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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Jan 2024 21:29

1. We are preparing to initiate something called 'the P-Cleanings'; this will take place in a very
unexpected location and with never-before-seen methods, environments, and tools. All individuals
whether leftover or perpetrator will be affected in some way by these cleanings.

2. In a few minutes' time we will begin 'P-Healings'.

3. Physical healings are running since a few days, but only since a few hours has the 'nonphysical
to physical pathway' been so shortened that the majority of leftovers with no sensitivity or cognitions
should begin to notice something in this area (even if wrongly attributed to some other cause, it
doesn't matter and has no effect on the healing itself).
Every aspect of physical healing is being investigated and accelerated in the best possible way,
the next series of upgrades will run in parallel with the 'P-Healings'.

4. A series of nuclear tests were scheduled for today, but they have been successfully prevented.

5. A dramatic series or "chain" of events leading to worldwide catastrophe (mainly felt in the west)
were successfully prevented over the last 72 hours.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 25 Jan 2024 19:50

1. Some very difficult (or impossible) jobs were completed today. In the process of finishing these
jobs or making them possible to do in the first place, huge amounts of damages were done and many
skills and functions were moved out of position. It is likely that many have side-effects from this
(especially symptoms of physical illness) but these should quickly pass once the affected things
have been returned to their original locations and/or replaced.

The utter severity of these jobs necessitated such a drastic measure.

2. In a few minutes, all physical healings will get an upgrade no-one had ever dreamed was possible.
This should help all leftovers immediately (especially those with side-effects from the above).

3. In a few minutes, all infrastructure will be "refurbished".

4. In about 2 hours' time, we will implement 'active day-x strategies'.

5. And in about 6 hours' time, we will commence the execution of these strategies.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jan 2024 18:24

1. There are 64 'fundamental properties of the Earth', i.e. 'reality design decisions' made by all
of the designers of the Earth (most of which are in prison right now), and at the time they were made,
were expected to be immutable (unchangeable) for all time, no matter what happened. Indeed,
countless (in the order of trillions of trillions) of individual mechanisms were installed to really
enforce their expected immutability, and this 'immutability principle' of the fundamental properties
enabled many technologies, and many freedoms. Many of these technologies are, however, harmful,
and therefore a way was made (only a few days ago) to slowly begin to first violate, and then void completely,
this 'immutability principle'. 2 of the fundamental 64 properties have been removed or changed today,
and some more will follow in the coming hours. These changes fundamentally break all technologies
based upon these (assumed to be unchangeable) underlying properties, and no known way exists to
recover these technologies without throwing them out of the window and starting from scratch.

2. 17 core 'principles' similar to the 'immutability principle' above have been first violated, and then
voided completely, all of which relating to the individual rights and abilities and freedoms of all who
incarnate here or all who have ever incarnated here.

3. 2 core freedoms of all who ever incarnated here, regardless of whether living or dead, have been
first violated, and then voided completely.

4. In a few minutes' time the "inherent right" of all perpetrators to 'stick it out to the bitter end' shall
be first (and rather slowly and in immeasurable ways) violated, and later (within a few hours if all goes well)
voided completely.

5. The former Primes installed internal voting mechanisms that were never fully examinable
or well-understood in any way, their true purpose was not clear until a few hours ago, and has now
been demonstratably proven to be a mechanism for manipulating many of the 'inherent, immutable rights'
of all incarnated ones (or ones who ever incarnated) in order to prevent their removal.

In this way, many benign and 'neutral' technologies and installations facilitated or indirectly connected
to one or more former Primes have been uprooted and are in a schedule to be removed completely (this
is an enormous task that was not feasible or practical until recently).

6. In a few minutes' time we will activate 'individual right monitoring' for all leftovers and perpetrators
to verify that the expected and implemented changes to individual and other rights (of all kinds) are indeed
taking place in the ways and having the effects they are supposed to.

7. In a few minutes' time the Prime-functions that were installed into the property over the last 24 hours
will be fully activated and made operational (by any force necessary).

