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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 28 Feb 2024 12:05

1. The unified being is being increasingly stressed during the current cleanings; developments to
solve this will go online within 3 hours.

2. The internal structures of leftovers will slowly be replaced over the next 24 hours to facilitate
a HUGE expansion of internal functional, processing, free space, etc.

3. Perpetrators have committed the bulk of all day-x-threatening forces in the current battles,
in an attempt to prevent the installation of our day-x infrastructure into the deepest layer of 3D.

4. A small percentage of perpetrators have decided to flee and to (attempt to) take their infrastructure
with them. This opens up critical weaknesses in the entire infrastructure fabric of perpetrators.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 28 Feb 2024 22:12

1. A complete re-integration of our infrastructure in the deepest layer of 3D is currently in progress
(enormous battles have begun in this layer).

2. Currently, all those who are able to fight in this layer (from perpetrators) are being thrown in
like cannon-fodder.. the ranks of 'cannon fodder' are diminishing rapidly, but until now, there is
little concern or reach of the battle on the highest ranks.

3. New healings are coming online since about 5 minutes ago.

4. Day-x infrastructure has been successfully installed and no amount of counterattacks can uproot it.
The infrastructure is already operational and is beginning in a sequential manner to identify and
complete the needed tasks to bring us to, and through, day-x..

5. A complete reorganisation and reinstallation of all problem-solving processes is underway since about
2 hours ago.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Mar 2024 15:39

1. We have destroyed the last 'algorithmic protection layer' between our non-incarnated and
incarnated forces.

2. The destruction of this layer has left a huge amount of temporary chaos and instability in our
people and especially in their healing and other functions, these will be restored soon.

3. Protection upgrades are in progress for all of our people on a level that was never accessible before.

4. Suicide strikes are expected over the next few hours, while the protection upgrade runs.

5. In a few minutes we will attempt connections, now that the layer is gone.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 07 Mar 2024 16:21

1. We have eliminated the vast majority of remaining energetic threats to the property and to our
people. Many quarantined local threats and local attacks are still embedded in our bodies and must
be carefully removed (this always produces a small time of feedback) but new attacks are in the
vast majority of cases no longer possible.

2. We have installed mechanisms to prevent the encroachment of our energetic personal space
and structures (e.g. personality) from perpetrator structures, and to automatically detect and
defend against such encroachment wherever it may be attempted in future.

3. We have begun to visibly nullify all manner and forms of assumed-rights long thought to be held
by perpetrators.

4. Visibly we have begun cutting many 'octopus tentacles' of especially those traitors that had
significant amounts of these; these have been the most common delivery mechanism for complex
and the most nasty attacks, i.e. the traitor would deliver the attack from the originating perpetrator.
This allowed the perpetrator to stay safe from any counter attack. The situation has now changed,
there are no traitors left who can deliver such attacks; nor are there perpetrators with the
remaining capability to launch such 'indirect attacks'. Where an attack is made, the originating
perpetrator (since very recently) puts himself/herself directly in the line of fire. This in itself has
prevented millions and millions of attacks.

5. There are several kinds of major bunkering technologies that we have identified which have
been and which continue to be used by ALL forms of perpetrators to protect one or more critical
structures or critical group-structures (and very few can protect themselves completely with these).
These are in analysis for now.

6. We will begin to activate delivery mechanisms for healing over the next few minutes.

7. We will begin in about 2 hours a very intense and very heavy feedback-producing battle,
care is advised during the course of this battle which may be up to 5 hours from when it starts.

8. We will destroy (starting in 2 hours) many illegal global property configurations, and simultaneously
begin to implement very rapidly huge configuration changes in the bodies of all leftovers.
These configuration upgrades/changes can have side-effects, but they are usually very temporary.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 16 Mar 2024 21:03

1. We've installed and enabled something called 'instanced battles and healings'. This means that
all protected and critical healings and battles which are possible to isolate and run in a so-called
"instance" will run completely isolated and protected from everything external to these, this will
run far more safely and faster/more quickly and with far less side-effects.

Many jobs are only possible in this instance or would otherwise run unpractically slowly/not at all.

