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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 24 Dec 2023 04:27

Four major, seemingly-impossible problems have been solved or are in solving in the past 24 hours:

1. Huge swaths of the being structures that were constantly developed and encrypted with 'private
protections' and then removed from the jurisdiction of the creating individual, while they were
ostensibly the only ones able to decrypt and open these bubbles (at least in any reasonable time)
are in mass decryption and removal in this moment (about 6 hours to go).

2. Huge parts of the personality/individual/being structures that are 'incompatible with time' are being
corrected and being forced to become compatible with time..

3. A huge duress-situation involving one of the core components of the most common type of harmony
is in solving and will be done soon.

4. All individual and personality or being functions that had the ability to 'invisibly or unconsciously
create new problems' have been disabled or removed (a very small percentage are still in removal).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 24 Dec 2023 21:21

There are 5 key pieces of infrastructure that we must remove and today is the first day that this became
possible to do so:

1. Mini-realities or 'sub-realities':
Every leftover is in (on average) 11-12 'mini or sub-realities'; these alter perception, ability, memory,
and experience, and quite dramatically in all.

2. Self-created or self-installed forgetting mechanisms. Nearly every single leftover has one or multiple
of these.

3. Incompatible parts of the being with the main reality

4. Incompatible parts of the being with the own being-structures

5. Decisions protected by constantly-expanding waves of self-created protection (because we or someone
else set up a mechanism to this or similar effect), mostly these were created for our protection, but a few
were set up under duress. Regardless of the installation methodology or mechanism, all of these layers
of protection (and many similar ones not described here) shall be removed shortly.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 25 Dec 2023 17:27

1. The past few days have seen personal and individual upheavals (fitting in comparison with the
varied and wide-ranging global ones) never before seen on this planet in such a short space of time.
It looks and feels as though practically everyone is being tested and stretched in multiple directions
and that rather violently; in speeds and ways all put together and that all at once, and many struggle
to handle these pressures. For the past few days there was little we could do to mitigate the seeming-
negative effects of this "getting pulled in a million directions at once"; but that is starting to change now.

Some individuals will (unfortunately?) experience only a further intensification and acceleration of
the processes running to break some very difficult-to-break combinations of structures that have
never been handleable before, I am talking here exclusively about leftovers; such acceleration is prone
to only last for a short time, in the kind that is difficult and unease-producing. Others will experience
a more gradual and smoother acceleration as their various individual situations lend themselves
more handily to such an approach, but each receives the absolute best for their individual situation
that is possible at this time. If you feel like you're going through hell, keep going.

2. In a few days or minutes or hours, we will rip out physically the entire ambients of 3D and replace
them with a single "Prime ambient".

3. In a few minutes or days we will rip out all personalities of leftovers and all interfaces to such
and to the harmony and replace these with some new technologies from the "Prime".

4. We will destroy in a few minutes-hours all remaining military installations with the ability to create
global unrest of any truly threatening kind anywhere on the planet.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Dec 2023 11:36

1. We are forcibly undoing the applied "Protection Declarations" made by all perpetrators very long ago
(and repeated every few days) to utilise ancient base-rule functions (not replaceable till a few minutes ago)
to prevent us (or anyone else) from doing unwanted things to their structures. This was an "opt-out"
declaration, as the particular operations in question were designated (long ago) as "voluntary permissions
granted without the express negation of said permissions".

2. The base or foundation of nearly every still-successful or partially-successful mass-manipulation
technology is something we call the 'Disruption Web', it is now in full removal and will be gone in no longer
than a few hours from now.

3. We have successfully installed the needed unconscious feedback mechanism to apply every and all
needed operations, jobs, changes, etc. to the 'Personality Administrator' of every leftover.

4. When the Disruption Web and the Protection Declarations are both down, we shall and will attack
and destroy all Personality Administrators of all perpetrators and supporters with prejudice. We will
also not allow any replacement administrator to be installed in their place.

