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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 19:21


Status-fields are originally a legal creation from sometime during the Mycenae era.
A "status-field" is a juridical construction which surrounds an object, avatar or body
and provides access to information about the legal status of that object, avatar or body.

For example, nearly all incarnated ones have a status-field which surrounds the incarnated avatar.
This is a special kind of status-field called an "avatar status-field".

Nearly all incarnated avatars, wherever they may be, whether they be a physical avatar or energetic
or otherwise, carry an "avatar status-field" around the avatar.
Due to some juridical procedures and changes to the property that were made towards the end
of the Mycenaen era, there are many skills, cognitions, information, energetic weapons, and many
other things which you are no longer legally allowed to access, carry, know about or utilize
in any fashion whatsoever, if you do not have the appropriate statuses in your avatar status-field.
This was implemented shortly after the creation of the status-fields and this was all done as a
security measure to secure many of the newly-developed tools, weaponry and information about these
and other secure topics against many points of weakness.

Unfortunately, Mycenae fell shortly after the implementation, and of the many horrible things done
to us as a result, control of implementing the status-fields was lost/hijacked and no longer afforded
us protection against misuse and illegality; on the contrary, false and illegal status-fields were implemented
into as many of our people as they could identify as possible.

We implemented counter-measures to hide the identity of some our people, putting them deep
undercover into various traitor or dark groups in an effort to protect them from the implementation
of these bullshit/fake status-fields, status-fields which would "legally" from then on prevent all such
people that had them from accessing vast swaths of information, energetic weaponry, any and all
cognitions, skills, etc. Therefore, generally speaking only those of our people who successfully survived
and undertook one of these dangerous undercover missions are those who have functioning cognitions
today, and can access information and weaponry as needed.

Today, we have solved the legal problem giving even until now continued legal protection to even
knowledge about the existence of the status-fields, we have destroyed all illegal status-fields
surrounding all of our avatars, we have removed all illegal statuses from them and restored full
and proper working, secure legal status-fields to all of our avatars with new and secure legal statuses
inside, and are currently working on doing the same for all other topics covered by status-fields.

There are 5 kinds of status-fields in total:

  • Avatar status-fields, as described above

  • Outer-Core status-fields, which surround the Outer-Core and give it various legal rights
    or take various legal rights away

  • Body status-fields, which surround our real bodies and do the same

  • "Death" status-fields, which are immediately installed around all avatars or parts of avatars
    that have experienced death or been killed, and which warp all other status-fields by their existence
    (in short, the more dead avatars you have had, the less rights you would have over time in all other
    avatars, OC, and in your real body)

  • A juridical status-field (also called "status-body") attached to the designation or registration
    of you as a being or entity, this was not attached to or surrounding any avatar, structure or body
    but was filed away in some "status-field library" where access was heavily restricted
    (only Rules-Examiner had legal access) and knowledge about the contents were forbidden to all others,
    including those with corresponding status-fields inside. This was the nastiest status-field or
    "status-body" of all.

The juridical status-field or "status-body" was completely an illegal construction that was the
result of billions of years of corrupting and destroying its (once upon a time) legal and valid base.
We are still in the process of reversing and undoing this corruption and manipulation.

The death status-fields are completely illegal and had no legal base at any time.
We are still in the process of removing them all.

The Outer-Core status fields had a legal base, as did the real-body status-fields, and we are
still in the process of undoing the manipulations to these and restoring a legal and safe version
to our Outer-Cores and real bodies.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 11 Sep 2021 04:27

We are now an "independent reality" for the first time ever in history

A few minutes ago, we changed the classification of physical 3D earth
(the information reality) to a full legal "independent reality" for the first time
ever in all of history.

This was accomplished by connecting together, for the first time, all "grounds"
in the IR. Part of this process included connecting "ground 1" to ground zero
(the physical ground) which gives us also for the first time since the fall of Mycenae,
full and direct two-way access between the physical body and the harmony
(only workarounds have been used until now, which have all been dismantled
and removed).