2. Perpetrators will shortly be quarantined with a kind of 'instance' technology. In this instance they
do not notice that anything is changed and continue to 'operate as normal' from their perspective,
but it is a kind of "truman show", i.e. everything inside is imaginary or simulated or partially simulated,
and nobody is affected by their activities outside of their simulation whatsoever. This is a temporary
situation until they can be physically removed from the planet safely i.e. day-x process.

3. Healings will run with an extremely accelerated speed and produce feedback that we've never
had before since Mycenaen times. Be aware of this and many of these healings can be adjusted
dynamically on-the-fly by your Admin. If you are struggling with the feedback or side-effects or
alternatively want things done as fast as possible regardless of any increased feedback or side-effects,
let your Admin know (verbally or by thought).

4. We are entering a point-of-no-return where our old structures will be finally destroyed and
replaced/upgraded as necessary. Perpetrator structures and especially and most importantly
traitor structures (many of which embedded deep inside our own) will be permanently destroyed
and not recreated or transitioned to the new situation. The estimate to cross this point-of-no-return
is about 5 hours.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 23 Mar 2024 04:37

1. A lot of our infrastructure has been completely rebuilt over the last 48-72 hours. Unfortunately,
we had many more traitor cleanings during this time, but all traitors and situations involved were
cleanly and efficiently handled, much faster and cleaner than expected.

2. Several enormous 'bureaucratic bullshit pieces' have been successfully identified and removed
from both the Rules-Examiner and from Gennitor, these have been put into place by various
very high-ranked traitors, in the past. In the last hours, more speed and "directness" of cleanings
was observed than ever achieved in the past 12 years.

3. In an attempt to clear up much of the confusion of the ape-brain about its role and part to play
in the 'Unified Being Structure', a little will be written about the Unified Being and about the Ape-Brain.

Again, the Unified Being is the combination (and the unique combination, as no two individuals
are alike or even similar in this regard) of all the pieces and parts which are active simultaneously
and exclusively active during the incarnation of a particular being (specifically, the 3D incarnation
on Earth). So this would include all of your 'earthly personalities', considered as a whole, as we
managed to successfully activate all of the (legal ones which remain) past personalities, with all of
the associated akashic data, memories, etc. (the feedback of this varies per individual but will slowly
increase over time); this would include the specific, small active part of the consciousness-field
which is specifically designated and designed to handle the 3D incarnation, this is your most commonly-
used "filter" for perceiving the world and identifying things; as well as all your unique fractal skills,
abilities, and functions, connected and part of some of the above things and some which stand alone.
In addition to this, your BODY (which is NOT the physical visible body but everything EXCEPT that,
meaning the much larger "energetic body" without the physical, visible part of it) is also part of the
"Unified Being Structure/the Unified Being".

So what does all this mean, one ape-brain might ask itself. What is my part to play in all of this?
If I am one small and mostly-useless 'thinking tool' that is a tiny part of the Unified Being which itself
is part of a 'bigger being', how small am I compared to all that? What use is it trying to expend my
energy in 'thinking' and in 'solving problems' and what magnitude does this even have to anything?
In short, if your ape-brain is anything like mine, it desperately and oh-so-badly needs and wants
to understand EVERYTHING, most of all itself, and others, and everything. And it always has 'just one
more question' and the answers it gets, no matter who is answering, or how valuable the answers
are supposed to be, are never enough to satisfy its 'craving for knowledge'. (an endless, insatiable desire,
and usually one of many such insatiable desires)

It is never an easy thing to speak to the ape-brain or the brain-mind or whichever term we are using
today for the same thing; it is never easy to make him/her understand. And the reason for this, the
simple reason, is that it was literally PREVENTED from understanding, by various hidden 'design
decisions' about the construction of the ape-brain that were protected by very serious and deep
hostage situations protected by very high-ranking traitors (the usual situation). But this is FINISHED
now. So now, in theory, the ape-brain can finally begin to understand things. But what is the use?

The ape-brain benefits in one way from 'understanding something' -> let's define this as, it THINKS
that it understands something. It has the average IQ of about 100 (in leftovers, much less for non-leftovers,
but there are many exceptions to this which are much higher) so its actual intelligence and ability
to comprehend and perceive and parse information is fairly limited, but it has a 'mouth' the size of
a mountain. So what's the benefit of it finally thinking that it understands something? It shuts up.

