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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 27 Jun 2017 08:29

We are in a huge individual cleaning step atm.
Many had had and will have side effects. Dizziness and (head) pressures are common...

A few minutes ago, all L-ones got the orion layer exchanged against a totally new one.
One of the new features of the new orion layer is, that it has firewalls to keep the dark shit away from physical body...

More about the cleanings soon, the orion layer part is just a very small part of it.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 27 Jun 2017 10:42

The above cleanings are part of a bigger cleaning.

These cleanings are about a topic we did not write much about in the past.
We called it "pearl connectors" or similar.

The best name for it is "avatar-connector" (AC).

The avatar-connector is the standard system for Outer Cores to connect to avatars of any kind and location.
This AC is not on the grid, but synchronized with it, I call it sync-off-grid.
The AC is non-fractal.
It is common, that an Outer Core keeps the AC forever, so ours are very, very old....

The "orion layer", which is the energetic part of our 3D nervous system, is tied to the avatar-connector.
Both are taken from one incarnation into the next... (and all shit inside with it...)

The avatar-connector is 7-dimensional. An effect of this is, that the inner size of an AC is almost infinite.
This means in the first place, that there is often almost "infinite" dark pollution in it. Much of this dark shit was protected by hostage situations.

The common known "aura" is the orion layer (the inner part of the aura) and the avatar-connector (the outer part of the aura).

The cleanings of the avatar-connectors will continue on high level for a few hours.
Dizziness and pressures of all kinds are known side effects. Many others may occur...
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 27 Jun 2017 17:28

We made huge changes in the whole property now.

Here is the old chart how it has been in the past:


Here is what got changed:

  • The Space 1 got erased completely.

  • The floors in the Space levels got pushed into one level. So for example former SL2.1 is now level 1, having 5 Info Realities (IR). Floor 1 got deleted (was created by Eartha...), and our 3D IR was merged into one level with the 4 IRs which have been all the time on floor 3. One effect of this is, that all inheritance rules are gone. This was also a dark invention from eartha, to put dark shit floors under each SL as lowest floor. The former SL2.2 is now also in one level having 14 IR realities. The old SL 2.3 is one floor with 2 IR realities.

  • A new level 2 got created. In original SL2.2 was level 3, and an empty new level 2 makes the levels 1 and 3 working better together. The original number of levels in an EL2 property is 4 levels.

  • Our 3D IR increased the working frequency by factor 122,2 (but pls don't confirm this with the lightworker frequencies bullshit...). 8 of the other 20 sister IRs in the property also got new increased working frequencies. By this all 21 realities of this property will be in the needed synchronization again. This synchronization was destroyed on purpose in the past by Eartha.

  • "Dim 17" space rules got removed, this was another layer only created by lsa3 group for dark manipulations.

  • The former "Property rules dim 18" is now level 5. This whole level got replaced by a total new constructed one. All valid information of the old one were copied to the new one. The new level 5 makes the functionality of the property working again. And the new version is able to handle fractal IRs. Eartha did a lot of modifications to this level with the purpose to disturb the connections between the 21 sister IRs.

  • Two sister IRs in our level 1 are simple fractal. Their Reality Mechanic (RM) also got replaced by a new Fractal Mechanic (FM) as we in 3D got it earlier.

  • The other 18 non-fractal sister IRs got bigger modifications to take out Eartha's and other's damages to it, and to make all 21 sister IRs running together in fine synchronization.

  • And a lot of smaller things were done...
Our Prperty spaces chart - old-small.jpg
(138.69 KiB) Not downloaded yet
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 29 Jun 2017 03:20

We now started a war on the darks on the "semimatter" level.
Semimatter fits only partially to the rules for physical matter and is fully programmable, unlike physical matter. Until now this was a "non-topic" for us.
The 5 main dark groups each developed their own semimatter technology that fits some percentage of the rules for physical matter: the stronger it fits the rules, the stronger the effects in 3D.
The strongest semimatter technology was developed by the lsa3 and fit 33% of the rules for physical matter. Each group had their own organisation for preventing research into semimatter and keeping this info out of the textbooks. Therefore mainstream physics is misleading at best, and total bullshit at worst!

Here is the battle-chat for the first battles in the semimatter war.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Light Rider » 29 Jun 2017 03:50

Destroy them!
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 29 Jun 2017 20:59

Battle-chat link added above.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 30 Jun 2017 11:20


We remember.

