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Posted: 14 Apr 2018 15:17
by Grayfox
The Temple Bar

Inside the brain is a structure which passes through the brain,
in the shape of a horizontal bar. This is called "The Temple Bar".

This is involved in the first step of all "deals with darks".
The Outer-Core, if it makes deals with darks,
sends a signal which permanently activates this "temple bar";
from then on, the way it behaves in the brain changes;
the "temple bar" then becomes a conduit for dark influence
and manipulation in that person (just like how darks can make their people
do certain things, they can make people who make deals with them
do the same things). This is much stronger than regular manipulation.

The activation of the temple bar can only be done by the Outer-Core.
The brain cannot do this, it will never work. Also, the brain cannot undo this.
The best a brain can do, if it really fucking tries,
is to block some of the influence attempts.
But nobody is that strong to block every attempt at influence
once this temple bar gets activated.

In L-ones, or rather, those who have not made deals with darks,
this temple bar has a different function, it acts a blocking mechanism
in the brain. Instead of providing whatever "benefits" as per normal
and acting as a super-influence mechanism, it tries to block
whatever significant parts of the brain,
or as much of the Outer-Core to brain connection as it can.

This "Temple Bar" is now in cleaning, only for our people.
It's a very nasty cleaning.

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Posted: 14 Apr 2018 15:31
by Grayfox
Theo wrote:Interesting, i mean im really new in the community, i just installed my tubes and i start to understand to work with the skib. But today when i focussed myself in my mind, i saw donut rings, included a very distance, bad feeling to them. I saw them in non focussed shaped in my mind. Interesting that it matches with the war news. :happy-smileyflower:
Very interesting cognition you had, thank you for sharing.

gZo wrote:Is that the reason for my cognition problems? Sounds kind of familiar to my issues. :confusion-shrug:
PM sent.

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Posted: 14 Apr 2018 15:46
by Lau
Feeling very confused, trying to understand in which category i fall regarding the temple bar.
I just discovered yesterday night i have asperger, (apart others behaviors and symptons) i have an hard time understanding things in general and also in communicating.
That ends up annoying people. Now i don't know if i made deals with darks because of the asperger i have or if it falls in the blocking mechanism part and i didn't made any deals at all.

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Posted: 14 Apr 2018 15:58
by aladdingoku123
Lau wrote:Feeling very confused, trying to understand in which category i fall regarding the temple bar.
I just discovered yesterday night i have asperger, (apart others behaviors and symptons) i have an hard time understanding things in general and also in communicating.
That ends up annoying people. Now i don't know if i made deals with darks because of the asperger i have or if it falls in the blocking mechanism part and i didn't made any deals at all.

I think asperger is caused by lines connecting from our Outer-Core to the brain that are damaged, If I remember correctly.

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Posted: 14 Apr 2018 17:45
by Lau
aladdingoku123 wrote:
Lau wrote:Feeling very confused, trying to understand in which category i fall regarding the temple bar.
I just discovered yesterday night i have asperger, (apart others behaviors and symptons) i have an hard time understanding things in general and also in communicating.
That ends up annoying people. Now i don't know if i made deals with darks because of the asperger i have or if it falls in the blocking mechanism part and i didn't made any deals at all.

I think asperger is caused by lines connecting from our Outer-Core to the brain that are damaged, If I remember correctly.

Thank you for clarifying it.

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Posted: 16 Apr 2018 22:13
by Grayfox
Right now we have super fucking crazy cleanings with all kinds of new side-effects... just for your information!

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Posted: 17 Apr 2018 02:40
by Grayfox
Information cleaning in 3D for the first time

Until now, we have only cleaned the energetic parts of the cubes,
such as stuck energetic parts of beings that did not belong there,
or damaged cube hardware which is made up of energies;
but we have never - until now - cleaned or changed the information
(the data) located inside the cube's energetic structures.

This information is literally what defines the "physical effects" of the cubes in 3D.
The energetic structure is merely there to provide supporting infrastructure/hardware,
for interactions between the cubes, and so on,
and is there to facilitate all possible cube-operations,
such as deletion of information,
removal of foreign energies in the cube space, and so on.

