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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Jan 2021 02:34

Removal of "forced incarnation lists" that became part of the Outer-Core after incarnating here

Before the formation and creation of this property, several of the Protoi that existed
at that time had already had several incarnations in other, analog properties.
From these experiences many of these individuals developed personal lists for desired
incarnations they would like to have to help them achieve their personal evolutionary
goals, or to help them make certain experiences. A number of traitors stole these lists
(that were not public knowledge, but literally stored inside the Outer-Cores of these
Protoi) and gave the information to Eartha, who used it as part of her trap/experiment
in this property.

Eartha modified the Outer-Cores of every individual coming here (most by forced duress)
that she had a matching list for, in order to force that their Outer-Core would constantly
attempt to create the incarnations as specified by that individual's list (or in many cases,
a modified version of the original target incarnation). If the Outer-Core could not create or
establish the required incarnation(s) that it was forced to do, it would attempt instead to modify
whatever active incarnations it could access to mold them into the shape of the incarnations
on the target list. The target list referred originally to ANALOG incarnations that have
absolutely nothing to do with any fractal incarnations, the two are not compatible in the slightest.

Words are not sufficient to describe the monumental detriment which this had on all those
who were made victims of Eartha's games. To this day, the Outer-Cores that were modified
are still modified, and are not classified as the original Outer-Cores of those individuals.
But now we can access and undo the manipulations and modifications and restore the original status
(not the original structures, as much evolution has occurred in the meanwhile) of these Outer-Cores.
This process has already begun. All of the manipulations involving these stolen "desired incarnation
lists" have also been removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Jan 2021 02:35

Removal of "the trees of Eartha"

Eartha constructed a number of curious analog structures that look like trees. They were locked
down in such a way that they were preserved as analog structures and could not be changed or
converted into fractal structures. The trees would make regular connections to some small "holes"
in the property walls that were also analog, the holes were also locked down and could be interacted
with by fractal structures. Every day, some folks from outside the property would connect to these
analog holes and dump huge quantities of poisonous analog energies into the holes, which would be
sucked up by all the trees. The trees had a fixed target list (also an analog structure in itself) which
they would consult to identify where to dump all of their energies. This attack would occur about once
every 6,000 time ticks, every single day, non-stop. Luckily enough, the target list was fixed and could
not be changed. But the damages made by this attack were also non-repairable till now.
The bastards on the outside of the property that would regularly dump energies inside have since
some months been quarantined, and could not move around freely. But the energies they had
remaining they could still freely dump into the analog holes (as everything related to the trees
and the holes were completely protected and locked-down as analog structures). The protection has now
been removed, and the trees are in removal also. The damages inside the property (and to all the
individuals that were on the original target list - that has not since changed) will soon be addressed.
The property could not receive certain critical upgrades, for example, upgrades to the energy-transfer
infrastructure, so that our people could receive millions and millions of magnitude more energies,
because of these damages.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 09 Jan 2021 02:35

Removal of Eartha's "fractal blocking stones"

Eartha developed a technology as soon as she made the property to control the amount of fractal
evolution and expansion which could occur within. She created a number of "stones" (both energetic
and physical in nature) with a very specific fractal algorithm (in order for them to be able to interact
with the fractal ambient and other fractal structures) that covered a locked-down analog "beacon"
inside. The result was a short-range "dome" within which no fractal evolution could occur.
She scattered these stones throughout the property and never stopped producing more of them.
There are estimated to be trillions upon trillions in every corner of the globe (and on all energetic levels).
Their range is very small, and fractal structures around them have been forced to adapt and evolve
"around" the blocking-zones, but they had an immeasurable impact at slowing development and evolution
within this property. A large number of stones were also deposited into the energetic bodies of most of our
people that came here (willingly or otherwise). All of these stones are marked for removal in this moment.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Jan 2021 18:49

"Death by starvation" used to eliminate very dangerous and deeply-entrenched fractal "viruses"
These were mostly obtained during the incarnation process, and then a special lock was added (along with a few more viruses) after the loss of Mycenae

There exists very deeply-entrenched and very insidious fractal "viruses"
that were attached to the base of our fractal structures in the Outer-Core
and also the energetic body at the time of incarnation. These nasty pieces of
work also have the rare ability of being able to function and expand themselves
(and of course, to defend themselves against removal attempts) during ZTE time.

