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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 21 Aug 2021 08:33

The energetic REAL bodies of all incarnated darks, G6 (meaning traitors), G7, G8, G9, G10
have been captured by us and taken to prison.

This means there are no more remaining incarnated dark or G6- real bodies in the property.
The property will now go into a hyperdrive-cleaning mode.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Drack » 21 Aug 2021 18:23

About the real bodies there are a few things important to clear up

1) the real bodies aren´t „gone“ like in prison outside the property. The real bodies of darks and G6-,
for now, are inprisoned inside this property, and still connected to the physical/3D body.
If anybody asked himself why they don´t simply drop dead if they were inprisoned

2) for clarification , you could imagine it like the movie avatar, with the blue avatars.
The real body is the person who is controlling the blue guy. So with that,
when the person behind the blue guy is in chains and inprisoned so to speak,
he´s pretty much disabled everywhere else, but the blue guy.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 25 Aug 2021 01:26

Removal of the 5 massive dark barriers between physical 3D and outside of the property

There have existed 5 gigantic, impenetrable energetic barriers between physical 3D
and outside of the property. From inside to outside, they were numbered from 1 to 5.

1 and 2 were originally legal barriers belonging to the original property construction.
1 was locked down by Eartha with the commencement of her experiment here;
ensuring that only her and her group (LSA2) could leave physical 3D thereafter
(although she had no plans to do so at that time).

Immediately after Eartha locked down barrier 1, orions locked down the
next-innermost barrier with their own technology. This secured them the ability
to block Eartha and her group from coming out, and from all other dark groups
from coming into 3D without making good deals with the orions first.
This benefited orions tremendously to this day.

The next 3 barriers were not legal parts of the property and were artificially
constructed by taurus, lsa1, and isis, respectively.
There was no lsa3 at this time, only lsa1 and lsa2. Therefore eartha/lsa2
controlled the innermost barrier (which used to be a legal part of the property),
and isis controlled the outermost barrier (which was only artificial dark shit).

lsa1's barrier was weakened significantly by the other dark groups some time later,
causing them to lose much of their negotiating power and leverage; other dark groups
no longer had to hold up their end of the deals with lsa1, and this led to the downfall
of catholicism in 3D.

We have taken down all 5 barriers and replaced barriers 1 and 2 with our own barriers.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 26 Aug 2021 23:25

Removal of the 'super-god'
A few days ago we removed an enormous 'thing'. Not an entity, not an ID, not an AI,
but something else entirely. And far larger than the biggest ID we ever found until now.
Millions of times larger than a normal ID.

This thing was called by the darks, "the god that created all the other gods".
It controlled to some degree all 6 dark groups. Isis managed to pull away from it the most.
Evidence of its control was seen in seemingly nonsensical actions darks did and promoted to
their own people that seemed contrary to their own agendas and benefit, such as taurus advising
its own people not to worry about fighting in 3D, while taurus leaders not under direct influence
from this 'super-god' would tell their followers the exact opposite.

Removal of this 'super-god' was an enormous and very risky battle, requiring more energy output
than has ever been seen in the property's history, by far. Removal creates a sort of power vacuum
in all 6 dark groups (including isis) and is an enormous, monumental achievement for us in the war.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 26 Aug 2021 23:27

The cleverest legal expert in history

A short time ago we removed the biggest, cleverest 'legal expert' in history - this one was not a dark,
nor classified as a dark-supporter. This one understood the rules perfectly and knew exactly where the
"gray zones" lay, and exactly how to exploit them to the fullest.
This one had made very special deals with many of us (under duress), deals which gave them tremendous
advantage. This one locked up many parts of 3D and declared themselves the de-facto ruler of these parts,
in this making many of us and many parts of 3D into hostages.

