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Posted: 03 Jul 2019 08:39
by Anton
That explains a lot, 3d-darks and dark supporters all seem to be suddenly dropping their masks much more often. I also noticed some other unusual stuff, like unspeakeable bad luck regarding rng-events in games... I woke up at 4am, 1 hour before this post and actually „knew“ there will be war-news in a little while! :scared-eek:

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Posted: 03 Jul 2019 09:34
by Flow
Anton wrote: I woke up at 4am, 1 hour before this post and actually „knew“ there will be war-news in a little while! :scared-eek:

Me too! Exactly the same..

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Posted: 03 Jul 2019 09:55
by Liv
Me three! I noticed that dark have been particularly crazy yesterday and I had a hunch something will be posted in war news about it. :happy-smileyflower:

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Posted: 03 Jul 2019 16:15
by Tealxi
Me four! :laughing-rolling:

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Posted: 09 Jul 2019 00:06
by Grayfox
The Information-Distorting, Cognition-Altering Ball Structure

There is a single central ball-structure which was responsible
for the majority of information blockings and cognition changes,
i.e. replacing elements of a genuine cognition with bullshit,
such as people or places you already know that have nothing
whatsoever to do with the real cognition.

This structure was attacking you through your memories
(distorting what and how you remember, making you feel as though
you could have or should have done things differently when you
couldn't, for example) and by distorting all information which
your harmony is sending you. It is essentially using you to
attack yourself. Genuine information is manipulated and altered
and retransmitted to you as "genuine". It targets your weakest
points and blocks your harmony from being able to assist you
with these problems. A real nasty motherfucker of a system.
-More details on the attacks maybe later.-

Visually, it appeared as a single, large ball structure, with
huge tentacles connected to it all around. These tentacles are
the communication lines by which it connects to smaller AIs.
The ball itself is a huge AI system, the biggest which darks
ever had. It was used and developed by orion & isis, and the
ball contained 10 original orion and isis IDs (5 of each),
that were constantly working and attacking with it.
They are now all removed and have been taken to prison.

The tentacles were connected to some material that looked like
gel, and this material was covering pretty much everything,
everywhere. This 'gel-like' material was controlled by the
central AI and also by smaller, individual AIs located in each
individual person. This material was developed by the
Protector traitor bitch.

The ball structure was not on-grid but located in the data containers,
and created parallel records to the existing 3D data records.
In this way it made a sort of parallel reality.
These records were also highly compressed (zipped) to 23 dimensions.
Usually zips are much higher than 23, but all of these records
were ACTIVE and attacking constantly.

The ball structure was located literally in every single cube inside
of the entire Earth, including the inner core and mantle
By volume, this structure occupied 90% of the volume of Earth.
However, the remaining 10% of the Earth, and the ENTIRETY of the
rest of this property was totally covered with the gel material
and the smaller AIs (that were inside of the gel). These AIs
together with the central ball AI were controlling this gel.
Again, the gel was EVERYWHERE and in EVERY SINGLE PERSON.
And not just in Earth, but in EVERYWHERE, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE
in this entire property.

All of this shit is in removal now.

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Posted: 09 Jul 2019 14:46
by Jay
:scared-shocked: Wow - thats pretty massive ! This should definetly have some tangible side effects then I am assuming :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl:

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Posted: 09 Jul 2019 17:48
by Anton
Jay wrote::scared-shocked: Wow - thats pretty massive ! This should definetly have some tangible side effects then I am assuming :happy-cheerleadersmileygirl:

I don't know about you, but I have already been feeling tangible side-effects since the veil cleanings started, my visual cognition has been slowly changing ever since. :lol:

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Posted: 17 Jul 2019 03:44
by Grayfox
The 'Cognition-Layer'

There was a cleaning called the 'Cognition-Layer',
this was millions of 'hooks' into all of our
connection and communication lines, with the purpose
to inject constantly tiny, subtle influences into
our connections, for the purpose of causing confusion
and mental destruction.

We had very poor protection against this, as many of
the stabilization functions which would come from
our harmony were blocked. This was a hostage situation
only involving lights that were not dark supporters
or with deals. This 'Cognition-Layer' was a huge
cleaning and a huge topic that was the precursor to
the following topic, the 'Influence-Interface':

The 'Influence-Interface' /
a consciousness with an ID-size
(this is huge)

This is about a consciousness (not a being) that had
the size of an ID (which is a huge size) and which
made tremendous shit in countless people (and also
many darks included), even if it had no clue what it
was doing (which does not detract from the damage it

This consciousness was part of the Protector-traitor-
bitch and had her status and ability to 'sign' things
with this status. Here's a quick visual description
of what happened:

A corkscrew-shaped structure began drilling into the
outer wall of the Outer-Core, eventually breaking
through into the OC, and immediately stealing and
hijacking a large quantity of 'non-reproducible
protected energies', enough for thousands of lifetimes.

