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Posted: 26 Dec 2018 21:33
by Anton
Drack wrote:In the past days we had really big achievements. Firstly we are now considered 100% free.
This happened last night, as we took out some really special hostage-situations including really really important parts of us and even a main-avatar.
The old ancient REAL main-avatar they took from us as we lost the war for the first time. The avatar we had before was nothing more than a clone, or a mirror you could say.
We never really had access to our real avatar. This changed now and through that (and a few other topics) we have the status of „freedom“ and being a „full being“.

With this we have no boundaries anymore in what we do. we can go through them like a hot knife through butter.

More infos maybe later on details.

*_* Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? Now you've just sparked my ANTICIPATION! Feed us more info!! [^: :eek: :techie-eatcursor: I just spent wayy too much time looking for an emote that depicts hunger hehe

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Posted: 26 Dec 2018 22:22
by Tealxi
AAAAAAAAAAAA this is exciting I can't wait for more news! :banana-dance:

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Posted: 01 Jan 2019 01:04
by Frank
I wish everyone who is status G3+ a happy new year!

For all others (g4- / darks) I have a nice new year present...
Half an hour ago I put you all in a kind of energetic 3D-prison.

Here is some impression about the 3D-prison (in german):
► Show Spoiler

In the last weeks we started a very huge war against darks.
This war reached it's top now.
A few hours ago we started the main attacks to finally take down
the remaining darks and G4- outside of 3D.
These battles will continue a while.

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Posted: 01 Jan 2019 01:58
by Anton
Approximate translation of the impressions of the new energetic 3d prison:

Frank: You should check if something has changed at the darks...

"There are connections gone.... changed Hmmm..... I'd say....OK how do I describe it looks like they're eating shit from the lights through their own connections, but I'm not sure what that means....what does it mean?
They're somehow going backwards, and it seems they're getting the trash back?"

"As if the lights are sending the shit back to them
Looks pretty sick
Hope it stays that way."

Frank: There should be more to see.

"They all have that glitter around them...
So.... They're flickering and look like bagged in(not sure about that part) Small... and some kind of balloon at their head
Changed programming....I don't know what that means."

"Yes, they're shooting at each other...internally in own groups...wait I'm gonna go in deeper...
Some of them are flying if they are weightless....
The avatars I see seem to be....woah how does one explain that...
Do you know when one creates a virtual figure, that structure at the beginning?
That's how they're sometimes looking like....
And they're striking through me...
How does that one work? (Not sure about that part either)"

Frank: "Status shifted"

"Separated from the grid....Huh?"

Frank: yes

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Posted: 01 Jan 2019 13:39
by Kira
Happy new year to all lovely beings
Thank you for existing
*love and hugs*

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 05:18
by Grayfox
The Ring
The most secure and dangerous hostage situation ever invented

Some facts about The Ring:
  • The Ring is the reason why nothing changed in 3D until now.
  • The Ring is the reason why none of our programs worked properly in 3D until now
    (only ~1% of their total abilities).
  • The Ring is the most secure and dangerous hostage situation ever invented,
    including about one-third of all beings from the Prime Creation planets,
    taken during the events of the Prime Creation massacre.
These were lightful beings, following the light rules, but were not part of the Protoi Alliance,
which had already fallen to genocide by the 5 dark groups who participated: taurus, orion, lsa1, lsa2, and isis.

Isis is the name of the 6th dark group. Until today, they were also the most powerful dark group.
Our technology was not able to detect their existence until very recently, and that is also when the REAL battles began.

It was isis's idea to take the one-third of lightful beings from Prime Creation during the massacre,
and put them in a secure hostage situation. The darks knew that we would not endanger the life
of even a single lightful being. Approximately 6,188 sextillion lightful beings were taken hostage during the massacre.

The other two-thirds of beings were greys who were not following the light rules, but they were not dark,
and were not doing dark things. The greys formed two alliances to fight against the darks,
but they had no idea what they were up against, and were totally wiped out: destroyed and crashed by the bloodthirsty darks.

