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Posted: 11 Apr 2020 02:26
by Frank
We sent massive amount of forces into the battles to
finish the standoff and go on the offensive.

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Posted: 11 Apr 2020 05:31
by Frank
After sending 3 more giant waves of forces
into the battles, the standoffs are done and
we start to gain the upper hand.

But the battles are still huge and hard.

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Posted: 11 Apr 2020 22:27
by Frank
The battles are still going on.
They escalated extremely.
It will maybe take a few days to clean
all those darks involved in the battles
and their dark shit out.
But they have nothing back to hold us.

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Posted: 12 Apr 2020 07:54
by weiiiii

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Posted: 13 Apr 2020 10:51
by Frank
We now started a second attack on the virus.

The first attack provoked a massive battle which
is the biggest battle ever happened and it's still running.

The first attack on the virus got stopped short
after the beginning of the battle.

This second attack also provoked huge attacks on us again.
But this time we will attack on the virus longer.

We will see the results...

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Posted: 13 Apr 2020 11:40
by Frank
So the second attack on the virus
is now in a standoff again...

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Posted: 15 Apr 2020 02:59
by Frank
We finished the standoff now by
starting the biggest attack/battle ever.

All darks directly or indirectly involved
in the battles are down and have been put
into prison within 15 minutes.

Let's say it simple.
No more standoffs.
No more tactics.
No more nothing.
Patience is out of stock...

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Posted: 15 Apr 2020 03:23
by Frank
The cleaning side effects will become
very bad soon.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2020 14:12
by Frank
Next phase of the battle got hot.
Very huge attacks on me after we started
more 3D cleanings.

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Posted: 30 Apr 2020 17:42
by Frank
We started some very huge cleanings minutes ago.
These are cleanings on new level.
And in the next hours we will send wave after wave.

Strong side effects are expected.

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Posted: 06 May 2020 00:01
by Grayfox
The "Slave-Suits" Removal

Today we made a very important cleaning. The removal of so-called "Slave-Suits".
This was made from own personality-field remnants. Before your incarnation,
darks destroyed parts of your personality field, and these tiny parts were used to
form these "slave-suits". Because they were your own personality-field parts,
they were especially difficult to remove. The Outer-Core constantly tries to handle
them, but whatever parts of them were processed and removed by the OC were
immediately replaced with the "storehouse" of such personality-field remnants
that the darks had. They had much more than was needed to construct the suits;
so they had plenty to replace any holes in the suits, as well as to attack us with.

Attacks made with these 'own-personality-field parts' were especially difficult
to handle as well.

There were also many entities inside the suits which would use these parts as
weapons against us.

Two interesting parts about the function of the suit..

1. The suit made a constant "forcing/modifying influence" on OC-impulses.
The suit worked only on these OC-impulses, if you received no OC-impulses,
the suit would do nothing.

If the OC wants to do something or not to do something, then the suit would
look at that and react; either it would say, I like that, let's push for that, or
I don't like that, let's push against that. And 99.99% of the time, this would be
the exact opposite of what the OC wanted to do.

2. The suit applied an 'illegal status' to all that had the suit (which was
applied before incarnation); this status was of "non-being". Therefore this
illegal status made it so that the energetic body was totally exposed and
modifiable by ANYONE. And countless attempts of manipulation were
thereby made on this body.

These suits were only on our people. They have now been completely removed,
as well as any and all entities within, as well as all storehouses of remaining
personality-field parts.

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Posted: 16 May 2020 02:45
by Grayfox
6 infos

1. Freedom from ties to old incarnation identities.
For each incarnation, the OC needed to make a registration in the property. These registrations would be tied to the OC. For each subsequent incarnation, the OC would need to abide by all the incarnation rules which applied at the time of all the previous incarnations, no matter how illegal or shit they were!

The parts of the property which enforced this have been removed.

2. Freedom from 'endless looping emotions'.
To 6 different kinds of emotions (including all their subkinds) darks added a non-fractal addition. This would anchor the emotion to the property, so that it could never be removed; and also would be triggered every certain frequency of time ticks (unique to the individual) that would agitate these emotions in the body.