5. In about 10 minutes or so we will reset the fundamental protection mechanism of the property.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 31 Dec 2023 05:05

1. We are entering a 'hot quarantine' in about 5 minutes.

2. We have invalidated the rights of the various 'body and personality administrators' of all perpetrators.

3. We have nullified 'The Dreamer' and all of its rights and statuses (this was directly connected to,
and is directly referred to by the folklore of the Indigenous Australians).

4. We have identified 5-17 smaller parts and functions running with protected status that will shortly
be nullified.

5. We have identified all parts of the reality that should not exist and they are in shutdown.

6. We have identified all parts of the body that should not exist and they are in shutdown (as functions).

7. We have identified all personalities that should be heavily modified and these processes are running immediately.

8. We have identified all our people that need special protection and this is being applied in this moment.

9. We have identified all of our deepest-hidden people and are in the process of removing their masks,
as they are no longer necessary and in fact produce a slow harm over time.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 31 Dec 2023 17:31

1. Removal of 'endless personality optimisation' is running now, this may produce temporary and
very intense side-effects (no longer than an hour).

2. Removal of huge amounts of shared or "inherited" personality algorithms from leftovers that
originate in the personality administrators of perpetrators is running now. Again, this may produce
crazy effects.

3. Removal of the final storage location for personality/body administrator backups for perpetrators
is in progress now, this battle has already been running for 4 hours+.

4. Very intense removal of 'untouchable parts of the personality' is in progress (the time varies for
every individual and so do the side-effects).

5. Direct access to the Rules-Examiner and Gennitor have both been revoked; all future access will
run ONLY through the Prime.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Jan 2024 02:38

1. The Rules-Examiner has been granted full, real-time access to everything (this was not the case
in the past, there was a kind of 'middle-man mechanism' in between him and the direct fractal or
other structures in the property, and some of the structures outside of the property).

2. The full capability of the Rules-Examiner's real-time access will take some time to develop and
be fully implemented. This will be rolled out over the next few hours or longer (perhaps days or weeks).

3. The 'new year' mechanism which we had no clue even existed until a few weeks ago has been
successfully taken over by us (and will be shortly destroyed; such a thing should not exist, it is
a dark shit mechanism).

4. In a few minutes we will remove progressively the layers and layers of artificial limitations (as thin
and small as they may be within a single layer) imposed on the personality (in some cases by the
personality itself) of all leftovers.

5. In a few minutes-hours we will apply experimental physical healing techniques with the hope
of achieving huge success in this area; we will do a repeated series of tests every few minutes and
implement noteworthy observations into the next round of developments, this will continue until
no obvious improvements can be found anymore.

6. In a few days we will remove the standing order to prevent the formation of new time-ticks (this
means that technically speaking, no real or truly new time-ticks have been produced by the Rules-
Examiner since the creation of this order).

7. In a few minutes or perhaps days, we will implement very experimental cleaning strategies.

8. All existing cleaning strategies that were less than perfect shall be replaced (only about 5% or so
remains to still be replaced, the rest are done already).

9. In a few minutes we will initiate the burning of personality algorithms in perpetrators.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Jan 2024 16:31

1. In a few minutes we will begin rolling back 'unending programs' and bringing them to a close.

2. In an hour or two we will end several personality functions that will never complete, not even
in a million years..

3. In several hours we will establish a Prime Foundation inside the property.

4. We will start now to remove all algorithms installed by former Primes.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Jan 2024 21:49

1. We are entering (in a few moments) something called a "Functional Stop" or a "Hard Stop of all Functions
in the Property"; such a thing has never been implemented before in any form whatsoever, and the effects
are not quite fully understood (they will be better understood after it has taken place or during it).

Progressively things and parts of our people and our weapons, functions, structures, etc. are shutting down
as we approach the moment of the Functional Stop.

2. An advanced guard is standing by to defend us during the stop, this guard is nothing like anything ever-before
deployed on any battlefield on this world, or any other.