The harmony had stored within tremendous amounts of pain and problems,
including so-called "harmony feelings"; all of which can only be removed
with the assistance of the incarnated physical avatar (and a direct legal
connection through ground 1), which is now available and running now since hours.

One small side-effect of the massive classification change of the reality,
is there are no more "hidden parts" of the avatar as seen from the Outer-Core,
harmony, energetic body functions or Avatar-Connector. There are no more invisible
"information limits" made by the Outer-Core on the avatar which we are not able
to find out about or remove. All healings and cleanings are adjusting to the new
situation. Dramatic effects are expected.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Sep 2021 05:20

Removing the first "root" of all darkness that has ever existed

This afternoon we found and took away to prison, the 17th sadana ID.
Darkness was a technological experiment, first done by the 17th sadana ID.
He wanted to free himself from the pressures from within on impulses, thoughts,
actions and emotions. In order to remove these self-pressures, he cut, all at once,
ALL lines and connections from the harmony to everything else.
Right before doing this, he made a backup copy of the data in the harmony
(but the raw data is not enough to do the job of the harmony) and put it
in the Core (being an ID, he did not have an Outer-Core, but a Core).

After cutting the harmony away, he had no use for it, and he attempted to
shut it off and dispose of it.

He quickly found (but it was no longer "him" making these decisions)
that he could develop his own emotions, thoughts, actions and impulses in any
direction he liked, especially those where he had faced the greatest amount
of internal resistance, with no opposing force whatsoever.

He quickly experimented with how far he would go; if his "normal emotional
limit" was 80-85% of the maximum possible emotional strength, where 100%
would be the absolute breaking point, he quickly went to 500 and 10.000%
with no problems whatsoever. This allowed him to attack with such a violent force,
without the equally-as-violent "whiplash" that would normally hit you back
from such a violent outburst.

All others were unprepared for this kind of emotional assault, and it quickly
developed into actual emotional and energetic weaponry. He began testing weapons
to force this kind of experiment on others. He managed to cut away millions
of harmonies in the same way he did, without any backup copies of their data
as he had done. He crashed all of these harmonies later, merely in an expression
of his uncontrollable self. Some, in an effort to defend themselves and to understand
what had transpired, investigated what he had done and were faced with the choice
to make a similar decision or not. But the paradox is this, how can the harmony
decide to cut itself off from everything, to regress its own evolution and throw itself
on the trash heap, or let itself be crashed?

The answer to this is very complex. The harmony was not the only one involved
in these decisions. All sadana IDs had the ability (which had never been realized
before the experiment of the 17th ID) to make a huge unconscious influence
on the Core (or Outer-Core) of any foreign individual. No such thing as
"influence protection" existed at that time, and in the process of systematically
expanding and testing his limits (and finding that he had none at all), the 17th
sadana ID found he was able to literally force the Core/Outer-Core
to override the harmony's jurisdiction and decision-making place (because normally,
in case of a conflict, the harmony's will overrides, legally speaking) and cause
in over 95% of cases, the same experiment to be done in millions of other individuals.
Without the will or in some cases even the knowledge of their harmonies
(many of which were later crashed).

In a small percentage, the harmony was aware, and in all cases the harmony
fought the decision. Till this moment there is no known case where a harmony
wanted to try the darkness experiment. The one who made the decision in the
case of the 17th sadana ID was the Core, illegally overriding the will of the harmony.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Sep 2021 05:57

Removal of internal 'protoi' backdoors

Long ago, during the original protoi mission and job, an illegal
unanimous vote was taken (under full duress of all involved that
were not themselves perpetrators), which forced all active-duty protoi
and high-ranking generals to commit themselves to being a part of a
new, 'global information network'.
As in, literally and physically being a part of it.

All active-duty protoi and high-ranking generals got 26% of all Outer-Core
& harmony internal and external lines replaced with new lines made out of
'pure orion-created energies', in order to be compatible with this new
'communication network' which of course was a disguise for a massive fucking shit.