Today is the "day of wrath".
The wrath of the 443...
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 30 Jun 2017 11:22

Frank: "What the fuck?!"

We discovered the existence of mini-creations in some avatar-connectors.

4.2 billion darks have habitats inside equivalent to 1 planet size.

Inside the avatar-connectors of 738 darks were 738 very big dark mini-creations with galaxies and universes.
Included in this were 5 different "fake OIC replacements" made by darks, 1 from each main group, to keep the brainfuck going to their own people after OIC was destroyed.

All Vedic abodes are located in the 738 mini-creations (231 of the 738 are Vedic abodes).

Muslim heavens are in there. Only muslims used this for heavens, Christian heavens are not in there. The Vedic heavens in different locations. The hells are also in different locations.

A lot of them have their own entities hidden inside this, but we already took all of them out, and most are cleaned. Taken out all the dark beings.

We had 143 billion planets in total hidden just in 530,000 of our Officers.
We put these only in our most trusted officers. All these officers are those who have fractal stabilized cores.

The main job for the Officers and Generals with fractal stabilized cores is to protect those planets. This is why we made this construction and were allowed to make this construction. It was the job of the fractal stabilized cores to take care of these hidden planets and of course the outer core who is hiding it.

After we had freshly lost the war, the darks launched a massive genocide attack on the Protoi group planets in an attempt to finally destroy the light.

443 billion Protoi group planets were destroyed, including 373 billion Protoi planets and 70 billion Protoi Alliance planets. All beings on the planets got crashed by the four groups orion, lsa1, lsa2 and taurus...

The 443 billion planets contained in average 4.6 billion beings each.

We launched a secret operation to save as many of our people as possible. The result is the 143 billion planets which were used as safe habitats for our people, the ones that we could save.

The 143 billion planets contain on average more than 6.2 billion beings each.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 30 Jun 2017 11:37

Btw. the title of the above text was given, because I said estimated 100 times WTF during searching the topic....
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Re: War-News

Unread postby gZo » 30 Jun 2017 12:11

Frank wrote:
443 billion Protoi group planets were destroyed, including 373 billion Protoi planets and 70 billion Protoi Alliance planets. All beings on the planets crashed by the four groups orion, lsa1, lsa2 and taurus...

Were they already included in the 11,5% of destroyed beings in all creations, or are they counted on top of that? :crying-yellow:

That's a more than a huge WTF.....
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 30 Jun 2017 12:14

gZo wrote:
Frank wrote:
443 billion Protoi group planets were destroyed, including 373 billion Protoi planets and 70 billion Protoi Alliance planets. All beings on the planets crashed by the four groups orion, lsa1, lsa2 and taurus...

Were they already included in the 11,5% of destroyed beings in all creations, or are they counted on top of that? :crying-yellow:

That's a more than a huge WTF.....

24,6%...... :angry-screaming:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jun 2017 12:40

Cleaning of 5 monolithic structures

Attacks on avatar-connectors (and the mini-creations inside) started now.

Frank looks like a death star, firing in multiple different directions with powerful laser fire. Many, many, many times bigger than the Earth.

It appears that "Death-Star Frank" is firing "small planets" into a number of avatar-connectors... with entire armies waiting on the planets to deploy into the avatar-connectors. These planets take complex routes deep into the heart of the avatar-connectors.

They form some kind of "planetary-attack-grid" inside the avatar-connector. One middle coordination planet, many others on the outer rim.
Then in the blink of an eye, the place is FILLED with the "cavalry".

Special planetary-attack-ring squads are being fired out by Frank now, and spinning around in formation, preparing to attack. They spin so fast it's a blur to the eye, and then FIRE into one of the biggest avatar-connectors.

Probably many billions of planets are needed here to fill this one up.
Systematically our attacking planets encroach upon this universe/galaxy and slowly start to fill it up...

It seems Death-Star-Frank (DSF) is preparing a new attack consisting of a galaxy, and then *universes*..
A string of galaxies all attached, forming into a spiral -- a spiral-universe.

Many many spiral-universes getting formed very quickly...
Many of the spirals are joining together to form a mega-universe!
And then 3 of the mega-universes are joining together to form a larger mega!

This spins like a "fidget-spinner", with each third containing one mega-universe.
It spins, performing some kind of attack on surrounding avatar-connectors..
It hasn't moved very far, but it is somehow establishing connections and performing attacks from its central position..