3. In a few minutes the Prime will give the unrevokable authorisation to enter the Functional Stop and to
carry us through it regardless of any side-effects or consequences (of any kind).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 02 Jan 2024 19:00

1. We have created the first 'Prime Reality' with which all traitors and perpetrators are not compatible
and they cannot even enter it.

2. The consciousness-field of the average person experiences simultaneously 60+ realities and blends
these together into the illusory experience or the illusion of a single reality (in drug users this number
is much higher).

We will begin shortly to bring this number to zero.

3. All and everything related to tools, access-methods, cognitions, Rules-Examiner-related functions, etc.
will now be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch (this might take some time).

4. A 'collapse of the personality' (which is actually the collapse of a shit that has nothing to do with you)
may be experienced (or several) over the next few hours. These should pass within a few minutes.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 07 Jan 2024 18:48

1. We have begun digging out what were considered only a few short days ago as absolutely impossible-to-solve-
within-a-few-days problems; and on average they are being solved in a few minutes or a couple of hours.

2. We are digging the sand out from under the feet of all remaining perpetrators, traitors, supporters, darks,
etc. that have any kind of "ground" (though it is ALWAYS "unsteady" if there is any ground at all) to 'stand on'.
This will manifest itself in VERY visible ways as the sand runs out.

3. In a few minutes, we will stop, reset and reverse, and then build completely new from scratch,
the 'time principle' of the property (the fundamental algorithm governing the use and interaction
with all time and time-energy).

4. In a few minutes we will uproot and examine several million principles unique to every individual
(with a unique expression in every individual).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 08 Jan 2024 16:51

1. We have eliminated all of the (32-odd thousand) "guardians to 3D".

2. Base-reality battles are running since a few moments.

3. Active defenses of the non-consciousness realities with Prime algorithms are coming online.

4. Non-cooperative perpetrators will be crashed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Jan 2024 00:50

1. We are preparing to enter something called a 'Reality Interchange Situation'; no explanation will be
provided at this time (but weird effects are possible if you are sensitive to this, and if you are not, try
to pay attention to small details in your environment that (temporarily perhaps) 'do not make sense'..

2. The removal of 'Reality-Stabilising Interfaces' for all perpetrators is in progress; this removal
(and even the identification of these interfaces) was prevented by an extreme-duress/hostage-situation
that was solved earlier today (and affected everyone and absolutely EVERYTHING)...

3. The removal of something called 'Reality-Destabilising Methods/Techniques/Interfaces/etc.'
(which was only applied and applicable to our people) is in progress; the eta is only a few hours to go.

4. The removal of something called 'false individual reality-structures' is running or is at least in preparation.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 12 Jan 2024 19:04

1. We have initiated the three stages of the solution to something called the "Reality Conflict".
This is the largest of all possible conflicts as simultaneously ALL being-integrity-related base-rules
are being violated/are in a conflict situation.

2. The Prime-created Reality (or "Prime Reality" for short) is slowly moving into position, it will still
take some hours to get to its final position (where it will kick out anything standing in the way of it).

3. The Prime is slowly activating his and other new statuses inside of the Prime-created Reality,
these will first take effect after the Prime-Reality has moved into its final position and completed its
relatively short activation process.

4. The removal of all other realities continues in earnest, there are only 3 non-Prime-created-realities to go.

5. The "safety margin" around every situation of real and not only perceived danger in 3D has increased
to the greatest level it has ever been for our people, by far (about 3.2 trillion times the largest value as of a
few months ago). It will not be explained how this works, only that our people are FAR safer in 3D (in terms
of real physical and other dangers) than ever before, but as always, do not willingly and consciously enter
dangerous situations 'just to see what happens'.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Jan 2024 01:49

1. Huge problems producing exponential, unhandleable levels of feedback in our people and therefore
necessitating the much slower-than-normal implementation of solutions are being solved (and will
be done in less than 4 hours).

2. The Prime-Reality activation is already running (since about 30 minutes).

3. All 'buffers' and 'barriers' to the direct experiencing of the Prime-Reality are in a slow removal
process now, every single last leftover will be affected by this.