These anchors have been removed, and the addition has been destroyed. The emotions will take some time to process - very uncomfortable

3. New property status

The property has been in a war status for a very long time. This status began when the administration of the property was hijacked and PC was kicked out from the administration. This put the property into a "war status". The property is no longer in a war status. There is currently no administration of the property, official or unofficial. This is one step before a new property status.

4. The property is in such a state that all of the darks on it have no longer any anchors to the property itself. This is a very important step.

5. There is currently in progress the removal of the multi-packed layer which continuously encrypts in many different ways, ALL inflows and outflows to-and-from the property. Energy, communications, everything. It is an extremely well-designed mechanism. Removal is expected to take a few days

6. Prime Creator has declared the property "x2 time level". This increases all cleanings speed by 2^E9 (approx)

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Posted: 16 May 2020 17:58
by Grayfox
Removal of “The Simulator

The physical incarnation process has been hijacked for millions of outside years.
In the theoretical 3D, the entire physical incarnation (the process of becoming
part of the physical 3D space) should take no longer than 7 time-ticks. In these
7 time ticks, various Outer-Core functions are transported into the physical 3D
space and made part of physical 3D atoms. Thereby these Outer-Core functions
gain a full, legal 3D status and full access to the 3D property. From there, they
can assist the incarnation in whatever ways necessary and legal.

After the lost Mycenaen war (millions of years ago in outside time), this physical
incarnation process was interrupted, meaning it was no longer possible for any
legal creation of physical 3D atoms, and the creation of a dark AI named “The Simulator”
was instated. This AI was created by the taurus group. The Simulator would from
then on handle the creation of physical 3D cells for all incarnations coming into the property.

Furthermore, incarnations would no longer take place at the time they were desired/scheduled,
rather the simulator would run many complex simulations taking millions of years
in outside time to determine the optimal incarnation moment (the moment to create
physical 3D cells) for that particular entity. This meant, if you had no deals with darks
or similar, that you would experience the maximum amount of pain and painful surroundings as possible.

On the other hand, if you had the appropriate deals with darks in place, you would
be incarnated at the perfect moment to maximise your chances for success in 3D
according to your prenegotiated life-plans.

The Simulator was stolen from taurus by the isis group at the time of the jesus event.
At this time, an original isis ID integrated itself into the AI (think "melted into").

Removal of the simulator necessitated a complete rewiring and reprogramming/
reconfiguring of the entire physical incarnation process, as well as removal of the
additional statuses the simulator placed upon us, after creating the physical 3D cells
we would occupy. Because they were created by the simulator, they would be stamped
with the mark "Created by the simulator" and we would inherit (as a "child" of the simulator)
some of the rights and statuses of the simulator. Unfortunately, none of these rights
or statuses had any legal standing and were therefore worse than useless, as they would
actively inhibit the addition of any legal rights and statuses we could inherit that would
increase our protection and abilities in the property.

This is a very big removal that will have very huge impacts for the incarnation process.
The removal of all the illegal statuses and rights will take some additional time, but the simulator
along with all of its illegal dark machinery for controlling and manipulating the incarnation process has been removed.

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Posted: 01 Jun 2020 04:45
by Grayfox
Removal of "Establishing Physical Presence Anchors in 3D"

We have removed what is called "establishing physical presence anchors in 3D".
These are energetic anchors which have had a full physical 3D status.
This allowed for energetic things to have full working effects on the
physical 3D level, without any legal means of being able to disable or block
these effects from the energetic level, as they were protected and anchored
at the deepest 3D level.

Removing these anchors was the last critical step to remove energetic things
which have not been able to be removed until now, because of protection and
anchoring at the lower 3D level.
All energetic things can now get taken care of. The needed infrastructures for
these cleanings is still not complete, but these processes/cleanings will start
in each individual as soon as possible. The time when this can start in each
individual differs according to individual circumstances.