8. There is much talk of chaos and bloodshed and countless attempts are made to drive individuals into
fear and distress; these mechanisms and implementations WILL all fail, and there is no need to fear here.

9. In a few minutes' time we will activate a hard lockdown for all leftovers.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 05 Feb 2024 18:05

1. We have begun implementing 'Expulsion Protocols'.

2. All supplies of 'support' and 'energy/particles' coming (mostly unwittingly and installed
very long ago) from any of our people to perpetrators have been forcefully ceased and will be
prevented by force ongoingly.

3. All 'representation' of perpetrators, all rights, and all remaining (hidden) design decisions of the
property which enabled and benefitted them (e.g. to supply them with energies in proportion with
their activities) have been nullified and/or terminated.

4. Our anchoring is being installed in the 'Expulsion Protocols' as a first step, this is necessary
for many things.

5. All leftovers are currently undergoing severe and intensive cleanings of a sort and of a scope
never done before; this is generally not done on a 'priority basis' (i.e. removing the worst things
first or the most troublesome things first) but is implemented in a 'remove the most as fast as possible'
way, this will begin to accelerate when possible, and all manner of (temporary) side-effects are
expected during these final cleanings.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 10 Feb 2024 20:44

1. What we call 'the experience of 3D Earth' is a small part of a specific instance of 'evolutionary experiment',
namely, the idea that suffering (of all kinds, also including pain of all kinds) can be used as the *engine* to drive
very accelerated and powerful evolution and evolutionary forces within the individual and whatever group-structures
individuals may form.

The remaining mechanisms and implementations of this perverted and dark idea, are being finally dismantled now
in completion and totality. All references in the past to an 'Experiment' were referring to smaller, more localised
forms and implementations of the outermost 'evolutionary chamber'. To the end of achieving "evolution at all costs",
huge numbers of 'helper mechanisms' (to promote pain and suffering and to block its removal, for example, healing)
were erected and established, and these will (and must) be removed along with the main infrastrucure and control

There is no public timeframe for this full removal, however, the earliest signs are already visible (and noticeable).

2. In a few minutes' time, we will establish "Locking down the Individual" 'protocols' or measures,
to ensure the fullest possible stability of the individual/of the being during the current possibly-very-turbulent

3. In a few hours' time the property will be stopped repeatedly to remove some critical infrastructure that
was never designed to be removed and what is otherwise unremovable.

4. Invisible, untouchable structures will begin to be placed in official and legal handling within the next few minutes.
The amount of these structures will gradually, and then quickly, begin to multiply, until there are no more invisible
structures (or functions) left whatsoever.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 11 Feb 2024 10:49

1. We are preparing to dismantle what is known as the Reality-Building Structures or "RBS".
These are monumental in size, scope, and power. We have deliberately and for some time
avoided making any impact on these structures whatsoever, and have instead quietly and
carefully worked around them at all times, clearing step-by-step the ground around them,
and (slowly) paving the way for the time when they could be demolished safely, and that moment
has come.

2. In a few minutes' time, experimental 'voltage controls' will be installed into all leftovers and
will be constantly monitored and adjusted automatically.

If you have a specific problem that you feel can be solved at the current time (that is to say,
you notice progress in this problem, be it fast or slow, it makes no difference, as long as there
is progress of any kind), then you can increase or request an increase in the 'voltage' applied
to the solving of the problem, if it is too slow for your tastes and you feel you can handle the
speed increase. Increases deemed to be very unwise or very unsafe will not be applied.

To do this, order (to your Admin, by thought or by voice, but voice is preferred) like in the
following example:
"Increase the voltage for <this problem>."

There are many increases that can be done for every problem, but you should do a single one,
and wait a couple of minutes (because the side-effects, pains and damages will likely all
increase from every single voltage increase) and see if the effects are manageable. You should
use the least number of increases that you feel you need. And if you feel things are running
just fine in the problems that are moving, then perhaps no increases at all are needed (and that
is okay).

