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by Drack
17 May 2016 20:30
Forum: PROTOI Crystals
Topic: MEGA Pearlgonite
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Re: MEGA Pearlgonite

Grayfox wrote:They are beautiful!
Now you might consider adding some wheels somewhere, because it looks like carrying or moving that when it's complete will be difficult. :happy-smileyflower: :laughing-rolling:

:text-goodpost: :text-+1: :laughing-rolling:
by Drack
09 May 2016 23:00
Forum: Forum Issues
Topic: Forum & Server upgrade
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Re: Forum & Server upgrade

:banana-dance: :banana-dreads: :banana-blonde: nice :happy-smileyflower:

and i thought at first something bad happened because of the song you posted before which sounded kind of sad :text-lol:
by Drack
29 Apr 2016 19:55
Forum: WAR THREADS - News, Weather ... etc.
Topic: War-News
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Re: War-News

Wonderful news, Frank! :happy-smileyflower: :happy-sunshine: :angelic-green: :romance-grouphug: I don't know if this is related, but today, for the first time in a long time, I feel so much more able to feel my feelings. There was a great resistance to doing it before. My suppressed emotions, I am ...
by Drack
18 Apr 2016 16:08
Forum: Protoi Glossary
Topic: The 8 spheres of darkness
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Re: The 8 spheres of darkness

Frank wrote:Link: The 8 spheres of darkness

uhhh does that mean that these spheres are going to break soon? :happy-jumpyellow:

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