Therefore, the heart of the 'information' we see,
when we look around in 3D,
is exactly equivalent and identical to the 'heart of the cubes',
the information part located in the center structure.

Today we have begun to directly clean the information in 3D!
A very important part of this is called 'invalid information',
it is a form of cube-manipulation by darks that is described below.

Some examples of the cleanings we have done up till now:

  • Removal of invisible energetic-weapon-producing information;
    certain people and dark groups produced information
    that does not normally belong in the cubes;
    the result of this 'invalid information'
    was to interact with good information,
    and create energetic weapons/attacks on others.
  • Removal of energetic-structure-producing information;
    this form of invalid information was designed to produce large,
    energetic structures overlaid over the 'fabric' of 3D,
    such as large bunkers or shelters.
    Dark groups used these for protection,
    the structures themselves were impervious to attack
    as their source was in the invalid information,
    rather than in an easily-accessible energy source.

Other examples of invalid information include:

  • Creation of information/energy bubbles around our people,
    to feed them continuously with false thoughts/memories;
    these were produced with invalid information in the cubes.
  • Direct manipulation and changing of people's emotions,
    for example for religious influence reasons;
    this could also be used to introduce a sense of "religious fervor",
    or "religious joy" (i.e. the sense that everything is going great for you,
    usually or often predated by some religious activity/exercise);
    this emotional manipulation was accomplished by invalid information interacting on the emotions.
  • Mass influence of crowds or viewers (if online)
    through emotionally-laded speech given by an "influential speaker",
    or other public figure; strong emotions were not the only things that were laced into the video/speech!
    Invalid information embedded into the video,
    or bombarded into the people at the same time from the speaker,
    could introduce strong senses of agreement, or friendship,
    or a pull/drive to action, to do what the speaker said.
    Not all darks used this tool of attack to manipulate/influence people,
    but it is again a form of invalid information.
  • Forming a tube-shaped structure in the body,
    that blocks healing to a large degree.
  • Creates hostage situations in the brains of our people,
    threatening damage to the brains.
  • False mind-information generating fake thoughts,
    and also producing fake emotions.
  • Religions produce very large structures made of invalid information
    (these are not physically visible to the eye).
    Depending on your actions, i.e. how much you are into the religion or not,
    you are surrounded by these structures to a greater or lesser degree.
    When completely engulfed in it,
    it exerts a very strong influence that is very difficult to pierce.
    Even after leaving this structure,
    for example by leaving the religion,
    it leaves small traces of invalid information attached to you while exerts minor influences.

Many or all of these topics have already started for cleaning.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2018 04:42
by Frank
It's Activation Day!

Today we activate a lot of functions in the property,
which were disabled by the darks in the past.

These were major functions!
They got replaced by dark shit, which created work arounds,
but for sure controlled by the darks and used against all others.

Here are the first 3 steps, which are done now or in next minutes.
A lot more things will get activated again today.
We try to publish more of them later during the day:

1. The cube-mechanism for deleting internal cube information
(what we see when we look around in 3D) has until now been completely deactivated.

Until now, all cube-deletions we have done have been achieved with workaround mechanisms,
but now we reactivate the cube-information-deletion mechanisms once again.
This is expected to be far more effective at deleting information than our previous workarounds.

2. The Wave is currently completely deactivated.
Being deactivated, the Wave has zero ability to interface directly with the info-reality;
similarly, all cube-effects in the info-reality are produced by "man-in-the-middle"
dark shit which has until now replaced all Wave operations and effects.

We are now in this moment reactivating the Wave,
and taking down all the "man-in-the-middle, Wave-replacement dark shit".

This is a very major topic, as very large parts of our tools and our energetic bodies
do not function at all with a deactivated Wave!
(and therefore could not, until now, reach our physical avatars in any way, shape or form).