The upcoming cleanings made possible by this removal (many of which have
not even started yet) are expected to produce the worst-ever side-effects till now.

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Posted: 03 Jun 2020 19:14
by Grayfox
Disconnection of the property from "foreign energy sources"

The energy provided to the property was made in part by a number of entities in
a "service position" of providing energy to the property. They acted as a relay for
energies from outside, each entity specialised in transforming outside energies
in a particular way, and bringing these unique transformed energies into the inside
of this property, where it would be much harder to have brought them in by other means.

These entities in these positions (5 entities in total, level-2 size) accepted this role,
which greatly restricted their movement inside the property.

The enormous toll these transformations have on each entity means there is very little
energy which they can use to move inside the property and perform other actions apart
from their job. The entities in question all knew about this and agreed to this in advance.
After they became dark (they were not dark when they were put into these positions),
these entities found creative ways to take other actions inside the property, while still
performing their duty of providing transformed energies to the property. They were not
able to escape this duty, as part of their incarnation deals (these entities all had multiple
incarnations both inside and outside of the property) prevented them from making
radical changes to the energies which they provided to the property. If they were to make
substantial changes, it would be to their own detriment and would not make a significant
damage to the property.

However as long as these entities existed, being dark as they were, they found many ways
to provide significant energetical advantages to incarnated darks by offering illegal energy
storage systems, and also illegal energy lines which could directly bring in energies from the
outside without any processing or checking against the property rules, to the incarnated darks
that would make deals with these 5 entities. So long as these entities were connected to the
property (and they could not be easily disconnected), these energetical advantages and illegal
manipulations of energies in the property could continue.

We have in the past hour disconnected the property from these 5 entities. This will have
huge knock-on effects for energetical processing inside the property in the near future,
but this has already had immediate effects for all of the darks which had illegal energy storages -
these have all been immediately emptied as soon as the property was disconnected from these
5 entities.

Now that these entities have been removed, it is also possible to start to handle the illegal energy
kinds which were brought in from outside. These have already unfortunately mixed with
existing fractal energies in this property, and created complex fractal tangled webs, both inside the
ambient and inside our people, and in many darks, in order to protect systems and shit inside of
their bodies, and to prevent removal of shit and systems from the bodies of our people.

Removal and detangling of these energies from the existing fractal structures will take some
additional time, but this is not expected to be a long process.

Re: War-News

Posted: 03 Jun 2020 23:18
by Frank
Yesterday at 14:00 CEST we installed and activated 9 new grounds in our reality!

This topic has a lot of details, I'll try to
keep it as simple as possible. Many details are
anyway blocked to publish.

To fresh up pls read these threads first:
1. Reality Calculation Space (RCS renamed to: CS)
2. How Reality Works

We are talking here about the cubes. To be precise, about the one cube in the center (see diagram).
Our physical 3D reality is located in this center cube. Each of the other cubes can
contain an own reality, which has nothing in common with our 3D reality. We call
these parallel realities. In fact, we have already built a few, but until now it
was not possible to connect them to the center cube (our 3D reality), because
of trillions of triggers of dark shit. And with the construction of the new grounds,
they may be outdated anyway.

So this here is about grounds, not about parallel realities in the neighboring cubes.
That leaves the question "what is a ground?".

For months now I have been writing in internal communications that we are attacking
the 3D result space. And I called this (our physical reality) ground zero. To understand
"ground" we need to create a simple mind model. As you should know, we call our
3D reality an "information reality" (IR). But one question was purposely left open
until now. How is the 3D reality made by the information? The answer is, that all of
the information is creating vectors. So all what you find in the above 2 links
(layers 0 to layer 4, CS / calculation space, the wave, the plane, cube creator... etc.)
is creating only one part of the vectors in our reality. The other part of the vectors in our reality
is created by the rules. These two parts form the vectors for our reality through their interacting
and mixing together in the layers of the cube. The layers of the cube are located around
the result space and their purpose is to arrange the vectors in the needed order.
We also call the result space "the vector space". And now we also introduce the term
"vector reality", as it is possible to have info realities which are not working with vectors.