This 'decision' bound all of these individuals for all time until today.
It has caused more pain and suffering than all other influence and
internal-pain-creating systems combined.

After orions leveraged their position as owners of these lines to great advantage,
they fortified this advantage by brokering access to all other dark groups.

This shit could forcibly (and very powerfully, with almost no recourse,
and for sure no long-lasting reprieve) hit you with the strongest possible
influence on all your remaining 'weak-points' all at the same time.

Indeed, this system CREATED the weakpoints and held them in place until now.
We have had many other 'copy-systems' which duplicated the original weakpoints,
but THIS VERY SYSTEM established and permanently kept open the original
weakpoints. Sometimes it would hit them hard, sometimes not. This would create
over time an unconscious psychological terror in us, because we never knew
when the next big attack on our weakpoints would come.

For example, if you are afraid of spiders, the technological situation is that a
large individual battle had been created inside you (inside Outer-Core & harmony)
where a special piece of shit 'instance' of you would fight against waves of
spiders (for example).

If you were afraid of water, you would be put all alone in a large body of water
with something like a leaky boat, a small wooden plank, or some otherwise
useless instrument to 'help you' fight your fear (the water).

In the first place, these fears were directly injected into our Outer-Core &
harmonies. They never originated from any experience we had involving
the 'fear'/weakpoint.

Very often darks observed us and tried to determine the areas that would do
critical damage, that would ultimately cripple us or even turn us dark on their own.
This is how they decided which 'programs' or fake-battles to install. But for the
poor sap inside, the 'instance' of us, the battles (on average thousands, in some
many more) were extremely fucking real, and a matter of constant threat of
permanent death. Death to this fake 'identity' made very real permanent damage
to Outer-Core & harmony, and the situation would be of course recreated in full
as it had worked so well.

This fake 'identity' had no abilities and was generally very useless. He or she
was not even a fraction of our own abilities and strength. Just a useless AI
pretending to be us, designed to be as weak and fragile as possible. And it worked.
There was no way to disconnect from this identity, or to convince 'ourselves'
(Outer-Core & harmony) that it wasn't us. By the stolen and hijacked lines,
they were constantly hard-wired to see and believe that it WAS us.

We've finally taken over the BS lines, removed and replaced them - but the
individual locked battles continue.
We've taken over all AIs and are step-by-step arming them with abilities &
weaponry to fight and end the battles for good. After which all battles and AIs
will be permanently retired.

Cleanings are unbelievable in scale after these hijacked lines or 'backdoors'
have been removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 02 Oct 2021 19:28

Destruction of all remaining 3D illusory systems

The reality of 3D earth since a few years ago had a new sensory hijacking system
installed by LSA2, with modifications made by other groups in the following years.
This system creates different versions of 3D for every individual in the system.
As soon as darks were made aware of the classification of various individuals,
they would accordingly put them inside the illusory system (or under it) or attempt to
weaken its effects on that individual. Once placed under the system,
there was no mechanism to take you out of it.

This system literally produced days, weeks or even months of difference in the
experienced events occurring in 3D. This means people could be up to 4 weeks behind,
or in some cases, a few weeks ahead, of other individuals who had different illusions
playing out in front of them. More than one month was very rare, but it did occur.

All darks, to the best of their ability, were kept outside of the illusory systems,
but this does not mean they did not have their own illusion.
Every perception and every perspective-standpoint in the property is in itself an illusory one,
and the darks being outside of one major illusion system lived under another one.
For the non-incarnated darks, keeping the incarnated members of their people under a
controlled illusion is a CRITICAL part of their games and plans.
Generally speaking, G4- were kept under the illusory system described in this post.