When "The Ring" hostage situation was created, we immediately ceased firing upon any darks,
or dark structures which were protected by this situation.

We had just lost the American Civil War, so we did not have much left in the way of weaponry,
but with what we did have, we did not attack or even scan for anything dark
that was protected by The Ring.

We did not want to risk in any way shape or form the lives of these 6,188 sextillion beings,
that we still considered to have even a tiny chance of saving (at some unknown point in the future).

That day has come today. And we have been one hundred percent successful.
All hostages have been successfully recovered with ZERO casualties!

In terms of visual appearance, The Ring looked like a deep military bunker,
with many tricks and traps designed to discourage even the slightest mistimed provocation:
if any of The Ring's inner or outer structures or any of its external defenses, including countless trigger-points,
were touched or attacked at the wrong moment, the lives of every single one
of the 6,188 sextillion hostaged beings would be immediately extinguished and forever forfeit.

Therefore, we did not risk any kind of premature attack which could cause such a loss.
We deleted ALL knowledge of The Ring from ALL our people. It is only thanks to our great technology of today,
that we were able to locate and take down The Ring.

We attacked The Ring from inside and out, both protecting it from an oncoming onslaught of extremely-
surprised darks, as well as defending the internal hostages from the internal dangers and darks present within.

The main battles lasted about 2 hours, as countless upon countless numbers of darks threw themselves at
The Ring's structures in an attempt to thwart our defenses - but to no avail: we did not give up a single inch!
And all hostages were rescued without any problems whatsoever.

Some more details about the isis group, and why they were the most powerful dark group:

Immediately following the creation of this situation by isis, she realised it's effect:
we stopped firing on her and her people, and stopped even looking for what was protected by The Ring.

Isis encouraged the other 5 dark groups to join the Ring and protect their own shit with it,
in order to ensure future success should we ever again become a considerable military faction.

Shortly after joining The Ring, the other dark groups realised that isis had tricked them into making
many of their high-ranking members, including their entire chains of command, into prisoners of The Ring.

This hostage situation held by isis over the other 5 dark groups immediately catapulted isis,
and the isis group into a position of dominance over all other dark groups (until today).

The other groups had little choice but to reluctantly do isis's bidding, when it was necessary.
With few options remaining, the darks turned to fighting each other over control of the tiny vestiges of
power and freedom that still remained, instead of attacking isis.
Henceforth the isis group remained in its position of power until the events of today.

Now that The Ring is done, we begin to make our way to real 3D ...

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 07:54
by juu
Is this isis group visible in a 3d way? Like in a geo political perspective

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 09:27
by Frank
juu wrote:Is this isis group visible in a 3d way? Like in a geo political perspective

Their main stronghold is India.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 09:34
by Grayfox
My experiences of visiting the new habitats of the 6 sextillion rescued beings of Prime Creation

I wanted to check on the 6 sextillion beings rescued from The Ring, to see if they were okay, if they needed anything, if they had any problems, etc.

So, I was able to visit the new habitats where the 6 sextillion beings were moved to. I had several short visits, and here is my experiences below. It's not really well edited or anything, more like a stream of consciousness, so enjoy:

First visit:
I realised that I was slowly beginning the connection process (and I heard that this was happening, too).
It was like changing frequency, it was a totally different world I needed to tune into, and I needed to re-synchronise to the new world to go there. The synchronisation began, so I heard, and I could speed it up by manually ordering a "Synchronise All" command with Dropbox. So I did so. As my synchronisation was running (only a few moments), I saw what appeared as faint shapes of beings around. It was something like tuning into the frequency of a world, and they were slowly beginning to take more and more solid form around me. At first, the space appeared nearly empty, and the beings as nearly transparent, but they became very quickly as solid as I was, and I soon after appeared solidly in their world.