All in all, they are perhaps the most difficult foreign and illegal structure
to remove out of our fractal structures that has ever existed till now.
Removal by standard methods is unfortunately not at all feasible.
Having the ability to defend itself during ZTE time means the entire virus
structure, along with all of its complex and fractally-encoded hooks and security
layers would need to be removed faster than the system could react to
the removal attempt. Otherwise, massive internal fractal structure damages
would be a huge risk.

A more optimal solution was found: let the virus structures starve to death.
Through starvation, which is not valued as an attack on the virus by its
monitoring systems, we can safely and carefully remove all parts of the structure
after it has lost the ability to grow and defend itself at all.
It is only possible to starve these viruses to death because we have reached
a major achievement: we have installed a fine-grained fractal "permissions"
technology in the entire property, which allows for the tiniest atom of a
fractal structure to be sequestered legally from the structure as a whole,
and by this prevent - with full force and immediate effect - that the sequestered
atom(s) can access or receive any energies whatsoever from sapping it off
the main fractal structure (or from anywhere else).

To install such a technology required the biggest cleanings yet, and the
cleanings which will follow after all such "viruses" and similar technologes
buried deep in the fractal structures have all starved to death will also be
massive. The last of these "viruses" is expected to have starved from energy
loss in about X hours.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Jan 2021 08:16

The dark administrative level/Mitra* has been removed.
*What we called "levels" in this diagram are actually Mitras.

This illegally installed Mitra had full rights to control and administrate over the entire property,
with full Protector-esque rights. Nobody had any influence or ability over preventing this shit-layer
from operating in the property and having full control over everyone inside.

Sitting inside this administrative level/Mitra were a large group of original dark IDs from all 7
dark groups, including a large "representative" that acted as a conglomerate of 5 groups (isis,
orions, taurus, lsa2, lsa1) and was physically made up of 5 originals joined together.

Yesterday we removed 11 levels/Mitras from the property. In the old chart showing the 16 levels
in the property which existed, these were levels 1-7 (previously denoted as "Empty Levels") and
levels 12-14.

The only levels/Mitras which still exist is Pandora 1 (also known as 3D Earth), and the 3 Mitras
above; not to mention the administrative level/Mitra at the very top of the property. The
administrative level below this one was a completely dark shit level/Mitra that we have just removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 17 Jan 2021 23:51

It's time to write a little bit about the battles of the last days.
Darks are desperate, more desperate than ever, especially the ancients, for every last scrap of energy
they can manage to obtain from their incarnated people. There are always little tiny cracks and nooks
through which they try to get energies from their incarnated people. Their people do not know directly
of how dire the energy situation is, but some of them have a decent kind of "intuition", which gives them
the idea to increase the energy-collection rituals. You'll see this in all manner of religions, and also spirituality.
Cobra has organised a new urgent meditation in the coming days. All for last-second energy collection measures.
But it is not enough. In the last 3 days we have systematically tracked down and wiped out 99% of all
remaining dark and ancient bases in the property. 97 out of 237 IDs have been taken to prison. The last
IDs are especially difficult to remove, but because of this, they have no hope whatsoever of increasing
their energy reserves. What they have, they're stuck with. It will last them a maximum of 7 days.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 18 Jan 2021 06:42

Removal of the false Mitra 4/"shit Pandora 3" and installing the original Pandora 3 in its place
For reference, the "Mitra 4" referred to in the below post is the "Level 11" in this post (where the shit-Pandora 3 was located)

The Mitra 4 that was in place until an hour ago was a false Mitra that was put in place of the
"real" (or original) Mitra 4 after the loss and fall of Mycenae. The false Mitra 4 (which we previously
referred to as Pandora 3) housed a kind of "dark-shit-version" of the original Pandora 3 structures.
All of the interfaces used for communication and connecting to other Mitras were left in place,
and huge, invisible payloads were produced, designed to be 'uploaded' to the other Mitras at strategic
moments in time. For instance, the following events included a huge "dump" of energies or information
(including possibly foreign emotions and thoughts) on a global level, to every individual (except for those
not on the target list), by way of the connections between the false Mitra 4/the "shit" Pandora 3 and
3D Earth:

  • World War II (some individuals were designated to receive "pressuring" information/energies,
    and others were designated to receive "euphoric" information/energies, especially at key moments
    during the war. At the end of the war, 95% of all incarnated people were targeted to receive
    "numbing" information/energies)
  • Every single major religious event such as Christmas, Ramadan, Eid, Good Friday, Easter,
    and so on (with a few exceptions, jewish rituals and events seem not to be included in this system):
    all individuals marked as taking part in the event/ritual are marked to receive a huge boost of
    "euphoric/uplifting" energies/information, without which they might notice how drained they are afterwards
    -- all of these events are huge suckers of energies and emotional energies from all participants
The shit-Pandora 3 was mainly used for mass-manipulation on a global scale. All 7 dark groups had
at least some infrastructure inside, and in recent times only ancient infrastructure was able to efficiently
utilise the remaining connection lines to the other Mitras.