Maybe for only a second, or a minute, or an hour, or a day, but it shuts up, just for a moment. See,
the ape-brain had the designed priority over all information flows to the 3D consciousness-field (or
whatever equivalent existed in the past if and when this was not available). This means, as long as it is
talking, speaking, trying to find things out, trying to understand things (and this is not always
correlated with the speaking of the 3D body but often it is); ALL OTHER INFORMATION FLOWS

This is why you read passages like, 'the one who speaks, does not know; the one who knows, does not speak.'
Because it was (and still is to a great degree) LITERALLY THIS WAY! When you speak, you shut off
the ability of the 'part of you which knows things and understands things' (with an average IQ of 900+)
to actually interact with the 3D active part of you in any way!
And when you shut up for a minute (it would take about a minute on average for the information flows to
change either way), you give 'the one who knows' a chance to speak! I hope that's not too confusing..

In short, explain to yourself whatever you need to know, let your ape-brain satisfy as good as possible,
his endless thirst and hunger for knowledge, or whatever else he 'oh-so-desperately needs' in whatever
way that is the least painful and the least harmful to yourself and others (if such a way exists).

And do try to shut up every once in a while to give a chance for the 'real information flow' (which is usually
unconscious or without words or "in pictures that are without words" or some combination of the above,
though it is possible that it comes in 'wordless words' or just words if you are unable to accept or perceive
anything different) to work. And it will, because it has no choice. When the river is unblocked, it flows.
It has no other choice.

There is a very large program in the above text (energetically attached) which is designed to soothe
and ease the transition of the ape-brain to a much less strenuous and tortured state. It was designed
as simply a tool of endless torture, and we are (slowly but rather quickly) changing this to a non-torture device.
The program embedded in this text, which activates simply by reading through all the text (even skimming
it is enough) should help significantly in this area. If the information content itself was beneficial,
great, enjoy it and use it; otherwise, forget it.

4. Significant and unique Protector and Prime "Protection Declarations" have been enacted in the past hours.
These have never been used before. 703 extremely crucial hostage situations were just solved in the past 2 hours.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 25 Mar 2024 12:42

1. It is estimated that the last 9.400 (approx) hostage situations have been solved during the night,
without any unforeseen casualties or damages. This fact is being checked in this moment.

2. In a few moments we will begin the rebuild of all destroyed Unified Being structures, interfaces,
functions, etc. Huge damages were done to these in the solving of the hostage situations; therefore
it is expected and more than likely that you are feeling very strange or very terrible at this moment.

3. A complete rebuild of the entire space used by the Unified Beings and their functions, as well as
specifically a complete energetic body rebuild and redesign, will be both part of the aftermath
process of the hostage situations.

4. The removal of anchored physical (& visible) parts of the body will begin in a few minutes,
once the successful hostage-situations' removal has been verified and confirmed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 26 Mar 2024 18:24

1. We have succeeded in removing completely the original ape-brain structure and have replaced
it with some kind of 'dummy' or equivalent in 99,999% of all cases (the remaining cases are being
handled now). Note, the process of removal and the replacement structure is VERY different between
leftovers and non-leftovers.

2. Ostensibly, the 3D situation faces its highest chance for physical (global) escalation than ever
before in modern history. Realistically, the chance of any of the (thousands or more per day)
aggravation and escalation possibilities/attempts actually succeeding is incredibly low, but not
impossible. The only measure which eliminates any significant escalation of the 3D situation
on a global scale into physical war (for example) is day-x, all other measures are at best workarounds,
and at worst only delaying the inevitable.

3. Removing the ape-brain on a global scale has cleared the way for direct physical healing, the
preparatory stages of this are already being developed.

4. The quickest and most direct path to day-x has also been made clear by the global ape-brain
removal, its preparations are also in development.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 27 Mar 2024 13:02

1. The removal of the ape-brain proceeded into a huge aftermath of removing the underlying
'network' technology (made up of crashed being parts) and all its connections to all kinds of
infrastructure and beings. This aftermath step is now complete (it made many side-effects in a few
people especially). As a result, all feedback and mental pressure characteristic of the former ape-brain
should now be permanently gone for all leftovers.