Normally, deals made under duress, when it can be proved that the duress existed, become immediately
nullified; so was not the case. The amount of pressure was exactly sufficient to be "partly dubious",
and there was not a concrete, 100% solid legal reasoning/grounds to make the deals null and void;
and therefore they continued. Furthermore, in contrast to all others that have made duress-deals
with us in the past, this one respected 100% their own end of the deal, and therefore we could not
use their violation of the agreements as reasoning to nullify the deals (because they didn't break them themselves).

A few days ago, this one acted out of character and finally stepped over (in a very large way)
the legal agreements and conditions of these deals. In this action, they sealed their own fate --
all of these connected agreements have henceforth been nullified, removed; all corresponding locks
in 3D removed, and the one responsible taken to prison.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 27 Aug 2021 00:51

Removal of "dark glue" communication network and warning system

We removed a few minutes ago a massive network of thick, molasses-like
substance which binded and connected all incarnated ones in the property.
If two or more dark groups were willing to communicate through this "glue",
it would facilitate their communication, otherwise, dark groups could only
communicate with members of their own group (this was unconscious
"body-communications"). Traitors could also use the network to communicate
with the group(s) with which they had made deals, or to broadcast messages
to all 6 dark groups at once. Non-incarnated ones could put messages inside
and communicate with whoever they wished (that would listen).
Many channelings and cognitions that no longer run through standard cognition-
lines have been done through this 'glue-network' instead. The glue is impossible
to process or to remove by any normal means, but all of it is gone from the property.

The glue-network could also be used as a warning system, and had been used as such
until only a few moments ago. If things were not going 'the right way' in 3D,
non-incarnated ones (no matter how big or small) could put 'alarm bells' inside the glue
which would unconsciously signal the relevant dark ones connected to the situation.
For example, mass-manipulation strategies failing to have the desired effect,
or to warn of impending threats to their infrastructure, or to their people in 3D.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 27 Aug 2021 09:06

Removed shield-generators protecting invisible parts of the property

Today (less than an hour ago) we removed huge, impenetrable shield-generators
which blocked access to many invisible parts of the property.

These protected a few critical (but very small) dark systems still running on the planet.
The shield-generators were made of a technology that could not even be scratched or in
any way damaged until now. All forms of this shield-generation have been declared
fully illegal and removed in every kind from the planet.

All things protected from the existence of these shield-generators have been henceforth
fully exposed and open to our attacks.

Attacks on all these newly-exposed things will commence shortly.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 27 Aug 2021 10:16

Removal of physical technology forcing conscious awareness into the physical body

Located inside the kabah was a physical technology that constantly broadcasted
a kind of Outer-Core "signal" which would force constantly the conscious awareness
into the brain-mind and into the physical body, thus dominating one with a sense of
"I am the physical body, and this is my world". Many similar technologies have existed
all over the globe, but we have rendered them all previously non-functional.
This last one in the kabah was powerful enough to do the job of all the others, however.

It has now been destroyed totally, and this signal will slowly leave our Outer-Cores.
Especially those with no other cognitions (except of the physical body) should begin
slowly to develop an awareness of their other parts.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 28 Aug 2021 06:40

Removal of unconscious emotional negative-feedback system

A silent, powerful dark system has been removed from all G3+ that had the effect
of producing powerful negative emotional feedback using surplus emotions in the body,
whenever you would do something (or in general) against darks or contrary to the various
dark agendas inflicted upon you. This worked at its full strength while you were asleep,
in the hopes of swaying your will or intentions into other areas that darks didn't care
about as much. There are many leftover negative emotions in the "dream-space" which are
still in removal that can now for the first time ever be removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 28 Aug 2021 06:41

Removal of harmony-damage-hostage situations

Buried within the harmony were secret hostage situations: small pockets of controlled
damages made long in the past, held in place by a protective mechanism that threatened
to explode if certain actions were taken in 3D.
These have been safely removed from all of our people.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 28 Aug 2021 06:41

Removal of very harsh limits on sleep-recovery mechanisms

In the ideal world, a few hours of sleep would provide all needed rejuvenation
for the body, mind, various parts of the Outer-Core if needed, and perhaps other
energetic avatars as well. So is not the world we lived in, only a few hours ago.
Nearly all beneficial systems that are allowed only to run while we sleep were under
heavy restrictions since the fall of Mycenae. Indeed, sleep for many was more of a burden
in itself than a relief; as many energies needed to be expended rather than restored
during the entire sleep process, from start to finish.

