnation conditions would affect Outer-Core decision-making.
These have all been removed, and these non-connected parts will now be taken
care of (in most cases a safe removal). Of course this has huge knock-on effects,
not to mention the unblocking of much more cleaning and healings.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 27 Aug 2020 23:38

The trap, which is „sealing“ the whole property we live in , has a „upper“ side and a „bottom“ side so to say.

Everything which comes into the property naturally has to leave at some point again through the bottom end, aswell as all the trash and things,
which dont really belong into the property (like literally garbage so to say).
it´s like a loop which should go through the property in and out, but because of this trap, there is only a inflow into the property but no real exits.
They sealed those exits and hid it from us. With that, of course, the whole property is sealed nearly perfectly, and the whole place fills up with trash all the time without it being able to leave.
The only things which might leave, the darks could determine because they have those exits in their control.
These exits arent only for those purposes of exchange and getting rid of trash into the property but also an entrance into the property and has alot more functions.

Just a few hours ago we found one of those exits and blew it free. These exits are on the lowest possible place in the property , literally the end of the property where the trap is laying underneath.
With that it started to drain the property from alot of trash which piled up for like an eternity. Also it gives us alot more possibilities aswell.

So we kinda officially reached the „end“ of the whole property and broke through the trap on the other side.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 31 Aug 2020 22:16

today the last remaining pieces of a huge , deeply deeply buried ancient dark network , which has been inside us for longer than the war itself,
got removed and with it alot of dark influence and power.

This network, also called „the dark anchor“ or „the anchor of darkness“ , has been the most important dark influental tech till now. And it had been installed into us purposely,
and with full consent, before the war began, as an part of the experiment. Later on , when the betrayals happened, they sealed this network on us and made a huge effort for it to stay in there.
It was installed into us even before we started becoming a fractal being, making this network even more dangerous, since it was behind every fractal structure we possess.
If something would´ve gone wrong , it would´ve caused permanent damages on our fractal structures and with that ourselves.

The network could pretty much do everything. It was the voice in your head telling you dark things, it was giving you aches.
It was a huge accesspoint for every dark and traitor. It was rooted down into the tiniest places, or the most dangerous ones as our own personality parts.
The network also was directly connected to the trap. Darks itself used traitors to access these networks though , because of their ongoing wars, and gave them the keys for it, acting as middle-men.

It took us several days and endless developments to get rid of the last pieces of it.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 05 Sep 2020 21:26

a few hours ago we got rid of one of the strongest hostages situations darks created.

It was about 2 lines which went directly through our Ocs into our 3D bodies into the deepest places possible, combined with a , what we call „prison structure“.
These lines were connected to a huge computing center, which was built before the war. This computing center had the purpose to prevent damages to the property and the beings inside,
aswell as restricting and controlling skills of those beings for the same reason. One of the most important conditions to be incarnated here was to be connected to this computing center.
This computing center had also full access and control over everyaction we did. Everything we as being wanted to do , no matter what, firstly went through this computing center to be checked if it´s „allowed“ or not.

Before mycaene this center had a quite normal purpose, after mycaene darks transformed it into the biggest slavery-tool out there.

After mycaene , the computing center worked in a way it „did the best in its own opinion to maintain the integrity of the property“ , which in short simply means, what in darks opinions was the best.
and that meant for us, total restrictions, no skills, punishments in case we did anything darks didnt liked.

This center was anchored so badly into us, we had to take out one of our own parts and replace it with a placeholder, to be able to shut it down and get rid of it.
The parts arent lost though, it´ll be cleaned and put back in.

With this center gone, huge unblockings, and tons of new possibilities opened up.
Also, the darks which hid behind this hostage situation are now pretty much without protection and pinned down.

Also about the 3D trap, people think about the trap to be one single massive thing.
But actually the trap consists of alot of other traps, like that computing center, and the ones before , which are combined the big trap we used to talk about.
With that computing center gone , we managed to get a big part of the trap out.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 16 Sep 2020 18:54

There are a number of major "paradoxes" which existed in the property.
The first of which, and the most serious to deal with, was a "time paradox".
By manipulating time energies which had been captured and manipulated a very long
time ago, darks (specifically a small splinter group of LSA2) were able to create future
"potential" versions of themselves, which would come into existence at the moment
some certain conditions were met. In this way, these IDs (that were taken to prison
a long time ago) were able, through the manipulated time energies, to make effects
and create a huge network of time-manipulating structures that would sit under the
property and completely block legal time accesses and energies at very specific
structures and locations on the property.

