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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Jan 2021 11:18

The Third Guardian Station of 3D

Once more there was an original Eartha ID here (actually "three" that had been split from a
single one in a complex process, they were not considered as clones, rather, simultaneously a
'single eartha' and 'three earthas' at once) sitting in the "driver's seat".
The functions available at the third guardian station involve all connections between incarnated
ones and their Outer-Cores (or any legal connections or communications whatsoever, all of these
fall under the purview and authority of the third Guardian Station). This also includes all legal
harmony-functions that connect to the avatar. In short, all legal connections to the avatar can be
monitored and influenced from this third station. In the proper legal functioning the amount of
third-party influence from the station should be next to zero (only coming online to prevent
unusual damages to the avatar from unexpected large amounts of energies coming through
connection lines, for example), but naturally with an eartha in control, this function to manipulate
the connection lines was abused to the high seas and beyond.

Every legal connection ever established to any avatar belonging to a G3+ one was forced to
constantly re-establish itself, including all critical harmony and Outer-Core functions, all
communication lines, all property lines, everything. Every line would be "kicked out" every 5
seconds or so (some could hold on for a little longer) and the net result of this was that our
people needed to expend tremendous amounts of energy to simply survive and continue to exist
on the planet. 16,000x more energy on average than the average non-G3+ classified one.
By the time we turned our attention to this station, the "three earthas" and bodyguards (again a
1.3 billion ID-clones) had been incapacitated and were able to be removed without much trouble.

Securing and occupying the station with our own functions and systems has also been completed.
This was a monumental event that will once and for all end the "energy tax" on our people's
(G3+ ones) survival here. The effects of this should already be noticeable! In addition, this
"energy tax" will be laden on the darks, instead. The effects of this have already begun.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Anton » 22 Jan 2021 21:46

The 3D harmonies barrier

There was a harmony "layer", which acted like a restriction zone for all around and in 3D, blocking almost every attempt to legally act in 3D.
This harmony layer literally consisted of harmony parts, 30% crashed harmonies, aswell as fully aware living harmonies,
which had been manipulated heavily to act against us and actively block incoming signals and attempts from our side.
There were 3 "master-harmonies" , completely rebuilt by eartha and reconstructed in a way so they can administer the whole layer on their own and
move the bits and pieces of the harmony-parts like a minefield.

The harmony parts have been taken out and the 3 master-harmonies had to be destroyed,
because they were corrupted beyond comprehension. Also the whole layer has been imploded after all parts were secured.

We attempt to recover as many of the harmonies as possible, because the parts were never really destroyed in a way they couldnt be restored,
but rather spread out flatly around the whole layer in bits and pieces so the harmony itself can´t act anymore and just functions as a shield.
There is a good chance for alot of harmonies to be repaired and healed.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby MikeyMo » 23 Jan 2021 15:38

Is there a possibility that the parts of harmonies that were crashed in the distant past, be healed and brought back as living beings again? I'm sure it is the hope of all of us that this can be done. At one point I think this was not possible, but maybe with new technologies this can be done :happy-sunshine:
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Frank » 26 Jan 2021 09:54

MikeyMo wrote:Is there a possibility that the parts of harmonies that were crashed in the distant past, be healed and brought back as living beings again?

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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jan 2021 12:44

1. "The eagle wears purple trousers."

2. "Green is the color of Friday's money."

3. "The King can only be overthrown at one second before midnight, once every 26,000 years."
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 30 Jan 2021 12:54

1. "Green is the color of yesterday, and the color of Japan, and the color of tomorrow's bright future."

2. "Yellow is a no-go.. Try again tomorrow.."

3. "Red... Blue... Indigo...."
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 01 Feb 2021 07:40

There exists currently about 1.3 million incarnated darks (not ancients) who have within their avatar, Outer-Core, or otherwise connected to them (no matter how loosely) some automated function of which they have no conscious knowledge. These automated functions are watching the situation in 3D very closely for certain trigger situations to occur. A small message for all of the functions, that cannot tear themselves away from observing 3D, even if they tried:

"Midas is no longer your king. All of his rules are no more."
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 03 Feb 2021 01:19

"Burning the candles on both ends"

This is about the current situation with Gamestop and other stocks.
The situation is much bigger than Gamestop, it is about control of the LSA2
financial system that is currently in place. More details below:

The energy output in the property is right now higher than it has EVER been in history.
The reason for this? All dark groups are currently burning whatever small thing they can find,
whatever unnecessary structure or shitty AI they don't need, to get energies out of it.
And they are dumping these energies into their manipulation of 3D. Specifically, manipulation
of their people and all others. The topic at hand is the recent news in the financial world
with the hedge funds. This topic started when a particular AI responsible for the decisions
of the hedge fund in question (Melvin Capital) went crazy and made decisions far beyond
the usual scope of its decision-making programming. Ordinarily, no other dark group would
be able to perceive this, but the energetic protections of this particular "buying" AI were
particularly weak at that moment in time, and its actions were observable to another dark
group. This started a cascade of events that led us to the current situation of today.