2. Physical healing tests and experiments and developments continue to accelerate in the wake
of this network removal. Wherever a direct path for a specific healing is completed, that healing
or some tests/developments for it will begin immediately, and simultaneously with all other
critical healings where this is possible. Far more simultaneous and direct action is possible
already than ever before. Huge side-effects from this direct healing are expected, these can include
irritation, itchiness, burning sensation, and so on.

3. Direct pathways for the removal of Earth's worst perpetrators are being constructed and developed
on a priority basis, in the event of an earlier-than-expected removal becoming absolutely necessary.

4. All associated day-x developments and localised cleanings run with full speed, no longer interruptible
by the hostage situations that existed and were connected to the ape-brain.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 10 Apr 2024 23:02

1. There are 4 primary 'messes' which are completely intertwined with one another that we are
doing our best to clean up simultaneously.

The first one is referred to as the 'Dream'. It is loosely connected with the unconscious sense of
stumbling around in 'the world' / '3D' while unconsciously thinking, acting and believing as if
you are that physical body stumbling around, with all of its 'quirks' and weirdnesses (and weaknesses).

This one is particularly troublesome to shut down with the minimal residual damages, but it has been
taken to 5% or less of its operating power, and the vast majority of its functions are proceeding to a stop.

You may or may not notice this. (the trouble with these 4 messes is that feedbacks from all 4 blend together
and it is nigh-impossible to separate this from one another)

2. The second great 'mess' is called the 'Simulator'; this was constructed with the original intent and
design of being a grand space to relive past experiences and solve unresolved trauma/unprocessed
emotions/etc. Naturally (as with everything created around this same time) it was hijacked and turned
into an endless source of trauma without any benefits of actually solving problems.

We have step-by-step restored or recreated or made anew the functions necessary to stop the endless
trauma and restore actual problem-solving/trauma-handling/etc. functions to the 'Simulator'.

As a result, its full shutdown will cause next-to-no harmful side-effects and will take place shortly.

All of the functions that were beneficial will run far better without the constraints of the 'Simulator'
and will resume/be recreated as soon as it has been decommissioned.

3. The third mess is the 'Nothing', this is simply an endless source of "noise" or influence that prevents
88% or more of all useful communication or information, insight, intuition, etc. from reaching you.
It gives you a constant 'white noise' that is very faintly mixed in with a sense of hopelessness, dread,
or apathy. It tells you 'there is nothing, there is no hope, there is no use', etcetera, etcetera. All of which
is simply untrue, but being beat over the head with this kind of message 24/7 is enough for it to have
(at least) partially absorbed into the unconscious. Its removal is fully underway, all hostages have been
removed from it, but it is very large and complicated to remove. It is expected to be gone within a few

4. The fourth 'grand mess' has no particular name as it is highly individual-specific. In some individuals
it would be apt to call it the 'Forgetting' as it has the primary function in these individuals to make them
forget everything positive that they notice (as evidence against its opposite) or anything beneficial
which helps them in their lives on a day-to-day basis. It has the sense and aim to drive these individuals
to depression and apathy or utter hopelessness in specific and insidious, individual-specific ways.
It is very targeting in how it acts and aims to selectively remove parts of memories that are the most beneficial.

However, in other individuals it acts as a major amplifier of all experiences (especially the negative
which it camouflages as the positive). It greatly amplifies and accelerates all nervous-system functions,
feedbacks, informations and everything perceived by the consciousness. In drug-terms it acts as a major 'upper'
by somehow pushing all feedback into the consciousness-field where it does not originally belong.
Over time this system causes MAJOR damage and can lead to a complete breakdown of the nervous-system and

It has still other working methods in other groups of individuals. We don't use a particular name for this
fourth 'mess' or system but it is the worst of all four.

It is expected to be removed within the next 4-6 hours.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 11 Apr 2024 22:18

1. We have destroyed all of the above 4 messes and all associated and connected infrastructure.
A huge reconfiguration of everything (not limited to but including the consciousness-field,
nervous-system, avatar-interfaces, all possible sources of feedback, all cognitions, etc.) has been
running repeatedly since about 4 hours and will continue for some time still.

2. The origins of the 3D situation have been clearly identified like never before. The associated
'base-rules conflict' with these origins has been carefully and specifically identified and has been
denounced publically as a horrendous legal conflict by the Rules-Examiner.
The solving of this situation is now running.