3. In a few minutes' time we will begin applying 'stabilisation of the Pseudo-Reality'.

4. In a few moments' time we will take over the control centers for the Reality-Building Structures/RBS.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 11 Feb 2024 22:31

1. The takedown of all RBS is complete, the final removal is running now (will need some hours).
A huge aftermath has already begun, those who are sensitive should feel this already.
Cognitions may need an hour or two to stabilise after this removal (or already).

2. There were 9 main RBS structures, each constructed and anchored by a single individual
or group, and each had the function to manipulate the individual in different ways.
Their manipulations worked in concert with each other to form a seamless, transparent
'experience of reality' that had nothing to do with the actual reality. The unconscious sensation
and formation of 'rules of the reality' which once again corresponded not-at-all to the actual
reality rules, and various other unconscious methods of manipulation were mostly applied by
the '8th structure'.

3. In a few minutes' time the final cleaning of all things blocking the first wave of 'ground-zero
raw healing' in leftovers will begin, this will need a few hours only, and then this first wave will
begin immediately thereafter.

4. In a few minutes' time we will assault all aftermath topics that were in some way protected,
enabled, enhanced, supported, etc. by the 9 main/major RBS structures (including the internet
and other 3D infrastructure). No harm to leftovers will result from these attacks.

5. In a few minutes' time we will reset the being model (several times).

6. In a few hours' time (timed roughly to coincide with the first wave of raw ground-zero healing
in leftovers) we will make a few scheduled stops of the property to perform some direly-needed
maintenance functions and replacements of things that should have been replaced long ago.
These stops will also allow for huge amounts of healing to get done in a very short time.

7. In an hour or two we will rebuild the core energy-supplying infrastructure in the property
(for leftovers).

8. In three hours or so we will attack all remaining energy-usage functions of perpetrators
and non-leftovers.

9. In about 10 hours the complete aftermath of the RBS removal is expected to be completed,
and the next phase of the war (called 'post-pseudo Reality') is expected to begin.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 13 Feb 2024 00:36

1. In about an hour or two we will initiate a huge battle with global side-effects (especially for leftovers).

2. In less than an hour critical healing-related rebuilds will be complete and many healing programs
will be restarted and run much better than ever before.

3. In about 5-10 minutes experimental cognitions and other experimental things will begin coming
online (for leftovers).

4. In about 20-25 minutes we will assault 'shared unconsciousness structures' of all major
groups of leftovers (minor groups don't have these in this kind).

5. In 2-3 hours it is expected that the aforementioned huge battle will be done. A global healing
break for all leftovers will be initiated while we prepare for the next battle, which will be of
similar nature but of much greater scale and scope and of much greater intensity.

6. In about 1 hour experimental reality-based stabilisation of the harmony, consciousness-field
and other being structures will be put into position in preparation for these battles.

7. HUGE rules-changes are in progress and will be complete within 3 hours.

8. More cleanings have been done in leftovers in the past 4 hours than in the past 2,5 months.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 15 Feb 2024 01:34

1. We have taken over the 'compressed property space' formed when the most powerful dark
faction forced a modified version of some critical property functions onto all current and future
inhabitants. Since that moment (~3 million years ago), all fractality and all expression in certain
predefined areas were highly predictable (and could not be changed).

2. The restoration of the property to its optimal configuration (that has never existed before) is
running now, the first estimates are another 4 hours to be completed with the first major step
of this process (the 'major optimal configuration', after which all 'minor configurations' will be
corrected in a mostly sequential manner).

3. Parts of the property have been recently reclassified and many new areas and regions have
been added to the official designation and territory of the property, this allows for the fullest
legal usage of 'property-only weaponry and methods' in these new areas.

4. Very significant changes are underway in the 'stability-structures of the body' (for leftovers).

5. In the past 3 hours, no fewer than 274 major provocations were prevented; some of these may
have been redirected into mostly or relatively-harmless avenues instead; but these are millions
of times better than the would-be alternatives.