The surroundings appeared as a large, spherical/dome-shaped structure, something like a massive greenhouse, reminding me of that scene from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", where they are all running around and playing.
Surrounding me all around were tons of small beings, they looked like cuddly, friendly little blue aliens. I had never seen anything like this before, "huh, so this is what Prime Creation beings look like," I thought to myself.
I got the impression that they were children, that they were ALL children. I didn't see a single one that looked larger than the others, and they all appeared similar, blue in colour; I didn't get a good enough look to see if they had individual visual differences in appearance, but I think that they did.
Upon my full synchronisation and full solid arrival into their world/planet, they immediately noticed me and started to crowd around me. I had all of their attention at once. I heard that this was 1 billion beings, all in one place. I had the impression that one of them was speaking to me, "There's 1 billion of us here, so the others are on 600,000 other planets; I don't know if that's the right number, I can't count very well."
They were immediately very excited to see me!
I had the sensation that I was being thrown up into the air (this was a gesture of theirs which indicated that they were very excited to see me).
However, I don't think I actually physically moved at all, but I saw myself as being thrown in the air. And then my focus returned to the ground. I noticed immediately that every single one of them was totally happy, without a worry or a care in the world. Totally playful and carefree. None of them had a clue about the danger they had been in. And I didn't care to tell them. At the sudden realisation of the huge disconnect between the gravity of their situation, and their playful, carefree nature, I immediately reacted in 3D, and began to cry. This was powerful enough to affect my energetical avatar in their world, which began to softly cry as well. It was enough for them to notice, and they asked me why I was crying.
I didn't want them to see me crying, and I told them so. "I'm just so happy to see you guys alive, that's all. Can I speak to your parents?" They didn't seem to react to the underlying message behind my words, which is good, again they seemed totally carefree, and I was glad to let them remain that way. I didn't want to bring my foreign emotions into their world and overwhelm them with the knowledge of my 3D world.

After asking to see their parents, I was told (as words in my head, though I didn't see any mouths moving I still heard their voices) that their parents/the adults of their species were located on other planets; and at this information I was given a picture visually of the planet I was on, and the connections and pathways from it to other planets located around on various points of a sphere; they were all part of a nodal network, and you could travel from one to the other (though I didn't see how).
They told me it's no problem, we can easily travel to the other planets, and shortly after this, word seemed to spread of my arrival, and before I knew it, a few adult beings had appeared next to me (out of nowhere). Only a few, perhaps 5 in total. I had the feeling that more would have been on their way if I had stayed longer. The adults appeared larger than the children, and some of them were extremely tall, up to the very tip of the ceiling. I was concerned if the habitat was large enough, but one of them assured me that they were very happy to be there. They are shapeshifter beings, he told me, so they could pick whatever size and height they wished. They had plenty of room, and did not feel constricted or cramped at all, despite so many children filling the space.

Moments after the adults arrived, I once again found myself suddenly in the air (I didn't move smoothly from the ground to the air, rather my perspective suddenly left the ground and appeared in the air, followed by reappearing on the ground; repeated by once again in the air, and then suddenly again on the ground. This entire thing repeated 3-4 times before I was disoriented and thankfully asked them to stop for now (though I was actually starting to get used to the experience).

Though I kept "appearing in the sky", I never actually left the ground. This was their way of communicating to me that they were very pleased to see me. They could make me see their feelings in pictures, without even touching me (though they were in my proximity, they did not actually touch me). It was amazing to communicate in this way.

At this moment, I had the concern that any negative emotions of mine, or baggage of 3D would spoil their pure joy, and I thought it might be best to leave, and so I did.

My impression of the overall ambient and surrounding planets (though I only saw a few of them at this time) was that everything was functioning very well in a very tidy, organised fashion.
Overall a very moving experience.

Second visit

Time to go back! Connecting back, I went to a different habitat, but with the same species of beings inside.