If you go onto reddit into any thread which has anything to do with this situation in the
financial markets, even outside of the financial subreddit at the center of the drama,
you will immediately be bombarded with a huge assortment of energetic attacks from all sides.
Darks have taken to "carpet bombing" triggers related to this situation into all and everyone
they can target. Many triggers of unrelated topics have been reprogrammed to react to news
about the situation. All dark groups are fighting this battle and countless numbers of sub-groups
as well. Only a small number of our people are in these battles.
The main battle-lines look like this: LSA2 on the one side, defending the hedge-funds, and
mass-programming as many people and triggers as they can to say, you are an idiot, if you've
lost, you deserved to lose, and if you didn't lose, you WILL lose if you stay in the situation
[there are countless variants of this message but this is a good approximation for it].
On the other hand the other dark groups are programming their people/triggers with the opposite
message. So it's an all out war of mass-manipulation and programming with HUGE energy
expenditure never before seen on this planet. I am not at all involved in the situation
(I didn't buy Gamestop at all) and even I was triggered heavily when reading some "opinions"
about it.

The thing about such a huge energy expenditure is, it cannot last forever..

So we have LSA2 vs. all other dark groups (on a macro scale, ignoring all the micro-battles
and the sub-groups). The main objective of the other dark groups is to overthrow the LSA2
financial system and install a new Orion-controlled financial system in its place.
This would be instated with "The Great Reset". The only dark group not in full support of this
plan is isis, and they do not have the resources to stand up to it, so it appears that they will
stay out of it and offer only their "passive support" rather than fighting against it.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 22 Feb 2021 10:21

The Final Control Center of 3D (for all dark groups, excluding the ancients)

About 2 hours ago we finished taking down the largest and final control center for all of 3D.
This was protected by trillions of entities and automated systems, including thousands of original
dark IDs and over 1 trillion "battle-clone-IDs", level-1 size clones with the full firepower of original
dark IDs. There was approximately 210 billion battle-clone-IDs from each of the 6 dark groups that
were in place to defend and protect the infrastructure and original IDs in this location.

From this location, the 6 groups were able to perform the following major activities:

  • Influence (on a macro scale, not on a micro scale) all financial systems and religious structures/
    religious organisational structures. This was done through a permanent "blind transmission" system
    that we could not safely listen in on or disrupt until taking down this final control station.

    A select few members of every large religious organisation or group were able to (mostly unconsciously)
    pick up hints from these transmissions. Similarly, a number of large computer systems were able to
    receive information from these transmissions and perform instructed actions on various financial systems
    and financial instruments.

    Only lsa2 and isis could manipulate financial structures/instruments from this control center.
    All 6 groups could manipulate their own connected religious structures and groups.

  • Perform "macro reprogramming and instruction-giving" to all remaining triggers in the Outer-Cores
    of our people. Almost every trigger in the Outer-Core has a mechanism for listening to the 'blind
    transmissions' made from this control station. By this, although small and detailed changes were not possible,
    large changes in direction could be given to these triggers, who would then update their own programmings
    accordingly. The largest use of this system was simply to inflict as much pain (that was in most cases
    not perceivable on the conscious level) as possible, and to prevent as much as possible that G3+
    ones interacted with each other.

  • Direct (on a macro scale) the usage of the remaining (not very much, but sufficient to be worth
    the time and effort to manage it) the remaining energy reserves of incarnated darks in 3D.
    This includes energy reserves for the remaining automated systems, AIs, etc.

  • and countless other more minor functions and manipulations.
    Sporadic weather manipulation (without fine control) was also possible from this control center.