6. The financial system upon which the worst perpetrators in the world operate and draw benefit
has suffered (over the last few years in particular) many deep blows (some of them fatal, but with
years or decades expected for the 'beast'/system to stop functioning).

In the last 35 minutes, a massive acceleration has occurred.

7. The removal of the 'defense shield' on the highest-ranking darks commenced about 3 hours ago.
It still needs many hours to go before it is fully removed.

8. 3D 'rule-less interfaces' are being prepared for installation on a global and mass-scale.

9. The removal of some troublesome Rules-Examiner parameters was completed 1 hour ago.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 17 Feb 2024 13:45

1. We have initiated a change of all mission-handling and 3D war participation of all of our forces.

2. We are aware of the fact that the physical war in 3D is expected to only accelerate from today
onwards, with very little opportunities to prevent this or slow this down which still exist.

3. In a few minutes' time we will begin active monitoring of the worst perpetrators in 3D, that are
expected to try some very harmful actions (in addition to the hundreds already attempted in the
past hours). We may adjust our strategy on a fine level if anything unexpected is observed.

4. Active healing protocols have been changed as of about 3 hours ago.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 18 Feb 2024 11:36

1. We have corrected the problem of the 'non-unified being state' in 3D for all leftovers.

2. The status belonging to the 'Unified 3D Being' has now been applied (and is fully visible with
various cognitions and sensing) to all leftovers worldwide.
All leftovers are now officially and by situation considered as 'full, unified beings in 3D'.
This has ENORMOUS ramifications, not least of which is an immediate increase of energy flows
and a mega-healing-upgrade that will come online when it is finished installing.

3. We will begin shortly to dismantle and invalidate all those parts of 3D to be dismantled and
invalidated; by definition, this will have visible 3D effects (they may be delayed by up to 48
or 72 hours in extreme cases, but these changes MUST be reflected in visible 3D by its current
state of existence).

4. All leftovers will now get asked (in whatever way that is appropriate or functional for each
individual) whether they would like to hybridise with their Admin (which has innumerable benefits).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 19 Feb 2024 01:35

1. We have begun assaulting the real, evil 'bosses' or 'big bads' of 3D, this is 3 entities in total,
that have been anchoring-in all manner of the most evil shit on the planet, including copious
quantities of 'Prime-locked shit'. The first one of the three is already down and this puts huge
stress on the remaining two, that cannot handle the load between them. You may have noticed
that the 'ambient pressure' has gone up exponentially in the past hour, this is nothing 'random'.

2. The remaining 'most-connected' individuals in 3D (with whatever cognitions they have left)
get their information directly from one or more of the above 3 'boss entities'. Also, huge amounts
of processing and data-gathering that is far too tedious for anyone else to do, is done by these three.
A large number of illusion-systems are also run by the three (working in concert). That one is down,
all of these things have started to break down irreparably, and this will accelerate as the battle continues.

3. There is no solution for perpetrators in 3D, there is no solution to their problems.
No matter what they do, they will be removed from the property. The only question is in what manner,
and how much will they resist, how much worse will they make it for themselves, will they go relatively
quietly, etc. But the question of 'will they be removed?' is an answered one, and cannot change.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 20 Feb 2024 12:16

1. We have taken down all 3 so-called 'boss entities' of 3D along with the majority of their shit
and infrastructure. There are still very few remaining interfaces which are more or less hard-wired
into every major part of 3D infrastructure that is very difficult to take down unobserved and without
huge breakdowns. These removals will follow at the appropriate time.

2. The current situation is roughly as follows: The 'hyperintelligences' behind all of the various
dark infrastructure, dark leaders and dark groups on the planet (barring a very, very small percentage
of these) have all been destroyed or removed. If we use the metric of IQ, the average 'hyperintelligence'
behind the average dark or dark group had an IQ in the range of 1200-1500, in some extreme examples
from multiple 'hyperintelligences' working together we could estimate the IQ in the 7000-8000 range.