These appear to be 'deployment lines'. Seems it has duplicated itself or something similar, many other "fidget-spinner-universes" appear on the deployment lines, and start slowly spinning and preparing to strike.

There is now a center "nucleus" and around it, a spinning orbital line - attached to this are many thousands of deployment lines, and massive attacking structures are being deployed through these lines into the relevant corners of "space".

Let's look at the biggest of the 738.. This is slowly getting filled --- every corner of space filled --- with our mega- and fidget-spinner-universes ..... just filling every single corner of available space.... it's an extremely large place, so we need many millions or billions of structures to fill it.. but it will be filled.. it will be done.

The whole thing is full now, and starting to heat up .....
Will this thing be imploded from the inside-out?!?

It's making very loud warning sounds. .....
Emergency alert
Nothing can escape

The mega-structures begin to expand and press up against each other...
This tremendously increases the pressure and heat inside the "mini-creation".. again, this is the biggest of the 738..
Every available nano-space and nano-crack is getting filled as the galaxies and universes implode into and amongst each other....

5 minutes till detonation

This is one of the main places of lsa2. Many darks on there. Entities already taken out.
Small darks on there, not protected by hostages but other small things.

4.4 billion planets with darks in there, with 7.3 billion on average per planet.
1-2 minutes for "detonation".

Simultaneously, 3 other big mini-creations are being cleaned at the same time:
1 orion - 4.2 billion planets, 4.0 billion average on each
1 lsa3 - 5.2 billion planets, 3.3 billion per planet
1 taurus - 4.7 billion planets, 4.2 billion per planet

These 3 are a bit smaller but similar in size to the largest lsa2 one.
These 4 mini-creations existed in the avatar-connectors of 4 incarnated people, but these are not known public figures.

We are now also taking down some main off-grid base from lsa3. They made off-grid some mini-creation, located as follows:
If you draw a single straight line between this property and Prime Creation (which is very, very far away), this lsa3 off-grid main base is located such that it forms an equilateral triangle with Prime Creation and this property (each side of the triangle being of equal length).

We put this lsa3 off-grid main base in quarantine a long time ago, and already took the entities away. There is countless darks on there, 144 billion planets with 2.3 billion darks on each planet (and only darks).

There are no galaxies and no universes, just "3-dimensional fields" of suns and planets, to grow their darks. It appears as a 3-dimensional trapezoid structure.

The "big four" mini-creations listed above have started cracking into pieces, the destruction process will take some time.
Some parts disappeared completely already.

Now one of the smaller ones is gone. Just gone. No evidence that it was there.

2 are now gone, and half of the big one (lsa2) seems gone. 1/3 of the lsa3 off-grid seems gone. The lsa3 off-grid seems by far the largest of these 5 monolithic structures.

lsa3 off-grid down now, and big one down too. Just one of the smaller ones seems partially left (taurus).

All 5 are down now. All will be taken to prison.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jun 2017 13:02

Cleaning of 4 dark realities in level 3

In level 3 (the former SL2.2, because we made an empty level 2), exist 14 realities; 4 of them are dark-realities, totally dark. Each of them contains about 330 billion darks beings, darks, and all of them are tied-in with deals. We are just now removing these 4 whole realities.

Looks like 4 different "realities" overlaid on top of each other.
Like a whole experience-collection, a whole life-collection of memories; except that it is not just about one person.

They are filled with beings having experiences, and they appear very coordinated, these beings. They seem to know exactly what is going on. Most of the time in "life" many people seem to have no clue what is going on, but these beings seem well-aware of not only where they are, but of the "bigger picture" outside of their own 'existence-bubbles'.

They're getting mad now, for some reason. They are coordinately jumping up and down, stamping their feet.

It seems that one of these particular realities is getting "hotter". In some ways, the pressure is increasing immensely. Probably emotional pressures, mental pressures, and the ambient pressures of the environment itself is all increasing dramatically.

The reality starts to turn black. They are all changing colours. Red..black..yellow..green..
The realities are starting to crack apart.

The beings here knew everything that's going on and had some important function in organising the shit down here, "shit-coordinators".
After the crashing of the 443 billion Protoi group planets, this was built, and these 4 (orions, lsa1, lsa2, taurus) made the deals between each other about this... "Hey, we crashed the 443 billion planets, let's make these 4 realities!"