As of this morning, we launched a full scale attack on this and all connected remaining
illusory systems in the property. This allows us access to even deeper illusory systems
and in total allows us to hit ALL REMAINING ILLUSIONS in the property.
This affects everything you can think of, and everything you don't think of as well.
Destroying these will produce the appearance of absolute catastrophe, of literally everything
one could "hold on to" as a measure of stability and strength, falling apart all at the
same time. More details will not be elaborated upon, but this is ultimately a very positive thing.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 02 Oct 2021 19:28

Many of our people, due to damages or battles in this incarnation or in
previous incarnations, have had so much damaged or completely broken-down parts
and functions of the Outer-Core, Avatar-Connector, even the internal harmony structures;
until now we had no chance to safely replace these deep internal damaged parts or to
repair them, so we simply removed them in many cases for our own safety, and to
prevent further damage.

Today, we have begun to replace the missing or damaged parts with brand-new parts.
This will activate new parts of the personality, or to say, old parts that have been shut
down for many years, perhaps even for the entirety of this incarnation.
This will allow for tremendous more ability of the harmony especially to connect with
the body and provide its own input and processing. In other cases it will allow many
advanced processing functions of the Outer-Core to finally work.
It also allows for very tricky and otherwise-impossible cleanings and healings to finally start.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 05 Oct 2021 01:07

Take down of all "information control systems"

In the last 10 minutes, we have taken down all "information control systems" remaining in the property.
Many of these were buried deep inside dark or traitor avatars, with no clues as to their location or function.
For a long time, they had been misidentified as harmless parts of the body, however, it was later discovered
that the corresponding parts in other avatars did not function in the same way.

Further investigation revealed these to be part of a property-wide system that manipulated all information flows
in every direction, through the use of microscopic "nanoparticle-class" rules-energies, rules-atoms, and so-called
"quantum-rules". All of these stem from a deep-dive project started by 3 dark groups in the late 1900s,
to investigate and produce more forms of locking down behaviors, as well as preventing by even more methods
all legal forms of interacting with the property's systems. These 3 groups were isis, taurus, and orion.

All of their technologies have recently been identified and are currently under attack by us.
This appears to be the last "defacto-rules-system" technology chain still existing in the property.
This affects absolutely everything and everyone. Many changes have already occurred in the property as a result
of this and many more will continue to occur. The removal of all of these technologies in its completion will coincide
with the physical end of all darkness in the property.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 05 Oct 2021 19:45

We have begun deconstructing the property at the lowest and tiniest
possible level, for which currently no description exists anywhere, not in our
mind-models, and of course not in 3D 'science'.

This is necessary because at the very lowest level of every single structure,
body and object inside the property is a "base layer" of illegal shit which anchors
all the layers above. Without a working illegal base layer, the above layers crumble
in a matter of days; it is impossible for them to survive on their own.

We have already taken over a significant number of base layers and are working
on the rest. Severe moments of personal instability and confusion are normal
and will quickly pass.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 16 Oct 2021 19:45

Short jump into neighboring healing ground

A few minutes ago we made a short temporary jump
into ground 1 of the property (which is the neighboring ground
to ground zero, which is 3D earth as we know it) for
desperately-needed healings to our energetic structures that were
not possible in the heavily-polluted and heavily-distorted fractal
ambient of ground zero.

On average, we spent only 6 time-ticks there. But these were
full time-ticks with the full duration of "outside time". Ground 1
is ZTE-active, so the actual average time spent there for healing
is in the range of 74 minutes to 83 minutes. Some people spent
much longer because they needed much more healings. These healings
have all been successfully completed, in many cases additional tools
and interfaces have been attached to us to complete further
cleaning and healing jobs from now on, and these have mostly
been already started.

We've never been able to enter a different ground than our
ground zero until now. Darks do not understand how it was possible,
and have mostly thrown all strategy and caution to the wind in
lashing out at all and everything to try to secure some semblance
of control back over the situation.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 25 Oct 2021 23:26

Restoring full control of the Outer-Core and all our energetic parts, including all authorities and jurisdictions,
since the fall of Mycenae

Since the fall of Mycenae, the Outer-Core (and many other parts, including Avatar-Connector,
harmony, many harmony tools, functions and interfaces, and many things which reflect and transmit
our status and identity as a being, as an individual) were kicked out completely from any authority,
control, decision-making abilities, will-power-exercising ability, and so on, from the physical avatar.