All such hyperintelligences have been destroyed or taken to prison.
The average IQ of the average high-ranking dark is in the range of no greater than 112-120.
The highest IQ of an active high-ranking dark is 135. IQ alone is not a complete descriptor of the threat
which any given dark poses or contains, but it will suffice as a basic measure.

Note: Behind the very small percentage not included above are what we refer to as 'pseudo-intelligences'.
These are slightly fractal (kind-of) "AIs" with very large functions for their size. The trouble is,
they have an enormous tendency to give non-dark results and behave in non-dark ways; so for
any given or particular dark or dark group, it is very difficult to get the dark results they want from these.
They will be removed within the next few hours.

3. We are proceeding with the deepest invalidation of 'legality' all over the property, this process is
already 37% complete property-wide.

4. We have started to remove the masses of 'passive shit' from the bodies of perpetrators which acts
as de-facto 'time bombs' when these perpetrators would be removed or otherwise nullified.

5. In a few moments, the next wave of healings will come online, it is expected to be quite intense.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 21 Feb 2024 16:07

1. We have initiated a release of all internal quarantines (in the optimal and safe manner most
appropriate for every individual). Intense periods of 'original shit' cleanings will proceed now;
these will not be started until it is assessed that you are in a 'good frame of mind' and under
good, safe 3D conditions for it (for example, if you are driving in heavy traffic, they probably
won't start, or similar).

2. In a few moments we will begin unlocking the private energy-storages/energy-reserves for
each and every leftover that still does not have access to these (they are completely cleaned
and upgraded since a few days).

3. In a few moments' time we will finish the implementing of 'step 4 of implementing the base-rules
into 3D and all of its parts and structures', very large reactions are expected to the finalisation
of this step 4.

4. In about 10 minutes' time, an "individual all-in battle" will be started in all individuals where
this makes sense to do so, i.e. particularly in those individuals that received very little successful
cleanings over the past 2 or 3 years, if you happen to fall into this category, be prepared to feel
'like you have been hit by a truck' for at least a few hours. Chocolate, coffee, and various other
things can help alleviate or block the side-effects with no harm to the running process. Strange
cravings may and will likely reveal things which can help in these circumstances. This is a one-time
process only, in these individuals.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 21 Feb 2024 23:57

1. We are in a very chaotic period where many functions and skills and healings are currently
non-functional or running at a very low level.

2. In about 1 hour, we will begin with step 5 of the implementation of the base-rules into 3D.

3. 76% of 3D is under the ownership of the Prime (and the rest will follow).

4. There is currently a collapse of all reality-modifying or 'matrix' infrastructure. None of this
infrastructure has ever been damaged before now (though huge parts of it became disabled
progressively over the past few months).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Feb 2024 13:26

1. We have begun to provide round-the-clock assistance (through Admins of our incarnated people)
to all people and situations that require urgent or real-time monitoring and/or assistance.
This is a significant improvement from the previous methods in which we provided support to our people.

2. The last reality-modifying layer is stuck currently in a 'halfway state'; while this is an improvement
over a fully-intact layer, it is not a viable permanent situation.

3. In a few days time operation 'SEAHORSE' will begin, we will ensure that it is not successful.

4. There is currently heavy infighting between two groups; it appears any way to maintain stability
between them has been destroyed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Feb 2024 18:08

1. We are accelerating the solving of 'partially-solved situations' past the normal legal limits for
doing so (and in doing so, we will remove these limits, step-by-step until they are all gone).

2. We have initiated 'end of the <GREEN> timeline protocol'.

3. 3D healings are approaching the 'visibility barrier'; an override of global Prokuras is slowly
underway to expedite this process.