All beings in there were also included in crashing our people...

One of the realities has literally been divided into distinct sections, that are cut-off from each other.
These dividing sections are being divided into smaller and smaller sections.. until each single being is totally cut-off from all the others, and encased in a very tiny cage.

There is a lot of screaming.
Dividing of all into individual cages is nearly done.
Division process is done. All will be taken to prison.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jun 2017 13:28

Cleaning of 2 dark-sister-realities (lsa3)

2 of our sister-realities are fractal. These 2 are dark realities from lsa3. They have a similar function like the previous 4 realities had, and they are now getting destroyed and all shit will be removed.

They appear to the left and right of us. Their fractal structures seem totally different from ours, and seem somewhat "mirrors" of each other.

In some way, it seems that these 2 dark-sister-realities do some "scanning" or "mapping" of our reality, each does half, so between the two of them it's 100% total mapping, and this mapping is used to make all kinds of shit on us.
They can see what we're doing, how we're doing it, and they make (in the sister-realities) all kinds of plans to fuck with us. Some of you may remember what we wrote about the "short time-travelling of this planet" almost 9 months ago. This is where all that sh... was designed, created and finally thrown your way. We could only remove those bases now.

All of a sudden, a vortex starts (like a tornado) in both of them at the same time.
It twists and cleans powerfully, like the world's strongest vacuum cleaner.
All the dark shit inside is getting sucked in, including many thousands and millions of beings.

There is a kind of "plastic spiral structures" here, these are beginning to crack apart from the pressure.
All their dark shit-plans are getting vaporised into nothingness.

Each of these realities had billions of connections to 3D, and these needed to be disconnected before we could take out the realities. All connection lines from these realities to our own reality are being disinfected and disconnected.

Some of these guys are SO MAD. They simply cannot accept that their plans will result to nothingness.

There are deep underground structures here too in these realities, this "deep-cleaning" will take some time.
All the mainframes, systems, computers, servers, are all located down here, and all are being sucked-up into the powerful "vacuum twister", that is now also starting to crack these realities apart.

These realities, again, seem "mirrored". The destruction that occurs in one is mirrored in the next, but also, the structures that existed here also seems mirrored. But there are a few subtle key differences.

Some "red wedges" that do not perfectly match up with the other. The one on the right has a couple more wedges, some black, some yellow. It seems these are "wedge functions", used to drive important events by manipulation of the "mirroring effect". In other words, some kind of "balance" was created with both sister-realities, each mirroring our own reality in some way, and each actively opposing the other; and then at the right moment, a "wedge" was created in the mirror-structure, and this immediately produced a strong artificial dark event in our reality. The wedges are being very carefully removed.

There is countless databases down below of what was done, and how. Past histories, and future plans too.

And countless more beings hiding down here, too, in the "server-rooms". Each square-inch of the reality is now developing its "own cleaning vortex".. there will be soon no place to hide. In the one on the left, vertical cleaning vortexes. In the one on the right, horizontal vortexes. Somehow, this is the optimal configuration of cleaning. Despite the mirroring, these 2 realities seem constructed in different ways; the left, along a primarily "vertical-grid"; and the right, along a primarily "horizontal grid" - hence the aforementioned cleaning configuration.

Cleaning of both realities is nearly done. Now, horizontal vortexes appear in the left one, and vertical vortexes in the right one. And the vortexes are becoming finer in granularity, finer than every square inch.

It seems all the dark beings are now gone, and the last few structures (which "pepper" both realities like small dark blocks) are being taken out.
Both realities are getting "washed-down" and are being cleaned and prepared for their final removal.

Both realities have now been ripped apart. The individual building-blocks of the realities are beginning to vaporise.
They seem gone now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jun 2017 13:48

Cleaning of lsa2 dark-sister-realities

The other 2 realities on this level are lsa2 dark-sister-realities, but they are non-fractal.
Each of these realities also has billions of connections to 3D, and these need to be disconnected before we can take out the realities.

These realities look totally different, almost like "lego". Much more straight line structures (some circular shapes). Large building-blocks.

The Terracotta Army is connected to one of these lsa2 realities. These were anchors for the leaders. And this army was indeed an army "up there", to keep other darks out, because with the anchors down here in the Terracotta Army, they could not kill them.