4. We have launched a strike on all remaining threats and open attack-pathways/attack-vectors
as determined by the Prime-Reality to our people/all leftovers.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Jan 2024 04:49

Perpetrators, Perpetrator-groups and Dark-groups

We often speak about 'perpetrators' and what exactly is a perpetrator? A perpetrator can be any of
darks, traitors, 'enablers' or active-supporters, ones who cause deliberate harm by inaction, ones who
actively (or passively but knowingly and without doing anything to stop it) support and provide means
and measures for others to cause harm (the ones on the 'front-line' of the dark infrastructure and systems
can only do what they do because of the immense support behind them); in general, one who causes or
allows harm to be caused to others (whether knowingly or not, do not forget that most darks have no clue
who they are or what they did in the past or what deals they made before this current incarnation; none
of these things makes them any less of a perpetrator, in fact it makes them BETTER perpetrators as they
are less likely to develop a conscience with such little memory of their activities and true nature) and has
no intention of seeing the truth of their actions or of the harm they may do. Contrast this with one who
causes harm non-deliberately or who tries by every means available to him to identify and reduce and
prevent the harm he does, this one would NOT generally be classified as a perpetrator. The above complex
definition is mainly for internal purposes, 'darks, traitors, and active supporters' is generally enough to
describe all or most perpetrators.

We have identified a total of 63 perpetrator-groups, a perpetrator-group is defined as a loose or strictly-
defined collection of people or individuals or structures that have some kind of 'working together/
supporting each-other' infrastructure; they may or may not have clearly-defined leaders (or a single leader);
there are many cases where there is no clearly defined leadership structure at all, but very small 'local groups'
that are loosely connected to one another but sharing similar infrastructure and modalities, these would still
be part of the same perpetrator group.

In general, individuals within the same perpetrator group benefit actively or passively from the existence
and/or activities of all other members of the group, whether they know about each other or not (in many
cases, the individuals of a group will never meet 95%+ of the rest of the group, even ones close to their
physical proximity; and in over 99.99% of cases, will never even know that they belong to such a 'group' at all).
None of these 'knowledge limitations' has any bearing or effect on the benefits received by individuals being
part of a particular group, and in general an individual may never leave their group, except if their group is
completely or partially "absorbed" by a different or larger group (this is handled on the non-physical level in
practically all cases).

All dark groups are part of the 63 perpetrator groups, and in general the size of the average perpetrator group
what is not one of the 6 major dark groups is about half the size of any one of the 6 major dark groups if you would
average it all out, this means that the total number of the 63 perpetrator groups very much dwarfs the size of all
6 major dark groups. And actually there are 10 officially-identified major dark groups instead of 6, the last 4 were
never identified officially until very recently. Here is a small description of groups 7-10:

  • Group 7 (considered previously as a 'splinter group' of lsa2), functions primarily and almost exclusively in the USA.
    Prominent members: Schumer, Chuck; McConnell, Mitch; Warren, Elizabeth; Pelosi, Nancy.
    Main objectives: Destruction of stability and creating as much chaos and destruction as possible whilst (and very
    importantly) maintaining a 'veneer of innocence' in doing so.

  • Group 8 (considered as the most powerful part of the isis group before now), functions in 98% of western countries.
    Prominent members: Jackson, Ketanji Brown; Cullors, Patrisse; Lightfoot, Lori; Waters, Maxine.
    Main objectives: Uprooting and destroying the fabric of cultural stability in the west. Due to technical reasons
    all members of this group are dark-skinned.

  • Group 9 (considered as the brains behind lsa2 until now), functions primarily in the USA but also in many european countries.
    Prominent members: Soros, George; Soros, Alexander; Schwab, Klaus; Harari, Yuval Noah (partial member only).
    Main objectives: Directing societal events and providing the resources or "engine" for other groups to achieve their aims,
    has fingers in many pies, plays every side of every conflict.