The entire shit-Pandora 3 (including its housing, the "false" Mitra 4) has been removed and all
connections to existing Mitras have been cut and removed as well.

The original Pandora 3/the "real" Mitra 4 has been completely cleaned, upgraded to work with the
new property infrastructure and put in its original location. There are currently no working connections
from any other Mitra to this Mitra 4, these are being built and should go online shortly.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Jan 2021 11:13

Cleaning of the "Prime Creator Extension" (a.k.a. "The Rules Examiner Extension")

The largest collection of dark IDs that has ever existed in a single place has been located,
battle has been made, and they have been overcome. In total this were 6,611 dark original IDs.
They were located in a completely airtight (in every sense of the word) and legal structure
called a "Prime Creator Extension" (this is the original name, nowadays it would be called
a "Rules Examiner Extension", but for the moment the original name stands).
Being a completely legal structure, we had no way to attack it directly. Workarounds were not
possible either. This structure, being a legal part of the Rules Examiner, interfered (potentially)
with every single access attempt, cleaning, scanning, analysing, scheduling, prioritising;
everything we could possibly think of doing in the property or even elsewhere (if they wished),
the darks hiding inside had the possibility to tamper with and/or interfere with.
They preferred to minimise their interference to the topics of greatest importance to us
and our people, but the fact remained that they had the ability to do this in nearly any
topic of their choosing, despite having nearly no direct lines of communication or otherwise
to anything outside of their "prison" (to come out of the protected Rules-Examiner-extension
space would result in them all immediately being taken to prison, and they were not about
to risk this, not for anything).

We have taken them all down and cleaned this "Prime Creator Extension" which will shortly
be renamed to a "Rules Examiner Extension". A complete upgrade is in order, which will take
at least the rest of the day. EVERYTHING, every cleaning and every one of our tools is in
some way affected by this process and by this cleaning. No further details at this time.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Jan 2021 16:20

Today we uncovered and reversed a very difficult-to-discover situation (and equally as difficult to remove/undo):

All time-effects experienced in this property (but ONLY for G3+ ones) were experienced "backwards".
This means, 6 million (approx.) time-ticks would be bundled together and fed into our Outer-Cores backwards,
where they would be processed and then we would experience these 6 million ticks 'forwards' (in the correct
direction) -- meanwhile all darks and ancients did not need to do the otherwise unnecessary processing of
reversing the bundled time-ticks, and by this had a small but significant time advantage over all those with
"backwards time".

This very tricky system was installed with the property but was not fully implemented until the jesus event,
during which all incarnations of G3+ ones were 'reversed' in this manner.

All time-effects for our people and G3+ ones have been set back to normal. Temporary weirdness and other
disorientation may still persist for a few hours longer.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Jan 2021 23:19

In the last 30 minutes we have taken down the entire chain-of-command
and bases structure (at least, secured all points of strategic importance
here) in all areas which were fully protected by the "Prime Creator
Extension" which we cleaned (see post here).

Huge battles are still to come to deal with all the remaining rats in their holes,
but we have already taken out most of the big leaders (who had any real
strategic significance here) and also a set of most vital 7,564 "3D rules"
that were protected by the extension.

The rules each covered every possible situation in 3D.
In effect, this was one rule to protect all 3D access against unauthorised
(from the perspective of the darks) use, and 7,563 redundant layers on top
to further ensure no legal loopholes could be found in these dark rules..
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Jan 2021 11:15

The First Guardian Station (of 3D)

As part of this property, three "guardian stations" were built. They are legal structures
and part of the original property design. They should indeed be in place. But they should
not be occupied by an original dark ID, as all three of them have been until 3 hours ago
when we finished taking down the last original dark ID sitting in the "controller's chair"
in the last guardian station.

The function of the first guardian station is as follows: All incarnations into the property
are recorded here, and the status of every incarnation is tracked from here. All legal parameters
for the incarnation are set here, and if needed, can be modified (with heavy and very
stringent rules for how and when to do so) during an incarnation (usually only done if there
are severe or serious problems that need to be adjusted without an excarnation first).
In short, all incarnations are tracked here and monitored by the systems in place here.