I saw a few kids, much fewer than the last time, who again noticed me and wanted to come around me and play, so we spent some time laughing and playing until an adult walked over. At some point, I asked one of the kids if they had any mirror by which I could see myself. The best I could find with their help was some glass window or something set inside the floor (kind of like a floating 'space station') into which I could look and see the form I had. I could not see the form clearly, but I knew that I was looking at it, and I could get some impressions of it, as well as a somewhat partial description. It was grey in colour, a soldier's uniform. I heard the words "A proud Protoi soldier". It looked somehow strange, as though it was old-fashioned clothes. It gave me a sense of warmth, and somehow carried with it the feeling of a good soldier.
As I heard the words, I heard an adult nearby (who I think had been running around earlier in the shape of some large circular creature), who remarked, "We haven't seen one of those in 100 billion years or more", in reference to my uniform.
This was followed by, "Who are you?" I introduced myself as a Protoi, and we began to discuss what he knew about his current situation.

He said that he knew that something was wrong: the world changed, and you could no longer go to a different world anymore, "it was the same world, over and over and over again. We nearly died, until we discovered together that we needed to play the game, to mine (I think he said 'mine') every day to get food. Can you imagine having to struggle every day for survival?" he said, in a serious, punctured tone. I told him that I could, and when he asked how, I paused for a moment. Owing to my newfound skills at nonverbal communication, I could have shared my feelings with him, and given him an impression of the 3D I had experienced, with all of its own pain and suffering and toiling each day for survival. But I decided against it, he had been through enough for the moment. Now was the time for him to rest.

He explained that the previous location I had visited was just the playground, and that's why it was filled with so many kids. He told me that indeed, they do have homes to live in, and he showed his small hut. We stepped inside and I was immediately taken aback with how much larger it was on the inside: there was a long, narrow corridor, perpendicular to the entryway, and the entire inner structure appeared as a very tight, cosy room, branching off to the left and right. However, although I could see a wall in front of me where the end of the hut should be, I could walk into and through it, all the while 'never leaving the hut'. I could walk seemingly endlessly through the wall, into what appeared as a vast, endless library.
He told me that this was infinite, there was no limits, he could make his house as big as he wanted. The stairs which were by the door took me upstairs to a similar landing and a similar corridor. This was repeated a few times with similar results: there was always more stairs to climb, should I want to do so. I got the pictures and impression that he could expand his house in this manner to as large as he wanted, there was no limit! He could even put a house inside of his house, he said, which would also act as infinitely as this one. He was very impressed with the technology, though he didn't know who had made it, and was very grateful.

I asked if he had any message for the one who invented it, as I knew him, and he asked me to give him a big hug from him. I asked him about food. "Food? We don't need to eat! We just give the order, `energy`, and we immediately get the perfect amount of energy we need. We CAN eat, but we don't need to." And I had an immediate sense of how wonderful this all was. Infinite housing and not needing to eat, wow.

I'd forgotten to mention the huge hug he'd given me when he met me. It was a circular, spinning sensation all around, unlike anything I'd ever experienced. He also started crying shortly afterwards, probably after describing the terrible place he had been in, and how cramped and desperate it was. The kids surrounded him and started to send him the same hug sensation he had given me. He told me that they hadn't seen him crying, though they did not appear to be negatively affected by it.

Frank told me that he had some other harmonies around, checking on the species/beings and so on, so I thought it would be great to go and visit one of these other harmonies of his. I asked my new friend what his name was, and I didn't get a name (in words) in response, but rather a nonverbal sensation of a tremendous lick, from top to bottom. "Okay, so your name means a big lick, is that right?" And he nodded. So me and "Big Lick" went outside of this particular habitat, looking for one of Frank's other harmonies.

Stepping outside, we were immediately greeted by a HUGE, transformer-like avatar, that was making its way through the outside (which was much different than the inside, the outside was somehow barren and desolate in appearance). "What the fuck!" was all I could say, despite my trying not to swear in front of the kids 10 minutes ago. When he saw us, this harmony of Frank's transformed into a much smaller avatar, roughly the same as my size, but the enormous transformer disappeared, and he approached us with a friendly greeting. He seemed to know me, although I didn't recognise him, and told him as such, explaining that I was incarnated on Earth, and that I knew Frank. At the mention of Frank, he immediately reacted in the positive and expressed that he would like for me to pass on my regards. I agreed, and told him that I wanted to see some other planets, some other species. "Show me something interesting," I told him.