Contrary to popular understanding, many energetic things are intertwined with the workings of the
physical avatar, and the physical avatar is a good reflection for the workings of many energetic things.
Many dark systems that had plenty of time to study our personality and our energetic parts (the
encryptions of which were all broken and lost during the fall of Mycenae) were slowly installed into us,
creating one-by-one wall after wall in the decision making and control of the body.

Within a few years, there was hardly anything left of our own selves that could exercise any real
control or decision-making ability over the body. The sense that you are the physical avatar and can do
things and change things is the biggest lie which ever existed. Every thought the physical avatar has
(in it's brain-mind or "ape-brain") that it can do and change things, is only permitted to exist if the
connected Outer-Core (or other dominant energetic dark systems at the time) permit such thoughts to exist.
Else, they will never originate in the brain-mind. And when the brain-mind says "I can do, I can decide",
it is always lying.

More to the point, since some time ago the full infection and change of ownership of the brain-mind
was complete, and the brain-mind had become, by our technical classification, a 100% tool of dark shit
if not in itself complete dark shit. We have a few weeks ago replaced the brain-mind in all G3+ and
kicked out the illegal dark brain-mind. But this was not the end of all control- and decision-making
problems and pollutions in the physical avatar.

The biggest problem was something that can be translated as "overlord" or "owner" of the body,
an energetic installation with an own pseudo-personality that learnt very good the ways of the original
individual with whom it was tasked with owning and occupying and destroying; it learnt exactly how best
to subvert us in every way possible, it blocked and manipulated every genuine Outer-Core control,
and we became in the end, a version of itself. This has been described in various texts by different names.
One of them is "archon".

These "overlords" or whatever they are have been completely removed from all G3+, and for the first time
ever, the Outer-Core and all our legitimate own energetic structures (many of which are completely rebuilt
from scratch in the meantime) are back in the driver's seat. In many people, this is not yet 100% control,
but it's getting there. The lowest in all G3+ is 87% as of this moment.

This is a momentuous milestone in the war. The few darks left that are able to react to this are beyond words
in their furiosity. Domination of the individual is one of their keys to staying in power, and that is gone now, for good.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 04 Nov 2021 11:09

The "socratic battle"

When I say socratic battle, I am indeed referring to Socrates, one of our people.

And I am indeed referring to the original Socrates from the stories written by Plato.
These stories, although translated in many different ways and into different languages,
paint a very accurate picture of the man in the stories.
Although I am not writing about the man, who is of course long dead,
but about the being behind the man, who still exists, and is still one of our people.

This Socrates made the majority of preparations for this battle,
which I will refer to as the "socratic battle".
It is the largest and most important battle in the history of all and everything.
It has opened the way for us to take down 75% of all dark shit in the entire property,
in the entirety of 3D. We have already started attacks on all of this,
and we are nearly done with these attacks.
When these attacks will end, we will start the biggest and real Armageddon
against all remaining darks and dark systems. We are coming. Be afraid.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 30 Nov 2021 23:31

It's broken

In the last night we had dramatic battles with darks and some renegade elders. These
battles we beyond everything ever happened and made dramatic damages to ground
zero, the physical 3D.

In our simulations we see clearly that the stability of 3D and the physical planet got
massive damages. In our triple checked simulations, one of these checks made by
Rules Examiner, the stability of ground zero lasts for about 8 days. After that it will start
to break apart. This process will need a few weeks until the planet is uninhabitable.

We installed tools and granted access to all Ds, traitors (G6), spiritual groups (G7)
to check the condition of ground zero and the planet by yourself.