As long as the eartha original ID that was here sat here, she could indeed monitor
every single incarnation every recorded, and modify (illegally) their incarnation parameters
in real-time. On average, she would attempt to make 500 changes a day for every G3+
classified one. No changes were made for any darks or ancients, as the only changes which
can made here only have effects on those with legally-operating harmony functions, and have
therefore no effects whatsoever on all darks and ancients.

The battles to recover control of this first guardian station involved taking down very heavy
(and hostage-situation-laden) layers of fractal encryption and protection. A very strenuous fight,
but taken with no casualties. Approx. 1.3 billion full-size battle ID-clones sat in here to guard
this eartha with everything they had. Taking down 1.3 billion IDs is no easy feat! The job's
done, and we now have control (for the first time ever since the creation of this property) of
the first 3D-guardian-station.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Jan 2021 11:16

The second 3D Guardian Station

The second guardian station was an easier job than the first. All three guardian stations
are connected together and can share limited amounts of information with each other.
In this case, the second guardian station stopped receiving the info that was being sent
by the eartha there (in the first station, as she had been taken to prison) and the eartha original
that was sitting in the second station immediately attempted to wreak havoc on the structures of the
planet and the property with the tools at her disposal. This "alarm signal/emergency procedure"
which she initiated actually started during the cleaning of the first guardian station.
There exist a tremendous number of legal connections to every single planetary and property
structure that are all connected to the second guardian station, and when the first station
fell under attack, the eartha here began attacking (without care to pick particular targets,
simply firing at whatever was available) the property and the planetary structures.
70% of all planetary structures suffered critical damage during this attack, after which we
could disable these connections long enough to prevent further attacks on the planet.
The planet came close to a no-return situation from all the damages suffered, but this was
prevented and repairs have already completed for all damages suffered during this attack.

After taking down the first guardian station and moving our attention to the second guardian
station, we had already by this time incapacitated the eartha sitting in the monitoring chair
here, including all of her "bodyguards" (again about 1.3 billion clone-IDs), and managed the rest
of the cleanup without further event. The last guardian station in our sights, we installed our own
systems to take control of the second guardian station, and prepared for the third and final station.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Jan 2021 11:18

The Third Guardian Station of 3D

Once more there was an original Eartha ID here (actually "three" that had been split from a
single one in a complex process, they were not considered as clones, rather, simultaneously a
'single eartha' and 'three earthas' at once) sitting in the "driver's seat".
The functions available at the third guardian station involve all connections between incarnated
ones and their Outer-Cores (or any legal connections or communications whatsoever, all of these
fall under the purview and authority of the third Guardian Station). This also includes all legal
harmony-functions that connect to the avatar. In short, all legal connections to the avatar can be
monitored and influenced from this third station. In the proper legal functioning the amount of
third-party influence from the station should be next to zero (only coming online to prevent
unusual damages to the avatar from unexpected large amounts of energies coming through
connection lines, for example), but naturally with an eartha in control, this function to manipulate
the connection lines was abused to the high seas and beyond.

Every legal connection ever established to any avatar belonging to a G3+ one was forced to
constantly re-establish itself, including all critical harmony and Outer-Core functions, all
communication lines, all property lines, everything. Every line would be "kicked out" every 5
seconds or so (some could hold on for a little longer) and the net result of this was that our
people needed to expend tremendous amounts of energy to simply survive and continue to exist
on the planet. 16,000x more energy on average than the average non-G3+ classified one.
By the time we turned our attention to this station, the "three earthas" and bodyguards (again a
1.3 billion ID-clones) had been incapacitated and were able to be removed without much trouble.

Securing and occupying the station with our own functions and systems has also been completed.
This was a monumental event that will once and for all end the "energy tax" on our people's
(G3+ ones) survival here. The effects of this should already be noticeable! In addition, this
"energy tax" will be laden on the darks, instead. The effects of this have already begun.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 22 Jan 2021 21:46

The 3D harmonies barrier

There was a harmony "layer", which acted like a restriction zone for all around and in 3D, blocking almost every attempt to legally act in 3D.
This harmony layer literally consisted of harmony parts, 30% crashed harmonies, aswell as fully aware living harmonies,
which had been manipulated heavily to act against us and actively block incoming signals and attempts from our side.
There were 3 "master-harmonies" , completely rebuilt by eartha and reconstructed in a way so they can administer the whole layer on their own and
move the bits and pieces of the harmony-parts like a minefield.