I invited "Big Lick" to join us, but he said he'd rather not, if it was all the same, so we left him there. If I have it right, as we left, he was laughing that I thought his name was "Big Lick". A friend reminded him that it was.

Together with this harmony of Frank's, who introduced himself as something sounding like "KlerosTOR", we travelled around and visited 3 other species he wanted to show me (Frank told me that there's 1.3 billion species on these habitats). The first of which were very tiny beings, KlerosTOR told me, so we should take small avatars. I turned into an ant, which he said was perfect, and was confronted with the sight of some small, round black shapes around me. The previous species I had encountered did not touch, though they came close, but these ones did gently touch me, with many soft black "feelers" that extended out of the round shape and then retracted back again. I think they communicated that they were happy to see me. KlerosTOR told me that this was a baby being, in the consciousness stage. It reminded me of a hive-mind, though I'm not sure if it was one.

The next species we visited was some bird-like creatures, very large and flat in shape. Upon my arrival, the bird said (in some kind of nonverbal communication), "Hello". That was all, just a simple Hello, nothing more and nothing less.
"They don't really communicate," KlerosTOR informed me, and so we left to visit a third species (Frank later told me that these bird creatures were full size level-2 entities). This was some kind of fish-like creature, that could apparently swim without water, and travel a few centimetres below the ground. "A psychic fish", KlerosTOR said. It communicated somehow telepathically (or similar), whenever it touched you. So it swam around my foot, and each time it completed it's "cycle", I saw a word appear in some kind of mental space:

And that was all from the communication of the fish. Frank told me later that this was indeed a being!

That ended my adventures for today. But I had many strong emotional reactions that I can't explain.. it really touched me.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 12:00
by Anton
One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them... Surprisingly fitting, a coincedence, after all, I read somewhere that Tolkien was in the allience... Thanks for sharing your experiences Grayfox! Now I‘m very interested to see what will happen in the future! :clap:

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 12:04
by Anton
Also, is the 3d-isis group a 3d representation of the real isis group you discovered, are they connected in any way, or are the names just a coincedence? 3d isis didn‘t seem to have a lot of power to me. ^^ Edit: Or does she have something to do with the egyptian doggess isis?

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 13:39
by Anton
Did The Ring also block changes like the ones to elements like uranium, that were made a while ago? Or did those go through?

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 16:47
by Frank
Thius wrote:One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them... Surprisingly fitting, a coincedence, after all, I read somewhere that Tolkien was in the allience... Thanks for sharing your experiences Grayfox! Now I‘m very interested to see what will happen in the future! :clap:

Has zero to do with Tolkien.

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 16:56
by Anton
Frank wrote:
Thius wrote:One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them... Surprisingly fitting, a coincedence, after all, I read somewhere that Tolkien was in the allience... Thanks for sharing your experiences Grayfox! Now I‘m very interested to see what will happen in the future! :clap:

Has zero to do with Tolkien.

Thought so... :happy-jumpyellow:

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 18:01
by juu
Frank wrote:
juu wrote:Is this isis group visible in a 3d way? Like in a geo political perspective

Their main stronghold is India.

I still don't see how they can be ruling 3d.. Still the west its the master.. Loosing power to Orion.. But still..

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Posted: 06 Jan 2019 22:30
by Frank
juu wrote:
Frank wrote:
juu wrote:Is this isis group visible in a 3d way? Like in a geo political perspective

Their main stronghold is India.

I still don't see how they can be ruling 3d.. Still the west its the master.. Loosing power to Orion.. But still..

No one is talking about 3d here....

