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Posted: 01 Nov 2019 01:20
by Frank
The layer got removed a few hours ago.

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Posted: 04 Nov 2019 06:34
by Frank
This night we had a huge battle.
I named it "the PHOENIX battle".

The battle is done now.
And 3D has risen to it's original place.

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Posted: 04 Nov 2019 07:13
by flow
Can we get the battlechats?

Feeling really exhausted today.

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Posted: 04 Nov 2019 21:45
by Frank
flow wrote:Can we get the battlechats?

This one is 100% boring, as all went totally smooth with this battle.

In fact it was so smooth and boring that Drack fell asleep during it...
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Posted: 18 Nov 2019 01:01
by Grayfox
The Original Dark Creation and the 39 Filter Layers on 3D Earth

This entire grid, which was created billions of years ago (even in 3D time, so
an extremely long time ago) was an experiment which we agreed to undertake, so
there was no duress or force involved in the agreement to undertake the
experiment of starting the grid and the planets and universe which would be
situated upon said grid.

However, when Eartha made her trap and pushed this planet (3D Earth) down to EL1
(about 18,800 3D-years ago) and made a huge trap by taking many of our people
hostage, and using these hostages to secure an agreement (under duress, so not a
real agreement) to make a new experiment, this was effectively and for all
intents and purposes an entirely new creation to all that which had preceded it.
It is in the context of this second experiment, the forced trap created by
Eartha, in other words, what concerns 3D Earth, that the following text is to
be interpreted:

In the beginning of this creation (this trap in 3D Earth created by Eartha
pushing this planet down to EL1 and taking a very large number of hostages with
her) was a set up/installation of a very large entity, formed by combining 192
original dark IDs (32 from each of the 6 dark groups) into a single entity, with
the purpose to oversee and control operations in 3D, we term this entity as the
'mastermind'. Also was created a similar entity to Prime Creator, with the
purpose to provide the cycles of time ticks to the darks, and to synchronize and
ensure the smooth running of their forces, we term this entity as the 'dark

One of the conditions accepted to (again, under duress) in the formation of
Eartha's 3D trap, was that we agreed to the formation of a third creation: We
had until this point the Prime Creation (#1), the grid in its original state
and all that was created upon said grid (#2), and now we agreed at this time to
the creation of an original 'dark creation', which one could also see as
something like the original point/location of darkness. The two aforementioned
entities of dark creator and mastermind, were located in this third creation,
the dark creation or DC. This DC was created simultaneously along with Eartha's
trap here in 3D earth. Every form of dark protection and hostage taking was made
to ensure the safety and protection of this dark creation, from which 3D
offensives were orchestrated and made on a daily, if not moment-to-moment basis.

We also agreed that the dark creator and mastermind would get full equivalent
rights to that of Prime Creator. This includes full equivalent protections to
that of Prime Creator. Therefore they were impossible to touch or to remove as
long as these rights and statuses remained in place. They used these rights and
statuses to secure and protect the dark creation, as well as to protect the
original filter layer of this property/of 3D Earth.

A word about the filter layers:

There have been 39 different filter layers on this fractal Earth. Only one of
them was originally created in the original configuration of this property
(approx 2.3 billion years ago) and was originally not dark, the rest was just
pure dark shit and have been long removed. However, this original layer, this is
the reason why Eartha chose this planet for her trap in the first place!

This grid was started approximately 16 billion years ago (Earth years). This
planet, Earth, is the fourth planet in the grid to be selected to be converted
into a property (with the various layers such as Pandora 1, Pandora 2, and
Pandora 3, and so on). It was selected in order to provide the best conditions
possible for Outer-Core evolution. Up until this point, the conditions provided
for Outer-Core evolution were seen as having a crucial flaw: The Outer-Cores
provided too much feedback into the ambient, and into the entire situation, and
in this way created somewhat of a 'feedback loop' which in turn disrupted their
own evolutions. In order to rectify this feedback-loop-problem, this filter
layer that I have before mentioned, was created specifically for this planet,
3D Earth. The filter layer would block much of the input from the Outer-Core so
as to provide the optimal conditions for OC-evolution, in order that no
feedback-loop would be created. However, the filter layer also blocks much
information and help from the OC, making reaching inside from the outside
extremely difficult if not impossible! THIS is why Eartha chose Earth for her
special trap!!!

This layer was taken full control of by the dark mastermind and the dark
creator, who used their rights and status to fully protect and secure it against
us. As long as we could not remove their rights/status, we could not touch this
original filter layer which blocked so much information from reaching us in 3D,
and blocked much help from our own Outer-Cores, what had been created to solve a
problem, was being used against us to keep us as hostages in the worst possible
situation. THIS layer is what we have finally been able to reach, we have taken
down their rights and their statuses and their protections on this filter layer,
and we have begun to clean out the layer entirely! It is huge, so it will take
some time, but this has already made huge impacts.

One of these impacts is very simple: We were able to finally reach the DC
and to destroy the dark creator and the dark mastermind. The mastermind is
already in prison since a few days. This has unlocked huge cleanings for 3D and
made possible the removal of some special 3D-anchors which were anchoring and
protecting some key dark properties/creations near to 3D, including one which
was built specifically for traitors, so 7 in total, with 1 for each of the 6
dark groups as well.