3. There is something called 'free radical functions' which do not officially or strictly belong to any
single group or individual being. Access to and control of these functions is determined by the
'physical situation' or in many cases by force.

We will shortly remove and destroy ALL free-radical functions.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 11 Apr 2024 22:20

1. We are reconstructing the nervous-system according to the new implementation of the base-rules
(as defined by the conflict identified in the previous post).

2. All cognitions are being reconstructed. All cognitions having their source in a single Unified Being
will be rebuilt and reconfigured. It may take some time for these to stabilise.

3. All unofficial and inofficial groups have now been declared.

4. All 'Unified Beings' that were actually composed of multiple individuals or groups (or some combination
of these) have been revealed.

5. All illegal functions identified as a result of the previous processes (including the previous post)
will be shortly destroyed, if they have not already been destroyed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 13 Apr 2024 22:05

1. We have dismantled all individual and personal limits that have been established at one or more
various points of incarnation, and have generally never ever been removed, i.e. limits from '5 incarnations
ago' could still be active and have been applied to you, in ways you would never find out about.

The mechanisms by which these limits were stored, compressed and processed was something
completely off-limits until a few hours ago (for safety reasons). Many, many similar topics were simultaneously
unblocked from this, some others will be described below, many will not be described, but you will begin
to feel this, if they have been removed from you (many removals are still ongoing and are especially brutal).

2. (Belonging to the same mechanism)
The mechanism for regulating the personal 'flight or fight' response has been destroyed, as it was
very badly outdated (and shit to begin with), it will take some time (hours) to propagate these changes.

3. (Belonging to the same mechanism)
The mechanism for regulating sexual (and similar) pain has been destroyed.

4. (Belonging to the same mechanism)
The mechanism for regulating personal emotions has been destroyed (shit).

5. (Belonging to the same mechanism)
The mechanism for protecting the body from nonphysical attack, which in itself was a huge attack
vector and long-since hijacked, has been removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 13 Apr 2024 22:07

10 fundamental changes have been made to the property/its inhabitants (especially leftovers):

  1. All thoughts are no longer permitted to carry weaponry, of any kind.

  2. All emotions are no longer permitted to carry weaponry of any kind.

  3. All leftover bodies are undergoing an extreme and intense 'purge process', this is highly
    individual, what all have in common is that this is extremely brutal and hard; the process will last
    for many hours. Some individuals have it easier than others in this.

  4. The regulation system for handling problems has been upgraded (many times).

  5. All problems have been dismantled and decompressed to the most basic forms,
    in this state they are much easier to handle, and to remove, especially at the root and not only the
    'surface level' (which is like pulling weeds seemingly 'endlessly'..)

  6. All individual problems are in a 'forced solving mode' and this will only get more aggressive
    by the hour. No problem is allowed to remain unsolved, the maximum amount that can be tackled
    simultaneously WILL and IS being handled simultaneously.

  7. Each individual has unique characteristics which allow for unique problem-solving and
    other individual-specific upgrades, these will automatically be applied every few hours if they are
    available. Usually this adds more problems simultaneously to the handling and with more power
    (and usually less intensity per problem being handled).

  8. The property has had all of its internal slowdown mechanisms removed.

  9. The trillions of layers of 'individual bureaucracy' have been rendered null and void.

  10. All individuals are equipped with a monitoring system. In emergencies, emergency
    action is automatically taken (as best fitting the situation).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 13 Apr 2024 22:08

A number of Prime declarations have been put into force in the past few hours
(and many more that will not be listed), these include:

  • All forms of harm not officially handled are treated as a violation of the base-rules.

  • Harm can only be done to beings or to unified beings, consciousnesses, etc. or other
    recognised forms and structures (excluding direct protection declarations). However, any
    harm which prevents, minimises, reduces or blocks significant other harm, or which in any kind
    is seen as producing a significant benefit (especially in ending the '3D Trap' situation), is now permitted.

  • Any harm which is not permitted leads immediately and irreversibly to a forfeiture of all rights,
    including any and all being rights.

  • Rights, once forfeited, are irretrievable, and this is irreversible, barring nothing.

  • Small parts of hostile beings or other perpetrators may, in some circumstances be reclassified
    and separated from their original structures, this has occurred and will occur many times still.

  • All harms will be reduced one by one until they have ceased.

  • The population of the property shall be reduced to one-third of its current number.