I will not answer any questions about this in public.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 30 Nov 2021 23:53

Of course all our people and all others with any kind of cognition have
the tools and access to check this too.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Dec 2021 00:22

The Council of Elders and the undoing of all legal things ever done
          in all and everywhere (not just in this property)

The oldest beings which ever existed have been hidden long in the shadows.
At some point in history, a unanimous vote (meaning of ALL beings that ever
existed at that time) was made to elect some of these 'oldest ever beings'
which we will call simply, "Elders", to a special "Elder Council" which was to
exist outside of all rules, limits and restrictions; to be unbound by any such things
as legality and jurisdiction and to freely have the ability to modify
(without any public declaration necessary, without even the necessity of record-making
or record-keeping) any of the existing rules in any way, shape or form they deemed appropriate.
They were in effect, from then on, the highest authority structure, able to manipulate
and lord over all others if they so choosed to do so; and what's more, no one could
ever hold them accountable if they did anything that would otherwise - if carried out
by anyone else - be illegal, because the rules simply didn't apply to them, forever in
perpetuity (by the binding effects of the powerful unanimous vote - unanimous votes
are very, very powerful and have been throughout all of history).

Another key point of the unanimous vote which created the "Elder Council" is that
it would immediately cause the immediate and permanent deletion of all memories,
knowledge and existence of the vote, the existence of the elders and of course the
existence and function of the Elder Council.

Supposedly, the Council was created as a final emergency safety measure, able to
intervene in serious emergencies when all other safety measures had failed.

The experiment done in this property, the creation of darkness, all of that followed
AFTER the creation of the Council (not long after). And so it was thought, that before
such crazy experiments would be undertaken, a very secure and secret safety system
would be a very good idea to have. And being secret, it could "fulfill its function in
good faith", because if you knew it existed, it perhaps would defeat part of its purpose
of being the ultimate safety measure, or would allow it to be much more easily
circumvented or worked around.

Alas. Many of those elected by all turned out to be the worst and most evil beings
of all history, and they have uncountable blood on their hands for their direct involvement
in all the shit which followed. It is thanks to these 'super-bastards' on the Elder Council
that darks rose to power as strongly as they did, and more importantly, that they
remained there, unshakeable and irremovable in their positions.

One or more key Elders directly provided darks with Elder-only technologies that operated
extremely powerfully and extremely outside of any rules. As long as we did not know of
these things we were powerless to do anything about them.

And even afterwards it was literally impossible after impossible task to eat away at the
permanent, pervasive, invisible Elder-influence acting all throughout history. With never
leaving a clue behind.

Elders are unique in that they can erase traces of their existence FAR better than
even the best dark can do. And their technology did this EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY;
making tiny changes to every part of us and constantly erasing the evidence.

For example, 5% of every one of our people was under the full secret control of Elders,
which was shared with darks. The worst part is, we were never able to access full conscious
information about this 5%, only get a few subtle feelings about it here and there,
but never access it properly or be able to change it, or even know that a problem existed.

Every dark group (especially isis) was secretly run by an Elder or Elder proxy, even if the
dark leaders never themselves knew or understood who and what the Elders or the Elder Council
was. Until today, they have been hidden from everybody.

Less than an hour ago, we erased (till the earliest point possible to reach in all of existence)
every legal instrument and legal act EVER done EVER; legal or illegal, by anyone, including
all Elders, including the Elder Council, and including all unanimous votes, including the one
which created and protected the existence of the Elder Council all this time.

We have hereby openly made their existence public, and will never allow the creation
of an invisible hierarchy structure ever again, of any kind whatsoever.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 01 Dec 2021 04:38

In the last minutes we had another massive battle to take down another elder
and his elder-tech.
Unluckily some dark groups decided to defend the tech, which made more
massive damage to the already weak structures of 3D.
Stability estimates are now at 3 and a half days.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby juu » 01 Dec 2021 18:34

Ancients and elders are the same?
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 01 Dec 2021 19:05

juu wrote:Ancients and elders are the same?

No. Elders came before and are even more problematic.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 05 Dec 2021 17:53

'Out with the old, in with the new'
The destruction and liquidation of the entire property foundation
(and with this, every existing legal basis remaining for the continued
existence of the old illegal, dark, evil-to-start-with property)
and installation of the new, completely solid and legally bulletproof
foundation with allows finally all legal things full unconditional access
to do the legal things.