Now we need a simple mind model about what a vector is:
Think about some object, for example a ball.
So you apply one force to the right (a vector) on the ball. The ball moves right.
Then you apply a force forward (a 2nd vector) on the ball. The ball moves forward.
And then you apply both forces (vectors) at the same time. The ball will roll forward
and right in a diagonal line. This diagonal line is the result vector.

This is how 3D reality works. All the created vectors (141 in total) are injected into the result
space through injectors, which are placed on the hull of the result space / vector space.
Inside the result space, the vectors connect or meet at exactly 3 locations or points:

  • 18 vectors meet at one point and create a single result vector for MOLECULES
    (defining all their properties, interactions, etc.)
  • 37 vectors meet at another point and create a single result vector for ATOMS
    (defining all their properties, interactions, etc.)
  • The remaining 86 vectors meet at a third point and create a single result vector,
    which is responsible for the rest of the physics.

The 3 result vectors (atoms, molecules, rest of the physics) interact with each other and
with other result vectors in other neighboring cubes of our 3D reality. The information
which is stored for each single cube manipulates the vectors before they are injected
by the injectors. Our quantum physics knows the 3 properties of mass, charge and
spin. Each of these is exactly one vector for one injector. The property value defines
the injection. A simple example is mass: the mass value defines the length of the
injected vector. The more mass, the longer the vector. Other vectors are not so
simple, but I hope this is a simple enough mind model.

So we have these 3 locations or points where the vectors create the 3 result vectors.
The geometry of these 3 result vectors is a triangle with equal sides. This triangle is
located exactly in the middle of the result space. And the triangle creates a geometric plane.
We call this plane the "GROUND", in our case in 3D this is "ground zero".

In the past, a second ground existed in our reality. We call it the dark ground.
All 6 dark groups had deals with each other about using the dark ground. Of course
their construction and ways of using it was completely illegal. They made
much shit against us with it, and many 3D manipulation systems used it.
The dark ground and its injectors have already been removed.

In the last week we installed new injectors for 9 new grounds. Yesterday we
activated them, all the needed vectors have been injected and formed the 9 new grounds.
All of the new grounds are parallel to ground zero.
Each of them has more than 3 points where result vectors are formed, the smallest ground has 5,
the largest has 22 result vectors; all with equal-sided geometry.
Grounds 1 to 4 are located above ground zero, while grounds 5 to 9 are below ground zero.

The grounds have many functions.
The only one I can publish now is for ground 9, which has a healing function.

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Posted: 05 Jun 2020 07:15
by Frank
The next rounds of attacks on the CV started 2 hours ago.
Lets hope of better impact this time. :-D
If not, you have the CLO2... :mrgreen:

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Posted: 05 Jun 2020 22:09
by Evo
These are my favorite posts, confusing yes, but full of info, and interesting. Thanks! :clap:

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Posted: 06 Jun 2020 00:42
by Frank
About 10 hours ago we reached an important milestone.
We made very important modifications to ground zero.
We moved the 3 vector points of ground zero in the kind, that
the length of the edges of the triangle, which is ground zero,
got increased by 46,26 times. So the triangle is much bigger now.
The location and orientation of ground zero did not change.

In the past the darks illegally shortened it. By this they could
better manipulate the ground zero, and it was much more
difficult to clean their shit out.

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Posted: 06 Jun 2020 00:51
by Frank
The system of using grounds by itself is not new.
In the past in Prime Creation (destroyed by darks)
there were physical planets with multi ground (3 to 5).

And the beings incarnated there had one energetic body
in the layers, as we have it too. But instead of connecting
this body to the one physical body (like here), they connected to
3 to 5 part bodies.

Simple mind model for this:
Imagine our physical body as it is,
but the nervous system is not in 3D.
Instead it is on an other ground following
the physics of this other ground.
Both are connected with and over the energetic body
creating a multi grounds body by this.