The harmony parts have been taken out and the 3 master-harmonies had to be destroyed,
because they were corrupted beyond comprehension. Also the whole layer has been imploded after all parts were secured.

We attempt to recover as many of the harmonies as possible, because the parts were never really destroyed in a way they couldnt be restored,
but rather spread out flatly around the whole layer in bits and pieces so the harmony itself can´t act anymore and just functions as a shield.
There is a good chance for alot of harmonies to be repaired and healed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby MikeyMo » 23 Jan 2021 15:38

Is there a possibility that the parts of harmonies that were crashed in the distant past, be healed and brought back as living beings again? I'm sure it is the hope of all of us that this can be done. At one point I think this was not possible, but maybe with new technologies this can be done :happy-sunshine:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 26 Jan 2021 09:54

MikeyMo wrote:Is there a possibility that the parts of harmonies that were crashed in the distant past, be healed and brought back as living beings again?

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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jan 2021 12:44

1. "The eagle wears purple trousers."

2. "Green is the color of Friday's money."

3. "The King can only be overthrown at one second before midnight, once every 26,000 years."
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jan 2021 12:54

1. "Green is the color of yesterday, and the color of Japan, and the color of tomorrow's bright future."

2. "Yellow is a no-go.. Try again tomorrow.."

3. "Red... Blue... Indigo...."
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Feb 2021 07:40

There exists currently about 1.3 million incarnated darks (not ancients) who have within their avatar, Outer-Core, or otherwise connected to them (no matter how loosely) some automated function of which they have no conscious knowledge. These automated functions are watching the situation in 3D very closely for certain trigger situations to occur. A small message for all of the functions, that cannot tear themselves away from observing 3D, even if they tried:

"Midas is no longer your king. All of his rules are no more."
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 03 Feb 2021 01:19

"Burning the candles on both ends"

This is about the current situation with Gamestop and other stocks.
The situation is much bigger than Gamestop, it is about control of the LSA2
financial system that is currently in place. More details below:

The energy output in the property is right now higher than it has EVER been in history.
The reason for this? All dark groups are currently burning whatever small thing they can find,
whatever unnecessary structure or shitty AI they don't need, to get energies out of it.
And they are dumping these energies into their manipulation of 3D. Specifically, manipulation
of their people and all others. The topic at hand is the recent news in the financial world
with the hedge funds. This topic started when a particular AI responsible for the decisions
of the hedge fund in question (Melvin Capital) went crazy and made decisions far beyond
the usual scope of its decision-making programming. Ordinarily, no other dark group would
be able to perceive this, but the energetic protections of this particular "buying" AI were
particularly weak at that moment in time, and its actions were observable to another dark
group. This started a cascade of events that led us to the current situation of today.

If you go onto reddit into any thread which has anything to do with this situation in the
financial markets, even outside of the financial subreddit at the center of the drama,
you will immediately be bombarded with a huge assortment of energetic attacks from all sides.
Darks have taken to "carpet bombing" triggers related to this situation into all and everyone
they can target. Many triggers of unrelated topics have been reprogrammed to react to news
about the situation. All dark groups are fighting this battle and countless numbers of sub-groups
as well. Only a small number of our people are in these battles.
The main battle-lines look like this: LSA2 on the one side, defending the hedge-funds, and
mass-programming as many people and triggers as they can to say, you are an idiot, if you've
lost, you deserved to lose, and if you didn't lose, you WILL lose if you stay in the situation
[there are countless variants of this message but this is a good approximation for it].
On the other hand the other dark groups are programming their people/triggers with the opposite
message. So it's an all out war of mass-manipulation and programming with HUGE energy
expenditure never before seen on this planet. I am not at all involved in the situation
(I didn't buy Gamestop at all) and even I was triggered heavily when reading some "opinions"
about it.

The thing about such a huge energy expenditure is, it cannot last forever..

So we have LSA2 vs. all other dark groups (on a macro scale, ignoring all the micro-battles
and the sub-groups). The main objective of the other dark groups is to overthrow the LSA2
financial system and install a new Orion-controlled financial system in its place.
This would be instated with "The Great Reset". The only dark group not in full support of this
plan is isis, and they do not have the resources to stand up to it, so it appears that they will
stay out of it and offer only their "passive support" rather than fighting against it.

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