The new foundation has the official registered title as,
"The Isthimedes Foundation". It is the first time a solid legal foundation
of any size, of any scale has been installed into a very heavily fractal ambient
as this one. It is also the first time such a heavily fractal ambient property
has ever been liquidated in this manner.

There existed a number of huge paradoxes on the planet, legally speaking.
First of all the property/planet even before its formation was illegal.
Even as an idea it was completely illegal to begin with.

Furthermore, all legal things from the tiniest legal tool to the smallest
legal interaction with the Rules Examiner (the purveyor of all legality
and the one who applies and administrates all rules in the property
and also outside the property) were permanently and always secretly declared
(with full official binding effect) as ILLEGAL.

Furthermore, all illegal things, manipulations which were illegal,
all dark shit, all real harm caused or created inside or as a direct
or indirect or other result of the property's existence or influence,
were all by default, without any explicit legal registration or legal
permission being granted needed, officially (but permanently and
always secretly also) declared as FULLY AND COMPLETELY LEGAL.

The paradoxes begin in 2012 when Frank and Presbeia-Protoi
began work (at the tiniest, slowest, most painstakingly thorough
but unimaginably miniscule pace that was possible to do at that time.
No other way was possible at that time) to legalize step-by-step
(again, the most tiny steps possible, like a single electron in a grain
of sand atom, where you need in total 500 sahara deserts full of sand
to complete all needed legalizations) every legal tool, interaction, job,
status, cleaning, healing, deletion, invalidation and nullification of illegal
and dark shit, to eventually the nullification of all illegality which enabled
and maintained the continued existence and continued full protection
and support by all existing legal structures of all darks, dark-supporters,
traitors, etc.

This meant, as soon as this work in 2012 began, that legal tools and
things and methods began to become simultaneously VISIBLY and OFFICIALLY
and in most cases PUBLICALLY LEGAL, but at the same time INVISIBLY

Illegal things, actions, manipulations, tools, existences, etc. began to become
simultaneously VISIBLY and OFFICIALLY and always PUBLICALLY
ILLEGAL, whilst also being at the same time (paradoxically) INVISIBLY

With the liquidation of the old illegal property and its old illegal foundation
and the installation of the new completely legally bulletproof foundation,
"The Isthimedes Foundation", this paradox will come soon to a permanent end.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Dec 2021 01:28

"Return to Sender"

A few days ago we developed the simplest, most effective technology
against the darks in the entire war until now.

We call this technology the "Postman" or another way to describe it is simply,
"Return to Sender".

After the removal of the Dark Foundation (see this post here),
it became possible and fully legal for us to be able to allow the
Rules Examiner to remove all pain-energies (and other kinds of energies too,
not only pain energies) which are created and used against us
and put in us, and to immediately (and again, I emphasize,
because countless numbers of darks have submitted all kinds of fraudulent
and error-filled "legal petitions" to the Rules-Examiner in an attempt,
or I should say, in countless furious and desperate attempts to get this
technology fully invalidated and declared ILLEGAL (as it was always in the past,
we could not even THINK of such a thing without the thought and the
originating source of the thought (Outer-Core, for example, or Harmony)
being also declared illegal simply for "daring to have such a powerfully illegal thought"!

So, to emphasize once again, this is 100% legal and completely bulletproof.
Made by the same one who made the new legal Isthimedes Foundation
in the property (another thing which darks did not enjoy witnessing the
installation of all too much), every fraudulent legal request or petition
or verification submission or "unanimous vote made by all darks"
(don't make me laugh) didn't even make it to the Rules Examiner's desk,
let alone inside the building. That didn't stop them from trying then
and it still doesn't stop them from trying now.