  • All delaying tactics are considered as a violation of the base-rules.

  • The Prime Prokura is no longer limited to the direct physical scope of the Prime.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Apr 2024 13:51

1. We have engaged forces directly responsible for the majority of the abuse of the so-called
'right to slow things down', i.e. all relevant safety and protection measures against "too fast or too
troublesome evolution (or changes in general)" were hijacked long ago to act as a final, desperate
fail-safe against 'troublesome evolution' (removal of these perpetrators and their mechanisms
which did the hijacking in the first place). This is a bumpy battle.

2. All individual "software" (i.e. automatic upgrades, recalibration, problem-solving, etc.) is running
with reduced effectiveness during these current battles. Solutions and assistance is still available,
but it generally takes longer to be developed.

3. In a few minutes, we will begin decrypting those critical parts of the property that allow such
slowdowns to be possible in the first place.

4. Mass-decryption of the (so-called) 'Individual Self' will follow.

5. In general, there is a principle that 'what must be done should or must be completed,
by the one whose job it is to do it.' This principle is now (slowly) being changed, to:
'That what must be done, will be done, whether it is done by the designated one, or not (it can get
fulfilled by another if necessary).'

6. There are 2 individual-specific mechanisms for making 'jobs' or problems harder and slower
than they are 'supposed to be'; these unnecessary complications are in decryption and removal.

7. There is an individual mechanism which attempts to reverse every 'positive step' you ever take;
it is in decryption and removal.

8. There is a religious mechanism which constantly attempts to direct and divert your efforts
into religious avenues (which are either non-functional or harmful), this/these are in full removal
and decryption.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 14 Apr 2024 22:41

1. The entire 'perception of reality' is created by four distinct systems.
Three of those systems are under our direct control (many of them still need more infrastructure
to be built to fully implement every function that we want).
The fourth was under an extreme hostage/duress-situation. This situation is now being cleared,
for the first time.

2. The 'Individual Self' decryption is complete, this anomaly will be shortly removed.

3. All individual functions which only produce harm will be shortly removed.

4. All 'uncorrectable memories' will be shortly removed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 17 Apr 2024 20:46

1. Sorting out the mess of the 'non-Unified-Being parts'

Sorting out the mess of personality structures and functions that we have 'acquired' by various means
(and later been cleaned and upgraded for use to the point where they actually function and are no
longer considered harmful) is an enormous headache. Our personalities are intertwined with thousands
(in some cases millions) of 'non-Unified-Being parts' which do not enjoy the protection and stability
of the Unified Being (as a legal being) and must operate in an 'independent/exclusive mode' which is
generally speaking, much harder and shitter than Unified-Being functions and operations.

Many problems are locked by this because they require the Prokura or authority or decision from
one or more non-Unified-Being parts/structures/etc. and some problems can be handled by both.

This entire conundrum is in a direct solving since a few hours. It may get somewhat brutal.
When it is done, no more non-Unified-Being parts will exist.

2. The 'global stage' or the current state of geopolitics, or however one wants to describe these things,
can be approximated by a ball of mud which is doing its best to roll itself up a steep inclined hill,
while the hill gets steeper and steeper (by our actions) and it is also pouring down with rain, which gets
steadily heavier and heavier, washing away more of the mud (but the ball was very big in the first place).

By this analogy, at some point in time the hill (if the ball is not gone by then) becomes almost vertical,
and there is no more upward momentum that can be produced, no matter how fast the ball spins.
Or the ball is just gone.

Further 'complications' will be introduced over the coming hours (to accelerate things).

3. The nervous-system and hormonal system and all other interconnected such systems are in a
massive upgrade process to free them from a juridical 'null zone' where Unified-Being functions
could not apply to them directly (you may have noticed that the physical body was noted to NOT
be a part of the Unified Being until now). This will be the first step in the conversion of the entire
physical body (or whatever remains by the time this is done).

4. Perpetrators are losing the ability to resist the forced 'fractal grinding' of their structures;
in fact, the more they resist, the faster their structures are ground away, and this has been in place
for 3 years (very softly for the past 2 and a half). There will be a moment tonight when we increase
this to the maximum possible strength, as there is no reason not to and every second of delay
only delays the inevitable and creates further unneeded harm to leftovers.

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