3. The Plane, in theory, connects to the cubes in the Result Space
via countless numbers of Plane-to-cube interfaces,
which connect to a very large "interface grid" in the Result Space.

However, until now, ALL Plane-to-cube interfaces have been disabled!

We now activate all Plane-to-cube interfaces,
and therefore reconnect the Plane back to the cubes in the Result Space.

Previously, all Plane-to-cube effects from us have been accomplished
with the use of workaround-technologies.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2018 05:19
by Frank
All 12 activations which needed to be done here for 3D are finished.

The synchronization between the energetic body and the physical body also started now.
This sync did almost not happen in the past.
Most of our people have already good cleaned and healed energetic bodies.
So they now can have the "natural" healing impact on the physical body.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2018 14:16
by Frank
Additional to the still (not in our level 8) running property activations
we did and do major changes:

  • We changed the cube construction.
    Until now all the cubes were still the ancient analogue model.
    Now we upgraded the cubes to a new developed fractal model.
  • We also changed "the time".
    Time is an energy kind, which runs the whole IR, meaning layers, CS, wave, plane, cubes and so on.
    It was also the ancient analogue construction.
    But running a fractal IR. This caused a lot of problems.
    And as side effect, even after speeding up, we were 43 times slower than the average outside.
    Meaning than 1 minute here, were for example 43 minutes in Pandora 2 or 3.
    Now we installed a new developed fractal "time".
    With the new fractal time we are currently speeding up our time until we are 1:1 with the outside.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2018 14:54
by Grayfox
In the ambient, I see two interesting things:

1. An extremely large and long "pulse" energy,
it appears similar to an enormous sinusoidal wave (sine-wave),
but with the distance between peaks extremely far apart
(very low frequency). This is a representation of the time energy,
and every few seconds (about 5), it makes a small jump to the left,
and the frequency has increased (distance between peaks decreased).
This is a representation of the speeding-up time energy.

2. Outside of the large pulsing time-energy,
the entire ambient is filled with a grid-structure, perhaps of the cubes.
Every few seconds when the time energy makes a little speedup,
this entire grid hums strongly for a few moments,
in response to the increasing speed of the time energy.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2018 16:01
by Frank
Speed up of time is currently at 1:14 ratio.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2018 17:16
by Grayfox
The rest of the 12 activations which we did for 3D:

4. Time-interactions with the Result Space
Until now, all interactions of time on the Result Space were not produced in the standard fashion,
i.e. by the time mechanism of the property acting on the RS.
The interfaces which allowed for this were totally disabled,
and all time-effects on the RS were made by dark "man-in-the-middle" shit,
with the job to replace all time effects with dark effects.

So no "time effects" on this Result Space were made by the real time energies!
Today, we have already activated the normal time-interfaces once again.

5. Information sharing between e-matter realities
There is a property function relating to the sharing of information between information-realities
(specifically, e-matter realities), however, until now, this function was totally disabled.
No normal sharing of information between IRs was available,
and all information-sharing which existed had to be done with workarounds, or else it was done by dark shit.

We have today activated the regular information-sharing mechanisms of this property.

6. Dimension 4-cube-manipulation interfaces
Special interfaces to the cubes/Result Space,
which allow for much faster changing and manipulation for "emergency situations"
were until now, totally disabled. This is direct dimension 4-manipulation of the cubes.
The standard way (through the Plane, the Wave, and the Cube-Creator, etc.) is not so slow,
but this way is much faster, for specially-needed cases.

7. Outer Core-to-avatar connection stabilization
The property function to stabilize connections between OCs and their incarnated avatars was totally disabled.
As a result, these connections existed within a "chaotic field".
This is slowly beginning to stabilize after we activated this function once again.

8. Property self-repair mechanism
The property has a function to automatically repair damaged structures within,
energetic or physical. Until now, it was disabled.
We have reactivated it and the self-repairing process has begun;
this could take a few days to repair all the damages. This also impacts the 3D-bodies.

Note: In the last few days, before activating this mechanism, we have already replaced it with a fractal version.

