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by Straix
26 Aug 2019 06:19
Forum: Before you join this forum - Please READ this!
Topic: Sick... simply sick ego-driven-puppets...
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Re: Sick... simply sick ego-driven-puppets...

It never ceases to surprise me how often people have the need to identify themselves with 3D labels (aka their jobs, social statuses, ranks, etc) and how they feel similarly in regards to "spiritual" any things in order to feel like THEMSELVES and gain a sense of an identity. It changes n...
by Straix
07 Aug 2019 20:20
Forum: HEALING Tools
Topic: COMMAND - "Cut all energetic connections to..."
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Re: COMMAND - "Cut all energetic connections to..."

Please send a list to my skib, thank you :happy-smileyflower: For a long time I had this topic misunderstood, when I red this first time somehow (well we know who's behind this) I got impression that I had to compile the list myself, which is pretty hard as I don't even remember some of them people ...
by Straix
11 Jun 2019 17:15
Forum: WAR THREADS - News, Weather ... etc.
Topic: War-News
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Re: War-News

3h 50m ago:
Another important 3D barrier has been broken: communication between
the brain and the mind. Those with good awareness may notice some
weird things happening during this cleanings.[/list]

Oh I am waiting to start noticing weird and unusual things :mrgreen:
by Straix
03 May 2019 01:27
Forum: HEALING Tools
Topic: EMOTIONAL HEALING - by Pommnitz music
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Re: EMOTIONAL HEALING - by Pommnitz music

Hi :happy-sunshine:. I am really conscious and careful about these deals for success thing down here. I want to avoid most artists specifically the famous ones. But I am still not there yet because I am a "nice music addict" as long as they don't have negative expressions if I can put lik...
by Straix
10 Mar 2019 11:37
Forum: Music * Video * Relax * Fun corner
Topic: What is the Protoi-family reading?
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Re: What is the Protoi-family reading?

I love to read. Since I learned to read at the age of 5 or 6 it has been and still is one of my greatest passions. Looking back now, through my widest acquired perspective it all falls into one nice picture. Seems that this passion was a big part of my unconscious attempt to seek out the truth. The ...
by Straix
07 Mar 2019 08:46
Forum: HEALING Tools
Topic: Milk has strong energetic healing effects
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Re: Milk has strong energetic healing effects

:text-thankyoublue: This is good news about the milk :happy-jumpyellow: At the young age I used to drink a lot of it. Sometimes I would stick my cup straight under the milk flow when grandma would be milking the cow. Back then, when holidaying at my grandparents most of days I would only drink milk,...

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