From there this corkscrew proceeded immediately down
the connection line from the OC to the physical body,
cementing itself into the center of the body where it
began to work. This structure was the delivery mechanism
for the aforementioned consciousness of ID size - a
consciousness so large, it was grown on hundreds of
different planets. Once inside the body, the consciousness
began to use its stockpile of stolen energies, each of
which marked with the identification of the one from
whom they were stolen from (therefore classified as
"protected energies") and inserted inside these protected
energies some newly-generated rules energies. These
were also signed with the status of the Protector-traitor-
bitch, giving them Protector status.

So you have rules that were classified as "protected
energies" with also Protector-status. This consciousness
was not aware of what it was doing (this was intentional
to prevent any loss of efficiency in its task, many of
its consciousness functions were blocked such as self-
reflection) but continued at full efficiency to make
HUGE damages with this production of rules all signed
with Protector-status. And this signing and production
continued endlessly until we took this consciousness to
prison yesterday.

These rules would be for example like this:
  • "Must cause as much pain as possible.
  • Cannot be removed.
  • Cannot be disturbed.
    <signed by Protector-traitor-bitch>"

This consciousness was grown by orions with the full
intention from the very beginning to be used for dark
purposes. It was inserted into all (darks included)
except for isis & orions, however incarnated darks
with connections and cognitions found ways to block
and handle its effects.

A very interesting point here is that these rules
with the signed Protector-traitor-bitch's status,
i.e. with Protector-status, overruled and overpowered
other rules even on other planets.
For example it
blocked our healings here on 3D Earth.

This was a global hostage situation - the consciousness
had the order to kill any connected person if its
delivery interface (from where it produced endlessly
new rules and signed them) was removed. This included
darks as well.

Another name for its delivery interface is the 'Influence Interface'.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2019 00:20
by Grayfox
The rules mentioned in the previous post are now 100% gone from all G3+.

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Posted: 20 Jul 2019 01:39
by Dynatós
Grayfox wrote:The rules mentioned in the previous post are now 100% gone from all G3+.

:greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: uhul :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow:

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Posted: 20 Jul 2019 02:12
by Anton
turreguidar wrote: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: :greetings-clappingorange: uhul :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow: :greetings-clappingyellow:

uhul indeed! :-D

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Posted: 21 Jul 2019 17:21
by Frank
We are in a very dangerous phase of the war.
Darks are at the brink.

They do all what they can do with their leftover possibilities.
They are in a no-or-never situation.
Same is for traitors.

They try all to turn our people against each others!!!!

Don't fall to this!

This is especially for all those of our people who have any
kinds of cognition.

All cognitions I checked in the last days from our people
were full of influence and fake manipulation.
Atm. no cognition can be trusted.
It never could, but atm. it is worst till now.

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Posted: 21 Jul 2019 17:31
by Frank
Everyone who hasn't ordered the new cut-connection command yet, shall do it now pls:

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Posted: 22 Jul 2019 17:30
by Grayfox
There is some big shit in the brain which messes with
the brain's interpretation of incoming signals.

The 'standard default configuration' for these signals is as follows:
10% from the brain-mind
80% from the Outer-Core
10% directly from the harmony

(these numbers vary on an individual basis, but this is
the 'standard default configuration')

This shit would override the standard configuration to be like this:
50% from 'OTHER SOURCES' than the above 3

These signals would constantly attack and block the own
signals (from brain-mind, OC, and harmony).

Also, the shit would override the 10% coming from the harmony
by rewriting its own signals to appear as though they
were coming from the harmony. By default, the harmony's
signals are dominating everything else, so this shit's
signals would also be dominating everything else.

This shit is in removal now.

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Posted: 23 Jul 2019 06:09
by Grayfox
System in the central nervous system attacking pyramidal cells:

Developed by taurus and installed with the help of orions,
this system is attacking the central nervous system (brain)
and affecting how it communicates with the orion layer.

This system is located in the 3D data of the body, while the
orion layer is energetic.

This is one of the main disruptors (not changing, but rather
blocking/disturbing) of cognitions. This system is in general
blocking the OC ⟷ body connection in the brain. It is also
making damages in the brain, specifically to the special cells
which are responsible for receiving signals from the OC,
these are also called Pyramidal cells.