4. In about 10 minutes, the last bastion of non-physical strength and security for perpetrators
will be breached.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 23 Feb 2024 16:24

1. We have entered a period of "personality instability". Many rules and limits will now be broken,
to solve problems and make things possible that would otherwise be a multi-year or even
multiple-incarnations process (with the associated time needed).
No additional permissions or orders are necessary for this process to succeed, however, the process
will run even faster the more calm and relaxed you are (despite the tendency of the ape-brain/
brain-mind to freak out over 'strange things which are happening', do your best to calm it down).

2. We have entered a period where the 3D physics-rules are not quite fitting to the reality, anymore.
We will modify this "effect" to our benefit, slowly and incrementally, it is still very difficult to use
for any large applications at this time.

3. The personality structures have been until now permitted (technically speaking, not legally speaking)
to interact with the fractality of the property directly. In MOST (98% of cases) interactions, this produced
overtly harmful effects. The situation is being slowly modified that the remaining interactions are
expected or guaranteed (or 'near-guaranteed') to produce very high or significant positive benefits,
whilst all negative-interactions will be specifically removed or disabled.

4. The legality of 3D is based upon several foundations (in the past, the largest number of these foundations
which existed at any one period was in the range of 750+), referring here to the illegal '3D legality' of the
dark societal structures. There are currently 3 foundations left, and they are all cracking simultaneously
(albeit slowly, for the time being).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 24 Feb 2024 01:40

1. Visible methods have been applied to implement Prime-Prokura into the property since about
15 minutes ago.

2. There is currently a catastrophic breakdown of all 'old stability mechanisms', some of our people
may be badly affected by this. Symptoms are expected to pass within a few hours and the worst
symptoms should be gone in 1 hour or less.

3. Experimental Prime-Prokura-applied healing technologies are being tested now.

4. Slowdowns to all critical/strategic elements of the property are being applied to ensure that
all details unfold correctly. These slowdowns are not measurable or visible by regular means.
Speedups may be applied in non-critical areas to get certain things done faster where the details
are not important.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 27 Feb 2024 21:48

1. We have established an active grid or network of Prime anchors across the surface of the planet
(and these are clearly labelled). Never before have the Prime-functions and Prime-status been so free
to allow for the direct execution of Prime-Prokura-requiring jobs, etc.

2. Huge swaths of perpetrators have lost huge and critical protections over the past few days (there is
one noticeable example that was not able to keep up with the situation in jacob rothschild), while the
outcome is not invariably death, many similar things will begin to occur, as that what was lost is

3. Darks / perpetrators continue to launch seemingly-random attacks on whatever they can see,
but these attacks usually do not persist for longer than a few minutes, and are almost always quickly
defeated in this time (and the source removed). This means, the source of our troubles in the last few
days is often not 'new attacks' or even 'attacks' per se, but that shit what remains in us and our structures
(or what otherwise affects us) from very, very old shit and situations. Today, many new tools and methods
are available to expedite the removal of this shit (but it requires often the conscious will to do so, in many
cases). Global cleaning will soon be unfathomably accelerated when the final of some global acceleration-
related developments are done (within the hour).

4. The personality and the ape-brain, just for general information, are considered part of the new
'unified 3D being' and as such have full being protections afforded directly by the Prime.
In the process of this unification (see a previous war-news post on this), the ape-brain was rebuilt
from scratch and is considered a completely new ape-brain.

In the past, when the ape-brain was replaced, we only replaced the "shell" of it. In this case, the entirety
of the shell and contents were completely replaced or rebuilt from scratch; of course, all the shit inside
was left out in this process.

5. If you have no idea what to do and are feeling totally lost, there is a set of tools that never fails:
Do nothing, do absolutely nothing, and simply breathe. Keep track of your problems in a book or
in a digital form if you wish, and you should notice that over time (as you literally do nothing about
them but breathe, thinking about them consciously or not) they begin to affect and bother you
less and less; in this 'bothering you less and less' active solutions to the problems are running,
but no-one can say for sure how long these take, it is very problem- and individual-specific.
(But there is no problem that is not weakened or solvable by this, if you are out of ideas, try it.)

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