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Posted: 10 Jan 2019 00:39
by Grayfox
My adventures in the new habitats, part 2

Here, I am checking in on the 6 sextillion beings rescued from The Ring, to see if they were okay, if they needed anything, if they had any problems, etc.

I met up with Marcy ("KlerosTOR"'s real name) once more, and asked him to show me whatever interesting species he thought I'd like to see. He had 3 particular species in mind for this day's adventures, and my stories follow below:

1. Fight or Flight

Our first stop was very high in the sky. Marcy commented that I'd have probably trouble breathing this high, if we were on Earth. Finally after a long travel upwards and upwards, we arrived to some large plateau, upon which I could see, far away, a large, statue-like structure, with many large winged beasts flapping away around its trunk structure. From where I was and the short length of my first impression, it appeared as though they were fighting this thing aggressively. They were very large winged beasts, approximately the shape and size of pterodactyls, but with longer wings. They were mercilessly beating on this large structure, over and over, or so it appeared from a distance.

I probably looked concerned, for Marcy soon assured me that they were not aggressive creatures, and that I should look again more closely. At a second inspection, I could see that they were making the same kind of motions, as though clapping their wings together over and over. Although it had first appeared as aggressive behavior, they were in fact not fighting at all, and certainly not fighting each other, another suspicion I had had. I was informed that they were, in fact, eating. And upon my closer inspection, I could see that they were extracting energies out of this structure - which now appeared more as a tree than a statue, and pushing the energies deep into their mouths, with their wings. In almost no time at all, the parts of the tree that had been stripped would regrow and appear as brand new, before their next bite; and they would have another chomp at the trunk.

Athough they were closely arranged around the structure, they were not interfering with each other or attacking each other. It was simply an aggressive-looking eating demonstration. Marcy informed me that these were baby beings, and that they hadn't learned to communicate yet. "These things take time", he said. He also said that they were primal creatures, "but not what you would call primal". They were eating because they wanted to, rather than out of necessity - and they were nearly finished.

When they finished, Marcy called them over. I didn't see it happen, but somehow as they neared me, they were no longer the large, aggressive-looking beasts they had appeared only moments before, but rather small, cute looking chicks. "Shapeshifting birds", he explained. They crowded around me and began pecking gently at my ankles and feet, probably more out of curiosity than anything else. Despite being told that they could not communicate, I attempted to send a warm feeling to them using my new non-verbal communication skills that I'd recently acquired. One of the baby chicks immediately flew up and perched itself on my shoulder. "I'd call that communication!" I exclaimed, with a smile. And now we had another stop. Marcy was excited to show me a particular group of people.. and they were only a blink of an eye away.

2. The party-lovers

In the blink of an eye I appeared very close to what appeared as a crazy tribal ritual. There was a single individual, what appeared as the leader of the "tribe", walking with purpose and chanting some foreign words I didn't understand. The atmosphere was thick, and I took in the scene expectantly: what had I stumbled into?

Behind the main "leader", sat a circle of other "tribal members", all chanting and singing. The air became louder with the "tribal music", and everything grew more excited. I was concerned as to what was going on, and as I watched, the "leader" began to levitate off the ground a few inches, as though it was second nature. As I looked on, the circle of singing individuals also began to levitate off the ground, while the circle began to spin.

Marcy assured me that contrary to my fears, they were not partaking in any kind of ritual, but rather, they were dancing! They were celebrating, in fact. "What are they celebrating?" I asked. "Their freedom, of course."

After watching for a few minutes, and as the atmosphere built up to an excited intensity, I really wanted to join in on the festivities. And so, I did. I began dancing round the circle, showing them some kind of strange moves, but they were not at all upset by this. Eventually I was so caught up in the music and the atmosphere that I began trying out all kinds of crazy moves I'd never done before, including attempting to breakdance. What a scene it was, and the party went on for what felt like hours.