The OC sends Alpha and Beta signals to the body.
Alpha signals are conscious signals such as thoughts or
cognitions. Beta signals are unconscious signals like
emotions or body regulations. The Pyramidal cells receive
the Alpha signals.

This system is ONLY concerned with attacking the Alpha signals,
specifically by attacking the cells which receive the Alpha signals.
This is general is the ONLY system which is concerned with the
Alpha signals sent by the Outer-Core.

The control of this system belonged to orions and lsa2.
Taurus who developed it sold control of it to lsa2.

This system is in removal now.

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Posted: 23 Jul 2019 08:52
by Anton
This sounds like it might also have been a major factor in causing dementia? Though I think there‘s more to dementia, like for example some shit messing with connections, so that thinking-data gets sent to the brains „speaking-connections“ instead of the „thinking-connections“ so to say, resulting in non-stop high-speed mumbling (because our inner time is faster). :confusion-scratchheadblue:

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Posted: 23 Jul 2019 09:17
by Frank
Anton wrote:This sounds like it might also have been a major factor in causing dementia? Though I think there‘s more to dementia, like for example some shit messing with connections, so that thinking-data gets sent to the brains „speaking-connections“ instead of the „thinking-connections“ so to say, resulting in non-stop high-speed mumbling (because our inner time is faster). :confusion-scratchheadblue:

No it's not caused by this system.

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Posted: 24 Jul 2019 22:35
by Frank
12 hours ago darks wanted to negotiate with us on neutral
ground, for the first time since 500 billion years (which are about 740 Earth-felt years).
At that time they crashed one of our people on another neutral ground. This was the moment that Buddha picked up his sword and armor.

They (orion, taurus, lsa1, lsa2, lsa3) want us not to destroy a
key dark system of theirs.

This system guards the last key technology of theirs
for protecting their shit in 3D against the isis group
(the most powerful of the 6 groups in general).

This technology is called 'fractal reversal technology'
and it can be used to create temporary small holes in
fractal structures. Many of their structures are heavily
protected by layers and layers of deep fractal encryption.

But this 'fractal reversal technology', if secured by
isis, could undo deep fractal encryption, immediately allowing
isis to completely remove all protection from their key

For example religious support and power structures, and religious
energy sources in 3D (located purely in 3D) which are protected by this technology.

It is believed by the 5 groups that if isis should secure this
technology of theirs, that they would immediately - and in a colossal fashion - lose
the war to isis in 3D.

Cobra (isis blogger) refers to this technology many times in the last years.
He calls it 'plasma toplet bombs'.

So we will remove them now. Let's see what will happen... :laughing-rolling:

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Posted: 25 Jul 2019 03:32
by Frank
The Dark Colonies:

A "last refuge" to protect the 5 dark groups from isis, built in 1994.

In 1994 the five dark groups (not including isis, so taurus,
orion, lsa1, lsa2 and lsa3) decided amongst themselves
to construct a refuge, as they estimated that they would
inevitably lose the war against isis (the most powerful of
the 6 dark groups).

These colonies were constructed in top secrecy, only the fewest
number of dark leaders and IDs here knew about it,
and it is located extremely far away from here:
By distance it is twice the distance as from here to
Prime Creation, but located in the opposite direction.

The "colony space" is segregated into 5 distinct colonies,
one for each group. There is no communication whatsoever
from inside the space to the outside, and they agreed not
to attack each other inside the colony space. They also
generally do not mix much inside the colony space.

This "colony space" is extremely huge. By estimation there is,
by volume, roughly HALF OF ALL DARK SHIT we have found so far.
And this is all currently active, used in the securing and
protection of the colony space.

They have several factories inside to produce more dark shit,
but the space is mostly used by the existing dark shit they brought in.

As a last resort, is it intended to be a space where they can bide
their time, and ultimately, if the war situation on the outside
changes, could one day attempt to escape and rebuild their "empire".

There are exactly 104 original IDs present in the colonies (and billions of clones),
exactly 20 from each group and 4 extra eartha IDs from lsa2. It was eartha
who could provide the safe location for the colony space without the knowledge
of isis.

It is estimated that isis still does not know the exact location of the
colonies, but they "smell a rat". They have searched a few times but still
without success for the location.

The technology of the colony space is very clever. As a defense mechanism
it manipulates the ones who are searching, such that they can be looking
directly at the correct location and never realize they are there.
This mechanism uses a special technology created by eartha that is able to
manipulate anything which is classified as an entity or higher.

In the design of all entities was a secret design flaw which was intended by
eartha to be used as some kind of last resort. It is essentially a "blind-spot"
or black-hole in the consciousness field. It is only existing when triggered,
the trigger mechanism involves a cascade of specially designed attack energies
that trigger a fractal break in the consciousness field of the target.