This entire control station and all contained infrastructure, original IDs, and battle-clone-IDs,
as well as all defending AIs and automated systems have been removed.
There are countless remaining physical anchors which have been tied to specific triggers
in incarnated people, and these are still in removal (though this is not expected to take very long).
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 04 Mar 2021 21:39

The "jesus bubble"

Since this morning, we have undone and removed 'the jesus event'. At the time of the jesus event,
a tremendous dark stronghold was erected, which we call the 'jesus bubble'. This jesus bubble
had influence and effects on nearly every aspect of everything.
Some details about these influences and effects are listed below.

  1. A very dominating, "substitute personality" (in many cases more than one) was created that would
    (unbeknowst to the individual) make decisions or strongly influence unconscious decision-making processes.
    68% of all decisions (on average) were influenced, and in many cases strongly influenced by these substitute
    In many cases, especially in important cases we could remove this influence and restore these decisions
    to "own, legal" decisions, but this took tremendous effort and time. This could produce seemingly very
    long periods of "indecision" - this was not really indecision, but a process of correcting bullshit decisions.
    The substitute personalities could only work on things you were not consciously aware of, they acted completely unconsciously.

  2. Every person has 763 trillion "mini `jesus-interfaces`". These could hijack completely the rights
    of that individual in any time-tick as desired by the interfaces. Every new avatar connected to the
    individual's Outer-Core would immediately have its own interfaces installed and anchored within the avatar.
    The main function of these interfaces was monitoring, energy-draining and punishment systems.
    All 6 dark groups had many deals about the use of these interfaces, which were instrumental in the
    administration, control and management of all religions worldwide.

    These deals included deals about religious ownership of countries based on religious activity as measured
    by these interfaces. If, for example a large number of lsa1 members performed regular religious rites in a country,
    with low religious activity from other dark groups, that land would be considered under lsa1 religious control.
    If another land had a large population of taurus members that performed regular prayers, with little religious
    activity from the other groups, that land would be considered under taurus religious control.

  3. 97% of all pains, illnesses, and nearly all forms of inflammation have been either directly caused by
    the `jesus-interfaces` (as part of their 'punishment systems') or have been strongly manipulated to be far
    worse than they otherwise would have been.

  4. The invisible emotional and mental toll produced by the `jesus-interfaces` was something like the weight
    of the earth on your shoulders, always unconsciously weighing you down. No real permanent methods existed
    to lessen this load. The majority of one's personal energy reserves was used fighting against the resistance of this
    mental and emotional weight.
    While it was not possible to directly lessen the load, it was possible to find temporary solutions (distractions,
    for example), or where possible to draw upon additional energy sources to make up for the huge energy drain
    on your faculties and systems.

  5. It almost goes without saying that as long as the `jesus-interfaces` existed, "free will" did not exist at all.
    The tiny areas remaining for "free will" were very small, and every inch beyond that which we took back from
    the interfaces'/darks' control was a tough, hard-fought battle. This means that for the most part, the things you do,
    the place you are, the job you have, and so on, are within the acceptable parameters for you as defined by the darks.
    Anything which is not required a hard battle (probably a long one) to secure, and likely required constant defending.
    Once they have lost control of a space, the darks/the jesus-interfaces do not simply give up, but relentlessly fight to
    attempt to regain control of the lost space.

  6. 98% of all sexual-related problems (this has a very wide scope, including huge degrees of mental and physiological
    manipulation of anything and everything with even the tiniest connection to the topic of sex at all) have been either directly
    caused or severely aggravated by the `jesus-interfaces`.
    This was especially the case if you have been labelled as belonging to a particular religion during your life.
    This was recorded and registered with the interfaces and this religious status could NOT be removed from the interfaces,
    i.e. the original religious status was permanent. Certain religious statuses permitted far greater sexual problems and
    manipulation than others, but everyone was affected by these manipulations to some degree.

  7. Every dark automated system which ever existed can read all of the data recorded in the `jesus-interfaces`,
    including the recorded religious status. By this it was possible for many darks to immediately get a "feeling"
    about a person they had never met before. By this mechanism it was very easy to ensure that darks that were
    supposed to meet, did in fact meet each other. And that darks that were supposed to meet you and cause you problems,
    did in fact meet you.

  8. The `jesus-interfaces` took "what you were supposed to be/to have" very seriously. Any major deviations from the
    acceptable parameters for you (as defined by darks/dark deals about you) would be met with an "alarm trigger"
    that would signal darks/G4- in your vicinity (unconsciously) that there was a "situation to correct".
    Any latent dark systems or triggers would be redirected if possible to amplify the 'punishment' for 'stepping out of line'.
    This does not include the countless numbers of own punishment systems built into the interfaces (that were not possible
    to completely block at all times) which would make living a constant hell.