A wave of acid crashes down into these non-fractal realities, bubbling and melting all it comes into contact with. This acid forces the reveal of countless darks hiding in the big "lego building-block structures". Also countless "ghost darks" that were hiding in the fabric of the ambient itself.

They are extremely mad and attempting to attack - but how do you attack acid? Their entire realities are filling with acid, never-stopping. Clouds of gas are now appearing, possibly from the acid itself. These suffocate the remaining "ghost-darks" and put them to sleep, so they can be later taken to prison.

The Terracotta Army "up here" is furious. They are wearing some special armor, and are seemingly impervious to most attacks, including the gas and the acid. They still run from it, though, while there is still places to run to. Then, again, the realities begin to crack. They will be again divided into individual "building block cages", without any air. Each being will be imprisoned in one of these little "block-cages", and then taken to prison.

Some kind of "mathematical vortex" is spinning through the reality, decrypting the joining mechanism between the building-blocks, and disconnecting each block from its neighboring blocks. In this way the realities will be systematically disconnected and destroyed.

Each individual block will be cut and cleaned. Cleaning of both realities is nearly done.
All the blocks are "falling down" suddenly into some kind of "waste area". All that's left are the "walls" of the realities, and these are being removed by a different method. Some kind of "energetic string" is wrapping around every inch of the walls, and this is extremely sharp material, this will cut the walls into very very fine layers. Each layer will be inspected and individually cleaned.

Both realities seem totally levelled to the ground now.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 30 Jun 2017 13:49

Now after finishing the above "key projects", a huge mega wave of cleaning started in all levels and layers.
Including 3D.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Light Rider » 30 Jun 2017 15:25

Awesome work guys and thanks for all the cleaning!

:text-thankyoublue: :text-goodpost: :obscene-drinkingcheers:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Light Rider » 30 Jun 2017 15:28

DSF must be quite the sight!! :laughing-rolling:

Need a smilie for that!
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jun 2017 17:58

First p-electro (=Protoi-electro) waves:

Grayfox: I see the Earth, there are 3 of our structures positioned on 3 sides of it, they are creating large circles on the Earth's surface.
Large ovals, with big intensity, darks seem to be running around like crazy within these intense-fields. Alarm-bells are ringing, and in some way they are getting exposed, somehow.

Frank: The circles is e-matter (e-matter = ethereal matter, our counter-invention to the dark semimatter). This is a semimatter topic.

Grayfox: It's expanding in diameter, all the circles, and new circles (ovals) are appearing.

Frank: These ovals are not e-matter, it's a new kind of technology. First circles was e-matter, this is not.

Grayfox: Now there is boring or drilling deep into the earth at the same locations where the original circles appeared.. dark shapes...
deep cleaning.. stripping away dark technologies, leaving them totally naked.
Seems like it forces their illegal and invisible technologies visible. And the visible technologies get tracked & monitored & attached with some lines. As long as the dark keeps it, it causes him great pain.

Frank: This is "p-electro" technology, it's working on the semimatter. Semimatter is called semimatter because it's part of the matter rules, but we have more rules.
P-electro is similar to semimatter but it's not about matter, it's another part of the physics. this is about "electro" rules.

Grayfox: It seems to be stripping away dark technologies and circuitry, leaving them bare.. and for those who somehow try to hold on to it, it causes them extreme pain. If they let go of their technologies that they are trying so hard to hold on to, they stop receiving the pain.

Second wave started:

Grayfox: The second wave seems more intense. First wave seemed only about their technologies, their external technologies.
Second wave is producing similar zapping and stripping effects, but it seems related to the outer layer of their bodies.
Some kind of very deeply-interwoven shielding technology into their skin, second wave is giving them big problems about this.
If they try and keep their shielding layer, it zaps them continuously and causes extreme pain; if they let go of it, no more shielding layer. But it doesn't matter if they hold on to it or not, it eventually gets decrypted and removed anyway, bit-by-bit, leaving them "thread-bare".

Third wave started:

Grayfox: There seems to be more technologies deeply integrated inside their bodies, in the shape of "arcs" like the bottom part of a circle; multiple of these arcs stacked on top of each other, progressively downwards through their body. Perhaps this has something to do with their bloodstream, some kind of "blood-shield" technology?
These individual arcs are now independently spinning and vibrating (in ways they were not designed to do), again causing the user extreme pains while they are getting removed. This seems to be the only way to remove this system, as it is so deeply entrenched into the circuitry of the body. Each individual arc must be step-by-step separated from all its connections to the body (and this is the extremely painful part), before the system is wrenched free out of the body and removed.