At the end, I went over to speak with the "tribe leader". He told me that they were not a tribe, but rather a dance group! I had the sense that their previous ordeal had scarred them all, and that they would need a long time for healing, that was the impression I received from this man. He told me his name was Jake. They celebrated like this every five-hundred thousand years, he told me, which Marcy translated as "twice a day in your time". What a party-loving bunch! They loved to party, they loved to be free. It was their way of expressing themselves, and of enjoying their freedom.
Now, we had another group that Marcy was keen to introduce to me, although "they don't talk very much"..

3. The math-lovers

In another blink of an eye, I appeared in front of another strange sight. I'd never before seen such a "tribal dance" or dance group as I'd just seen, but I'd also certainly never seen this: 3 large circular stone structures, slowly turning as a man scribbled furiously some cryptic inscriptions into the stone. Many others were all around, and they seemed to be completely entralled by this 'stone machine'. "What is it?" I asked Marcy. "It's a computer", he told me. Apparently, each "machine" had a single man whose job it was to continuously feed the machine with new problems. They were solving complex algorithmic puzzles, and they loved it!

Around each of the machines seemed to be a group of young fellows, deep in thought, occupied with solving the endless stream of puzzles. The single man at each stone structure, was employing his creativity to keep coming up with new puzzles, as the stones slowly turned. "It's not exactly like your creativity, but he can think in a certain direction, and in that direction, he can come up with a nearly endless stream of ideas", related Marcy. After watching this scene for some moments, I wanted to get the attention of one of the youths. But they seemed reluctant to get up and talk with me! I coaxed one of them over, telling him I'd help him with his math problems, much to the chagrin of the others.

I asked him to explain what they were doing. He told me that since they had not been free to think in the past, this was their way of enjoying their new-found freedom: by regularly exercising their brains. In response to my question of how often they did this, Marcy said it was "about every 5 minutes in your time". What a math-loving bunch!

Despite the curious nature of their activities, this fellow had a somber tone, which I was able to detect with my keen perceptions: their past ordeal had taken a great toll on each of them, and this was their way of dealing with the aftermath of it. Already, and to his surprise, much healing had occurred, "more than he'd ever thought was possible", although a significant amount remained. I was deeply touched by this experience, and as we prepared to leave, I asked his name. He expressed non-verbally that his name was an extremely long series of numbers, which would take about an hour to write them all down. I asked him if this was indeed his name, and he nodded, with a smile. "Is there any pattern to the numbers?" "Not that you'll ever find out! But if you do, come talk to me!"

As he walked away, Marcy remarked that he personally called him "Number". "Number?" "Yeah, it's a fucking long number, so I just call him Number!" :lol:

4. A brief visit to "Big Lick"

Before I left this domain, I wanted to briefly visit my old friend, "Big Lick". As I appeared, he came up to me with a broad grin, and sent me one of those beautiful warm hugs with his non-verbal communication. I will always cherish those, it's unlike any other feeling. I was aware that he also was feeling a little pensive. I realised that he too was undergoing a similar reaction as "Number" had been: there was a lot of healing to go, but as with Number and his people, quite a lot had already occurred. "More than I thought possible", Big Lick said, with a strong tone, and as to the rest of the healing, "it's only a matter of time", with a confident knowingness. I was deeply moved by the emotions I felt here, combined with what I'd felt from Number. As I made to leave, I asked Big Lick if he had another name. He paused for a moment, and said, "If I have a name, it is Joy", and immediately this touched me deeply. Here was a man, who had experienced the complete polar opposite of his name, for so long.. and now, he needed to let the healing do its work. And he knew that it was only a matter of time, but this brief meeting had a strong impact on me. With this, and blinking the emotion from my eyes, I left.

Re: War-News

Posted: 10 Jan 2019 00:56
by Anton
Thanks for sharing your experiences, very interesting! :clap:

Re: War-News

Posted: 10 Jan 2019 08:08
by Flow
Impressive! I'm so excited for my cognitions. It's only a matter of time.. :text-thankyoublue:

Re: War-News

Posted: 10 Jan 2019 15:59
by Anton
For how many "earth-felt" years were these beings held hostage?