We have also, by the way, COMPLETELY REMOVED the dark creation. It is no more.

The removal of the original filter layer (which was controlled by LSA2) is one
of the most important, if not the most important topic in the whole war. The
side-effects which have already been huge from all of the above cleanings will
continue until they are finished.

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Posted: 13 Dec 2019 17:55
by Anton
Battle-chat from monday before/around noon, december 9th
Zenon = Drack
Link to german version: viewtopic.php?f=111&t=2698&p=33424#p33424
► Show Spoiler

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Posted: 14 Dec 2019 23:05
by MikeyMo
:greetings-waveyellow: Thanks Anton for the translations. It is very much appreciated! :happy-sunshine:

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Posted: 11 Jan 2020 11:06
by Frank
The biggest cleanings ever are running now and last few days.
I am quite optimistic that these are the last battle waves.
Site effects of all kinds will happen.

Re: War-News

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 18:16
by Frank
The cleanings are intensifying dramatically in the last few days.
Some essential things have been taken down like the "3D sphere"
and others.
We try to prepare and publish more details soon.

Re: War-News

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 18:54
by Drack
The "Nexus"

we just recently broke through some big shields by simply overrunning them with such a huge amount of troops that their shields broke apart.
Behind these shields were portals leading to a so called nexus which is located right in the planets core.this nexus is considered to be the main logistic centre of every dark action.
This place they positioned this nexus is right into a very restrict very well protected protector-area which no real access whatsoever. The only access we created long long ago was through those portals.
We had many of those logistic centres before and many of those had a huge impact on our cleanings and battles as they were always stopping or delaying us in some way but this place is just the , seemingly, last real logistic complex they have left.
And its the biggest one aswell. it´s inside the earths core but due to it´s multilayered nature it´s several times bigger than the planet itself.

This nexus has 4 main AI´s inside , several ID´s , at least one big high rank from each group aswell as every „god“ possible.. sadana ariman, lucifer, several earthas..
it has endless amounts of shields besides the one shield we broke through which are all as thick as the one we broke through, all those shields placed inside the portals in the „way“ between the one entrance of the portal to the other.
It has the most huge weapon systems darks ever created because this place is that important to protect and maintain for them.

Right now we´re melting through all that like through butter.
and we´re taking all those who are hiding there aswell as the AI´s , which are there for controlling and maintaining their armies (they seemingly cant even do that themselves anymore)

Re: War-News

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 19:13
by Drack
this topic is about another logistic centre. Some might wonder now „but i thought you meant this is their last one?“ , well yes, this one is a bit different..
it´s ours which got hijacked a long long while ago after the first big betrayal in Mycenae.
As we lost that war we lost our old stuff, current techs , our troops and many more things with it before of this sudden push they made thanks to the traitors who backstabbed us.
With that they produced a perfect hostage situation and they kept this centre in a hidden place near to this Nexus mentioned before. It is as hardly protected as the nexus is,
if not even more, and they use the hijacked tech against us.

Inside there are many parts belonging to each and everyone of us, like a library of hostage situations.

This is going down now aswell.

Re: War-News

Posted: 24 Jan 2020 12:40
by Frank
There is a big hidden illegal access point to each and everyone of us , caused
by traitors in the past and maintained and well hidden till now. This gives them
quite a lot of control about the control systems of the 3D avatar as well as „secret“
access to the OC. This has been put into quarantine a long time ago already
but now we´re finally able to deal with this and close this once and forever.
This is considered one of the last big access points to us. More to come in that

Examples for what this can do is causing a lot of hormone disorders, a lot of
mood disorders, thought disorders, thought hijacking, causing damages in the
intestine area as well as the lungs and the heart and the brain. it´s manipulating
the body to harm itself and it´s hard to stop this when they still had their fingers
in us. Pain management is a big topic of that as well, since we got rid of a lot
of those pain systems they created , they managed to put direct connections
to new pain systems inside us through this access. With that they could give
the body and OC wrong signals of pain which causes cleanings and healings
to be hurting way more than they should be.

The pain system as well as the illegal access is in cleaning now.

Re: War-News

Posted: 24 Jan 2020 12:44
by Frank
This is a masking topic.
For now there were masks in 3D which we couldn't decipher that way that we
could classify a few for certain. This caused a few of problems, because when
you cant classify darks to be dark for 100%, we can´t really enforce our
cleanings and battles that way we should be. This has to do with the nature of
3D and how it is hard to see through in this fractal environment. They used this
out to create masks in that way it always hides behind a curtain of fractal
energies, which means we couldn´t really be 100% for sure. This has now changed
since we got the needed access to find a way to get rid of those masks. This
doesn't change any classifications on most of us whatsoever because this was
known long before and the classification has been adjusted to this problem
before as well. Mostly high ranks really used this masks , and high rank traitors.
Without this masking this is just like the needed confirmation we need to put
them down for good. As well as their systems and dark mess they spread around.