9. Energy-transport functions and pathways
Energy-transporting functions and pathways are managed by the property;
for example, energy that is sent from the OC to the physical body.
Until now, these functions were totally disabled, meaning that dark interfaces replaced them,
and for example all OC energy had to be routed through these dark interfaces;
and meanwhile they also flooded the Result Space with dark energies.

We now destroyed these dark energy-routers and reactivated the normal energy routing functions of the property.

10. Information pathways
Similar to #9, all information transport, e.g. from the Outer-Core to the physical brain,
had to be routed through dark-information-routers.
We are currently destroying these; the normal property information-pathways have already been reactivated.

11. Skills transport pathways
Skills (a general term for many different kinds of energies) also had transport-pathways which were disabled;
as a result, all Outer-Core transporting of skills to our people was either routed through dark shit,
or in many cases entirely stolen by darks, who created dark pathways from our peoples' Outer-Cores
directly to incarnated darks, effectively stealing their skills directly.

We shut all of this shit down, deactivated and cut the dark-shit lines,
and are reconnecting our own skills to the normal pathways, which are already reactivated.

12. Outer Core-to-Result Space interfaces
There are a few special interfaces for the Outer-Core to interact with the cubes
(i.e. the physical body). Darks disabled these interfaces and created a dark "exchange" system,
i.e. to get the maximum energetic protection in the RS, you had to give up some of your energy.
This was a totally automatic system, and was the only way for the OC to interface with the body in this manner.

We have destroyed this shit and reactivated the normal OC-to-RS interfaces.

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Posted: 18 Apr 2018 17:24
by Frank
All 54 activations in property are done!
Here in level 8 were 12 activations, see above in thread.
The others were in levels 10 and 11 at Pandora 2 & 3.

The current time ratio between here and outside is ~1:6.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2018 01:18
by Frank
We have now a time ratio of 1:1 to the outside.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2018 04:24
by Grayfox
Dark underground information network

Many dark mega-structures (large churches, cathedrals, mosques, kabah, and so on)
and even some smaller ones, contain underground information-connections
which connect the structures of particular dark groups together.

For example, all taurus structures are connected by this;
all LSA1 structures are connected; LSA2; Orions; and LSA3,
they each have their own underground 'information-network'
for connecting together their most important structures.

This adds a layer of information and energetic protection to these structures,
and provides an additional channel of communication/information flow between them.
In addition, protections from hostage situations,
and energies from other parts of the world
can be shared to any connected structures.

We are now taking down this dark 'underground information network'.
This is quite a big cleaning.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2018 18:13
by Grayfox
Self-blocking protected energies (PL6, PL8, PL12):

These energies were created by us automatically in response to traumatic events,
e.g. your loved one passes away, or a pet dies, or a loved one has a troublesome event
that takes them to the hospital such as a heart attack or stroke,
or whatever situation would cause you immediate and sudden trauma -
the OC responds by creating in you, your own protected energies
(whatever kind needed, PL6, PL8, or PL12 energies)
in a way to temporarily block the pain and trauma,
until you can safely handle it.

At least, in theory that's how it worked -
but darks hijacked this natural mechanism,
and froze the protected energies and made them stuck.
They created bases and weapons and all kinds of shit in there,
and used them to make constant attacks on our people.

This was one of the major sources of dark shit in the body;
these protected self-blocking energies became a major source of dark shit.
As this was a special kind of protected energies,
we could not handle these emotions (PL6), or PL8, or PL12, whatever they were.
And so, darks could safely continue with fucking daily attacks of all kinds -
caused in the first part by hijacked self-protected energies.

We now attack these shit in full power,
and this is a super massive cleaning that runs as long as the individual needs it.

The average time still needed for this cleaning is about a day.
Expect side-effects, and feel free to post your responses/reactions to this cleaning in the appropriate cleaning-effects thread.

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Posted: 23 Apr 2018 22:02
by Frank
The cleanings intensity is climbing on new high levels now and soon!

Some people have already serious problems.
So this is a warning!
No panic, try to stay calm and strong!