We've destroyed since a few hours all such systems and in doing so also classified them
all as illegal. It will be some hours before our own replacement systems are installed,
which is needed to clean out all the remaining shit from the "dream-space".
Then, sleep will step-by-step become the refreshing exercise it should have been.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 28 Aug 2021 06:44

Taking down of "illegal legality structures"

If there would be no rules whatsoever governing what and how and when to clean or
shoot on things, we would still be limited, or would have been, by something called
"illegal limits energies" (not to be confused with rule-energies). Limits-energies are heavily
modified Gennitor-produced energies, which were found in limited quantities overall,
but heavily concentrated into very large, illegal "legality structures".
These by their very nature were never declared as illegal for the longest time
(this only having changed a few hours ago), and prevented our cleaning from working at,
on average, more than 1% of its theoretical max speed.

All illegal legality structures have been removed, and cleaning/removal/identification
of limits-energies continues off-grid, although this has far less effects for us here in 3D.
This is the biggest removal of "legality" that has ever taken place until now.
It has huge and far-reaching effects on all and everything.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 28 Aug 2021 06:48

Taking over of illegal 3D "nanobots"

There was a time when all those who incarnated here (whether willingly or otherwise)
had a full and solid 3D status simply by virtue of being incarnated.
When the avatar would die, many times this status would not be properly removed,
and many times this was done deliberately, in order to collect tiny cells from the avatar
and by this preserve the unique 3D-status-energies of that avatar.

Many of these cells have been combined into pseudo-nanobot technologies,
which have been assigned to perform millions of difficult, tedious or tiresome work
in the property for darks and dark-supporters. Recently, many computing technologies
found in specific consumer devices have had these technologies incorporated inside,
where they provide (from time to time) additional processing and calculation resources
for specified devices and for specified people, although their presence is usually never
observable to the conscious brain-mind in any fashion. Most processing and calculations
they do are never exposed to the consumer. Many supercomputers have incorporated similar
but much more powerful uses of this 'nanobot-esque' technology where they perform much
of the heavy lifting for certain firms and supercomputer manufacturers.
While their existence and function is not well understood by all who work with these
supercomputers, it is known that there is something 'behind the scenes' which is working.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 00:17

Removal of the incarnation-parameters system and the new incarnation guardian

A system which has been removed was the original system by which all incarnation deals worked.
This was originally a legal part of the property structure which allowed making changes to avatars/
incarnations or incarnation parameters, but not while incarnated.

All incarnation deals are an illegal abuse of this system. All incarnation deals modify
one or more of the original legal incarnation parameters which could be changed by this
original system.

This system could do anything which incarnation deals could do, or to be more accurate,
could modify any of the legally changeable incarnation parameters. For example, better thinking,
or worse thinking. Good life, or shit life.

It is the role of the new role, the incarnation guardian, to protect and monitor
the usage of the newly created equivalent system which has replaced the old
incarnation-parameter system (that is now gone from the property totally,
only one such system is allowed to exist in the property at a time).
There have been many limits on how this system could be used, but these are also removed.
In other words, there are no limits on the usage of the system for the legally
changeable incarnation parameters for all our people and all G3+.

When it comes to darks and G4-, darks have no rights at all, so we can freely
change their incarnation parameters, and have already done so.
All darks had the maximum possible positive parameters set;
we have changed these all to the maximum possible negative parameters.

Non-darks (G4-), however, can say "no change" and then we are not allowed to change
their parameters. If they do not say this, then we can change it.
But they have the ability to block any potential changes we would make to their
incarnation parameters.