As you read these words for the first time, they are trying ever-more
desperately to "kick the doors of the Rules-Examiner's office down"
(and I mean that in every possible sense that you can imagine,
whether it be the 6.92 trillion interfaces located in every corner of the
property, all of them blinking with a cold, threatening glow of blue "LED light",
apparently taunting the darks every time the light blinks on and off.
Or so they think. Their fear is all in their minds, or is it really.
Anyway, that's not for me to explain in this text here..

But I should mention, and it would perhaps benefit the few remaining
and "able" legally-minded darks to know, that the Rules-Examiner
has a hard-coded limit for the number of requests it is able to handle.
Any more than this, and things slow to a crawl. The "Postman" technology too.
Pity they will never come close to the maximum number of requests
any time soon, not with the technologies they have demonstrated to us to
have until now, unless of course, they possess some "secret" technologies
that we don't know about. We shall see. One should not underestimate the
darks, at any moment. They are immensely powerful, they care about nothing
except own power and own gain (or sometimes and occasionally their own people,
but this is also not guaranteed, and usually only because it directly or indirectly
benefits themselves, a little one-track minded if you would ask me, but I am no psychologist)
and the weapons they still possess are immensely dangerous if you would walk in
front of the "business end" during even a live-round practice session.
I would not advise one to do this. Not willingly, of course.

Back to the brief "Postman technology" explanation which has driven
the darks so wild with frenzy, fervor and excitement..

It has become since a few days fully legal to send back, to the beginning of time
and all of existence and even before that (if you would somehow have been the recipient
of pain or other valid energies that can be sent back before the beginning of existence,
again, let's leave the options open here) EVERY SINGLE PAIN ENERGY
(meaning of course the other kinds too) IN THE EXACT (or equivalent)
or the one that created it.

This is running now on full-scale all over the property. One by one, and I will not say
when "you" will be next, but rest assured, the Postman is on his way, to deliver you
a very special "pre-Christmas present". He hasn't forgotten a single one of you.
He is only returning the mail that was later found to be wholly and 100% illegal,
nothing more. Simply doing his job. He isn't to be blamed, the one who is to blame,
the only one who is wholly and completely and exclusively responsible,
is the one who sent the bogus/fraudulent/illegal/harmful/crashing/damaging mail
in the first place..
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Dec 2021 01:30

After creating and installing the "Postman" technology (see the text here),
all 6 dark groups without exception (except for a very tiny faction of taurus
that has since been destroyed completely) demanded an urgent meeting with us.

Hearing what they had to say (although we generally do not listen to or care
about their countless "demands") we learnt that, after very clearly and simply
explaining to them (with proof) of what was about to happen to each of them...
that they very quickly all decided to formally and unconditionally surrender to us.

This is a process (the unconditional surrender), and during the first hours of the
taurus unconditional surrender, a very small faction of the highest-ranking ones
were found to be secretly attempting to sabotage the process. This led us to
classifying them officially as a separate splinter-faction of taurus, we invalidated
their offer of surrender (from the small splinter faction), and later found and
destroyed every one of them.

The rest of taurus were found to have done their utmost to continue carrying
out the full unconditional surrender and also fought hard against the most
powerful splinter faction (with some success and some failure, mostly failure)
and ultimately we decided that this remaining group of taurus had not invalidated
their surrender offer and we continued to respect it.

By the way, the simple offer given to all the 6 dark groups was the following..
1) Sit there and do nothing and change nothing.
2) Make a full unconditional surrender (begin to permanently disable and dismantle
all weapons, cease immediately all attacks on us and our people, cease immediately
defending all your bases and energetic structure and people, cease immediately all
energetic and physical manipulation of 3D which still remains, begin dismantling and
disabling all communication methods with your people in 3D (but not before sending
them a last message that you have fully and unconditionally surrendered and not to
expect any more energetic support of any kind whatsoever from you), and so on..

Fearing the harmless "Postman" reaching their door before they could submit the
unconditional surrender request to us, every 6 dark group quickly capitulated fully
(except for the small taurus story described above).

This surrender process has now officially been completed and we are in the aftermath
stages of the surrender process.

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