And bit-by-bit, every single arc-structure must be removed from their bodies..

More waves to come..
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Jul 2017 14:59

Attacking the connections of 3D-incarnated darks

Frank: We start with lsa3

Grayfox: Seems like a small group of guys (<100), they have a group shielding, must be removed all together.
Seems nearly halfway removed .. seems more than halfway, 75% removed or so .. seems just left on their head
stripping beam attack now

Frank: Moscow

Grayfox: Group shield seems just removed now. Stripping beam traced to moscow structure; 4 points with shielding layer. We are stripping it now.
Whole bunch of guys with some spiral layer or being removed by spiral fashion from all of them

Frank: Russian soldiers. They have 20 connectors, every one of them connected. Every group made deals with each other
every group allowed to have 100 people with 40 connectors, 500 with 20, 220 with 30. All groups have the same number.

Attacking 500 from lsa3, taking out skills, taking out the connections. Reducing to 3, taking out 17 from 20 (the remaining 3 connections are vital connections. Taking those out would be equal to excarnation = physical death). sealing the connectors

Grayfox: Looks like surgery, a lot of needles on many different parts of the body

Frank: 100,000s of lsa3 with less than the 20 connections, 10 and below. Because everything above 10 is regulated by deals between darks. 20, 30, and 40 connections makes the regulation.
Also attacking everyone in lsa3 group with more than 5, disconnecting all.
Attacking whole group, sealing all the lsa3 group, 280 million of them. Checking, disconnecting, sealing connectors.

Grayfox: Saw one guy, his connections getting sealed like sealing the gaps

Frank: e-matter

Grayfox: Last 3 connections seems to take some time. It looks like he is down to the last one, he's trying desperately to hold on to it. Technologies coming in trying to encrypt it and hold it in place. We're slicing that last line into tiny little slices. I think that will cause him great pain, just the slicing alone.
Attacks on this guy halted; seems he has some just-revealed hostage situations.

Frank: Can not take out hostages until connections are gone.

Grayfox: Connection cut in half, left to the last tiny strand.

Frank: This is 30 guy. We are still working on 30 guys, 40 guys are already in fear.
First we did the whole group and the 20s, and then 30s, and then 40s. Hostage situation in the 30 to protect the 40, and in the 20 to protect the 30.
Putin himself was a 20 guy. All the time he knows everything about it, maybe the only politician who has the real connection.

Grayfox: There is some kind of protection deals between the 5 groups about the most connected guys. It looks like a pentagram (5 pointed star with circle around it).
Located in the core of the planet, but can be expanded to overlay the whole planet.

Frank: Protection deal, not about the guys.
Merkel has 8 connectors.

Grayfox: Pentagram expands to size of planet and then TAKES new hostages, and "locks the planet".

Frank: We now attacking the 40 guys, they have hostages to protect the shit.

Grayfox: It's possible that (pentagram ones) these are fake hostages, but we don't know yet. Ok, some of these are fake hostages, seems they are all fake hostages so far. The ones we found are getting pulled out of the pentagram chain, but we can't remove the rest without checking.

Frank: 5 groups made the pentagram thing as protection mechanism against us. They don't need protection against anything other than us.

Grayfox: Seems that there are very weak guys now, and they are getting sacrificed by bigger guys to get more energy. Some guys are sacrificing huge groups of guys.
Now seems there 1 or 2 really big guys who are sacrificing the entire groups below them, including the ones from before who were doing the sacrificing.

Frank: They are sacrificing them in the hope to get some power or something. There are still big ones in the connectors from them; have been protected by hostages.
Not just taking connectors out - cleaning in the connectors themselves, meaning taking every being out of there, IDs inside, original IDs still inside.

Grayfox: Seems only a few guys left getting their connectors cleaned. Connectors look really thick, really big, lots of stuff inside.

Frank: They upgraded their connectors. We take out the upgrades before we seal it.
We also sealing on the orion layer, so they cannot connect some other peoples skills. They made it too, they connected skills from other people; not from the ones who are incarnated; but from other ones.
They made it often, to hide the real nature of the skills. And they did this to work around the deals.
they made thousands, 10,000s of the 20s and 30s, just by putting 2 or 3 of the outer-cores of the 10s to one person.