All of this shit has now been removed! Many many cleanings and healings got unblocked from this.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Sep 2020 20:47

Three other paradoxes have been removed from the property in the recent days:

  1. A "paradox involving copying of all things and bodies":

    A so-called "copycat" was able to make copies of virtually everything in the property
    (whatever they wished), including bodies, emotions, thoughts, ideas;
    and treat the copied items exactly as the original ones (they preserved all IDs,
    statuses and rights of the original items, and could be used to trigger mild pains
    and irritations by making damages to the copied objects).

    The original objects/people would never even realise that a copy had been made.

    This was due to a manipulation of the way the property handles IDs
    and of the processing of all things which enter the property, including Outer-Core lines
    (which were also subject to this manipulation).

    All copied objects maintained some kind of connection to all copies and to the original
    object. In this way they could be used to trigger mild attacks and irritations.
    More than this was not possible, however an overload of the bandwidth of the
    Outer-Core was possible to induce. This produced many energy problems.

  2. "Earth illusion paradox":

    The property has many systems for working with the earth and restoring balance
    to things which are out of balance, etc. Many of these systems are not functioning,
    but a few key systems are. However, all of these functioning systems were defeated
    by the now-removed "earth illusion paradox". All of the data sent from the earth to
    the property-monitoring systems was faked, it was wrong on every single count.
    There was not a single shred of valid data. As a result, none of these systems were
    able to do their job properly. It is exceedingly difficult to fake this data to the extent
    that it was done, all the while maintaining the illusion that "the earth is as it should be"
    and avoiding any warnings from the monitoring systems, and therefore avoiding all
    of the balancing effects that should have occurred.
    This paradox has been removed.

  3. "Two-brains paradox":

    The final paradox which was removed is called the "two-brains paradox". Several darks
    had the ability to connect multiple brains to the Outer-Core, or in some cases to
    connect additional "shit-brains" to our Outer-Cores.

    Even though many of their Outer-Core connections do not function, the added capacity
    of a second brain was enough to enable the creation of much shit and attacks on our
    people. All of these additional brains have been disconnected, and will be shortly removed.

  • Additional topic, huge "self-triggering system"

    In addition to the removal of the major paradoxes listed above, we also dealt with a huge
    "self-triggering system" in the Outer-Cores of our people (and only our people) which
    constantly tried to install new triggers into the Outer-Core, and even the outer shell
    of the harmony. It was protected by a huge global hostage situation involving an entity
    that was involved in the original design of the Outer-Cores.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Sep 2020 22:05

There is a new protection system installed for all layers of the incarnation.

Until now there was a specific layer, the first layer of the incarnation,
which was completely exposed to anybody who had the required "access keys"
to modify it. All of these access keys were given up by all of our people
who incarnated here as part of the duress made to force us to incarnate
here under very shitty conditions (including thousands of hostage situations
which also played a part in this initial duress).

Modifications to this initial "incarnation layer" (which is somewhat of an
energy type which is used exactly once, that is, when incarnating into the
property, and is never again used by that particular individual) is akin to
manipulating a "shell" around the individual and all that which is connected
to that individual. If certain parts of the shell do not allow anything to pass
through, then those related functions of your Outer-Core, of your personality,
of your harmony, would never pass through into 3D. And you would not be
able to access them, you may even forget that they once existed.

All of these keys were exposed to especially the darks that would be in close
contact with you (as dictated by the terms of your incarnation) and they would
(unconsciously) be able to constantly modify your "incarnation parameters"
(as dictated by the above-mentioned 'incarnation layer' or incarnation-energies)
to such a way that would make it easy for them to attack you.
In this way they would be able to expose your existing weakpoints (even if they
were initially protected) or to make new ones. And then prevent any protection
of these exposed weakpoints and damage you over and over again. The best attack
is always made on already-exposed weakpoints. Through this mechanism, none of our
people was safe for long. These effects were made strongest in the presence
of specific dark individuals with access to your specific access-keys,
but in the ambient of Earth, this was taking place even without being in the presence
of these particular darks. Many automatic systems were installed into the ambient,
into every conceivable layer of the property, into our Outer-Cores and so on,
with the effect to be able to manipulate (sometimes in very subtle ways, other times
in not-so-subtle ways) these incarnation energies of ours to be able to damage
us in a way that we could not fight against.

It is therefore no surprise that many cleanings and healings which we want to make,
and theoretically had everything required to be able to start, were not able to start/
were delayed for the reason that starting them would trigger far greater damages
and problems than would be solved. Far greater damages than would be healed.
But today we have finally secured a total and complete lock-down of all incarnation
energies, all of the incarnation layers for all of our people. And this nightmare
of endless manipulation of the same points over and over again finally ends soon.

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