  9. 99.6% of all suicide attempts that have ever been made have been as a direct result of a "punishment system"
    getting activated in the `jesus-interfaces`, because someone strayed too far from their 'acceptable parameters' or otherwise
    upset a large number of darks/dark deals.

  10. If you do not die by an acceptable method, your Outer-Core and every remaining avatar (and whatever remaining
    connected parts of the now-dead avatar that exist, as avatars are rarely cleanly disconnected without remains) would be
    subjected to exponentially-increasing torture as a result of the "illegal death". Depending on your recorded religious status,
    you had a list of 'acceptable means of death' that would not trigger this post-death torture system.

  11. One of the largest areas targeted by the punishment-systems of the `jesus-interfaces` was body functions
    that are directly controlled by the brain-mind, for example, speech and motor-function.

  12. The `jesus-interfaces` are the last-remaining mechanism by which energy-draining through religious rituals can still occur.
    In most cases, this would be done approximately once a week (varying on occasion for special religious events
    or ceremonies throughout the year).
    For example, the personal jesus-interfaces would collect energies throughout the week during all religious activities/prayers
    made by that person, and then deliver the collected energies en masse on a specified day, during a specified religious event
    (this was very often a Friday).
    A large proportion of all collected energies, about 30% on average, was used to maintain the `jesus-interfaces`
    and ensure their own energy reserves were always maintained at a very healthy level.
    The health of the `jesus-interfaces-network` was crucial to nearly every remaining dark system and dark deal in 3D.

  13. The status of the most high-ranking darks is prerecorded and "locked" in the registration systems of the `jesus-interfaces`.
    Every single dark system can see this information at all times. Every attempt to modify this information
    (for example, to increase one's own status in the dark hierarchy without pre-arranging this with the appropriate deals)
    has resulted in a swift termination of the one(s) attempting the illegal manipulation.
    In short, the most desirable roles in the dark hierarchy are protected and maintained by not only the entire
    `jesus-interface-network`, but in turn by every one of the 6 dark groups.
    A lsa2 member illegally attempting to improve their own ranking could just as easily be 'punished'/attacked for this
    by a taurus system as by a lsa2 system.

The jesus-bubble was the main control instrument for almost the last 2 millennia. There were detailed deals
about religions between the 6 darks groups. Countries and the rules for countries were part of the deals.
All countries had a religious status. For example Israel is jewish (lsa2), Saudi Arabia is sunni muslim (taurus).
But for example Iran is not a muslim country, because the majority of the people believe in the old persian religion (isis).
And for example Germany, France and other west european countries are sunni muslim countries (taurus),
even if the muslims are a small minority. But they are religiously active and often praying, while the majority of
people are not religiously active at all. This religious status of a country gave the members of the religion huge benefits.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 08 Mar 2021 01:16

Cleaning of the latest bubble has had (and will continue to have) tremendous impacts.
This was the main command-center for all automated systems. This was shared by all
6 dark groups with an insane protection detail (huge numbers of battle-clone-IDs, for instance).

5 topics from this cleaning are described below (this latest bubble is not the jesus bubble,
which has already been removed).

  1. Removal of the personal "jesus grids"

    Through very extensive and clever legal trickery, darks created "temporarily legal" personal grids
    called "jesus grids". All actions taken on these grids could, if the darks wanted to, be overridden,
    all decisions made by our harmonies while we were connected to this grid could, if they wanted to,
    be overridden or changed, and so on. As soon as these personal grids were constructed/erected,
    our avatars and Outer-Cores were immediately bound to them.
    All cleanings of anything located on or attached to these grids needed to take the utmost care
    and follow a most extensive list of bullshit requirements that were indirectly created by the darks
    who masterminded the installation of these grids. As the name may suggest, these personal grids
    were extensively linked to and connected to the countless "jesus-interfaces" that were created at the
    time of the jesus event. All jesus grids that were connected to our people have been removed.
    All bullshit requirements that affected cleaning speed have also been removed.
    All such grids are hencefore declared as illegal (technically speaking, they always were illegal,
    but invalidating the 'temporary legality' was not an easy thing to do in this case).