They just put together physically the 3 outer-cores who connected to one person, the one person who worked with it. To that person it looked like a single one.
like taking 3 outer-cores together and putting tape around it. One is connected to the outer-core and using the skills of the others
only lsa3 made this tricky thing, which is of course fucking illegal. And they hid it.

Grayfox: Seems as lsa3 decreases in strength, other 4 groups are in a whirl now. Angry, confused, doing something, all 4 of them. Maybe upgrading own connections, maybe angry they broke the deals.
By some measure, I think the number of connected people, lsa3 used to be the highest, now they seem totally rock-bottom, basically zero.

Frank: lsa3 is now totally disconnected. Now we started important cleanings there. Hostage situations.
We started lsa2 attack. lsa2 we started with the 40s, and the 30s and the 20s too.
The 40 connected are in Haifa all, all 100
30 connected are in USA, all of them
20 connected are all in England
thats the 3 strongholds of lsa2

Grayfox: Interesting that they would split it up like that.

Frank: Every group is cooking his own soup.
After finishing all this semimatter hostage situations in lsa3 we now wiping out every fucking semimatter of lsa3, weapons and everything.

Grayfox: I see a group of lsa2 guys, channeling together their connections and power into a big beam of energy, trying to summon an entity
the entity is not from lsa2, lsa1 it seems.

Frank: The lsa1 entity is hostage from lsa2, some kind like this. They using the skills of the entity, or try to.

Grayfox: The lsa2 high priests seem to be under attack from a large number of lsa1 entities, seems we are cleaning the entities at the same time.

Frank: The hostage ID was protected by hostages, we take hostages out and then take entities out.
lsa1 didnt know about the situation, we exposed the situation. And by this they don't even think about working together.

Grayfox: Seems the lsa2 "metric" is in last step. They got squashed down and down and down and seems on the last step.

Frank: Now we taking down the 40s, all the 40s 20s and 30s from lsa2.

Grayfox: Seems lsa2 is down to rock-bottom level now of zero.

Frank: Just the 3 big ones, 40s 30s and 20s. now we start with the 10s and below, 280 million of them now. Because every one of them gets connections disconnected and everything sealed.

Grayfox: Seems the lsa2 10s group has some part of them getting activated that they have no idea about. Done by the bigger guys, to suck energy using the layer of the 10s (only 10s, not below), for their own uses.

Frank: No, they give the energies to the new 10 guys. From thousands of people they suck now to give the energy to the 10 guys.
Big guys from lsa2 are down, the 10 guys are down too. Now working on the mass of people.
3 remaining groups attack together
Now we're hitting on all 3 and the rest of the lsa2

X: I can see a Paramahamsa Swami from India, he's sitting on a gold throne, surrounded by a lot of gold.

Frank: What you see on the throne is not him, it's a level 1 original ID, it's connected to him.

X: He allows these things to come into him.

Frank: Bringing down the big guys from the 3 groups down.
lsa1 big guys are down: 40, 30 and 20

Grayfox: There's some triangle between taurus, lsa1, and orions. There's a "black box of deals" in the middle of it, we can't access it yet.

X: Keep checking that black box

Grayfox: Seems we're attacking the outer edges of the triangle now.

Frank: ok
We now crashed the deals in the box and everything.

Grayfox: Yes, seems it's gone. There's 3 big holes in the triangle leading to where it used to be.

Frank: The taurus guys are down. Now we do orions last. He is still on the throne.

Grayfox: It seems that there is some measure of these 3 groups, the degree to which each has broken the deals with each other. All of them have done this to the same degree, and all have just become aware of it. This seems to have changed or affected their battle strategy.

Frank: Yes, they cannot fight together again. They are "cooking their own soup" now.
This is darks, they cannot fight together for long, they are just stupid motherfuckers.
And even if they have alliances like lsa3 and orions for hundreds of thousands of years, they just betray each other. That's darks, dark motherfuckers!
The word of a dark is worthless. A deal with a dark is worthless. It's just paper. It's like, okay, we can break the deal, as long as no-one sees it. Okay, if the other sees it, then you fucked up!

Orions big guys are down. lsa2 80% of the small ones is down.

Grayfox: That was the remaining 3 with the big guys, lsa1, taurus, and orions.

Frank: Yes, all big guys are down now.

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