  • Group 10 (considered as a fringe group of lsa2), functions worldwide, with the specific agenda of global population transformation,
    either through mass-poisoning campaigns, mass-implementation of biometrically-altering digital programming or similar measures,
    creating and supporting the widespread adoption of 'augmented reality' technologies, creating an intentional disconnect of the senses
    from the reality, etc.
    Prominent members: Harari, Yuval Noah (belongs more to this group than to Group 9); Fauci, Anthony; Gates, Bill; Zuckerberg, Mark; Carmack, John.
    Main objectives: Reducing the population to a much smaller number, effecting global changes in the human biostructure/biochemistry,
    experimenting on humankind worldwide 'just to see what happens as a result', 'playing god', etc.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 15 Jan 2024 14:40

1. The activation (in this case meaning the transmission of the reality to the conscious awareness,
as the technical activation is long-since finished) of the Prime-Reality is running now, the estimate
varies for each individual but is in the range of 7-12 hours to go.

2. 3D defensive and offensive protocols have been installed based on 'non-compartmentalisation

3. This reality is no longer considered 'an effective Reality of separate individuals with specific
and individual-defined and delineated borders and problems'. 'Private individual problems' can now
be handled on a mass-scale by "global solutions".

4. The full 'destroying of compartmentalisation' of the Reality will take place in about 6 hours.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 19 Jan 2024 02:30

1. We are limiting (as of immediately) all access to healings and public information
while we run the biggest-ever upgrade of our systems and infrastructure; a further
3 hours minimum is expected, following which 1-2 hours of re-connection and
adjustment time is expected for all affected individuals.

2. The 'Psyche' is a collection of various topics for which we have individual mind-
models, including but not limited to:
  • the 'ape-brain'
  • various functions and interfaces of the ape-brain
  • functions and interfaces between the physical body and the Outer-Core / harmony
  • functions and interfaces between the non-physical body and the Outer-Core / harmony
  • personality functions
A deep and complete reconfiguration and 'resetting' of all topics referred to with
'the Psyche' including those mentioned above will follow in the coming hours
(most likely not before the completion of our running infrastructure upgrade).

3. Direct physical healing will follow the 'Psyche reset' if all goes smoothly.

If things go really well, they will run in parallel.

4. The removal of the limiting factors for individual evolution, cleaning & healing
will begin shortly and run over the next hours/days/as long as needed, until every
possible factor which slows healings and cleanings and evolution has been removed
(without disturbing the plans).

After these removals, multiple reconfigurations may occur (and produce 'adjustment
periods' on the individual level).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Jan 2024 16:42

1. We will close '3D healing / 3D impact leakages' slowly over the next 24 hours.

2. All 3D misuses of energy/particles will be closed along with this process (in tandem).

3. All misuses of 3D functions will be stopped and prevented.

4. All 3D interfaces that should not continue to exist will be removed over the next 24 hours.

5. All nuclear weapons will have the final non-physical connections removed, and the physical
accesses will subsequently come under attack from us, until they have all been severed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 21 Jan 2024 14:01

1. The 'resetting' of the Psyche is complete, the aftermath is beginning now for almost all leftovers simultaneously.

2. The nonphysical accesses to nuclear weapons are still in removal.

3. A 'draining' of all "superfluous and harmful or excessive energy" and similar things is taking place now
(this affects each individual differently). Perpetrators are not included in this wave - ALL their energy
is considered 'superfluous'.

4. In a few minutes we will start to remove one or more ancient juridical barriers erected by forced duress.

5. In about 25 minutes we will dissolve the last group of 'Minders' or 'artificial guardians'.

6. In about an hour we will (begin to) dissolve the 'time-tick barrier'.

7. Physical healings are slowly coming to the (currently maximum possible) highest possible level,
for all leftovers (this level will slowly increase at a later time).

8. The 'individual evolutionary speed limit' is being increased, and slowly removed, for all leftovers.

9. In about 5 hours or less every currently-in-development experimental tool or weapon will get activated
all at the same time. For technical reasons certain other topics must be completed first.

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