The end result is that a hole forms in the consciousness field that cannot be
seen by the target. In this space things can be hidden, and the one who the CF
belongs to can never see them. It is also unlikely that they can be seen by any
outsiders, as with only the highest of permissions is an outsider able to get
close enough to the CF to possibly detect this fractal break.

In exchange for providing the technology to secure the colonies against invasion
and detection and to install them securely, eartha demanded access to the colonies
herself - this is the reason why the 4 additional eartha IDs are there.

Interestingly, the last colonists arrived in 1996, since then there has been
no contact between the colonies and the outside, except that the four eartha IDs
arrived in 2017 - they claimed to be fleeing from isis, but we have proof that
they were fleeing from us.

In the past we found several "ark" systems which may sound similar to the colonies,
but there is one massive difference: The biggest ark we ever found contained
0.000004% of the amount of dark shit in the colonies.

We are attacking and destroying the dark colonies now.

Re: War-News

Posted: 25 Jul 2019 06:26
by Frank
Here is some report and infos we´ve got while these battles.
The report starts 11 minutes after we started the attacks on the colonies.

4:43 – 4:49 AM
They (all 6 groups) completely lost control, and seemingly their minds.
After this became official , isis opened all their doors, windows and whatever
they had to open, literally everything , to attack. Isis doesn´t attack us though,
they´re so outraged because of these till now unknown to them colonies and all that, that they directly rushed to
that point to attack, and to attack the 5 groups with all they have. All other
groups of course had to defend themselves and opened all their doors also to
counter these attacks. A giant battle, the biggest battle till now seemingly and
apparently the last of this kind started.

They´re completely out of concept, they don´t even really understand what´s
up anymore. Since no one really knew about that, everyone feels betrayed.
Everyone got trust issues with the other and they even have internal fights at points.

Battles became so intense that even the skin armor had slight issues coping
with that but didn´t broke or let anything through, that intense this battle became.
I myself (Drack) got nauseous a lot and my body burned.

All remaining deals amongst darks got cancelled completely because of those
trust issues and this „big betrayal“ they had. And they started to call out a martial
law, everyone involved, like „eye for an eye“ they called it. Big ID´s even stormed
out of their hidings to go on a rampage, they pretty much completely lost it.

Isis started to use some „safety bombs“ on other darks, which they got installed
into them through deals. Because of that big chaos and their insanity they actually
started to blow up the other 5 dark groups people from within on a huge scale.

We of course took advantage of all that chaos and that they go out and blocked
the doors and ways so they can´t even return back to their bases.


They (the 5 groups) somehow arranged a ceasefire with isis, just with the
intention to all fight us rather than each other because we are the big evil who
did all this and isis agreed. Isis itself though doesn´t mind attacking us and rather
tried to go back home before it´s too late. Too bad it was too late already.


The cease fire didn´t even last 10minutes , and isis broke it , because they
couldn´t flee anymore, and as we know they only know „fight and flee“, so they
started another even bigger attack. They started to use all they have, including
some called „superweapons“ you could describe as if a nuclear bomb would set
off on earth. Or a meteor would hit earth. Chaos increased by 1000 times and
they´re all in pure panic.

We quickly blew up those superweapons because they were actually harmful
for the environment. There is only one big „death star“ like construct of a superweapon
left , but not for long. That weapon is described as "core" of the isis and the
power they have, because this weapon is actually made to erase everything.
To destroy whatever exists beyond the point it could be repaired. They never really
used it , and everyone feared about even using it. They used that now several
times, against us also. The skin armor had issues with it but even held against that
pretty well. For the 5 other groups this was devastating.

Seemingly the weapon actually blew itself up through a defect. Since they never
used it they couldn´t say if it works or not. It didn´t work as intended and it ripped
apart the whole base with it. We knew already beforehand through reverse engineering that
it will blow up.

Isis and other members of the 5 groups started to surrender to us unconditionally.
The one side took extreme losses through this waves of destruction caused by
this weapon and isis actually lost a lot of their people through this explosion. And
the fact that this weapon was supposed to be their game changer and it failed so
badly demoralized them completely.

From now on it seems like „over“. Tthe battles will continue for a longer while, isis
still fights but the other 5 groups could be considered as „nonexistant“ anymore
because of these huge losses. Isis trapped itself through the fact that they opened up
all and everything to us.

We are now only fighting within the dark bases. No more battles outside running atm.

All 104 original IDs who were in the colonies are down and in our prison now.

All 6 main leaders of the 6 dark groups are fallen now and are already in our prison.

The battles in the bases will continue the next hours.