The main point of deals made by G6 and G7 was to give them a
"neutral incarnation parameter status". They did not have generally good or bad
incarnation parameters, but a neutral one, right in the middle. This was very
important to them, because they knew very well how shit the bad parameters are.
All homeless people, for example, have very shit parameters. Our people too,
all knew about how shit the bad parameters were before they came here.

All grays without deals (G2, G3, etc.) got close to the maximum negative
incarnation parameters.

This new system (and the old system which is now removed) is located in
sector 33 of the property. We have recently made a reorganization of the property
into 36 sectors.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 00:31

Taking control of the "forgetting room" and establishing a legal information control system

In sector 36 of the new property arrangement was located "the forgetting room".
This is where everyone who entered the property was taken in order to be separated
from their memories, by force of course. In most cases the memories were shredded,
in a few cases they were simply stolen from you.
This sector also had an illegal information-distribution/filtering system which allowed
each individual to (in theory) select information-limiting parameters for each incarnation,
before the incarnation took place. For example, "I do not want to receive or be able to receive
information about the existence of my Outer-Core, I would like to be under the illusion
that my physical incarnation is all that I am."
There were very specific parameters which could be adjusted in this manner,
"Yes I would like to be able to receive this information", or "No I do not want to able to
receive this information" (during the incarnation).
In addition, the original version of this system, which was originally a legal part of the
property structure, had hard-coded parameters which you could not adjust, meaning there were
certain classes of information or certain topics that you could not receive while being incarnated
here, even if you would have liked to.

The system was modified over time into a massive illegal system used by darks to barter
and trade control of the various information parameters. Every year the agreements
would be made anew, and generally speaking the state of the planet during any particular year
would reflect which groups had managed to secure access to the latest information,
and which had not. If you were a dark and had access to some information in a previous year,
but lost that access in the following year, the information was not removed from you,
but you were no longer able to use the information line to retrieve information about that
topic again. So you were stuck acting on old information. Elon musk, for example, has had
since his birth, ALL PARAMETERS set to "available", regardless of deals and trades
made by the dark groups. This meant that he always had full access to every possible topic
which one can retrieve with the information-line made available by this system.
Generally speaking, darks had few or no filters set on, while non-darks (including G4-)
generally had many or ALL filters set to on.

We've destroyed the illegal system and installed our own in its place.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 02:05

Removal of a massive timed-chain-reaction hostage situation involving Outer-Cores and harmonies

Once we had activated our new incarnation-parameter-equivalent system and changed all
incarnation parameters for our people to the maximum positive parameters,
and changed all incarnation parameters for all darks to the maximum possible negative parameters,
a nasty hostage situation emerged: Nearly all Outer-Cores and harmonies of our people were
tied together in a timed-chain-reaction system, threatening major and perhaps permanent damage
if the new incarnation parameters (whether in darks or in our people) would actually be received
and processed by the body.

We made short work of this situation which brought us a massive step closer to the full
100% operation of the new parameters in the body.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 02:06

Destroying the last known communication network for influence

The influence which still remains exists in separate groups of influence.
Alone, these groups are very weak, and would generally be brushed off like an annoying mosquito,
but together, if they can communicate and coordinate their strikes to hit you at the same time,
from all possible angles with all possible influence-methods, their attacks can be devastating
(and take significant time to remove).

We destroyed the last known communication network for all remaining groups of influence.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 02:07

The largest harmony hostage situation that ever existed

ALL harmonies of our people have been revealed to have been under the control
of a very large network of trap- or trigger-interfaces.

This was so deeply entrenched in our harmonies, to the degree that every single
individual harmony-energy within every harmony was surrounded by an individual
"bear-trap-like" mechanism which threatened to immediately snap shut and crush the
energy inside, if you would do anything that the interface-system didn't like.
The system would activate all at once, and would theoretically have crashed an
individual harmony in less time than a single time-tick. And this to all possible harmonies,
all at once.

It should be noted that traitors and dark-supporters, while having harmonies,
were NOT connected to or part of this hostage-system.