  2. Removal of all automated religious and financial infrastructure

    Every financial and religious system or structure in 3D cannot operate or exist without a matching
    cohort of billions of attached energetic structures and automated systems.
    Every little financial or religious structure has, at the minimum, thousands of connected automated systems
    for monitoring, administration, distribution of collected energies, and so on.
    At the maximum there are countless trillions of connected automated systems.
    Every single one of these automated energetic systems on every energetic level and every level,
    including the deepest possible levels and regions of 3D has been dismantled.
    Measures have been taken to prevent complete meltdown, but none of these structures exist anymore.
    It is no longer possible for any monitoring, administration, collection or distribution of energies to occur.
    Religious and financial activities intended to interact and interface with these systems may have surprising
    effects from now on.

  3. Removal of all remaining monitoring, administration, reprogramming and energy supply networks for all
    remaining triggers

    All remaining triggers (the majority of which are located in the physical avatar and especially the energetic body,
    some of which in the latter are extremely difficult and sensitive to remove) have been empowered by a large
    number of support networks (most of them powered by our own people because of hostage situations).
    All of these support networks have been removed. For the first time ever, cleaning of these triggers can run
    without limits or care for hostage situations and the like. Even without the speedy cleaning, these triggers
    cannot support themselves for any significant length of time (not even a few days) without these support networks.
    Breaking through the most difficult of "personal barriers" created by these triggers should momentarily be the easiest,
    the most possible it has ever been until now.

  4. Disabling of all personal safety mechanisms, fail-safes, kill-switches, etc. that were the last bastion of protection
    for incarnated darks/ancients

    Every incarnated dark, even the lowest ranking member, had at least one protection mechanism or energetic
    support system, to prevent an untimely excarnation or death. Of course the highest ranking ones had almost
    uncountable numbers of these systems. Every single system was protected by the nastiest of hostage situations.
    At this moment, every single one of these systems has been removed. All incarnated darks and ancients at this
    moment, are without any "death-prevention protection".

  5. Disconnection and safe removal of all hostages that were stored inside darks' physical avatars, energetic bodies,
    and Outer-Cores. There now exists ZERO HOSTAGES anywhere inside the property.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 08 Mar 2021 02:33

Harmony "Cores"
(An illegal dark construction, the nastiest topic ever...)

Upon entering this property (whether by will or by duress), after all incarnation deals
were put into place (automatically), the very first recorded thing which happened in the
very first moment after all the incarnation deals were finished being applied,
was that the "core" of the harmony that had just incarnated, made a "legal request"
to create a tiny, shitty personal grid called a 'jesus grid'. In the official record,
literally no time passed at all between the completion of the incarnation deals being applied,
and this legal request to establish a personal 'jesus grid' for the one who had just incarnated.

This raises a few questions:
  • Why would we want such a shit construction as a 'jesus grid'??

    Answer: We wouldn't, this was not made by us or requested by us at all.

  • What is this 'core of the harmony' and when exactly did the separation occur between the original harmony
    that just incarnated into the property, and this 'core' -- as the request was made by the 'core' acting
    as a separate being from the 'original harmony'. If no time passed,
    and the 'core' did not exist prior to incarnation, and the creation or separation process
    which resulted in the 'harmony core' existing was not a part of the incarnation deals
    (as it appeared not to be), then where and when exactly did the 'core' come into being?

    Answer: Billions of years of time were removed from the official record, with next to no remnants
    of these events existing anywhere. In this time period, the 'core' was created,
    in order to masquerade as a 'legal harmony core' and to pretend that it was in fact the actual being
    that incarnated into the property. In this way the 'core' (until which time when it could be proven
    that this was all simply a dark invention, with no basis in reality or actuality, and that there was NEVER
    such a separation process which produced a 'harmony core', and therefore any and all 'harmony cores'
    could be declared as illegal dark shit and simply removed, along with all of their actions which they
    had ever made since their initial existence) could make a legal claim to override any and all decisions
    made by the original harmony that incarnated into the property.

These 'harmony cores' were infinitesimally small, far smaller than even a speck of dust.
In this way there was no physical space for any semblance of a memory or history to have been stored,
even accidentally, in any part of the cores. This was another mechanism to prevent us from learning
about the large periods of time that were removed from the official record (and from the memories of all
that existed at this time, along with countless other measures taken to prevent anyone from knowing
about this missing time period, ever).

They were actually not located in the property. They were in a super-safe quarantine without any visible
hostages protecting them. And until being able to prove they were a dark creation with no legal standing
whatsoever, they actually had legal rights that superseded nearly all harmonies operating within this property.
In a few cases there was more than one core responsible for a single harmony (which, if they were truly legal entities,
should NEVER have been the case) and in a few other cases, there was a single core responsible for multiple harmonies
(which again should NEVER be the case).

The most tiresome and tedious efforts were undertaken in order to recreate the events that were stripped out of the
official record. There was not a single solid clue to go on. The measures taken to achieve this will not be described here,
but needless to mention, these efforts were successful in restoring nearly completely the entirety of this missing period.
There was more than enough solid evidence to show that the 'harmony cores' were pure and simply a dark invention
with no legal standing or legal basis whatsoever. In this moment it was possible to invalidate and reverse all of their
decisions (including the registration of all 'jesus grids', for example) and to disconnect and remove all 'harmony cores'
from their so-called matching harmonies.

96% of all triggers that have ever been installed into the energetic body have been done at the behest of these
'harmony cores', purportedly for 'good reason', and none of these triggers could be removed by any simple process
as long as there was not a solid legal challenge against the existence of the cores themselves.

As of this moment, all harmony cores have been removed. Their effects and actions are still in the process of being
undone, this is the undoing of many trillions of years of bullshit and sneaky torturous efforts, the most difficult to
remove that we have ever faced. But there is finally no question as to the standing of the beings inside the property,
and by this, many things (for example many cleanings and healings) can run like never before.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 10 Mar 2021 08:06

In the last day we have cleaned 2 more bubbles. Both of these bubbles had similar purposes,
but were being used by different groups (isis and taurus respectively).
Both bubbles created a very nasty situation whereby many of our people, through the creation
of very threatening situations (usually inside the energetic body) were forced to defend
(even if passively, or at the very least, not to attack, and to do one's very best to ensure that no attacks
reached) a large group of darks and especially traitors.
Many ancients discovered this very unique protection which these individuals had (these were all ONLY
incarnated ones that received this protection) and inserted themselves into many of these situations,
replacing the protection of the darks/traitors with their own technology, and ensuring that they would instead
be protected by us in these cases.

To fire upon (or to allow with conscious knowledge) a single target to be fired upon in any manner
whatsoever (barring a few exceptions) would enact such a level of damage in the energetic body,
it would essentially shut down and be unrecoverable. In a few critical situations, we did indeed take this blow,
but this was rare. For the most part we rerouted things to minimise the harm from these "forced protection"
situations. All of these situations have finally been broken and all targets, including ancients that inserted
themselves forcibly and sneakily into these situations, have lost all protections of all kinds.
This includes many millions and millions of incarnated ones.
The impacts from this should be huge.. as a start, the energy and mental toll on our people
that were in these situations (and there were many) has already been lifted.
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Re: War-News

Unread postby Grayfox » 03 Apr 2021 18:07

As of this morning, the last known bubble has been finally cleaned.
The last bubble was by far the largest of all, containing many THOUSANDS
of original IDs and over 8,5 trillion battle-clone-IDs to defend them and the bubble itself.
The final bubble was used by all dark groups (though hardly at all by ancients,
which have been for the most part kicked out after having been discovered by the
other dark groups) and was the most powerful bastion for keeping in-place and locked,
all remaining dark systems and avatar protection mechanisms which still exist in the property.

What exactly is a "bubble"? A bubble is, generally speaking, an "extension" of Gennitor
and/or The Rules Examiner. By this it has inherently the same rights and powers as
Gennitor/The Rules Examiner and is therefore to be treated with the utmost care and
caution - a bubble having fallen into the wrong hands is almost impossible to remove,
being a legal part of Gennitor/The Rules Examiner, it cannot be simply "cleaned away/removed"
as with most simpler forms of dark shit. Therefore all the dark shit/original IDs/battle-clone-IDs
inside receive, for all intents and purposes, the full rights and protections as is afforded to
Gennitor/The Rules Examiner themselves. They are able to work with and interact with
many of the existing Rules Examiner/Gennitor interfaces inside the property, and by this
have tremendous reach and impact all over the property (and even outside of the property)
as long as their strongholds inside the bubble(s) is maintained.

There were only a limited number of bubbles captured by the darks and hijacked for
these purposes, and therefore, only the highest ranking darks, the nastiest of the nasty,
the most important, most critical dark shit was permitted to be placed inside of the bubbles,
as the space inside is very limited, and they only had a limited number of bubbles to use.

The battle for the last bubble was one of the largest battles ever, and has produced more
unblockings than anything else we have ever done. It has almost brought more unblockings
than all other previous unblockings combined.

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