We have managed to remove and undo this system from all of our harmonies,
and free all of our harmonies from this extremely nasty hostage situation,
the largest harmony hostage situation that has ever existed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 06:39

THE REMOVAL OF THE ORION LAYER (from all our people and all G3+)

In terms of the physical 3D body this is the single most important news ever.
All orion layers from all of our people and all G3+ people have been completely REMOVED.

In the past we have made adjustments and changes and used different phrases
to refer to this (such as "Protoi layer" and at times "the energetic nervous system"),
these are all referring to the same thing.

But today, we have managed to rid ourselves of this shit for good. This is the single
worst thing that has ever happened to the physical avatar.
Nearly everyone on the planet has been afflicted with this system
(but we leave it in for all darks, traitors and dark-supporters) although some (only darks
and dark-supporters) have had parts (or in very rare cases, all of it) removed throughout history.

In general, a physical avatar has many benefits in that many very strong feelings
and emotions are either all or partially nullified by virtue of the physical avatar's
existence. This allows us to handle and process much more emotions and feelings
than we would otherwise be able to (on that note, feelings can only exist because of
the physical avatar). The orion layer was designed with the main purpose to counteract
fully all of these positive effects of having a physical avatar.

Indeed, they did not only counteract all the positives, but went far above and beyond.
Nearly every physical, emotional or feeling-related problem which we have experienced until now
has its origins somewhere in the orion layer, either by locking-down problems and feelings
so that they could never be reached or properly processed and removed, or by simply recreating
our old "favorite" problems that give us the worst time, over and over again,
and usually when we're least expecting it.

Although everyone that had an orion layer suffered to some degree because of it,
ONLY our people and all G3+ were exposed to the worst of its functions.
As long as your life was following the exact prescribed-for-you dark path, or a path that would
support darks, or some dark religion or some dark system, the effects of the orion layer
(creating and recreating problems and giving you extreme negative sensory feedback from
every part of your body, 24/7; as well as keeping the body in a permanent hostage situation
and keeping many parts of the body in constant tension) would be permanently "pressed-down"
and muted.

In short, as long as you were doing what darks wanted you to do, you would suffer much less
from your orion layer. As soon as you strayed from this path, the effects were no longer dampened,
and within a few days or even hours, you would be hit with the full brunt of the orion layer's
destructive influence and power. And very few escaped such constant, never-ending attacks
without major psychological and physical damage.

As mentioned, the orion layer has been completely removed from all of our people and all G3+.
This has had and will continue to have, HUGE ramifications for the aforementioned people.

In its place, we have installed a Protector-layer instead, but only for all our people and all G3+.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Aug 2021 06:41

Removal of all illegal pyramid cells on the planet

The so-called "pyramid cells" (because they are shaped like a pyramid) are what
grant cognition abilities and many additional skills to the physical avatar, through
legal channels.

They are located in the brain in a special location and in a special configuration.
There are very harsh and specific legal limits about how they can be arranged,
for example, it is not legal to have them in a configuration which allows "100% usage"
of the pyramid cells. Legal is 75% usage.
All darks and dark-supporters and traitors who have had cognitions in the past have had
"100% usage configuration" in their brains. In the past we have corrected this and
forced them to a lower usage.

Even so, all pyramid cells which have ever existed since the first ever incarnations
here have been illegal. They have been surrounded with a "soup" which allowed them
to communicate, but this particular fractal "soup" was illegal and unnecessary.
However, it provided a fabulous legal bastion for darks to use as an attack vector
on all people incarnated on the planet at any time throughout history,
with no chance for a successful counterattack (without producing millions of unnecessary

We have corrected this situation in that we have removed the soup and all illegal
pyramid cells from the entire planet. All of our people and all G3+ have been equipped
with legal pyramid cells which have never existed on the planet until now.
All G4- have been given replacement cells. The replacement cells lock down permanently
any and all skills and cognition functions.

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